King of kings 251-255


“Alright, dinner’s over, what do you want from me, tell me.”After the meal, Omi said to Xu Mei Qian.

“Let’s take a walk outside, let’s talk as we go.”Xu Mei Qian finished paying and walked out of the specialty shop.

Omi was speechless, what did Xu Mei Qian want to say to him.

It was only when we reached the food street that Xu Mei Qian said, “Omi, your martial arts talent is good, that day you fought a duel with my sister, you were great, the cracking moves I had thought of for my sister were fixed and upgraded by you in the blink of an eye, causing my sister to lose miserably.”

“Captain Xu, is that the only silly thing to say to me?”

“Oh, well, Omi, I’ll be honest with you, I actually quite admire you, I want you and my sister to get to know each other properly.”

“Captain Xu, I already know Xu Yan, how else do I need to get to know her properly.”

“What I mean is, I want you to be with my sister, like, talk about love and stuff.”

Omi was speechless, “Captain Xu, you called me out just to talk about this?”

“Yes, I want you to be with my sister.”

“Captain Xu, is that what you mean or what your sister means?” Remember the URL . .net

Xu Mei Qian said, “Of course it’s my sister’s idea, my sister quite likes you and wants to be with you, but of course, it’s also my idea, I also quite admire you, Omi, what do you think?”

Omi snorted, “Captain Xu, so you specifically called me out here to matchmaker for your sister, boring.”

“Omi, don’t be like that, I really want you and my sister to be together, my sister intends to talk to you about a relationship.”Xu Mei Qian said.

“Alright, your sister is interested, I’m not, I really don’t understand why you, at least you’re a police captain, why are you so boring.”

Xu Mei Qian wanted to say but couldn’t, she really wanted to tell Omi that her sister was actually super beautiful looking, but, she couldn’t, she had to let Omi get together with her sister first before announcing it.

“Omi, I’m not joking with you, you’re with my sister, you’ll definitely get a big surprise later,”Xu Mei Qian said.

“Surprise, what kind of surprise?”

“I can’t tell you now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now.Omi, trust me, I won’t lie to you, you’ll never lose out with my sister, and you’ll know later that you’ve earned it.”

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed out loud.

“Captain Xu, I’m sorry, I’m not interested in anything, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”Omi turned around and left.

“Omi, you really don’t want to think about it?”

“Sorry, Captain Xu, I’m not interested in your sister.”

“Omi, if I lie to you heaven will strike five thunderbolts, believe me okay, I will definitely surprise you later, I can’t say right now, I can only give you one sentence, what you see with your eyes right now may not be true.”

“Captain Xu, is there anything else?”

Xu Mei Qian busy, “Omi, don’t you think about it, at school, besides my sister, where are you going to find a girl as good as my sister.Moreover, if you are with my sister, I can also guide you in martial arts training, teaching you a move or two is not impossible, and my sister also has a surprise for you, such a good thing, it’s hard to find ah with a lantern.”

“Sorry, I’m going home first.”

“Hey, Omi, as long as you’re with my

Sister together, I swear, I will guide you in martial arts training from now on, you’ll get a lot out of it, you don’t want such a good thing too?”

Omi said in his heart, “Even you are not my opponent, and you still guide me.”

Omi walked away.

Xu Mei Qian sighed helplessly, “What’s wrong with me, why do I want to set up Omi with Yan’er so badly.”

When Xu Mei Qian returned home, Xu Yan was busy asking, “Sister, what did Omi say?Care to talk to me first?”

Xu Mei Qian shook her head, “Omi said he wasn’t interested.”

“Sis, I don’t think you’ve told him my true face, right?”

“That’s not true, if you tell him what he really looks like, he’ll come after you himself, which always feels like something is missing.It would be best if he could be with you when you’re ‘ugly’.”

In fact, inside, Xu Yan really liked Omi a bit, and seeing that Omi was not interested in her, she was in a depressed mood, feeling like she had lost her love, doubly devastated.

Xu Yan huffed, “Omi, I’m going to make him regret, I’m going to announce my true face to the whole school, I’m going to make Omi regret, I’m going to be blue in the gut after I get to my true face.”

