King of kings 2173


For the next few minutes, that foolishness actually practiced showing it to omi.

After reading it, omi gazed in thought.

“How was it?”The man asked anxiously.

omi said, “Don’t be anxious, let me think.”

A few tens of seconds later, omi practiced the tenth level of the Shura Divine Blade.

omi immediately instructed the guy.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much, what you said makes so much sense.”That guy was incredibly grateful to omi.

“You’re welcome, I still have to thank you.”

“Uh, what are you thanking me for.”

“Oh, nothing, by the way, do you know anyone who has practiced to the eleventh level?”

“Of course, a friend of mine just practiced to the eleventh level.” One second to remember to read the book

omi said brazenly, “I think, I’m also quite fated with that friend of yours, can you take me to him and I’ll guide him as well.”

“Ah, really?”

“More so than your adoration of me.”

“Hehe, good, then I’ll take you there right away, my friend is going to owe me a favor this time.”

“That’s right, you’ve seen my guidance, it can’t be bought by any amount of Xian coins, your friend will be very excited to be guided by me and will be very grateful to you.”


omi came back to a cave.

The template for the eleventh layer of the Shura Divine Blade was found again.

“Ah Liao.”

“Ah Shan, what are you doing here.”

“Ah Liao, look who I’ve brought with me.”

“Who is he?”

“He’s a Shura Kamen Razor practiced to the thirteenth level, he just guided me, I think it’s too spot on, he’s willing to guide you now for my sake, you should practice the eleventh level of the Shura Kamen Razor in front of him, ah.”

“I don’t need to.”The man called A Liao snorted and seemed to look very proud.

“Ah Liao, listen to me, you will definitely get a cut.”

“Tell him to get out of here.”That Ah Liao roared.

omi was a bit depressed, he didn’t expect that this A Liao was not easy to handle.

omi smiled, “Ah Liao isn’t it, you don’t seem to have confidence in my level.”

“Who are you, don’t know, besides, with my level, I still need your guidance, ridiculous.”Ah Liao snorted.

omi said, “Alright then, do you dare to make a bet with me, if you lose, give me 100 Xian coins, if you win, I’ll give you 1000 Xian coins.”

“Ah.”That Ah Liao was shocked.

“What’s the bet?”Ah Liao stared at omi and asked.

omi said, “You send out a random move right now to attack your friend, Shan.”

“Why would I attack my friend.”

“You do as I say first.”

“Good.”After saying that, that Alyoton attacked Ah Shan with a knife.

“Boom.”Ah Shan was defeated at once.

omi said, “You saw it, Ah Shan just lost to you in one go.”

“Nonsense, he’s only trained to the tenth level.”

omi said, “Now, I just need to nudge Ah Shan, you use the same move you just did and Ah Shan can defeat you.”

“Haha, dream on you.”

“Then we’ll see.”After saying that, omi said to Ah Shan, “Ah Shan, come over here, I’ll instruct you on how you should break that move Ah Liao just did.”


omi leaned in to Ah Shan’s ear and said, then asked, “Is that clear?”


“Okay, Liao, you can now use the same move you just did to attack Ah Shan, if this time, you can win Ah Shan, I’ll lose to you for 1000 Xian coins, if you can’t win, trouble you give me 100 Xian coins.”

“I really don’t f*cking believe it.”After saying that, Ah Liao used the same move to attack Ah Shan.

However, this time, Ah Shan went through omi’s nudge and he went to counterattack the way omi said.




In the space of three breaths, the knife in Ah Liao’s hand fell to the ground.

“Ah.”That Ah Liao was dumbfounded, the same move that had just defeated Ah Shan in seconds.This was too incredible.

“I don’t believe it, come again.”Ah Liao roared and once again picked up his knife to attack Ah Shan.

Unfortunately, just the same, in three breaths, the knife in Alyo’s hand dropped again.

Ah Shan was now dumbfounded, he was only instructed by omi on how to counterattack, and surprisingly, he won, but he had only practiced to the tenth level.

Ah Shan looked at omi with eyes full of admiration, at the moment omi seemed like a god in his eyes.

omi smiled, “Ah Liao, have you taken it, if you have, trouble you give me the 100 cents you owe me.”

Ah Liao stayed for a while, and took out 1,000 Xian coins in a heartbeat.

omi went straight up to collect it, then said to Ah Shan, “Ah Shan, I’m leaving first.”

“Big brother, give Ah Liao one more chance, he definitely knows how powerful you are now.”Ah Shan was busy urging to Ah Liao, “Ah Liao, say something quickly, apologize to him.”

“Me.”Ah Liao was now beginning to doubt life as well.

“Hurry up.”

Ah Liao said with a bite, “I’m sorry, I was wrong, I shouldn’t be so arrogant in front of you, and I hope you don’t see me in the same light.”

omi said, “There’s no need to apologize to me, after all, you don’t owe me anything, instead you gave me a hundred cents.”

Ah Shan was also busy pleading, “Brother, just give him one more chance.”

omi said, “If you want me to guide him again, you can, but it’s no longer free.”

Ah Liao busily said, “No need to be free, any price is negotiable, as long as you can guide me.”

omi said, “I don’t pit either, ten Xian coins it is.”

“Thanks.”Ah Liao immediately took out ten immortal coins.

omi took it and said, “Alright, you can now practice the eleventh level of the Shura Divine Blade once to show me.”


“Swoosh.”Ah Liao immediately practiced.

omi watched without blinking, finally getting the eleventh layer of the template done.

A few minutes later, omi had practiced the eleventh layer of the Shura Divine Blade again.

omi laughed inwardly, this practice is so fast, if he hadn’t found a shortcut to the template, it would have taken him thirty to fifty years to train into the eleventh layer of the Shura Divine Blade.

At this rate, omi suspected that it wouldn’t take long for a hundred layers.

After that, omi casually instructed that Ah Liao and then left.

omi said to Ah Shan, “Ah Shan, do you still know anyone who has practiced to the twelfth layer?”

“Uh, brother, what are you doing?”Ah Shan touched his head, is this a mentoring addiction for omi?

omi said, “I’d like to instruct a few more.”

“Brother, what good will this do you?”

“You don’t understand this, it’s called buying people’s hearts.”

“Oh, so, although I know who’s practiced to the twelfth level, but, it’s not my friend, so the other party may not give me face ah.”

“It doesn’t matter, if he doesn’t want me to guide him, it’s the other person’s loss.”


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