King of kings 226-230


“Sealed Swordsman.”The boy came to Liao Gayuan and called.

Liao Jia Yuan was stunned, it had been a long time since he had heard someone call him God Sealing Swordsman in school.

That boy was busy handing over a bottle of water and said: “God-forging Swordsman, please drink water.”

Liao Jia Yuan frowned and asked, “Who are you, why do you want to buy me a drink of water?”

“Because you are the Sealed Swordsman O, my idol, I want to buy you a drink of water, but you must promise me one thing, you must give me your autograph if you drink my water.”..

When Liao Jia Yuan heard this, he felt so good, he continued to be depressed these days, but today he suddenly had a fan asking for his autograph, and smiled.

“So, there are conditions for you to buy me water.”Liao Jia Yuan said with a look full of pretending.

“Yeah, I adore you, you’ll always be my heart’s feudal swordsman, and I want you to sign my shirt.However, I know you won’t pay any attention to us little hangers-on, so I’ll buy you a drink of water before I make my request.Feudal Swordsman, could you sign my little hangman, I really admire you.”The boy said.

Liao Jia Yuan smiled gleefully, “I’m not even happy that you asked me for an autograph, how could I dislike you as a hangman, come on, I’ll give you an autograph.”

“Thank you, Sealed Swordsman.”The little boy immediately took out a pen and asked Liao Gayuan to sign his shirt.

Liao Jia Yuan was in a very good mood, not expecting that there were fans asking for his autograph when he was so beaten down by Omi.He cheerfully signed the words ‘Sealing Swordsman – Liao Ga Yuan’. First URL

“Thank you, Swordsman.”The man was busy being grateful.

Liao Jia Yuan smiled full of affinity and said, “You’re welcome.”

“Sword Warrior, then you drink water, I’m leaving first, I want to go back to my class to show off.”The boy said.

Liao Jia Yuan laughed, “Then you should go back to your class.”

The little boy ran away excitedly.

Liao Jia Yuan looked at the bottle of drink he was holding in his hand and laughed.

Li Hao Lin saw that Liao was happy and immediately flattered: “Young Master, I really envy you, you have fans looking for your autograph, it would be great if I also had fans looking for my autograph, I’m sure it’s cool.”

Liao Jia Yuan smiled full of pretentiousness and said, “This is nothing, in the past, when Omi hadn’t appeared yet, I had to sign many autographs every day, and many female fans volunteered to sleep with me at night.”

Li Hao Lin flattered, “Young Master is awesome, and there are female fans sleeping with him.”

Liao Jiayuan twisted the lid of the water bottle and didn’t think so much about it, taking a big sip, it felt really good, maybe it was related to his mood.

Li Hao Lin said: “It seems that Young Master is going to have a good time, Omi is still alive, there are fans looking for your autograph, once Omi is dead, you will be able to regain your former radiance.”

Liao Jia Yuan handed the bottle of water to Li Hao Lin and said, “You should also take a sip of water.”

Li Hao Lin excused himself: “Liao Shao, I won’t drink it.”

“Just drink it if I tell you to, it’s from my fans, what are you afraid of, take a sip.”

“Hehehe, good, then thanks to Liao Shao, I’ll also drink the water sent by Liao Shao’s fans.”Li Hao Lin also took a sip, and then handed it to Liao Jiayuan, who gulped it down and threw the bottle anywhere.This quality, tsk, also good to say that there are fans.

In the distance, Liu Yue said: “Miss, that bodyguard of Liao Jiayuan also took a sip of water.”

Song Yuer hummed, “That’s just right, simply have a pair.”

Liu Yue shuddered, come a pair of this also said


Song Yu’er asked, “Your medicine, did it really work?Why have a few minutes passed and nothing has happened yet?”

Liu Yue was busy saying, “Miss, my medicine is absolutely genuine, it’s called the Aphrodisiac, even the fiercest beast will not be able to carry it, let alone a human eating it.Miss, just wait patiently, it will strike in ten minutes at most, and then they will fight their way up when they see a woman.”

“Will they lose their minds?”Song Yuer looked at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue said, “Theoretically yes, that’s all that’s left in the brain, and it’s not going to die without venting.I don’t understand how exactly, and it’s the first time I’ve used it.”

About ten minutes later, Liao Jia Yuan felt a little hot and couldn’t help but take off his jacket.

“Young Master, what’s wrong?Take off your clothes ah.”Li Hao Lin asked.

