King of kings 231-235

Chapter 231

At Liao Ga Yuan’s house.

Only after Liao Shuaniu’s good-natured consolation and compensation did the two fathers, Zhao Ritian and Wu Shaojie, suppress their inner reluctance.

Liao Shui Niu said, “This is all Omi’s doing, his aim is to make you break up with me, you can’t fall into his trap.”

“Damn it, is this matter just going to go away?”

“Hmph, tomorrow, you’ll hear about Omi’s death.”Liao Shui Niu’s eyes were cold, he had just heard Li Hao Lin say that he used his inside connections to learn that the codename Blood Infant, had almost arrived in Linjiang City, and it seemed that Omi probably wouldn’t make it through the night.

In the afternoon, at school, Omi’s phone rang, it was from the hacker Little Beauty.

“Xiao Meng, what is it.”

“Brother Omi, I’ll tell you something, after Sister Qi retired from her mission, she was picked up by someone codenamed Blood Infant, Blood Infant is now on a plane to Linjiang City.”Hacker.

“Blood Infant?”

“Yes, the codename Blood Infant is from the same organization as Sister Qi, but the codename Blood Infant is famous in the industry because he likes to eat babies.”

Omi said, “Send me his details, it’s going to be another scapegoat.” One second to remember to read the book

“I can’t find out the details, but Sister Qi said that he’ll be in Linjiang City on a plane at about six in the afternoon, and I can send you his appearance, so you can go to the airport and wait for him then, and kill him when you find an opportunity.”

“Good.”Omi received a picture, the picture was of a middle-aged man wearing glasses, looking very refined, no one knew that someone who looked so refined was a killer who liked to eat babies.

This blood baby was a gold medal killer, and his strength was estimated to have reached that last skeleton organization’s blood man.

School was soon over in the afternoon, Omi sent Liona back and excused himself to go out.

When Omi arrived at the airport, it was almost six o’clock, and Blood Infant’s plane would be arriving soon.

Omi didn’t enter the airport, but parked near the airport.

Hacker Little Beauty hacked into all the airport’s surveillance, and would notify Omi as soon as she found Blood Baby’s presence.

At about six fifteen, the little hacker beauty called, “Brother Omi, Blood Baby is off the plane.”

“Good, you keep me informed of his movements, and when you find the best time to strike, you notify me.”

Another ten minutes later, the hacker: “Brother Omi, Blood Baby is entering a public restroom outside the airport, this should be the most appropriate time to make a move, you go directly into the public restroom outside the airport, I will give you control in terms of surveillance, in any case, can’t shoot you.”

Omi exerted his lightness and went straight to a public restroom outside the airport.

Right now, in this public restroom, a Confucian man wearing glasses was taking a large number.The shit he was pooping out was black, because he had just eaten a baby raw yesterday, and blood turning into shit was black.

Omi walked into the public restroom and pushed open one of the toilet compartments, before that blood baby could react, Omi’s finger point on his neck, the blood baby could not scream and move.

A gold medal level assassin like this, in the eyes of outsiders, it was incredibly powerful, but in front of Omi, it seemed too low level.

Blood Infant looked at Omi incredulously, he couldn’t believe that he was a gold medal level assassin, his martial arts level had reached 50, yet, he didn’t sense Omi’s presence in the slightest, and even more so, Omi came in and subdued him before he could even react.What kind of expert was this?And

And so young.

Omi confirmed that it was indeed the person in the photo.

Omi used his voice transmission gong to transmit his voice into Blood Infant’s ears, “You are Code Name Blood Infant, right?”The reason why Omi used the voice transmission power was that he didn’t want the others in the public restroom to hear it.

“Who are you?”Blood Infant’s voice was like a mosquito as he looked at Omi.

Omi smiled, “The last Skeleton Organization’s killer, codenamed Blood Man, was killed by me, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it.”

“Ah, it was you, a defeated Red Dust.”Blood Baby looked at Omi incredulously, the Skeleton Organization’s Blood Man, although not a very famous killer, but at least a gold medal killer, martial arts level 50, he was killed, there were slightly more people in the killer world who would know about it.The codename Bloodbaby knows about it, because that Bloodman, like him, is a Martial Arts Rank 50 killer.”

