King of kings 2178


A few days later, omi arrived at the Immortal Pillar Department.

The Immortan Department was different from the War God Department.

The War God Department was just a valley, everyone practiced the four air tearing arts by themselves, and no houses could be seen at all.

But the Xian Dan Department was the complete opposite, the Xian Dan Department was like a classical school, there were many classes in it, each class had about thirty to forty people, and each class had a Xian Dan Tutor, and the Xian Dan Tutor would come almost every day.Explaining theory, practical exercises, and also, various examinations, it was completely like a standard school model.

omi walked inside the campus of the Xiantian Department, not knowing how to cut in, would he be found out that he was not enrolled in the Xiantian Department and be kicked out.

“Hey, that student, what are you doing?”Just as omi wandered down the campus path, looking around, a loud shout came from behind him.

omi was busy turning back, not knowing who it was.

“Uh, calling me?”

“Crap, what are you wandering around here during class time.”The man yelled, he was supposed to be a teacher in the Xiantian department.

“Me, me.”

“Me what me, which house and class are you from?” Remember the URL

omi said, “I’m an alchemist, just arrived.”

“Just arrived?”


“Then why are you just reporting in now.”

“I, I don’t know ah, no one took me in, so I just searched and searched before I found the location of the Xiantian Department.”omi said, having to try to pretend that he had just been admitted.

Fortunately, half a month ago, the Immortal Academy opened and admitted a group of people, but everyone had reported to the various departments five days ago, so omi wasn’t too suspected when he said that he was new now.

“So that’s how it is, alright, I’m the administrative tutor of the Xiantian Department.”

“Oh, hello tutor.”

“Since you’re new here, let me ask you, what House did you choose?”


“What’s your current level of Xian Dan?”

“Oh, this one, Class 4-2.”

“Then you’ll go to Xanadu Class IV-2.”

“I can’t find it.”

“Alright, come with me.”

“Thank you, Mentor.”

A few minutes later, omi was taken by that administrative tutor to the outside of a classical classroom where the students were currently in class.

“You go in.”

“Good.”omi walked into the classroom, and everyone looked at omi.

The administrative tutor to the Xian Dan teacher who was teaching the class, “Tutor Gutta, this is a newcomer, you arrange the seats.”

“Okay, okay.”The teacher who was teaching the class nodded his head in succession.

After that, the administrative tutor turned around and left.

Teacher Gupta said to omi, “You, why are you reporting to us now.”

omi said, “I don’t know ah, it took me half a day to find the Xian Dan Department.”

“Didn’t anyone bring you here?”

“Yeah, but halfway through the strip, the guy said he wanted to take a sh*t, and I ended up wandering off by myself, and then I got separated.”

“Huh.”The class looked disgusted when they saw how vulgar omi was.

Teacher Gutta also frowned, “Where did you come from, why are you talking so vulgarly, do you know civilized language.”

“Uh, you can’t even say sh*t.”

“Alright, you can take that empty seat at the end of the class.”

r /> “Thank you, Gutta-sensei.”

omi came to the seat at the end of the class and sat down, having just come from a ditch and all a bit out of place.

Teacher Gutta continued the lesson, and omi listened attentively, indeed the theoretical level sounded very rich.

After listening for an hour, Teacher Gutta stood up and said, “Alright, Master leads the door, practice is in the individual, today’s content is over, below, let’s do a finish, Teacher Gutta waved his hand, a test paper flew out from his sleeve and flew in front of each student with accuracy.

“Test time, three hours, let’s begin.”After saying that, Teacher Gutta waved his hand again and set a restraint for each student, each student felt like they were in a separate small space and couldn’t peek at anyone else.This anti-cheating tactic was really clever, anyone who made any cheating moves would immediately be discovered.

omi took a look at the test paper and cursed, “Damn, insulting my intelligence, so simple.”

omi brushed it off and answered quickly.

In less than two hours, omi finished answering them all.

“There’s still an hour to go before it’s over, it’s so boring, check again?I’m not in that mood, I can already secure a perfect score, no matter how much I check, I can’t score 101.”

omi resolutely put away the test papers and then dozed off on the table, it seemed like he hadn’t even slept since entering the Immortal Academy, and certainly hadn’t eaten.

An hour passed quickly, as soon as Gutta-sensei put it away, everyone’s restraints disappeared.

“Alright, time’s up, everyone stop.”

But still, there were still people who were taking the last minute to answer.

It was then that Teacher Gutta saw a student sleeping.

“What? There’s actually someone still sleeping, huh, what a child.”

Everyone suddenly looked towards omi, and had a moment of contempt, definitely can’t test before sleeping.

With a wave of her hand, the test papers in front of all the students flew up into the air and flew towards the podium, where they ended up in an automatic stack on the podium.

“Alright, today’s lesson is over, everyone, class is over.”

After class was over, omi asked a boy next to him, “Hello, may I ask if there’s anything I need to pay attention to in the Xiantian Department?I just got here, tell me for me.”

“Why should I tell you, who do you think you are?A person who can even sleep through exams is not worthy of talking to me.”The boy had an extremely proud look on his face, and without looking at omi, he got up and walked away.

“Damn.”omi was incomparably depressed and stroked his head.

omi’s eyes swept over the entire class of four and two, almost thirty students.

omi stood up and shouted, “Everyone.”

Everyone looked at omi, not knowing what this newcomer wanted to do.

omi said, “Everyone, our class, do we have a class bully.”

“Class bully?”

“What does he want?”

“No banjo, what?”One person said.

omi smiled, “That’s good, from today onwards, I, am the class bully of this class, all of you, you have to listen to my management, if you don’t listen, beat, do you hear me?”

“Haha, are you here to be funny?”

“No, I’m here to dominate, now, I’m upset with someone and I want to beat him up.”

After saying that, omi hung the one who walked to the door, the dragging student up with him, and beat him up.

omi found out that the students of the Xian Dan Department, the strength are so low, omi is embarrassed to bully people here, but there are some people, do not give him a look, do not know the height of heaven and earth is thick.


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