“Feeling a little hot, are you?”

“I’m not, how can it be hot in this weather, young master quickly put on your clothes before you get cold.”Li Hao Lin said with concern.

However, Liao Jia Yuan felt his body getting hotter and hotter, it was so damn inexplicable that he couldn’t help but take off another threadbare shirt.

At this time, Li Hao Lin also felt a hint of heat.

“Did the weather suddenly turn southerly?I’m getting a little hot too.”Li Hao Lin also took off his jacket.

In the distance, Liu Yue laughed: “Well, the power is very strong, it’s not even ten minutes yet, and they’re starting to take off their clothes.Miss, you can’t look at it later, lest you pollute your eyes.”

Song Yuer said, “But, I want to cut their lifeblood ah.”

Liu Yue would never allow Miss to look at another man’s things, Miss was his future wife.

“How about this, when they attempt to go rape the girls, I’ll rush up and grab them, make sure they’re wearing panties, and then you’ll rush up with the scissors, okay?”

“Okay.”Song Yu’er ordered, it was the same to cut in your underwear again, Omi didn’t cut Lin Dongfang the other day as well.

“Aigoo, why is it so hot.”Liao Jia Yuan took off another piece of clothing.

Li Hao Lin was also equally hot.

“It can’t be that there are some worms on this grass.”

The two of them stood up, but the heat and dryness was still there, and their eyes were red and bloodshot.I heard that when their eyes turned completely red, they were completely reduced to spring beasts, and they would not stop until they vowed to let off steam, losing their minds completely.

Song Yu’er and Liu Yue waited patiently, Song Yu’er already had large scissors ready on hand.

However, perhaps the heavens are not helping Song Yuer, and then an accident occurs.

Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie, returning from playing ball at the stadium, were walking towards Liao Gayuan and Li Hao Lin, and they were also passing the ball as they walked.

“Shao Jie, catch up.”Zhao Ritian was wearing a jersey, showing a pair of lean muscles, slapped a few balls on the ground with his palms, jumped on both feet, and threw them to Wu Shaojie who was behind.

Wu Shaojie, also wearing a jersey, jumped and caught the basketball thrown by Zhao Ritian.

In the distance, Liu Yue depressed, “The plan is going to fail, Zhao Ritian and Wu Shao Jie are back from playing ball, they can’t let Liao Jia Yuan to rape women, what should we do.”

“Ahhhh, piss me off, why doesn’t the heavens even help me.”Song Yu’er gasped.

After Zhao Ri Tian threw the ball to Wu Shao Jie, he simply took off his autumn jacket and was naked because he was sweating profusely.

And then, Liao Jia Yuan felt hot and very unbearable.


The same was true for Li Hao Lin.

Liao Jiayuan’s eyes were bloodshot red, looking as if he had pink eye, and Li Hao Lin was no better.

Zhao Ritian came up and said with great alarm, “Gayuan, what are you two doing?”

Zhao Ritian was still thinking in his mind, could it be that Liao Gayuan and his bodyguard, had developed some special feelings, this was scary too.

Liao Jiayuan raised his head when he heard Zhao Ritian’s shout.

Liao Jiayuan had completely turned into a beast at the moment, completely unable to recognize anyone, seeing Zhao Ritian standing there naked and looking at him, he suddenly lunged towards Zhao Ritian.

“Ah, Gajuan, what are you doing.”Zhao Ritian didn’t expect it, and was immediately jumped to the ground by Liao Gajuan.

“Damn it, Gajuan, you’re crazy.”Zhao Ritian yelled, desperately trying to push Liao Jia Yuan away.Zhao Ritian was on fire, Liao Jiayuan was crazy, tearing him apart as soon as he came up, Sinister him.

At this moment, Wu Shaojie saw Liao Jiayuan and Zhao Ritian torn together, completely stupid, the hand held the basketball rolled away do not know.

Just at this moment, Wu Shaojie felt a pair of blazing eyes staring at him, feeling an uncomfortable feeling all over, Wu Shaojie was busy turning his head, only to see Li Hao Lin’s red eyes looking at him, that look made him shiver.

“Li Hao Lin, why are you looking at me like that?”Wu Shaojie subconsciously took a step back. Remember the URL

Wu Hao Lin also seemed to be possessed.

Suddenly, Li Hao Lin also jumped at Wu Shao Jie.

