King of kings 241-245


Soon, the police arrived, and Chu En Ren and her male best friend were taken to a police car.

Omi took Liona back home, both of them with palpitations, this kind of thing, never to happen again.

At this moment, at the Linjiang City Airport, a middle-aged man with a frosty face walked out of the airport.

This man was followed by a female assistant.

The female assistant said, “Loach, go find a hotel to stay in first, a defeat of red dust isn’t so easy to find in a short time.”

The middle-aged man said with a cold gaze, “This time, if I don’t kill One Defeat Red Dust, I, Loach, will never leave.One Defeat Red Dust, if you hide for your entire life, I will wait for you in Linjiang City for the rest of your life.”After saying that, the middle-aged man walked forward with endless anger in his eyes.

This middle-aged man was the Skeleton Organization’s assassin, Code Name Loach, with a martial arts rank of 62+, and was the Skeleton Organization’s famous Platinum Assassin.This time, Code Name Loach had purposely come to Linjiang City to kill a defeated Red Dust, causing quite a stir in the killer world as well.

At Song Daitian’s house.

Liu Yue and Song Daitian sat in the living room while chatting and watching TV.

At that moment, Liu Yue’s phone rang, and when it looked, it was from his senior brother.

“Hey, senior brother.”Liu Yue was busy picking it up. The first website m. .net

“Liu Yue, something big is going to happen in Linjiang City.”Liu Yue’s senior brother opened his mouth and said something big is going to happen with the first sentence.

“Senior brother, what big thing is going to happen in Linjiang City?”Liu Yue was confused.

“The latest news in the killer world, the Skeleton Organization Platinum Killer Loach, has already gone to Linjiang City to prepare to exterminate One Defeat Red Dust, this matter has caused quite a stir in the killer world.”

“Ah.”Liu Yue’s body trembled, the Platinum Killer has come to Linjiang City, Platinum ah.

“Liu Yue, it’s expected that many killers in the industry will come to Linjiang City in the next few days, I’m also going to come here, anyway, it’s the end of the year, just think of it as a break.”

“Good, call me when you get there.”

Hanging up the phone, Song Daitian saw Liu Yue’s face trembling, busy asking, “Liu Yue, what happened?”

“Uncle Song, there’s something big happening again in Linjiang City, the Skeleton Organization, Platinum Killer Loach, is heard to have come to Linjiang City to prepare to exterminate One Defeat Red Dust.This matter has already caused quite a stir in the world of killers, I’m afraid there will be many killers coming to Linjiang City in the next few days to join the fun, my senior brother is also planning to come to Linjiang City to have some fun, along with seeing how the Platinum Killer is going to exterminate the One Defeat Red Dust.”

Song Daitian was shocked, “The Platinum Killer is going to kill One Defeat Red Dust.”

“Well, Platinum Slayer, with a martial arts level of at least 60, this time, I’m afraid that One Defeat Red Dust will die.”

“Ah.”Song Dai Tian was a little worried, One Defeat Red Dust was someone he admired.

Omi and Liona returned home, took a shower, and went back to their respective rooms to sleep.

A night without a word.

At Xu Mei Qian’s house, Xu Mei Qian was about 1 a.m. when the Nine-Night Soft Tendon in her body finally resolved.

Xu Mei Qian climbed up, entered the bathroom, and doused herself with hot water, her mind constantly recalling the scene where One Defeat Red Dust saw her top half naked, and how One Defeat Red Dust sent her home while secretly channeling internal energy to her so that she wouldn’t be cold.

These events made Xu Mei Qian unforgettable.

The next day, Xu Mei Qian regained her former elegance, before she went to work at the Public Security Bureau, the director called.


sp; “Hey, Chief, what’s the matter early in the morning to find me.”

On the phone, the director said, “Captain Xu, these days, temporarily put down the arrest of a defeat of red dust and the airport murder, and distribute more police forces to prevent the safety of the citizens of Linjiang City.”

“Chief, what’s happening?Why the sudden need for more security for the public?”Xu Mei Qian was puzzled.

“I heard that an assassin group, the Platinum Killer, came to our Linjiang City with the aim of heading straight to One Defeat Red Dust, this matter caused quite a stir in the assassin world, and I heard that many assassins with nothing else to do would also come to Linjiang City to join in the fun.It’s not a good thing for so many killers to flock to Linjiang City, so pay more attention to preventing the safety of the citizens.”