Xu Mei Qian also said, “This Omi is indeed too much of a judge of appearances, if you announce your true face, Omi will definitely regret refusing to receive you tonight, right?”

It seems that the two sisters, Xu Mei Qian and Xu Yan, are a bit narcissistic, but whoever made them really pretty, a bit of narcissism is understandable.

Xu Yan gritted her teeth and said, “Sister, then I’ll announce my true face tomorrow.”

Xu Mei Qian said with a bit of regret, “Why don’t you give Omi another chance, after all, he’s really outstanding.”

Xu Yan nodded her head, although she said on her lips that it was her sister who suggested that she talk to Omi, she actually did like Omi a bit inside, otherwise it would be useless for anyone to suggest it.

Xu Yan said, “Let’s do it then, tomorrow I’ll call the whole school to the stadium and then give Omi a chance in front of the whole school.It’s best if Omi accepts, if he refuses, I’ll announce my true appearance in public, me to my true appearance, and then have fun making Omi regret going.”

Xu Mei Qian laughed, “Suit yourself.”

Omi returned home.

Liona was busy asking, “What did Xu Mei Qian talk to you about?”

Willow Chenming was busy angrily saying, “Xiang’er, don’t be so gossipy, this is Omi’s private matter.”

Omi smiled and said, “It’s fine, there’s no harm in telling you guys.Captain Xu said that her sister Xu Yan likes me and wants to be with me, Captain Xu also wants me to fall in love with her sister, that’s the matter.”

“What.”Liona was shocked.

“Then did you agree?”Liona was busy asking.

Omi laughed, “How is it possible, I have no interest in Xu Yan at all, how could I fall in love with Xu Yan.”

Liona saw that Omi refused to take it, she was happy and said, “Why is Xu Yan like this, there’s no way you could like her, right.”

“Right.”As Omi nodded, Liona said inwardly, “Omi is the one I like, Xu Yan wants to steal a man from me, no way, and neither does Simran.”

Although Liona knew that her body was not well from the cold disease and she could not fall in love for the rest of her life, unfortunately, love could not be controlled, even if she could not, inside she would always think of fighting for it, just how it would end she did not know


Willow Chenming smiled, “Omi, it seems like you’re really getting better and better, more and more girls at school are looking at you.”

Omi also smiled, “Uncle Liu is laughing at you.”

“This is by no means laughing at you, Xu Mei Qian is willing to personally set you up for her sister, this is enough to show that even Xu Mei Qian recognizes you, otherwise why would she speak up for her sister.I’m sure you defeated her sister and Xu Mei Qian appreciates you in martial arts.”

Omi said, “That’s true, it seems that Xu Mei Qian doesn’t look at character but only martial arts talent, seeing that my talent is okay, and not caring about my character, she hastily set me up with her sister, and also said that she can guide and guide me in martial arts.”

Willow Chenming was shocked, “This is good, Omi, why don’t you think about it, even if other people squeeze through the threshold, they can’t get Xu Mei Qian’s guidance ah.”

“Uncle Liu, don’t join in the fun.”

Liona glared at her dad with discontent, but her dad didn’t see it.

At this moment, Xu Yan was holding her phone and posting on campus.

“Fellow students, this is Xu Yan, tomorrow morning at nine o’clock, gather at the stadium, I will have something important to announce, thank you all.”

It was rare for Xu Yan to post on campus, so many people gave her face, and her post quickly caught fire and was topped up.

After Omi sat in the living room for a while, Liona got up and said, “Omi, it’s almost time, let’s go up and make up for it.” One second to remember to read the book

“Ah, making up classes again.”Don Omi also wanted to watch TV.

“Today I’ll fill you in on elementary school application problems.”

Liu Chenming chuckled, wondering why Omi was so bad at studying, as if he hadn’t been to school at all.

Omi thought about it, he still came to Liona’s room, watching TV would be a waste of time anyway, Omi already knew almost everything about this world, he didn’t need TV to understand this world.

At this moment, at Su Yuhao’s house.

Su Yuhao went to the hospital in the evening to get his stomach pumped, and he has just returned, and he has no appetite to eat in the evening.