“Yes, I am the one defeated Red Dust.”

“I, I don’t believe it, how young are you.”Blood Baby couldn’t believe that the legendary One Defeat Red Dust was so young.

“It doesn’t matter anymore whether you believe or not, Blood Infant, since you came to Linjiang City today, you can’t leave alive, I heard that you like to eat babies, so I’ll let you go to the netherworld to eat them.”

“Don’t kill me.”The Blood Infant looked at Omi in prayer.

“Oh, people like you can actually beg for mercy, when you ate those babies raw, did you ever think about this day inside?”

Blood Infant was busy saying, “You spare me, I’ll give you an exchange of information.”

“Give me an exchange of information, tell me, if this information is really worth one of your lives, maybe I can spare you.”

Blood Baby said, “You killed Blood Man, and Blood Man’s big brother, codenamed Loach, will come to seek revenge on you at some point.”

“Is that the message?Sorry, can’t trade your life yet.”Omi said.

“Wait, Bloodman’s brother, Loach, is very famous in the industry, he’s a level 60 super expert.”

“Oh, level 60, sure enough you’re stronger than powerful, unfortunately, so what.”Omi smiled indifferently.

“You’re not afraid?”Blood Baby looked at Omi incredulously, wasn’t he even afraid of a level 60 super expert, who was this kid, how strong was he, level 60, and he actually looked like he wasn’t afraid.

Unfortunately, the Blood Infant could no longer know, because, Omi a blade had sliced through his neck, and blood was puffing out.

Omi then left the public restroom, all without a trace.

Omi returned to a nearby parking place and drove back home.

In the evening, at about seven o’clock, when the cleaning staff of the public restroom went in to clean it, they found the dead Confucian man, and a few words written in blood on the wall: “Code name blood baby, eat the baby raw, sentence him to death, execute him immediately.A defeat of red dust to stay.”

The cleaning staff immediately called the police, Xu Mei Qian heard of the murder, naturally, immediately rushed to the scene of the murder.

Omi returns home, his identity switching back, completely forgetting that he ended the life of the bloody baby half an hour ago.

After dinner, Liona asked Omi to make up the lesson again, Omi was fine anyway, so let’s just go along with her and make it up.

At this time at Liao Buffalo’s house.

Li Hao Lin said: “Blood Infant about six o’clock flight, it’s now almost two hours to Linjiang City, Omi estimated that he won’t live to see twelve o’clock tonight, hahaha, it’s cool when I think about it.”


Liao Jia Yuan shook his fist in anger: “This kind of trash, the more tragic the death, the better, I hope Blood Infant can eat him.”

Li Hao Lin said, “Blood Infant only likes to eat babies.”

“Then let’s hope that Blood Infant suddenly wants a different taste this time.”

Liao Buffalo said, “This Omi thing is finally going to be settled, and you can regain your confidence without this number of people existing in the school from now on.”

Just at this moment, a Linjiang news was reported on the TV.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this station has just received a news report that at about 6:30 pm tonight, a murder was found in a public restroom at Linjiang City Airport.The deceased was about 43 years old, elegant-looking, unidentified, but there was a line of blood on the wall, codenamed Blood Baby, eat the baby, deserved to die, no pity, a defeat of the red dust.This is a defeat of the red dust for the third big case.This time the identity of the deceased is unknown, I hope that there are those who know the deceased, contact the police.”

“Pah.”The teacup held in Liao Shui Niu’s hand fell to the ground.

Li Hao Lin was shocked: “How is this possible, Blood Baby just arrived in Linjiang City, not even looking for Omi yet, let a defeat of Red Dust be killed.”

Liao Jia Yuan was also silly, just now they were thinking that Omi didn’t know if he could survive the night, but they didn’t expect that Blood Infant had just arrived in Linjiang City and let One Defeat Red Dust kill him.

“Grass heck, it’s a waste of time.”Liao Shui Niu smashed the teapot in anger.

Li Hao Lin said: “This defeat red dust, late not to kill sooner not to kill, why not wait for the blood baby to complete the task before killing, people just got off the plane, I guess they have not even eaten a bite of rice.” First published website

Liao Buffalo asked, “Now that the Blood Infant is dead and the mission to kill Omi isn’t complete, how much money will be refunded?”