“Li Hao Lin, what are you doing.”Wu Shao Jie panicked and fled, Li Hao Lin’s martial arts skills were high and fast, Wu Shao Jie hadn’t run five meters before Li Hao Lin pounced on him.

“Ahhh, Li Hao Lin, are you crazy?I am Shao Jie.”Wu Shao Jie yelled, but Li Hao Lin was really mad and didn’t know what he was doing at all, and the two of them wrestled with each other for a moment.

In the distance, Liu Yue said to the depressed Song Yu’er, “Miss, look quickly.”

Song Yu’er was busy looking up, only to see Liao Gayuan wrestling with Zhao Ritian like crazy.

And a few meters away, Li Hao Lin similarly had Wu Shao Jie pinned to the ground, Wu Shao Jie was weak and had no power to resist at all.

“What’s going on?”Song Yu’er was confused.

Liu Yue said incredulously, “Miss, I seem to have made a mistake, the medicine given to them is mad dog medicine, after taking the mad dog medicine, they will think they are mad dogs and bite like mad dogs when they see people.”

“What? Liu Yue, how do you do things, you can’t even handle this.”Song Yu’er was incomparably depressed.

“Miss, I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”

“Liu Yue, you’re so useless, my good plan was ruined by you.”

“Miss, there must be another chance next time.”

“I don’t want to wait for next time.”

In the distance, Liao Gayuan and Li Hao Lin, who had mad dog disease, frantically wrestled Zhao Ritian and Wu Shao Jie.

Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie were really unlucky to be bitten by a ‘dog’ in public.

Song Yu’er was also extremely depressed at the moment.

Song Yuer even wondered if Liu Yue was doing it on purpose.

Liu Yue blocked Song Yu’er and said, “Miss, the picture of their fight, you girls or not.”

“Useless thing, I want to sack you.”Song Yu’er kicked over, the large scissors held in her hand are of no use at the moment.

The whole school was in class at the moment, and what happened on the grass next to the teaching building, naturally no one knew.

Suddenly, Wu Shaojie yelled, “Ah.”

A painful look appeared on Wu Shaojie’s face, where he fought against Li Hao Lin, and was subdued in a moment, and now, his hand was bitten so hard that Wu Shaojie shrieked out in pain.However, Li Hao Lin pressed him to the ground like a wild animal unable to move.

Next to him, Zhao Ritian was still resisting Liao Jia Yuan, Zhao Ritian heard Wu Shao Jie’s roar.

Taking a glance at him, he saw the bloody opening on Wu Shaojie’s arm and cursed, “Damn, really crazy.”

Just then, Zhao Ritian’s body suddenly trembled, his eyes were wide and incredulous, and a moment later, Zhao Ritian also yelled out, “Ah.”

Zhao Ritian was stupid, he was a day ant, but today, he was bitten by Liao Jia Yuan, who was tearing at him like a mad dog.

Liao Jia Yuan was incomparably strong, but didn’t use any martial arts, completely biting like a rabid dog, and from time to time, he even ‘woofed’ two sentences.

“Liao Gayuan, you’re perverted.”Although Zhao Ritian had been bitten, he immediately rose up to resist.However, Liao Jia Yuan’s original strength was stronger than his, and now that he had completely turned into a rabid dog and his power had soared, where could Zhao Ritian resist Liao Jia Yuan’s power.

“Woof woof, woof woof.”

In the distance, Liu Yue incredulously said to Song Yu’er who was blocking behind her, “Miss, Liao Jia Yuan and Li Hao Lin have turned into two mad dogs, this mad dog medicine works well too…”

“What’s the point of a mad dog, I’m not a mad dog.”Song Yu’er roared in frustration.

At this time, all the teachers and students in the teaching building were in class.

Omi was still browsing the campus forum.

At this moment, somewhere outside the teaching building, a voice came out faintly shouting for help.

The teachers and students in the class heard it as well.

Everyone ran to the ledge to look outside to see what was going on, but when they saw the scene happening on the grass at the side of the school building, everyone was shocked.

“Oh shit.”

“I’m dizzy, this isn’t real.”

“Oh my God, am I seeing things?”The people who saw it all took in a breath of cold air.

Omi parted the crowd and looked out.

“Ah.”Omi was also silly, at this time, Liona also squeezed up, but the window too many people can not see, Liona shouted Omi said: “Omi, let me see, what happened, everyone is so surprised.”

Omi was busy saying, “Miss, you must not.”

“Why?”Liona became more and more curious.