Su Yuhao after this incident, his eyes also became more ruthless.

“Liao Jiayuan, Omi, I’m not done with you, if this revenge is not avenged, I vow not to be human.”Su Yuhao’s gaze was fierce, whoever had been done something inhumane would be so angry.

Su Yuhao was already working on a big plan to take both Omi and Liao Gayuan, together with his own way, that is, to make both Omi and Liao Gayuan, taste the taste of inhumanity.

In Song Yu’er’s house, however, it was a time of great joy because Liu Yue’s fifth senior brother had come.

Liu Yue’s fifth senior brother raised his wine glass and said, “I wanted to come to Linjiang City, to make up a crowd and see how Platinum Killer Mud Loach, how to put down a defeated red dust, but as a result, I haven’t even come yet and Mud Loach has already been killed, what a pity.”

Liu Yue said, “Fifth senior brother, it’s the end of the year anyway, you can treat it as a trip to relax.”

Song Yu’er’s eyes were shifting with a thief’s eye, not knowing what plans she was thinking about again, also busy saying: “Yes, fifth senior brother, just treat it as a tour, I have more rooms at home, no need to be afraid of trouble.”

Liu Yue’s fifth senior brother laughed and said, “Liu Yue, your boss and Miss, you’re really warm ah.”

“That’s.”Liu Yue nodded proudly.

Liu Yue’s fifth senior brother raised his wine glass and said, “Mr. Song, I toast to you and thank you for taking care of my little junior brother.”

“You’re welcome.”

Song Yu’er looked at Liu Yue and his fifth senior brother

In his heart, he said, “Liu Yue and his fifth senior brother, they look quite similar, Liu Yue’s fifth senior brother has heard that his martial arts skills are at the 30th level, I wonder if Liu Yue’s fifth senior brother, can make a guest appearance for Liu Yue as a bodyguard for a few days.If you can impersonate Liu Yue and make a guest appearance for a few days, wouldn’t you be able to sweep the campus while you’re at it?”

Song Yu’er had never forgotten her wish to be completely glamorous at school, and this little wish of hers had come so close to coming true every time.

Omi accepted Liona to make up two hours of class before returning to his room to prepare for bed.

Before going to bed, Omi lay down on his bed and played with his phone for a while, entering the campus to also take a look.

Omi instantly saw a post from Xu Yan.

“Strange, what is Xu Yan asking the whole school to gather at the stadium tomorrow morning?”

Omi was just confused, it had nothing to do with him, Omi didn’t bother to think about it.

No words for the night.

The next day, went to school as usual.

At nine in the morning, still in class, Xu Yan’s voice rang out from the radio, “Dear students and teachers, please go to the sports field and gather, I have something important to announce, thank you.”

The students of each class, suddenly regardless of the class, slipped out of the classroom.The teachers who were in class were helpless, this school was already going to be played out by those students anyway.

At this moment, in the radio room, Xu Yan secretly said, “Omi, I’ll give you another chance in public later, if you still reject me, then I’ll announce my true appearance and make you regret, hmm, who made you dislike me.”

Xu Yan seemed to be very confident in her appearance.

All the students came to the sports field with their doubts.

Omi didn’t want to go, but he was dragged by Carlos.

Everyone stood in the sports field and soon Xu Yan walked up to the podium.

In her heart, Xu Yan said, “I don’t know if it will be too risky, but no matter, I’m tired of wearing a human skin mask anyway, so announce it.”

Xu Yan stood at the podium and looked at the many students.

Xu Yan shouted, “Is Omi here?”

Omi heard Xu Yan call his name and walked out in confusion.

Xu Yan looked at Omi and smiled, “Omi, to be honest, I kind of like you.”

“Wow.”The whole crowd shouted wow, Xu Yan was silent and too fierce, shouting so many people, but it was a confession to Omi.

In the crowd, Liona was full of vigilance looking at Xu Yan at the podium.

In the same way, Simran in the crowd, also a little nervous look, there was already a competitor Liona, and now Xu Yan is so high-profile confession to Omi.

Xu Yan’s face was already red at the moment, but it was a pity that she was wearing a human skin mask so others couldn’t see her blush, otherwise Xu Yan wouldn’t dare to be so high-profile.