Li Hao Lin said, “Uncle Liao, if a killer dies in the course of a mission, whether he completes the mission or not, the bounty all goes to the dead killer, say as a pension.”

“What? Omi isn’t even dead, and all my money is floating away?”Liao Shui Niu roared in anger.

“Uncle Liao, it’s impossible to refund that sixty million, Blood Infant died and it’s all given to him as a pension.”

“But Blood Infant was killed by a hundred red dust, it has nothing to do with the mission he carried out this time.”

“The killer organization doesn’t care about your many reasons, in short, the money has been floated.”

Liao Shui Niu was furious, he had thought that Omi’s life wasn’t worth 60 million, but then he thought to get rid of him once and for all, so he simply bit his teeth and let the assassin kill Omi.But he didn’t expect the assassin to be killed by a hundred red dusts as soon as he arrived in Linjiang City, and Omi had nothing to do with it.Thinking of his son being framed by Omi, Liao Shui Niu was more and more depressed, how could he swallow his anger?

At this time, the news then went on to play the next news: “This morning, in Baiyun Middle School, a shocking incident occurred, a student named Liao Jiayuan, had a sudden outbreak of mad dog disease, biting two students in public, I would like to ask the parents of all students, be sure to do vigilant work to prevent the student from having another outbreak of mad dog disease, if you are unfortunate enough to be bitten, be sure to go to the hospital within 12 hours to get the anti-dog vaccine….”

“Poof.”When Liao Buffalo saw the news, he couldn’t control it anymore and spurted out a mouthful of blood wildly.

In a certain hospital, Lin Dongfang sat on a hospital bed and shouted, “Nurse, I need to pee.”

The nurse brought in a small bucket, opened the faucet, and clattered, and the urine was released like tap water.

But Lin Dongfang was watching TV, Lin Dongfang said angrily: “a defeat of the red dust that son of a bitch, Omi that idiot so no

Fa Wu Tian, why don’t you go kill Omi, kill all the irrelevant people, go kill Omi ah, grass.”

At this time, Lin Dongfang’s uncle came, the third master of the Hall of Transforming Dragons, Lin Explosion Heaven.

“Great Uncle.”

“Dongfang, how are you?”

“Uncle, when the hell are you going to take action against Omi?”Lin Dongfang asked.

Lin exploded and said, “Dongfang, don’t worry, when you’re fit for surgery, I’ll catch Omi in the hospital and transplant Omi’s into you.Right now you’re not fit for surgery again, so bear with me a little longer.”

Lin Dongfang nodded and said, “Uncle, after giving me Omi’s transplant, then let the doctor turn Omi into a woman, I want to humiliate her to death.”

Lin Explosion shuddered, he didn’t expect his nephew to be so ruthless and have such strong tastes, however, Lin Explosion nodded and immediately ordered his men to go to the hospital in the next few days to see if there were any freshly dead females that would then be reserved for Omi.

At this time, in an affordable neighborhood near the Floating Tang District, in a certain room.

Liu Yang was writing poetry again.

“Xuan’er, this is the one hundred and ninth poem written for you.”Liu Yang said looking at a poem he had just finished writing in his diary.

“Xuan’er, on New Year’s Day, I’m going to give you a big gift, this time, I’ve decided that the poem I wrote for you on New Year’s Day will win the poetry competition, and it will be given to you live and recited to the whole audience.”Liu Yang closed his eyes and imagined that day, he recited his poem on the theme of love and admiration for Simran in public, and then won the championship, and the whole audience applauded his poem, moved by the life-or-death love and admiration expressed in his poem.

He hoped that, that night, Simran would be moved to tears and fall right into his arms.

Although Omi often walked together with Simran, Liu Yang believed that his talent would conquer Simran.Simran was also a top student, and he believed that Simran would choose him for his talent, compared to Omi’s kind of uneducated martial artist.

At this time, Omi is Liona room tutorials, Liona said what carbon dioxide, sodium chloride, potassium permanganate, let Omi listen to the fury of the.The most fatal is not this, what with what reaction, what will become, a bunch of ghosts, what the hell.

