King of kings 2533


“Hey, the world marked as inanimate on this map has people, for God’s sake.”

“How long has it been since this map was updated.”

“Alright, don’t talk so much, quickly find out if this world has any wind and light clouds.”

“Hehe, it’s simple, roar three times, this small world of the sky, roar three times probably the whole world will tremble.”

At this moment, omi was in a large hall, omi already knew that someone was coming.

“Everyone, come out.”One of the Celestial Gods team shouted.

However, what they didn’t expect was that no matter how much he shouted, his voice was small.

“What’s going on? I was obviously shouting very loudly, so why was my voice so low that I didn’t even hear myself when I shouted out.”

Just then, omi appeared.

“Don’t waste your energy, you’re here to find me, right.”

“Ah, Wind Lightning, it really is Wind Lightning.”The group of people from the Heavenly God team were stunned. One second to remember to read the book

omi said, “Since you’re here, why don’t you come sit in my main hall, drink tea and eat snacks, and after that, I’ll decide if I want to send you on your way or not.”

“Wind Lightning, I advise you to come with us immediately.”The captain of the Heavenly God Team said that this captain was at the level of a God King.

Unfortunately, in omi’s eyes, the God King level was too low.

“Why should I go with you.”

“Wind Lightning, I never thought that you would hide here, go, come back to the main world with me, otherwise, you will only die.”Captain Celestial God said.

omi laughed, “I don’t like your tone very much, so go ahead and die.”

Before omi finished speaking, that Heavenly God captain died of bleeding from his ears and nose.

“Ah, Captain, what happened to you?”

Don said, “He is dead, and next, will you also choose the path of death?”

“Wind Lightning, how could you possibly kill our captain, he’s a God King.”One of the men shouted incredulously.

“Hahaha, God King, now, the God King can only kneel and lick in front of me.”After saying that, the momentum on omi’s body was released.

“Ah, God Emperor.”Those from the Heavenly God team were all silly, the aura emanating from omi’s body was clearly the pressure that only a God Emperor had.

omi flew towards the main hall without turning back, and said, “All of you, come in, I have something to ask you.”

Those few people from the Heavenly God team all looked at each other, completely unable to believe it.

“Is this a dream?”

“We must be in a dream, it’s all a lie and the captain isn’t dead.”One of the team members said.

At that moment, there was a yell from omi, “Get your asses in here, why are you still cold.”

This shout suddenly made the group of Heavenly Gods team members dizzy.

The group of celestial gods team members entered the main hall and knelt down in the hall, with omi sitting above them.

omi asked, “Why did you come to see me?”

“Back to the Wind God Emperor, it was the First God Emperor who issued the order, whoever can capture you can have a favor from the First God Emperor.”

“So, the old thief Gu Chen already knows that I killed his grandson.”


“Hahaha, good, it seems that it’s time for me to go find him, and it’s time to separate life and death between us.”

Those people were sneering in their hearts, just you?

omi said, “You all doubt me in your hearts, don’t you.”

“I don’t dare.”

“It doesn’t matter, you’ll all know sooner or later, I’ll ask you again, did the old thief of Gu Chen invite the heroes of the universe widely to celebrate his stepping into the Ten Realms of Godly Emperors?”

“Yes, the date is just seven days from now, and it will be held in the divine domain of the Ancient Hour God Emperor, at that time, I’m afraid that all the dignitaries of the entire universe will go to celebrate for him.”

omi smiled and said, “Very well.”

“Wind God Emperor, can we go now?”

omi said, “Let me share a truth with you, death is both living and living is both death, so why don’t we get on the road early, how about you guys?”

“Ah.”The group of celestial god teams were shocked, and frantically kowtowed, “Wind God Emperor, we don’t want to die, and we hope that Wind God Emperor will spare our lives.”

“Spare your lives, but I can’t find a reason to spare your lives, in that case, find yourselves a reason to let you live.”

“I, I can tell a story.”One of the Celestial God members said.

“Bang.”omi shot dead in a second while saying, “Unfortunately, I don’t need to be able to tell a story.”

The rest of them were all trembling.

omi said, “How about this, I don’t care what method you use, each of you, take on an apprentice in my Heavenly World, and when you make that apprentice a god, you’ll lift your death spell, how about that?”

“What’s a death spell?

“Oh, it’s an ability I created myself, like, I’ll experiment on one of you.”omi pointed at one of the most blood-smelling members of the Celestial Gods and said, “You, I curse you to die in five minutes.”

The person who was cursed by omi didn’t seem to have any abnormalities, but five minutes later, that person, inexplicably, died.

omi said, “See, this is my curse, it’s very spiritual, everyone under the God Emperor can’t avoid it, I’m cursing you now, let at least one person in my Heavenly World become a god, otherwise, go die, and if you become a god, this curse will be lifted.Alright, you can leave, anyone in my Heavenly World, you can choose, but I urge you to keep your eyes open and choose one with good talent and high potential, otherwise, you’ll have a hard time.”

That group of Heavenly God members left in frustration, their group of people, a total of hundreds of people, if each of them brought out a god regardless of the method, then the Heavenly World would have increased by over a hundred gods.

After that, this group of Heavenly God members could only be forced to look around the Heavenly World for a target and then take him as a disciple, and in the future, they would do whatever it took to help that person become a god.They were all screaming, what the hell was this called.

Right now, somewhere in the Earth Immortal World, within a certain family, a gorgeously dressed male was punching and kicking another teenager, shouting, “Rubbish, you family waste, you don’t deserve to have our family’s blood in your veins.”

The teenager who was shouted as trash had his fists clenched and his eyes filled with unyielding anger.

“Rubbish, you will always be a disgrace to the family, hahaha.”

A maid who was quite pretty ran out and protected the waste, saying, “Don’t hit young master Bai, please.”

“Yoho, this girl of yours, you’re actually not quite protective of your master ah, and she’s quite graceful ah, someone, tie this girl to my room, hahaha.”

So, a few of that arrogant prince’s followers immediately tied up that girl.

That wasteful young master roared, “Who dares to touch Xiao Ying.”


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