“Ah.”Xu Mei Qian was shocked, the Platinum Killer had come to Linjiang City.

“Don’t be careless, Platinum Killer, it’s rumored that the worst of them are at the 60th level of martial arts, even you may not be a match.There are also those many killers that make up for the fun, flooding into Linjiang City all at once, not knowing if they will stir Linjiang City up.I hope that this time, that so-called Platinum Killer can really kill a defeated Red Dust and solve this trouble for our police.”

“Chief, don’t worry, I’ll pay attention to it.”Xu Mei Qian hung up the phone, not knowing why, suddenly a little worried that One Defeat Red Dust would die.

“Pah.”Xu Mei Qian suddenly slapped herself and scolded, “I’m actually worried that One Defeat Red Dust will die, I’m a people’s police, how can I worry about a criminal, if One Defeat Red Dust is killed, this is solving the trouble for the police, I should be looking forward to it ah.”

However, when Xu Mei Qian thought about last night, One Defeat Red Dust saved her, and in the face of her beautiful temptation, did not violate her in the slightest, and also transported internal force to warm her, so many things, Xu Mei Qian seems to be very unwilling to let him die inside.Xu Mei Qian’s heart seems to be very reluctant to let him die. If she had been before, she would have wished for Red Dust to completely disappear from this world.

Omi was sitting in the classroom when two boys in the front row were discussing.

“Have you heard ah, rumor has it, there is a platinum killer, who came to our Linjiang City to exterminate One Defeat Red Dust, this matter has spread in Linjiang Window, and the police have also strengthened the security in Linjiang City.Of course, it’s only heard about at the moment.”

Omi’s heart thudded as he heard the discussion of the boys in the front row.

“The Platinum Killer?”Omi took out his phone and entered the Linjiang Window forum to check it out.

Sure enough, the Linjiang Window Forum had many similar posts.

“Will you die in one defeat?”

“I hope he lives, it feels a shame if he does die.”

Many of the people posting at the Window of Linjiang wished that One Defeat Red Dust would not die.

But it could be seen that all the posts of Linjiang Window discussing this matter carried a tense tone, One Defeat Red Dust already had many fans in Linjiang City, and as a fan of One Defeat Red Dust, the saddest thing would be to see a post about someone coming to kill One Defeat Red Dust, or news of the police vigorously arresting One Defeat Red Dust.

At the moment, in Song Daitian’s office, Song Daitian didn’t seem to be in the mood for office work and always refreshed his phone to see if there was more information about One Defeat Red Dust and the Platinum Killer.

Of course, there were also people who were incredibly excited at this time.

At Liao Jia Yuan’s home, Liao Buffalo was laughing.

“That turtle egg of One Defeat Red Dust, I told you that sooner or later, someone will come to take care of him, now see.”

Next to him, Li Hao Lin was busy saying, “Uncle Liao, this Platinum Killer, codenamed Loach, is considered famous in the killer world ah, his martial arts level, rumored to have reached 62.The price for a Platinum Killer like them is at least 200 million.Unexpectedly, the Platinum Killer, personally came to Linjiang City to exterminate One Defeat Red Dust.”


Liao Jia Yuan asked, “Did someone offer a reward to kill a defeated red dust?”

“I checked, no, code name Loach, this time it seems to be free, I don’t know what the reason is.”

Liao Shui Niu laughed, “Whatever the reason, just until the One Defeat Red Dust is destroyed.That One Defeat Red Dust, last time I spent sixty million dollars to hire someone to kill Omi, but that killer was exterminated as soon as he arrived in Linjiang City, causing my sixty million dollars to drift.I hope that this platinum killer will be able to ruthlessly exterminate One Defeat Red Dust, this turtle egg, when I think of that floating sixty million, I get angry.”

Liao Jia Yuan was busy saying, “There’s also the matter of me being slapped into a pig’s head.”

In many places in Linjiang City, especially those who were usually more evil, they were looking forward to seeing such a strong Platinum Killer come to put to death the one defeated Red Dust.

In short, some were happy and some were worried.

Omi finished reading Linjiang Window’s post and fell into a state of staring contemplation.

