King of kings 236-240


“Oh, you’re the only one who can tempt me?Don’t be silly, what are you trying to do by using charm to seduce me three times?”

Shangguan Zuo turned into a smile again and said, “Because, I like you.”

“Do you have to use fawning if you like me?You can chase me openly and honestly.”Omi.

“Chase you and you’ll be my boyfriend?”

“No.”Don Omi said.

“Then you still let me chase you, so I’ll have to fawn on you.”

Omi pressed Samira against the wall and pressed his body against her, almost mouth-to-mouth with her.

Samira saw Omi suddenly in such an ambiguous position towards her, and she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

“What do you want to do?”Samira asked.

“Samira, who taught you your charming skills?”Don Omi asked.

“Haha, what does it have to do with you.” Remember the URL

Omi always felt that there was a hint of an inexplicable connection between Samira’s fawning technique and a certain super powerful enemy from his previous life.Perhaps he was overthinking it, how could this be possible, after all, Omi didn’t know anything about charming arts either.

“Never mind.”Omi let go of Samira.

Samira suddenly asked, “Omi, are you afraid of me?”

Omi laughed disdainfully, “Afraid of you?By you?”

“Then why are you interested in me fawning over you?And just now when you asked me who taught me the charming technique, I clearly saw a hint of nervousness appear on your face.”Samira.

Omi laughed, this Samira’s ability to perceive things is really strong, and yes, Omi did have a nervous look just now.Because Omi associated it with that super powerful enemy from his previous life, from Samira’s charming technique, Omi saw you a hint of that enemy.That enemy was the Demon Saint Maiden from his previous life, Omi had suffered many times at her hands in his previous life.This person, Omi didn’t even dare to say that he had suppressed her in his previous life.

However, it must have been overthinking, just seeing Shangguan Zuo’s charm and associating it with the Demon Saint Maiden.

“Alright, Samira, aren’t you going to treat me to dinner?If not please, then I’m leaving.”Omi said, not thinking so much about the chaos of his past life, the enemies of his past life was already a passing cloud.

Samira smiled, “If I say I’ll treat you to dinner, I’ll treat you to dinner, but Omi, just now I was a little disappointed in you, so easily confused by me.But now I see that you’re not so easy, hehe, I feel happier instead, which means, you’re very challenging.I’ve only just learned the art of charming, and I swear, in the future, you’ll be on your knees licking my feet.Seeing as you can still have a meal with me now, I promise to take off my shoes when I lick my feet, hahaha.”

Omi laughed disdainfully and snorted, “Self-righteous.”

Samira really did order, and had a not-so-friendly meal with Omi and his two men.

During the meal, Omi asked, “Samira, honestly, how many men have you bewitched?”

“Why should I tell you.”

“Why do you confuse so many men, anyway?Is it to get your own physical gratification?I see that you are really beautiful looking, why don’t you just be a woman and be a slut who lusts after men and goes around picking them up?”

Samira’s face was angry, “Who is a slut.”

“Don’t you confuse men to get them to sleep with you?”

“You, Omi, you’re thinking beautifully.”Samira exhaled and left the table.

This made Omi even more curious, but Omi didn’t bother to get to the bottom of it.No matter what the purpose was, it was impossible to confuse Omi anyway.

Returning to class in the afternoon, it turned out that Liona was a bit angry that at noon Tang Zi

How dare she be so disrespectful to her, she had refused to accept Shangguan Zuo’s invitation for Omi, yet Omi still had to go to dinner with Shangguan Zuo.She didn’t take her seriously at all, thanks to her intentionally wearing a sexy dance costume and dancing to him in the morning.

So, Liona feels very aggrieved, she thought of insomnia last night to give Omi some New Year’s Day gift, but he was good and made her angry.

Classes ended in the evening.



Omi shouted several times but ignored, Liona desperately walked forward.

Omi looked pretty good at Miss’s angry appearance.

“Miss, Samira is asking me to go to the movies.”Omi took out two movie tickets and said.

Liona immediately turned around and warned, “How dare you.”

“Hahaha, didn’t you ignore me, if you ignore me again, I’ll have to go to the movies with Samira.Alright, I’ll treat you to a movie tonight.”

Liona saw Omi holding two movie tickets and asked, “Where did you get the movie tickets?”