Omi said, “Tsk, beast, I never thought Liao Jia Yuan was such a person.”

“Aigoo, what’s going on, say it.”Liona was anxious.

Omi said, “Liao Ga Yuan was on the grass, tearing Zhao Ritian, and woofing his mouth.”

“What?”Liona wondered if she had heard wrong, bullshit.

Another boy was incredulous, “Oh my god, Liao Gayuan is tearing Zhao Ritian apart, and his bodyguard, is biting Wu Shaojie.”

Not only Class 32, but all the classes in the entire building were stunned, many of them took out their phones to shoot.

“Woof woof.”Liao Jia Yuan also woofed at the people in the teaching building.

That Li Hao Lin was also woofing while tearing and biting Wu Shao Jie, and those who didn’t know thought that it was really dogs fighting outside.

Wu Shaojie and Zhao Ritian were bitten with teeth marks all over their bodies.

Many girls didn’t dare to look, and although Liona was curious, she couldn’t see it and couldn’t help but hold back her curiosity.

Carlos said, “Liao Jiayuan is also too perverted, pretending that the dog bit Zhao Ritian, Zhao Ritian is also really tragic.”

“Even his childhood friend, Wu Shaojie, didn’t let go, I’m afraid this is the most bizarre thing in the history of Baiyun Middle School.”

The teacher was also standing by the window, staying.

Omi looked carefully at Liao Gayuan and Li Hao Lin, other students might only be able to see their woofing, but Omi could see that Liao Gayuan and Li Hao Lin, must have taken some kind of medicine.

“Strange, who gave them the drugs?”Omi’s mind wondered, this must be a mad dog-like drug, so Liao Jia Yuan and Li Hao Lin’s thinking at this time, both thought they were dogs, barking their instincts.


At this moment, the principal was in his office, and suddenly a phone call came.

“Headmaster, it’s bad, Liao Jia Yuan’s gene mutation has turned into a dog, he’s barking downstairs and biting Zhao Ritian.”

The principal’s eyebrows furrowed and scolded, “Teacher Li, do you have nothing to do?”

“Principal, no lie, now brand new students are watching from the classroom window, being on that lawn on the side of the No. 5 school building, the window on the back of your office can also be seen.”

The principal immediately stood up, went to the window at the back of his office, looked out, and suddenly, all the cell phones held in his hands fell to the ground, the whole person stayed there, only to see Liao Gayuan and Li Hao Lin, barking like mad dogs at all the onlooking teachers and students.

At this moment, in one of the high-class office buildings in Linjiang City, the general manager’s office.

Liao Buffalo’s phone suddenly rang.


“Brother, it’s bad, there’s news from the school, something big has happened.”

Liao Shui Niu smiled, “Is it that Omi is dead?”

Liao Shui Niu knew that the assassin, codenamed Blood Baby, took over the task of killing Omi last night, didn’t expect that the efficiency was so fast, these assassins, work quite neatly, if only his underlings could also work so neatly. One second to remember to read the book.

However, the voice on the phone said, “Brother, it has nothing to do with Omi, it’s Young Master Liao.”

“What? What happened to my son?”Liao Buffalo tensed up.

“Liao Shao, Liao Shao, ouch, Liao Shao suddenly got mad dog disease and bit Zhao Ritian all over his body.”

“Nuts, you’re sick, who made the rumor.”Liao Shui Niu cursed in anger, this kind of rumor was also made.

“Brother, I didn’t fabricate any rumors ah, I’ll send you the pictures and you’ll understand.”

A few seconds later, Liao Shui Niu received a photo, on the photo, it was indeed his son who was tearing Zhao Ritian, his mouth was still bloodstained, like a rabid dog.

“Ah.”When Liao Shuaniu saw the photo on her phone, she was stunned and dropped her phone on the ground.

At that moment, Zhao Qitian entered Liao Shuaniu’s office in a panic.

“Brother, it’s bad.Jia Yuan was at school and bit my son, Ri Tian, I thought rumor mongering at first, but just now Xiao Wu sent me the photo, big brother.”Zhao Qitian’s face was green, his own son was bitten by his big brother’s son, too much of a bully, thanks to his loyalty all these years, is his son Zhao Ritian not a human being.

Liao Shuaniu calmed down and panicked, “Qitian, don’t worry yet.”

Zhao Qitian grievously said, “Big brother, can I not be anxious, the one who was bitten is my son.”