Despite making up for it all night, Omi farted out none of it.I don’t blame Omi for being stupid, his mind wasn’t even from this era, such things couldn’t be understood.

However, despite the fact that Omi had no idea what to ask, Liona was very patient and also mended happily, if it were anyone else, giving such a stupid person a lesson would have been unbearable.

“Alright, let’s call it a day.”Liona said closing her book.

“Oh.”Omi got up and walked out of Liona’s room.

But Liona shouted, “Why are you in such a hurry to leave, can’t you talk again after making up your lessons.”

“Erm, Miss, what else is there?”Omi asked, he thought it was bad to stay in Liona’s room in the middle of the night, almost eleven o’clock, and if he was seen by Liu Chenming would he think anything more.

But today Liu Chen Ming went away on a business trip, no wonder Liona dared Omi to stay for a chat.

Liona looked at Omi, she was a bit anxious at the moment because Liona could see that Simran also liked Omi, so she felt anxious, afraid that Simran would take advantage of her and pick Omi up.

“What do you think of Simran?”Xiang Yun Liu asked probingly.


“Uh, why are you talking about her in a good way?”Omi looked at Liona.

“Just having a casual conversation.”

Omi didn’t want to talk about his feelings, afraid that he would think of his senior sister again and cause a love demon crisis.

“Sorry, I don’t want to talk about these things.”

Omi turned around and walked out of Liona’s room.

Liona closed the door of her room and thought to herself, “What will I do if Omi is soaked away by Simran, I’m so annoyed.New Year’s Day is coming up, I don’t know what kind of gift to prepare for him, I must prepare a good New Year’s Day gift to let Omi know my feelings, but not too abruptly.”

At this moment, at Simran’s home, Simran was also contemplating.

“Liona definitely likes Omi, even though I know I’m not good enough for Omi, but it’s so uncomfortable to see other women like him.”

“New Year’s Day is coming, what kind of gift should I give him?”

Simran was also thinking hard.

Both women, who both like Omi, seem to be secretly getting worked up, each thinking about New Year’s Day gifts. Remember the URL

At this moment, at Xu Mei Qian’s home.

Xu Yan was intensifying her training on how to break Omi’s sword moves taught to her by her sister.

Xu Yan is reluctant to be defeated by Omi, perhaps she is used to being the best of talent and can’t bear the sudden defeat.

At this time, Xu Mei Qian returned from the case, the person who died at the airport tonight, there is no clue.

“Yan, still practicing martial arts ah, these days you have not stopped, do not be too tired.”

Xu Yan said, “Sister, I must defeat Omi, I’ve already practiced to the extreme the sword moves you taught me to crack Omi, I think I can challenge Omi tomorrow.”

Xu Yan immediately rehearsed it, and sure enough, it was practiced to the strictest, without any flaw.

Xu Mei Qian smiled, “Indeed you can, Omi shouldn’t be your opponent this time, so are you going to challenge Omi at the school tomorrow?”

Xu Yan said excitedly, “Yes, I’ve already posted on the campus forum, tomorrow morning, at 9:30, at the Baiyun Middle School Stadium, I’ll meet Omi to fight it out.”

“Oh, good.”Xu Mei Qian smiled, in fact, Xu Mei Qian didn’t want her sister to lose to Omi, her sister was taught by her.

Omi lay on his bed, ready to sleep, and before going to bed, he used to take out his phone to play.

Omi saw a text message sent to him by Carlos: “Tomorrow Xu Yan is going to officially duel with you, she’s posting a challenge on campus.”

Omi entered the campus and indeed saw Xu Yan’s post.

“Omi, my great aunt is over, tomorrow at 9:30 am, school stadium, let’s have a duel.”

When Omi saw Xu Yan’s challenge post, he just laughed, I really don’t know where Xu Yan got her confidence, Omi laughed it off and didn’t take it seriously.

However, just because Omi didn’t take it seriously, it didn’t mean that others didn’t take it seriously either, this post already had 80,000 replies, it seemed that many students were quite looking forward to the duel between Xu Yan and Omi, it was a matter of who was number one in the school.

The next day, Omi still went to school as usual.