Xu Yan continued, “Omi, what my sister said to you last night, and what I want to tell you, I like you, can you be my boyfriend.”

“Wow.”The uproarious crowd shouted another wow, but the wow of the crowd was not envy, it was more gloating.

In the crowd, Liao Jiayuan laughed, “Silly Tang was even confessed by an ugly girl in such a high-profile way, he must be in a depressed mood, hahaha, it’s going to be like this, depress him to death.”

Wu Shao Jie said, “Let’s add another fire to Omi.”After that, Wu Shaojie shouted, “Together, together, together.”Wu Shaojie intentionally shouted like this in order to disgust Omi a handful of times, who let Xu Yan be an ugly girl.


The students in the room were heard shouting along, “Together, together, together…”

Liona exhaled, “Everyone, stop shouting.”

Unfortunately, her voice was instantly covered up.

Xu Yan saw that everyone was shouting for her and looked at Omi with expectant eyes.

Omi was very speechless, he had already made it so clear to Xu Mei Qian last night, why was Xu Yan still confessing to her today in such a high profile manner.Now that the scene is so big, if Omi refuses to accept it, the one who is embarrassed is still her, so why bother.

Omi looked at the shouting students, and seemed to be wondering whether to reject it or not, if she did, Xu Yan would definitely be embarrassed.

Xu Yan said again, “Omi, will you be my boyfriend?Although I’m ugly, I can wander the world with you.”

The onlookers shouted with laughter, “Omi, what are you waiting for, promise her ah, then you can kiss her right away ah.”

“Hahaha.”After saying that, the whole crowd laughed and teased Omi.

Xu Yan took out the roses she had prepared before, and said in her heart, “Omi, I’ll try one last time, if you still don’t say yes, I’ll have to reveal my true face and make you regret it, hmm.”

Xu Yan plucked up her courage and sang as she walked towards Omi, “You ask how deep I love you, how many points I love you, my love is also true, the moon represents my heart.”Xu Yan’s song was clearly out of tune, and even the lyrics were incorrect, so it seemed she wasn’t singing material at all, causing the audience to laugh. Debut URL m. .net

An ugly girl chasing after Omi, everyone took it as a laughing stock of Omi.

In particular, Liao Jia Yuan, Zhao Ritian, Su Yuhao and other mad youngsters who had a grudge against Omi, as well as a few other evil youngsters who looked at Omi with displeasure, were all up in arms.

“Silly Tang, why aren’t you jumping on it yet, hahaha.”


Xu Yan herself also felt that she had made a bit of a big deal today, but fortunately she still had a card to play, which was her real face, otherwise it would have been very humiliating to be rejected by Omi in public.

Omi said in his heart, “For Xu Mei Qian’s sake, I’ll give Xu Yan a leg up today, pretend to promise her that I’ll wait for everyone to disperse, then confess to her and break up peacefully, so that she won’t be humiliated.”

“Omi, will you be my boyfriend?”Xu Yan asked for the last time.

Everyone smirked and looked at Omi, thinking that Omi was on fire inside, if it were Liao Jia Yuan and the others, being confessed by Xu Yan, an ugly girl like this, they would have beaten Xu Yan up and insulted them.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that Omi received Xu Yan’s rose and said with an expressionless face, “I promise.”

“Ah.”Xu Yan was stunned and her entire body trembled.

The onlooking students were also taken aback, no kidding, Omi actually agreed to an ugly girl’s confession?

Liona had a sore nose, controlling herself from crying out, and Simran in the crowd was now lost in a daze, completely unbelievable.

Xu Yan originally thought that Omi would not agree to it, would have waited for Omi refused to take it, when really announced his true face, let Omi regret, but did not expect, Omi really agreed.

Suddenly, Xu Yan was moved, her eyes wet, and tears slipped down.

“Tzichen.”Xu Yan was filled with emotion as she called out.

“Oh.”Omi’s face was expressionless, very

A helpless huh.

Xu Yan immediately pounced on Omi and hugged him.

“Wow.”The onlooking students in the audience suddenly shouted strangely, making it seem as if Omi was with Feng.