Omi inwardly said, “I had heard when I killed Blood Infant last time that the brother of the Skeleton Organization Killer Bloodman, Mud Loach, would come looking for me on the chosen day, but I didn’t expect that it would come so quickly.This codename Loach, with a martial arts rank of at least 60, I don’t know if I can deal with it.”

Omi didn’t know exactly how many levels he was, after all, Omi hadn’t fought an expert over level 60.

The strongest opponent Omi had encountered so far was Xu Mei Qian.

At the Public Security Bureau, at the moment, Xu Mei Qian was organizing a meeting with the police. Remember the website . .net

This time the director explained, putting aside the capture of One Defeat Red Dust, the main protection for the safety of the citizens of Linjiang City, with so many killers pouring into Linjiang City, protecting the safety of the citizens was far more important than capturing One Defeat Red Dust.

“Everyone, have you listened to all the tasks just set out?I’m afraid that so-called Platinum Killer won’t leave until he kills One Defeat Red Dust, so let’s not be careless.”Xu Mei Qian said.

A policeman asked, “Team Xu, is this Platinum Killer, more powerful than you all?”

“I’m only level 55, and I’m indeed stronger than I am.”Xu Mei Qian Dao.

In one of the hotel rooms in Linjiang City, a middle-aged man was standing in front of the window drinking tea, his eyes looking at the street below.Behind him, his female assistant climbed up from the bed and hugged him.

The middle-aged man said, “My brother, the one who died in this city, I seem to be able to hear my brother’s dead spirit, crying out over the city.”

The female assistant asked, “Loach, how do you plan to put to death a defeated red dust, I heard that even the police of this city can’t catch him.”

“Find a way to lure him out first, you’re my assistant, and even a top hacker, given enough time, you should be able to find traces, I don’t believe that One Defeat Red Dust will be able to leave no trace.”


Omi put down his phone, although Omi didn’t know if the Platinum Killer was strong and could win, Omi didn’t put it in his heart.After all, to someone who was once an innate expert, no matter if you were level 60 or 70, you were still a worm.

Even if the strength of Omi’s current body hadn’t reached level 60, with his knowledge, a district level 60 wouldn’t be able to kill him.

At that moment, the little hacker beauty called.

“Brother Omi, someone wants to kill you.”

“I already know.”Omi said.

“Brother Omi, I just

Just found out that a hacker has hacked into the Linjiang traffic system, and should be trying to find out what you’re up to, the other side will definitely go through the entire Linjiang city, any probe surveillance, including the cell phone calls of passersby and so on.”Hacker.

“Hacker?I thought we were talking about the Platinum Killer.Where’s the hacker.”

Hacker: “Brother Omi, you don’t know about that, generally speaking, the more advanced assassins will have a hacker by their side, otherwise, you won’t be able to find anything if you go to a strange place for a mission.If you have a hacker to assist you, no matter where you go, you’ll be in the middle of nowhere.Don’t I often help sister Qi as well.”

“Oh, then how is your hacking skill?”

“Hey, I won’t tell you, alright, I’ll let you know what I hear, I’m going to see how far that hacker has flipped, see how skilled she is, and fuck with him.”The little hacker beauty hung up the phone excitedly.

At this moment, in the hotel room, the female assistant of the Platinum Killer, has already set up a professional hacking tools, began to look for a defeat of the red dust, Linjiang City, any city corner, as long as there is a network, there is no place she can not go.

However, at this time, the female assistant suddenly discovered that the few codes she had just written were being modified.

This female assistant was shocked: “Loach, no good, a hacker is attacking me.”

“What, attacking you?You’re a top hacker, who can attack you?”Platinum Slayer Loach was busy.

“I don’t know, it looks like the other party is not weak, the few clues I just found were automatically deleted by her modifying program, she seems to be preventing me from finding all network information.”

Platinum Killer Loach snorted, “I told you that this defeat of Red Dust wasn’t so simple, he even had a top hacker by his side to help him.”

Just at this moment, the female assistant’s several computers, suddenly all blacked out.

“Ah.”The female assistant trembled all over, she, as a top hacker, was actually hacked by the other party.

Then, on the black screen computer, a picture appeared, a picture of a little pig, the pig’s butt pointed at them, suddenly, the pig thumped a fart, that fart instantly made the computer white screen.

“Ahhhh.”The Platinum Killer’s female assistant was so angry that she had to jump up, immediately pulled out of the station, then restarted the computer, crackled and typed many unintelligible symbols, as if to strengthen the firewall, ready to fight back, and suddenly, it became a hacker vs. hacker.

