King of kings 26-50

Chapter 26

Omi said, “Mr. Liu, don’t worry about going to work, leave everything at home to me, I, Omi, won’t receive your salary for nothing.”

“Thank you.”

Soon after, the driver arrived.

Omi stood at the entrance of the villa, and Liu Chenming instructed, “Omi, the family is counting on you.”

Omi nodded his head.

On the third floor of the villa, by a window, Liona watched tearfully as her father took the car and left, she had gotten used to it over the years.

Liona returned to her room and hid a sharp fruit knife under her pillow, it was for Omi, if Omi dared to do anything to her tonight, she would not hesitate to kill him.No matter what, she could commit suicide and never be defiled by Omi.

Omi was sitting in the living room, and Wu Ma was cleaning up the kitchen.

Omi asked, “Mrs. Wu, how old are you.”

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“Mr. Tang, I’m sixty years old.”

“Oh, you’re still working here at this age?” Remember the URL Natia .online

“Oh, I’m not like you, I don’t get paid, I’ve been with Mr. Willow since he was still over there.Mr. Willow is also very relieved to have me handle all the expenses of the house and so on.”

“So you’re Mr. Willow’s housekeeper, then.”

“Oh.”Wu Ma smiled slightly.

“By the way, Mrs. Wu, do you know how to drive?”Don Zimmer asked.

“A little.”

“Then can you teach me?”

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“Ah, you don’t know how to drive, Mr. Don?”Wu Ma was stunned, how common a skill to drive these days, but this bodyguard didn’t even know how to drive.

“No, but I’m sure I’ll learn it once I learn it.”

“Then, okay.”

Omi and Wu Ma came to the garage, Wu Ma said, “Take out the keys.”

Omi took out the car keys, and Wu Ma said, “Press this switch to open the door and enter the car.”

“Then insert the key into this hole, twist it, and the car will start.”

Omi followed Wu Ma’s instructions step by step.

“Now, you put the gear into D, then gently step on the gas pedal under your right foot, and the car will slowly move.The deeper you step on it, the faster it will move.”

Omi asked, “And what if you have to stop?”

Mama Wu said, “If you think it’s too fast, you move your right foot a little bit to the left and step on that brake next to you.After that, it’s steering, you turn the steering wheel to the left, the car goes left, the front of the car goes right.How much you turn is up to you, and if you learn it right away, it should be easy to get the feel of it.”


“There’s a lawn at the back of the villa, you can practice there.It’s an automatic, it’s easy.”

Omi carefully drove the car to the lawn behind the villa, and boom, he started practicing.

Ten minutes later, Omi smiled, “It’s easy, isn’t it just throttle and brake.”

As for turning the direction, Omi also fumbled around, and it was easy to grasp roughly how much to turn.Of course, reversing into the garage and parking on the side, Omi was not very handy.

At this time, Liona came down the stairs and said to Omi, “Do you really want to be my bodyguard?”

“Miss, are you willing to accept me as your bodyguard?”

Liona said, “Omi, what if you didn’t protect me?What if you’re derelict in your duties?”


nbsp; “Oh, dereliction of duty, it’s impossible.”Omi was confident.

“You didn’t answer me directly, if you can’t protect me, what should you do?”

Omi said, “Well, if I really neglected my duty and didn’t protect you, then I will never hang around your house.”

Liona huffed, “Omi, you said it yourself, I told you to fail in your duty tonight.”

“Ugh.”Omi was stunned, what does this big sister want?

Xiang Yun Liu got into the Porsche and drove out of the villa with a bang, disappearing into the distance.The Porsche has two keys, the other one is in Omi’s hand.

Liona drove the Porsche and disappeared in a flash.

Omi was stunned and puzzled, “What does she want?Are you going to kill yourself?Not so much.”

Omi broke out in a cold sweat and immediately chased after her.

In the car, Liona proudly snorted, “Omi, how many bodyguards has this lady ousted, you’re still too young to fight me, I’ll just go to any bar right now, go to a bar and get beaten up, hmm, you didn’t protect me, you’ll get out of here tonight.You pervert, several school flowers of Baiyun Middle School, you hit on me one by one, and now you’re still hitting on me, dreaming.”

Liona stopped at a bar and stood in front of it.As she was about to enter the bar, she suddenly got a little scared again.

“Will this be too much for me?Would it be too much for me to go to a chaotic place and have someone beat me up on purpose, when I joke about my own body?”

However, Liona turned around and thought, “Omi, that pervert, deliberately bullying girls in the women’s bathroom, what else can’t this kind of person do, his motives for being my bodyguard are by no means pure, and my father is often away, what if this pervert really defiles me.A few injuries in the area is nothing, as long as I can get rid of this pervert.”

Liona resolutely entered the bar.

It was Liona’s first time coming to such a place, and if it wasn’t to drive Omi away, she probably wouldn’t have come to such a chaotic place in her life.

At this moment, a voice came from inside the bar, “Miss.”

Liona was shocked, the person who called her was actually Omi, how was this possible, she was driving a Porsche and racing along, even if Omi had taken a taxi, he couldn’t have followed up so quickly ah, and there were many cars on the road, it wasn’t like she wanted to keep up with them.

Omi held a glass of white wine in his hand, walked up to Liona and said with a smile, “Miss, so you are also a good drinker ah, it seems that we are not without a common language.”

“Who has a shared voice with you.”Liona gasped, actually calling her a person of good wine.

“Miss is not a good wine person, then what are you doing here.”

Liona was busy questioning, “Why are you here?Aren’t you still at home?”

“Miss, you’re silly, I’m your personal bodyguard ah, my duty is to protect you, where you are, I’m there ah.”

“But, but why are you as fast as me?”Liona was depressed.

Omi laughed, “Miss, I’m obviously faster than you, okay.”In fact, Omi followed Liona’s car all the way here, and when Liona parked her car, Omi entered the bar first.

“You, how did you know I was going to come here, that’s never possible.”Liona’s brain was a bit confused, not even sure how Omi did it.

“So much la, come on, come in and drink, we won’t get drunk tonight.”

“Who wants to not get drunk with you.”Liona stomped her foot in anger.

In her heart, Liona said, “What to do, this pervert, don’t even know how to do it, the original plan, just come to a bar and let yourself get beaten up, now how can this plan still go on?”


Just then, Liona saw inside the bar, there was a bald man, that bald man was not only bald, he was also naked and had a dragon tattooed on his body.He also had two youngsters with sunglasses standing behind him, and at a glance, he was not a good guy.

Liona suddenly had a bright idea: “Hey, what will happen if I go up and mess with that bald guy?That bald guy looks like someone who mixes with irregular forces, never good to mess with.Then I’ll push Omi up there as a shield for me, and Omi will be beaten up by them, yay, that’s a perfect idea.”

Liona was suddenly excited about her conception and looked at Omi and said in her heart, “I’ll see if you’ll still be my bodyguard.”

Liona said, “Omi, you drink your wine, I’ll drink mine, don’t get so close to me.”

“Yes, Miss, go ahead then.”Omi nodded his head.

Liona slowly walked towards that bald man, in her heart she said, “How should I mess with him?”

Liona thought for a moment and picked up an empty wine bottle, saying in her mind, I’ll just smash it down later, I don’t believe I can’t anger that bald man.

Omi was drinking while paying attention to Liona’s actions.

Liona came a few meters in front of the bald man, saw the bald man’s fierce muscles, couldn’t help but tremble a bit, really want to go up and smash him, a bit scared again.

“Whatever.”Liona plucked up the courage to walk up to the bald man, and by surprise, suddenly a wine bottle smashed on the bald man’s forehead.

“utter” a sound, the wine bottle is not as expected, bang burst, Liona’s strength is too small, how can the wine bottle is so easy to burst. A second to remember to read the book

That bald head looked up and glared angrily at Liona.

“Ah.”Liona screamed in fright.

The bald man stood up openly and was about to extend his palm and smack Liona hard when a hand was placed on his shoulder, it was Omi.

The screaming Liona saw that no one was hitting her, and when she looked up, she saw that Omi was standing next to the bald man.

Liona pointed at Omi and said, “He’s my bodyguard, he told me to beat you up, it’s none of my business ah, you guys should teach him a lesson ah.”

At this moment, that bald man had cold sweat on his forehead, the back of his spine was completely unconscious, and he was horrified, not knowing what kind of person this mysterious young man standing next to him was.

Omi said, “This big brother, this is my lady, she has had a problem since she was a child, she likes to smash people with a bottle, she didn’t hurt you just now, did she?”

The bald man said with a smile on his skin, “No, no.”

Omi said, “Our lady, every time she has an attack, if you don’t smash it, it will be painful, how about you do us a favor and let our lady smash it for fun.”

The bald-headed man smiled, “What kind of kind words are you saying, I also have a problem since I was a child, that is, I like to be smashed into bottles, if I don’t smash it to addiction, I will be in pain, your lady can smash me, this is helping me, I’m not even thankful enough.”

Omi lowered his hand from the bald man’s shoulder and smiled, “Thank you very much then.”

The bald-headed man said, “You’re welcome, you’re welcome.This lady, go ahead and smash it, I just love being smashed.”

The two little brothers behind the bald man seemed silly, busy saying, “Big brother, you…”

The bald-headed man reprimanded, “What are you waiting for, why don’t you get the bottle for this lady?”

“Ah, brother, you.”

“Hurry up.”

“Uh-oh.”The two men were busy picking up bottles of wine and handing them to Liona.

Liona’s brain is confused, what’s this with what ah, is it really such a coincidence, smashed a just hi

Happy to be smashed by a pervert?

Omi chuckled, “Miss, no need to be polite, smash it, this big brother has had a strange illness since he was a child, he likes to be smashed, the more you smash it, the more grateful he will be .”

The bald man was busy laughing, “Yes, Miss, smash me quickly.”

Liona stomped her foot in anger and said depressedly, “Somehow.”

Liona turned around and walked out of the bar.

Omi scrambled to follow, and as soon as Omi left, the bald man went limp and sat down on his butt, as if he had returned from a trip to the gates of hell.

The two men were busy saying, “Big brother, what’s going on.”

“Yeah, big brother, you, just now, scared us to death, like you don’t know us at all.At your own bar being smashed, and you still…”

The bald man wiped a cold sweat and said, “It’s better than no life, what a terrifying expert.”

Liona walked out of the bar, and Omi was busy following her out.

“Miss, aren’t you going to drink?”

Liona got in the car and roared away on the accelerator.

“Why is this happening?Did Omi and that bald guy know each other?Is Omi also from an irregular power?God, this pervert is too scary, how the hell am I going to get rid of this pervert.”

Liona stopped the car at a park by a lake and sat alone on a bench by the lake.

Omi’s voice sounded behind him, “Miss, it’s windy here, why don’t we go back.”

Liona was once again surprised to see Omi arrive almost at the same time as her.

Liona said, “Omi, it seems that you really have some skills, I say why does my dad believe in you so much, my dad sees that you are so good at martial arts, he has completely lost his suspicion of you.”

Omi sat down beside Liona, and Liona immediately sat a little to the side, keeping her distance from Omi.

“Oh, miss, am I really such a rogue in your eyes?I don’t look like a rogue, do I?”

Liona snorted ridiculously, “You have the cheek to ask such a question, a person who bullies girls in the women’s restroom and writes explicit love letters to girls, if they are not considered rogues, then in this world, no rogues exist.”

Omi smiled, “There are some things, seeing may not be true, it may also be a misunderstanding.”

As soon as Liona got up, she said in disgust, “Omi, you dare to do something but don’t dare to behave, and you still try to be sophomoric, don’t you think you are so hypocritical?Was what my eyes saw that day in the ladies’ room, a hallucination?”

Omi sighed, these were indeed his doing, forget it, the more sophistry, the more hypocritical it was, although there were reasons, but those reasons Omi couldn’t explain to anyone, this shameless charge couldn’t be washed away.

“Well, I won’t argue, the love letter was indeed written by me, and everything that happened in the ladies’ room that day was indeed not an illusion.”

“Omi, can’t you just let me go?You can go ahead and hit on Shangguan Zhuo or Song Yu’er, just not me.I’m already poor enough, when I was a child, my parents divorced, my father was a door-to-door son-in-law, and my mother’s side was very powerful.After the divorce, my father naturally left that very powerful side of the family.The judge originally ruled that my sister and I should be sentenced to my mother, but unfortunately, because I was born with a cold disease, I couldn’t practice martial arts, and I wouldn’t live long.So, my mother and that very powerful family didn’t want me and let my father take me with him when he left.I haven’t seen my mom in almost ten years, and even though she doesn’t want me, I still miss her so much.”Liona’s eyes burst into tears.

Omi’s heart trembled when he heard ‘cold disease’, in Omi’s world, suffering from cold disease, ordinary people rarely lived past the age of twenty.It was a terrible disease, even martial arts experts would perish because of it.


“Fortunately my father was very gifted in business, and in less than ten years he had the size of the business he has today, and I became a rich girl again.But I, however, am not happy, I have a cold disease, and I am destined not to live long, perhaps to die at nineteen, perhaps at twenty, and this year it is seventeen.I wish so much that my dad could be with me every day, because I’m afraid that one day I’ll die and won’t be able to spend more time with him in time.However, my dad is very busy and I know he would love to be with me every day, but he can’t, he has to make a lot of money to have any hope of curing me.”Liona said tearfully.

“Since my parents divorced when I was eight years old, I haven’t seen my mom since, everyone has a mom, I actually really miss her, but she, she has completely abandoned me.Only my dad, who is still trying to save me because of my illness.The doctors all say that I will die at the age of twenty at the most.Omi, I’m already so miserable, why are you still hitting on me?Can’t you go find Samira and the others?They are healthy and disease-free, and have parents to accompany them, and a complete family, so happy, why did they choose me to do it.”

“I… Miss, it’s you who thinks too badly of me, right, hold out your hand for me to see, I know a little bit about medicine, although I can’t cure your id cold disease, but maybe it will help you a little bit.”