At this time, Fang Xu, who was ranked third on the Genius Expert List, said mockingly, “Omi’s tastes are also really heavy, Xu Yan is actually looking at this kind of goods, tsk tsk, I’ve really learned a lot.”After saying that, Fang Xu shivered.

Xu Yan moved to hug Omi for a while, Omi didn’t refuse to take it, and was hugged by Xu Yan for several minutes amidst the strange cries of the students.

“Are you done hugging?After the hug is almost done, how long do you want to make a scene.”Omi said.

Xu Yan wiped her tears and said, “Wait a minute, I have one more thing.”

Xu Yan was now very happy, really as she had hoped, Omi had agreed to be her boyfriend before she revealed her true face.Then, it was now time for her to give Omi a surprise.

Xu Yan immediately flew up to the podium and shouted, “Dear students, thank you for the support and encouragement you just gave.I’d like to announce a private matter about me.”

A student said uninterestedly, “It’s better to hurry back and have monkeys with Omi.”

“Hahaha.”The whole audience laughed and mocked.

Xu Yan didn’t mind everyone’s mockery and said, “Everyone, please watch .”

After saying that, Xu Yan lifted the human skin mask off her face in public .

The moment Xu Yan’s true face was revealed, the entire audience was quiet, shocked and dumbfounded .

Is the person standing on the podium still Xu Yan?It was clearly another person, a fairy who had come down from the world, and for a moment, the whole room was unresponsive.

Xu Yan smiled, “Dear students, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to be disturbed in the past, so I always wore a human skin mask whenever I came to school, but now I’ve decided to remove my human skin mask.I’m very happy today, Omi was able to accept me when I was still ‘ugly’, this shows that what he sees in me is not my appearance, but my inner self, I’m very touched, Omi’s love for me, is true love.”

Xu Yan finished speaking before the whole audience roared.

“Oh my god, this isn’t true.”

“Oh my god, Xu Yan actually hid her true face, the real her, she’s as beautiful as a celestial, damn.”

Xu Yan heard everyone’s shock as well as the stunned eyes of the crowd, the corners of her mouth slightly smiled, she smiled, and suddenly, she was even more gorgeous and beautiful.

Liao Jiayuan looked at the real face of Xu Yan, completely dumbfounded, just now he was gloating, Omi was confessed by an ugly girl in a high profile, but he didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye that ugly girl, but so beautiful.

Liao Jia Yuan was furious, “Why, why did I not go after Xu Yan when she was ugly, why ah, it was so cheap for Omi.”

In the crowd, Fang Xu slapped himself hard and cursed with a pained heart, “Why did I dislike her before, why didn’t I chase after her while she was ugly, otherwise, the person who she says is true love to her today would be me.No one is stopping me, I’m going to kill myself.Pow!Snap!Pop!”Fang Xu cried with heartache and slapped himself.

Zhao Ritian, on the other hand, was even more shameless and shouted in public, “Xu Yan, I’ve actually been secretly in love with you for a long time, I was going to confess to you today, but I didn’t expect you to confess to Omi first, if I lie to you, the heavens will strike five thunderbolts.”

Everyone immediately threw Zhao Ritian a look of contempt.


While everyone was dumbfounded, Omi was the only one with a calm face, Omi was only slightly surprised when he saw Xu Yan’s true face, Omi didn’t expect her true face to be a beautiful woman.Omi had already known that she was wearing a human skin mask, he had seen it during the duel with her.

As for Liona and Simran, after seeing Xu Yan’s true face, their hearts, both of them seemed to sink into the ice cellar, and they both silently walked away, secretly distraught.Xu Yan’s martial arts skills and high, and now the person is so beautiful, Liona and Simran, both have developed self-consciousness, the mood is icy cold.The New Year’s Day gift that had been prepared, now they didn’t even know whether to give it out.

Xu Yan walked up to Omi, who at this moment was worlds apart from the one who had just been wearing a human skin mask.

“Tzichen.”Xu Yan took the initiative to pull up Omi’s hand, her face blushing.

However, Omi pulled his hand out, Omi only pretended to agree because he didn’t want her to get down in front of so many people.If he had known that she would reveal her true face, and that it was so beautiful, Omi wouldn’t have agreed just so she wouldn’t lose face.