Liao Buffalo was depressed, “There must be something hidden in this matter, how could Jia Yuan be fine and get rabid dog disease, go, go to the school immediately.”

Liao Shui Niu brought a few of his men and rushed to the school at fire speed.

At this moment, at the school.

Liao Jiayuan barked to the heavens a few times, and suddenly looked stunned, his entire body lying helplessly, and the blood in his eyes was slowly receding.

Only then did Zhao Ritian break free of Liao Jia Yuan’s restraints, Zhao Ritian cursed, “Liao Jia Yuan, do I grass you, wooooo.”Zhao Ritian cried, his clothes were bitten into cloth, and there were teeth marks and blood all over his body.

At this time, Wu Shaojie also cried and broke away from Li Hao Lin, running away limply as he cried.

With so many people watching, they fled the scene first, lest Liao Jia Yuan and Li Hao Lin go crazy again.

Many students couldn’t help but burst out laughing as they sympathized with Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie.

The blood in Liao Jiayuan’s eyes slowly receded and his sanity gradually returned.

“What’s wrong?What’s going on?”Liao Jia Yuan saw himself lying on the

On the grass, many teachers and students in the back of the school building were watching.

Li Hao Lin woke up first.

Liao Jia Yuan asked: “Did something just happen?”

“Young Master, don’t ask me, I don’t know what happened.”Li Hao-Lin.

Liao Jia Yuan felt as if his body didn’t have a trace of strength and couldn’t get up, and so did Li Hao Lin.

The mad dog medicine had just receded, and he was now weak.

In the distance, Song Yu’er asked, “What’s the situation now?”

Liu Yue said, “Both Liao Jiayuan and Li Hao Lin’s mad dog medicine wore off, Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie broke free and they both immediately ran away.Liao Jiayuan and Li Hao Lin are left, but they seem to have no strength, it’s the aftermath of the mad dog medicine, and they were both too weak to stand up within about half an hour.”

Song Yu’er excitedly said: “Then wouldn’t I be able to go up there and stand for heaven, Liao Jiayuan has mad dog disease, I’ll take the opportunity to waste his martial arts skills.”

Liu Yue stopped him: “Miss, now that their mad dog medicine has worn off, there’s no reason for it.”

“But he just bit Zhao Ritian ah.”Song Yu’er said.

Song Yu’er walked up with the scissors and said, “I’m going to go up there and do the work for Heaven.”

“Miss, don’t, Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie are both Liao Jia Yuan’s people, will you be too much in charge if you go to waste Liao Jia Yuan now in the name of scapegoating heaven?”

“I don’t care.”

“Miss, let’s just leave it at that for today.”Liu Yue advised.

“No, I worked hard to plan a fight and didn’t cut it in the end, now I can’t even abolish his martial arts, it’s too meaningless.”

Song Yu’er still stubbornly picked up the scissors and rushed up.

Liu Yue shook her head straight, very speechless to the lady.

“Stop.”Song Yu’er yelled and rushed up with the scissors.

All the class saw Song Yu’er appear with the scissors and were shocked.

“Damn, what does Song Yu’er want?”

“She’s still got the scissors.”

“Is this to be like the Don?”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

Song Yu’er rushed to Liao Jiayuan and yelled: “Liao Jiayuan, you got mad dog disease, bit Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie in public, in order to prevent your mad dog disease from striking again and injuring other students, today I Song Yu’er will waste your meridians.”

Liao Jiayuan looked at Song Yu’er with a roar of anger, “Song Yu’er, what the fuck do you want?”

“Liao Jia Yuan, you still don’t know how to repent, it seems hopeless, if I don’t cripple you today, how can I face Zhao Ritian and Wu Shao Jie.If Zhao Ritian is injured here today, there will surely be other students injured in the future, if I abolish your kung fu, I’ll see how you can still bite people in the future.”

“Ka-cha-cha-cha.”After saying that, the large scissors in Song Yu’er’s hand clicked and gestured.

Liao Jia Yuan’s body trembled and wanted to shoot Song Yu’er to death, but, being weak, it was hard to even get up.

“Song Yu’er, I advise you not to die.”Liao Jia Yuan roared, what a tiger falling down and being bullied by a dog.

At this moment, on his way here, Liao Buffalo received a call, “Brother, I just received a message from a student, Song Yu’er suddenly appeared with scissors, threatening to scrap Young Master Liao’s martial arts and cut his meridians on behalf of heaven.”

“What.”Liao Shui Niu’s face changed.