When Liona arrived at the classroom, she put down her bag, walked up to Omi and said, “Omi, I’m going to the dance studio to rehearse the dance, do you want to accompany me?”



p; “For the New Year’s Day Gala, one of our class programs is my solo dance, and I have to rehearse it quickly these days.”

Omi followed Liona to the school dance room.

On one wall of the dance room was a large mirror, Liona changed into a tight dance outfit in the changing room, Omi almost spurted nosebleeds at the sight of it.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new clothes, and you will see that they are very tight, and you will see that they are very tight.It’s not just a matter of time, it’s a matter of time.

Liona saw that she had achieved her goal, felt the dance was so interesting, and came several times in front of Omi’s ‘one word horse’.

“Miss, I’ll go out first.”Omi said, Omi was getting fed up and wanted to avoid it.

“Why go out, can’t you watch me practice my dance?”Xiang Yun Liu said with a calm face.

“But you are today.”

“Murphy watching me practice dancing, have some evil thoughts, if that’s the case, then you go out.”

Omi laughed, “How could that be, hitting on Miss, that’s not a qualified bodyguard, you keep dancing.”

Liona secretly pursed her lips and said in her heart, “Idiot with such a low EQ, can’t you see that I like you?Would I wear such a sexy dance costume for him if it were anyone else.”

Is Omi’s EQ low?

Maybe so, otherwise, how could he and Little Sister, how could he miss it in his past life, maybe, Little Sister also gave him many hints in his past life, just that Omi himself didn’t know.

Omi watched Liona dance, not gulping is false, did not expect that a woman dressed like this, if hidden, can still have such a great attraction.

After the end of the second period, Liona changed back into her clothes.

“Let’s go, that’s it for today.”Liona handed Omi a piece of paper and said with pride in her heart, “Wipe your nose bleed.”

Omi laughed awkwardly and said, “I’ve been eating quite a bit these past few days, I’m making you laugh.”

“It’s fine, I understand.”Liona said in a serious manner, but she was smiling in her heart and was still very proud of herself.

In fact, Omi was really a bit on fire, although Liona’s body was hot, it wasn’t enough to make Omi unable to control the nosebleeds to the point where he couldn’t control them.Of course, Liona’s hot body was also a trigger for the nosebleeds.

When Omi and Liona walked out of the dance studio, they found that many students were already waiting in the gym, and many more were running towards the gym.

Omi might have forgotten about the duel with Xu Yan, but the other students wouldn’t forget.

“That’s right, at 9:30 am, Xu Yan is going to duel with me, I almost forgot about it.”Omi said with a slap on his head.

Liona was stunned, “I didn’t even know.”

“You didn’t visit the campus last night until now, so naturally you didn’t know.”

“Ah, it’s such a big deal, but you actually forgot.”Liona looked at Omi speechlessly, really wondering if he didn’t even care about others Xu Yan.

“Oh, let’s stop talking, let’s hurry to the stadium, otherwise I’m afraid Xu Yan will think I’m running away from the battle.”

With a nod of her head, Liona and the two of them walked quickly towards the sports field.

At this moment, at the sports field, Xu Yan was standing in the middle of the field, she had been waiting here for a long time, it was now 9:45pm and Omi hadn’t even come yet.


Xu Mei Qian also came, is standing in a corner of the stadium, wearing a police uniform, body extremely hot, let many boys secretly aimed at her, this Linjiang City, the first beautiful police flower, also do not know who can capture her heart in the future.Xu Mei Qian is at least half of Linjiang City men’s dream lover, how many men fantasize about her already can not be calculated.

When Omi walked into the stadium, a student shouted, “Omi is here.”

Suddenly, everyone looked towards the entrance and Omi walked in.

Xu Mei Qian looked at Omi and said, “Omi, why are you so late, hurry.”

Omi immediately walked to the center of the stadium and stood five meters in front of Xu Yan.

“Omi, you’re fifteen minutes late.”Xu Yan said.

Omi smiled, “Sorry, I forgot.”

“What, forgot?You’d forget something so big?”Xu Yan huffed, she felt that Omi was deliberately pretending to compare, which student wasn’t looking forward to this matter early in the morning, and Omi actually said that he had forgotten, what was it if it wasn’t pretending to compare.