At that moment, Xu Mei Qian walked over, clapped her hands and said, “Congratulations.”

When Omi saw Xu Mei Qian appear, he was speechless, so Xu Mei Qian was also there.

Xu Mei Qian smiled and said, “Omi, since you have agreed to be my sister’s boyfriend, you have to treat my sister well in the future, do you hear me, or I’ll slash you to death.”

“Captain Xu, I…”

“Alright, don’t say thank you, thanks to today my sister finally gave you another chance, otherwise, regret to death you.I also said yesterday, as long as I agreed to be my sister’s boyfriend, I will definitely give you a surprise, now this surprise, big enough.Do you have a feeling of having earned it now?Look at those other students, after seeing my sister’s true face, one by one they pounded their chests and regretted their guts, looking at you with eyes filled with jealousy, letting you kid pick up a great bargain.”

Omi said to himself, narcissistic enough, Omi picked up a bargain?No, Omi didn’t even think of it that way. Remember the URL . .net

“Captain Xu, I think there might be some…”

“Some excitement?Oh, I knew you would say that, it’s normal to be excited, those onlookers are excited, not to mention you.Now you finally know why my sister’s body is so good, because she is a beautiful woman, unfortunately, the whole school judges people by their looks, with my sister’s posture, plus her martial arts skills, a combined evaluation, definitely the number one school flower.Omi, to tell you the truth, originally my sister thought that if you refuse to pick her up again today, I’ll reveal my true face to your face, so that when you find out my sister’s true face, you’ll regret it to death.I didn’t expect that the result would surprise us, but of course, we’re also very lucky.”

Xu Yan’s shy one angry: “Sister, let’s not talk about those past words.”

“Fine, let’s not talk about it, anyway, the result is romantic and also very satisfying.”

Omi chuckled, he just wanted to say that there might be some misunderstanding, but he didn’t expect Xu Mei Qian to interrupt him and become somewhat agitated.

Omi didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and directly said, “Xu Yan, I’m now officially informing you, let’s break up.”

“What?”Xu Yan was stunned.

“Right, break up.”Omi said seriously.

“Sister, look at him.”Xu Yan was afraid and looked at Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian, however, laughed, “It’s fine,


“Sis, he’s saying he’s breaking up with me, and that’s normal?Whose side are you on.”Xu Yan said urgently.

Xu Mei Qian smiled, “As a police officer, I often interrogate prisoners, so naturally, I know some psychology.Psychologically speaking, a person accepts a certain ordinary girl, but that ordinary girl suddenly says one day that she’s actually a wealthy daughter of a wealthy family, usually, the man inside will say to break up with the girl in order to show that he’s not interested in the girl’s money and family background, but the boy doesn’t really want to break up with the girl.Omi just accepted the ugly you, and now you suddenly become the first school flower, Omi inside is actually very happy, but he does not dare to show any happiness, afraid that we all misunderstand that he is greedy for your beauty.So, it’s normal for him to break up with you now, don’t mind, it’s not his real thoughts, he must be happy as hell in his heart, but he’s just putting on an act.”

When Omi heard Xu Mei Qian’s analysis, he wanted to run headlong into death.

Xu Yan immediately laughed, “I told you, why is it that just now when I revealed my true face, Omi’s face was very flat, he didn’t show any happy look at all, so that’s how it was, he was happy in his heart and didn’t dare to show it.”

Xu Yan was busy telling Omi, “Omi, it’s okay, you can laugh out loud if you want, no matter how happy you are, I know that you accepted me when I was still ugly, you are true love to me.”

Omi snorted, “Yes, I do laugh, not a happy laugh, but a funny one.”

Xu Mei Qian said, “Come on, Omi, making a scene is almost enough, don’t be endless.You don’t know how happy you are in your heart at the moment, finding a number one school flower as your girlfriend, stealing it, and breaking up with her, it’s just about right.”

Omi said solemnly, “Xu Yan, I’m not joking with you, I really want to break up with you.”