“Hey, don’t care where I’m from, I’ll treat you to a movie tonight, are you going or not.”

Liona huffed, “No go.”

“Alright then, I’ll go with Xuan’er.”

Liona immediately turned back and snatched the movie ticket from Omi’s hand and said, “Since you’re so sincere, I’ll go.”

Omi smiled heedlessly.

Those two movie tickets were given to him by a female student named Chu En Ren at noon, because last time she was beaten up by Wu Shao Jie’s little brother and gave Omi two movie tickets in return.

Omi and Liona didn’t go home, eating spicy hot food on the street and then going to the cinema to watch a movie afterwards.

Liona is in a good mood, eating spicy hot food and watching movies with Omi, and has the feeling of a couple on a date, she has never been so happy tonight in her life.

While Omi is watching a movie with Liona, Xu Mei Qian with a few assistants, has gone to the Grass Temple outside the West City.

The Grass Temple had already set up many police ambushes, with three snipers lurking at three vantage points.

Xu Mei Qian stood on the roof of the Grass Temple, a former City God Temple that had long since crumbled to pieces.

The moon was shining in the sky, not long after, a man dressed all in black came, he stepped on the branches and leaves of the tree tops and quickly flew to the front of the Grass Temple.

Xu Mei Qian saw that One Defeat Red Dust had indeed come, her heart was delighted, she must catch him tonight.

“One Defeat Red Dust, it really is you, what do you want to ask me out?”Xu Mei Qian asked.

“Bang.”In the distance, a sniper suddenly fired towards the man in black.

However, the man in black was very alert, the martial arts realm had reached this level, his alertness was already superb, and with a flip in the air, he only needed to be slightly deflected by half a point, and the bullet passed by.

Xu Mei Qian was shocked, she did not give orders, who fired randomly.

The man in black grunted, “You actually set up an ambush, then we’ll talk about it another day.”

After saying that, the man in black quickly flew away.

Xu Mei Qian angrily asked, “Who fired the gun?”

“Team Xu, our people didn’t shoot, not our police.”

When Xu Mei Qian saw that One Defeat Red Dust was leaving, she immediately chased after him first.

“One Defeat Red Dust, don’t you dare try to escape again.”Xu Mei Qian shouted.

However, for some reason, Xu Mei Qian felt as if this One Defeat Red Dust’s lightness wasn’t as strong as before, but Xu Mei Qian still wanted to catch up first.


That black-clothed man quickly escaped several thousand meters into a valley outside the city, and the police behind him naturally couldn’t keep up.

“A defeated red dust, still running away?”From a dozen meters behind him came Xu Mei Qian’s voice, Xu Mei Qian felt that it was easy to chase after One Defeat Red Dust this time, either he wasn’t One Defeat Red Dust, or he was deliberately slowing down.

The black-clothed man in front stopped.

Xu Mei Qian swooshed out her sword.

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian suddenly smelled a fragrant smell in the air.

In the next moment, Xu Mei Qian felt something strange.

“Not good, toxic smoke.”Xu Mei Qian reacted, and the man in black in front of her was suddenly killing towards Xu Mei Qian, and another expert rushed out from the forest next to her.

Xu Mei Qian inhaled the toxic smoke, her thinking was affected and her movements couldn’t keep pace with her brain.

“Bang.”Within a few strokes, Xu Mei Qian was severely slapped.

“You are not one defeat of red dust.”Xu Mei Qian yelled.

“Unfortunately, you know too late.”The other black-clothed man said. One second to remember to read the book

These two black-clothed men were both highly skilled in martial arts, and Xu Mei Qian felt that even in normal times, it might not be so easy to defeat them, not to mention that their strength was greatly diminished after being hit by their poisonous smoke.

Xu Mei Qian was ready to rip right then and there.

“Want to leave, is it possible?”Two men in black attacked up.

The poisonous smoke from Xu Mei Qian’s attack became more and more severe, and already felt dizzy, Xu Mei Qian fought for five minutes and was knocked unconscious.The two men in black quickly evacuated with Xu Mei Qian and handed her over to Wang Ge, 150 million in hand.

These matters that had nothing to do with Omi were left aside for now.

At this time, Omi and Liona were watching a movie at the cinema.