“Oh, I really almost forgot, I’m afraid I didn’t even know what happened when I just got to the point where so many students were running towards the stadium.”

Xu Yan frowned, “Alright, don’t pretend, I know you didn’t forget, I didn’t accuse you of being late, what did you say about forgetting.”

“Oh, well then, it doesn’t matter.”Omi smiled faintly, Omi discovered that Xu Yan was wearing a human skin mask, others might not be able to see it, but Omi watched carefully and was able to see it by him. One second to remember to read the book

However, Omi wasn’t interested in knowing about her personal matters, so he took it as a no.

“Omi, the last time I fought you, I happened to… have a great aunt and couldn’t bring out my strongest strength, but today, my great aunt is over and I can fight you to my heart’s content.”Xu Yan finished speaking, feeling a bit flushed herself, whether it was a great aunt or not she knew better than anyone else, but now she could only deceive herself and others like this.

Omi laughed and asked, “So, are you sure your aunt is clean, don’t wait to affect your play again, I don’t want to bullshit with you one after another.”

“Hmph, Omi, please don’t use such a tone of voice, don’t care if I’ve drained cleanly or not, even if I haven’t, it’s enough to deal with you.”Xu Yan said with some anger, as Omi’s tone was a bit of a look down on her.

“In that case, let’s make a move.”Omi uttered and ejected his sword body, which was about one meter.

Xu Yan raised her sword and stabbed at it with both feet at a point.

“Dang.”As soon as Omi and Xu Yan’s swords touched, Xu Yan suddenly attacked Omi’s weak point.

Omi was stunned and secretly said, “No wonder she is so confident this time, she has found the weak point of my sword.”

Xu Yan was delighted to see that her sister’s cracking move had really worked.

“Drink.”Xu Yan drank delicately and was about to take Omi down.

But at that moment, Omi suddenly changed his sword technique, and although he was still using the Psychic Sword Technique, Omi made an upgrade in the blink of an eye to target those weaknesses.

“Swoosh.”A few swords down, Xu Yan was attacked and retreated.

“What’s going on, why is sister’s cracked sword move ineffective.”Xu Yan was in a great hurry.

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian, who was watching from the corner of the stadium, was shocked.

Xu Mei Qian said in her heart, “Omi is really a martial arts genius, he saw the flaw in his sword move from Xu Yan and made an upgrade in the blink of an eye.This time Yan’er’s cracked sword move is completely ineffective.”


; Xu Mei Qian marvels at Omi’s martial arts talent while worrying for her sister.

However, in the next blink of an eye, Omi shocks Xu Yan’s sword move.

Omi’s sword stabbed Xu Yan’s chest.

“Ah.”Xu Yan was horrified, completely too late to make any resistance.

However, Omi promptly withdrew his sword, the sword pointing at Xu Yan’s chest, the tip of the sword just pointed at Xu Yan’s chest, making a bit of a pervert.

Xu Yan was stunned, busy covering her chest, humming, “Shame on you.”

Omi put the sword away, a bit speechless.

Omi said, “Xu Yan, it seems that your great aunt hasn’t drained cleanly.”This sentence of Omi was meant to be a sarcastic remark, but as a result, the unidentified students thought it was true and shouted, “Xu Yan, you’re such a damn spoilsport, you won’t drain clean before you come back ah.”

“What a waste of my time, no row clean anxious ah.”

Xu Yan was pointed at and scolded by so many students, feeling very humiliated, as if she was being sarcastic.

Xu Mei Qian was busy walking up.

“Omi, don’t be too arrogant, save some face for my sister.”Xu Mei Qian said.

Omi said, “Save face already.”

“Omi, if you’re arrogant again, I’ll arrest you and take you to the Public Security Bureau.”

“Hahaha, Officer Xu, you only dare to be arrogant in front of me and other ordinary citizens, if a defeat of red dust were here, you would be too scared to speak.”

“You.”Xu Mei Qian was furious, she hated to hear the four words One Defeat Red Dust, Omi was biased to mention this person in front of her.

Omi smiled and walked away.

Xu Yan grievously asked, “Sister, why can’t the cracking sword move you taught me deal with him?”

Xu Mei Qian helplessly said, “Yan’er, after all this, you should admit defeat.”

