King of kings 2154


One year later, Qing Shi’s grandfather was preparing to leave for the Upper Four Continents.

“Zhou Mi, my grandfather sent me here to ask you if you’re ready, he’s leaving tomorrow.”Qing Shi personally came to call omi.

“It’s been a year, of course I’m ready.”

“Good, my grandfather told you to wait at the entrance of his immortal palace early tomorrow morning.”


The next morning, omi bid farewell to his relatives and set off with Qingtian.

“Grandpa, about how many days will it take you to reach the Northern Clublands?”

“A month.”

“That long.”


“Hopefully I’ll be able to get into the Immortal Academy, right, Grandpa, is the Immortal Academy great?” Remember the URL

“Of course, almost all the geniuses in the entire Earth Immortal Realm are at the Academy of Immortality.”

“Wow, it does look so awesome.”

“Oxymoronic?You like cowgirls, huh?The Immortal Academy is full of cows, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to pick up the number one power in the Western Niu He Continent, the offspring of the Bull Demon King’s heifer.”

“Wow damn.”

“Hehe, the offspring of the Bull Demon King, that’s considered the best cow in the entire Earth Immortal world, it’s up to you to get it.”

omi was very speechless, omi’s word for bull is very powerful, I didn’t expect this old man to be impure in his thinking.

omi said, “Could it be that there are other races in the Academy of Immortals?”

“Nonsense, the Hundred Tribes are all over the place, do you know what the biggest difference is between the Upper Four Continents and the Lower Four Continents?”

“What is it?”

“It’s just the races, the Upper Four Continents, where there are a hundred races, the human race is just one of them, and the Lower Four Continents, which are basically all human races.The Lower Four Continents are derived from the Upper Four Continents, and neither the geographical area nor the population is less than one ten thousandth of the Upper Four Continents.”


omi was looking forward to it.

omi asked again, “Are there many strong people in the Upper Four Continents?”

“Of course, in the lower four continents, the strongest are only a few Heaven Immortals, but in the upper four continents, that’s different, there are many Dao Immortals, above the Dao Immortals there are Xuan Immortals, Tai Immortals, Golden Immortals, Da Luo Golden Immortals, the strongest are like clouds.”

“Damn, so there are so many immortals above the Dao Immortals.”

“There aren’t many, it’s only six.”

“Which six?”

“Xuanxian, Taixian, Golden Immortal, Da Luo Jinxian, and God Immortal.Of course, the range of Immortals is broader, and can be divided into lower-tier Immortals, middle-tier Immortals, and higher-tier Immortals.”

“Aren’t there six?There are only five if the gods unify to count one, huh?”

“There’s also the strongest Immortal, needless to say, there aren’t many within the Three Realms.”

“What is it?”

“Immortal Emperor.”

“Er, Immortal Emperor.”

“Yes, the person who currently rules the three realms is one of the Immortal Emperors.”

“Other than this person, who else is an Immortal Emperor?”

“Oh, is it interesting you to talk about this kind of existence that we can’t look up to.”

omi laughed, “Who says we can’t look up to existences, what if we become one of the Immortal Emperors one day.”

“You, who would dare to think anything, I can tell you unequivocally that it’s impossible.”


“Kid, the only few Immortal Emperors that exist now, do you know how many years they’ve lived?They

They have existed since the beginning of the heavens and the earth, they are the same as the sun and the moon, and there are no later generations that can surpass them.No matter how powerful the later ones are, they will only be able to achieve high ranking immortals.”

“Oh.”omi nodded, it looks like Immortal Emperors aren’t able to be cultivated by cultivation.”

“Grandpa me, I’ve lived for 500 million years and I’ve only been able to cultivate to Heavenly Immortal.”

“Grandpa cheer up.”

“What is refueling?”

“It means effort.”omi was speechless, there seemed to be no oil in the immortal world.

A month later, omi arrived at the Academy of Immortality in the Northern Club.

Qingtian was always protecting omi, otherwise, omi might be sucked away by the spatial boundary if he wasn’t careful, omi felt very uncomfortable at the moment, there was a feeling like he couldn’t feel the gravitational force of this space-time, as if he was a mortal floating in a vacuum, it was hard to control his body.

omi stood at the entrance of the Academy of Immortality.

“Grandpa, why don’t you go in?”Don Zimmer asked.

“Can’t get in.”

“Are there guards?”

“No, it hasn’t opened yet, let me put it to you this way, the Academy of Immortality looks like a huge house from the outside, but when you go inside, you’ll find that it’s huge inside.To put it simply, the Academy of Immortality is just like our Immortal House, but the size and scale inside is tens of thousands of times larger than our Immortal House.”

“Understood.”omi was a bit shocked, this was really a super Immortal Mansion.

“Then this Immortal Academy is also something you can take with you?”

“Yes, but it has to be owned by the person who owns it.”

“Who is the owner?”

“Nonsense, of course it’s the dean of the Immortal Academy.”

“And what level is the dean?”

“The immortal class is an existence we can’t look up to our whole lives.”


omi was speechless, Immortals couldn’t even look up to, I really didn’t know what to look forward to living.

omi felt that he, an Earth Immortal, was really too small.Of course, he was also too young compared to those who had lived for an unknown number of billions of years.Previously, omi felt that the Nine Dao Demon King was already strong, a Dao Immortal, but zooming out to the entire Three Realms, the Nine Dao Demon King was also too weak.

Previously, omi thought that the person who had arrested the Nine Daoist Demon King and tried to force him to hand over the Immortal Machine Spitting Method would be the strongest person in the Heaven Realm, but now that he thought about it, it was too ridiculous, he probably wouldn’t even be interested in his Immortal Machine Spitting Method at that level, let alone the Immortal Emperor who lived with the heavens and earth.

“Let’s go.”Qing Tian said.

“Ah, aren’t we signing up?”

“The Immortal Academy hasn’t even opened yet, how can you sign up, just wait a little longer, the Immortal Academy will open once in fifty years or so.”

“You have to wait fifty years?Then I might as well go home first.”

“As far as I know, it hasn’t been opened in over forty years, and I think it will be opened in a few years, so let’s wait a few years.”

“Well, then, where are we going?Stay at an inn?”

“What inn to stay at, I’ve lived in the Northern Club, for so many years, so naturally I have a career here.”

“A career?Don’t you practice every day?”

Qing Tian Dao: “Immortal rank, you think cultivation is of no use, low ranked immortals can still rely on immortal grass, high ranked immortals, rely on their lives.But nevertheless, everyone won’t resign themselves to their fate, and will still be willing to sacrifice everything to try to climb upwards, the whole of the three realms of creatures, they are all climbing upwards, it shows how fierce the competition is in the three realms.”

omi nodded, but he didn’t know what Grandpa Qingtian was exclaiming.


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