King of kings 2532


omi didn’t go anywhere for the time being, so he closed up in the Sky World.

On the first day of his seclusion, omi became a God Emperor, but only a One Realm God Emperor.

One year later.

In a world somewhere in the universe, in a deserted corner, a man opened his eyes.

“Hahaha, hahaha, I’ve finally become a Tenth Realm God Emperor, hahaha, this universe will soon become completely mine.”

This man was none other than the Ancient Chen God Emperor.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor’s gaze carried a hint of dominance, as if, the universe was so great that he was the only one.

In his heart, the Ancient Chen God Emperor said, “It’s getting closer and closer to the Twelve Realm God Emperor, and I don’t know if, after the Twelve Realm God Emperor, there’s really a higher level, such as, the Lord of the Universe.”

Gu Chen’s gaze was filled with anticipation.

This universe, throughout the ages, the most powerful one was him, he was the only one, who had cultivated to the tenth realm God Emperor, if there really was a Lord of the Universe, then it would undoubtedly belong to him.

At this moment, Gu Chen’s brows furrowed as, after regaining all his consciousness, he suddenly sensed something. Remember the URL

“No good, something has happened, who dares to move on my head.”The Ancient Chen God Emperor roared.

The Ancient Chen God Emperor quickly made his way to his home.

After spending a day, the Ancient Chen God Emperor returned to his home.

“Xinghe.”The Ancient Chen God Emperor shouted, he couldn’t sense Gu Xinghe’s presence.

“Oooh, father, you have to make decisions for Xinghe.”A man cried out, this man, was his son, Guxinghe’s father.

“What’s wrong with my grandson?”

“Father, a year ago, Wind Lightning suddenly arrived here, and I don’t know what happened, that Wind Lightning, broke through your protection, not only entered our home, but also entered the prison, rescued the Ouya slut, and killed Xinghe, the most annoying thing is, without alerting anyone else in our divine domain in the slightest, not a single guard knew about it.”

“What.”Gu Chen’s body trembled violently.

“Father, Wind Lightning must have obtained some kind of treasure to be able to do such a thing in your absence.”

“Kill, kill without mercy.”The Gu Chen God Emperor roared.

“But, that Wind Lightning has disappeared without a trace, no one even knows where he’s hiding, how can we kill him.”

“Inform down, whoever is able to capture Wind Lightning, I will grant him a favor.”


If this news were to spread, I’m afraid the entire universe would go crazy, a favor from the First God Emperor, this was something that no amount of value could buy.

It could be said that the guy who obtained this favor, in this universe, at least in plain sight, no one dared to touch him.

This order was quickly promulgated, and the entire universe’s Heavenly God Teams, all went crazy, looking around for the wind and light clouds.

However, omi was in the Celestial World, it must not be that easy to find him for a while, and even if he did, he would probably be dead or alive.

Another piece of news that shocked the universe was also spread out at the same time, the Ancient Chen God Emperor had become a Ten Realms God Emperor.

This news was far more shocking than the news of capturing Wind Lightning.

Ten Realms God Emperor ah.

All the God Emperors, God Kings, and hundreds of other God Emperors who had received the news all came to the divine Domain of the Old Thief of Guchen to congratulate him.

For an entire year, the divine domain of the Old Thief of Ancient Chen had an endless stream of gateways.

“God Emperor Gu Chen, God Emperor Al has brought his granddaughter, Miss Ah Luo, to pay his respects, see you?”One of his men is going after the old thief.


Because too many people had come to congratulate him, not everyone had the chance to see him, and those who weren’t qualified to congratulate him in person could only kneel at the gate and count it as a congratulations.

“Divine Emperor Al, let him in.”

Not long after, a God Emperor came in, he was followed by a woman, this woman was none other than Miss Arlo.

“Al pays his respects to the Ancient God-Emperor.”The man bowed.

“Al, you are also one of the ten God Emperors, no need to be so reasonable.”

“God Emperor Guchen is laughing, I’m just a second realm God Emperor, so I won’t mention it.”

“Alright, Al, please sit down, what did you bring your granddaughter for today?”The Old Thief of Ancient Chen asked.

“Truth be told, my granddaughter Ah Luo, is also considered a slightly famous beauty in the main world, and I don’t know if the Ancient Chen God Emperor has any grandchildren who are not yet married, if she is able to look at my granddaughter Ah Luo, it would be her good fortune, so today is both to congratulate her and to ask for a marriage.”

Old Thief Gu Chen said, “I heard that your granddaughter, Ah Luo, is quite close to that rotten man, Wind Lightning, and at the Super Banquet, your granddaughter even stated on the spot that she wanted to marry that rotten man, Wind Lightning.”

“Ah.”Al’s body trembled, he didn’t expect that God Emperor Guchen would even know about this.In fact, this was something that Gu Xinghe had told him before, when he was talking about Wind Lightning’s popularity at the Super Banquet.

“What, there’s no such thing?Now, you have led your granddaughter to me to ask for a marriage, don’t you think it’s ridiculous?”

Al was busy giving his granddaughter Ah Luo a look.

Ah Luo said, “Senior Gu Chen, once I was momentarily blinded by Wind Lightning, that’s why I did what I did, but now, I Wind Lightning is like a floating cloud to me, if I meet him, I will definitely help you capture him back.Junior Ah Luo, who looks up to senior, it would truly be an honor for Ah Luo if he could become a member of senior’s family.”

The old thief of Gu Chen asked, “Do you really have no love for that Wind Lightning Cloud, do you not have any love for him?”

“Heaven and earth can tell, I really don’t have any good feelings for that Wind Lightning, as you just said, that Wind Lightning is just a rotten person.”

“Good, then I’ll help you see if any of my offspring have a crush on you.”

“Thank you, Senior.”Ah Luo secretly clenched her teeth, there was no way, the Ancient Chen God Emperor was so strong in the limelight now, if he really became some legendary Lord of the Universe in the future, he would be rich, so Ah Luo really wanted to marry into the Ancient Chen God Emperor’s family.As for that what wind light clouds, really like floating clouds, the Ancient Chen God Emperor even if a very rubbish grandson, I’m afraid it’s 10,000 times better than wind light clouds, no matter how talented the wind light clouds are, it’s also a dying man, even if not dead, the future is crawling at the feet of the Lord of the Universe’s humble little worm.

Al God Emperor was also busy saying, “Thank you, Gu Chen God Emperor, we will become a family from now on, I will definitely vow to follow you.At the same time, I wish you to become that exalted Lord of the Universe as soon as possible.”

Ancient Chen snorted, “The Lord of the Universe doesn’t even know if it really exists.”

Batch after batch of people came to congratulate him.

The entire universe was almost as if it had been swept away by this matter, and no matter where it was, people were talking about Gu Chen becoming a Ten Realms God Emperor.

Countless people were admiring this genius God Emperor Gu Chen, and they all predicted that one day, Gu Chen would become that legendary Lord of the Universe.

The omi in the Heavenly World, however, did not know about it in the slightest, after all, the Heavenly World was closed to news and had almost no channels of communication with the outside world.

Until one day three years later, a group of Heavenly God Teams came to the Heavenly World.

The purpose of this group of celestial god team was no longer to plunder resources, but rather, to capture Wind Lightning and obtain a favor from the First God Emperor.

Although they didn’t hold out hope for this world that was marked as lifeless on the map, they still came in to take a look, just in case that guy was hiding here.


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