“I won’t admit defeat, I’m not willing to lose to him.”After being number one for so long, Xu Yan was suddenly defeated and was very unconvinced.

“Yan’er, Omi is indeed stronger than you, the cracking sword move you just used to deal with him was originally effective, however, Omi’s martial arts talent is extraordinary, he upgraded and fixed it in the blink of an eye against those few flaws.So the originally effective cracking sword move was suddenly ineffective.Even I have to admit that he really is a martial arts genius, with a surprisingly high comprehension of swordsmanship.Your martial arts comprehension, to be honest, is really not at all comparable to Omi’s.Otherwise, Omi had just blinked to do an upgrade, and you could have blinked to crack it again as well.Unfortunately, you lost straight away, Omi’s martial arts talent, and it’s not at all unfair that you lost to him.”

“Ah.”Xu Yan was stunned there, listening to her sister’s analysis, and suddenly felt that losing to Omi wasn’t so unconvincing.

“How is it possible for White Cloud High School to have students with such high martial arts talent, I just can’t imagine.”Xu Yan said.

“Oh, the world is so big, there are all kinds of wonders, admit defeat, Yan’er, Omi’s martial arts talent is so high, his future achievements must be extraordinary, even higher than mine, instead of being displeased with him, why don’t you become friends with him and study and learn from his strengths and merits.”

Xu Yan nodded her head and prepared to go home with her sister.

However, Xu Mei Qian said, “Yan’er, you can’t stay at home every day, I think you should come to school in the future, you used to say that the school has no rivals, and that the school’s genius experts are weak.But now, you were killed by Omi, which means that Baiyun High School is not without experts, but you just think you are.Maybe there are still some deep and hidden experts at White Cloud High School, after all, not everyone likes to compete.”


Xu Yan nodded helplessly, in fact she was also prepared to come to the school to teach in the future, she could no longer think that the school was full of weaklings like before and didn’t want to deal with a bunch of weaklings.

Xu Mei Qian said, “I don’t know if there are any crouching tigers and hidden dragons among the students of Bai Yun Middle School, but I know a few quite strong ones among the teachers of Bai Yun Middle School.”

Xu Yan returned to the classroom, it had been a long time since she had been there.

Xu Yan immediately posted on campus, “I admit that I lost to you, Omi.”

Xu Yan voluntarily admitted defeat, and Omi completely became number one on the Baiyun High School genius master list.

An anonymous friend replied, “So what if the genius expert is first, it’s only useful if you have talent, don’t forget that Baiyun Middle School is a place to study, not a place to compete.In my eyes, the first place in the genius master list is not as good as the top student with the first grade.”

The person who sent this reply was precisely Liu Yang.

New Year’s Day was coming, many classes were rehearsing skits, or choruses, and the entire school had a festive pre-holiday feel to it.

But right now, at a certain villa in Linjiang City.

A man with a grim look asked, “How are the plans prepared?”

“Big Brother rest assured, this plan was carefully prepared by us, you invested 150 million dollars to go down just to get Xu Mei Qian’s body, bleeding so heavily, the heavens can’t even see it, and will definitely bless you to succeed in getting Xu Mei Qian.”An underling said. First URL

This man with a ghastly look, called Wang Ge, is the second head of the Hall of the Transfiguration Dragon.Last time, his younger brother, Wang Jie, was brought to the Public Security Bureau by the police for investigating for killing three people and disguising another person’s car accident, and as a result, he was destroyed by a single defeat.

However, although it wasn’t long ago, this Wang Ge seems to have forgotten about it and is focused on preparing a big plan to trap Xu Mei Qian.

Wang Ge had also really gone to great lengths to trap Xu Mei Qian, spending 150 million and hiring two super experts.

The two experts he hired were both martial arts levels over 50.

Wang Singer held a cup of tea in his hand and smiled, “All the men in Linjiang City fantasize about sleeping with a beautiful woman like Xu Mei Qian, but unfortunately, tonight, I will be the one to get there first, hahaha.”Wang Ge let out a big laugh.

Xu Mei Qian went to the Public Security Bureau to see if they had found the identity of the deceased at the airport yesterday, but unfortunately they didn’t find the identity of that deceased.

