King of kings 2171

Chapter 2171

Bai Hanyan, however, looked at omi, her eyes seeming to ask if omi understood, and if she wanted her to do it again.

At that moment, omi said, “No need, if Bai Hanyan wants to practice, I will guide.”

“What? Could it be that you’ve also practiced the ninth level of the Shura Divine Blade?”That Johnny’s gaze was provocative and asked.

“Of course, and, far more powerful than you, if you don’t believe me, feel free to do a move and I’ll defeat you with half a move.”

“Mouth full.”Johnnyton slashed at omi.

omi moved his hand, but before Johnny’s knife fell, omi slashed at his lower abdomen.

“If you move one more time, the bottom will be gone.”

“Ah, you.”

omi put the knife away and said, “Broken and broken, you’re so badly trained, but thank you, Smoke, let’s go.”

“Okay, Johnny, thank you, let’s go.”Bai Hanyan turned to go with omi.

“Mimosa, this.”Johnny froze there, not knowing what was going on. First URL

After walking out of the cave, Bai Hanyan asked, “Brother omi, did you really train to the ninth level?”

“Or what.”

“Wow, just look at it once?”

“Yes, as long as there’s a template, I can practice it all in an instant, yay , I actually found a shortcut so fast.”omi was also greatly pleased inside, it would save him an unknown amount of time.

“You’re too perverted.”Bai Hanyan said full of adoration.

At this moment, a shout came from above the valley, “Bai Hanyan, come out, I know you’re hiding somewhere.”

Bai Hanyan looked up and busily said, “It’s Lin Huajun.”

omi also looked up at the sky of the valley, it was a man with a thin and weak build.

This man was Lin Huajun, who had just arrived, and Bai Hanyan and omi happened to be in Johnny’s cave, so when Lin Huajun came, he didn’t find Bai Hanyan in his cave, so he shouted in the middle of the sky.

omi grunted, “Now we can go up and take care of him.”After saying that, omi rushed up.

Originally, omi had only practiced to the seventh layer while Lin Huajun had practiced to the ninth layer, which might have been a bit overhanging, but he didn’t expect to find a shortcut to a ‘template’, and only all of a sudden, omi had also practiced to the ninth layer.

“Bai.”Lin Huajun wanted to shout again, when he saw Bai Hanyan and a handsome man flying up together.

The first time Lin Huajun saw omi, he felt very disliked.

“Bai Hanyan, you’ve finally come out.”Lin Huajun’s gaze was cold, his eyes swept over omi, if Bai Hanyan, a good cabbage, was arched, Lin Huajun swore he would kill omi.

omi said, “What do you mean you’ve finally come out, you just shouted once and we’re out, okay?Make it sound like you shouted a million times before we dared to come out.”

“What are you?”Lin Huajun looked at omi with murderous intent.

omi said, “Isn’t this obvious enough?Do you have to let a girl demonstrate what intimacy is in front of you?”

“You guys.”Lin Huajun was furious, looked at Bai Hanyan and roared, “Bai Hanyan, no wonder you’ve been rejecting my advances, you, you.”

Bai Hanyan didn’t want to offend Lin Huajun and said, “Lin Huajun, now that you’ve seen it, I hope you won’t harass me anymore, of course, I’m sure you’ll find a better one than me.”


Mouth.”Lin Huajun was furious, his heart was very unhappy, it was too depressing that such a beautiful woman had been pre-empted by someone else.

“Lin Huajun, what else do you want?”

“Die.”Lin Huajun yelled.

“You want to kill me?”

“Right, you bitch, thanks to me chasing you for so long, you even tricked me into not falling in love while at the Immortal Academy.”

omi’s heart hehe a bit, this Lin Huajun is also really stupid, when a woman says she doesn’t want to fall in love, does she really don’t want to?The ten eighty-nine is not like you just, if you meet the real like, what not to fall in love, long gone to the back of the mind.The fact also proves that, Bai Hanyan met like, the first meeting is willing to cheap him, this person, is omi.

omi’s heart is quite refreshing, to be a man to his extent, also really not in vain as a man.

It’s just a pity that omi is past the age of that affair and doesn’t have that impulse in his heart, it would be nice if it was still in the past.

Although Bai Hanyan and Lin Huajun were several million years old, their mental age was equivalent to omi’s twenty-something years when he was in the mortal realm, and the immortal realm was easily millions, tens of millions, and even hundreds of millions of years old, but time passed too quickly here, and a casual closed-door cultivation, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years would pass.By this reckoning, millions of years old was still really young, and hadn’t experienced anything at all.

Bai Hanyan blushed a bit, indeed she was a bit ashamed, she did say before that she would never waste time falling in love in the Immortal Academy, but she would do that to omi.

omi said, “Lin Huajun, it’s not too late for you to leave now.”

“Hmph, you’ve touched my woman, I want you dead.”After saying that, Lin Huajun killed omi with a single slash.

At this moment, many people from the cave came out to watch.

omi had a contemptuous smile on his lips.

This Lin Huajun’s level was not as good as that Johnny just now.That Johnny just now, his realm was only in the early stage of Upper Immortal, but the Shura Divine Saber had already reached the ninth level, and he was still better trained than Lin Huajun.Of course, with a one level difference in realm, no matter how strong the Shura Divine Dagger was, it was not as strong as Lin Hua Jun’s. omi was in the same position as just now.

omi made the same move again as just now, only half a move, and omi’s knife was on top of Lin Hua Jun’s somewhere.

“Ah.”Lin Huajun was stupid in mid-air, as if he didn’t dare to move a single muscle, as if if he moved a single muscle, nothing would be left, a chill passed through his spine to his brain.

“If you move one more time, you’re going to become a eunuch, do you want to be a eunuch?”omi asked.

Lin Huajun, who was furiously trying to kill just now, was now sweating coldly.

“Brother, don’t be impulsive.”Lin Huajun said, after seeing how powerful the other side was, people became well-behaved.

“I’d like to be impulsive, how can a person who dares to hit on Bai Hanyan make me not be impulsive.”

“Brother, misunderstood, I really didn’t know she had a boyfriend before, she never said ah, if I knew, I would never harass her.”

Bai Hanyan flew up and said, “omi, forget it.”Bai Hanyan didn’t want to offend him over this, after all, she still had family.

omi said, “Count yourself lucky, and don’t thank your savior yet.”

“Hanyan, thank you.”

“Hmph, Lin Huajun, don’t harass me in the future.”

“Okay, no, I won’t, can I go now?”Lin Huajun was very depressed and asked omi, not expecting that Bai Hanyan had found such a powerful one.


“Yes.”Lin Huajun scampered away.


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