Liona huffed, “I’m like this, you still want to take advantage of me.At night in my house, there’s no one else but Wu Ma, what are you going to do?What point of action?”

“What time is the action?”

“Don’t pretend, if you dare to bully girls in the ladies’ toilet, what else do you dare not to do, it’s late at night, I’m sure it’s useless for me to shout my throat out, isn’t it.”

Omi smiled, “Miss, you have too rich an imagination, I, Omi, have a high moral character, this is something that everyone knows.”

“Heh.”Liona laughed coldly and turned around.She couldn’t understand why a person’s skin could be so thick.

Liona got into the car and whizzed away.

“Miss, drive slowly and be safe.”Suddenly, Omi’s voice came from the back seat of the car.

“Ah.”Liona was shocked, like seeing a ghost, when did Omi get into her car. First URL mNatia .online

Liona was so shocked that she lost control of her car and grazed the side of a moving car.

Liona looked back at Omi and said angrily, “When did you get on?You’re trying to scare me to death.”

Omi smiled hehehe, “Miss, your car window is open, I’ll come up.”

“You… “Liona had to admire that Omi’s martial arts skills were really good, and the exercising car was actually able to catch up and jump in without a sound.Liona completely understands why her dad trusts Omi so much.

At that moment, the car that was hit next to him came down with two black-clothed youths.

“Bang.”One of the youths smashed the hood of Liona’s Porsche three times with such force that the hood caved in.

Liona stared at Omi and said, “It’s all your fault, what should we do now, there’s a traffic accident.”

Omi said, “Miss, you do not go down, let me handle everything.”

Liona was depressed, “I’m the one to blame, tell them I’ll be responsible for their car repair costs.”

Omi had already gotten out of the car.

One of the youths looked at Omi and said, “Kid, can you drive?”

Omi looked at the other’s car, polishing a line of paint, and Omi asked, “How much.”

The other youth said, “At least 100,000.”


A huff: “I work for a month’s salary of only 100,000, you guys really dare to lionize me, this junk car may not even be worth 100,000, right.”

One of the youths said angrily, “Kid, you are intent on finding fault, open your eyes and see, what kind of car is this?”

Don’s son said, “Broken car.”


At this time, Liona was busy getting out of the car, seeing the other car, her face was white, but she hit a Bentley, it was also too unlucky.

“, how much compensation?”

Omi didn’t know anything about cars, but it looked like just one paint job anyway.

Omi took out a hundred dollars and said, “I don’t have any change, give me fifty.”

The two youths looked at the hundred that Omi took out, but also said to find fifty, and suddenly their faces were green, not taking such a bully.

One of them roared, “Kid, it looks like you want to cause trouble.”

Omi snorted, “The ones who want to cause trouble are you guys, a broken car, wiped a paint, if I hadn’t found a good job now, fifty dollars wouldn’t even be given.”

“You you.”

Liona walked up to Omi and whispered, “This is a Bentley, don’t embarrass me.”

“What Bentley, it’s not as pretty as our car.”Omi trailed off.

Liona glared at Omi and said to the two youths, “I’m sorry, I’m fully responsible, I’ll pay for it.”

Liona took out a pen and wrote a check right then and there, saying, “Here is 100,000, more than enough to repair it.Give me some face, and let’s settle this privately, okay?”

The two youths said, “I can’t make the decision, wait a minute.”

One of the youths returned to the car and said something to a person sitting in the back of the car, then came out again and said, “Our boss said that 100,000 is not enough to repair it, and we need 300,000.”

Liona was shocked, “Three hundred thousand?Even if it’s a Bentley with a little paint, it doesn’t cost $300,000, right?It’s not like I’ve never seen a Bentley before, this paint, even if I use original imported paint, it’s only 30-40 thousand.I was wrong in the first place, so I simply compensated you 100,000 in order to settle the matter.Unexpectedly, you guys want three hundred thousand, this is too black.”

“It’s your business whether to compensate or not, we’re driving fine, you’re the ones who are going to crash into us, and you still have the nerve to think it’s too expensive, did I let you crash into us?”

Liona bit her teeth, forget it, admit your bad luck, 300,000 is fine.Liona didn’t want to cause trouble for her dad, the other party dared to openly offer 300,000 and take the opportunity to extort, naturally not an ordinary person, her dad was already busy enough, in case the other party had a big backstage, wouldn’t it be even more troublesome.

Liona re-wrote a check and handed it to them, “This is 300,000, that’s okay.”

Omi saw the lady blinked and gave someone 300,000 ‘silver cheques’, very distressed, he worked for a month only 100,000, why should he be able to scratch a single paint for 300,000, he was only worth a single paint for three months?This was too unfair.Omi didn’t have any luxurious cars in his eyes, he only knew only one paint stroke.

The two black-clothed youths took their checks and were about to get into their cars and leave when Omi shouted, “Wait a minute.”

“What else do you want?”

Don said, “Your car is done with it, our car isn’t.”

“What do you mean?”The two youths were a bit angry, their boss didn’t care before making them pay 300,000, but they didn’t expect the other party to be ungrateful and pestered.


Omi pointed at the hood of the Porsche and said, “Your car has to pay 300,000 for a scratch of paint, so our car, which you’ve smashed a hole in, is afraid it won’t come down without a million, right?”

“What?A million?”The two youths were furious.

“I’m not going to extort you guys, your car can pay three hundred thousand for a scratch in the paint, then my car, less than a million.”

“You go to rob, you Porsche?macan, the new car with the highest match won’t even exceed one million, a small pit, you want us to pay you more than the price of the whole car?”The two youths’ lungs were about to explode.

Omi said outrageously and unreasonably, “I don’t care, I just calculated it at the rate of 300,000 for one paint job, and I also doubt that you guys want 300,000 for this car, bought brand new.”

“Three hundred thousand to buy a Bentley?You give me ten out wholesale.”

Omi snorted, “No use talking too much, pay up.”

The two youths returned to the car and said to the man in the back seat, “Boss, this kid wants us to pay him a million dollars because we just smashed a hole in the hood of his Porsche?macan.”

The man in the backseat of the car looked cross and said angrily, “How dare you extort it from me, good, very good.”

Liona didn’t want to be nosy and said to Omi, “Alright, go back.”

Omi said, “Miss, even if we were wrong in the first place, but should we swallow our pride when people screw you over?” Remember the URL Natia .online

Liona glared at Omi, “They must be people with connections, it’s not easy for my father to do business here, why do you need to hold a grudge against someone for these hundreds of thousands.”

Omi said, “This won’t do, since I’m your bodyguard, I have to do my duty, you’re being bullied now, I must seek justice for my employer.”


At that moment, a middle-aged man came down from the back seat of the Bentley with a cigar in his mouth and hair as sonorous as a gambler’s.

The middle-aged man asked carelessly, “Who wants a million dollars?”

Omi said, “Me.”

The man calmly lit his cigar first, then without looking at Omi, he said to the two black-clothed youths, “Waste him for me.”

“Yes, boss.”

The two youths got the order and immediately rushed up to Omi.These two bodyguards, whom he had poached from a foreign mercenary team, were very strong.

“Crushing Stone Palm.”

“Heavenly Star Hand.”

Two black-clothed youths had rushed up, and their moves were very vicious.

Omi raged, “Even if you don’t pay, you still want to hit me.”

“Bang Bang.”Omi instantly struck.

Suddenly, two black-clothed youths muffled and lay still, a move put down at the same time.

The man who was smoking a cigar was stunned there, dumbfounded at Omi, unable to believe what happened in the blink of an eye, two excellent foreign mercenary bodyguards, laying down in one move.

Omi walked over and plucked the cigar from the man’s mouth.

“Bringing a bodyguard of this level, you even dare to come out and extort, you don’t want your life.”Omi snorted.

The middle-aged man shivered.

“You, you.”

“You what you, pay for it.”Omi extended his hand.

The middle-aged man said with trepidation, “Brother, I have eyes but can’t see Taishan, much offense.I’m Lu Bing from the Feng Yun Hall, can you give me some face, we won’t fight and we’ll meet each other some other day.”

Liona was shocked when she heard Feng Yun Hall, Liona heard her dad say that Feng Yun Hall was one of the three major irregular forces in Linjiang City, and not many people who wanted to hang out here dared to offend the irregular forces.I never thought…

To, this owner who drove the Bentley was actually a member of the Windy Hall.

“What the hell hall, never heard of it, pay for it.”Omi snorted.

The cross flesh on the middle-aged man’s face shook, there were not many people in Linjiang City’s one acre of land who dared to be so disdainful of the Wind Cloud Hall.

“Little brother, don’t overdo it.”

Omi said impatiently, “I asked you to pay compensation, you give me bullshit about the Wind Cloud Hall, do you believe I’ll scrap you?”

“You?”The middle-aged man was really angry.

Liona was busy pulling Omi: “Forget it.”

Omi said, “Miss, how can this be forgotten.”

Omi looked back at the middle-aged man again and said, “Compensate or not?”

The middle-aged man’s face went cold: “You’ll regret it.”

“Bang.”Omi suddenly punched him in the stomach.

The middle-aged man fell down with a scream.

Omi grabbed him up and punched him again.

“Don’t fight, I’ll pay for it.”The middle-aged man was busy shouting.

“Count you sensible.”

The middle-aged man returned the check Liona had just written to Omi, then wrote another check for seven hundred thousand.

“Go.”Omi got into the car.

Liona had already gotten into the car because she was scared.

“Miss, drive.”Omi reminded.

Liona stepped on the gas pedal and walked away with a worried face, “Omi, if you harmed my father, I’m definitely not done with you.If you hit the irregular forces, they will definitely investigate my identity and take revenge on my father.”

“Miss, I’m helping you and you’re blaming me.”

“I don’t need to.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man was crouching on the ground with his stomach covered, having just been punched by Omi, wondering if he had punched his stomach through.

“Ahem.”The middle-aged man coughed, but, he coughed up a lot of blood from his mouth.

At that moment, two bodyguards woke up.

“Boss, are you okay?What about them?”

The middle-aged man raged, “You two losers, is this what you call a mercenary who has licked blood on the tip of a knife?”

“Boss, we…”

“What are you waiting for, hurry up and catch up with that car from earlier, I need to know where they live.”

“Yes, boss, I’ll catch up right away.”One of the mercenaries ran to catch up, surprisingly fast too.The other stayed behind to take care of the boss.

At that moment, the middle-aged man’s phone rang, and when he looked, it was his son, whose name was Lu Guan.

“Dad, come back quickly.”The tone of the phone was low.

“Lu Guan, what’s happening?Didn’t you apply for that who’s who’s personal bodyguard?”

“Dad, don’t mention it, the bouncer didn’t work and he got beaten up.”

“What? Who dares to beat you up.”The middle-aged man was furious, but then it suddenly occurred to him that he, too, had just been beaten.What kind of day is this today, my son was beaten up and so was my old man.

Ten minutes later, in a certain large villa in Linjiang City.

Lu Bing and his son Lu Guan, they were sitting face to face.

When Lu Bing saw his son’s nose and face, he said angrily, “Who is it?”

“Dad, that person’s name is Omi, I originally went to the Song family to apply for the job, but unfortunately, Song Daitian didn’t even give face to you, the Vice Hall Master of the Windy Hall.After that, I went to the Liu family to apply for the job, and I thought that a small peasant would definitely not dare to disrespect you, but who knew that Liu Chen Ming wouldn’t even give you face.”


Lu Bing frowned, “But Song Daitian and Liu Chen Ming, both businessmen, can’t be your opponents.”

“Dad, Song Dai Tian’s father invited an expert down from the mountains, and Liu Chen Ming also found an expert, I’m the one who was admitted by Liu Chen Ming, called Omi fought.That Omi, his martial arts skills are really high, I’m no match for him.Dad, you’re the third vice hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, you must avenge me.”

Lu Bing himself was already furious from being beaten, but now that his son was also beaten like this, he was even more furious.

“Song Daitian, I see that he really has hard wings, and that Liu Chenming, just with him being an outsider, he also dares to disrespect me, he won’t let these two go.”

Lu Bing took out his cell phone and made a call out, “Hey, Blackhead, go do something for me tonight.Go to Song Daitian’s house and punish his daughter properly.”

After making the call, Lu Bing made another call: “Hey, Death Biao, go do one thing for me at night, go to Liu Chenming’s house and rape her daughter.Rape her.”

Lu Guan was busy saying, “Don’t rape, rape, catch it back to me.”

Lu Bing immediately changed his words, “Don’t be strong, or capture it to me.”

“Yes, boss.”

After making the call, Lu Bing said, “Alright, these two ungrateful things will know the power tonight, if I don’t give them some face, they really don’t take my Lu Bing’s face seriously anymore, thinking that I am the third deputy head of the Feng Yun Hall, as if I have no power.”

Lu Guan smiled, “Thank you dad, Black Head and Mourning Biao, they are both second only to my master in terms of strength, they are finished.” One second to remember to read the book

“Cough cough.”At that moment, Lu Bing felt a pain in his stomach and coughed up a lot of blood from his mouth again.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?”Lu Guan was busy asking.

Lu Bing gritted his teeth and said, “Son, actually, not only were you beaten today, I was also beaten, I was just on my way back, not only was I beaten, but I was also extorted for a million dollars.”

“What? Dad, that’s impossible, you’re the Third Vice Hall Master of the Wind Cloud Hall, beating you is the same as beating the Wind Cloud Hall ah, who dares not take the Wind Cloud Hall into account?”Lu Guan was incredible.It was understandable that others wouldn’t give him face, after all, his father only represented one of the vice heads of the Wind Cloud Hall.But beating up his father, this was completely different from beating him up, it was a fundamental difference.

“f*ck, I don’t know who it is, I’ve asked Ermo to track them down, don’t let me find them, otherwise I’ll take their surname if I don’t exterminate them.”Lu Bing said through gritted teeth.

Omi and Liona returned home.

Wu Ma had gone to bed early.

At this moment, a few hundred meters away from Liona’s house, in the darkness, a man turned around and left, the same mercenary bodyguard that Lu Bing had just been with.