At Baiyun Middle School, it was already noon and school was over, Omi was preparing to go to lunch with Carlos when a student came over and said, “Tang Shao, someone invited you to join us for lunch.”

Omi thought it was Samira and directly refused, “No go.”

“Tang Shao, she’s Xu Yan, the second ranked in the Genius Expert List, are you really not going?”The student said.

“Uh, Xu Yan invited me to dinner with her?”


“Don’t go.”Omi refused to go, it wasn’t like he was invited to eat with him, and he sent someone to call, so insincere, Omi wouldn’t go.Moreover, Xu Yan was no beauty, going to dinner with an ugly girl, Omi was sick ah, not half interested.

At the moment, at the top of the stairs, Xu Yan is waiting for Omi, her face a little shy, after all, the first time to eat with a boy in school.

There was a reason why Xu Yan suddenly went to dinner with Omi.


Her sister Xu Mei Qian told her that Omi was a nice guy, with a fantastic talent in martial arts, and that she could fall in love with him.A person with such high martial arts talent, contact with him would be good for martial arts training.So, Xu Mei Qian told Xu Yan to go and be friends with Omi first, then slowly make Omi fall in love with her later, and finally fall in love with Omi, so that it’s not in vain to come to Linjiang City for a high school.

Of course, Xu Mei Qian specifically explained that only romance, not pre-marital behavior, Xu Yan agreed.So, today was the first time she invited Omi to go to dinner with her, but she was not very good at it, so she let a student go to call, while she herself, waiting shyly at the stairs.

However, after waiting for a short time, the student who had just gone to call came back and said, “Xu Yan, Omi doesn’t want to go to dinner with you.”

“What!He actually despises me so much.”

After Omi refused to take it, he went to lunch with the two of them, Carlos, down the other stairway.

Liona didn’t stick with Omi, she was usually at the same table with her at lunch.

When Omi reached the school entrance, Xu Yan was furious.

“Omi, why didn’t you go to lunch when I invited you to go with me?”Xu Yan asked.

Xu Yan had planned to be friends with Omi first and fall in love later, but she didn’t expect it to go so badly the first time, and she felt so ashamed that she had never been rejected by anyone before.

Omi laughed, “Why should I go?It’s my freedom I guess.”

“Omi, to tell you the truth, my sister asked me to communicate with you more and become friends in the future, that’s why I took the initiative to invite you to go to dinner with me, I didn’t expect you to look down on me so much.”Xu Yan said with a grudge. One second to remember to read the book

Omi said, “Xu Yan, you’re being extreme, I just don’t want to go to dinner with you.”

“You just look down on me, otherwise, why would you refuse my invitation, you’re too disrespectful.”

Omi snorted, “Irrational, Xu Yan, it’s you who thinks too highly of yourself, not others who look down on you.At any rate, you’re the second best in Baiyun High School, so if I don’t look down on you, wouldn’t the whole school look down on you.Alright, don’t be unreasonable, you go eat your food, I’ll eat mine.”

“Omi, if it wasn’t for my sister asking me to be friends with you, I wouldn’t have invited you to eat with me.”Xu Yan said depressedly, emphasizing that it was her sister who told her several times to give herself a leg up, but she didn’t dare to say the second half of her sister’s sentence, falling in love with Omi.

Omi was speechless, “Think whatever you like, I’m going to eat, Carlos, let’s go.”

Omi and Carlos walked away.

Xu Yan stomped her foot and said in her heart, “Sister ah, Omi doesn’t want to be friends with me at all, what do you want me to do ah.What else are you saying, be friends first, then fall in love later, look at him like this, he doesn’t even want to be friends with me, how can he still fall in love.”

Xu Yan dialed Xu Mei Qian’s phone.

“Hey, Yan’er, what is it?”

Xu Yan was depressed, “Sister, it seems like Omi doesn’t want to be friends with me, let alone fall in love with me.”

Xu Mei Qian smiled, “It’s hard to start everything, you’re not usually familiar with him, it was already like that at first.It’s good that you have more contact with him, I’m afraid Omi’s comprehension of martial arts is no worse than mine, and it’s good to talk to him about romance.Of course, we can talk, but we can’t do anything before marriage.I’m a bit busy right now, I won’t talk to you more, you can take control of yourself.

