King of kings 2181

Chapter 2181

“You’re good, I’ll take your word for it.Boss.”Ying Xinghe shouted very quietly.



After hearing Ying Xinghe call boss, omi didn’t look at him anymore.

omi said, “Excuse me, is there a library or something like that here?”

“Of course I have, but what do you want?”That beautiful squad leader said.

omi said, “Can you tell me about it, I’d like to take a look.”

Ying Xinghe snorted, “Do you want to do your own research?”

“Is there something wrong?”

“It’s not that I’m mocking you, it’s impossible to learn an Immortal Pill above the fourth level without a tutor’s fine and repeated explanations.”

“Whether or not I can learn it on my own, that’s my business, who can take me to the library?” Remember the URL

That beautiful class president said, “I’ll take you there.”


“You’re welcome, come with me.”

omi followed the beautiful class leader.

After omi left, that Ying Xinghe was busy saying, “Everyone, let’s all go find our mentor, that newcomer just now is simply a rogue, let’s find our mentor and fire him.”

“Okay, let’s go find Mentor Gutta.”

With that, a group of students, went straight to Mentor Gupta’s office.

“What are you guys doing?”Gupta tutor saw so many students coming to him and was busy asking, at the moment Gupta teacher was grading the papers and just finished changing them.

“Gupta-sensei, we have something to report to you.”

“What is it.”

“About a man who called himself king in class 4-2, and also, he beat up seven or eight people in our class so badly that they couldn’t stand up.”Saying that, a few students helped the ones who were beaten by omi up.

“What? How dare you be so rude in my class.”Instructor Gutta was furious and roared, “I don’t care who this person is, I don’t want to know his name either, I must expel him, you guys go tell him that he won’t come to class tomorrow.”

Ying Xinghe and the others were overjoyed, they were busy saying, “Teacher Gutta is so wise, we will definitely relay this to him.”

“Haha, this scum is finally leaving.”

Teacher Gutta said, “Alright, this matter is decided, you guys don’t bother me anymore.”

“Okay, goodbye teacher.”

A few seconds later, Teacher Gutta suddenly said, “By the way, you guys go get someone named omi for me.”

“omi?Who is Don omi?”No one knew what his name was yet, since Don omi hadn’t introduced himself yet.

“What, don’t we have this person in our class?Then why does his test paper say omi.”

One of the students said, “Could it be which one just came today?”

Mentor Gupta wanted to laugh, “That must be him, huh, go get him for me, I want to invite him to tea.”

“Ugh!”Ying Xinghe and the others were startled there.

“What?What are you waiting for, go and call that newcomer.”

One of the students asked, “Mr. Gupta, why did you call him here and invite him for tea.”

“Haha, this kid, I really misjudged him, I thought he slept in the exam because he couldn’t take it, but I didn’t expect it to be because he had already finished the exam.That’s fine, he still scored a perfect score, hahaha, I’ve been teaching for so many years, but I’ve never seen a theory that can score a perfect score.This person must be a very powerful Immortal Pill Master in the future, Teacher, I want to be friends with him in advance.Go quickly, call him here.


“Go ahead.”

“Gutta-sensei, to tell you the truth, the one we reported to you, the one who assaulted a fellow student and got expelled from your class, is the new one.”

“What.”Gutta-sensei was taken aback, this?What should be done.

Ying Xinghe asked, “Teacher Gutta, I think, this kind of person with a problematic character, even if he is outstanding, he can’t stay in the Immortal Academy ah, I hope Teacher Gutta will think twice.”

Teacher Gutta smiled and said, “No need to think about it, I won’t expel omi.”

“Gutta-sensei, you just said that.”

“What I just said doesn’t count, what I’m saying now only counts, what’s wrong with omi hitting someone, it must be because he’s in a bad mood, if he was in a good mood, he definitely wouldn’t have hit someone, so it’s not his fault that omi hit someone, it’s his mood that’s to blame.”

“Teacher Gutta, you.”Ying Xinghe and a group of other students were all stupid, how dare Teacher Gutta say something so biased towards omi, that it wasn’t his fault to hit him, the fault was his bad mood.

“Alright, you guys can leave now.”

Ying Xinghe and the others depressedly left, Ying Xinghe cursed in his heart, “A perfect score on the exam is amazing.”

At this moment, omi and the beautiful class were on their way to the library.

“What’s your name?”The beautiful squad leader asked omi.

“omi, what about you!”


“Oh, Cloud, how did you get to be class president?”

“Because I’m in the class, the one with the highest score in every exam, alchemy practice is the highest level as well.”

omi smiled, “From today onwards, this is all part of your past history, with me here, first is insulated from you from now on.”

“Hmph, you’re too crazy, it’s just that you won against Ying Xinghe.”Yun Duo said unconvinced.

omi said, “Just winning?Can you come up with a recipe for that Transfiguration Pill of mine that’s more potent than mine?”

“That only means that you happen to be very perceptive to Transfiguration Pills, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy for you to refine all of them.Besides, there are other aspects.”

“Alright, I’m not going to bother discussing it with you.”

Quickly, we arrived at the library.

The beautiful squad leader said, “There aren’t many books here, but they’re all essentials, all handed down from the Heavenly Realm, with many master’s notes and so on.However, the notes are something that is difficult to understand if you are not the person yourself, and I’m afraid it’s not enough if you want to raise your Xiantian level just by reading the books, you still have to be practical and take it step by step.Our Gutta teacher, who explains in detail every day, is the most rewarding.”

omi said, “Thank you for bringing me to the library, well, I’m booked, you go busy with your work.”

“Don’t know a good heart.”The beautiful squad leader finished humming and walked away.

omi immediately flipped through the books in the library.

omi flipped and flipped and suddenly found a book that made him feel really great.

That book was called “Xuan Daojun’s Immortal Pill Companion Book”.

The first sentence in the beginning was: “I am Xuan Daojun, a disciple of Supreme Lord Laozi, an eighteenth disciple of Supreme Lord Laozi.It would be a great honor for me to be able to help my descendants.

Although omi didn’t know who the Xuan Dao Monarch was, let alone who the Supreme Old Lord was, omi felt that it should be someone very awesome.

Moreover, this Xuan Daojun’s accompanying book had the highest recorded Immortal Pill level, reaching level seven.

It was also the one with the highest record in this collection, and most of the rest of the books had no higher record at around level six.


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