King of kings 2179



“How dare you assault a classmate.”

“Hahaha, a fight is a fight, how about it, if you have the guts to come and fight with me, no matter if it’s literary or martial, I’ll accompany you, also, I want to tell you all, that test paper just now, it’s very simple, if anyone here thinks that they got a perfect score, they can come up and be equal to me, if not, just obey my management properly.”omi said full of pride.omi was probably suffocating.

“Hmph, what a rampage.”

“You’ve only just arrived, and you’ve only even heard one of your own full marks in class, what arrogance.”

omi said, “Everyone remember, this class bully, doesn’t just mean force, but also strength, as long as anyone thinks he or she has surpassed me in Xian Dan level, he or she can be my equal, alright, everyone sit down in your seats first, I’m going to have a meeting.”

“Class is over now, what’s the point of sitting down.”

omi said, “Haven’t I made myself clear?I’m having a meeting, so please go back to your seats.”

“Why should I listen to you.”

“Because I’m the class bully, and I’m going to count to three, and whoever hasn’t sat down yet, hit, one, two, three.”

After three counts, almost half the people haven’t sat down. One second to remember to read the book

omi waved his hand and more than ten invisible palm prints flew out.

“Slap slap.”The ten or so students who hadn’t sat down were slapped.

“I’ll count to three again, those who haven’t sat down to listen to my meeting, hit again, one, two, three.”

This time, there were only seven or eight people who still looked like they were arrogant.

omi rushed up and beat them up one by one, and then forcefully pushed them down on their seats, but of course, those few were already beaten and didn’t have the strength to sit up.

At this moment, all the students were feeling stupid.

Was this the f*cking Xian Dan Department?When did a rascal come.

Everyone was thinking to themselves that they must report to the teacher later.

omi stood on the podium and smiled, “Thank you all for your cooperation, next, let’s meet.First of all, please applaud to welcome me, who has come to this class today and become a classmate with you all.”

After saying that, omi himself applauded as hard as he could, but no one else applauded.

omi said, “I’ll count to three, those who don’t applaud, hit.”

“Pah-pah.”The people below, only then did they reluctantly applaud.

“Hahaha.”omi laughed, “Maybe you all want to go report to your teachers, but I’m not afraid.”

Everyone looked at each other with anger and said, “You’ll know whether you’re dead or alive later.

omi looked towards the third row of the class, one of the most beautiful girls, and asked, “What’s your name?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Does your mother know that you’re so pretty?”

“Uh.”That girl didn’t react to what that meant.

omi smiled, “Pretty girl, don’t be too proud, otherwise, it’s easy for me to sleep with you.”

“You dare to insult me.”

“I’m the class bully who I’m afraid of.”

Everyone just quietly watched what omi wanted to do.

omi made a scene and got a little bored, none of them could fight, it felt boring for a martial artist to stay with a bunch of weak-mannered scholars.

omi waved his hand and said, “Just, let’s adjourn the meeting, one is a coward, boring.”


nbsp; Just then, one of the boys stood up and said, “Wait.”

omi’s eyes lit up and he smiled, “Finally one of them got up to resist, great.Say, what do you want?”

That boy grunted, “My name is Ying Xinghe, do you dare to compete with me, if you win against me, I will be convinced and call you Boss, if you lose, please leave the Xian Dan Department immediately, how about it?”

Don omi smiled, “Than what?”

“Comparing alchemy, we’re all in class 4-2, so let’s compare who has the higher potency of immortal pills.”

“Fine, let’s compare, that’s fun, hahaha.”

“I don’t know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, I can let you choose a Xian Dan that you’re good at.”The one called Ying Xinghe said.

omi said, “There’s nothing I’m not good at, all of them are equally good at, so it doesn’t matter.”

“How crazy, it’s surprisingly like that, so let’s ask the class leader for a question.”

“Who is the class leader.”

The beautiful woman who had just been called up by omi stood up and said, “I’m the class leader, okay, I’ll ask the question, listen up, I want each of you to concoct a Transfiguration Pill.”

“What is a Transfiguration Pill?”omi asked.

“You don’t even know about the Transfiguration Pill.”

“I’m sorry, I’m from the countryside, I don’t know, but I’m proud.”

“Hmph, slick talker.”That beautiful woman snorted indifferently at omi and said, “The Transmigration Pill, after taking it, it will make one enter a very focused state, this kind of pill is very suitable for people who practice spells, air tearing and so on, usually after taking the Transmigration Pill, after practicing spells and air tearing, the effect is doubled.Of course, improving Immortal Fate is not to mention, this is something that any Immortal Pill has.”

omi nodded, “I see, let’s compare it to this.”

omi said in his heart, he is the one practicing the Air Tearing Technique, the so-called Transfiguration, he should know better than all the people here who only know alchemy, after all, these people who only know alchemy, without personally experiencing that feeling of practicing saber technique, definitely not as refined as omi experienced.

The beautiful squad leader said, “Materials each prepared, time, half an hour, if there are no materials, count it as a loss.”

The one called Ying Xinghe, who obviously had many materials on him, immediately took out a few Immortal Grasses as well as Immortal Crystals.

There were various kinds of Immortal Crystals as well, because the growth of Immortal Crystals were different, the most common Immortal Crystals were the ones that evolved from the ore prototype, there were also various kinds of flowers, birds and insects and fishes that evolved.

Right now, that Ying Xinghe, was using the Five Flower Insects Immortal Crystal, the Orchid Fish Immortal Crystal, plus eight or nine Immortal Grasses as the material for the divine Transmission Pill.

omi, on the other hand, was still thinking.

In fact, omi was at a bit of a disadvantage.

Because omi knew very little about immortal crystals, although he had over a thousand immortal coins on him, most of them were made from ore materials in their original form, and immortal coins of this material were of little use for alchemy.

As for the Immortal Grass, omi had very little on him, not many varieties of it.

“What materials should I use to refine the Transfiguration Pill?What materials are needed to train the Transfiguration Pill I need?”

omi had a big head.

And that Ying Xinghe, was already refining it.

Ying Xinghe saw that omi was still indifferent and despised it for a while.

omi said inwardly, “The Transmutation Pill is nothing more than a pill that allows one to concentrate more on practicing spells and air tearing techniques to achieve double the effect after taking it.According to my experience, in order to be more focused, one must close other consciousnesses and open only one type of mind, allowing all irrelevant distractions to be discarded.”


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