Xu Mei Qian hung up the phone, Xu Yan was foggy, let her grasp it herself, but she can’t date boys ah.

Carlos laughed, “That Xu Yan, who thinks she is the second best genius expert, wants to go to dinner with you, it’s too funny, don’t think about how ugly she is, will she spit out everything you eat.”

Omi was speechless: “Carlos, don’t talk nonsense, I’m not not eating with her because she’s ugly, merely not interested, it has nothing to do with her beauty or ugliness.”

In the afternoon, Liona went to dance rehearsal again, Omi was still accompanying her.

Only, Simran texted Omi.

Simran said that she was free to come out for her second gym class this afternoon, so do you want to come out for a walk.

Omi left the dance studio on the pretext that his stomach hurt.

Simran is sitting in the gym and is happy to see Omi coming, Omi and her both walk and talk for the rest of the session.

At the hotel, the Platinum Killer’s female assistant, the hacking technique was completely defeated to Moe.

“I’m sorry, Loach, the other party’s technique is so strong, I could never win against her, I can’t even turn it on now if I don’t stop.”

“Fuck, no wonder that defeated red dust dares to take the place of heaven.Since that’s the case, let’s just declare war on One Defeat Red Dust on the various forums and news media in Linjiang City.”

The female assistant asked, “What if the One Defeat Red Dust doesn’t dare to respond to the war?”

“Since One Defeat Red Dust is a scapegoat, I’ll grab a few people to threaten him and use the pressure of public opinion in Linjiang City to force him to show himself.”


The female assistant immediately switched computers and posted in Linjiang Window and other places, but of course, her posting would probably be deleted by the other party, so the news media would naturally be missing.

Omi and Simran were walking and chatting in the stadium when Xiao Meng called, Omi stepped aside to answer the phone.

“Brother Omi, I defeated the other party’s hacker, she can’t even turn on her computer now.”

“Wow, you’re so good.”Omi said admiringly, this little beauty, not too old, only in junior high school, but her hacking skills are so awesome.

Simran saw Omi behind his back to answer the phone, his heart was a bit lost.

Not long after, an anonymous posting from Linjiang Window was sent out.

“A defeat of red dust, I’m Loach, between us, we’ve already crossed paths on the network.Since you have the guts to stop my people from finding you out, I think you should have the guts to accept my challenge, I think you see what I’m talking about.Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the time is up to you, fight me to the death, dare you?If you’re sure you want to be a shrinking turtle, then I’ll do my best to find you out, I know you’ll see this post any moment now, and if you don’t reply to me by 8:00 p.m., just assume you don’t dare to fight.”

At the same time, several broadcasting stations and TV stations in Linjiang City were suddenly hacked and forced a message out, exactly the message of Platinum Killer Loach challenging One Defeat Red Dust.

Omi was still on the phone with Xiaomeng, “Brother Omi, wait a minute, the other party has changed computers and invaded Linjiang City’s forum, posting a top post, do I have to delete it?”

“Don’t yet, I’ll go see what they’re talking about after school.”

Omi was afraid that Simran would be waiting for a long time, so he quickly hung up.


Omi and Xuan Li chatted for half a class in the gym before returning to the dance studio.

“Going to the bathroom for so long?You’re not going to the bathroom, are you?”Liona asked, Omi had just left and Liona felt like dancing wasn’t even interesting anymore.

“Oh, just now Xuan’er asked me to go out and talk to her.”Omi didn’t bother to lie.

“Then why did you lie to me about going to the bathroom?”

“I’m afraid you’re thinking too much.”

“You actually care that I think too much.”Liona felt a little happy that Omi was afraid of her thinking too much, wouldn’t that mean that she started to care about her.

Soon school was over in the evening.

After Omi returned home, he entered the Linjiang Window Forum to see what that Platinum Killer Loach had said on the forum.

Omi immediately saw a top post from the Platinum Killer.

This top post currently had over two million replies, showing how popular it was.There were far too many people in the entire Linjiang City who were following this post.

The post said, let One Defeat Red Dust reply to him before eight o’clock, and let One Defeat Red Dust choose his own time and place to fight to the death. First URL m. .net

Without saying a word, Omi immediately called the little hacker beauty.

“Xiao Meng, reply to a message for me, it’s: code name Loach, tonight at twelve o’clock, Floating Pond Park, let’s fight to the death.”