Sitting in front of Liona a couple, the movie does not look, a moment to kiss, a moment to whisper, seriously affecting the back row of sitting Liona.Liona felt depressed and said to Omi, “Let’s not watch, let’s go somewhere else, the two people in front of us don’t watch movies and kiss at every turn, it’s unbearable.”

Omi kicked the front row, and the two kissers in the front row turned around.

Omi was shocked to see that it was them.

“It’s you guys?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed.

The girl smiled apologetically at Omi and called out, “Tang Shao.”

The boy, on the other hand, was furious at Omi.

Liona was confused and asked, “Why are you two watching a movie together?And kissing in the cinema, last time, didn’t he beat you up wildly at school?”

That woman was very embarrassed and lowered her head.

Omi was also confused, this woman’s name is Chu En Ren, it is the last time in front of the school, by a maniacal beating called Li what machine, Omi went up to save her, but now, but see this Chu En Ren, with the person who beat her to watch a movie together, but also from time to time kissed.

Liona couldn’t believe it, “Last time he beat you up like this, you’re actually watching a movie with him now, what the hell is going on?”Liona was a bit angry, the last time she saw her beaten so badly, she ordered Omi to save her, but she didn’t expect her to heal her scars so quickly and forget the pain.

Chu En Ren said, “Tang Shao, I…”

Omi asked, “This Lee something, is he your boyfriend?”

Chu En Ren shook her head, “No.”

“Then you guys were just kissing from time to time to influence us to watch the movie.”

Chu Eun Ren said with difficulty, “He, he was actually sitting in the front row of my, male best friend.”


br /> Omi was speechless: “A male best friend still beats you?”

“That time, he also did it out of anger, but it’s okay now, and he’s made up.”

“Nima, make me so nosy.”Omi huffed.

Liona said, “Omi, the movie isn’t good anyway, let’s go.”

“Mm.”Omi and Liona walked out of the cinema.

As soon as Omi and Liona walked out of the cinema, the one called Li What Machine, suddenly slapped Chu En Ren’s face and scolded, “You gave them their movie tickets?”

“Well, I’m actually thankful that Don Zixon helped me last time.”

“Pah, you fucking bitch, you know I hate them and you gave them movie tickets.”Li what’s-his-name slapped the boy again, as if he was on fire and wanted to continue the fight.

Omi and Liona had already walked out of the movie theater.

“Let’s go ice skating.”Liona said.

“Good.”Omi nodded his head.

At that moment, Omi’s phone rang, and at first glance, it was a call from the little hacker beauty.

Omi stepped to the side to pick it up, and Liona was depressed when she saw that Omi was still answering the phone behind her back.

“Hey, Xiao Meng, what’s up?”Omi asked.

“Brother Omi, there’s a heroic rescue job you want to do, do you want to do it?”

“A hero to the rescue?Oh, I only do the work for Heaven, not part-time this.”Omi still had to go ice skating with Liona, so how could he have time to save a hero.

“What if the person rescued is Xu Mei Qian?”Hacker.

“Uh, Xu Mei Qian, does she need me to save her?”

“Brother Omi, I just tapped into a call and learned that Xu Mei Qian has been arrested and is being held in the basement of some farmhouse outside the Western City.Some guy named Wang Ge or something is on his way to the outside of the city, and he seems to be trying to strong-arm Xu Mei Qian tonight, so I’ll give you a call, and if you’re not interested in heroically saving her, then forget it.If you’re interested, then you’ll have to hurry up.”

Omi hesitated, he still had a good impression of Xu Mei Qian, a righteous policeman, it would be a pity if he really let someone be strong.

“Alright, at what farmhouse?”Omi asked.

“It seems to be called ‘Date Mountain Farmhouse’, you head outside the Western City right away, I’ll find out the exact location for you, or else Xu Mei Qian will be strong if you come late.”

“Mm.”Omi nodded, hung up the phone, and walked back to Liona.

“Who called you.”Liona asked, her heart a little lost at Omi deliberately answering the phone behind her back.

“No one, by the way, I’m really in a hurry, I can’t go skating with you, I’ll give you my car keys, you can drive yourself back.”

Omi took the keys to Liona and then left in a hurry, saving lives was important.

Liona was lost for a while, and hummed in her heart, “It must be Simran, she made a phone call and left right away, is her weight so heavy?”