Omi stood at the front door, watching from afar as the stalking mercenary left.

Omi knew someone was following him on the way back, but Omi didn’t make a sound because Omi didn’t want Liona to know and worry about her, Omi would take care of it in secret.Liona is worried about her father and she won’t worry so much if Omi doesn’t let her know.

As soon as she got home, Liona went straight upstairs and locked the door to her room and the windows, for her The biggest thing tonight was to prevent Omi from plotting against her.

Omi left the villa in the blink of an eye and went after the mercenary who had just gone after her.

That mercenary took out his phone and was trying to call his boss to report.

“Hey.”Suddenly, a voice came from behind him.


p; The mercenary turned around and saw that it was Omi.

“I plainly saw you enter the villa.”That mercenary was shocked that Omi had chased him out.

“Hmph, if you go in, won’t you come out again?Say, why are you following me?”

The mercenary turned around and ran, he was still confident in his lightness, how many times had he fled for his life when it was a matter of life and death depending on his lightness.

But in the next moment, a hand was placed on his shoulder.

“Stop for me.”That mercenary immediately felt a heavy weight on his shoulder, and his body couldn’t bear that weight and fell down.

Omi snorted, “I advise you to stop running.”

The mercenary said fearfully, “There are cameras everywhere at the intersection here, I don’t believe you would dare to kill someone openly.”

Omi trailed off, “There’s more than one person who has died in my hands.”

“What.”That mercenary’s body trembled.

Of course, Omi would have to add a ‘previous life’ after it, but when he came to this world, Omi hadn’t killed anyone.Moreover, this world was strict, even martial arts experts had to submit to the state and didn’t dare to commit crimes easily, no one dared to openly provoke the state authorities.

“Say, following us, what’s the plan?”

The mercenary replied honestly, “The boss told me to follow you and find out where you live.”

“Find out what my home is for?”

“Nonsense, definitely looking for a chance to take revenge on you.”

Omi snorted, “This old turtle, I spared him lightly, I didn’t expect that he would not only be ungrateful, but also want to take revenge on me again.”

“Our boss is one of the vice masters of the Windy Hall, you’ve provoked our boss, you can admit your misfortune.”

“Hahaha, what a self-admitted misfortune.”Omi laughed disdainfully, Omi didn’t even take that Wind Cloud Hall in his eyes, not to mention the fact that a mere Vice Hall Master of the Wind Cloud Hall was still admitting his bad luck, making it seem like that Lu What Bing, a very bull-nosed character.

At this moment, not far from Liona’s house, in the darkness, a burly man was holding a piece of paper in his hand, and on the paper was written an address, the address was exactly Liona’s house.

That burly man whispered, “Found it.”

Then, that burly man dived into the darkness again and went around to the back of Liona’s villa, he did so to avoid the surveillance.After all, he was doing something bad, and if the police got hold of the evidence, he wouldn’t be able to mix in this place and would have to run away.

When the burly man took a look at Liona’s villa, the light in one of the rooms on the third floor was on, so the burly man grabbed the drainpipe on the outer wall with one hand and easily went up to the third floor balcony, exactly outside of Liona’s room.

However, Liona had already locked the room door and the balcony window and everything to death because she was preventing Omi.

On the street a thousand meters away, Omi slapped the mercenary unconscious, not bothering to bother with him.

After slapping the mercenary unconscious, Omi picked him up, opened a sewer manhole cover on the street, and tossed the mercenary into the sewer pipe.

Then, Omi patted him down and went back.

In Liona’s room, Liona was reading.

Liona was a good kid, although she knew she wouldn’t live long, she still tried her best to live every day, her academic performance was always at the top, the top student within the top ten for the entire senior year.

Chapter 31

Just then, Liona heard that the lock of her balcony door was creaking, as if someone was unlocking it outside.

She didn’t need to guess who it was, Liona was furious, she had underestimated Omi’s courage, and thought that Omi would have to do it in the middle of the night anyway, but she didn’t expect that it was only ten o’clock now and she dared to do it to her.

Liona immediately returned to her bed, hiding the knife behind her back and said angrily, “Omi, if you dare to set foot in my room for half a step, I’ll call the police.”

At this time, the squeaking sound of unlocking the door stopped, and Omi’s voice came from outside: “Haha, Miss, the door is locked quite tightly, you know how to protect yourself, I’m relieved, I’m just testing you la, don’t worry.”

“Omi, you get out of here.”

Outside the balcony, Omi was holding a strapping man who had been knocked unconscious in his hand.

“Miss, call me if you need anything, I’ll be right next door.”

“Scram.”Liona bellowed in anger.

Omi said, carrying the burly man, jumped off the third floor balcony and landed without a sound.

Omi had just returned from outside and immediately heard the commotion, then Omi slapped the burly man who was unlocking the door and knocked him unconscious.It just so happened that Miss was misunderstanding him, but, Omi didn’t make any explanation.Because Omi didn’t want Miss to worry, any trouble, Omi would quietly solve it for her.Of course, it was useless for Omi to explain even if he did, because Miss would definitely not open the door.

Omi carried the strapping man who had fainted to the back of the villa. The first website mNatia .online

“Pah.”Omi slapped the burly man awake.

“Who, who sneaked up on me.”After waking up, that strapping man panicked and climbed up.

Omi laughed, “You don’t even know who slapped you unconscious, and with this three-legged cat, you have the nerve to come out and hang out.”

The strapping man looked at Omi and said in shock, “Did you shoot me unconscious?”

“Or who else.”

“You.”The burly man looked at Omi incredulously, his name was Death Biao, he was one of the strongest few fierce generals under the hand of Lu Bing, the vice head of the Wind Cloud Hall, but he didn’t expect that there was someone else who had slapped him unconscious.

Omi’s eyes suddenly turned cold and asked, “What do you want to do to pry our lady’s door open?”


“Say it, don’t blame me if you don’t.”Omi raised his hand.

“I said I said, I was asked to come by our boss.”

“Who’s your boss?”

“He’s Lu Bing, one of the vice-owners of Feng Yun Hall, and his son went to Liu Chen Ming’s company to interview for a personal bodyguard this afternoon, but Liu Chen Ming didn’t give face, so the boss sent me to arrest Liu Chen Ming’s daughter.”

“Arrested for what?”Omi’s eyebrows furrowed.

“Originally, the boss said that I should come and force Liu Chen Ming’s daughter, but then Young Master Lu Guan said not to force her and let me catch her back.So, arresting her back must have been sleeping with Young Master Lu Guan.”

Omi was furious, “Thought this world, very peaceful, didn’t think there were so many hooligans, if I hadn’t come back quickly, I would have been captured by you son of a b*tch.”

Omi felt scared, if the lady was really captured, where would Omi go to find her?Don was a stranger to the city, and giving him the address wasn’t that quick to find it.

“Can I go now?”Qui-Gon asked.


bsp; “f*ck you.”Omi kicked him in the head and said angrily, “You think you can just come and go as you please?”

“So what do you want?”

Omi would have wanted to just destroy him, but this man was only a small man after all, the government in this world was very strict, Omi didn’t want to get Liu Chenming and Liona into a murder case.Liu Chen Ming hired a bodyguard just to keep his daughter safe, but if it brings a lot of trouble to himself instead, he might as well not hire one.

However, a murder could be avoided, but a vicious beating would definitely be inevitable.

“Bang bang.”Omi grabbed the burly man and beat him up, beating the burly man so badly that his nose was bruised and his head was bleeding.

“Go back and tell Lu Bing that if you dare to touch my lady one hair again, don’t blame me, Omi, for being rude.”

“Yes yes yes, I won’t dare to do it again.”


The strapping man ran away in a mess.

Omi went back under the villa, leaped, and flew up to the balcony of his room on the third floor.

Omi pressed his hand against the wall and closed his eyes to feel the next room and see if there was anything wrong with the lady, he heard Liona’s heartbeat, Liona’s heartbeat was fast and seemed to be afraid, perhaps afraid that Omi would still come to pry the door open in the middle of the night.

Omi sighed before he turned on the TV in his room, relishing the TV.

An hour later, in a certain villa, the burly man was kneeling in the living room with a swollen nose, he also had another skinny man kneeling beside him, that skinny man also had a swollen nose.

Lu Bing was filled with rage, he sent two experts, one to teach Song Daitian and his daughter a lesson, and one to arrest Liu Chen Ming’s daughter, but as a result, both experts came back with a bruised face.There was also a mercenary bodyguard sent to follow the man and woman who beat him, but he didn’t even come back.

The loss of Bill cried: “Boss, what are you doing ah, you almost killed me.The bodyguard Liu Chenming hired for his daughter, martial arts is very high, I’m not even an opponent, almost couldn’t come back, I’ll never do this kind of task again.”

The one next to him, called Black Cloud, also cried out, “Boss, Song Daitian also hired a bodyguard, and that bodyguard is very famous, I heard that he came down from the mountains, and his master is still in the top twenty of the entire empire’s killer rankings.Boss, I’m sorry, I embarrassed you, I peed on the spot.”

Lu Bing slapped the table, “They’re all trash.”

“Oooh, boss, we really can’t do it.”

Lu Bing pondered and said, “It seems Song Daitian is indeed not easy to mess with, he has a lot of backers.But what is that Liu Chenming, why can even he step on my face.Go, investigate for me, what is the origin of that bodyguard that Liu Chen Ming hired.”

That black head asked, “Boss, what about Song Dai Tian’s side?”

“Forget about Song Daitian’s side for now, we’ll talk about it later when we find an opportunity.”

The next morning, Omi watched an all-night drama, walked out of his room and stretched out on the balcony.

Just as Liona also walked out of the balcony, only to see two dark circles under her eyes, Omi knew right away that Miss must not have been able to sleep last night, because she was constantly worried that Omi would sneak into her room.

“Miss, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Hmph.”Liona glared at Omi, although Omi didn’t pry her door open behind her again last night, she still didn’t give Omi a good look.

Omi laughed, “Miss, look at it, did nothing happen last night, everything was just you worrying blindly.”


“Omi, you tried to break into my room at ten o’clock last night, don’t pretend that nothing happened, I’ll talk to my dad about this.”Originally last night, Liona wanted to call her dad, but so late in the evening for fear of disturbing her dad’s rest, besides, her dad is out of town, if Omi really wanted to do something to her, what could her dad do if he knew, eventually Liona did not call Liu Chenming last night.

Omi was busy: “Miss, except for being a bodyguard, I can’t do anything else to mix up my meals, so why bother?Didn’t nothing happen the whole night afterwards?”

When Liona saw a hint of worry actually appear on Omi’s face, she wondered, “Is Omi really trying to make a living?Are you really afraid my dad will fire him?So if I do tell my dad and he fires him, will he be so desperate and open-minded that he’ll just f*ck me without a care in the world?”

Liona changed her words and said, “Okay, I can keep my dad in the dark for now about you prying my room door last night, but if there’s a next time, I’ll definitely tell my dad and call the police.”

Omi grinned, “Thank you, Miss, don’t worry, it won’t happen again, I don’t want to lose my job.”

“Hmph.”Liona returned to her room.

Omi smiled bitterly, his image was that of a rogue to begin with, it wasn’t that easy to change his image, he could only use time.

Omi went downstairs after brushing his teeth and washing his face, Miss was already eating breakfast.

“Miss, you’re brushing your teeth so fast.”Omi cheekily walked over and sat at the table to eat with Miss, Liona just grunted, not saying that she wouldn’t let Omi eat or anything like that.

After breakfast, Omi prepared to personally drive Miss to the school.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it’s a good idea to take a look at the car. Remember the website Natia .online

Omi was quite nervous for the first time on the road and drove out of the villa slowly and leisurely.

After entering the road, with so many cars, Omi was even more cautious.However, Omi found it exciting that he could actually drive.

Slowly, after driving seven or eight kilometers, Omi was much more skilled, feeling nothing more than that.

The atmosphere in the car was dull, so Omi excitedly asked, “Miss, how am I driving.”

Liona left her mouth open and didn’t speak.

“By the way, Miss, that man who drove some kind of Bentley last night and compensated you for the bank note, did he also go to the bank to cash it?”

Liona huffed, “You really think that if people lost the money, they would have already called the bank and terminated the cash payment.”

“Ah, why didn’t you say so earlier, if you had said so, I would have had him give you the cash last night.”

“It’s not easy for my dad to get a foothold in this city, those are all local snakes, in the end all the accounts will be settled on my dad’s head, you should know what I’m trying to say.Even though you’re strong in martial arts, you can’t protect anyone for the rest of your life, let alone all the time.Last night I was supposed to pay some money to settle the matter, but you insisted on messing with them for me, and the bill will end up on my father’s head.”

Omi was busy saying, “Don’t worry, if they dare, don’t blame me for being rude, just resting on their laurels will only make them more arrogant.”Omi didn’t quite agree with the lady’s point of view.

“I compensated them for three hundred thousand, although my father lost this money, but we got peace, three hundred thousand quickly earned back.But to offend such an unreasonable ground

The snake, in case they secretly give my father a dirty trick, might lose thirty million, or even lives.Things that can be solved with money are always trivial.Omi, let’s forget this matter, if you really want to make a living as a bodyguard, please remember that it’s not that the better you are at martial arts, the better you’ll be able to protect your employer.”

“Ugh.”Omi was speechless, but what Omi understood made some sense.The higher the martial arts skill, doesn’t mean the more able to protect the safety of your employer, Omi thought.

Soon arriving at White Cloud High School, Omi drove the car to the parking lot next to the school entrance.

Omi remembered what happened here yesterday evening, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly, and wondered what happened behind that hoodlum whose car he smashed.

Liona carried her backpack and headed to the school entrance, Omi followed behind.Yesterday, Liu Chenming said that he would arrange for Omi to go to Liona’s class, and I don’t know if he had arranged it.

At that moment, a car drove up and stopped beside it.

Three people walked down from the car.

