King of kings 2182


Thus, omi immediately selected this book as his self-study object.

Just like before, omi used Master Green King’s notes as his self-study object.

When omi had read the Green King’s notes before, omi had mastered a method of substituting himself completely into it, as if it was his own notes, like a memory, so that he could quickly learn the level of the Immortal Pill in it.

However, this kind of substitution would not be possible without a truly great genius.

Spring and autumn came and went, and omi himself did not know how long it had been.

When omi opened his eyes again, he already had a layer of dust on him.

omi exhaled deeply.

“I’ve finished reading all of Xuan Daojun’s accompanying journals.”

“I guess I’m now at the seventh level of the Xuan Dan level, phew.”omi exhaled a breath and stood up.

omi’s body shook, and the dust on his body was gone.

omi walked out of the library, not knowing what year this evening was. One second to remember to read the book

omi went back to that previous class of four and two, and that class of four and two was also in class at the moment.

However, omi found that there were no acquaintances here anymore, and of course, the teacher in class was still that Gutta teacher, but the students were no longer the same ones from before.

When Teacher Gutta saw omi, he smiled slightly, “You’re out of the gate.”

omi was busy asking, “Teacher Gutta, how come all the students in class 4-2 have changed?”

Teacher Gupta smiled, “omi, you really are one of the most special students I’ve ever had, but of course, you’ve only listened to half of my lectures, so you’re not exactly my student.By the way, this is your test paper from back then, after all these years, it’s time to send it to you.”After saying that, Teacher Gutta waved his hand and a paper flew towards omi.

omi took it in his hand and held it in his hand, and on the top of the paper was written, “100 points.”

This test paper was exactly what omi took on the day he first entered this class.

“Thank you, Mr. Gutta.”omi smiled, this test paper, it looked a little yellow, indicating that, this test paper had not existed for a short period of time.

omi asked, “Dare I ask Gutta-sensei, where are the students from this class in the first place?Like, the beautiful class president, Cloud, and the Yingxing River and all that.”

Mr. Gupta said, “You seriously don’t know how many years you’ve been in the library?”

“I really don’t know.”

Mr. Gupta admired, “That’s admirable, it means you are completely immersed in it, it’s the highest level of reading.”

“Oh, thank you, and I hope to inform you.”

Gupta-sensei said, “You have been in the library, for a million years.”

“Sh, what?”omi was taken aback, a million years?Oh my, this cauliflower has gone cold.

“Yes, it’s been a whole million years, and the students who were in the same class as you have long since risen to a higher class.For example, that Cloud, she’s currently in Class 51, and she’s also the one who was the most powerful in that class, rising to the highest one currently, the rest of them, mostly between Classes 4-5 and 4-8.”

“Oh, so.”

The so-called class four-five was the class with the fifth level of quality of a fourth level Immortal Master, and class four-eight was similar.Class fifty-one, as well.

In other words, that cloud, in the span of a hundred years, went from being a fourth-grade, second-layer quality Immortal Dane to a fifth-grade, first-layer quality Immortal Dane.

Teacher Gutta asked, “omi, I wonder what you’ve gained from spending a million years in the library?”

omi smiled, “The harvest is fine, I think I’m already considered a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master.”

“What? Seventh rank, tsk tsk.”Teacher Gutta exclaimed for a moment.

“Er, marvel at what.”

Teacher Gutta smiled, “Truth be told, old man is also a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master.”

“Oh yeah, so Teacher is also a seventh level, I wonder what level of seventh level Teacher is?”

“Seventh level and zero levels, what about you?”

“I should have seven levels and three tiers.”

“Wow, omi, please accept senior’s worship.”Teacher Gutta panicked and got up to pay his respects.

“Teacher, make no mistake, the thunder god will strike me.”

“Hahaha, omi, the Da is my teacher, you have already surpassed me in the realm of Immortal Pill, and are already my senior.Come, come, let me introduce you for my current student.”Teacher Gutta pulled omi into the class.

omi stood on the podium as a group of students below looked at omi.

Teacher Gutta said to the class, “Everyone, a million years ago, this senior was sitting in the last row of this classroom, and a million years later, he is already a seventh level, third level Immortal Master.”

“Wow.”The entire class cast admiring glances at omi.

Teacher Gutta said, “This senior, his name is omi, a million years ago, he entered the Immortal Academy for the first time, he first came to my Class 4-2, he only listened to half of my class and then took a test paper, after that, he entered the library and studied the accompanying notes of the Xuan Dao Monarch on his own, he didn’t get out until today, but he’s a genius, he was able to become a seventh level Immortal Pill Master even if he studied completely on his own .You can see the talent.”

“Pah-pah.”The whole class applauded.

Teacher Gupta said, “Senior Tang, give these juniors a few words.”

omi reluctantly looked like this, in fact omi was a bit anxious when he learned that a million years had passed.This meant that he had been at the Academy of Immortality for as much as a million years, and he didn’t know how his family members in the Upper Fellows’ Yama Continent were doing.

omi said, “Then let me say a few words, everyone has come to Immortal Academy to learn Immortal Pill, and the main thing to learn Immortal Pill is one word, steady.Be steady.Second, have confidence, third, think openly, eyes cannot be too limited, the so-called heart is as big as the stage, if the stage inside you is small, how can you become a powerful Immortal Pill Master; fourth, diligence, hard work, perseverance.Alright, that’s my experience, I wish all of you will become a generation of Xian Dan masters soon.”

“Thank you, Senior Tang.”All the students saluted.

“You’re welcome, I’ll be leaving first then.”

As soon as omi left, Teacher Gutta chased him out and said, “Senior Tang, how about taking a seat in my office?”

It was good, omi thought, omi’s first time becoming a seventh-grade Immortal Master, to ask him something by the way.


Arriving at Gutta’s office, Tutor Gutta smiled, “Senior Tang, I really admire you, becoming a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master at such a young age.”

“Haha, you’re also rank seven.”

“It’s different, I’m already an old bone, there’s no possibility of advancing, while you, you still have great prospects in the future, even, if you continue to develop, it’s not impossible for you to travel to the Heaven Realm in the future.”

“Er, heading to the heavenly realm, huh, haven’t thought that far ahead.”

“With your talent, it’s definitely not far off.”


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