Omi exerted his lightness and flew up to the roof when in the dark, leaping between the buildings of the city, the target, outside the West City.

The distance was a bit far, Omi had to be at full speed, there could be no delay.I don’t know who that Wang Ge is, so bold, daring to trap Xu Mei Qian, and daring to force Xu Mei Qian.However, Xu Mei Qian, as the number one beauty in Linjiang City, there were probably quite a few who wanted to strong her.

At this time, outside of West City, Xu Mei Qian was weak and tied to a stone pillar in the basement.The basement was dim, with only one not-so-bright light bulb.


Soon after, Xu Mei Qian woke up.

“Who is it, come out, who tied me up.”Xu Mei Qian yelled.

However, after she yelled for several minutes, no one paid any attention to her, Xu Mei Qian was so depressed that she was careless.

After a few more minutes, a car arrived on the ground, and a fat man got down from it.

“Boss Wang.”

“Where’s the man?”

“It’s locked up in the basement.”The two men said.

This Boss Wang, that’s Wang Ge, the second head of the Hua Long Hall, actually Wang Ge isn’t fat, it’s all a disguise, he also wears a human skin mask on his face.After he finished strengthening Xu Mei Qian, he knocked her unconscious and threw her somewhere else, after that, Xu Mei Qian didn’t know who had strengthened her, Wang Ge’s idea was indeed beautiful.

Wang Ge went to the basement by himself.

When Xu Mei Qian saw someone coming, she was busy roaring, “Who are you, and you’re not letting me go.”

Wang Ge smiled, “Captain Xu, I spent so much money to hire experts to capture you, how can I just let you go like this.However, don’t worry, I will definitely let you go, only, it’s not time yet.I think it’ll take at least an hour, and when I’ve had enough fun, I’ll naturally let you go.” First URL

Xu Mei Qian stared at Wang Ge and said angrily, “Dare you to reveal your human skin mask.”

Wang Ge laughed, “Captain Xu is truly amazing, he saw with a glance that I was wearing a human skin mask.Unfortunately, I won’t take it off, so in order to have no subsequent trouble, I’ll have to work hard myself and engage you with a human skin mask.”

“You dare.”Xu Mei Qian clenched her teeth.

“Oh, Captain Xu, you’re powerless right now, and after being hit by my Nine Nights Soft Tendon, you won’t be able to resist for five hours.Moreover, you’re still tied to a pillar, do you think you’re capable of breaking free?”

Xu Mei Qian’s face was cold, but at the same time, she was also a bit scared.

Wang Ge laughed again, “Captain Xu, just in case, I won’t put you down, let’s just keep you tied to the pillar, standing anyway, you can do anything, hahaha.”

“I advise you to stop here, I can forget about it, otherwise you’re just a cocoon.”Xu Mei Qian warned.

“Oh, Captain Xu, you can’t blame me, it’s just that you’re too tempting.”

Xu Mei Qian desperately tried to free herself from the ropes, but unfortunately it was useless and she was weak.

“Captain Xu, don’t waste your strength.”

Wang Ge came up to Xu Mei Qian, took out a pair of scissors and cut Xu Mei Qian’s clothes along her shoulders.

“You’re bold, don’t force me.”Xu Mei Qian roared.

“I said don’t waste your energy.”Wang Ge didn’t care and continued to cut Xu Mei Qian’s clothes.

At this moment, a voice came from the corner of the basement, “Let her go.”

“Who?”Wang Ge immediately turned around and saw a man in black standing in the corner of the basement.Omi could have come faster, but gave a short delay for this black-clothed man, fortunately not late.

When Xu Mei Qian saw that man in black, she immediately sensed from his tone and momentum that he was the authentic One Defeat Red Dust.

Xu Mei Qian was overjoyed.

Wang Ge looked at Omi in horror and said angrily, “Who the hell are you?”

Omi didn’t want to say anything and suddenly swung out a sword, the sword qi tore Xu Mei Qian’s rope, Xu Mei Qian was weak, even though the rope was loosened, she fell to the ground.

Wang Ge saw the situation, knew that today I’m afraid we can’t do anything, and jumped out of the basement door in an instant.


nbsp; With a “clang”, the basement’s iron door was locked by him.