Also on the way to school, Xu Mei Qian received a call that Song Yu’er wanted to imitate One Defeat of the Red Dust and cut Liao Jia Yuan’s meridians on behalf of the heavens.

At this time, in a certain office in Linjiang City, Song Dai Tian’s phone rang.


“Mr. Song, your daughter is causing a disturbance at school.”

“What.”Song Daitian was incredibly shocked.

At the scene, Song Yu’er was about to cut Liao Jia Yuan’s meridians when several security guards rushed in.

“Song Yu’er, stop.”The security guards snatched the scissors from Song Yu’er’s hands.

Song Yu’er eventually failed to cut and stomped her foot in anger.

The principal shouted over the radio, “All students stop watching and go back to class.”

The students lying on the windows of the school building only went back to class, and the school gradually restored order.

Liao Buffalo and the others soon arrived at the school, and Liao Gayuan already knew what had happened, crying on the spot, especially after watching the video, he woofed and barked, it was like a rabid dog, so Liao Gayuan was going to collapse.

“Dad, oooh, dad, I don’t want to live.”Liao Ga Yuan cried, and Li Hao Lin on the other side also cried.

Of course, Zhao Ritian’s father, as well as Wu Shaojie’s father, also cried, after all, whose son was bitten by a mad dog wouldn’t feel good either.

“Jia Yuan, what’s going on?”Liao buffalo gas. First URL

“Dad, there was a student who said he was a fan of mine and asked me to give him an autograph, then he gave me a bottle of water and drank that and got all hot and bothered, and we don’t know what happened after that.By the time we came to our senses, we had already bitten Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie…, woohoo.” said Liao Jia Yuan.

“Who the hell, he dared to shade my son, he’s tired of living, who.”Liao Shui Niu gritted his teeth.

Li Hao Lin said, “Uncle Liao, needless to say, it must be Omi, besides Omi, no one else has such a big grudge against us.After all, we’re also buying killers to kill him, his assassination of Young Master Liao explains it.”

“Omi.”Liao Shui Niu clenched both fists, the killing machine in his eyes had never been this strong.

Li Hao Lin said, “Uncle Liao, you also appease your anger, I think the codename Blood Infant is already on his way to Linjiang City, no matter how much Omi bounces around, his death is imminent, let’s just wait for the news of Omi’s death.”

Liao Shui Niu nodded, his heart a little more at ease.

If Omi knew about their conversation, he would definitely feel wrongfully killed, and it really had nothing to do with him.The real murderer, Song Yu’er, however, they didn’t suspect a thing.

The fourth class of the morning was again class teacher Chen Tianming’s class.

“Please ask our class flower and class grass to stand up.”Chen Tianming said and looked at Liona and Liu Yang.

All the students in the class were stunned, why did they have to ask the class flower and the class grass to stand up?

Omi was Liona’s personal bodyguard, so he definitely couldn’t let Liona leave a certain range of him, and besides, Omi used to be the squad grass of Senior 3 Class 5, so now that he came to Class 32, he would naturally be the squad grass of Class 32, that’s what Omi thought anyway.

After Chen Tianming finished speaking, no one took the initiative to stand up at the moment.

Although everyone knew that Liona was the class flower, but if Liona took the initiative to stand up, wouldn’t she feel that she was the class flower and a bit narcissistic, so she didn’t dare to stand up.

Liu Yang saw that Liona didn’t take the initiative to stand up and admit that he was a class flower, even though everyone knew that he was indeed.

However, Liona and Liu Yang were modest and didn’t take the initiative to stand up, there was one person who did.


; It was Omi.

After Omi stood up, he asked, “Teacher Chen, why did you ask Ban Hua and Ban Cao to stand up?”

Chen Tianming was upset at the sight of Omi, having had a previous feud, and frowned, “Omi, I told Ban Hua and Ban Cao to stand up, why are you standing up?”

“Uh, weren’t you the one who said to let Bencao stand up?”Omi said in a serious manner.

Liu Yang saw Omi grabbing the class grass with him and looked upset, looking at Chen Tianming and said, “Teacher Chen, I…”

Chen Tianming snorted, “Omi, you were a class grass in the previous Senior 3 Class 5, but now that you’ve come to Class 32, the class grass is no longer yours, do you still think you’re a class grass?”

Omi didn’t bother to say that much to the class teacher, one sentence, “I think I’m the most handsome in the class, what is it if it’s not class grass, alright, cut the gossip, I’m standing up, say what’s the matter.”

