King of kings 2153


omi’s family, everyone was happy and satisfied.

However, omi said, “What’s there to be happy about after suffering for 100,000 years to get the results.”

Star Luo laughed, “omi, your ambition is too great, in fact we are already very fast, I am definitely the youngest late Mortal Immortal in the entire Upper Fell Hell Continent.”

omi said speechlessly, “In that case, I’ll be happy with you, let’s go to the restaurant tonight and rub a meal together.”

“Okay, I agree, I’m going to be bored out of my mind in the Immortal Palace every day.”Dao.

That night, omi and the others went to the restaurant to have a ruthless meal, the delicacies of the Immortal Realm were still very good.

The next day, everyone should continue to do whatever they were doing.

In the blink of an eye, a few hundred years passed again.

One day several hundred years later, a man came to look for omi.

“Brother Qing Shi, it’s you, come in my immortal palace and have a seat.”omi was busy inviting Qing Shi into his immortal palace.

“Good, Zhou Mi, it seems like you’ve made progress again in these 100,000 years, you’ve become a late Earth Immortal.”Qing Shi said full of admiration. First URL

“Where is Big Brother Qing Shi talking about, I want to reach your level.What does Brother Qing Shi want when he comes to my place.”

Qing Shi smiled, “Zhou Mi, my grandfather is back from the Upper Four Continents, my grandfather wanted to meet you after hearing about you.”

“Your grandfather wants to see me, that’s great.”

“Let’s go then.”

omi immediately followed Qing Shi and came to the side of the Qing Shi Immortal Palace, omi saw an additional Immortal Palace.

“This is my grandfather’s immortal palace, he took it with him when he went to the Upper Four Continents before, but now he’s back and placed it next to my immortal palace.”

omi immediately entered the immortal palace next to it.

“My grandfather’s name is Qingtian, since you are my brother, when you see my grandfather later, call him grandfather as well.”


Entering a large palace, omi saw an old man.

It seemed that Qing Shi’s grandfather’s talent wasn’t very good either, only cultivating to Heavenly Immortal at such an old age.Although Immortals had long lifespans, they couldn’t be eternal, and living for hundreds of millions of years would turn them into old ghosts.

“Grandfather, my brother Zhou Mi has come.”

omi bowed, “Greetings to Grandpa Qingtian.”

That old celestial immortal nodded his head and smiled, “Zhou Mi, no need to be polite, my grandson has never had a friend in his life, it’s rare to become friends with you, and you will be my grandson from now on.”

“Thank you grandpa.”omi didn’t feel it was inappropriate, grandson it is, people have lived for hundreds of millions of years and are strong Heaven Immortals, it’s not too much to be his grandson.

“Zhou Mi, you became an Earth Immortal at a young age, you really have a great future, your future might not even be as good as Qing Shi.”

“Grandpa is overpraised, some people are more powerful in the early stages and some people are more powerful in the later stages.”

“Oh, you’re modest, I heard that you’re still a rank four Immortal Pill Master, and you’re still able to train quality Immortal Pills.”


“You are truly versatile, such versatility is truly wasted in the lower four continents.”

“Hehe!”omi smiled bitterly, omi didn’t believe that he was willing to take omi to the Upper Four Continents, after all, it was always on him, not his own grandson that had the energy.

Qing Tian gazed at omi for several seconds, then said and asked, “Zhou Mi, I wonder if you are willing to go to the Upper Four Continents to develop?”

“I haven’t become a Heavenly Immortal yet, I can’t go there.”

“That’s not necessarily true, you have in Immortal Pill.

Talent, perhaps, can enter the Academy of Immortality in the Northern Clubs, and if you enter the Academy of Immortality, they will grant you an Earth God Pill, and you won’t be sucked away by the powerful spatial boundary and can live there like a native.”

Qing Shi said in shock, “Grandpa, Zhou Mi can enter the Academy of Immortality?The threshold of the Immortal Academy is so high, how can it be so easy to enter, you took me to register before, and they didn’t admit me.”

Qing Tian said, “Your Immortal Fate hasn’t reached the lowest line of admission for their Immortal Academy, and it’s not like you’re local to the Upper Four Continents, so it’s normal that they didn’t admit you.But Zhou Mi, he reckons it’s different, he’s talented in Immortal Pill, and the Immortal Academy’s requirements for Immortal Pill students aren’t that strict, so it’s very likely that he’ll be accepted.Zhou Mi, do you want to think about it?Go try?”

omi said without hesitation, “Of course, I’d love to go.”

“Well then, the next time I go to the four continents, I’ll take you to the Northern Clubhouse Immortal Academy to register for a look.”

“Thank you, grandpa.”

“No need to thank me, you’re also my grandson.”

“Oh.”omi was speechless, the phrase you’re my grandson sounded like a bit of a curse.

“You go back first, and tell your family.”

omi said, “Grandpa, I also have the Immortal Mansion, I can take all my family members away.”

“You haven’t become a Celestial Immortal yet, don’t take the Immortal Mansion with you, you yourself still need others to take you, how can you take more people, the Immortal Mansion will be directly torn apart by the spatial boundary.Any of your relatives, whether they are in the Immortal Mansion you or not, as long as you haven’t become a Heavenly Immortal yet, they will be sucked away.”

“So, staying in the Immortal Mansion isn’t even possible?”

Qing Tian huffed, “If it were okay, I would have taken Qing Shi away long ago, you’re the only one who needs you to have a fairy house ah, I also have a fairy house, I can also let Qing Shi live in my fairy house.”

“Also.”omi understood that Qing Shi’s grandfather couldn’t even let Qing Shi live in the Immortal Mansion and take him with him to the Upper Four Continents, let alone omi, who himself still needed to be taken.

“Alright.”omi was helpless, it looked like he would have to go alone to register at the Academy of Immortality in the Northern Club, but of course, if he wasn’t accepted, he would still have to come back.

There were still many more 100,000 years to come.

When omi returned home, he called out his family.

“What is it?Wake everyone up from their training.”

“Everyone, I’m afraid we’ll be apart for a while again.”

omi told everyone what Grandpa Qing Shi had said.

Everyone looked reluctant, and this result was to be expected.

omi said, “Of course, if you guys don’t want to, I can go without, after all, it’s more important to stay at home with my wife.”

“Nerve, I know you really want to go, don’t worry, we’ll wait for you at home, just come back and visit us on vacation or something.”Starro said.

The rest of them were also very supportive of omi going to the Upper Four Continents to make his way there, especially that Immortal Academy, it looked like a great place, even Qing Shi’s age and Immortal Fate were not accepted, it was evident that that Immortal Academy, was a place with the most talents, perhaps, the place with the most geniuses in the Earth Immortal World.

“Alright, since everyone supports me to go, I’ll go and have a look, if I’m not accepted, I’ll come back soon and continue to simmer with you all.”

“Husband, I’m sure you will succeed in entering the Academy of Immortality.”Tianxiang was busy, this place, Tianxiang had once also heard from her master that the minimum level of the students recruited for the Immortal Academy was fourth level, and it also spoke of age.In the past, Green King that age and level, don’t even think about it, so Green King used to be very eager to enter a place like this, and could definitely go higher.

omi also sensed that for the past 100,000 years, omi’s Immortal Dan level had been stuck where it was and hadn’t improved any more, so perhaps heading to the Academy of Immortals would allow him to move on.


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