King of kings 2288


“Hey, hey, what are you thinking?”Naru shouted several times before the tang came to his senses.

“No, it’s nothing.”

“Omi, let’s go back then, I want to move in with you and go live with you.”Cheng Yu said.

Omi was speechless, “Why do you want to move in with me, you’re not afraid of that Usher getting angry.”

“Che, I’m not his who, why would I be afraid of him getting angry, I think it’s more fun for me to live with you, also, you’re smarter, maybe, you can help me practice my magic.”

“Isn’t that Uzo good?He was able to enter the assessment here, so his talent naturally goes without saying.”

“I didn’t say that his talent isn’t good, but he’s definitely much inferior to you in comparison.Also, that crow, I don’t know how to describe it, he’s always fond of fawning over me, boiling water for my feet and baking me meat and stuff, I don’t feel like that.”

“Oh, he must want to touch you and make you his girlfriend.”

“No way, we’re not even on the same page, okay.”

“That’s why you don’t like him.”

“Indeed, I don’t fancy him.” First URL

Omi asked, “Then I’m not afraid, I’ll be fawning over you too?”

“You?Haha, would you?”Cheng Yu smiled, it seemed a little embarrassed.

Omi said, “I will ah, you are so beautiful, isn’t it good to chase after her as a girlfriend, the ten beauties of the Heavenly Realm yay, the entire Heavenly Realm, even the immortals like, I am a Daoist immortal, there is no need to say.”

Omi said in his heart, “Top ten genius beauties in the heavenly realm, I’ve already soaked up two of them, hehehe.”

Omi was still quite accomplished, but it was just Ding Lan who couldn’t get away, that Ming Yue, Omi and her were at best an underground relationship, if people knew, they might not get Ming Yue’s family’s consent.Although Ming Cheng’s grandfather, was now very pleasing to Omi, but, Ming Yue was one of the ten most beautiful geniuses, she could marry someone far better than Omi, even, the high ranking immortal level could marry, Omi was not a single star worse than the high ranking immortal level.

Cheng Yu’s heart hummed with pride, “It’s not that easy to chase me.”

Omi said, “As soon as I was born, the fortune teller said that all the beautiful women in the world would end up liking me, do you believe it.”

“Narcissist, you think you’re meat and potatoes ah, everyone has to like you.”

“Hahaha, just kidding.”When Omi thought of his future, but that was all, he couldn’t lift his spirits a bit inside.

At this moment outside, the Three-Eyed War God was shocked, “Only two days after entering the Sacred Ancient World, he passed the fourth level, gosh, it seems like I need to go and speak to Princess Nianzhi.Before, I thought that this guy wasn’t super outstanding, but unexpectedly.”

Omi arrived at Princess Nian Tide’s residence.

“Pay your respects to Princess Nian Tides.”

“Uncle Three Eyes, what is it?”

“That, to report something to you, didn’t I ask Omi to join the Sky Wolf Battle Team earlier.”

“Oh, right, I was just about to ask you, how is Omi doing in Team Skywolf?”

“Princess, Omi didn’t accept that I directly let him into the Sky Wolf Battle Team, he had to rely on his own skills to assess to get in, so I had to arrange for him to go to the Sacred Ancient World, but I didn’t expect that Omi wasn’t simple!


“What’s wrong?”

“The Omi I deduced before wasn’t very outstanding, but he only entered the Sacred Ancient World two days ago and passed the fourth level.You know, back then, you also only entered the second day, and passed the fifth level, Omi hasn’t caught up with you yet, but he’s already close to you, and is in the very top category of which of the people who have entered the assessment so.”

“Er.”Princess Nianzhi was startled, in fact, Princess Nianzhi’s assumption of Omi was also average after all, but wouldn’t stand out very much.

“Really fake, how did he do that?”

“Princess, speaking of that, I’m even more impressed, that Omi, who used to come up from the Immortal Academy, he only practiced the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber, you have to know that these two Air Tearing Techniques are just at the bottom of the rankings in the Heavenly Realm, they’re just ordinary.Omi, on the other hand, relied on these two Air Tearing Techniques to reach this level.”

“No way.”

“I’m telling the truth, of course, Omi also practiced the Star Shifting Technique at the Immortal Academy, but the Star Shifting Technique is only a medium to low ranked spell in the Heavenly Realm.Last time in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, Omi relied on this Star Shift Great Law to kill the Xuanxian Demon King, which surprised many immortals in the Immortal Court.However, that Xuanxian Demon King, after all, was just a very ordinary Xuanxian Demon, not one that could be fought, so it only blew a gust of wind, and no one talked about it after that.Also, all the various Immortals must have deduced that Omi was ordinary, even I thought so.”

Princess Nianzhi said, “Well, last time in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, Omi, in a life and death situation, created and reformed the Star Shifting Technique into the even stronger Star Hidden Technique, which shows that he is a person who is good at creating.”

“That’s right, this time, in the Sacred Ancient World, he also modified the Shura Divine Sword and the Sun and Moon Divine Sword into an even stronger Air Tearing Technique before he was able to pass the four levels in two days.”

“Well, I know, you go back, and if there’s anything else about him, come tell me at the first time.”


The Three-Eyed War God left, but inside, the Three-Eyed War God said, “Something’s wrong, why does the princess care so much about Omi?Still reporting to him in the first place, it’s reasonable to say that no matter what, Omi is just her future guard.”

“Alas, perhaps, I’m overthinking it, the princess is just concerned about a subordinate.”

In the Sacred Ancient World, Omi returned to the valley where he lived.

Now the fourth hurdle was passed.

Then, the fifth level, when will it be passed.

The fifth level, killing eight hundred savages in a minute, this really wasn’t something that an ordinary person could do, these eight hundred savages, although they were of the same level, fortunately, these savages were all just belonging to ordinary Dao Immortals of the same level, not the kind that every single one of them was very capable of fighting, otherwise, it would be impossible to kill them.

Omi secretly said, “It’s really hard to take my martial arts skills to the next level, I’ve already spared my mind, even if I train the Sun and Moon Divine Sword and the Shura Divine Saber to the top level, 200 levels, and then merge them into the Sun and Moon Shura, it’s still not much stronger than now, after all, it’s not a qualitative change.”

Just at this moment, Cheng Yu’s voice came from outside, “Omi, I’ve moved over.”

Omi walked out of the wooden house.

“Haha, Omi, I’ve moved over to live with you oh, I didn’t expect that you’ve already built two houses, it seems that you’ve already prepared it for me.”Cheng Yu said with a laugh.

“Alright, I did prepare it for you, just go ahead and be proud.”


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