King of kings 2536

Chapter 2536

“Twelve realms, twelve realms, why am I already a Twelve Realm God Emperor and still nothing has changed, other than feeling stronger.”omi said depressedly.

“Isn’t it said that if you reach the Twelfth Realm God Emperor, you can become the Lord of the Universe?Where’s the Lord?Where is it?”

Don omi was muttering by himself.

At that moment, Ouya came along.

“Husband, what are you muttering about?Did you become the first God Emperor, high above the ground?It’s feeling boring.”Ouya asked.

omi rolled his eyes, “What do you think, it’s more than just a shaky high.”

“Actually, I’m all a bit unmotivated.”

“How so?”

“In the past, at any rate, I would still desperately want to try my best and then become a powerful god, but now, even if I become a god emperor, where does it matter, even if I’m as weak as an immortal, where does it matter because you’re already the first god emperor.”

omi nodded his head, this was indeed too lonely, perhaps this was the so-called high place.

“Right, Husband, your master, Old Sang God Emperor, when will you be able to see him again, didn’t you say before that you could resurrect him?Now that you’re a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, why haven’t you resurrected him?” One second to remember to read the book

omi looked sad.

“Do you think I don’t want to, but, I can’t do it, do you think the Twelve Realms God Emperor is all-powerful?But the truth is, I don’t have any other egg difference other than feeling a little stronger.”

“Ah, the Twelve Realms God Emperor can’t even resurrect the Old Sang God Emperor, the Twelve Realms God Emperor is already the strongest existence in the universe, if the Twelve Realms God Emperor can’t even resurrect him, what realm does it take to resurrect him?Is there anything stronger?Is there really a legendary Lord of the Universe?But, you’re already in the twelfth realm, you’re not the Lord of the Universe.”Ouya said.

omi shook his head and said, “I don’t understand either, in short, I don’t have that ability, I don’t have anything other than some abilities that I created myself using the genetic information of countless divine beasts.”

“Then what do you plan to do next?”

“I don’t know, I’m completely clueless, that’s why I’m so disturbed, I can’t control any of it even though I’m obviously the First God Emperor.”

“Then I’ll leave you alone.”

omi was alone in silence.

Inwardly, omi said, “You’re already a Twelfth Realm God Emperor, what more do you want.”

At this moment, a voice came from behind omi, “Hello, Wind Lightning.”

“Ah, you are.”omi looked startled at the person behind him, omi, as a Twelve Realm God Emperor, didn’t even know when a person appeared behind him, oh my god, omi was dumbfounded.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here to congratulate you on becoming the strongest person in this universe.”

“You are?”omi sized up the man in front of him, the one in front of him was handsome as a thief and had an extraordinary air of superiority in his brow.

“You can call me any.”


“Didn’t understand.”

“Names, they don’t mean much to me anymore, and nowadays they don’t represent me, or, for that matter, any, so just call me any.”

“Oh, any brother, hello.”omi didn’t pursue his name, it was clear that he didn’t want to reveal his real name yet, or true to his words, the name was no longer binding to him, he could call any.

“Hello, Windy.”

“Any brother, what did you just say, congratulations to me?”

“You’re already the number one strongest person in this universe, and the person ranked second is very far away from you, and originally, you were the most promising to become the master of this universe.”

“You mean originally?What do you mean?”

“Oh, Windy, I’d better start by telling you where I’m from, to be honest, I’m the owner of another universe.”

“Another universe?Is it possible that the universe has many of them too?”

“Of course.”

omi couldn’t help but explode, “Damn, it’s endless isn’t it, when I broke out of the world, I thought there was no bigger anymore, and now, I’m told that there’s still a place bigger than the universe.”

“No no no, you misunderstood, I said there is still a place bigger than the universe, that’s our hearts, aren’t our hearts bigger than any?”

“Any brother, I don’t quite understand.”

“There’s no rush about that, in fact I couldn’t help but come to you today, I’m just sorry you made it, you’re a genius, you had a good chance of mastering this masterless universe, alas, alas.”

“What the hell happened?”omi was busy asking.

The man said, “So far, there are not many universes that have a master, five or six right, there are more universes that are still not fully developed, your universe, the one that developed faster, so, among us, one of the universe master, he wanted to give your universe, to his son, that is to say, originally you had the best hope of obtaining the master of this universe, but by that universeThe Lord of Hosts has stepped in, and your chances of getting a chance are zero.”

Don was giddy.

“Any brother, not quite understand.”

“No, you understand, it’s just that, you’re nervous inside, so you don’t dare to understand.”That man spoke to omi’s heart in one word.

The man laughed, “Then I’ll say it again, I’m the Lord of another universe, and you had hopes of becoming the Lord of this universe, but, another Lord of another universe, he wants his son to take over you as the Lord of this universe.It’s like, I want my son, to seize the lord of this universe that originally had the most hope of belonging to you.”

omi said, “Why would the Lord of the Universe you’re talking about want his son to come and seize this universe of mine?”

“I don’t know about that, after all, he is also the Lord of the Universe, it makes sense that he would want his son to be the Lord of another Masterless Universe, wouldn’t it be nice if he succeeds in the future and both father and son are Lord of the Universe.”

omi asked, “Brother Any, why have you come to me and told me this?”

“Haha, how can I put it, it’s not easy for you, growing all the way from the weakest mortal to this, and I, once was similar to you, our universe structure can be said to be very similar, so our experiences are considered very similar, that’s why I came to find you.”

“Uh, any brother, you were, and are, the weakest mortal in that universe of yours?”

“Haha, yeah, told you our universe is very similar in structure.”

“Thanks for coming to see me, but what do I do?”

The man sighed, “This, I can’t help you, other than being able to bring you some information so that you can plan ahead, I can’t help you much.I am not a member of this universe, I can’t even hurt any of the plants and trees in this universe.Wind Lightning, you have to remember that once someone else has their way, you will no longer be the most hopeful person in this universe to get the Lord, and even, you will disappear from here, once that person’s son gets the Lord of the Universe, he will never let you, and all of your relatives continue to exist.”


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