King of kings 2164


omi smiled, “Unfortunately, the inspiration and experience I gave you may not be offset by three immortal coins.”

“Also, looking at how talented my brother is, I’m sure his family background is not simple, there’s no lack of immortal coins.”

At that moment, the fatty interjected, “Our brother Tang, his master is a high-ranking Immortal.”

“What? High-ranking Immortal.”That seasonal hall guest was shocked.

omi was somewhat speechless and said to the fatty, “Fatty, who told you to say that.”

“Oh.”The fat man smiled hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Ji Tangguo looked at omi with even more reverence.

omi said, “Alright, brother, I have to go somewhere else for a walk.”

“This, okay.”Ji Tangguang was a bit reluctant.

omi smiled, “How about this, I’ll hold some training courses regularly in the future, if you’re interested, you can come and join, of course, although I’m not short of Xian coins, I can’t do it for free, so ten Xian coins as a reward.”

“Really?Then I’ll book first, I want to attend.”Ji Tang guest busy. One second to remember to read the book


“Yes, please pay half of the deposit in advance, and I’ll send someone to notify you in advance when the training course is held.”

“Good.”Ji Tangguang immediately took out five immortal coins, and omi accepted them.

However, what omi didn’t expect was that as soon as the Ji Tang Guest finished paying the deposit, dozens of people rushed down from all directions, these dozens of people were all just onlookers, they naturally could see omi’s power.

“Brother, I also want to join your training course.”

“Brother, it’s fine for me to participate.”

“Brother, collect my deposit.”

“Hahaha!”omi laughed out loud.

The training class was something that omi had just suddenly thought of.

omi said on his lips that he was not short of immortal coins, but in fact he was very short, seeing that he had just won three immortal coins easily, which would have taken him thirty thousand years to earn three immortal coins if he were Grandpa Qingtian.

So, omi suddenly wondered why he couldn’t come to Immortal Academy and make a big profit when the immortal coins came so easily.

The vast majority of those who were able to enter Immortal Academy were probably from relatively good family backgrounds, and a few tens or hundreds of Immortal coins could be easily taken out.

It was a good place to make a fortune ah.

Therefore, omi casually mentioned a training course, wanting to wait until later to work out how to open it, but he didn’t expect that so many people would rush down to register after he just mentioned it on his lips.

omi smiled, “Everyone, thanks to your care, the training course, I’m just talking about it now, I’m not sure if it will definitely be held or not.”

“Brother, you must hold it.”

“Yes, brother, if I have your guidance on every layer from now on, I can often attend your training courses, I’m sure I’ll be able to practice faster, Xian coins really aren’t a problem, if I can practice faster, it’s worth it for how many Xian coins.”

“Yes, it’s simply not something that can be measured with immortal coins.”

Everyone wanted omi to hold.

“Hahaha, alright, then I’ll think about it again, I won’t charge you a deposit today, if it’s really held, I’ll come and inform you.”

“No, you must collect it, we have no bottom if you don’t.”

“I’m prepared to pay it all.”

Helplessly, omi had no choice but to accept the deposit.

In one fell swoop, omi received about 130+ Xian coins.


br /> omi looked at so many immortal coins, all a bit terrifying, this if the Qingtian grandfather knew, really would be scared to death, he had to be a gatekeeper for 1.3 million years to be able to change so many.

It seemed that omi couldn’t even open a training course.

However, before opening the training course, omi’s own strength had to be strong enough, otherwise no one knew what would happen.

omi said, “Then let’s go back first and combine our plans, I’ll let you know another day.”

“Thank you, Brother Tang, you’re such a good man, if it were anyone else, you would definitely not be willing to pass on your experience to others.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Everyone seemed to be grateful, and thought omi was generous and selfless.

omi laughed loudly and left first.

After leaving the place of the Shura Divine Blade, omi headed to the next place, Shooting the Sun Arrow.

However, omi was a bit hesitant.

Is it really meaningful for me to shoot the sun divine arrow and practice?

In fact, there was no point, he had already practiced the Shura Divine Saber and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, even if he used them both in one mind, and used the left and right hand to use one at the same time, it would only be two, there was no need to waste time practicing the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow and the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer.

“It’s just that I’ll go and take a look, first I’ll write down the diagrams of the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow and the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, it’s always right to write them down whether you practice them or not.

omi’s footsteps were still heading to the place of the Sun Shooting Divine Arrow.

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty followed closely behind omi.

The fatty said, “Brother Tang, you’re amazing, you’ve earned over a hundred immortal coins after just one kid.”

omi said, “A hundred or so immortal coins is a lot?”

“Hehe, for me, it’s not very little, my family, they only gave me 50 Xian coins in ten thousand years.”Fatty said.

omi asked again, “Yun Xiaoyao, your family is much stronger than Fatty’s, is a hundred immortal coins considered too much for you?”

“It’s not less, my family, ten thousand years will only give me 300 Xian coins.”

“Oh, you are all strong second generation, rich and prosperous.”omi smiled, thinking about Grandpa Qingtian, showing people the door, what about a piece of immortal coins for 10,000 years.

These people of theirs, they are really rich in resources.

omi asked them because, omi must know a little bit about the situation, if he opened a training course and made a lot of money, there would definitely be people who would be jealous, and when they were jealous there would definitely be people who would come to rob, anything could happen.

Now, it seems that he made over a hundred Xian coins in one go, it really wasn’t a small amount, if he really opened a training course, less thousands of Xian coins, or even tens of thousands of Xian coins, in that case, wouldn’t strong people be jealous as well.

However, the more omi earned, the stronger he would become, as he could instantly transform his realm.

“Just, what’s the point of hanging around if you’re afraid of wolves in front and tigers in back, do it boldly.I’m not just going to run a training course, I’m also going to run an Air Tear training school, oh yeah, run a school.”omi said with excitement inside.

However, omi was only one person after all, if there were a lot of people who needed his guidance, he would definitely be too busy, then wouldn’t he have no time to train himself, he wouldn’t have time to train himself, how would this still work.

Therefore, if omi were to run a school, it would just be empty words, hard to achieve, the scale was also destined to be limited, unlikely, or half a small training course so that he himself would have enough time to practice.

“Brother Tang, you really want to run a training course.”

“Of course, you two, free instruction.”

Yun Xiaoyao said, “I’ll still give you Xian coins, I don’t want to take advantage of you.”


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