Xu Yan took the initiative to pull Omi’s hand, blushing, “You won’t, you could accept me when I was ugly, now that I’m beautiful, there’s no reason for you not to want me, Alright, Omi, stop it, let’s go practice martial arts together, I have a set of ‘Emotional Sword’, very suitable for couples to practice oh.”

“Xu Yan, I’m not in the mood to mess with you, I’m serious, and I have no choice but to tell the truth now.The reason I just agreed to be your boyfriend is because I’m afraid of refusing to pick you up in front of so many people, making you embarrassed and losing face, understand.”

Xu Yan said speechlessly, “What a far-fetched reason, oh I don’t believe it.”

Omi lazily said, putting down a harsh sentence: “Xu Yan, break up, I’m going back to class, I’m not in the mood to talk nonsense with you.”Omi turned around and walked away.

“Sister, look at him, he’s not playing for real, is he?”Xu Yan said anxiously.

Xu Mei Qian sighed, “It’s all my fault, maybe I just kept saying that he made a fortune and picked up a great bargain, which irritated him, so he developed a reverse psychology, that’s why he’s making trouble to break up with you.”

“Sister, what should I do now, I don’t want to be dumped just after falling in love ah.”

Xu Mei Qian laughs, “Don’t worry, although what I just said did irritate him, but I still believe that Omi is happy inside, but he was just irritated by me, and his face is a bit too much, let him make a scene, I guess it will be fine soon, what is in this kid’s mind, I still have been handling cases for many years and still don’t know.Alright, I’m also going back to the police station, but I have a word of warning for you, love is love, but never have premarital behavior with Omi, this is to be left to your future husband, hear me.”


Omi walked out of the stadium and returned to his class.

The whole school already knew that Xu Yan was Omi’s girlfriend, they were all discussing why such a great bargain was picked up by Omi, even Liu Yang, who couldn’t do martial arts in class 32, was remorseful, if Xu Yan was still ugly, with his schoolgirl looks, he could have chased Xu Yan.

Carlos congratulated, “Omi, congratulations, you ah, you found such a beautiful girlfriend.”

Omi said, “It’s already broken up.”

“Haha, you’re really joking, Xu Yan’s real face is so beautiful and her martial arts skills are so high, she’s already the first school flower worthy of the title.The other four school flowers, although their beauty and figure are not inferior to Xu Yan, but their martial arts skills and whatnot are completely incomparable, in terms of charm where can they compare to Xu Yan.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about this.”Omi didn’t want to say these silly words to Carlos, anyway, he broke up with Xu Yan, not that Xu Yan was bad, but he couldn’t forget his childhood sweetheart’s senior sister.Every time he only had to think of his senior sister, his heart ached, and if the pain was so great that he didn’t control it, he would fall into a love demon and then lose his self-awareness, he would no longer be him.In this situation, how else could Omi fall in love with someone he didn’t like, unless one day he fell in love with Xu Yan.

Now he could only disappoint Xu Yan.

Omi spent the whole morning in quiet enlightenment.

At that moment, Xu Yan came and walked into class 32.

When the students in the class saw Xu Yan coming, they stirred up and took out their mobile phones to take pictures, using Xu Yan’s pictures as wallpaper for their phones.

In the morning, in the campus, Xu Yan has been recognized as the first school flower of Baiyun Middle School, this is no doubt, not that Xu Yan is more beautiful than the other four school flowers, Liona, Song Yu’er, Samira, Simran four people, but because Xu Yan martial arts and high, comprehensive evaluation, charm must be far more than the other several can not martial arts school flower most. A second to remember to read the book.

“Tzu-Chen, where are we going for lunch?”Xu Yan walked up to Omi and asked gently.

The students in the class sighed, “Omi is so happy, if I were Omi, what else would I eat, I’d go straight to the hotel.”

And when Omi saw Xu Yan pestering him, he was depressed.

“Xu Yan, didn’t I tell you?We broke up, why are you still here.”Omi said.

The students in the class were shocked when they heard Omi’s words, was Omi deliberately pretending to be more than he was?You want to piss off the bachelors?How does breaking up with a pretty girl make the bachelors in class feel?

