King of kings 2155


“Just come with me.”

Qing Tian brought up omi and walked forward.

The entire Northern Club Continent was very, very large, of course, this Northern Club Continent was not like a city where people lived centrally together, it was more like a huge village with a single house.Because not everyone was human, some races had huge bodies, naturally they couldn’t live in the kind of palaces that humans lived in, so the houses here were as high as the clouds, and as low as dog kennels.

Qing Tian brought omi to a huge manor-like place.

“Wow, Grandpa Qingtian, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful, but you have such a huge immortal mansion here.”omi shouted.

Qingtian gave omi a glance, “No one will treat you as dumb if you don’t speak, you dare to say anything, how can I still hang around if I’m overheard.”

“Is this not your fairy house.”

“Nonsense, this is the place where I do my business, this is the Hua Ming House of the Northern Club, it’s the top one hundred most powerful in the Northern Club.This isn’t a universal family, this is a superpower with tens of billions of years of heritage.”

“Tens of billions of years?”

“Yes, the head of the Hua Ming House is a strong man who has lived for tens of billions of years, and is now a strong Tai Xian, who cultivates in the Heavenly Realm all year round, and the Hua Ming House also has some properties in the Heavenly Realm, in short, something that we little people can’t look up to.”

“Oh, it’s not like it can’t be looked up to.”omi smiled. A second to remember to read the book

“Put a respectful tone on it, it’s someone’s place.”

“So what are we going to do now?By the way, what business do you have in WaMu?Making money?”omi looked a little puzzled.

“Earn heavenly coins.”

“What is a Heavenly Coin?”

“Heavenly coins are made from the immortal crystals that are only found in the heavenly realm, heavenly coins are far more precious than immortal grass, of course, you will refine pills in the future, heavenly coins will also gradually replace immortal grass, immortal grass is only billions of years old, and any higher vintage is hard to find, immortal grass is, after all, a spirit of grass and trees, it can’t live that long.Immortal crystals, however, are the crystallization of billions of years, and were present at the beginning of the world.”

“Heavenly coins.”

“It can also be called Immortal Crystals.I’m doing business in the Hua Ming House, and I’m given a Heavenly Coin for ten thousand years.”

“Isn’t it settled one month at a time?”

“Think too much, settle once every ten thousand years.”

“How many Immortal Grasses does one Heavenly Coin roughly equal?”

“One heavenly coin is almost equal to 10 billion year old immortal grasses.”

“Wow, that much.”omi’s heart was moved, if he was given a single Heavenly Coin, wouldn’t that make him rich.No wonder Qing Shi, before, gifted omi ten 800 million year old Immortal Grasses right off the bat, it seemed that his grandfather really had a future in business here.

Qingtian said, “Follow me inside and don’t talk nonsense.”


omi followed Qing Tian into the Hua Ming Mansion, and at the gate of the Hua Ming Mansion, a few strong men who were also Celestial Immortals greeted, “Qing Tian, here you are, who is this?”

“Hunchback, this is my grandson.”

“Your grandson?How could it be, unlike.”

“It’s my other grandson.”

“Oh, go on in.”

“Okay, I’ll take your shift when I’ve set him up.”

“There’s no rush, I’m afraid this grandson of yours is a first timer, so why don’t you take him for a walk.”

“No need, he’s here to register for admission to the Academy of Immortals, if the registration is successful, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, if not, I’ll take him for a walk when I send him back.”

“Wow, your grandson is so powerful, didn’t that grandson called Aoshi last time, isn’t he also here to register, this is another one who came to register.”

“Hehe, let’s hope it works.”

“We also hope your grandson succeeds, say

Not sure you can take care of us later.”


Qing Tian said to omi, “Zhou Mi, let me introduce you, this is Senior Gou Camel, this is Senior Toadtu, like me, they are from the Lower Four Continents, of course, they are not from the Upper Fei Yan Continent, but from the other three places.”

omi greeted politely, “Senior Gou Camel, Senior Toantu, Senior Gou Camel.”

“No need to be polite, aren’t you Qingtian’s grandson?How do you call it circumstantial?”

“It’s not real, I recognized it.”Qingtian said with a smile.

“I see, I thought you really had such a good pedigree that you had two grandsons with deep immortal ties.”

“Haha, I’m not going to tell you guys, I’ll take him in.”

After entering the Hua Ming Mansion, not far from the entrance, Qing Tian released the Immortal Mansion he was wearing and placed it on the ground.

“From now on, you will live here for the time being, you can’t run around, you can only stay in my Immortal Mansion.”

“Oh, then my Immortal Mansion, can I take it out?”

“No, you belong here as an outsider, outside of Hua Mingfu, you can find a place as you wish, but not in Hua Mingfu, you can only live in my immortal house.”


“Then you can stay here for now, I have to go do something.”

omi asked, “Grandpa, what you call doing business is working as a doorman here, right?”

“What’s a doorman?”

“The gate watcher.”


“Oh.”Tang Zixin smiled wordlessly.

“What, you’re jealous?There’s no need to be envious, when you reach my level in the future, you’ll also have the chance to enter the top one hundred powers of the Northern Clubs for your career.”

“Good, then I look forward to it.”omi said with a smile, but inside omi was disdainful.

However, looking at Qingtian’s appearance, he didn’t seem to feel anything bad about being a gate guard at all, instead he was honored, after all, this was the Hua Ming Mansion, and the head of the Hua Ming Mansion was a Tai Xian who had lived for tens of billions of years.If it were anyone else, they wouldn’t be able to find such a good job if they weren’t lucky enough.

One heavenly coin for 10,000 years is 10 billion year old immortal grasses, where would one find them.omi had only accumulated that little bit of 100 million year old immortal grass in the previous 100,000 years, and the difference between 100 million year old immortal grass and a billion year old was not something that could be compensated for by quantity.

“Then I’m going to do my business, you wait well, if the Academy of Immortality opens, I’ll take you to register.”

omi asked, “Grandpa, how long do I have to wait?”

“I don’t know, a few years.”

Qing Tian left his Immortal Mansion, leaving omi alone.

omi was rejected by the spatial boundary, it was an unpleasant feeling, and even when he entered Qingtian’s Immortal Mansion, he was still rejected.

“Mom, this is really meaningless, had I known it would have been better to come back a few years later.”omi said under his breath, having only been away from home for a month, omi was missing his family a bit.

The road was long, its cultivation was far away, omi felt as if there was still a long way to go in the future, omi, who had come up from the mortal realm and struggled all the way, was really a bit tired, but with such long years, it would be even more meaningless to do nothing every day.

“In the Upper Four Continents, I have to be even more careful and cautious, I have to carefully hide my Immortal Spitting Method, otherwise, the Demon King’s end will be mine.”

“Senior Demon King suddenly lost contact ten years ago, I don’t know how he is now, whether he is dead or alive.”omi sighed deeply.

omi always felt in his heart that the Nine Daoist Demon King was afraid that his fate was in jeopardy.

omi thought of Tang Huan again.

“I don’t know where Tang Huan is now, and I don’t know what level her mother from her previous life would treat her well.”omi let out another deep sigh.


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