King of kings 2156

Chapter 2156

In the blink of an eye, three years passed again.

omi had spent three years in Qingtian’s Immortal Mansion, and in those three years, omi felt worse than dead because his body was floating and he couldn’t do anything.

“Zhou Mi, quickly, come with me.”Finally, one day after three years, Qingtian entered the immortal palace.

“Oh my, finally.”

omi immediately followed Qingtian to the Academy of Immortality, and sure enough, the Academy of Immortality opened and many people came to register.

At the entrance of the Immortal Academy, there was a notice board floating in the air, and on the notice board was the number of people enrolled.

Among them, five Immortal Dan students were recruited, and the rest of the students, 50 to 100 were recruited.

omi said, “Grandpa, am I really enrolling for Immortal Pill?”

“Although Immortal Pill accepts five, but the number of applicants is small, even though there are only five places, the competition is not that great, while the other combat classes, the competition is frighteningly great, I think you should apply for Immortal Pill.”

omi said, “But I suddenly don’t want to be an alchemy student, the Immortal Academy should be a good place, I don’t want to waste my time on alchemy in such a nice place.A truly strong person would never be an alchemist.”

“Zhou Mi, the most important thing for you now is to be able to enter the Immortal Academy, not to talk about wishes.” First URL

“I believe in myself.”

Qing Tian said, “Zhou Mi, you are now about twenty million years old, twenty million years old to become a late stage Earth Immortal, although it is considered outstanding, but, it definitely hasn’t reached the admission standards of the Academy of Immortals.Previously, Qing Shi, who has also come to report several times, has still not reached 100 million years old, and he is now at the late stage of Upper Fellows, and is the strongest Upper Fellows in the Upper Fellows Yan Continent.Qing Shi’s talent is not inferior to yours, even above yours, but he still failed to be admitted.”

omi said, “Who told you that I’m two thousand years old.”

“How old your soul is, I can tell with a single sweep,”Qing Tian said.

omi’s true age was just over a hundred thousand years old.

omi didn’t know if he dared to reveal his true age.

omi tentatively asked, “How many years old do people who are admitted to the Immortal Academy usually reach the late Earth Immortal stage?”

Qing Tian Dao: “I don’t know the details, but there was a lady from the Hua Ming House, named Hua Ming Xin, she happened to be a late Earth Immortal as well, she was around five hundred thousand years old, five hundred thousand years old standard, and she was accepted in one fell swoop.”

“Five hundred thousand years?”

“Yes, don’t you think it’s unbelievable, people become late Earth Immortal at 500,000 years old, while you’re 20 million years old, how far behind others.However, there’s no need for you to be envious, after all, our conditions are different, people are ladies of the Hua Ming House, immortal crystals, immortal grass, immortal pills, bloodline, which one is comparable to you.”

“Oh.”omi said in his heart, “So it seems that my 100,000 years of becoming a late Earth Immortal isn’t that outstanding ah, it’s only a few hundred thousand years less than Hua Mingxin, Hua Mingxin’s resources I can’t compare to, similarly, my Immortal Machine Spitting Method isn’t comparable to her, maybe, it’s even.”

omi asked, “At that time, that Hua Mingxin, entering the Academy of Immortality at the age of five hundred thousand years, what level did she belong to?”

“That’s definitely in the very distinguished category, at that time I remember, everyone in Hua Mingfu was celebrating and congratulating Miss Hua Mingxin, so five hundred thousand years to become a late Earth Immortal is in the very distinguished category.Of course, the minimum admission for the students of the Immortal Academy are all Earth Immortals.”


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“So, Zhou Mi, you have no chance of being accepted except for your Immortal Pill.There might be a little hope for your Immortal Pill, but it’s not a very big hope.”


“I’ve asked around for you, the youngest to become a fourth-grade Immortal Master is a few hundred thousand years old, and the oldest, millions of years old, because there are few Immortals enrolled, and there are many aspects of Immortal Than, there is theory, effectiveness, and quality, so it’s more complicated, I heard that your theory is strong, that’s why you have a little chance, in terms of age, twenty million years to become a fourth-grade Immortal Master, it’s more ordinary.You’d better listen to me and don’t make your own decisions, or you’ll have to go back to the Upper Fey Yan Continent.”

“Go register first.”

omi entered the Academy of Immortality, but Qingtian couldn’t go in and could only wait at the entrance.

The Immortal Academy was automatically isolated from the outside world, so omi wouldn’t be attracted by the spatial boundary after entering the Immortal Academy’s gate.

Outside the door, Qing Tian shouted, “Remember, report Immortal Cadets and nothing else.”


After entering the Academy of Immortality, about tens of thousands of meters away from the gate, there were rows of halls, with registration points written at the entrance of each hall.

omi looked at the many registration offices of the Immortal Academy, which were divided into multiple houses, for example, the Pill Method House, which was subdivided into the Department of Alchemy, the Department of Immortal Pill Research, the Department of Immortal Pill Testing, and so on.

Of course, on the other side, there was another registration office called the War God’s Mansion, and below the War God’s Mansion, there was the Department of Far Cry Spells, the Department of Melee Spells, the Department of Long Range Helpers, the Department of Wind, Rain, Lightning and other five elements, as well as the Department of Iron Arms, the Department of Air Tearing, all kinds of names, omi also did not know what they meant, he always felt that the War God’s Mansion cultivated all kinds of strong people.

Of course, the ones who came to register, there were also all kinds of races, for example, a toad hundreds of meters tall behind omi, he saw omi hesitate, he said loudly, “If you want to register, if you don’t register, get out, don’t block the way for little master me.”

omi took a look, it was a mid Earth Immortal toad, omi didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

“Which house and which department should I sign up for?”

omi would definitely use the spatial tablet to modify his age to 500,000 years to go, or even, 400,000 years to go.

However, omi couldn’t be too exaggerated, it would attract attention, with his family’s resources, becoming a late Earth Immortal in a few hundred thousand years would definitely be noticed, in case it was discovered that omi had the Immortal Spatial Tablet, that would be the end of it.

However, omi wouldn’t be overly low-key, he would at least remain at an upper-middle level, neither attracting attention nor being despised.

omi’s footsteps unknowingly headed towards the registration point of the War God Residence.

omi also wanted to feel that the War God was more in line with his desires, he didn’t want to become one dedicated to alchemy, he wanted to become a War God who was more of a mass murderer.

omi finally walked into the main hall of the War God Residence, inside the main hall, there were many more smaller halls, omi had to choose a War God Department.

omi was now refining the Silence Art, but omi wasn’t going to use the Silence Art anymore, the Silence Art wasn’t a top-notch spell, it was taught by the Academy of Immortals, maybe even more advanced.

omi headed to the War God’s House, the Department of Melee Spells, but when he reached the threshold of the Department of Melee Spells, omi always felt that his body always wanted to go to the next department.

omi looked to the side, and the entrance to that small temple read, “Air Tearing Department.”omi always felt that he was more inclined towards this department.


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