King of kings 2162


Yun Xiaoyao also advised, “Brother Tang, don’t be over-ambitious, you’re not the only one who has had this idea, but no one has succeeded.”

“Alright, do I still need you guys to persuade me, how about it?If I’m not going, I’m going alone.”

“Speechless.”Both Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty were speechless.

omi went straight to the cave where the Shura Divine Sword was carved.

There were some other people in the cave who were also watching, and after watching, everyone silently went back to their cave, where the layout was also similar to that of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.

omi didn’t pay attention to the other people and looked directly at the Shura Divine Sword carved on the stone wall.

When omi saw the first layer of the Shura Divine Blade, omi was shocked.

“This, this is very similar to the Shura Eighteenth Blade I practiced in the Spirit Realm, but it’s much more complicated than the Shura Eighteenth Blade.The Shura Eighteen Knives I practiced in the Spiritual Realm is the first level of this Shura Divine Knife, and it’s the Immortal Realm version.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect that the Shura Divine Blade, is really similar to the Shura Eighteen Knives.”omi was overjoyed, what did this mean?This means that if omi practices the Shura Divine Saber, he will be very advantageous, far more advantageous than the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.”

omi inwardly said, “If I’m not wrong, this Shura Divine Saber must have a great deal to do with the Spiritual Realm’s Wang Shura.”

omi immediately asked a man next to him who looked to be older after all, “Do you know, who created this Shura Divine Sword?” First web site

“Nonsense, we who practice the Shura Divine Blade don’t even know who created it.”

“I still don’t know ah, can brother tell us a bit about it.”

The man looked at omi with contempt and said, “Listen carefully, the Shura Divine Blade was created by a senior in the Heaven Realm called White Jade Shura.However, Senior White Jade Shura was killed by a traitor several hundred thousand years ago.”

“In other words, Senior White Jade Shura is dead?”



omi suddenly understood why the Shura Divine Blade, and the Shura Eighteenth Blade were similar, because, it was made by the same person.After the White Jade Shura of the Heavenly Realm died, he was born in the Spiritual Realm, and Wang Shura of the Spiritual Realm was at least a White Jade Shura in his previous life, so perhaps he could still remember some shadows of his previous life, or maybe, he restored his memories of his previous life, so in the Spiritual Realm, Wang Shura created another Spiritual Realm version of the Shura Eighteen Knives.

omi no longer pursued the similarities and differences between the two and began to practice the Shura Divine Blade.

The first layer, omi almost practiced it without a glance, less than a minute.

omi then practiced the second layer.

The second layer, omi also did not have any difficulty, because omi had the foundation, and had a very deep understanding of this Air Tearing Technique, it can also be said that omi began to contact the Shura Divine Saber when he was in the Spiritual World.

On the second level, omi spent about thirty minutes.

Then, omi continued to practice the third layer.

Of course, omi all practiced in his consciousness and didn’t need to rehearse in reality, which was usually only for people with high comprehension or too sure that they definitely wouldn’t make any mistakes, if the proficiency was low, such people couldn’t practice in their consciousness, their consciousness was a mess, their brain memory wasn’t enough, and they had to practice one move at a time in reality, and only after familiarity could they practice coherently in their consciousness by relying on their imagination.

A day later, omi practiced to the third level.

omi laughed internally, “The eighteen knives of the spiritual world’s Shura, with the

This comparison was simply the difference between microbes and alien creatures ah.But it’s normal, the Spiritual Realm’s Shura Eighteen Blades, which doesn’t include spells, is very, very basic.Fortunately, I have this foundation, and it’s simply too easy for me to practice now.”

In the blink of an eye, another half a month passed.

“The fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber, omi has also practiced it.”

omi didn’t know that he had been practicing here for half a month and was more powerful than many who had been practicing for a hundred thousand years.

Right now, outside this cave, Fatty and Yun Xiaoyao had been waiting for omi.

“How come half a month isn’t over yet, he’s not really planning to practice the Shura Divine Blade here for hundreds or thousands of years, is he?”

“Who knows, anyway, I want to see if he can really practice both.”

“I don’t think so, his brain would explode, and then it would be a disaster if he couldn’t practice both.”

Just at that moment, omi walked out.

omi didn’t practice much, he only stayed for half a month and came out, but omi had memorized the fifth to the 100th layer behind the Shura Divine Saber in his head, although it was hard to remember, the average person couldn’t remember it at all, and this kind of martial arts diagram, anyone who tried to remember it, their brain would be messed up, this was to prevent others from stealing the diagram.However, omi had never forgotten such moves since he was a child, and omi remembered them all with a single sweep.If his brain was compared to the running memory of a mobile phone, other people’s running memory was almost only 1g, while omi’s running memory was at least 50g.

Other people’s brains were very stuck, while omi’s brain was slippery, so the very difficult to remember diagrams he had no trouble at all.

Yun Xiaoyao smiled, “What? Didn’t you say you wanted to practice the Shura Divine Blade?How come you’re out after watching for half a month, this time you know that practicing two kinds at the same time doesn’t show it.”Yun Xiaoyao was holding a kind of teasing intention to make omi not know the meaning of heaven and earth, and now after looking at it for half a month, she came out nicely.

However, Yun Xiaoyao never expected that omi wouldn’t even look at her, and directly threw her a sentence: “In this half month, I’ve already practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Blade, the reason why I came out is just that I don’t want to spend time here and want to go somewhere else first.”

“What.”Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty were startled, but omi was fast and went far away in no time, and they scrambled to catch up.

Fatty was busy saying, “Brother Tang, what did you just say?You practiced to the fourth level?”


“No way, you think the Shura Divine Saber is that easy to train, the Shura Divine Saber isn’t worse than the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and half a month to train to the fourth level.You think we’re that gullible.”

omi said, “Yun Xiaoyao, there are a lot of impossible things in the world.”

“I don’t believe in it anyway.”

“I don’t believe it either.”

Yun Xiaoyao added, “If you really practice the Shura Divine Blade in fifteen days, I’ll marry you right away.”

omi stopped and said, “Yun Xiaoyao, marrying me won’t be necessary, I’m not short of a wife.However, I’m willing to prove it to you, not because I want you to believe it, but because, I also want to see the power of the fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber that I practiced.”After saying that, omi shouted towards the surroundings, “I, omi, have just practiced the fourth level of the Shura Divine Blade, is there anyone willing to come out and spar with me?”

Before omi finished speaking, a certain cave halfway up the mountain suddenly flew out with a flashing cold blade, it was obvious that the person in this cave, the person didn’t come out, just threw a blade out.It was not known whether this person was pretending or was overconfident.

omi smiled contemptuously at the corner of his mouth, this person wanted a blade mane to defeat omi, who gave him the confidence.


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