Xiao Meng immediately posted this anonymous message for Omi and topped the post.

At this moment, in the living room, Liu Chen Ming had returned from a business trip this afternoon and was refreshing the forum posts.

Suddenly, when he refreshed, he saw an equally anonymous top post.

“Loach, tonight at twelve o’clock, Floating Pond Park, let’s fight to the death.”

Willow Chenming got excited.

At a hotel, Platinum Killer’s female assistant suddenly shouted, “Mud Loach, One Defeat Red Dust replied, tonight at twelve o’clock, meet you at Floating Pond Park for a duel to the death.I’ve determined that it was posted by the hacker next to One Defeat Red Dust, and I can’t trace her IP address.”

“Good.”The cup in Loach’s hand popped as he crushed it.

After letting Xiao Meng reply, Omi threw his phone away and went downstairs.

Although many people were excited, Omi didn’t seem to take it much to heart.

“Uncle Liu, back from a business trip.”Omi walked downstairs and saw Liu Chenming sitting on the sofa playing with his phone, he was busy calling out.

However, Willow Chenming didn’t seem to hear it and looked focused on her phone.

“Uncle Liu.”It was only after Omi called again that Willow Chenming heard it.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear it.”Willow Chenming put down her phone and smiled apologetically.

“Uncle Willow, what are you looking at so intently.”

“Oh, tonight at twelve o’clock, a defeated red dust and some platinum killer, will fight to the death in the floating pond park, I can’t even be excited about such a big event.”Willow Chenming said and picked up her phone to read the post.

Right now, in thousands of homes, countless Linjiang citizens were silently following this matter.

Xu Mei Qian sat in the office of the Public Security Bureau, looking at One Defeat Red Dust’s reply, secretly saying, “One Defeat Red Dust actually replied so neatly and cleanly, and the time is around midnight tonight, isn’t One Defeat Red Dust not afraid of that Platinum Killer at all?Is a defeated martial art this strong?”

At that moment, Xu Qian’s assistant walked in and asked, “Team Xu, tonight at 12 o’clock, Red Dust and Platinum Killer will fight to the death in Floating Tong Park.

Ambush them in a nearby high place, find an opportunity to kill them both.”

Xu Mei Qian suddenly became inexplicably nervous, and was busy saying, “Is this kind of sneaky behavior done by our police?”

“Team Xu, I didn’t decide this on my own, it’s what the director ordered.”The assistant was busy saying.

Xu Mei Qian couldn’t say anything else and waved her hand, letting the assistant out.

Xu Mei Qian felt that her mentality had suddenly changed, how much she used to want to catch One Defeat Red Dust and even kill him.But now, she suddenly kind of stopped wishing for One Defeat Red Dust’s death so much.

Around 11:30 pm, Omi told john to stay in his room while he went straight to Fuyutang Park.

Omi chose the same route as last time, trying to avoid being photographed by any surveillance cameras or recording devices like cars.

Omi stood on a tall building on the south side of the Floating Pond Park, the time was still ten minutes before twelve o’clock, Omi was not in a hurry to show himself, standing on the tall building and watching the direction of the Floating Pond Park.

Just then, Omi suddenly noticed a man lying on the roof of the building, sniper rifle pointed at the direction of the park.

Omi was shocked, wasn’t this the legendary sniper?

The sniper was also wearing a police uniform, obviously sent out by the police.

Omi said in his heart, “Xu Mei Qian ah Xu Mei Qian, last time I at least saved you once, and you actually sent a sniper to snipe me, even though you are a soldier and I am a thief, you can’t be so heartless.”

Omi plucked an exterior wall tile and threw it at that sniper with a swoosh.

“Bang.”That sniper fainted at once.

Omi said in his heart, “If I’m not mistaken, the police can’t possibly send just one sniper, there must be others.”

It seemed that before duking it out with the Platinum Killer, it was necessary for Omi to exterminate the sniper in ambush.

Omi called Xiaomeng and asked Xiaomeng to check which position the other snipers were in.

It took Xiaomeng less than five minutes to find out the location of the other two snipers through the surveillance of some nearby buildings.

Omi went straight over and knocked out the other two snipers.

After finishing all this, the time was already over twelve o’clock.

At this moment, in the middle of the Floating Pond Park, the Platinum Killer had shown up.