Omi turned his head and saw that, by such a coincidence, it was Song Dai Tian, as well as the peasant-like young man he had admitted, and a super beautiful young woman, the young woman who looked a bit mischievous and cute, and incredibly beautiful.

Omi suddenly smiled at Song Daitian and said, “It’s you, such a coincidence.”

Liona also looked back and saw that it was Song Yu’er who had come, one of the four flowers of Baiyun High School, Liona of course knew Song Yu’er, but we were not in the same class and had no friendship.

The first thing that happened was that Song Daitian saw Omi and was stunned.

Omi greeted Song Daitian warmly, “Boss Song, personally sending your daughter to school ah.”

“Oh.”Song Daitian looked a little embarrassed and nodded his head.

Omi, on the other hand, did not have any embarrassment, as if he was seeing an acquaintance, Omi did not hate that he was not admitted yesterday, after all, this was a matter of your will, Omi was a reasonable person, this was something that everyone knew.

Omi looked at that playful and cute beautiful girl and said with a smile, “Boss Song, this is your daughter, isn’t she, not bad, she’s quite good looking ah, almost caught up with our lady.”

Song Daitian’s eyebrows furrowed, “Your Miss?What do you mean?”

Omi cracked his mouth open and laughed hehe, “Boss Song, you don’t know yet, although you were unlucky and didn’t get me yesterday, I’m now a campus personal bodyguard, and that’s our lady.”Omi pointed at Liona who was spotted in front.

Song Dai Tian’s eyebrows furrowed, not expecting Omi to become the bodyguard of Liu Chen Ming’s daughter.

Omi looked at Song Yu’er’s bodyguard who looked like a peasant worker and smiled, “Good morning, brother Liu, you also started work today.”

However, that peasant laborer-like bodyguard Liu Yue looked disgusted with Omi, especially the word ‘starting work’.

Omi smiled, “Brother Liu, I’m not stealing your job from you, so don’t look displeased with me.By the way, Brother Liu, why are you still wearing such old-fashioned clothes, didn’t your employer give you new clothes?”

Liu Yue coldly said, “None of your business, do I know you well?”

Omi laughed, “Brother Liu, I know why you’re still wearing such a tacky dress, I saw a word from the TV called ‘pretending to be’, you’re definitely pretending to be, hahaha, I guessed it right.”


Liu Yue’s face darkened and he said angrily, “Omi, please watch your words.”Liu Yue was on fire, Omi actually said that he was pretending to be compared in front of Song Dai Tian and Song Yu’er.

At that moment, Song Yu’er snorted, “You’re Omi?”

Omi looked at Song Yu’er he smiled and said, “Yes, you are the Miss Song who called me Uncle Tang yesterday, Miss Song, hello, I am courteous in this room, I almost became your bodyguard yesterday.”

Song Yu’er said angrily, “Omi, you took advantage of me, and you still have the face to say it, Liu Yue, what are you waiting for, beat him up for me.”

At this time, Song Dai Tian was busy scolding, “Yu’er, Liu Yue came down the mountain to protect your safety, not your thugs.”

Song Yu’er was unconvinced, “But, Dad, this Omi took advantage of me on the phone yesterday, are we just going to let it go?”

Omi was busy saying, “Miss Song, this is your fault, yesterday it was obviously you yourself who called me cousin, I didn’t force you to do so, but you’re losing your identity as a thousand-gold lady oh.”

Song Yu’er that anger, Omi is so rascal, but still looks like a righteous person.

“Liu Yue, hit him for me ah.”Song Yu’er unruly and capriciously ordered to Liu Yue.

Song Dai Tian loudly scolded, “Yu’er, are you done making a scene?”

Song Yu’er was incomparably aggrieved, Song Dai Tian then said to Liu Yue who was full of displeasure, “Liu Yue, your task is to protect Yu’er’s safety, if Yu’er ever lets you hit anyone again for no reason, you should ignore her.” A second to remember to read the book

“Oh.”Liu Yue stared at Omi.

Omi suddenly said with a smile, “Boss Song, it’s okay, we don’t know who’s beating who yet.”

Song Daitian turned his head to look at Omi and said very unhappily, “Omi, please also pay attention to your words in the future, I’m not looking at your face, I’m looking at your boss Liu Chenming’s face.”

At this time, a young man with a large bouquet of flowers in his hand walked up to Song Yu’er and said, “Yu’er, two days without seeing you, it’s like three seasons, how have you been these two days?This is the flower I bought early in the morning, specially from the Hundred Flowers Town thirty kilometers away, I just picked it in the morning, ninety-nine roses, representing my ninety-nine true hearts for you.”

That young man handed the flowers to Song Yu’er, this young man was one of the five villains of Baiyun High School, Cao Yan, Song Daitian saw Cao Yan giving his daughter flowers in front of him, his face was very unhappy.

Song Yu’er was already on fire because of Omi, and now another annoying suitor, even more anger, to her bodyguard Liu Yue shouted, “Liu Yue, what are you waiting for, get rid of the flies.”

Liu Yue laughed in her heart, “Here comes another chance to perform in front of Miss.”Liu Yue busily said, “Miss, these flies, leave them to me from now on.”

Omi happened to be standing beside that Cao Yan, Omi said enthusiastically, “Brother Liu, why bother you with this little matter, I’ll help you.”

Omi flew over, the flowers in Cao Yan’s hands scattered, and his body also grazed the ground, and he flew into the flower bushes twenty meters away at once.

Liu Yue was trying to show off in front of the lady, but was pre-empted by Omi, an outsider, with that anger in her heart.

“Omi, what do you mean?”

Omi busily said, “Brother Liu

, no need to be thankful, we are all in the same line of work, what’s the big deal about this little matter.”

Liu Yue flamed up and said, “Omi, are you my lady’s bodyguard or am I?What are you giving me to rob.”

“Uh, Brother Liu, I’m just trying to get on good terms with you ah.Besides, it’s just chasing away a little person, why get so angry?I’m totally trying to get close to you because we’re all in the same business and you have some misconceptions about me.If you wanted to do it yourself, you should have said so.However, you can easily make Boss Song think that you want to perform in front of your lady and gain goodwill, this kind of behaving to hit on a lady is not something we bodyguards can do, you don’t want to discredit our industry ah.”

Liu Yue said in anger, “Omi, you’re the one who hit on Miss’s idea.”Liu Yue was busy looking at Song Daitian and explained, “Uncle Song, don’t listen to his nonsense, I don’t have such ideas.”

Song Daitian looked at Omi with a snort, “Omi, your own Miss is not going to protect you, why are you meddling in so many idle matters.”

Omi smiled, “Forget it, I originally wanted to repair relations with Brother Liu, after all, peers, who knows you all think I’m meddling, it’s just that, count me out.”

Liu Yue disliked Omi saying the word ‘peer’ and warned, “Omi, I’m not a peer with you, please don’t put me in the same category as you.”

“Uh, not peers?Aren’t you a bodyguard, too?Oh, by the way, how much do you make a month?Do you have $100,000?Our boss is giving me 100,000 a month, with food and shelter included, hehehehe, how about you?Say it, just reveal it between peers.”

Liu Yue gritted her teeth, “Omi, I’ll say it again, I’m not a peer with you.”

“Cut, both are bodyguards, what’s the difference, you are thinking that being a bodyguard is low status, so you don’t recognize your identity as a bodyguard, look at you, and say that it’s not hitting on Miss, if not, why are you so concerned about your status.Alright, I won’t talk to you anymore, my lady is far away.”Omi turned around and went after Liona, shouting, “Miss, wait for me.”

Liu Yue angrily looked at Omi’s far away figure, he was ordered by his master to come down the mountain to protect Song Yu’er, he didn’t do it for money, it was a noble act, but he was said by Omi to be a peer, heck, Omi was doing it for money, can he be a peer?What a fire.

Song Dai Tian was busy consoling, “Liu Yue, forget it, what’s the point of paying attention to this kind of person.You came down the mountain to protect Yu’er, it’s a kind of free help, you are a VIP of our family, how can you and Omi be of the same nature.”

Liu Yue said, “Uncle Song, I really want to hit him.”

Song Daitian said, “If Omi wasn’t the bodyguard hired by Liu Chenming, you can do whatever you like, but his current identity is Liu Chenming’s person, the so-called beating the dog still needs to see the master.You hit Omi, but behind the scenes, it’s a grudge between me and Liu Chenming, Liu Chenming is a person with great financial strength, maybe there’s still a chance to cooperate in the future, we don’t need to have unhappiness because of a bodyguard.”

This was the reason why Song Daitian didn’t allow Liu Yue to have a conflict with Omi.

Omi caught up with Liona.

“Miss, don’t go so fast.”

Liona said, “Omi, you are now my bodyguard, and everything you say and do is related to my father.If you have a problem with Song Daitian’s people, it’s the same as if there’s unhappiness between my dad and Song Daitian.”


“Uh, Miss, how can that be, I have a lot of respect for Song Daitian, I also have a lot of respect for Brother Liu, I just took the initiative to help him out with a small favor, just to show him some goodwill, how can I let your dad have a bad time with her dad.”

“Alright, I don’t want to listen to your sophistry, anyway you stay away from them in the future, if you get beaten up by Song Yu’er’s bodyguards and lose my dad’s face, you better be careful.”

“Hehe, Miss, you’re underestimating me, just that bodyguard of Song Yu’er, he looks like a fool, where could he be my opponent, it wouldn’t be easy for me to really take care of him.Of course, we are all in the same line of work, I couldn’t have done that, peers should have taken care of each other.”

Liona was very speechless as Omi shook his head, not wanting to say anything, and went straight upstairs.

Omi came to Senior Three Fifth Class first.

“Omi, come here, did you go to the hospital this weekend?”Fellow tablemate Carlos asked with concern.

Omi nodded, “Hehe, thanks for your concern, I’m fine.”

“Wow, great, you’re finally back to normal.”Carlos said.

“By the way, Carlos, I might have to change classes.”Omi said.

“Ah, transferring classes?”

“Yeah, I’m now my lady’s campus bodyguard, and I might have to move to my lady’s class, my lady is Liona.” First URL mNatia .online

Carlos shook his head and sighed, “Looks like you’re not well yet.”

“It’s better.”

“Omi, if you’re well, why would you say something like that, what kind of personal bodyguard of Liona, do you know who Liona is?”

Omi nodded, “Of course I know, our lady is one of the school flowers of Baiyun High School.”

“Knowing that you’re still talking nonsense, she’s not only a school flower, she’s also a rich second generation, there are no men in the world before she would hire you as some kind of bodyguard.”

“I’m serious.”

At this time, the boy in the front row turned back and roared, “What’s the noise, didn’t you hear the bell ringing for the morning class.”

Carlos immediately lowered his head, not daring to talk to Omi again, the so-called what kind of people, make what kind of friends, the reason why Carlos was able to become a class with Omi was precisely because Carlos was a class with Omi, of course, referring to the scum aspect.

The boy in the front row looked at Omi again and said, “You neurotic, can you calm down a bit?If you’re going crazy, get the hell out of here.Returning to be the school flower’s personal bodyguard, a fool’s dream, not looking at what kind of bird you are.Omi, if you keep whining, I’ll slash you to death if you don’t believe me.”

The commotion here had already caught the attention of the whole class, and all the students in the class were looking at Omi and his front row.

Omi was being gripped for no reason and was very depressed.

Omi said, “This brother, please speak politely, although everyone knows that I am a polite person, but if I meet someone who is not polite, I don’t want to speak politely to him.For example, you didn’t speak politely to me just now, if you don’t speak politely to me again, be careful I won’t speak politely to you either.”

“Ahhhh.”The boy in the front row yelled, and Omi’s string of polite, polite, polite, polite made him numb and distracted.

“fck you, what the fck are you.”The boy in the front row slapped Omi’s table.

Carlos was busy: “Omi, don’t say it, they are top students, the teacher won’t help us.”

Omi huffed, “I don’t care what top students, if they dare to play a rascal, I will educate him.”

“Grass you, what are you, you dare to educate me?”

The boy in the front row immediately grabbed Omi’s clothes, the reason why he dared to grab Omi’s clothes was because he usually despised Omi very much, Omi was a very low class person in his eyes.Secondly, he was one of the top students in his class, while Omi was one of the 10,000 years down, but right now Omi was still saying that he wanted to educate him, making him very angry.

“Omi, grass you, you’re a class trash, what are you?”The boys in the front row grabbed Omi’s collar and yelled.

Omi was furious and suddenly shook with internal force.

“Ah.”The boy in the front row suddenly felt like an electric shock and was busy letting go of Omi.

At that moment, Omi grabbed the other boy’s clothes and threw him towards the class trash pile.

“Swoosh.”The man flew into the pile of trash in the corner.

“Ouch.”The man’s body trembled and screamed.

The students in the class looked at Omi in amazement, how much force did it take to throw a hundred pounds person into the trash pile, at least four or five meters apart.

Carlos said in amazement, “Omi, why are you so strong?You used to be weak, huh?”

Omi smiled, “I used to pretend to compare on purpose, but now I don’t want to pretend.”


“I mean, I used to deliberately pretend to compare and act weak, but now I don’t want to pretend.”Omi thought that Carlos didn’t hear clearly and said it out loud, the whole class looked at Omi dumbfounded, doesn’t he blush even if he fakes a comparison?

The word ‘pretending to compare’ was a word that Omi had seen on TV, Omi probably knew the meaning, but didn’t know that ‘pretending to compare’ was a derogatory term and thought it was an adjective, so he boldly said that he was pretending to compare, not blushing in the slightest.

The boy who had been thrown to the trash by Omi fell into the trash and screamed oi and oi.

At that moment, the class president went up and helped that student up.

“Shall we go take you to the infirmary?”

“No, help me back to my seat, I need to call Zhou Peng back, he’ll wait for me.”

“I’d better report to the class president first.”

That student was helped back to his seat by the class president.