Omi only came to save Xu Mei Qian today, not to kill Wang Ge, so he escaped and Omi didn’t bother, otherwise how could he escape from the basement by half a step.

Omi walked up to Xu Mei Qian’s side.

Xu Mei Qian’s clothes had just been cut along the shoulders by Wang Ge, just now because there was still a rope tied to it, the clothes didn’t fall off, but now there was no rope tied to it, the clothes fell off at once.

The upper half of Xu Mei Qian’s body was completely naked in front of Omi’s eyes.

Omi had only seen the hot side of Xu Mei Qian in police uniform before, never the fully exposed side, right now, Omi saw Xu Mei Qian’s completely naked upper body, those two huge things seemed to be full of magic, suddenly made Omi’s throat slipped a little.

Xu Mei Qian didn’t seem to realize it at the moment.

Xu Mei Qian looked at One Defeat Red Dust whose eyes were filled with star-like depths and indifference and said, “Why did you save me?”

Omi said, “You’re a good cop.”

“You think I can stop arresting you just because you saved me?I can tell you that the next time we meet, I’ll still arrest you.”Xu Mei Qian said.

“You can’t catch me.”

Xu Mei Qian asked, “How do you know I’ve been caught here?”

Omi said, “Someone is impersonating me, how can I not know, you are mistakenly thinking that I am the one who is trapped, I don’t want me to be used once I lose the red dust.It’s just that you’ve disappointed me, a mere soft tendon has made you lose your resistance, how can you catch me in the future if you’re only capable of this.”

“Cut the crap, who was that guy just now?”

Omi said, “Wang Ge.”

Xu Mei Qian was furious, “It’s him, turn back and see if I’ll let him go.”Xu Mei Qian was furious, but then, she suddenly saw a defeated red dust staring at her chest, and when she looked down, Xu Mei Qian realized that her upper body was completely bare.

“What are you looking at.”Xu Mei Qian stared, but unfortunately, her hands were so soft that she couldn’t even lift them up to block the scenery on her chest.

Omi said, “Since you’ve been saved, I’ll leave first, see you later.”

“Wait a minute, is it an act of chivalry for you to leave me here alone?”Xu Mei Qian said nervously, if Omi left, what if Wang Ge returned again, or if someone else came in, wouldn’t it be bare again.So, anyway, it’s better that she’s already let One Defeat Red Dust see all the light, and she’s not afraid of seeing more than a few more people.

“What do you want?I don’t want to take advantage of you.”Omi said.

Xu Mei Qian said, “Go out and help me find a dress.”

Omi didn’t refuse to take it, but the basement door was held against the outside with something.

Omi shook the door open with a slap and jumped onto the ground.

Wang Ge was already nowhere to be found, and Omi didn’t bother to care about him, letting Xu Mei Qian take revenge for such a thing herself.

This farmhouse, on a hill, was obviously abandoned long ago because there was no business, Omi couldn’t find any clothes.

Omi returned to the basement.

“Where are the clothes?”Xu Mei Qian saw Omi come back empty-handed and asked a busy question.

“Sorry, there are no clothes outside.”

“Then what about me?”Xu Mei Qian is a bit nervous, already naked in front of Omi, do you want more people to know?

Omi was in a bit of a dilemma, Xu Mei Qian gazed at Omi’s clothes.

Omi couldn’t possibly take off his own clothes to her, Omi wouldn’t do such a thing as exposing himself.


“I can return to town and find you some clothes,”Don Omi said.

“If you return to the city, what do you want me to do if someone comes in, or if a wild animal comes in?”Xu Mei Qian said.

“It’s really no good, I’ll send you back.”Omi didn’t bother to talk nonsense, immediately pulled Xu Mei Qian up, hugged Xu Mei Qian’s waist, and leapt to the ground.

After reaching the ground, Omi held Xu Mei Qian’s waist tightly with one hand, Xu Mei Qian’s chest naturally clung tightly to Omi’s body, Omi had felt the incomparable softness.

Xu Mei Qian didn’t say anything, just very helpless, didn’t expect to have to let by a gnashing of teeth thief to take such a great advantage.

Omi held Xu Mei Qian in his arms and flew up the hill, stepping on the tips of trees and flying towards the city in the distance.

