King of kings 2175


A few minutes later, omi practiced again at the twelfth level of the Shura Divine Blade.

Only an hour ago, omi had practiced to the ninth level.

omi himself could hardly believe it.

This was the rhythm of domination.

Not long after, Maeve cried and walked out of Shi Haoxiang’s cave, and immediately saw a prominent place in front of her, where omi was instructing Purple Bell.

Mei Fu immediately wiped her tears and shouted, “Brother Howe, come out and see.”

Not long after that Shi Hao Xiang came out.

“Mei Fu, what kind of trick are you trying to play again, I’ve told you, I only treat you as my sister.”

Maeve said, “That’s not what I’m talking to you about right now, look over there.”

Shi Haoxiang looked up and said, “Uh, who is that?I can’t believe you’re mentoring that cow at Wisteria, could it be that whoever is trying to pick up that cow?Holy sh*t, what strong tastes.”

Maeve said, “Ho, he’s the psycho I was just telling you about who wants to mentor me.” Remember the website

“What? It’s him.”

“Let’s go, go up and have a look.”

So, Shi Haoxiang immediately flew slowly towards omi’s side, and on the way, Shi Haoxiang deliberately fiddled with his long, flowing hair.

“Wow, my man-god.”Suddenly, the girls on both sides of the valley who happened to see him were stirred up by Shi Haoxiang’s handsome movements in the spring, and at this moment, Shi Haoxiang was the most handsome man in the whole world.Even Maeve, who was following behind him, said inwardly, “I think, there really can’t find a more perfect man in the world than Howe, Su Xiao Qiao, you’re really blind, my Howe is so handsome, and you don’t even like him.”

Shi Haohang very much enjoyed the many glittering nymphomaniac eyes.

At this moment, Zi Ling, who heard the commotion, was also busy stopping her sword practice and looked at Shi Haoxiang.

Zi Ling excitedly said, “He’s coming, he’s coming.”

omi rolled his eyes and said, “Who’s here.”

“God of Men, God of Men, he’s flying towards me, wow, is this for real?I’m not dreaming, am I?Why is he flying towards me?Is it him, he’s interested in me, no, I have to go dress up first.”Zi Ling was a little abnormal with excitement.

omi looked over to the sky, only to see a man who looked really floating and dashing, flying in Xu, he had silver hair that was floating in flight, the clothes he was wearing were also very classy, and his face was surprisingly not bad looking either.

omi snorted, “Could it be that this is Shi Haoxiang?The male god of all the girls here?”

“Mmmmmmm, omi, help me see if this hair of mine is messy now, and if the clothes on my body are neat or not, hurry up ah, wait, he’s flying here.”Zi Ling was busy asking omi.

omi was speechless and said in his heart: saw off those two horns of yours first.

In a short while, Shi Haoxiang flew to a short distance in front of omi.

Shi Haoxiang was worthy of wearing an aura right out of the gate, but at the moment many people were standing at the cave entrances on both sides of the valley, watching.

Shi Haoxiang came up and said to omi, “You’re a newcomer, aren’t you?Haven’t seen you before.”

“Yeah, new here,”omi said.

Shi Haoxiang looked at Zi Ling and smiled, “I heard that you want to mentor my cousin.”

“Who do you mean by that?”

Maeve behind Shiho-hyang shouted, “Listen up, my name is Maeve.”

“Oh, you’re Shitty Good Scent’s cousin.”

“Well, now you dare to guide me?”Maeve snorted.


sp; omi said, “It’s no longer a question of whether I dare or dare not, but whether I’m willing.Have you seen this Miss Zilbell?She’s just been mentored by me for half an hour, and I think she’s surpassing you now.”

“Ridiculous, just this heifer trying to surpass me.”

“It’s already surpassed, if you don’t believe me, go through a couple of moves with her and see.”

Shi Haoxiang said, “Mei Fu, let’s try then, let this neuropathy see, how can a cousin under my guidance be coveted by a mangy toad like him.”

“Good.”Mei Fu flew up and took out a short knife and said, “Zilbell, then let me see what you can do.”

omi said to Purple Bell, “I’ve just pointed out all the shortcomings of your moves, so now you follow my instructions and fight her.”

“Oh, good.”Purple Bell was not very confident inside.

“Hmph.”Miff was the first to strike.

Violet Bell saw her strike, using a move called Qi like a sea of clouds, and Violet Bell immediately responded with Miles of Galaxy.

After a rumbling exchange of blows, Purple Bell didn’t have the upper hand.

Mi Fu looked shocked, and Purple Bell was incredible, she was no match for her before.

However, omi was disappointed that she didn’t win and only fought a draw, it seemed that Purple Bell’s comprehension still needed to be refined.

However, it was only the first move now.

“Look at the knife.”Miff immediately used the second move to rush up.

omi immediately sent a message to Purple Bell, “Use the Flower Sea as Force move to attack her Heavenly Spirit Space.”

As soon as Zi Ling heard it, she did as she was told.

In the next second, there was a delicate cry of pain, only to see the sleeve of one of Mei Fu’s arms being cut off, almost removing the arm.

“This.”Zi Ling was shocked, omi casually reminded her and won in seconds, it seemed that omi was really very powerful.If omi hadn’t reminded her, Zi Ling definitely wouldn’t have known where best to attack or which move to use.

When Shi Haoxiang saw her cousin lose, the expression on her face was ugly and somewhat unbelievable.

omi said, “See, the Purple Bell I instructed has already defeated Miff.Fellow Shi Haoxiang, seeing your mentoring cousin, it’s very bad.”

Shi Haoxiang’s face was ugly, and his gaze was chilly.

Mei Fu immediately said, “Neuropathy, don’t insult me Brother Howe, I’m the one who didn’t practice well.”

“Really? Then I don’t know if Shi Haoxiang, would you like to have a fight with me.”omi said.

“Why over a trick?”Maeve was puzzled.

“Hahaha, because, there’s no second move, after one move, Shi Haoxiang loses, so, have a move.”

When Shi Haoxiang heard that, he said angrily, “Mouths full, I’d like to learn how to do it.”

omi smiled, “Mutual, I also want to see if you’re a hit-and-miss embroidered pillow, I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

“Look at the knife.”Shi Haoxiang Ton slaughtered omi with a knife, this knife seemed to slash randomly, but actually carried a very strong technique and power, blocking all the retreat paths of omi up and down, this move, if the fire is not there, it is simply impossible to display, this Shi Haoxiang was able to make this move, it does show that there are two tricks.

However, omi’s expression was very subtle at the moment.

omi said inwardly, “This move is good, it should be one of the moves of the thirteenth level of the Shura Divine Blade, although I haven’t practiced the thirteenth level of the Shura Divine Blade yet, but I can see that this move isn’t so easy to perform.It’s just that Shi Haoxiang should not have enough fire, and despite performing this move, there are unfortunately many loopholes.


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