King of kings 2183


“Haha, is there any restriction in going to heaven?”

“Of course it is, it’s paradise, you think anyone can go to paradise.”

“That’s right.”

“Senior Tang, with your current level of Immortal Pill, you can already close the school, what are your next plans?”


“Yeah, normal students, the Academy of Immortality can only help you reach the sixth to seventh level, and further up in the seventh level, the Earth Immortal World is afraid that it will be difficult to find opportunities, and you’ve already met the conditions to close the school.”

“Oh, but I don’t want to close the school yet.”omi said in his heart, his big money-making plan hadn’t even started yet, and he didn’t expect that a trip to the Immortal Academy would be a pleasant surprise as he would quickly become a seventh-grade Immortal Master.

Next, omi still had to return to the Air Tearing Department, train the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Blade to at least 100 levels, and then earn a large amount of Immortal Coins, only after he had earned a large amount of Immortal Coins would it be time for him to graduate from the Immortal Academy.

Teacher Gutta laughed, “You don’t want to close the school?Do you want to be a teacher?That’s an idea.”

“Uh, being a mentor, huh?”omi didn’t think about it, he wouldn’t waste his time teaching others.

omi said, “By the way, what are the benefits of being a mentor?” First web site

“Of course there is, you can get a hundred cents for ten thousand years.”

“Wow, that’s not bad.”

“Do you think it’s such a good job, anyone can but appoint ah, I entered the Academy of Immortals back then, that was only after crossing five hurdles.”

omi asked, “Teacher Gutta, let me ask you a question, do you have a family?Or family?”

“No, exactly, there used to be, but then, the family waned, and gradually, there was no descendant to become an immortal, and soon there was no family, and now it’s alone.”

omi felt somewhat pathetic.

“Gutta-sensei, one question, what’s the point of a Xiantian making so many immortal coins?For example, you, for so many years, you must have saved a lot of immortal coins, I don’t think you have a great need for immortal coins if you don’t cultivate.Of course, if I were to become a teacher here as well, your present would be my future.”

In fact, omi was just trying to get out how many immortal coins this old man had saved today.

Of course, omi wasn’t trying to do a job, just curious.

Teacher Gutta sighed and said, “Senior Tang, you’ve really spoken to my heart, I’ve been teaching at the Academy of Immortals for over 300 million years.”

“Wow.”omi exclaimed.

“Although I myself have often used immortal coins to buy some materials, but still, there is still a lot left, I don’t have a family, I can’t spend it myself, so I can only save it, to this day, I am considered a millionaire.

“Wow, wouldn’t that be owning a million immortal coins.”omi was shocked, I didn’t expect that an old man would be an invisible millionaire ah.

“Oh.”Teacher Gutta smiled somewhat bitterly.

omi said, “Teacher Gutta, you own so many immortal coins, aren’t you afraid of being robbed?”

“This is the Academy of Immortality, who dares to rob me?Even if I really was robbed, as long as I go to file a complaint, the dean can help me get it back, because the Immortal Academy is the dean’s personal immortal residence, and the dean can tell who robbed it with a random immortal thought.Of course, if it’s outside, it’s hard to say.”


“omi, do you want to be a tutor?I can be your recommender if you want.”

“No, I don’t really want to spend my time on that.”

“Then you can’t learn anything more profound in the Xiantian department anymore, so if you don’t become a teacher and stay here

Li is also a waste of time.”

omi smiled, “Teacher Gutta, you don’t know me very well, and as things stand, I have a secret I want to tell you, and I hope you won’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll never tell.”

“Actually, when I originally entered the Academy of Immortality, I wasn’t accepted by the Department of Immortality, I was a student accepted by the Department of Air Tear.”


“I’m not only talented in Immortal Pill, I’m also incredibly talented in spells, Air Tearing, and even, a little stronger than in Immortal Pill.A million years ago, I was a little tired from practicing Air Tearing, so I came to Immortal Pill for a spin, and as a result, I accidentally became a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master.”

Teacher Gutta gave a thumbs up and praised, “That’s awesome, I don’t know what words to use to describe you anymore.”

“Haha, Gutta-sensei is too polite.”

Teacher Gutta smiled apologetically, “Your current Immortal Technique is above me, I can’t afford this teacher anymore, you’d better call me by my name, I’ll be called Gutta.”

omi said, “How can this be, one day as teacher, lifetime as father.”

“Where is this the truth.”

“It’s the truth from my hometown, the education I received since I was a child, teacher above, please accept the student’s worship.”

“Don’t, don’t, can’t make it ah, the old man really doesn’t dare to be your elder, if you really have to call me teacher, then why don’t you call me brother, it’s also considered an equal, so that my heart can bear it better.”Teacher Gupta said.

omi said, “This makes no sense, how can you be my brother, I’ll be struck by lightning, if teacher doesn’t mind, why don’t I call you master.”

“Don’t don’t, make it impossible.”

“Then I’ll call you Grandpa.”

“Don’t, don’t, that’s even more unacceptable.”

“O Teacher, you’re too modest.”omi didn’t know what was going on inside, he had to deepen his relationship with the old man, and wondered if he was thinking about someone’s millions.

“If you can afford me, just call me old brother.”

“Alright, old brother on top, please accept brother’s worship.”

“Oh, good, good, so I have another family member as well.By the way, I still don’t know where Tang Di is from, and who’s in the family.”

omi said, “I’m not hiding anything from old brother, but my hometown is actually in the Upper Fei Yan Continent.”

“Ah, from the Lower Four Continents.”


“Oh, Brother Tang is really outstanding, the Lower Four Continents can have geniuses like you.”

“What are you talking about, old brother, I’m just a fool.”

“Don’t be modest, Brother Tang.”

“Haha, old brother, since you and I call each other brothers today, how about a good drink.”

“Sure, just what my brother wants.”

On that day, omi and Gutta, drank heavily, and during the banquet, omi was extremely gentle, playing the role of his younger brother vividly.

I don’t know if omi was really so heroic when he was working so hard, or if he was hitting on someone’s millions again.

“Older brother, come younger brother today to worship big brother, very happy inside, come, cheers again.”omi lifted the bottle and said.

“Haha, old brother me too, cheers again, old brother I haven’t been so happy for a long time, hahaha.”

omi lifted the bottle and gulped it down, drinking so much.

Seeing him like this, it doesn’t seem like he’s quite hitting on someone’s million dollar family fortune ah.


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