Chen Tianming looked at the way Omi did not take him seriously, he was very upset, but there was nothing he could do with Omi.

Liu Yang looked depressed at the moment, his heart was cursing Omi for being shameless, Liu Yang disliked Omi very much because Omi was very close to Simran.If Liu Yang was strong in martial arts, he would have already thrown Omi into the toilet.

Chen Tianming directly ignored Omi, looked at Liona and Liu Yang and said, “Liona, Liu Yang, you stand up.”

Liona was named by the class teacher, so naturally, she was a little shy and stood up.

Liu Yang also immediately stood up, and also looked at Omi for a glance, his eyes seemed to have a hint of contempt and mockery, just you still steal class grass with me.

The headmaster decided to let each class flower and class grass to hold a welcome ceremony in front of the school.You two will now go to the staircase classroom for a meeting about some matters regarding welcoming Ling Longyu.”

“Yes, Teacher Chen.”Liu Yang nodded respectfully, and then left his seat, and at the same time aimed at Omi, seeing Omi like an idiot, thinking he was a class grass, but the result was that the class teacher did not care about him at all, and directly ordered him and Liona’s name, hit Omi’s face hard, and his heart was very happy.I’m not going to be able to do anything about it.

Omi saw Liu Yang’s smug gaze, and Chen Tianming’s ignoring him, his heart was depressed for no reason.

Omi wasn’t really narcissistic, although he did think he was quite handsome, but he didn’t have the narcissism to think that he had to be a bancho.The reason why he had to stand up as a bancho was because he wanted to go to a meeting with Liona to avoid any accidents, like the day at the Oriental Mall when Liona was almost defiled by Lin Dongfang right under Omi’s nose, Omi couldn’t let that happen again.

“Wait.”Omi shouted.

Chen Tianming asked, “Omi, what else do you want?”

Omi ignored Chen Tianming and ordered to Liu Yang, “Liu Yang, you go back to your seat.”

Liu Yang said angrily, “Omi, do you still think you’re a bancho?”Liu Yang was very angry when he saw that Omi still wanted to steal the class grass from him, and the reason why Liu Yang wanted to go to the meeting so much was because Simran would also go to the meeting, and Simran was naturally the flower of her class.Liu Yang was going to give Simran the poem he had written during this time, to express his love for her with a poem.But Omi is bullying him and wants to snatch the class plant from him.

Without discussion, Omi said, “Go back to your seat and take your classes well, leave such things as meetings to me.”


“Omi, don’t rely on the fact that you’re the most evil youngster on campus, there’s such a bullying.Don’t think that no one can really rule you anymore, I’m not afraid to tell you that your prestige in school is nothing more than notoriety, but just a hoodlum who relies on a bit of kung fu.I, on the other hand, am a top student at Baiyun High School, a guarantee of the school’s promotion rate, and a future pillar of the nation.You think you’re a bull, but you don’t know that you’re a straw bag who only knows how to fight, and in our group of top students, there’s only ridicule for you.”

The students in the class were sweating for Liu Yang, not knowing where he got the courage to talk to Tang Evil like that.

Liu Yang was also open-minded today, in fact, he had already held these words in his stomach, Liu Yang likes Simran, this is something that all the top students of the school know, and everyone also said that he and Simran are a natural pair.Unfortunately, Omi, a vicious young man, relies on his ability to fight and often harasses Simran.Liu Yang had already been upset with Omi for a long time, and today he said it out, but he just couldn’t hold it in.

Omi saw that Liu Yang mocked him for being just a martial artist, without culture or knowledge, and he laughed.Omi didn’t mind people calling him uncultured, because Omi really didn’t know those physics and chemistry and so on, much less being a top student.

Liu Yang was also a bit scared after saying that, what if Omi threw him down the stairs.

However, he obviously underestimated Omi’s cultured, Liu Yang a student who can’t do martial arts, Omi won’t waste his strength to beat him up, because he doesn’t deserve to play with Omi at all.

Omi said, “Liu Yang, are you done?Hurry back to your seat when you’re done.”

“I’m Ban Cao, what do I deserve, I don’t believe you would dare to kill me.”

Omi said, “Don’t worry, you don’t deserve to be my opponent, I don’t care to beat you, you can’t stand a finger from me either.”

