King of kings 2161

Chapter 2161

omi said, “Is practicing the sixth level very strong in your eyes?”

“Don’t tell me that you’ve practiced to the seventh level, there are only four people in the entire Late Earth Immortal class who have practiced to the seventh level, and those four people have been here for over fifty years, and those four people are also about to step into the Early Upper Immortal class, so they will probably head to the Early Upper Immortal class soon.”

omi said, “Truth be told, I, precisely, have trained to the seventh level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.”

“Ah, gosh, it really is the seventh level, how could you, you’ve only been in here for a thousand years.”That beautiful woman was dumbfounded.

omi said, “So what if it’s a thousand years, does it have to take time to pile up.Alright, pretty girl, seeing as you spent a little loneliness with me, I’ll guide you with a move for free.The move you just killed me with, you’re not practicing it right, watch what you’re supposed to be doing.”

“Swoosh.”omi played it in place a bit.

“Ah.”That beautiful woman was stunned, she saw at once that what omi had guided her to was the most correct.

“Farewell.”omi suddenly flew off to the fat man’s cave.

omi was ready to leave this place and visit other places in the Immortal Academy, or else he would die of boredom if he stayed here every day.

That beautiful girl had just reacted from omi’s guidance, and omi was already far away.

“Classmate, wait for me.”That pretty girl immediately caught up with him, her admiration for omi had changed into a kind of worship. One second to remember to read the book

omi arrived at Fatty’s cave, where Fatty was still practicing.

“Fatty, how’s the practice going.”

“Haha, Brother Tang, I’ve gone through all of the first level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, I feel that I should be able to practice the first level in another thousand years, hahaha.”The fat man laughed happily.

omi said, “One thousand years, the cauliflower is cold, stop practicing, walk around with me, I guarantee you’ll be able to practice the first level in ten years.”

“Ah, how is that possible.”

“What’s impossible about it, one thousand years, I’ve already practiced to the seventh level.”

“What? Brother Tang, can you stop joking, late Earth Immortal practicing to the seventh level, that would take at least a few hundred thousand years.”

At this time, that beautiful woman chased in, her mouth busy saying, “Where are you going, classmate, can you guide me a few more moves.”

When the fat man saw that beauty, he was shocked, busy saying, “You can’t be, Yun Xiaoyao of the Yun Shang family, I’ve seen you before, you haven’t entered the Immortal Academy yet.”The fat man’s two eyes glowed.

However, that beautiful woman ignored the fatty and said to omi, “Classmate, please, guide me a few more moves.”

The fatty looked at omi in confusion, how come Yun Xiaoyao had come in for over a hundred thousand years, but she still needed guidance from a person who had just arrived a thousand years ago.

omi impatiently said, “Beauty, one must be content, okay?I’ve already instructed you in one move for free, what more do you want.”

“I, I don’t have to do it for free ah, I’ll do whatever you need me to do, except for physical contact.”

omi said, “Even if I don’t except for physical contact, I’m not interested.”

“Classmate, I think you must be a genius in the wilderness, please.By the way, I’m from the Yun Shang Clan from West Niu He Continent, maybe you don’t know the Yun Shang Clan, but you can ask this fatty, he definitely knows.”

The fatty was busy saying, “The Yun Shang Family, is one of the top ten powers in the Western Ox He Continent, the head of their family, is a Da Luo Jin Immortal, and has certain connections in the Heavenly Realm.Also, this Yun Xiaoyao, is also a pretty famous beauty in our Western Ox He Continent.”

omi said, “Not interested in knowing.”

Yun Xiaoyao was busy saying, “Classmate, more friends, more paths, if my family knew you were helping me, they would definitely thank you.”

omi snorted and smiled, “Then do you know that

You know, what’s my story?”

“Uh, yeah, what’s your story?”

Next, omi was ready to retract a messianic lie.

omi said, “My master, is a high ranking immortal.”

“Ah, a high ranking immortal?How is that possible?Our dean, it’s just a low-level immortal ah.”Yun.

“It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.”omi didn’t have such a strong backstage, but it was fine to scare others if they didn’t understand.

“Alright, I just believe you, so are you willing to guide me?”Yun Xiaoyao asked.

omi said, “Forget it, I have relatively few friends, just take you as a friend, follow me from now on, if you don’t understand anything, just ask me.”

“Thanks, great.”Yun Xiaoyao was excited.

“I’m going for a walk somewhere else in the Immortal Academy now, Yun Xiaoyao, do you want to come along?”

“But not practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword?The Sun and Moon Divine Sword will get rusty if you don’t practice it for a day, you don’t see everyone even coming out of the cave easily.”

omi trailed off, “Spoken as if it were true.”

“It was already true.”

Fatty nodded, “Yes, really, thinking that the Sun and Moon Divine Sword is too advanced, it was handed down from the Heavenly Realm.”

“Then you guys practice here, I’ll go by myself.”

“Don’t don’t, I’ll go with you, you can practice on the way anyway, besides, the Immortal Academy isn’t that big, you can walk through it in less than half a year.”


omi left this valley of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and came to another valley not far next to it.

“Where is this place?”

“This is the Upper Immortal Pre-Class, and they practice the Sun and Moon Divine Sword as well.”

“Then in that case, and then that valley next door, it’s the Upper Immortal Middle Class.”

“Yes, this large area, all of them are taught by our Air Tearing Department, and the Air Tearing Department has a total of four major Air Tearing Techniques, which are the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, the Shura Divine Saber, and the Sun Shooting Arrow.”

The fatty continued, “These four major Air Tearing Techniques are all passed down from the Heavenly Realm.”

omi’s eyebrows furrowed as he asked, “What the hell is the Shura Divine Saber.”

“It’s also handed down from the Heavenly Realm.”

omi had practiced the Eighteen Blades of Shura in the Spiritual Realm, and he didn’t know if there was any connection.

omi asked, “Who created this Shura Divine Saber?”

Fatty shakes his head, “I don’t know.”

But, Cloud: “It’s like a, what’s it called?”

“King Shura?”

“No, I can’t remember.”

omi said, “Let’s go, let’s go to the other three Air Tearing Techniques.”

omi said to himself, “Let’s see if we can practice all four Air Tearing Techniques.

To others, it might not be realistic, but to omi, it wasn’t that difficult, which of the eighteen martial arts wouldn’t have been possible in the mortal realm in the past.

Soon, omi arrived at the place where the Shura Divine Blade was.

“Can we go in?”omi asked.

“I guess it’s okay, no one here cares at all, it’s like someone went to our place to look at the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and no one of us knows who it is.”

“Also, let’s go in and see if we can learn a few moves, Shura Divine Sword.”

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty both looked at omi speechlessly, Fatty said, “Brother Tang, don’t ever, you’re so trifling, I’m afraid you won’t be able to practice the same.”


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