Liona also looked at Omi, her heart was confused, this morning, Liona had been listless all morning, Omi had a girlfriend, she wanted to die, as if there was no point in living.But now to hear Omi say that it has broken up, suddenly, Liona’s heart live a little, really afraid that she heard wrong.

Xu Yan smiled, “Alright, Omi, stop it, where are we going to eat?”Xu Yan took the initiative to hold Omi’s hand.

Omi took Xu Yan’s hand away and said solemnly, “Xu Yan, I’m serious, stop pestering me, I’m annoyed.”

Xu Yan looked at Omi aggrievedly.

The students in the class were suddenly angry and wanted to scold Omi, too uncompassionate, other people couldn’t even get what they wanted, but Omi was actually still annoyed.

“Omi, what exactly is wrong with me that you want to break up with me.”Xu Yan asked.

“You’re fine, there’s nothing not

Okay, but not for me. I agreed to be your boyfriend this morning. I’ve already told you why. Come on, Xu Yan, can we be friends?Best best friend.”

“I don’t want, I don’t want to be friends with you.”Xu Yan yelled.

Omi sighed, “Xu Yan, alright, I’m going to go eat.”Omi walked over to Liona and called, “Miss, let’s go to lunch together, it’s been a long time since we’ve gone to lunch together.”

“Mmmmmmm.”Liona was so excited that she nodded her head incessantly.

Omi and Liona walked out of the classroom, Xu Yan was still standing in the class, watching Omi and Liona walk away, Xu Yan’s nose was sore and cried in frustration, stomping her foot and cursing, “Omi, you bastard.”

The students in the class were heartbroken to see Xu Yan being wronged, unable to understand how Omi would be willing to let such a beautiful Xu Yan be wronged, if it was them, it was too late to hold it in the palm of their hands.

At this time, Liu Yang secretly thought, “Perhaps, my chance has come, Omi, don’t blame me for taking advantage of the weakness, you are the one who doesn’t cherish it.”

So, Liu Yang immediately went to the aggrieved Xu Yan and said lovingly, “Xu Yan, some men don’t cherish, so why do you need to shed tears for him, instead of looking for a man who doesn’t love you, it’s better to look for a man who loves you.To tell the truth, when you were ugly before, I had a crush on you for a long time, if you don’t believe me, take the poem as proof.”After saying that, Liu Yang pulled out a notebook from his pocket, the notebook was full of poems that he usually wrote.

Liu Yang was about to start reading the poem when Xu Yan slapped over and whistled, Liu Yang’s head flew off and into the class trash pile.

Xu Yan huffed, “Even if Omi makes me cry, makes me shed tears, he’s 10,000 times better than you go, what garbage, next time you dare to hit me, I’ll just throw you downstairs.”

After saying that, Xu Yan walked out of class 32.

Liu Yang climbed up from the rubbish pile with a depressed face, feeling very ashamed, when one of the students in the class said, “Liu Yang, didn’t you say that all those poems you wrote were for Simran?”

Liu Yang saw his school grass appearance, can not get Xu Yan, had to settle for second best, like Simran again, afraid Xu Yan did not get, Simran also lost, busy explaining: “In fact, I am teasing Xu Yan to play.”

The class despised, shamelessly.

Omi and Liona walked down the stairs.

Liona’s originally lost heart was not so lost at the moment, busy asking, “Do you really want to break up with Xu Yan?”


“What if you’re lying to me?”

“Miss, why am I lying to you.”

“But, Xu Yan is so beautiful and her martial arts skills are the second best in the school, why would you be willing to do that?”

Omi said in his heart, “No matter how strong the kung fu is, can it compare to my senior sister?It’s not worth mentioning in front of Sister, who is only sixteen years old and has both martial arts and medical skills.”

“Oh.”Omi just smiled, not saying out his inner words.If it were any other boy, he might find Xu Yan attractive, but to Omi, it was just appearance and stature that could be compared to his senior sister.

Liona said seriously, “You really don’t lie to me, I’m not in the mood at all this morning, it’s so hard to be in the mood now.”Liona was about to cry.

“Miss, I’m really breaking up with Xu Yan, I’m not lying to you.Even if I’m in love with Xu Yan, what are you sad about?”


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