Unfortunately, the time was too urgent this time and there was no hidden camera, so the citizens of Linjiang City couldn’t watch the live broadcast.

However, outside of the Floating Pond Park, there was already a crowd of people surrounding the park, and the police had pulled a cordon, not allowing any citizens to go beyond the cordon.

Xu Mei Qian was currently standing on a tree inside the Floating Pond Park, secretly watching that Platinum Killer.

It was already past twelve o’clock, and Xu Mei Qian wondered if this was a lie, a deliberate attempt to tease the platinum killer.

However, at that moment, One Defeat Red Dust flew from afar, flying very fast, his feet on the tips of trees, seemingly jumping in place, and in the next second, he would be dozens of meters away.

The Platinum Slayer opened its eyes wide.

Omi flew directly to ten meters in front of the Platinum Killer’s body.

The Platinum Killer said eerily, “I’m sure your Excellency is the one defeated red dust.”

Omi said, “It’s me, codename Loach, rumor has it that your martial arts level has reached over 60, let me see how strong a 60+ level expert is today.”

Platinum Killer Loach snorted, “One defeat of Red Dust, you killed my brother Bloodman, today is the day you die.”


“It’s up to you whether or not it’s my time to die.”Omi looked at the loach’s strength, but it didn’t seem very strong.

The Platinum Slayer took out a sword with a swoosh.

“A defeated red dust, die.”

Platinum Killer rushed up, before he even moved, the sword had already killed Omi, he threw the sword at Omi and it flew like a bullet towards Omi.

Omi scowled in disdain, attempting to stab him to death with a sword thrown up?Naive.

Omi slashed with his sword, and a peerless sword Qi swung out.

“Ka.”The Platinum Killer’s sword was torn into several pieces by Omi’s sword qi in one go.

Xu Mei Qian who was watching from afar was shocked, a defeat of red dust seemed to be even more powerful than she had imagined.

The Platinum Killer was horrified when he saw his sword being torn apart by Omi in one go, and immediately took out a second sword.

“Ghost Wheel Flash.”Suddenly, Omi’s figure flickered and disappeared, and in the next moment, suddenly appeared in front of the Platinum Killer’s body.

“Bang.”The sudden flashing of Omi caused the Platinum Killer to be completely dumbfounded, Omi just seemed to disappear in place, then flashed directly in front of him, completely unexpectedly. Remember the website . .net

Omi slapped the Platinum Slayer and directly cleaved it to the ground.

Omi stepped on the Platinum Slayer who couldn’t move on the ground and grunted, “This is the legendary level 60+ Platinum Slayer, and it’s too disappointing.”

“You, you, how can you be so strong.”The Platinum Slayer was dumbfounded.

Just strictly counting, bracing for death only two moves, Omi had already knocked him down, especially Omi’s move, Ghost Wheel Flash, completely made Platinum Killer unable to believe that there was such a powerful light power in the world?

Omi said, “You’re a trash assassin and you presume to speculate about me?My prowess is not something you and other small killers can look up to.Codename Loach, I’m sure you’ve killed many people, but since you came here on your own initiative, let’s just say I’ll kill you today on behalf of God and save you from coming out to kill again in the future.”

“Wait.”Loach shouted, his face livid, he didn’t expect to be defeated in the blink of an eye by a defeated Red Dust, this defeated Red Dust’s strength was probably more than level 70.Gosh, Mud Loach’s heart was trembling, level 70, a realm he might not even dare to imagine in his life.If he had known that One Defeat Red Dust was so strong, the ghost would have come to seek revenge on him.

However, there were no regrets anymore.

Omi said, “What else do you have to say?”

“Don’t kill me, please.”Loach pleaded.

“Hahaha, that’s hilarious, are you in a skit?”

“Please, One Defeated Red Dust Warrior, don’t kill me, I’ve had a hard time reaching this martial strength now, I don’t want to die.”Platinum Killer cried out.

“You don’t want to die and you came to kill me?”Don Omi said.

“Oooh, I regret it.”

There are no regrets in the world, besides, you’re a killer, there must be many people who died at your hands, today you’ll crash into my hands, it’s God’s will, go to hell.

Omi stepped on the loach’s neck in an instant, and the loach’s neck flattened and died completely.