Omi consoled, “This brother, from now on, you have to be like me, be polite and civilized, otherwise if you don’t get taught a lesson by me today, you’ll be taught by someone else the next day.The rivers and lakes are dangerous, the human heart…”

“f*ck you, have you said enough?”The man turned back, and even dared to yell at Omi again after being thrown to the trash.

“Ugh.”Omi was startled, and thought he had learned his lesson and definitely wouldn’t dare.

“Omi, you wait, Zhou Peng is a poor student I tutored.”The boy in the front row took out his phone after saying that and called out, but unfortunately no one answered, so he sent a text: “Zhou Peng, I was beaten by Omi.”

Omi sighed, “Alas, forget it.”

Omi didn’t want to get along with this kind of low-level person.

Carlos whispered, “Omi, do you know martial arts?”

Omi nodded his head, “Yeah.”

“Damn, you’re pretending too deep, you can even hide martial arts so deeply, what’s the point of hanging out with me, a hangman.”Carlos couldn’t understand and looked at Omi.

“Haha, now you believe what I just said, I’m Liona’s personal bodyguard.”

“I kind of believe it.”

Omi remembered what the boys in the front row said about Zhou Peng, he was busy asking, “By the way, who is that Zhou Peng he just said?”


Carlos said, “Omi, there are three students in our class who know martial arts, and now those three students who know martial arts must be practicing martial arts in the playground.That Zhou Peng, is one of them, because those three students who can do martial arts have very poor cultural grades, so the class teacher has three top students who are very good at studying tutor them.The one that Xiaobin tutored was Zhou Peng.Omi, you have to be careful, Zhou Peng is the strongest of the three students who know martial arts in our class.He can even get through several moves in the hands of the class teacher.”

“Uh, this class only has three students who know martial arts ah, so few people.”Omi said in surprise.

Carlos said, “Omi, don’t interrupt, this isn’t the time to lament that a few people can do martial arts, but Zhou Peng in our class, will definitely help out Xiao Bin.Xiaobin has been tutoring Zhou Peng’s cultural subjects for a year, they must have some feelings for each other.”

Omi chuckled, “I’m not worried about that in the slightest.”

At that moment, the boy in the front row turned back to Omi and threatened, “Omi, wait for me, Zhou Peng will definitely seek justice for me when he comes back from morning practice.”

Omi smiled, “Fine, then let me see how strong the strongest of the three students in our class who know martial arts is, I hope I won’t be disappointed.Of course, it would be normal if it does disappoint me, after all, there have been too many people who have disappointed me over the past few days.”

“Fake it you.”The front row snorted and turned back to not talking to Omi.

Carlos shook his head and whispered, “Omi, you’re in a big mess.”

“Alright, Carlos, you always have a pessimistic tone, you’re really not man enough, don’t be so pessimistic in the future, how low you think of yourself.”Omi advised.

Carlos smiled bitterly and asked, “Omi, when you used to pretend to compare, we were the same kind of people, but now that you’re not pretending to compare, we’re not the same kind of people anymore, will you still treat me as a friend?”

“Of course I will, it’s just martial arts, it’s not a big deal, if you want to learn, I can teach you.” Remember the URL

Carlos was stunned, “What?”

“If you want to learn, I’ll teach you martial arts, you’re the only good friend in my school, I’ll teach you martial arts.”Omi bluntly said that people in this world found martial arts very precious and were reluctant to teach it to outsiders, but Omi felt that martial arts were just that, Omi could casually teach some other outer martial arts even if he didn’t teach his own mastery to Carlos.

“Omi, don’t lie to me, is this true?”Carlos cried excitedly.

“Of course it’s true, let’s say, after school, you come with me to my lady’s house, I’m staying at her house now, you come to my place and I’ll teach you martial arts.”

“Omi, thank you.”Carlos sobbed out.

Just then, the class president shouted, “Omi, the class president asked you to go to his office.”


Omi asked Carlos, “Where is the class teacher’s office?”

Carlos was busy saying, “Omi, it must have been the class teacher who informed the class teacher about your beating of Xiaobin.You have to be careful, our class teacher also knows martial arts, even Zhou Peng can only pass a few moves in the class teacher’s hands, he once participated in the Linjiang City Teacher Fighting Competition and won the third place.”

“Uh, the class teacher also knows martial arts ah, huh, that’s a bit interesting.”

“Alright, hurry up.

Bar, the classroom teacher’s office is in the teacher’s office building four zero six.”

Don Omi walked out of the class.

Omi found the teaching building.

At this moment, it was in the 406th office of the teaching building.

The teaching director smilingly handed over a cigarette and said, “Teacher Zhang, look, how was that?Have you thought about it?”

The man sitting in the office chair said, “Director He, I’m not the only one who knows martial arts in our school, so why should I be the one to teach you ah, why don’t you go find other teachers who know martial arts.If you really can’t, just look for those students who know martial arts ah, with your teaching director’s face, it’s not impossible to teach you a few moves of self-defense.”

That teaching director was begging for help, smilingly said, “Teacher Zhang, your martial arts skills, among all the teachers in our school, are very strong, you have won the third place in the Linjiang City Teacher Fighting Competition, just teach me a few strokes.”

The teaching director handed over another cigarette.

This man called Teacher Zhang was exactly Omi’s class teacher, called Zhang Hui.

Zhang Hui held the cigarette in his mouth and smiled, “Director He, even if the teacher doesn’t give you any face, then you can still go to those students with very high martial arts skills ah, the top ten geniuses of our school, every one of them is very powerful, my martial arts skills, compared to those genius students, are not even on the same level.I guess, you’re the Director of Teaching, they wouldn’t dare not give you face.”

The teaching director was a bit upset when he saw Teacher Zhang rejecting it time and time again, and said in his heart, “Good you Zhang Hui, how many times have I begged you as the teaching director, you just won’t teach a single move, it’s great that you know martial arts.”

Although he was furious, the teaching director still said politely, “Teacher Zhang, those few students in our school who can do martial arts, especially the top ten ranked ones, how would they give me face as a teaching director ah.They are all very influential, or they have their backers.Don’t you know that even our headmaster is privately very close to Wei Ming, who is ranked tenth in kung fu.I’m a teaching director, how would those powerful students give me face.”

That teacher laughed, “Director He, since you’ve said that, I also have to say ah, those powerful students ranked in the top ten don’t give you face, then why do you think, why should I give you face?Just because I’m not on the same level as the top 10 ranked talented students, you think I should give you face?Director He, although I’m not as good as those talented students, I at least won the third place in the city’s teacher fighting competition.It’s not like anyone can teach it either, alright, Director He, you, ah, you’d better be your director, why do you want to practice any martial arts all day long.How can martial arts be so easy to practice, be careful of flashing your back.”

“Oh.”The teaching director laughed awkwardly, these days, all these people who knew martial arts were so high and mighty, refusing to leak a single move to others.The teaching director really wanted to practice martial arts, he didn’t expect to reach the legendary Flying Heaven and Earth level, but he wanted to be able to block five with one and be properly awesome.

Just then, someone knocked on the door, it was Omi.

That teacher Zhang looked at Omi and busily waved, “Omi, come in.”

Omi walked in and asked, “Teacher Zhang, you’re looking for me, what can I do for you?”

Zhang Hui shook the ashes on his hand and said, “Omi, I just heard from the squad leader that you beat up Zhu Xiaobin.”


Chapter 36

Zhang Hui looked at Omi and laughed, “Omi, so, the squad leader suspects that you know martial arts?Is it true?”

Omi nodded, “Yeah, I know martial arts.”

Zhang Hui was surprised, “Yo, Omi, I can’t tell, the one who is usually at the bottom of the class can actually know martial arts.”

Omi said, “I used to pretend to be a match, so everyone didn’t know.”

Teacher Zhang was stunned, there was still someone who actively said that he pretended to be a match.

“Omi, you’re pretending to be loud enough, come on, give me a punch, let me see what level our class, the fourth student who knows martial arts, has reached, I’ll verify it.”

Zhang Hui was very proud and proud of being a teacher who knew martial arts in the school and had also taken the third place in the teacher’s fighting competition, he was also proud of his heart, he usually didn’t brag about his class, many of the girls in his class secretly had a crush on the class teacher, this made Zhang Hui even more proud of his heart.

Now, Teacher Zhang unexpectedly learned that Omi also knew martial arts and couldn’t wait to test how good Omi’s kung fu was.In the past, Teacher Zhang also used to test those three students in his class who knew martial arts and KO’d them in front of the whole class, and the whole class would cheer freely.He liked the feeling of being worshipped by the students in his class.

Omi shook his head and said, “No, Teacher Zhang.”

Zhang Hui tsked, dissatisfied, “Omi, when you’re told to come for a punch, you just come, squirming like what.What’s the drop, could it be that you’ve learned a skinny, and you’re still afraid of hurting me?”

Omi even nodded, “Teacher Zhang, how do you know that I’m afraid of hurting you, yes, in our hometown, teachers are used to respect, not to hit, hitting a teacher, this is something that will carry a thousand curses.” A second to remember to read the book

That teaching director had wanted to leave, but stayed, secretly saying, “In Zhang Hui’s class, there’s another student who knows martial arts, let’s see how good he is at it.”

Zhang Hui saw Omi bluntly saying that he was afraid of injuring him, and was full of displeasure.

“Omi, if I tell you to fight, just do it.The fourth student who knows martial arts appears in my class, I’m just excited to test your martial arts strength, so what are you squirming about.Do you think you can hurt me?You think I picked up the third place trophy for teacher’s combat?Stop nagging and have a punch.”

Omi tangled, “Teacher Zhang, are you sure you want me to throw a punch?”

“What’s the long-windedness, punch it.”Zhang Hui looked at the teaching director, in his heart, he also wanted to perform in front of the teaching director and KO Omi in one move, so that the teaching director would definitely be worshipped for a while, Zhang Hui liked the feeling of being worshipped.

Omi raised his fist and said, “Teacher, you yourself let me punch, if you get hurt, you can’t find me.”

“Long-winded, hurry up, punch, use your full strength.”Zhang Hui instantly took a stance.

Omi nodded, “Alright, then I’ll throw a punch, you’re the one who called me, not me disrespecting my teacher.”

Omi said and suddenly punched Zhang Hui’s stomach.

Zhang Hui was excited, thinking that he could KO Omi in one go in front of the teaching director and be awesome.

However, before Zhang Hui had time to react, Omi’s punch had already solidly hit him in the stomach.

“Bang.”There was also a muffled sound.

“Ah.”Zhang Hui was hit by the punch, and his waist arched back as if he was pulling a bent bow and arrow, and his eyes opened wide


“Bang” Zhang Hui collapsed, falling to the ground still maintaining his bent bow posture, his body still twitching, and his mouth constantly began to foam.

Omi said, “Teacher Zhang, I’m sorry, but you’re the one who told me to throw a punch.”

“Ah.”The teaching director on the other side was shocked, he rolled his eyes, unable to believe that this was real, a person who had won the third place in the Teacher Fighting Competition had been KO’d by a student with one punch.

The teaching director busily walked over and poked Zhang Hui with his finger, saying, “Teacher Zhang, get up, don’t pretend to compare, I still don’t understand your strength ah, I don’t believe you will be KO’d by a student.”

Zhang Hui’s body twitched and his face was white as he stared at the teaching director, he was in pain right now, and he even said that he was pretending to compare.

The teaching director saw that Zhang Hui really didn’t look like he was faking and said in shock, “Is it true that Zhang Hui isn’t faking a comparison?”

Omi hehely smiled, “This teacher, Teacher Zhang isn’t faking the comparison la, but don’t worry, Teacher Zhang can’t withstand a punch from me, so his body is beyond the limit, at most, he’ll be able to stand up in half an hour.”

“What? Half an hour.”

“Yeah, I was just afraid of really injuring Teacher Zhang, so I still secretly showed mercy, otherwise, where would Teacher Zhang be so relaxed now, he would have died already.”

“What? Already dead.”The teaching director’s face went white, Nima, was this student telling the truth or not?He’s bluffing, right?

Omi looked towards Zhang Hui and smiled apologetically, “Teacher Zhang, you told me to use my full strength just now, I didn’t use my full strength, I secretly retained it, sorry ah, I didn’t listen to you.However, fortunately, I just reserved my power, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable.Alas, Teacher Zhang, just now when I saw how confident you were, I thought you were a super expert, I almost used my full strength, fortunately, or else I would have killed my teacher and really would have carried a thousand curses.”

Zhang Hui lay twitching on the ground, his mouth full of foam, babbling, wanting to speak but unable to do so.

The teaching director wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “Classmate, how much strength did you retain to still beat Teacher Zhang up like this?”

Omi smiled heedlessly and said, “It’s not much, ninety percent of the power.”

“What? You’ve retained ninety percent of your power?”

“Hmmm ah.”

The teaching director widened his eyes and stammered, “If you retain ninety percent, wouldn’t that mean you’ve only taken out ten percent of your power?”

“Yeah, I’m still in a bit of shock, but luckily I was prepared and thought to take out a ten percent power first.”

… The teaching director plopped down and knelt down.

“Uh, this teacher, what are you doing?”Omi was shocked.

The teaching director kowtowed, “Master is above, please accept the disciple’s worship.”

Omi helped the teaching director up and shook his head, “This teacher, this can’t be made ah, if you want to kneel it’s the student who kneels you, how can you be made to kneel me.”

“No, this student, please take me as your disciple.”

Omi smiled, “This teacher, sorry ah, I don’t accept disciples.”

The teaching director was busy saying, “Warrior, just take me in, your tuition fee will be free from now on.”

“Oh, I’m a man of principle, this is something that everyone knows, I have no plans to accept a disciple for now, sorry ah.”


Omi turned to look at Zhang Hui and said, “Teacher Zhang, if there’s nothing wrong, I’ll go back to class first, don’t worry, you won’t die, you’ll be able to stand up in half an hour at most, I’ll leave first, goodbye.”

Omi turned around and walked out of the office.

“Wait.”The teaching director was busy chasing after him.

The teaching director took Zhang Hui’s office door in passing as he chased out of the doorway.Zhang Hui fell to the ground convulsing and foaming at the mouth, but no one paid any attention to him.