Xu Mei Qian said, “Your lightness is still out of my expectation, you’re holding a person, but your speed wasn’t affected much.”

Omi’s voice was indifferent as he said, “So you’d better give up on making an enemy of me.”

“Impossible, even if I’m not your opponent, I won’t forget my duty.”

Omi no longer spoke to her, the icy wind of the night blew across Xu Mei Qian’s smooth naked back, but Xu Mei Qian did not feel cold, her body was close to One Defeat Red Dust, and heat was constantly coming from One Defeat Red Dust, Xu Mei Qian knew that One Defeat Red Dust was secretly losing internal energy to her, transferring warmth and also making Xu Mei Qian feel more and more relaxed.

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian had an unspeakable taste inside. Remember the website

Xu Mei Qian sighed, “I could have been a human being, but I was a thief.”

Omi didn’t say anything.

In fact, Omi could have given her a few stitches so that she would be able to get rid of the poison soon.

However, Omi didn’t, a defeated red dust or something less revealing in terms of medical skills, so Omi didn’t give her an antidote to the poison, anyway, after five hours, the Soft Tendon Scattering would naturally be lifted.

Omi flew into the edge of the city and landed on the roof of a private house on the outskirts of the city.

Omi first put down Xu Mei Qian, then hung upside down on the roof and took a blouse from the window sill.

Omi tossed the blouse to Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian said bitterly, “I can’t wear it even if I give it to me.”

Omi was helpless, she couldn’t lift her hands, how could she dress.

Omi had to personally put her coat on, the first time in his life to dress a woman, and finally, pulled up the zipper of the clothes, Xu Mei Qian’s plump chest invisible.Omi was suddenly a little reluctant to part with her, and wanted to take a closer look.

Xu Mei Qian said, “A defeat of red dust, you really are a righteous gentleman, if it were someone else, seeing me so naked and topless, even if I didn’t do anything, I would definitely not be able to hide that lustful gaze in my eyes.”

Omi didn’t speak, once again picking up Xu Mei Qian and flying towards the center of the city.

After flying a few hundred meters, Omi asked, “Where do I send you?Public Safety?”

Xu Mei Qian didn’t want anyone to know about the scandal that happened tonight, and said, “If you want, you can send me to my home, my home is on XX Road XX Cell XX.”

Xu Mei Qian wasn’t afraid of telling One Defeat Red Dust her address, because she believed that One Defeat Red Dust was an upright person and wouldn’t do anything if she knew.

Omi didn’t say a word, but had acquiesced to the request to send Xu Mei Qian directly to her home.

Omi flew through the eaves and soon arrived at Xu Mei Qian’s home.

Omi held Xu Mei Qian in his arms and flew directly from the window to Xu Mei Qian’s room.

Omi placed Xu Mei Qian on her bed and then turned around and left.


p; “Wait, thank you.”Xu Mei Qian said.

Omi didn’t say anything, leaping out of the window at once and disappearing into the night.

Omi went all the way back to Liu Chenming’s house, his head actually kept flashing the image of Xu Mei Qian with her upper body exposed, lingering, Omi was really speechless, but had to admit that the impact was so great, it would be impossible for others to hold it down.

Omi walked into the villa, tonight would have wanted to go skating, the results did not go into, but also let Liona come back alone, I think Liona very angry.

It was necessary for Omi to go and coax her.

“Where is Miss?”Omi asked the maid Jean.

“Young Master, didn’t you go to the movies with Miss?Wu Ma said you won’t be back for dinner tonight.”..

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, Liona hadn’t even come home yet.

This was unlikely, Omi went to rescue Xu Mei Qian, the time before and after added up to at least an hour, there was no way that Liona hadn’t arrived home for so long.She was alone and couldn’t have gone anywhere to play, Liona’s character Omi still understood, she was usually very homely and almost never went out alone.

Omi made a phone call to Liona, and the phone was off.

Omi frowned.

At this time, Liu Chenming, who was away on a business trip, called Omi.

“Omi, Xiang’er has been kidnapped, what’s going on?”Willow was very anxious when she opened her mouth.

“What, kidnapped?”Omi wondered if he had heard correctly.

“Uncle Willow, what’s going on?I just said how come Miss hasn’t come home yet, I just went to the movies with Miss, after that I kind of left beforehand, let Miss drive home, and when I came back, I didn’t see Miss at home, and I called her and turned off my phone.”

