King of kings 2157


Don walked up to the Air Tear Department and asked a man, “Hello, what does the Air Tear Department do?”

“None of this?”

“I don’t know, I hope to tell you something.”

“Listen carefully, the Air Tearing Department is the strongest kind of battle spirit, the average person, who refines spells, also compares spells, the strength of the strength, often depends on the strength of the spells, the level of mana.The Air Tearing System, however, is not exactly compared to spells, on the basis of spells, there is more physical strength, skill, to put it simply, the Air Tearing System, is that without using spells, one can also rely on a strong physical body, super high skill, to rush in front of others and tear their opponents apart with their empty hands, this is the origin of the Air Tearing System.”

“Tearing your opponent apart with your empty hands, pretty good on very strong.”

“Yeah, tearing an opponent apart with empty hands, what kind of courage, this flesh, this strength.All the others who rely on spells, where is the opponent of an empty tearing strong man, because empty tearing strong man, they also know spells, moreover, they have strong flesh, developed strength, super high fighting skills, how can they be compared to a simple spell.”

“Understood.”omi was delighted within, no wonder this Air Tearing Department was so attractive to omi, omi was born for it.

In fact, after omi came to the Immortal Realm, or rather, after he left the Mortal Realm, omi was a bit uncomfortable.This was because there was almost no kung fu here compared to magic weapons, immortal weapons, spells, fists, feet and swords.One must know that omi was from the mortal realm, and the mortal realm had no spells, no immortal weapons, only martial arts that had developed to the pinnacle.

This Air Tearing Department, to put it bluntly, was the Immortal Realm version of martial arts, but of course, the close-quarters martial arts here were based on spells.

Wheel Martial Arts, omi was the first mortal realm master to tread through the void with his martial arts, and there was probably no one else who could match his achievements in this aspect of martial arts.Although that used to be in the mortal realm, just mortals, martial arts had no boundaries, and immortal mortals were just different carriers.

Without saying a word, omi immediately entered the Air Tearing Department. Remember the URL

“Hello, I’d like to sign up for the Air Tear Department.”omi said.

There was a man sitting in the small hall of the Air Tear Department, and that man snorted, “Do you think, anyone can sign up for the Air Tear Department?”

“What can’t I?”

“Boy, can’t you see that the place is empty and the number of registrants is low?”

“Why?Isn’t the Air Tear department the strongest department?”

“Yeah, but do you think everyone has the talent to be an Air Torn Warlord?It’s like alchemy, do you think everyone has the talent to become an Immortal Pill Master?”

“Oh, and how do I know if I have a gift?”omi asked.

At that moment, that examiner stood up and pointed to the left, “Recognize what’s emitting from that row?”

omi was incomparably embarrassed, omi was from the mortal world, if he didn’t even know these weapons like sword and spear, hammer, wolf tooth stick, he lived in vain, omi had become a super master in this kind of thing, every weapon, omi was 666 to the point where he couldn’t slip any more, can say without exaggeration, omi casually took a sword, closed his eyes and threw a few strokes, and then took it to the mortal world, the few strokes that he casually played were definitely unparalleled swordsmanship.

omi laughed, “Weapons,

Knife, sword, spear, what’s the problem?”

That examiner looked a bit confused, “Yoho, you actually have a bit of insight, if it were anyone else, the first reaction would be a fairy weapon.”


“Alright, you’re already qualified for the test of Air Tearing Talent.”

“Oh, how do you test, is there some sort of sensing talent level of the immortal artifact?”

“You’re thinking too much, I’ve told you it’s an air rip, it’s based on real work, not a hand on some sort of rock and a clatter of the rock lighting up, indicating talent.”

“Haha, I like that.”

That examiner took out a drawing, on the drawing, there were three little people drawn, the first one held up his sword, the second one chopped it down, and the third one, took the sword across again.

omi’s first feeling when he saw this drawing was that it seemed to be a martial arts sword diagram he had seen when he was a child.omi surprisingly felt a bit affectionate, after all, it was something that accompanied him as a child, and after leaving the mortal realm, he hadn’t come in contact with this kind of diagram, of course, when he was in the spirit realm, omi had accidentally come in contact with it once, and that was in the spirit realm, the Shura Eighteen Blades were also recorded in the form of this kind of diagram, but unfortunately, the people in the spirit realm didn’t know martial arts, they had no solution at all, and omi at that timeWhen I saw that Shura Eighteen Knives, I understood it in seconds.But at that time, the creator of that Shura Eighteen Blades, the blade technique was still mixed with the realm, so even if omi understood it in seconds, he was limited to the realm he had not reached and could not refine it, so he could only wait for the realm to be reached and practice it one blade at a time.

At the moment, this drawing of the saber technique with only three villains is considered very simple, almost at the same difficulty level as the original drawing of the Shura Eighteen Blades, to omi, it’s simply like a college student reading a first or second grade elementary school question.

That examiner said to omi, “Can you understand this diagram?”

“Uh, read it,”omi said.

But that examiner snorted, “You’d say that means you don’t understand, and you think I’m letting you see what they’re holding in their hands?”


“Well, did you see this ‘gas’ on the ground?You use a randomly picked sword, and move exactly like the characters on this diagram, to slash this mass of chi, and if you can slash through it, then that means you do have talent.Of course, if you’re not good at swords, you can also use other weapons, even empty-handed, I’ll give you the diagrams of other weapons.”

omi felt funny, the diagram was a very simple principle of martial arts, those who didn’t know martial arts could only follow it, and as a result, had no power, and even if they had power, it wasn’t brought by martial arts, but by their own mana.However, this ball of Qi was clearly not ordinary Qi, and mana definitely couldn’t cut it.

omi casually picked up a sword, then followed the three steps on the diagram, raising it up, slashing it down, and a cross.

Suddenly, omi’s sword let out a whining whistle, as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, the qi, which was hacked by omi, drifted away in all directions.

“Ah, this.”That examiner was silly, feeling like omi’s sword was magical, the power simply couldn’t be compared to just relying on mana.

“Did you really make this?”The examiner looked at omi incredulously.

omi said, “Or else what.”


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