When the Director of Teaching went out of the office to chase after Omi, he found that Omi had disappeared at the end of the corridor of the school building.

The Director of Teaching said in his heart, “I will not give up, as long as I have the perseverance to show 100% sincerity, I don’t believe I can’t move him.I don’t believe I can’t move him.This Omi is definitely a genius who can be compared to the top ten geniuses in the school.It would be great if I could worship such a student as my teacher.Even our headmaster can only learn two moves from the tenth-ranked Wei Ming.”

At this moment, on the sixth floor of the teachers’ building, the principal’s office.

The headmaster was having a conversation with a student.

“Wei Ming, I’m really sorry, I thought Song Daitian would definitely hire you as his daughter’s personal bodyguard.”The principal said apologetically.

Wei Ming smiled with a lost face, “It’s fine, it’s nothing to do with you.”

The principal said, “I thought that with my personal relationship with Song Daitian, he would have hired you, but I didn’t expect that it was a miscalculation.It was a surprise that he admitted a what from the mountain.” First URL mNatia .online

Wei Ming said, “That person’s name is Liu Yue, I heard that Song Daitian’s father found her.”

The principal patted Wei Ming’s shoulder and comforted him, “Think about it, just because you didn’t become Song Yu’er’s bodyguard, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to catch up with her.You’re our Baiyun High School, the tenth ranked genius expert in martial arts, how many rich merchants are thinking of recruiting you, and there will be plenty of beauties for you to chase after.”

“Oh.”Wei Ming smiled bitterly, now all he could think about was Song Yu’er, how could he listen to the principal’s comfort.

The principal sighed, “Wei Ming, be cheerful ah, you’re not in a good mood these days, you don’t need to teach me martial arts training, you can teach me again when you’re back in a good mood.”

Even though he was the headmaster, there was no way to learn martial arts, but with his status as headmaster, he could at least make friends with Wei Ming, who was ranked tenth in Baiyun High School, and learn a move or two from Wei Ming.Unlike that teaching director, he could only look for teachers like Zhang Hui who could do some martial arts, but even Zhang Hui didn’t give him face.Zhang Hui’s martial arts skills were a far cry from the tenth ranked genius expert, Wei Ming.Every one of the top ten ranked experts at Baiyun High School was extraordinary.

The headmaster had taken care of Wei Ming like a nephew, recommending him to be Song Daitian’s daughter’s bodyguard and arranging all sorts of activities for him that would be beneficial to his martial arts growth.

Wei Ming shook his head and said, “Headmaster Zhou, one size fits all, I can’t delay teaching you martial arts just because I’m not in a good relationship.”

“Thank you then.”The headmaster smiled.

“No need, Headmaster, I’ll go back to my class first then.”


Wei Ming left the principal’s office.

Wei Ming walked down the school building and saw Omi looking around in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed, as if he recognized Omi as the person who went with him to Song Daitian’s interview yesterday.

“It’s you, what are you doing here?”Wei Ming asked indifferently.

“Hey, it’s you, brother Wei.”Omi was busy greeting Wei Ming with a smile after seeing him.

“You’re also a student from Baiyun High School?”Wei Ming asked with an expressionless face.


br /> “Yes, Brother Wei, you’re also a student at Baiyun High School, what a coincidence.”

“Hmph.”Wei Ming huffed and walked away without answering Omi.

“Ugh.”Omi touched his nose, as if he hadn’t offended this Wei Ming, right?

After walking a few steps, Wei Ming suddenly turned back to Omi and said, “Is your name Omi?”

“Yes, Brother Wei, is there anything you need me to instruct you on?”

Wei Ming’s eyebrows furrowed with some anger, “Joke, I need you to instruct me?What ability do you have to instruct me?”

“Oh, I thought that Brother Wei had suddenly turned back and had something to teach me, but since this is a misunderstanding, I hope Brother Wei will forgive me.”Omi smiled.

Wei Ming said, “Omi, I heard that you took advantage of Song Yu’er.”

“Uh, Brother Wei, what do you mean by that?”

“Omi, I’m warning you, don’t let there be a next time, or I won’t spare you.”

“How can’t I be spared?”

Wei Ming said coldly, “Blow you out of the water.”

Omi rolled his eyes and said in his heart, “Is everyone in this world so narcissistic?”

The person that Omi could take care of with one hand actually dared to say that he would beat him up, but Omi just laughed with disdain.

Omi returned to Senior 3 Class 5, as soon as Omi walked into the class, everyone’s eyes looked at Omi, the class was quiet and filled with a strange atmosphere.

A voice came out, “Omi, come here.”

Omi looked up, only to see a boy calling out to him.

This boy was sturdy and looked like a martial arts trainer, but his martial arts skills Omi felt very rookie level right away, if it was in his world, a rookie of this level wouldn’t be qualified to talk to Omi.But now that we were classmates, Omi loved to make friends, this was something that everyone knew, so Omi walked over without thinking anything.

Omi smiled in a friendly manner and said, “Hello classmate, you called me over, is there anything you need my guidance on?”

That student’s face smacked and he said angrily, “Omi, are you instructing me?”

“Uh, this student, we’re strangers, you didn’t call me here to instruct you, is there anything else?”

“Omi, I’m not in the mood to play games with you.I heard that you know martial arts, but you’ve been pretending to compare all this time.”

Omi laughed, “Yes, I used to pretend to be compared.”Omi said without blinking an eye.

Originally, he couldn’t explain why he suddenly knew martial arts, but now he found that using the word ‘pretending to be’, he could explain it away in a flash, and in the future, when he encountered anything that couldn’t be explained, he would use pretending to be to explain it all, and mom would no longer have to worry about him being suspected.

The one in the front row of Omi, Zhu Xiaobin, shouted, “Zhou Peng, throw him to the trash, and avenge me.”

When Omi heard Zhu Xiaobin’s shout, he realized that this classmate was that Zhou Peng, the strongest of the three people who could do martial arts in Senior 3 Class 5.

Zhou Peng looked at Omi angrily, “Omi, since you know martial arts, it’s easy, and don’t say that I’m bullying you, the rules of the Jianghu, single combat.”

Omi smiled, “So you’re Zhou Peng, the one with the highest martial arts skills in our class.”

“Omi, don’t play dumb with me, fight one-on-one, do you hear me?”Zhou Peng yelled, annoyed that Omi always forked out with him, as if he didn’t take his words about singling him out at all.


Omi smiled, “Brother Zhou, a single fight?I don’t think it’s necessary.”

“You don’t dare?Are you afraid of me?It’s a pity that you hit Zhu Xiaobin, this matter won’t let up, I’ll let you have three strokes, otherwise people will say that I’m bullying the weak with my strength, let’s do it.”

Omi sighed and suddenly punched at Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng couldn’t react at all, Omi’s level, Zhou Peng was a hundred thousand miles away.

Zhou Peng flew to the back of the classroom and ate dust from the floor.

Omi said, “Brother Zhou Peng, you can’t even react, and you’re still fighting me alone.”

Zhou Peng was completely stupid at the moment, a second move?

Zhou Peng shouted unwillingly, “I don’t believe that you’re so good at martial arts.”

“If you don’t believe it even after this, what does it take to believe it.”

“I didn’t see it just now, I’m not convinced.Omi, if you have the guts, don’t engage in such sneak attack tactics, come openly.”Zhou Peng roared.

Omi was speechless, he couldn’t react himself and actually said that Omi was sneak attacking. Remember the URL Natia .online

“Good, Brother Zhou Peng, then I’ll let you obey, come on.”

Zhou Peng flipped over and attacked up with a fierce move.

“Mantis Pouncing Butterfly.”Zhou Peng’s body jumped up and attacked Omi with the momentum of Tarzan, this was his strongest move, using the weight of his body to increase the power of the move.

Unfortunately, what he thought was a powerful move was too low in the eyes of an expert like Omi to bully him.

Omi simply flew up and kicked Zhou Peng’s belly.

Zhou Peng hit the ceiling hard, then rebounded and fell to the ground.

Zhou Peng grimaced in pain.

Omi said, “Did you reply to this letter?If you still don’t believe me, I’ll simply admit defeat.”

Zhou Peng’s eyes lay on the ground with no eyes.

Omi went back to his own seat.

Zhou Peng sat on the ground and was dumb, all along, as the highest martial artist in the class, Zhou Peng was worshipped by many students, especially the female students.But all of a sudden, Omi second him out of the sky, such a big psychological gap, making him extremely unhappy, Omi blinked to cover his light, how can he still mix in the class in the future.

After Omi sat back in his own seat, a girl from the next table got close to Omi, deliberately looking for a topic and asked, “Omi, did you do last week’s homework ah?”

“Homework?What homework?I don’t know.”Omi said blankly.

That girl immediately got up and walked over to Omi’s side, deliberately staying close, took out Omi’s English book, flipped to a certain page, and said, “It’s these questions, didn’t you do them?”

Carlos looked at Omi enviously, now that Omi knew martial arts and was still first in his class, this treatment would be different immediately.The girl deliberately got close to him, no topic to find a topic.

“Oh, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”The girl returned to her own seat, sat down, and then turned her head to look at Omi, suddenly realizing how Omi was becoming more and more pleasant to look at.Omi was the most handsome looking boy in the fifth class of senior three, out of more than twenty boys, how come he was so blind in the past, and there was such a shiny boy sitting at the next table, but he never noticed it.

That girl’s heart was a little excited, as if she had found a treasure

and said, “Omi, in the future, if you don’t know anything about learning, just ask me ah.”

Carlos looked at Omi enviously, he was too gentle to Omi.

“Oh, okay, thank you.”Omi took a glance at the girl’s book, which had a name written on it: “Jin Xiaolian.”

The other boy in the front row also smiled back at Omi and asked, “Omi, you didn’t do your homework last week, do you want to borrow my homework to copy it?”

Omi was stunned and said, “I can’t copy it, so why don’t you copy it for me?”

“Fine, I’ll make a copy for you, and you bring me the workbook.”

Carlos sighed, this treatment was really enviable.Not only did he give the homework to Omi to copy, he also took the initiative to help him.

Zhou Peng had already sat back in his seat, seeing that many of his classmates were showing affection to Omi, especially that Jin Xiaolian, his heart was not feeling good, once this treatment was his, but in the future, I’m afraid it would all be Omi’s.He is the second oldest classmate, who else will take care of it.

Zhou Peng bit his teeth: “What the hell, it’s so unpleasant.”

Zhou Peng’s tablemate said, “Brother Peng, what can you do if you’re unhappy, people are indeed better than you.”

Zhou Peng huffed: “Even if he’s better than me, I can’t let him overshadow me so easily, the next class is the class teacher’s class, I must let the class teacher sweep away Omi’s prestige and suppress his light.”

Zhou Peng’s tablemate said, “Yeah, Teacher Zhang would definitely be uncomfortable if he knew that Omi knew martial arts and had defeated you and shone so brightly in class.Don’t think I can’t see that the prettiest girls in the class all worship the class teacher, and that Jin Xiaolian is just an ugly one.The class teacher loves to be worshipped by his own students, I guess the class teacher will take the opportunity to test Omi’s strength, then KO Omi to his face, and finally say a few words of guidance to him in a fake manner.Didn’t we do this to you often before, don’t worry, the class teacher will definitely sweep Omi’s shine down.”

“Mm.”Zhou Peng nodded, he would never let Omi steal his light so easily.

The next class was soon to begin, and it was class teacher Zhang Hui’s class.

Zhang Hui had been punched by Omi during his early study, but he was now fine after one class.

Zhang Hui walked into Senior 3 Class 5 with his teaching notes, his face didn’t seem too good, and only he and Omi knew the reason why.

Zhang Hui didn’t dare to look at Omi’s face or even look in that direction of Omi, pretending that nothing had happened, Zhang Hui was already a very pretentious person, and he couldn’t be killed if the class knew that he had been punched by Omi and couldn’t get up, otherwise his previous image would be all ruined.

“Class.”Zhang Hui said as he stood on the podium.

“Hello teacher.”

“Everyone turn to page xx.”Zhang Hui said in a serious manner.

“Oh.”Everyone ohs, a little confused, why is Teacher Zhang so low-key today?Before every class, he used to say something about his martial arts skills, like when he met some pervert on the bus and he subdued the pervert with a ‘wolf catching hand’, and the whole bus applauded.He would also paddle on the podium, and sometimes let Zhou Peng and a few others go up for a PK, and the class would look at him with special admiration.

And today, it was so strange to actually go straight to class.

Zhang Hui said in a serious manner, “Today, we’re going to talk about quadratic functions.”

Zhang Hui picked up the chalk and turned around to write on the blackboard.


The students in the class all looked at each other, why was Teacher Zhang so unusual today?

Where was Zhang Hui who dared to brag about half a class first like usual, as long as Omi was still sitting in the classroom, he didn’t even dare to say the word ‘martial arts’.He couldn’t help but tremble at the thought of Omi’s unknown level of strength, if he still bragged about how strong he was as usual, what if Omi came up and punched him, wouldn’t that be the end of it all?

Zhang Hui finished writing on the board and said, “Class, what is a quadratic function?”

At this time, Zhou Peng could no longer hold back, he was waiting for Teacher Zhang to put out Omi’s light, but who knew which tendon this Teacher Zhang had made a mistake, he was just going straight to class.

Zhou Peng was busy saying, “Teacher Zhang.”

“Zhou Peng, what for?”Zhang Hui asked seriously.

Zhou Peng immediately left his seat, threw two moves at the back of the classroom, and then said, “Teacher Zhang, my martial arts skills have improved again, do you want to test me?”

However, Zhang Hui said with a straight face, “It’s class time, sit back down.”

The students in the class whispered, in normal times, Zhou Peng would have been swollen by Zhang Hui.

“Did Teacher Zhang take the wrong medicine?”A girl in the front row whispered to her tablemate.

