King of kings 2167


At the same time, Tang Zidun made a simple downward pick move, perfectly avoiding Luo Soul’s attack and hitting Luo Soul’s flaw directly.

Luo Soul felt, a sharpness coming from his wrist, he wanted to withdraw his arm immediately, but it was a flaw, if he could withdraw it in time, it wouldn’t be a flaw.

In the next second, omi’s sword was under Luo Soul’s arm.

The image was frozen in mid-air.

Cold sweat broke out on Luo Soul’s forehead.

omi said, “If this were a life and death battle, you would have lost this arm, but fortunately, I just want to cut and dice with you.”omi withdrew his sword.

Everyone in the arena was stupid, Luo Soul had lost too quickly.

Luo Soul was the strongest of the four people who had trained to the seventh level.

Luo Soul was also considered a man, he didn’t play tricks, he took the sword away and said, “Thank you for your mercy, I lost.”

omi said, “I’m not dueling with you alone, I’m joining forces with the four of you, so our duel hasn’t even started yet.”

“No need, I won’t join forces with them to beat you, in any case, I’m convinced that I lost.”After saying that, Luo Ling turned around and left with a lost face. One Second Remember to Read the Book

“Alas, what a pity, then, you three join forces.”omi said to Green Bounce, Blue Ox, and Black Armor.

The three of them looked at each other, as if all three of them had shock in their eyes.

“Come on.”

“Let’s go on, I’d like to see if the three of us together really still can’t beat him, no need to feel ashamed, that guy Luo Ling has lost anyway, so there’s no shame in us joining forces.”Qing bang said.



In the next second, three people rushed up.

The three of them had chosen different directions, which was so that omi couldn’t care about the three of them.

The three people used different moves as well, which also made it even more impossible for omi to take care of the three people’s attacks.

Everyone was sweating, if omi could win this, it would be too unorthodox.

omi was calm at the moment and quickly entered his state.

The level of these three people’s Sun Moon Divine Sword was indeed much worse than Luo Ling’s, and in omi’s opinion, they had even more flaws.

omi immediately analyzed the three people’s flaws and immediately came up with a move that would hit them all at the same time, thus immediately gaining the upper hand and even directly defeating them.

“Swoosh.”omi’s Heavenly Maiden-like move attacked the three men.

“Ah.”In the next second, the three of them almost screamed at the same time, blood dripping from their hands, and even, the swords in the hands of the Black Armor and Blue Ox King came off.

omi won the three of them in one move.

“Wow.”The whole arena screamed with a wow.

Luo Soul, who had just flown away, hadn’t even entered his cave before he heard the wow scream, and when he looked back, the three of them, Green Bounce Blue Ox and Black Armor, had already lost together.

At this moment, Luo Ling was really trembling, just now he had lost to omi, but now, seeing that the three of them had lost, Luo Ling was a little embarrassed to lose, because he was obviously not on the same level as omi, likewise, omi’s image was suddenly so high in Luo Ling’s heart that he could not look up to the degree.

The three of them, Qing蹦 Black Armor Blue Ox, were now looking at each other.

omi said, “Understood, I hope the three of you will forgive my rudeness.”omi smiled politely.

“You’re welcome, Brother Tang is truly admirable.”

“Keep up the good work, three of you.”

After saying that, omi returned to his cave.

At this moment, the entire

All the valleys were talking, all of them amazed by omi’s strength.

Yun Xiaoyao and Fatty walked in.

“Brother Tang, you’re too powerful.”Yun.

“Fine, next, you guys can intentionally or unintentionally reveal that I can instruct others for ten immortal coins at a time.”

“Ten Xian coins would be too much, might as well be cheaper, maybe more people.”Fatty said.

“It’s only five fairy coins.”

The rest of the day was all water under the bridge, there were so many people looking for omi’s guidance that there was a line of people lined up at the door.

omi could instruct one in about ten minutes, and in this day, less than a hundred people could be instructed, and with five immortal coins each, he made five or six hundred immortal coins a day.

With so many immortal coins, omi was feeling a bit dizzy with fear.

However, omi couldn’t guide every day, omi was only open for three days at a time, after three days, omi would no longer guide others, he himself needed to practice, and also, omi had to go to the Shura Divine Blade side, after all, there was still some deposit collected there.

After three days, omi had already earned 1,650 Xian coins.

“Hahaha.”omi wanted to laugh even in his dreams, if he absorbed these 1650 Immortal Coins, he didn’t even know what he could upgrade to.

However, omi wouldn’t be too whimsical, after all, there were many people who could take out 1650 immortal coins, but how many of them became powerful immortals.

omi spent a few days to train the 1650 Immortal Coins into a Level 4 Immortal Pill.

In total, 20,000 Level 4 Immortal Pills had been trained.

omi smiled hehehe.

omi immediately took 5,000 Immortal Pills.

Half an hour later, omi’s realm directly reached the Pre-Senior Immortal stage.

“Wow, Pre-Superior Immortal, tsk tsk.”

omi looked at the remaining 15,000 Immortal Pills, however, omi didn’t take any more, if he took another 15,000 Immortal Pills, he would probably be able to hit the middle Upper Immortal stage, however, omi’s such a quick binge would definitely arouse suspicion, and now that he was in the Academy of Immortality, to put it bluntly, it was just like being in someone else’s Immortal Mansion, maybe every move was seen.

omi walked out of the cave, Yun Xiaoyao, Fatty and the others also went to practice martial arts by themselves.

omi first came to Fatty’s cave and instructed Fatty for half an hour.

Then, omi came to Yun Xiaoyao’s cave.

“Yun Xiaoyao, in can I come in?”omi found out that Yun Xiaoyao’s cave had a ban, so maybe people were taking a shower or something, so he asked about it.

“Yes.”In the next second, Yun Xiaoyao lifted the restriction.

“Hey, Brother Tang, you’ve become an Upper Immortal?”


“Wow, Tang, you’ve risen just in time, you were still an Earth Immortal even a few days ago.”

“Oh, it’s been a long time at Earth Immortal.”omi said casually.

“Congratulations, Brother Tang.”

“Thank you, let me guide you a bit.”

“Ah, really.”

“Nonsense, let’s get started, ask me anything you don’t understand.”


Don omi’s instruction was several hours long.

omi also couldn’t understand why guiding Yun Xiaoyao could be several hours without feeling long.

“This move should be done in such a way to reach its maximum power.”omi pressed Yun Xiaoyao’s navel with one hand and grabbed Yun Xiaoyao’s hand holding the sword with the other hand, then gently corrected her movement.

Yun Xiaoyao’s heart was thumping right now.


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