King of kings 2170


omi took 15,000 Immortal Pills.

About half an hour later, omi transformed all of the immortal pills into his own immortal destiny, and then, omi rushed up to the middle stage of Upper Immortal.It just seemed to be a bit of a struggle, but it seemed that the 15,000 Immortal Pills were just enough to make omi a middle stage Upper Immortal.

omi inwardly said, “So unorthodox, I hope no one notices.”

omi had only become an Upper Immortal three years ago, and now he had become an Upper Intermediate Immortal, if he ran into the fat man he had met three years ago, Yun Xiaoyao and the others, they would definitely be suspicious.

omi secretly said, “I must modify my age now, so it’s slightly safer.”

omi took out his spatial tablet and modified his age to almost three million years.

The reason for modifying it to three million years old was because Bai Hanyan, who was in the cave next door, was also three million years old, so it looked like she was the same age.

Of course, it might have to be revised in the future, and changed at any time anyway.

Only then did omi walk out of the cave and come next door.

“Are you done?Wow, it’s really mid Upper Immortal.”

“Oh, nothing to be surprised about, I’ve been stuck at this point for a long time, and I just had to thank you, I’m afraid it wasn’t so fast if it wasn’t for the pleasure of talking to you.” One second to remember to read the book

Bai Hanyan’s speechless one angry: “How could it be.”However, although Bai Hanyan didn’t believe it was true, she was happy to hear it.

“Now that I’m also a middle stage Upper Immortal, I’m not afraid of that Lin Huajun.”

Bai Hanyan suddenly said, “Wait, how many levels have you trained with the Shura Divine Blade.”

“Seventh level.”

“Ah, so low.”

“Eh, is it low?”

“It’s over, Lin Huajun has trained to the ninth level, even if you’re a mid Upper Immortal, that’s no match for him ah.”

omi said, “That’s not necessarily oh, who told you that if you practiced to the ninth level, you would definitely win the seventh level.”

“That’s for sure ah, otherwise why would everyone desperately want to practice.”

“Bai Hanyan, you don’t understand this, on the whole, it’s true that the more you practice, the stronger you are, because the more you practice the Shura Divine Blade, the more power you can exert.However, the difference between me and Lin Huajun is only two layers ah, two layers is not a big difference, I just need to find his flaw point and can still pick him over, after all, two layers is not enough to make up for a fatal flaw.”

Bai Hanyan said depressedly, “You really sound good, although it’s theoretically possible, but you need to be able to find his fatal flaw ah, people practice the Shura Divine Blade more profoundly than you, only he finds your flaw, but you have a hard time finding his flaw.The ninth level of the Shura Divine Saber, you haven’t even practiced it yet, how can you see his flaw, it’s simply impossible.”

“Haha, don’t worry about that for me.”

“Alright.”Bai Hanyan looked at omi half-heartedly.

omi said, “Now that the Lin Hua army hasn’t come yet, I’ll go back and practice the Shura Divine Blade first.”


“It’s okay, I’ll find out.”

“I’d better go to your cave, do you mind?”

“Of course I don’t mind.”

Bai Hanyan came to omi’s cave to practice with him.

“Let me guide the practice of the eighth level.”Bai Hanyan said.

“Fine, you practice the eighth layer, from beginning to end, while I watch, which might enhance my perception.”


Bai Hanyan instantly

Practicing the eighth level of the Shura Divine Blade in the cave.

omi read through it once and smiled, “It seems I’ve found a quicker trick.”

“What do you mean?”

omi said, “Originally it would have taken me five or six or even ten years to practice the eighth level, but I just saw you rehearse it from scratch, and then I combined it with the diagrams I remembered myself, and all of a sudden, my comprehension was too great, and I’ve already practiced the eighth level in a flash.”

“Ah, so fast.”

“So, I found a trick that’s even faster.I just need to go to someone who’s at a higher level than I practiced, have him practice it once to show me, and then I made it almost immediately.It’s like, forging a sword, which would have required hammer after hammer, but with a template, you just have to pour iron into the template and the sword is done.You’ve just been my template, understand?”

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s also true that I need to have my kind of comprehension to understand, but anyway, if I’m given enough ‘templates’, it wouldn’t be hard to practice a hundred levels of the Shura Divine Blade.”

“Gosh, what the hell are you, you’re too smart.”

“Haha, I’ll accept that.”

“No wonder you just said that you can find out what’s wrong with Lin Hua Jun.”

“Alright, I’d like to ask, in your class, are there any of you who have trained to the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade now?”

“Yes, there are more than ten of them.”

“Then can you take me to one and show me how to practice the ninth level once, I need him as my ninth level ‘template’.”

“Well, I know a guy, Johnny, he should be willing, because, he likes me, he tried to chase me before.”

Don said with a roll of his eyes, “Didn’t you say before that you didn’t know any other men here, so you wanted to give me your body for cheap?How come a Johnny running out now also likes you.”

Bai Hanyan blushed with a glare: “No one will treat you as dumb if you don’t talk.”Bai Hanyan was very ashamed, in a word, it wasn’t really that she didn’t know any other boys, but only omi made her willing to pick up the advantage for him.

Bai Hanyan brought omi to a certain cave.

“Johnny, are you there?”

A moment later, a tall man walked out.

“Smoke, what brings you to my place, is there something you want to ask me?”

Bai Hanyan said, “Johnny, would it be convenient for you to show me the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade, rehearsing it from start to finish?”

“Sure. Ten thousand conveniences.”That Johnny agreed without even thinking about it.

However, Johnny looked to the Don and asked warily, “Who is he?”

“He’s my friend, don’t mind if he’s watching too.”

“What friend?”

“Just friends, don’t ask so many questions, if you don’t want to then forget it.”

“Don’t go, I’m willing.”

That Johnny, who was also infatuated, afraid that the goddess in his heart would be angry, immediately practiced the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade from start to finish.

omi watched from the side, omi used him as a ‘template’, then omi applied it directly to this template based on the diagram of the ninth layer he had written down, so omi practiced the ninth layer of the Shura Divine Saber with almost no effort at all.

This template was also too strong for omi, if he could find more templates, omi could practice into more layers in less time.

“Hanyan, when you’re done practicing, do you understand?Where you don’t understand, I’ll explain it for you.”That Johnny said.


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