King of kings 2180


“In that case, I can use a lone immortal grass, I’ll add a kind of immortal coin, this kind of immortal coin is made from the ore immortal crystal, I don’t know what kind of ore this ore is, but I know it has the effect of paralyzing immortal thoughts a little bit, immortal thoughts are also a kind of distractions, I know as someone who practices swords a lot, actually immortal thoughts also affect one’s concentration.It must be removed, then what?Just these two?No, I have to add something more.Let’s see, what else I practice with my sword, this is the kind of thing they can’t even learn in books from these Xiantian masters.”

omi thought about it for a long time and finally remembered that it was a Qi.

If this qi was lacking within when practicing a certain type of sword technique, it was obviously too influential.

This qi could also be called ‘confidence’ or ‘faith’.

omi suddenly added a type of immortal grass, called the Falling Heart Grass.

Just like that, omi thought of his materials, lone immortal grass, some kind of immortal coin, and falling heart grass, just these three kinds.

Moreover, omi’s dosage of all three kinds was fierce.

Fierce and specialized.

omi opened his eyes and was ready to start refining.

At that moment, that Ying Xinghe hummed, “I thought you just didn’t get enough sleep in class and fell asleep again, I’ve been refining for ten minutes, are you finally willing to wake up.”

“Hahaha.”The onlookers laughed in shame. The first website

The beautiful squad leader said, “There’s only six minutes left, are you sure you can finish refining?”

omi was shocked, “No way, the time passed so fast.”

Ying Xinghe said, “Not so fast, you can still get some more sleep.”

“Hahaha.”Everyone burst out laughing again, that one was Ying Xinghe looking like he was ready to see a joke, of course, the whole class was the same at the moment.

“Pah.”omi slapped over, flashing Ying Xinghe to the ground.


omi said, “What are you having fun?Did you get the results of the contest?Did you win?Shit, if you keep jabbering, I don’t believe I’ll unload you.”

Ying Xinghe was angry and furious.

The beautiful squad leader said, “There are only five minutes left.”

omi grunted and immediately started refining.

Fortunately, omi had few ingredients, only three kinds, and two of them were immortal grasses, the part of removing impurities and extracting the essence was quick.

After removing the impurities from the two types of immortal grasses, omi immediately took out three immortal coins.

Everyone was a bit surprised to see omi actually take out immortal coins.

“What is he doing?Could it be that he wants to use this ordinary ore fairy coin?”

“He’s crazy, these fairy coins might be poisonous.”

omi spent two minutes removing and extracting the fairy coins.

There was only about two minutes left.

omi quickly fused and refined the previously extracted immortal grass essence and the immortal coin essence, in fact, starting now was the key, whether or not it could become an immortal pill depended on this step.

omi seemed as if he was very skilled, and it only took a minute and a half for the fusion and refining to be completed.

“Alright, my Transfiguration Pill is also finished.”omi said as he held up the celestial pellet in his palm.

Everyone suddenly looked at the Immortal Pill in omi’s palm, somewhat suspicious.

The beautiful squad leader said, “It’s well known that the color of the Transmutation Pill is cognac, but this Transmutation Pill of yours is black, are you sure you didn’t refine it wrong?”

“Who stipulated that the color of the Transfiguration Pill must be the same.”

“This is not a rule by anyone, but a consensus, although the materials are different, but the main materials are almost similar, only some auxiliary materials and refining techniques and other differences, the main materials are similar, then the color of the finished pill

The colors are hardly all that different.You, on the other hand, seem to have too much difference.”

That Ying Xinghe said, “He just used three types of materials, and there are more than three main materials for the Transfiguration Pill, I ten thousand doubts that his Transfiguration Pill is not right at all.”

The beautiful squad leader asked, “What are the three kinds of materials you just used?”

omi snorted, “Trying to trap my prescription, think nothing of it.”

“Ridiculous, who is interested in trapping your prescription, alright, I don’t care what you do now, use the truth.”

omi said, “Totally agree, look at the colors, what a foolish thing to say.”

“You.”Ying Xinghe and the beautiful squad leader were both depressed for a while.

At this time, the beautiful class president took two Transmutation Pills and came to a fairy stone at the front of the classroom, pressed her hand on the fairy stone, inputted her thoughts, and her thoughts were the Transmutation Pills, then put Ying Xinghe’s Transmutation Pills first into a small hole in that fairy stone.

A few seconds later, a point on that piece of immortal stone emitted light.

The light shone far away, about twenty-eight or twenty-nine meters.

However, the beautiful squad leader didn’t measure the length of the light, but looked at the number displayed on top of the immortal stone and said, “Ying Xinghe’s Transfiguration Pill, the potency value is 27.9.”

“Yay.”Ying Xinghe immediately yelled, seemingly feeling quite satisfied.

omi said, “Yay you sister, making it seem like you won.”

Ying Xinghe said, “Do you know that even if Teacher Gutta refines the Transmutation Pill, apart from the different quality, the potency will not be much higher than mine, because, the highest potency of the Transmutation Pill is only 29. I’ve almost reached the highest potency, while you, even the color is much worse, and the materials are completely incorrect, you will definitely lose.”

omi didn’t bother to pay attention to him, his eyes looking at the beautiful class leader.

The beautiful squad leader put omi’s immortal stone into the testing port.

The immortal stone lit up, emitting a radiant light, and the eyes could tell that it was much brighter than Ying Xinghe’s just now.

“Ah.”The beautiful squad leader was shocked when she saw the numbers displayed on top of the immortal stone.

“This, how is this possible, the highest potency value of the Transfiguration Pill is only 29, how can his Immortal Pill have a potency value as high as 46?”

omi let out a loud laugh, “Everyone, as long as your eyes aren’t blind, you should have seen that my Transmutation Pill has an efficacy value of 46.As we all know, the higher the potency value, it means that the more right it is, it’s like looking at a disease and catching medicine, the more right it is of course, the higher the potency and the greater the effect.”

Ying Xinghe yelled, “This is impossible, it must be a broken Immortal Pill Detector, the highest value of the Transmutation Pill is only 29.”

omi laughed, “It’s not the detector that’s broken, it’s your brain that’s broken.Our Transfiguration Pill has completely different materials, but of course, your so-called highest value doesn’t represent mine at all.If I’m not mistaken, currently on the market, the mainstream Transfiguration Pill, the recipe is similar to this pig’s head, so the highest effectiveness of the mainstream Transfiguration Pill is only 29, the pig’s head is the pig’s head, don’t think about switching to other more right materials, and still say that the detector is broken.”

The beautiful class leader said, “I declare that he, won, Ying Xinghe, lost.”

“I’m not convinced.”Ying Xinghe yelled.

The beautiful class leader said, “Ying Xinghe, his materials are completely different from yours, and he must be refining this dan for the first time, completely figuring out what materials to use on his own, while we, all of us, practice according to the recipe taught in the book and by the tutor.I can only say that what the book and the tutor taught are all rather backward formulas, needless to say you, even I’m not as good as myself, and he doesn’t even know this dan recipe from our tutor.”After saying that, the beautiful squad leader bowed to omi and called out, “Boss.”

“Ah.”Everyone in the class was shocked.

The minister laughed at Tang Zi and said, “Ying Xinghe you still don’t call him boss.”

Ying Xinghe looked extremely ugly, not expecting that omi himself would come up with the Danish formula, even their tutor might not have thought of it.


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