Zhang Hui’s heart was that depressed ah, but someone said that he had taken the wrong medicine. A second to remember to read the book

Zhang Hui said, “Zhou Peng, what are you doing?Hurry back to your seat, I have to go to class.”

Zhou Peng didn’t return to his seat, immediately hehehehaha a few more times, rehearsed a few moves on the spot and said, “Teacher Zhang, now my strength is estimated to surpass yours, come on, come test me.”

Zhang Hui was furious, he actually provoked him, in normal times he would have kicked him to death, today Omi was here, he wanted to keep a low profile, but he didn’t expect Zhou Peng to provoke him.

“Zhou Peng, go back to your seat, class.”Zhang Hui said majestically.

“Teacher Zhang, didn’t you used to love to row with me the most?What’s wrong today?Come on, come k me, you’re definitely not my opponent anymore.”

Zhang Hui was overwhelmed with anger and walked towards Zhou Peng.

Zhou Peng’s heart was pleasantly surprised, “Great, Teacher Zhang has finally made a move.”

However, Zhang Hui walked up to Zhou Peng and didn’t make a move, bellowing, “Go back to class for me.”

Zhou Peng gritted his teeth and suddenly punched up regardless.

Zhang Hui’s lungs were about to explode, but he was so arrogant that he didn’t care anymore and immediately punched back.

“Bang.”Zhou Peng fell down at once, but of course, Zhou Peng was doing it on purpose.

Zhang Hui was stunned, there was no way his strength could put down Zhou Peng with one punch, right?

At that moment, Zhou Peng climbed up and laughed, “Teacher Zhang, you’re amazing, I used to be able to catch a dozen of your moves, but now I can’t even catch a single move.I thought I had gotten stronger and could defeat you, but I didn’t expect that you had gotten even stronger, and you’ve been knocked out in one move, admire admire admire.”

“Wow.”The students in the class thought it was real and exclaimed, worthy of the teacher they admired, Teacher Zhang.

There were also a few female fans who shouted, “Teacher Zhang, invincible, Teacher Zhang, invincible.”

When Zhang Hui saw his classmates shouting that he was invincible, he broke out in cold sweat, aimed at Omi, and busily said, “Stop shouting, stop it.”

However, where could the class’s adoring fans of Zhang Hui stop and continue shouting, “Teacher Zhang, Invincible, Teacher Zhang, Invincible.”

Zhang Hui that nervous and depressed ah, and aimed at Omi, shouting Invincible in front of Omi, don’t want to die, this is not worshipping him, this is pushing him into the fire pit ah.


“Don’t shout invincible.”Zhang Hui yelled.

A female student was busy saying, “Teacher Zhang, in the past, when Zhou Peng was able to go through more than a dozen moves in your hands, you were able to get the third place in the Teacher Fighting Competition, but now, when you knocked Zhou Peng down with a single move, you have increased your strength so much, it’s not invincible.Teacher Zhang, you’re my idol, I’m partial to shouting, Teacher Zhang, invincible.”

The students in the class shouted again, “Teacher Zhang, invincible, Teacher Zhang, invincible.”

Even Zhou Peng shouted along with them, “Teacher Zhang, invincible, Teacher Zhang, invincible.”

“Ahhhhh.”Zhang Hui was so anxious that he was about to jump.

Omi didn’t make any moves, just shook his head and sighed, these frogs in the well, they really haven’t seen the world, even Omi didn’t dare to call Zhang Hui invincible, and this three-legged cat also dared to call him invincible?

Zhang Hui saw that Omi didn’t make any reaction, so he felt a little more at ease, he was afraid that Omi would jump out and punch him, but now looking at Omi’s appearance, he wasn’t going to jump out.

“Alright, stop shouting, it’s almost done, let’s go to class.”Zhang Hui returned to the podium, intent on starting class.

However, Zhou Peng was not happy, his aim was for Teacher Zhang to suppress Omi.

Zhou Peng said loudly, “Teacher Zhang, our class Omi also knows martial arts.”

Zhang Hui’s heart thudded and nodded carelessly, “Oh, I see.Let’s continue with class, quadratic function…”

“Teacher Zhang, Omi’s martial arts skills are very strong, and our class is number one in martial arts.”

“Oh yeah, classmates, the meaning of quadratic function is…”

Zhou Peng was baffled, as soon as Zhang Hui mentioned Omi, he changed the subject and said something about quadratic functions, two your sister ah.

“Teacher Zhang.”Zhou Peng interrupted Zhang Hui again.

“What for?”Zhang Hui yelled impatiently.

“Teacher Zhang, didn’t you hear?Omi is now the first in our class in martial arts.”

Zhang Hui immediately deflated and hmmed, “Good, classmates, what about quadratic functions…”

“Teacher Zhang.”Zhou Peng shouted again, interrupting Zhang Hui.

“Zhou Peng, if you don’t want to go to class please get out, don’t disturb the other students.”Zhang Hui yelled, he was so upset with Zhou Peng today, he wanted to keep a low profile, but Zhou Peng would not let him.

Zhou Peng’s purpose was to let Zhang Hui beat up Omi and extinguish Omi’s prestige, who knew that Zhang Hui went crazy today and played low key.

Zhou Peng immediately said to the class, “Classmates, how about we ask Mr. Zhang to pk with Omi?”

The class was up in arms.

“Teacher Zhang, pk, Teacher Zhang, pk, Teacher Zhang, pk,” everyone shouted again in unison.

However, Zhang Hui pretended not to hear and picked up his book and said, “What about the definition of a quadratic function, in general, the following relationship exists between the independent variable x and the dependent variable y…”

Zhou Peng that depressed ah, what the hell is Teacher Zhang crazy ah, the whole class is shouting PK, but he is actually lecturing alone.

However, in the face of the whole class shouting, Zhang Hui couldn’t go on after half a minute of lecturing because he couldn’t hear himself.

“Ahhhh, what do you guys want?”Zhang Hui shouted.

Zhou Peng immediately said, “Teacher Zhang, we want to see you pk with Omi.”

Another girl said, “Yeah, Teacher Zhang, you’re our idol, so just pk with Omi.”


“Teacher Zhang, didn’t you say before that you’ve defeated many perverts, hoodlums, pickpockets and the like, and you’re now even more powerful than before, just pk with Omi, we want to see your bravery.”

Zhang Hui yelled, “P what p what p, class time doesn’t know ah.”

The crowd’s hearts were aflutter, “What’s the point of pretending to be serious, weren’t half the class talking about your martial arts before?”

Zhou Peng immediately shouted, “Could it be that Teacher Zhang doesn’t dare?Afraid of losing to Don Omi?”

The fans in the class immediately denounced Zhou Peng and scolded him, “Zhou Peng, Teacher Zhang was the one who won the third place in the city’s teacher fighting competition, who is Omi that we should be afraid of him?”

“That’s right, Zhou Peng, you can’t beat Omi yourself, so you think others are as useless as you?Did Mr. Zhang pick up the third place trophy in the Teacher Fighting Championship?”

“Zhou Peng, I won’t allow you to insult my idol, Teacher Zhang.”

Zhou Peng laughed and said, “I apologize, all of you, shall I?How could Teacher Zhang not be a match for Omi, what kind of hair is Omi, how can he be on par with Teacher Zhang.I’m sorry, guys, I only said that when I saw that Teacher Zhang is not willing to pk with Omi, it’s not my fault, whoever made Teacher Zhang not to pk with Omi, everyone would misunderstand ah.”

Zhou Peng smiled at Teacher Zhang again, “Teacher Zhang, everyone in the class especially wants to see you defeat Omi.”

“Yes, Teacher Zhang, look, even Zhou Peng misunderstood you, if you don’t make a move, the whole class will really think that you’re afraid of Omi.”

“Teacher Zhang, make a move, the class is in no hurry, are you really afraid of Omi?You’re a teacher, you won third place in the Teacher’s Fighting Competition.Omi is nothing, he didn’t even know martial arts before, he must have just practiced it recently.” First URL mNatia .online

The entire class looked at Zhang Hui expectantly.

Zhang Hui stared fiercely at Zhou Peng, what to do now that he was made to ride the tiger?

“Teacher Zhang, having reached this point, are you still able to hold back?”

Omi sat on his seat and did not speak.

Omi wasn’t stupid, and one look at the smug Zhou Peng and he knew that it must have been Zhou Peng who wanted Teacher Zhang to suppress his authority, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so active in encouraging the mood of the class.

All the students in the class were Zhang Hui’s fans, how could they stop when they were encouraged, they all wanted their idol to dry up Omi.But where did they know that Zhang Hui was suffering inside at the moment.The reason why his classmates worshipped him so much was caused by the fact that he used to show off and brag excessively.

All the students in the class stopped talking and looked straight at Zhang Hui with their eyes, just waiting for him to make a move.

If Zhang Hui was any softer, I’m afraid that these fans in the class would really be disappointed in him.

Zhang Hui had to bite the bullet and now hope that Omi would give him face and lose on purpose.

Zhang Hui looked at Omi with a hard scalp, coughed twice, and said, “That, Omi.”

Omi immediately stood up, and Zhang Hui’s body couldn’t help but tremble a bit, reflexively creating a sense of fear, and his words were a bit slurred.

Zhang Hui gathered his courage and said, “Omi, I heard that you defeated all of Zhou Peng?”

Omi nodded his head, “Yes, Teacher Zhang.”

Omi was confused, was this Teacher Zhang not afraid of boiling water even though he was dead and wanted to do it again?

The students in the class were extremely excited to see that their idol class teacher was about to do something.

Zhang Hui, who was riding a tiger, said with great patience, “Your martial arts skills are not bad, you defeated Zhou Peng.”


Zhou Peng shouted, “Teacher Zhang, don’t be long-winded, fight.”

The students in the class also shouted, “Yes, Teacher Zhang .

Why are you so long-winded today, where’s your old dominance?”

“O Teacher Zhang, please bring out your former domineering spirit.”

Zhang Hui said with a trembling heart, “Omi, they all want me to fight you ah.”

Omi nodded his head, “I hear you, so what do you mean?”

Zhang Hui forced a smile, “Omi, I don’t take advantage as a teacher, it’s up to you what you mean.”

“What I mean, is what you mean.”

“You really want to do what I mean?”

“Really on your terms?”

“Ahhhhh.”The class is going crazy, why is Teacher Zhang so long-winded ah, endlessly meaning, do it instead.

Zhou Peng also couldn’t stand it any longer and said, “Teacher Zhang, do it, you’re going to kill the class in a hurry.”

Zhang Hui knew that he really couldn’t delay any longer and said, “Omi, be merciful.”Zhang Hui was hinting at Omi, so he said the word ‘mercy’ very heavily, hoping that Omi would understand what he was saying and give him face and lose on purpose.

Omi nodded, “Of course, you’re my teacher, I’ll be merciful.”Omi also pronounced the word merciful very heavily.

Zhang Hui was delighted inside and secretly said, “Omi has agreed to show mercy, does he understand what I mean?Yay, now I’m not afraid.”

Zhang Hui smilingly walked to the open space at the back of the class and said, “Omi, please.”

Omi left his seat and walked to the back of the classroom, where they stood face to face, about two meters away from each other.

All the students in the class held their breath and looked at Omi and the class teacher without blinking, afraid that Teacher Zhang would KO Omi with a single move and miss the excitement.

Zhang Hui smiled slightly and confirmed again, “Omi, as the class teacher, I am sure to show mercy, will you show mercy as well?”

Omi said, “This is no nonsense, don’t worry, I’ll be merciful.”

A girl in the class roared, “Can you stop being so long-winded, a ‘hold back’ repeated several times.”

Where did this girl know the meaning of their words.

Zhang Hui said, “Omi, let’s do it then.”


Zhang Hui struck a handsome pose, he knew that Omi would hold back, so he wasn’t afraid anymore, so naturally, he had to strike a handsome pose and ‘win’ beautifully.

The class was nervous to the extreme, moving, they saw Zhang Hui move.

Zhang Hui instantly rushed up towards Omi, Zhang Hui’s full power move was like a tiger pouncing on a chicken.

Moving, they saw Omi move as well.

Omi’s hands were so fast, just a very simple punch to meet it.

Then, the picture suddenly froze.

Only, Omi’s punch hit Zhang Hui’s stomach, while Zhang Hui’s back instantly arched back and arched so high that even his toes were padded up.The image was frozen here until three or four seconds later, when Zhang Hui’s head tilted.

“Bang.”Zhang Hui kept his beautiful posture and fell down, looking at Omi in disbelief.

At this time, the class was silent.

Only Zhang Hui stammered and pointed at Omi and said, “You, you, didn’t you say that you would show mercy?”

Omi smiled helplessly, “I’ve been merciful ah, otherwise you think you’d still be able to talk now?I’ve only used 0.10% of my strength, I’ve already reduced my fighting power to a minimum ah, the purpose is to let you win, who knows, you can’t even carry 0.10% of my strength, alas.”

“Forget it, don’t say it.”Zhang Hui’s eyes turned red and wiped away his sorrowful tears.

Chapter 41

“Mr. Zhang, don’t cry, okay, okay, it’s my fault, so how about a fresh start?This time, I promise to stand still and fight as you wish.”

Zhang Hui was incomparably frustrated, he didn’t blame Omi for being unforgiving, but hated himself for being incompetent and not being able to defeat even 0.10% of Omi’s strength.

Omi suddenly shouted, “Oops.”Then he fell to the ground, covered his chest and said in pain, “Ouch, it hurts, Teacher Zhang, quickly, quickly put away your One Yang Finger.Your Yi Yang Finger, which injures people invisibly, will kill them even if they are a hundred steps apart, or cripple them if they are serious.Teacher Zhang, quickly put away your Yi Yang Finger first…”

The class was silent and stupid, watching Omi fall to the ground and pretend to be in pain, and with an exaggerated expression on his face, this guy could win an award for his acting skills.But if everyone really believed it, it would be a real hell.

Teacher Zhang cried, “Omi, would you stop hitting your face?”

