King of kings 2174


“Okay, I’ll take you to find one.”

omi came to another cave, inside the cave, a woman was practicing the Shura Divine Blade, the whole cave trembled, luckily everyone had a restraining system set up, or else the cave would have to be blown down.

“Miss Miff.”Ah Shan shouted from the cave entrance.

However, there wasn’t an immediate response from inside.

Ah Shan said to omi, “This Miss Mei Fu inside is from the same place as me, and although my identity is not worthy of being friends with her yet, I still want to give her this opportunity.”

omi said, “This Miss Miff, is she from a big place?”

“Not bad, quite a genius for a girl who’s just under a million years old by now.”

“Wow, so it does look good.”

Just at this moment, a woman dressed in white with a fairy body came out.

This woman had a frosty face and a cold demeanor, as if everyone owed her millions, but her looks were good and her body was stunning, especially the breasts, any man looking at her would be a bit unable to refuse.

“What for?”The woman looked at Ah Shan with a cold look in her eyes. The first website

Ah Shan was busy saying respectfully, “Miss Maeve, this one beside me, his name is omi, let me tell you oh, he is a high man, he is willing to guide you.”

“I pooh, mentor me?If you want to chase me, just say so, I hate such hypocrites.”That Miff snorted and swept a glance at omi with endless contempt.

omi was really a bit depressed to be despised, but who wanted omi to make her his template, so, it had to be endured.

omi laughed, “Pretty girl, don’t think that just because you’re pretty, you can just smear people.I don’t have the time to chase you, as you can see, I’m considered a beautiful man, and my handsomeness in the men’s world is no worse than your looks in the women’s world, right?”

“Ridiculous, how come I don’t see where you’re handsome, I’m sorry, I’m going to practice my swordsmanship, please don’t bother me, I won’t like you, and I already have someone I like, even if I have to instruct, it’s not your turn yet.”

Ah Shan said awkwardly, “Big brother, I forgot to tell you, Miss Mei Fu has a good relationship with our Upper Immortal mid class, the only one who has practiced to the thirteenth level, Shi Haoxiang, Shi Haoxiang is the one she likes.”

omi laughed, “Shi Haoxiang, sh*t smells good, I admire his parents’ courage.”

“How dare you insult my Howie.”Mei Fu was furious.

omi said, “Alright, pretty girl, you don’t need my guidance that’s fine, it’s your loss, goodbye.”

omi didn’t bother to pay attention to her, he turned around and walked away.

Ah Shan said, “Big brother, I’ll bring you to find someone else, anyway, it’s not like there’s only Mei Fu who has practiced the 12th level of the Shura Divine Blade here.”

“Good, don’t look for a pretty one this time, find one with normal looks, so as not to say I’m chasing her again.”

“Good, there just happen to be a few women.”

omi came to the entrance of a cave again.

Ah Shan said, “The one inside this cave is a cow woman, called Purple Bell.As far as I know, this Purple Bell has just practiced the twelfth level of the Shura Divine Blade, and is the weakest one among the dozens of people currently practicing the twelfth level.”

“Who is the strongest one?”

“Not coincidentally, it’s that Miss Miff just now, she’s the strongest of all those who have practiced the twelfth level, she has Shi Haoxiang’s guidance, of course others can’t compare to her.”

omi said, “Very well, I want to make this bull girl, defeat Mei Fu in minutes, and beat her to the point of not being able to fight back.”

At that moment, a woman with horns came out and asked, “What are you guys chattering at the entrance of my cave?Can I help you?I happen to have time now.”

This Ox Clan woman, who was quite kind-hearted, thought that omi and Ah Shan were here to consult her.

Ah Shan smiled, “Miss Zilbell, you misunderstood, we are not here to consult you, instead, this is my big brother, he is here to guide you.”

Err, to instruct me?Who is he?”That Ox Clan woman looked at omi.

omi said, “You’re Purple Bell, aren’t you, do you want to defeat Maeve?”

“Of course I want to, but it’s not realistic at the moment, I’ve only just trained to the twelfth level of the Shura Divine Blade, that Miff is extremely talented and immortal destined, I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch up, and she has Shi Haoxiang to guide her.Shi Haoxiang is the most talented person here, the dream lover of all the girls in our Upper Immortal Middle Class.”

omi smiled, “Including you?”

Zi Ling was embarrassed, “Unfortunately, he may not be interested in me.”

“It seems that you also worship Shi Haoxiang.”

“Hehe, who doesn’t worship the strong.”

omi said, “Very well, Miss Purple Bell, I will let you defeat Miff, and, also, I will let you defeat Shi Haoxiang, which is but a very easy task for me.You now, in front of me, rehearse all twelve levels of the Shura Divine Blade, and I’ll see where you fall short in practice.”

“Ah, are you playing for real?”

“Hurry up.”


Zi Ling hesitated for a moment, then really practiced.

A few minutes later, omi was practicing the twelfth level of the Shura Divine Blade again.

omi nodded, “It’s not bad, but there are many things that need to be corrected, so now I’ll guide you one by one.”

“Come, let’s go to a crowded place.”

“Why are we going to a crowded place to guide?”

“It’s for everyone to see ah, and for Maeve to see ah, and after that, I need you to challenge Maeve and beat her to the punch in public.”

“Er.”Violet Bell seemed to find it hard to believe.

So, omi came to one of the most obvious places in the valley, and almost everyone could see omi instructing Violet Bell in practicing the Shura Divine Blade as soon as they exited the cave.

Right now, at a certain cave.

Mei Fu shouted from the mouth of the cave, “Brother Howe, may I come in?”

“Come on in.”

Maeve walked into the cave and smiled hehehe, “Brother Howe, it looks like you’ve improved again.”

“Not bad, after all, I’ve practiced to the thirteenth level, how could I have improved so fast.”

“Brother Howe, I’ll tell you a joke.”

“Uh, what.”

“A neurotic just came to the entrance of my cave and told me that he wanted to instruct me, do you think it’s funny.”

“Which psychopath?Male or female?”

“Male, quite handsome.”

“Hmph, rubbish, it looked like he was trying to pick you up.”

“Yeah, Ho, I exposed him in public, and he was sly, then he left.”

“It’s sad how there’s so much trash in the world.”

“Hehe, Brother Howe, we’ve been coming to the Immortal Academy for a long time, right?”


“Brother Howe, then you’re really not lonely by yourself?”

That Shiho-hyang immediately said, “Miff, what are you trying to say?”

“Howie, we grew up together, you know my heart.”

“Maeve, why are you saying such things again, in my heart, I only consider you as my sister.”

“Shi Hao Xiang, am I really inferior to Su Xiao Qiao?”That Miff’s eyes glistened with tears as she asked.

“Maeve, come on, it’s not Sukiyaki.”

“It’s her, I don’t understand where I’m worse than her.”

“Maeve, I’m really not good enough for you.”

“No, you’re perfect in my mind, undefeated forever, there’s no one better than you, I want you, I want you, I want you.”Maeve yelled full of capriciousness.


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