King of kings 2158


“But what do you, really, understand the movements of the three little people in the chart to represent?”

“Oh, of course, what the average person can see may be a few incoherent movements, but what I see, indeed these movements contain a power, a power that I call martial arts, I don’t know what the Academy of Immortality calls this power.”

The main assessment was busy saying, “Air Tearing Technique.”

“Oh, Empty Tearing Technique, what a primitive title.Can I sign up now?”

“Of course, your talent, incredibly high, you use the Air Tear Technique and others use spells that, if they are in the same realm, are no match for you.”

omi smiled, “Really.”

In fact, omi had already been unrivaled in the same level, previously in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, omi had defeated the Late Earth Immortal with mid Earth Immortal, what did omi rely on?It was the Great Life Law that he himself upgraded, this Great Life Law was based on the martial arts of the mortal realm that he had upgraded.

“Congratulations, you’ve been accepted, please come report here in ten days.”

“Wait, don’t you have to look at my age?”

“Hey, you’re only five hundred thousand years old, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” A second to remember to read the book

“Wow, I didn’t expect that your Immortal Fate is so deep, originally the Air Tearing Department doesn’t need to look at age, but with such a young age and such a high comprehension of Air Tearing techniques, your future prospects are boundless.”This examiner seemed to see a picture of omi’s future as a generation of Air Tear Battle Gods.

“Thank you.”

“Alright, please report here in ten days.”


omi led a token and left.

When omi walked out of the Immortal Academy, Grandpa Qingtian was waiting outside.

“Zhou Mi, how is it, have you been accepted yet?”

“Of course, look.”omi showed the token to Qingtian.

“Wow.”Qingtian was in a burst of adoration.

“Zhou Mi, your future from now on is completely different from mine, so work hard and strive to go farther.”

“I will.”

omi was confident in himself, the only worry was the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, inside omi, he even had the intention to give up on the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, the Immortal Machine Spitting Method, may not be without any drawbacks, in case there were drawbacks, for example, it would be a tragedy if it was capped at a certain realm.

Ten days later, omi, escorted by Qingtian, reported to the Academy of Immortality.

The Immortal Academy was closed again, and the next time it opened, it would be another fifty years later, but of course, it would only open for ten days.

omi was the only one from the Air Tearing Department to be accepted.

omi was taken to a valley by an administrator of the Immortal Academy.

The man said to omi, “This is the Air Tearing Department, Late Earth Immortal Class.”

“Is there no house?”

“What do you want a house, there is no wind or rain, no mosquitoes or rats or ants in the Immortal Academy, any place can be considered a house.Let me popularize it with you, the Air Tearing Department Earth Immortal Late Class, there are currently a total of over six hundred students, all in this valley.”

“Oh, okay.”

“You’ve just entered the Air Tearing Department, you haven’t started to learn any Air Tearing techniques yet, if your spells aren’t strong again, you might be at the bottom of the hierarchy for now, so pay attention to yourself.”

“You still need to learn spells for the Air Tearing Department?”

“You’re a person, the Air Tearing Department is powerful because they have Air Tearing skills on top of having mana, understand?It’s not over.

All aside from spells, of course, when you enter the Immortal Academy, the Air Tear Technique taught by the Immortal Academy already includes spells.”

“Alright, I got it.”

“Then I’ll leave first.”

After the administrator left, omi entered the valley.

omi saw that on both sides of the valley, there were many caves, and in each cave, there were silhouettes flashing, while each cave would hear the sound of whirring and hooting.

omi was halfway down the valley when suddenly, a voice came from the bushes next to him, “No, please, no, oooooh.”It was a man’s voice.

There was another voice: “Grass, cut the crap, get down on your stomach.”

omi curiously walked over, and suddenly saw, in the woods next to him, there was a fat man lying under a tree, behind the fat man, two strong men were undoing their pants, the fat man was very nervous and scared, crying through clenched teeth, but very helpless, it seemed that he couldn’t fight against those two strong men at all.

omi was taken aback, how could omi not know what was going on, this was too much.

omi bellowed at once, “Stop.”

Hearing omi’s roar, the two sturdy men raised their heads to look, their brows furrowed, “Who are you?”

omi didn’t have any fear at all, because these three people, were definitely all in the same class, except that the fatty was probably weak, and was actually bullied like that by those two stronger classmates.

omi said, “I’ve just entered the Immortal Academy, and I’m reporting here on my first day.”

“Hahaha.”Hearing that they had just entered, suddenly, the two strong men laughed out loud.

Seemingly, the ones who had just arrived were the best to bully.

The two sturdy men laughed, “Kid, do you know that this fatty, he just enrolled in school fifty years ago.”

The other one laughed, “Kid, since you’re so nosy, come along.”

omi’s eyebrows furrowed deeply, this Immortal Academy was also quite f*cked up, I thought it was a place full of civilization.It turned out that there wasn’t even a single house, it was all in a ditch, and he was allowed to see such a terrible thing.

At that moment, one of the men saw omi still standing there and yelled, “Newcomer, I told you to come over here and lie down nicely just like the fat man, do you hear me?”

“What if I said no.”

“Huh? No?Do you believe I’ll keep you up for three days and three nights?”

“Hahaha, hahaha.”omi laughed furiously.

At this time, that fatty was busy saying, “Classmate, you should leave quickly, leave me alone, they are old students, we are newcomers, you should leave quickly.”

omi said, “Fatty classmate, don’t worry, I’m here today, I’ll never let anyone bully you, just these two sons of bitches, so what if they’re old students.”

Fatty said, “Classmate, thank you for your kindness, they’ve been at the Immortal Academy for 100,000 years, they’ve been practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword for 100,000 years, and they’ve already reached the third level.”

“Really? Then I’d like to learn about it.”

Fatty said anxiously, “Classmate, don’t, I know that if you can enter the Immortal Academy, you must be a proud son of the heavens with pride in your body outside, but you have to know that this is the Immortal Academy, and everyone who comes in is a proud son of the heavens in their hometown.In the past, no matter what kind of spells were refined, but, in front of the strongest Air Tear, they can’t be harmed, no matter how strong you are, the Air Tear experts can dodge it with their perfect body, and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, the power is even more immeasurable, you just came in, you haven’t even touched the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, at all.”

The fat man hadn’t finished speaking, omi folded a wooden stick anywhere and said, “Let me learn about the Sun and Moon divine Sword.”


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