King of kings 2166

Chapter 2166

A week came in the blink of an eye, this week, omi studied the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow, and practiced the first level by the way.

On this day a week later, omi stood in the sky above the valley and shouted, “Luo Soul, Green Bounce, Blue Bull King, Black Armor, come out, you four combined to fight me.”

omi shouted three times in a row.

All the caves, who were originally practicing the Sun and Moon Divine Sword on their own, came out in droves.

In just a moment, hundreds of pairs of eyes were already looking at omi in midair.

“So he’s the one called omi.”

“The man who arrogantly said he wanted one to fight four, it’s him, I’ve never even seen this face before.”

“I heard that he’s a newcomer, he’s only been here for over a thousand years and he’s trained to the seventh level.”

“What? So it seems that this person is not a peerless talent.I don’t believe he’s really only been here for over a thousand years.”

“I don’t believe it either, but, this person is indeed a new face, now let’s not care about that, let’s see if he can really fight four at a time, if he really defeated those four strongest together by himself, then I worship him.”

omi stood in mid-air, listening to the countless arguments around him. Remember the URL

At this moment, in a certain cave, a dark-skinned man with an extremely ugly face was there.This person was Luo Ling, he had heard a few months ago that a newcomer was going to challenge him in half a year’s time.

“Finally you’ve come, good, I’d like to see who are you to be so arrogant.”After saying that, the black-faced man disappeared inside the cave and appeared in the sky above the valley.

Luo Ling’s eyes shot like a laser towards omi in midair.

Similarly, a few seconds later, three more figures appeared, the Frog Clan’s Green Bounce, the Ox Clan’s Blue Bull King, and the Turtle Clan’s Black Armor, each with a different appearance.Although the Frog Clan’s was also human in appearance, the eyes were clearly frog style at a glance, especially those two eyes, they were really too froggy.The blue bull king of the bull clan had two very distinct horns on his head, as well as a bull-like nose, but his lips were similar to those of a human, the black armor of the turtle clan, the divine talent was short and hunched over, with a black, tough-looking, armor-like shell on his back.The Luo Spirit, on the other hand, was a dark-skinned human who looked somewhat like a black man, except for his haircut.

The four of them, surrounded omi in the middle.

Before Luo Soul could speak, that frog-eyed green bounce, yelled, “You’re the son of a bitch who said one of you would beat the four of us?”

Instead of being arrogant, omi smiled modestly, “I’m sure your Excellency must be the famous Green Bounce, long time no see.”

Frog Eyes sneered, “You think I won’t show mercy if you are polite to me?Impossible.”

omi waved his hands in a row and said, “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t show mercy, if you show mercy, then it would take a lot of hard work on my part, I just want you to join forces and bring out your strongest skills to fight me.”

“You.”The four of them were shocked to see how arrogant omi was, if they were in their place, they really wouldn’t have the courage to be so arrogant with the other three.

Luo Soul was angry, but seeing that omi was actually still so arrogant in the face of all three of them, he seemed to have calmed down inside.

Luo Ling Dao: “

I hear you’ve only been here a thousand years?”

“Yes yes, I’ve been coming to the Immortal Academy for over a thousand years.”

Black A was startled, “It’s only been over a thousand years since I’ve been here, and you’ve already practiced to the seventh level.”

“Yes, yes, I practiced to the seventh level a while ago, I felt so bored with the practice, so I came out for some fresh air and accidentally walked over to the Shura Divine Saber, so I tried practicing the Shura Divine Saber again, but I didn’t expect that the Shura Divine Saber has also reached the sixth level.”

“What? You, you’ve practiced the Shura Divine Blade to the sixth level?”Luo Soul, Green Bounce, Black Armor, and Blue Ox were all dumbfounded, not knowing if omi was serious, or if he was lying.

There was also a lot of discussion, omi had even practiced to the sixth level of the Shura Divine Saber, it was the first time everyone had heard of this, even Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty didn’t know this yet, they only knew that omi had practiced to the fourth level of the Shura Divine Saber.

omi saw the four people’s faces looking shocked, busy saying, “But don’t worry, I will never use the Shura Divine Saber, nor will I use the Shura Divine Saber and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword at the same time, I will only use the Sun and Moon Divine Saber to duel with you, of course, if I lose and you guys want to kill me, then I’ll be a different story.”

“What? You can still use both at the same time ah?”The Blue Ox King growled at the question, his eyes wide.

omi smiled, “Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having two hands, isn’t there, one hand using the Shura Divine Sword and the other using the Sun and Moon Divine Sword.”


Luo Soul roared, “Don’t scare people over there, the more you talk, the more mysterious it gets, you f*cking think we’re gullible right, why didn’t you say you practiced both the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow?”

omi said, “How do you know that I practiced the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Sun Shooting Arrow?”

Luo Soul was startled, “What? You really practiced the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Sun Shooting Arrow?”

“Yeah, a week ago, I felt like I didn’t have any problems dealing with the four of you anymore, so I had some free time, so I practiced the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow that I had memorized in my head before, because it was too short, so they’ve all only reached one layer, and I’m embarrassed if you don’t mention it.”

“What? You’re saying that you have the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow in your head?”Qing Bounce asked incredulously.

“Yeah, thinking to practice later when I have free time, so I went and memorized these diagrams six months ago.”

Luo Soul sneered, “Blow, keep blowing, the more you blow, the more mysterious it becomes, at first I almost believed it, now, to death I don’t believe it, why don’t you go to heaven?”

omi said, “Alright, no more nonsense, do it, today I just want to be defeated by the four of you, or, I’ll defeat the four of you.”

“No need, I’m enough for one person.”After saying that, with a swoosh in Luo Ling’s hand, an equally black sword appeared, the sword was actually an immortal weapon, again the Sun and Moon Divine Sword’s Air Tearing Technique, and an immortal weapon as a weapon, it was really strong enough.

“Bragging King, let’s see how I’ll deal with you.”The sword in Luo Soul’s hand suddenly stabbed at omi at an angle, it looked like a simple stab, however, this Sun and Moon Divine Sword’s move was not empty, this stab would have instantly killed anyone who wasn’t strong enough.

omi said, “No, no, your angle is not in place for this move, the flaw is obvious, all I need to do now is use a downward picking move from the sixth level of the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, and you will be defeated in a single move.”


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