“Omi, Xiang’er has been kidnapped, I just received a call from Xiang’er, in which a man’s voice, he said, told me to prepare a million dollars, will contact me again in an hour, no police, or rip off the cheque.Then I called you right away.”Willow Chenming was busy.

“Uncle Liu, don’t worry.”Omi consoled, if anything happened to Liona today, he would really be to blame.

Liu Chenming said, “Omi, the one who kidnapped Xiang’er shouldn’t be a repeat offender, if he is, he shouldn’t just ask me for a million.”

Omi nodded his head and hung up the phone.Omi immediately contacted Hacker Little Beauty.

“Xiaomeng, do me another favor, my lady has been kidnapped.”

Xiao Meng asked, “Brother Omi, where was the last time you saw your lady?”

“In front of the movie theater.”

“OK, I’ll just go check the cinema’s surveillance.”Hacker.


The little hacker beauty quickly tuned in to the surveillance video of Omi and Liona watching the movie earlier, her hacking skills were just too awesome.

A few minutes later, the little hacker beauty sent Omi a surveillance video.

Only Liona drove a person away from the movie theater, and that person was Chu En Ren.

Time rewinds an hour ago.

Omi and Liona walked out of the cinema, sitting in the front row of their Chu En Ren, was what the machine called Lee what machine beat up, and finally Lee what machine also dragged Chu En Ren out of the cinema.

Just saw Omi left alone, leaving Liona.

The man named Li What Machine was very upset with Omi, and suddenly he had a bright idea and said to Chu En Ren, “Do me a favor, if things work out, I’ll never beat you up again.”


“What’s the rush?If I help you, is it true that you’ll never hit me again?”Chu Eun Ren asked.

“Yes, you help me go out and talk to Omi then ask her for a ride and you lure her to any random intersection behind Industrial City.”Lee What Machine’s said.

“What do you want to do to her?She’s Omi’s lady, you don’t want your life.”

“Hmph, where so what, I do it God knows what, Omi is not an immortal, he knows nothing, do you do it or not?If you don’t do it, I’ll kill you right now.”

Chu Eun Ren nodded.

After that, Chu Eun Ren went up to speak to Liona and tricked her into trusting her, then asked if Liona could take her home.

Liona was kind by nature, and although she didn’t have much affection for this Chu Eun Ren anymore, she still agreed, as Omi had slipped away on his own anyway.

Just like that, Liona drove Chu En Ren away.

And the boy called Li What Machine, immediately rode a motorcycle, one step ahead of the destination to wait, because he rode a motorcycle, will not get stuck in traffic, but much faster.

Omi saw the surveillance of the hacker little beauty and was furious.

Hacker Little Beauty hacked the public security bureau system’s traffic light surveillance again, all the way to watch Liona’s car. A second to remember to read the book

“Brother Omi, Liona’s car, drove to Industrial City, after Industrial City, there’s no more traffic light monitoring.”

Omi immediately rushed to Industrial City, that place was rather chaotic, how Liona would run to that place, Omi didn’t know the reason.

Time to rewind, Liona sent Chu En Ren to Industrial City, when at an intersection, Chu En Ren said, “My house is right in front, you can park here.”

Chu Eun Ren got out of the car and waved her hand away.

The first thing I noticed was that I was not able to get out of the car.

Liona thought that someone had been in a traffic accident and was busy getting off to take a look.

As a result, the person lying down suddenly hit a wrench on the back of Liona’s head, the person was blindfolded, Liona did not see clearly face.

Liona fainted.

Omi rushed to the industrial city, at an intersection, Omi saw his BMW, while Liona disappeared.

However, Omi entered the BMW and immediately checked the car’s installed traffic recorder.

Through the traffic recorder, Omi saw the scene of the lady being knocked unconscious, after which she was dragged to the side of the road, a man stole a tricycle and threw Liona onto the tricycle, and the girl named Chu Eun Ren also got into the tricycle.

“Fuck.”Omi smashed his fist in anger.

Omi immediately told the hacker little beauty the tricycle’s license plate and asked her to monitor and check where it went.

Right now, in a deserted alley far away from the industrial city, Liona was tied to a telephone pole and was still unconscious.

