King of kings 2184


Don omi and Gutta drank for three days.

They drank each other intoxicated and slept for three more days and nights in a row.

When omi opened his eyes, the sound of Gutta’s laughter could be heard in his ears, “Wake up, it’s good to be young, you’ve been able to sleep for so long, hahaha.”

“Older brother, how long have I been sleeping.”

“Three days and three nights.”

“Damn, I have to go.”omi scrambled to get up, don’t waste time here.

“Won’t you play anymore?”

“No, brother, I’ll see you later.”

“I’ll see you later.”

omi turned around and walked away.

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omi went farther and farther away and soon went several thousand meters away.

Gutta-sensei inwardly said, “Could it be that I’ve misinterpreted it?He befriended me not on the basis of my fairy coins?”

“Ugh, I can’t believe I thought so low of others, I’m so ashamed of omi, I really don’t deserve to be his brother, I despise myself.”

Teacher Gutta said to himself, at the moment he seemed to blame himself, he was beginning to think that someone as talented as omi was supposedly looking down on him at all, so it could be that omi was hitting on his fairy coins, but omi left without showing anything, it wasn’t like he was hitting on his fairy coins at all.

So, Gutta-sensei blamed himself for his own dirty thoughts.

“Brother Tang.”Gutta began to struggle forward to catch up.

omi was on his way out of the Xiantian Department when suddenly, Gutta’s shout came from thousands of meters behind him.

omi turned back in confusion.

Gutta caught up with him.

“Old brother, you?”

Gutta looked ashamed and said, “I’m sorry, Old Brother Tang, I must apologize to you, otherwise I feel uneasy, I feel, I really don’t deserve to be your old brother.”

“Old brother Gutta, what do you mean by this?”

“Older brother Tang, it was my caution, I was just beginning to wonder if you befriended me because I have millions of family money, I’m sorry, I thought your personality was low.”

omi was indeed a bit upset and smiled somewhat reluctantly, “Older brother really thought my personality was low.”


“Alright, it’s nothing important, it’s just a misunderstanding, I’ll leave first.”

Gutta saw that omi’s face was indeed unhappy and his tone had changed a bit, and he was suddenly anxious inside, knowing that omi should be a bit angry.

“Older brother Tang, wait.”

“What else do you want to say, old brother.”omi said a bit impatiently, saying in his heart, “Maby, I didn’t even think about the million dollar family fortune, but I thought to hit you with the idea of money, it’s really damn unpleasant.”

Gutta was reluctant, but seeing that omi was a bit angry, he had to endure the pain.

Gutta took out 10,000 immortal coins and said, “Brother Tang, this is a little bit of my brother’s heart, and I hope that Brother Tang will accept it.”

omi knew how many immortal coins with a glance of his eyes.

omi said, “What’s this for, old brother?You think I care about pennies?Older brother may not know, the four major Air Tearing Techniques of the Air Tearing Department, the Sun and Moon Divine Sword, the Shura Divine Saber, the Heaven and Earth Divine Hammer, and the Shooting Sun Divine Arrow, I know them all, I only need to go and instruct others, and I can earn nearly two thousand Xian coins in three days.Old brother, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“This.”Gutta didn’t expect that omi’s ability to earn immortal coins was so strong.

Gutta felt very guilty about his actions, so Gutta had no choice but to bite his teeth and take out 100,000 Xian coins, saying, “Old brother Tang, I was joking with you, this is a little bit of my brother’s gift, I hope that old brother Tang will accept it.”


; “Older brother, you are insulting my character ah, you are not testing me again.”

“Old brother Tang, I really wasn’t testing you, just take it, I’m already deeply embarrassed, if you don’t take it, it means you don’t forgive me.”

“Old brother, 100,000 Xian coins is not a lot, but I am Tang.”

“Older brother, you must be angry.”

“Ugh.”omi was a bit annoyed, but omi did feel a bit tempted by the 100,000 immortal coins.

“Older brother, think of it as a little gift from your brother.”

“It’s just a gift, I’ll take it.”

“Thank you, Old Brother Tang, I won’t bother you then, you go about your business, be sure to come find me when you have time.”

“Okay, goodbye.”

omi walked away.

omi was carrying 100,000 Xian coins on his body, feeling a bit strange.

omi could train all of these 100,000 immortal coins into immortal pills, and after taking them, there was no telling what realm he could rise to.

omi stopped and said inwardly, “I already have 100,000 Immortal Coins now, do I still need to instruct others to earn Immortal Coins?One hundred thousand immortal coins, even if I guide others, it will take quite a while to earn it.”

“One hundred thousand Xian coins, actually, it seems like quite a lot now, maybe when I get to the back, I’ll find that it’s actually not much, so I’d better earn as much as I can now that I have the chance, I won’t have that chance to earn Xian coins after I leave the Immortal Academy.”

Just at this moment, a shout came from the ground, “omi?”

omi looked down, but he saw an acquaintance on the ground.

omi immediately flew down.

“Yun Duo, hello, it’s been a million years, and you haven’t changed a bit.”

“omi, when did you come out of the Xiantian Department’s library?”

“A few days ago.”

“Wow, you’re so patient, by the way, how are you learning the Immortal Technique on your own now?”

“I’m already a seventh-ranked Xiantian.”

“What? Seventh-rank.”


“Wow, you’re too powerful.”

“Oh, okay, I heard that you’ve become a fifth-grade Immortal Pill Master too.”

“Compared to you, I don’t know how far behind I am, I may not be able to become a rank seven Immortal Pill Master in tens of millions of years, I really envy you.”

“One day you’ll become a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master too.”

“I hope so.”Yun Duo looked at omi, his eyes somewhat complicated.

“What are you doing here?”Don Zimmer asked.

“Don’t say it, it’s annoying.”

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

“There’s a guy who’s been stalking me and I’m just avoiding him right now, but I guess he’ll find me soon, causing me to be afraid to even go back to my class right now.That guy, by the way, is the most bossy person in the class I’m in now.”

“So, if people are sincere about you, why not give someone a chance.”

“Oh, no feelings, don’t you know that women can’t get along at all if they don’t have feelings.”

Just then, a voice came from the front, “It must be just ahead, go over and search.”

“Yes, brother.”

There was more than one person.

Yun Duo said, “Several people in the class are following him, forget it, you’d better hurry up and leave, but don’t get you into trouble, that person is quite strong, he’s already an Upper Immortal, and he’s quite talented in spells.I heard that he’s already had fifteen girlfriends at Immortal Academy, and broke up when he got tired of playing with them.”


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