Regarding One Defeat Red Dust, the police have not made any progress either, One Defeat Red Dust is haunted and his whereabouts are erratic, so he can’t be found at all.

Just then, a policeman walked in and said, “Team Xu, there’s a letter for you.”

Xu Mei Qian said, “Put it on the table.”

The policeman put the letter on the table, and Xu Mei Qian finished her work before opening the envelope.

“Tonight, meet me at the Grass Temple outside the West City, don’t bring anyone else, a defeat.”

“Eh?A defeat?”Xu Mei Qian was shocked. She thought it was an ordinary complaint letter or something like that, but she didn’t expect it to be a letter from One Defeat Red Dust.

However, this was quite in line with One Defeat Red Dust’s style, sending the letter in a mysterious manner that wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention.

“Is it really One Defeat Red Dust?Why did he ask me out of the blue?Not afraid of me arresting him?”

Xu Mei Qian was still full of doubts about this letter.

However, even if she was still confused, she had to go because it was a matter of one defeat of red dust.

Xu Mei Qian immediately ordered a few assistants to secretly set up a guard at the Grass Temple outside the Western City.

Xu Mei Qian also deliberately set up a few snipers on high ground, only, there might not be a chance to hit the One Defeat Red Dust!

This kind of mastery, no matter how fast the bullet is, requires human manipulation.

At White Cloud High School, the morning had passed.

Everyone had gone to eat lunch.

“Omi, congratulations on becoming the number one expert at White Cloud High School, let me buy you a meal at noon, okay?”Samira specially came to Class 32 and invited Omi.

Liona was busy saying, “No need, he’s going to eat with me at noon.”

Omi looked at Samira, suddenly a little curious about her, what kind of person is she, who taught her charming skills.

In Omi’s world, there were also fawning arts, known as evil arts in the Jianghu world, which people from the Devil’s Cult were good at.Once Omi had dealt with the Holy Maiden of the Devil Religion, and that Devil Religion’s Holy Maiden was a person with superior charming skills.

“Fine, I’ll accept your treat.”Omi said.

Liona looked at Omi incredulously, stomped her foot in anger, and walked away with her table with her mouth full.

Samira smiled, not expecting Omi to actually accept her treat.

Omi agreed because he was curious about her being a bit charming and wanted to take the opportunity to get to know her a bit better.

“Omi, let’s go then.”

“Good.”Omi nodded.

“Then where are we going to eat?”Samira looked at Omi with an expectant gaze that exuded an incomparable charm.

“You can go wherever you want.”Omi said.

Samira walked forward and Omi followed her.

Samira said in her heart, “Could it be that Omi has already been charmed by me?Why else are you suddenly so obedient?”

“Then let’s go to an off-campus hotel, find a place where it’s just the two of us, and have a nice dinner.”

“Good.”Omi said.

Samira brought Omi to a private room in an off-campus restaurant.

However, Samira was in no hurry to order food and closed the door of the booth, hooked her finger at Omi and smiled fawningly, “Omi, come here.”

Omi’s heart hummed, “This Samira, I’m afraid she thinks she’s bewitched me.A mere charm, thinking I’ve never seen it before, if I hadn’t come to this world with a great drop in strength, I wouldn’t have looked at it with your little charm.”

However, Omi saw that Samira thought he had confused him, so he simply played a trick on her.

Omi walked up to Samira’s front.

Samira smiled proudly and said to Omi, “Am I beautiful?”

Omi said, “Beautiful, as if it were a celestial fairy.”

“Giggle.”Samira listened to the giggles and said, “Although many stinky men say I’m beautiful, only what you said made me feel the most comfortable to hear.Omi, I thought it wasn’t so easy to take you down, but I didn’t expect you to be taken down so easily, I overestimated you before.”

Omi didn’t say anything.

Samira said, “Omi, slap yourself.”

Omi raised his palm and slapped Samira’s buttocks.

“Slap.”Making a loud noise, Omi originally wanted to slap her face, but on second thought, at least a beautiful woman, he gave her face the first time.

“You.”Samira’s buttocks came with a hot pain, and she was shocked and angry.

“Come on, Samira, didn’t you invite me to dinner.”

“You weren’t even tempted by me.”Samira gasped.


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