Not far away, a man and a woman, both wearing hats and masks, making their faces invisible.

The woman said: “Let her go, you are not professional at all, it is impossible to get the money, and you do not dare to give Liona’s father’s bank card number, you can only deal with face-to-face.However, in case the face-to-face transaction happens and Omi comes, you’ll be finished.”This woman was exactly Chu En Ren.

Her male best friend a roar: “You fucking cut the crap, the thing has been done, if you don’t get the money, I’ll rip it off, and then no, I’ll force her or not.That piece of trash Omi, he beat me up so badly last time, this is the retribution he deserves.”

“You can’t even play with Omi.”Chu Eun Ren said fearfully, now that she thought about it, was she just stupid to agree to do such a thing, now that she was riding a tiger.

Not long after, Hacker Komei

The female caller called.

“Brother Omi, that tricycle has arrived at Longpeng District, you go there right away.”

“It went so far, it deliberately circled around to Industrial City and then back to Longpeng District.”

Omi immediately rushed to the Longpeng District, the little hacker beauty gave him directions and soon arrived at a ruined alleyway.

“Brother Omi, the road surveillance only goes here.”

Omi flew to the roof, along that alley, not five minutes later, he saw a dark, deserted alley in front of him, Liona was tied to a pole, not far away a man and a woman, although wearing a mask, but Omi immediately saw who it was.

Omi was standing on the roof, watching them, but they, however, did not know that Omi had arrived.

At that moment, Chu En Ren that male best friend said, “One finished, he took out Liona’s phone, turned it on, and dialed Liu Chen Ming.

“Hey, an hour’s time is up, is the money ready?”Lee what machine’s asking.

On the other end of the line, Willow Chen chirped a little nervously, but nodded and said, “Ready to go.”

“If you call the police, I’ll rip you off,”Lee What’s Machine’s warned.

“Don’t worry, a mere million dollars is not worth the risk, as long as you promise to take the money, you’ll let him go.”Willow Chenming said busily.

“Good, now you take the money with you and go to the roof of the Yangchun Building, I’ll give you twenty minutes.”

“Oh.”Liu Chenming nodded, wondering what the kid was letting him go to the roof of the Yangchun Mansion for.

Chu Eun Ren asked, “What did you tell her to go to the Yangchun Mansion for?”

Li what machine’s a huff: “You know nothing, I deliberately let him go round and round, aren’t all the kidnappers on TV acting like this.”

Just then, the voice of Omi rang out: “No need, it’s better to deal here in person.”

Chu Eun Ren and that Li What Machine, when they saw Omi, they screamed out in shock.

The boy, Li What Machine, pulled his legs out and tried to run.

Omi rushed up and chopped him down with a slap.

“You heck, you’re so amateurish, you also have the nerve to play kidnapping.”Omi stepped on Li What Machine and said.

Li What Machine’s face was white as a sheet, he thought he was doing God-knows-what, but he didn’t expect Omi to find him so soon.

Chu En Ren immediately pleaded, “Tang Shao, for the sake of me giving you two movie tickets, spare him.”

“Pah.”Omi slapped her to the ground and said, “Chu Eun Ren, I’ll settle this with you later.”

At this time, Chu En Ren’s male best friend laughed and said, “Omi, my big brother is Wu Shao Jie, last time when you hit me, he was already upset, this time if you hit me again, my big brother will never stop.”

It’s fine not to say it, once he said it, Omi was even angrier, Wu Shaojie also had the nerve to move out, with that Wu Shaojie thing, Omi didn’t take him seriously at all.

Omi didn’t bother to bullshit with him, kicked him a few times, and then dialed 110.

Chu En Ren saw that Omi had called the police and cried, “Tang Shao, please, don’t call the police, call the police and we’ll be finished.”

Kidnapping and extorting 1 million, if they don’t have any backstage, they’ll be waiting for a 10 or 8 year jail term.

Chu Eun Ren jumped up and grabbed Omi’s phone, preventing him from calling the police.

Omi kicked her to the ground and grunted, “Self-indulgence.”

Omi didn’t bother to hit her, so he just called the police.

After calling the police, Omi rescues Liona, who is still wearing a black bag over her head.

When Liona woke up, she realized what had happened.


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