King of kings 2152


“How can it be random, I’ve been there a few times before, it was under the leadership of my grandfather, I couldn’t go there without my grandfather, to go to the Upper Four Continents, you have to go through the spatial boundary, this spatial boundary, it’s very peculiar, if you’re not a native, as long as you haven’t reached the level of a Heavenly Immortal, you will be blocked by the spatial boundary all the time, even if you have a Heavenly Immortal to take you there, even if you have a Heavenly Immortal to take you there, you will always be given by the spatial boundarySucked away.When I went with my grandfather before, he had to prevent me from being sucked away all the time.I’m now waiting for my breakthrough to Heavenly Immortal, or I won’t be able to go to any of the upper four continents.”

“Your grandfather is?”

“There are four celestial immortals in Upper Fellows Island, and my grandfather is one of them.”

“Oh, I see.”

“My grandfather is a pre-Celestial Immortal, but of course, the other three are also pre-Celestial Immortals, and they often all cultivate in the Upper Four Continents, after all, the Immortal Fate there will be significantly stronger than here.”


“Because the upper four continents are the closest to the heavens.”

“Oh, that means I’m still going to have to simmer here.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m all still going to simmer here,”Aoshi said.

“Haha, it’s fine, I pray that big brother will become a Heavenly Immortal soon.”

“It’s not that easy, it’s just that we have to simmer for another 100 million years, I guess.” One second to remember to read the book

“Damn, a hundred million years at every turn, let’s still let people live.”omi felt so horrible, he was tired of staying for the past thousand years, omi was a man who couldn’t rest in his bones.He’d rather be hunted down every day than spend his days like this with nothing to do.

But, where can he do that.

Aoshi said, “The life of an immortal is long, if you don’t find something to kill time, it might be hard for you, I advise you to go back and think about what to do that is more time consuming.”

“Oh, time I wouldn’t find difficult, I mean, this life feels like a waste of time, like this thousand years, I damn well feel like I’ve passed without doing anything.”

“What’s the fear, there’s a million thousand more thousand years anyway, you’ve got plenty of time, that’s how everyone gets by.You want to reach the heavens in one step, that’s simply impossible, without hundreds of millions of years, you wouldn’t have achieved anything at all, you’re lucky to be an Earth Immortal at such a young age, if it were anyone else, it would have taken hundreds of millions of years to get there.”

“Alright, then I won’t bother big brother anymore.”


omi left Qing Shi’s Immortal Palace.

“How was it?”Xing Luo was busy asking.

omi said, “Brother Qing Shi gave me a suggestion.”




“If you want to travel to the Upper Four Continents, you must be at least a Heavenly Immortal, or you’ll be sucked away by the spatial boundary, unless you’re a native, and he can’t even go there himself, let alone me.”

“Alas, boil it down then.”Starro was helpless.

“Boil it down.”

“If we really can’t, let’s just develop a family in this long time and we’ll give you a chance to branch out.”Star Luo said with a heated smile.

However, omi shook his head firmly.


“I don’t want to be a father anymore, and I don’t want to be a grandfather anymore, grandpa, grandpa, mama, I can’t take it anymore,”omi said.

It was true that there would be tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of years of simmering in the future, and if it were anyone else, a family would indeed come out, perhaps even becoming a third and fourth class family in the Upper Fellows Continent.

However, omi had a fear.

omi said, “In the mortal realm, I’ve been a father, a grandfather, and a grandfather of a family, just like all the families in the Upper Fei Yan Continent now.In the end, except for my aunt and I, all my relatives, including my wife, sons, daughters, and grandchildren, all passed away one by one as they reached the end of their lives.If I were to blossom here again, this tragedy would surely occur again.Do you guarantee that all the sons and daughters born to us, all the descendants, will become immortals in the future?”

Star Luo said, “It’s impossible, take my Star Clan for example, my parents had at least a hundred children in their lifetime, and the ones who finally became immortal were only four or five, the rest, who didn’t become immortal lived within ten thousand years, and died almost once they came out of the closed gate.”

“Yeah, I can’t afford to play, I’ll never get to see a loved one die again.”

Star Luo nodded his head.

Star Luo was actually willing to start a family for omi.

“Sorry about that.”

“Nerve, what’s there to be embarrassed about.”

In the blink of an eye, a hundred thousand years had passed again.

omi himself couldn’t believe that he had lived in the Upper Fellows’ Hell Continent for a hundred thousand years.

“Heavens, a hundred thousand years.”omi sighed deeply, after 100,000 years in the Immortal World, the mortal world might all have been destroyed.

omi could only turn it into a long sigh.

Of course, omi’s 100,000 years of refining Immortal Pills for everyone was a small achievement.

In total, he had saved up to more than fifty thousand immortal grasses.

“More than fifty thousand immortal grasses, I can finally refine a handful of immortal pills for myself.”

During these 100,000 years, the people who were looking for omi to concoct pills of late became less and less frequent, not because of anything, but rather, how could a resource like immortal pills regenerate so quickly, and gradually, it would definitely become less and less.

omi immediately began to alchemy for himself.

Fifty thousand Immortal Grasses, omi took half a year to refine them.

After refining it out, a whole bucket of immortal pills, omi himself didn’t know how many.

omi called everyone out.

The next question was how to distribute these immortal pills.

Star Luo said, “Everyone, let’s give all of these Immortal Pills to omi, let’s not give him any more to share, what do you all think?”

omi immediately said, “This won’t work, I’ll personally take up to half of it, and you’ll divide the rest as needed.Alright, I’ll use half of mine first.”

omi immediately ate half of the barrel of Immortal Pill.

In less than ten minutes, omi finished digesting it, and it was all transformed into Immortal Fate.

omi’s realm grew to the late Earth Immortal stage.

It took 100,000 years to rise to an Immortal rank, omi was speechless, but of course, for others, from mid Earth Immortal to late Earth Immortal, less was tens of millions of years, more was hundreds of millions of years.

“I’ve already taken the rest, it would be superfluous to give me the rest, I want to become an Upper Immortal again, God knows how much I need, so you guys split it.”

Everyone had to accept it, omi distributed it according to everyone’s realm, those at higher realms needed more, and those at lower realms needed less, in this way, everyone could be raised a level higher, so as not to give too many people resulting in excess.

Just like this, a few days later, Star Luo had become a late Mortal Immortal, Tian Xiang had become a middle Mortal Immortal, Mu Qianji had become an early Mortal Immortal, and there were others, all of them were late Human Immortals.


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