At this time, Chen Tianming said, “Omi, the principal said that when Ling Longyu comes to sing at the New Year’s Day Gala of Baiyun Middle School, there will definitely be foreign media reporters who will come along, so as not to affect the appearance of Baiyun Middle School, let the flower and grass of each class go and hold a welcoming ceremony.Why do you need to join this fun, are you intent on affecting the school’s appearance?”

Omi harrumphed, “Chen Tianming, do you mean that I’m ugly?” Remember the URL

Chen Tianming snorted and didn’t say anything.

Omi said, “Beauty and ugliness, it’s just that everyone’s aesthetics are different.I think I’m quite handsome, at least the most handsome in the class, if you don’t believe me, let so many students in the class vote and let the class say for themselves, who is more handsome, Liu Yang or me.”

Chen Tian Ming’s heart hummed, “Don’t flatter yourself, people Liu Yang is recognized as the most handsome in the school, you also have the nerve to say that you are more handsome than him.”

“Fine, then let the class raise their hands to decide.”Chen Tianming swept a glance at the class and said, “Those of you who think Liu Yang is the class grass, please raise your hands.”

However, not a single person in the class raised their hand, Chen Tianming gave an incredulous ah, even if some people had different aesthetics, they couldn’t all think that Omi was more handsome, right?

Omi said, “What else is there to say now, alright, Liu Yang, go back to your seat, don’t humiliate yourself.Xiangyun, let’s hurry to the staircase classroom for the meeting, don’t miss it.”

So, Omi and Liona left together.

Liu Yang stood in the classroom in a rage and looked at Chen Tianming, “Teacher Chen, the class is obviously just afraid of offending Omi.

Chen Tianming roared, “Okay, sit back in your seat, this shameless hard to grab with you as a class grass, what can I do.”

Liu Yang sat back in his seat in exasperation, and had no desire to attend class, took out his phone, boarded the qq, and entered a group.

This group is full of top students.

Liu Yang sent a group message and told this matter in the group of top students.

Suddenly, many of the top students scolded Omi and despised him.

“That disgusting Omi is relying on her ability to do some martial arts, as if she’s the most powerful person in the school.Little did they know that such scum like them, who are not learned, are nothing more than an uneducated martial artist who will either work as a security guard or a bodyguard in the future out of society, and now they still act as if they are superior.Which one of us in this group is not the top student of Baiyun High School, the hope of Baiyun High School.Omi an uneducated martial artist, a trash of society.”

Unfortunately, they, a group of top students, dared to vent their anger inside the group.

At this moment, Liona and Omi were heading to the staircase classroom.

Liona asked, “Why do you want to compete with Liu Yang to be a class grass ah?”

Omi snorted, “Could it be that you also think Liu Yang is handsome, if you also think so, I’ll go back now and let Liu Yang accompany you, huh.”

Liona saw a jealous tone in Omi’s voice, she was very happy, Omi was jealous, busy laughing, “When did I say Liu Yang is more handsome than you, in my heart, you are the most handsome man in the world.”Liona finished, blushing, will say a little too ambiguous.

Omi chuckled, “Alright, I don’t have the heart to fight with anyone about beauty and ugliness.The reason I’m following you to the meeting is because I’m afraid that what happened last week at the mall will happen again, so it’s always good to be careful.Now that Lin Dongfang hasn’t come after me yet, and I don’t know why, it’s always better to be cautious.”


The two of them came to the staircase classroom for a meeting.

A female teacher held a microphone and said, “All the handsome boys and girls from all the classes are here, so let’s have a simple meeting.Everyone must have known that the singer Ling Longyu will come to our school to sing at the New Year’s Eve party.Ling Lanyu is a singer from Linjiang City, but also a graduate of Baiyun Middle School, not only the pride of Linjiang City, but also the pride of Baiyun Middle School.Therefore, our alma mater must also put out a ceremony of the highest standard to welcome him, the principal asked each class to form a cheerleading squad to welcome Ling Longyu, just to welcome him in the grandest way possible…”

The meeting was almost over by the end of class.

At noon, Omi, Liona, Simran, and Wei Ming went to eat lunch outside the school, and Wei Ming invited them.

Simran and Liona felt a little awkward sitting together at lunch because they could see in each other’s eyes that they both liked Omi.

Omi doesn’t understand women’s hearts, but they women can easily see something in each other’s eyes.

Liona was a little nervous when she saw that Simran seemed to like Omi a lot.

Likewise, Simran was also nervous when she saw that Liona’s eyes were full of pity for Omi.


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