After Omi killed the loach, he leapt and flew up a branch, preparing to leave, Omi originally thought that his strength should not have reached level 60 yet, but he was far more than 60, so, he seconded the loach in a second, not expecting it to be over so quickly.

Omi saw at a glance that not far away Xu Mei Qian was staring at him stupidly.

Omi didn’t pay any attention to her and turned around to fly away.

“A defeat of red dust.”At that moment, Xu Mei Qian caught up with him.


nbsp;Omi stopped.

“Captain Xu, could it be that you want to keep me?”Omi said.

Xu Mei Qian’s heart was complicated at the moment, she thought that One Defeat Red Dust was at most a little bit stronger than her, but she didn’t expect that One Defeat Red Dust’s strength would extinguish even Platinum Killer with a wave of her hand, but it turned out that she was not a match for One Defeat Red Dust at all.Xu Mei Qian’s inner prediction was that One Defeat Red Dust’s strength might really be around level 70.In the entire Linjiang City, it was estimated that it could be ranked in the top five.

Xu Mei Qian said, “One Defeat Red Dust, I am not your opponent, even if I wanted to keep you, I wouldn’t be able to keep you.”

“Then why did you call me?”Omi didn’t have much affection for Xu Mei Qian because she had ordered the sniper to ambush her.

“I… “Xu Mei Qian didn’t know why she called One Defeat Red Dust.

Omi snorted, “Captain Xu called me off, I’m afraid that she wanted to give the snipers in ambush the chance to snipe me to death.”

“Ah.”Xu Mei Qian was shocked, how could a defeated Red Dust know that there were three snipers in secret ambush.

Omi grunted, “Captain Xu, I at least saved you once, and you, you actually arranged for snipers to kill me.”

Xu Mei Qian’s heart panicked, and without thinking, she explained, “I didn’t.”However, once Xu Mei Qian finished explaining, only then did she suddenly feel that there was a need to explain to One Defeat Red Dust?He’s a murderer, I’m a cop. It’s only natural to snipe him. What’s the explanation?

Omi didn’t want to waste words with Xu Mei Qian, so he turned around and flew away.

Xu Mei Qian saw One Defeat Red Dust leave and stopped talking, as if she wanted to say something else, but she didn’t know what to say.

Xu Mei Qian sighed inwardly, “I don’t know when we’ll meet again next time.”After sighing, Xu Mei Qian was startled, she was a police officer, why would she have the idea of meeting at some unknown time next time?Acting as if she was looking forward to meeting with a defeat.

“Pah.”Xu Mei Qian slapped herself to clear her head, and the next time she met, she would be the one to continue capturing One Defeat Red Dust.However, One Defeat Red Dust was so powerful, Xu Mei Qian already knew that she couldn’t catch him.

Omi went home.

Tonight’s duel in the Floating Pond Park was no longer broadcast live, but the result was soon known to everyone.

In the Linjiang Window Forum, it was immediately revealed that a defeat of Red Dust had killed the Platinum Killer, Loach.

At Liu Chenming’s house, Liu Chenming shouted out in excitement, “Too awesome.”

At Song Dai Tian’s house, Song Dai Tian yelled out when he saw the results, “Ahhhh, One Defeat Red Dust, please accept my knee.”

Song Daitian’s wife scowled and said, “A man of a certain age, know no shame.”

In the Linjiang Window Forum, a friend posted, “One Defeat Red Dust’s strength is predicted to have reached level 65, in the entire Linjiang City, I’m afraid that the top ten exist.”

Suddenly, it made many many people worship even more.But in fact, Xu Mei Qian, who was there to see the duel, knew that One Defeat Red Dust’s martial strength was not only 65, but at least 68, or even 70.

Xu Mei Qian admitted that she was no match.

Xu Mei Qian had also returned home.

However, it was as if Xu Mei Qian was filled with something on her mind, her face wasn’t happy.

Xu Mei Qian lay on her bed, her eyes distracted, and said, “He suspects that I arranged for a sniper to assassinate him, I really didn’t.”

It turned out that Xu Mei Qian was holding a grudge because of this, and Xu Mei Qian herself didn’t know why she was so mindful of the fact that a defeated red dust misunderstood her.

The next day, the sun is still shining, the scenery is the same as before, the school to go to school, the work to go to work, the platinum killer to kill a defeated red dust, like a fart faded away with the wind, leaving only a defeated red dust greater fame.


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