King of kings 2169


At this moment, two mid Upper Immortal men came out of the cave next door.

These two men were the goons who had just threatened some Bai Hanyan inside.

“What are you looking at.”One of the men shouted at omi when he saw that he was looking at them.

“Haha, I’m not looking.”omi said with a smile.

“Idiot.”The two cursed at omi and left.

omi was surprised that he didn’t even get angry at being scolded, had omi’s mind improved?

Soon after, the woman called Bai Hanyan from the next cave came out.

“Hello.”omi greeted the woman.

“Well, hello.”That woman didn’t seem to be in the mood for anything and her heart was heavy.

omi sized up this Bai Hanyan, quite pretty looking, wearing a light green dress, very much like an airy fairy, although the dress couldn’t see her body, but omi vaguely seemed to be able to sense that she definitely had a good figure.

“What are you looking at.”When the woman saw omi staring at her, she asked with some slight anger. Remember the URL

“I’m sorry, I saw how pretty you are, so I took a few extra looks at you.”

The woman said, “It wasn’t you who used to be next door to me, how come it’s you now, when did you get here?”

“Three years ago.”

“Oh, just got here.”

“Yes, and you?”

“I’ve been here for a long time.”

omi asked, “How many levels have you practiced with the Shura Divine Blade?”


“Not bad.”

“I’m considered poor.”The woman answered omi wordlessly, always feeling like she had a heavy heart.

omi smiled, “Why do you look like you have a heavy heart.”


“If you don’t want to tell me, then forget it, if I’m not wrong, it must be related to the two people who just left.”

“You saw that?”

“Of course, only just left not, they threatened to make you promise to be their boss’s girlfriend, right.”

“Yes, unfortunately, I couldn’t resist at all.”

“Why? Who’s their boss?”

“Their boss’s name is Lin Huajun, he and I are both from the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou, I’m in the Eastern Sheng Shenzhou, my family’s power is very average, much smaller than Lin Huajun’s anyway.I’m now worried that he’ll force himself on me, after all, I can’t resist him at all, even if my family knew, they can’t do anything about it, it’s impossible to offend them because of a me, even if Lin Huajun kills me, my family probably won’t take revenge for me, at most, they’ll express strong condemnation.”

“I really feel sorry for you.”

“I could actually leave the Immortal Academy, but I’m really unhappy.What’s your name?”Bai Hanyan asked.

“My name is omi.”

“omi, come in with me.”

“Er, good.”

omi entered Bai Hanyan’s cave.

Bai Hanyan immediately set up a restraint.

“Ah, you?”omi didn’t know what she wanted.

Bai Hanyan bit her lips and said, “I’m afraid Lin Huajun will come to my door and force me, I’ve been keeping my body so far, I wanted to find a strong man to marry in the future, but I didn’t expect that it would finally be what God wanted, it’s just that I don’t know any other men here, I’d rather give it to you than to be Lin

Chinese Army spoil.”

“Ah, you.”omi was a bit speechless, so she wanted this.

“Bai Hanyan, this can’t be made to work.”

Bai Hanyan glared, “A grown man, why are you so preposterous, you don’t even pick up the bargains that fall from the sky, do you want me to fulfill Lin Huajun?I’m not willing.”

omi said, “Bai Hanyan, why are you suffering, Lin Huajun has been chasing you for so long which means he likes you ah, it’s better to give someone who likes you than someone you meet for the first time.You don’t even know what kind of person I am when we first meet, what if I’m even worse than Lin Huajun.”

“I don’t feel like you.”

“You’re looking at me for being more handsome.”

“Ah, you.”Bai Hanyan blushed in shame, omi was really straightforward, but really heck yes, if omi was ugly looking, Bai Hanyan wouldn’t have taken omi cheaply.It was because omi was handsome, it could be said that Bai Hanyan hadn’t seen a man more handsome than omi since she was born, so when Bai Hanyan thought about it, in case she lost her virginity to Lin Huajun, it would be better to lose her virginity to this handsome man.

“Oh, you ah.”omi smiled, and when he saw that expression on Bai Hanyan’s face, he knew that it must be because of the handsome problem.

Bai Hanyan said, “Alright, although it’s true that it’s because you’re handsome, it’s also because I’m not willing to be gotten by Lin Huajun.”

omi said, “Bai Hanyan, I appreciate your honesty towards me, so put your clothes on first.”omi put on one of the outer garments that Bai Hanyan had taken off.

Bai Hanyan said, “I’m sorry to make you laugh, you’re probably disappointed in me, thinking that I’m just a random person.”

“No, on the contrary, I’m very touched, well, you met me for the first time and can still treat me like this, I can’t ignore it.Let me handle the matter about Lin Huajun.”

“You?Don’t digress, I don’t want to get you involved, that Lin Huajun is mid Upper Immortal.”

omi said, “Mid Upper Immortal is nothing, I’m not going to lie, I’m about to break through to mid Upper Immortal.”

In fact, it was easy for omi to break through to mid Upper Immortal, eat the remaining 15,000 Immortal Pills and he could possibly hit mid Upper Immortal.


“It’s even truer than your heart for me.”

Bai Hanyan blushed and snapped, “You must be a very good at picking up girls.”

“To be honest, I don’t need to soak at all, since I grew up, it’s almost always the women who like me first, and I would love to experience it, the feeling of pursuing a beautiful woman, but I’m afraid this wish of mine won’t come true in this life.”

Bai Hanyan puffed out a laugh and scolded, “You’re so narcissistic.”

“Haha, it’s good that you’re happy.”

“Oh, so you’re just teasing me.”

“Sort of.”

“You’re a person.”Bai Hanyan aimed shyly with a smile at omi, who was now finding herself elated and feeling soothed all over by omi.Inside, Bai Hanyan still believed that omi must be someone who was very good at picking up girls, because, she felt like she was attracted to him right away.If Lin Xianjun was capable of this, why would he need to chase her for so long.

omi said, “Alright, let’s stop talking to you for now, I feel like I’m going to break through, I’m going to close the door for a bit.”

“Okay, but how long will it take.”

“It doesn’t have to be long, it’s quick.”

omi entered his cave and set up a restriction.

omi originally didn’t want to step into the middle stage of Upper Immortal so quickly for fear of being suspected and not being easy to explain, but for a woman, it was too unrestrained.

omi sighed, who let him be born to be more compassionate towards beautiful women.


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