Omi helplessly climbed up from the ground, patted Zhang Hui’s shoulder and said, “Teacher Zhang, don’t be sad, it’s not that your martial arts skills are too low, but my martial arts skills are too high.In the future, quit being arrogant and be dedicated to understanding the essence of martial arts, okay?”

“Mm.”Zhang Hui nodded as if he was a senior.

Omi smiled, “Don’t cry, go back to your classes, everyone is anxiously waiting?Weren’t you just now arguing about class?”

Zhang Hui crawled up from the ground, and when he looked up, the whole class was staring at them stupidly.

Omi said, “Don’t look at them anymore, everyone sit down, Teacher Zhang is about to teach.”

Zhang Hui walked to the podium, picked up his books, and said, “The basic representation of a quadratic function is: y = ax2 + bx + c (a ≠ 0).The highest quadratic function must be quadratic, and the image of the quadratic function is a parabola whose axis of symmetry is parallel to or coincides with the y-axis…” Remember the URL Natia .online

The class went on in a weird atmosphere, but how many people listened was unknown, as the students hadn’t gotten over the shock.

Half an hour later, the class was over.

Zhang Hui said that class was over and then gave a polite nod to Omi before walking out of the classroom, as if it was rude not to nod to Omi before leaving.

As soon as the class teacher left, Carlos was busy saying, “Omi, your martial arts skills are too high, gosh, the class teacher is no match for you.”

All of the students in the class all came around.

“Omi, your martial arts skills can definitely be ranked in the top twelve, or even eleventh, of Baiyun Middle School.”

“Wow, our class has actually produced a top twelve ranked martial artist as well, what an honor.”

Omi smiled, “Everyone is overly flattered, actually my martial arts skills aren’t strong at all, my martial arts skills are too weak and weak.”

At that moment, Zhou Peng snorted, “Omi, will you die if you don’t pretend to be a match?”

Omi was stunned, “Pretending to compare, I’m not pretending to compare now, am I?”

“Hmph, did you pretend to compare, ask all the students, I despise people who pretend to compare when they have a bit of strength.”

Omi looked at all the students and said, “Did I pretend to be a match?”

All the students laughed, Nima, pretending to be so obvious, but also saying that he didn’t pretend, his martial arts skills are so high, but also saying that he is too weak and weak, this than pretending to be a bit too much for everyone to bear.

However, Omi really didn’t pretend ah, now that this body is so weak, Omi has only this much martial power, compared to when he was in that world, now he is completely at the level of a three-legged cat.Omi wasn’t wrong, he did feel that the current

In’s martial arts skills are so weak, so weak.

“I think my martial arts skills are really weak ah, this is also called pretending to be compared, I can’t stand you guys, alright, let’s disperse.”

The students scattered, the boys who were jealous of Omi all internally despised Omi for being too pretentious.

At this time, a teacher came in from outside, and that teacher shouted, “Who is called Omi?”

“Me.”Omi stood up.

That teacher said, “Omi, I’m Senior Class 32’s class teacher, Chen Tianming, now pack up your things and come with me to Class 32.”

“Why do you want to go to class 32?”Omi asked.

That teacher grunted, “How would I know, Liu Chen Ming asked me.”

After saying that, that teacher turned around and walked away, seemingly very unwelcoming to Omi.

Omi instantly understood that Liu Chen Ming greeted the school and arranged Omi to go to Liona’s class, personal protection of Liona, just now Omi was still confused, why hasn’t he arranged to go to Liona’s class.

Omi packed up his bag and was about to leave when Carlos pulled Omi away, full of reluctance, “Leaving me so soon ah?”

All the students in the class said, “Omi, why are you going to class 32?”

“You’re not ditching senior class 5 in order to go pick up Liona, are you.”

“We just had an all-school level expert in our class and you’re leaving?”

Omi smiled, “Dear students, I’m sorry, oh, if you miss me in the future, you can go to Class 32 and find me.Alright, I’ll leave first.”

Everyone despised it, for the sake of picking up girls, transferring to another class, thanks to everyone just worshipped him a bit, there was no sense of class honor at all.

Omi carried his books, ready to leave, just reached the podium.

“Tzichen.”Carlos shouted, Omi was the only one in the class who was willing to talk to him, after Omi left there was no one in the class to talk to him.

Omi looked back at Carlos, and Carlos’s eyes were red.

Omi asked, “Carlos, are you willing to go to class 32 with me?”

Carlos smiled, “Of course I’d like to, but it’s not up to you to decide.”

“Then who’s in charge of it?”Don Omi asked.

“My grades are so bad, where will Class 32 take me, I want to switch classes unless the Director of Teaching approves.”

Just at this moment, the teaching director came from outside, the teaching director was a little nervous, secretly saying, “Finally I found a reason, Omi wants to change classes, I’ll go help him move his things, I don’t know if this reason is reasonable or not.But, can’t manage that much.”

The Director of Teaching and Learning arrived at Senior 3 Class 5 and saw that Omi hadn’t moved over yet, and was so pleased that he didn’t come late.

Omi immediately recognized the Director of Teaching and Learning, wasn’t it the same teacher who was in Zhang Hui’s office this morning?He wanted to beg him to take on an apprentice, but unfortunately Omi rejected him, has he not given up yet?Omi asked, “It’s you again, what are you doing here?”

The teaching director pushed down his glasses and smiled hehely, “Omi, I heard that you’re moving to Senior Class 32, I heard the news and rushed over to help you move your things la.”

Omi said in his heart, “How is this teacher so shameless ah, said no disciple, but also deadly shameless.

And at this moment, the class was shocked, the teaching director personally rushed over to help Omi move his things, no mistake?


Omi said, “This teacher, I told you, I don’t accept disciples, please return.”

The teaching director laughed, “Omi, look at what you’re saying, I just came over to help you move your things, why did I ever say that you should take me as a disciple.”

“I only have a backpack, I don’t need your help.”

“It’s fine, I’m willing to help.”The teaching director snatched Omi’s school bag and was dead set on getting it for Omi.

Omi said, “You’re a teacher, you’re so thick-skinned.”

“Hehehe.”The teaching director laughed a series of giggles.

The class was dumbfounded.

Omi didn’t care, since this teacher was so fond of taking.

Omi said to Carlos, “Carlos, come over with me first, I’ll go find the school director afterwards.”

“Uh.”Carlos looked at the Director of Teaching with confusion.

The teaching director was busy saying, “Omi, why do you need to find the teaching director?” One second to remember to read the book

“It’s none of your business, don’t ask so many questions.”Omi said in a bad mood.

The teaching director smiled heedlessly, “Omi, it’s really none of my business, because, I’m the teaching director.”

Omi was stunned, “You?”

“Yeah, I’m the Director of Instruction, so tell me, what can I do for you?”

“Isn’t the Director of Instruction a pretty big school leader?Then why are you here to help me move my stuff?”

“What’s wrong with the Director of Instruction, the Director of Instruction can’t move things for you.Tell me, what do you want from me?”

Omi said, “Carlos is at my table, and I wanted him to go to Senior 32 with me, but he said that the head of Class 32 would definitely not want him because of his poor grades.Unless the Director of Teaching approves.”

The teaching director smiled heedlessly, “I approve.”

Carlos said in surprise, “Thank you, Director.”

“Alright, alright, hurry up and get your stuff.”

Omi went to Senior Class 32 empty-handed, followed by a school director who carried a backpack on his shoulders and a stack of books in his hands, as if he was a little follower.The last one, Carlos, was also carrying a backpack and books, with a happy face.

When he arrived at Senior Class 32, the class director, Chen Tianming, was standing on the podium.

“Teacher.”Omi stood at the door of the class and called out.

Chen Tianming looked towards Omi and saw that Omi was empty handed, he was busy asking, “Where are your books and such?”

At that moment, a voice sounded from behind Omi, “Over here, over here.”

The school director emerged from behind Omi.

“Ah, Director.”Class Director Chen Tianming was shocked.

“Director, why is Omi’s stuff in your hands?”Chen Tianming asked groggily.

The school director laughed, “Oh, didn’t you just ask me to approve Omi’s class transfer, as soon as I heard about it, I came to help Omi move his things.”

“Ah.”Chen Tianming broke out in a cold sweat.

The students of Class 32 all looked at Omi and the school director in surprise, discussing, Omi is so big, the school director personally helped with the bags.

Omi swept a glance at Class 32 and saw Liona, who was staring at Omi, seemingly not in a good mood.Of course Liona didn’t want this perverted bodyguard to be in the same class as her, but it was obviously arranged by her dad.

Omi entered the class and walked towards Liona.

When Liona saw Omi walking towards her, she panicked and winked at Omi, as if she was prompting him not to come over and pretend she didn’t know him.

Didn’t want the class to know that Omi was her bodyguard.Everyone knew about Omi writing revealing love letters to Shangguan Zuo, if everyone found out that Omi was her bodyguard, Liona felt that she would lose face.

Omi noticed Liona’s gaze, Omi smiled bitterly, he wanted to go over and say hello to the lady, but the lady didn’t seem to want anyone to know, so Omi passed by Liona without speaking to her, pretending not to know her.

The school director holding a stack of books to follow, Chen Tianming where good to stand silly, busy to help the school director to take the bag.

Omi asked, “Teacher Chen, where am I sitting ah?”

Chen Tianming was busy, “Oh, it’s already arranged for you, that table at the end is yours.”

Omi nodded, when the school director called out, “Tian Ming.”

“Director, you say.”Chen Tianming was busy.

“How can you arrange Omi in the last row?Switch to a better position.”


“But what, get someone else to switch it.”

Don Omi said, “No, I’ll sit at the end, I like it there.”Omi didn’t mind sitting there.But Omi didn’t know that the students sitting at the end of the class were almost all poor students, scum students, and everything messed up a few rows behind.

The school director helped set up the books for Omi.

Carlos was still at the outer door of the class, too embarrassed to come in.

Omi shouted, “Carlos, come in.”

When Chen Tianming saw that Carlos also looked like he had moved over, he was busy saying, “What’s going on here?”

Omi smiled, “Teacher Chen, Carlos is at my table, I asked him to come over with me and have a companion.”

Chen Tianming looked upset, “Who asked him to come over?”

The school director looked up and said, “I made it, what’s wrong.”

“Ah, Director, that’s not good, I’d welcome it if a top student turned up, but…”

“Don’t be Coco, Tzu-Chen moved here and has no company, what’s wrong with finding a partner.”

“Oh.”Chen Tianming was very depressed, his heart was very faint, there were two more draggers at once, Omi’s grades, Chen Tianming had learned about them, they were definitely the bottom of the bottom.Even if the results are poor, Omi also even the reputation are very stinky, the famous write love letter to Shangguanzhuo event, has long been spread throughout the school, even Omi’s love exposed, write that shameless ah, Chen Tianming see after are he damned blush.The first thing you need to do is to take in the person of the person you’re thinking of.

Chen Tianming’s heart was furious, but the school director had spoken, and he was unable to act on the spot.

Finishing up their books, Omi and Carlos sat down in the last row of the class.

The school director smiled, “Omi, then you have a good class, I’ll leave first ah.”

“Well, hard work.”Omi said, although he didn’t accept apprentices, but at least he helped him, a word of thanks to Omi would still be said.

“Hehehe, it’s not hard work.”

The school director said to Chen Tianming, “Tianming, then you continue with your class, I won’t disturb you.”

“Okay, Director take care.”

The school director left satisfied, the school director said in his heart, “Omi, I don’t believe that I can’t make you move, I’ll be your apprentice.”

Omi didn’t take the director as a disciple because the director wasn’t young, over forty, and, with extremely poor roots, he wasn’t that material at all.Taking such a disciple would be laughed off if the people of his former world’s Jianghu knew about it.The reputation of the ‘world’s number one youngest’ would all be ruined.


Omi’s popularity in his world was equivalent to that of a star in modern society, the number one youngest in the world, and there were not many people in Jianghu who didn’t know about it.Of course, his senior sister, the ‘Number One Beauty of the Jianghu’, was equally famous and unknown to everyone.

Unfortunately, everything has become a thing of the past, once famous as the world’s number one youngest, but now in this world to eat, but to work as a bodyguard, Omi also sobbed when he thought about it.

Back to reality, after the school director left, Chen Tianming stood on the podium and looked at Omi and Carlos with fire in his eyes, the more he looked, the more upset ah.

Chen Tianming didn’t understand why Liu Chenming asked him to place Omi in class 32.

Did this Omi have some special relationship with Liu Chenming?

Chen Tianming didn’t know that Omi was Liona’s personal bodyguard.

Carlos saw the class teacher waiting for them, he was busy lowering his head and whispered, “Omi, this class teacher doesn’t seem to welcome us very well.”

Omi also saw Chen Tianming’s gaze and wondered, “Strange, did the relationship with Liu Chenming not get through?Why are you looking so unhappy?”

Chen Tianming didn’t say anything and continued with his anger in class.

Liona sat in the second row of the class, not daring to look back at Omi for fear of being told that Omi was her personal bodyguard.If that was the case, she really wouldn’t dare to come to school. Liona only came to school today and realized that Omi’s notoriety had spread throughout the school.Fortunately, Omi’s incident of bullying girls in the girls’ toilet did not spread, or else Omi’s reputation would be even worse.Of course, Liona wouldn’t tell anyone about it, after all, it was also about her reputation.

However, the one who knew about this matter, besides Liona, was the bumbling student who was also beaten up by Omi that day. First URL mNatia .online

“Class dismissed.”

“Goodbye teacher.”

But Chen Tianming didn’t leave, and looked at Omi and said, “Omi, although I don’t know why you were placed in my class, remember, don’t make trouble in my class, don’t drag my class backwards, and don’t ruin my class’s reputation.”

Omi busily nodded, “Don’t worry, Teacher Chen, I believe that many people are… of my Omi’s character…”

“Cut.”The whole class burst out with a cut.

Omi was baffled, “What does cut mean?”

The class teacher glared at Carlos again and said, “Carlos, next time for the HKCEE, please don’t blame me if you drag my class backwards.”

After saying that, the class teacher, Chen Tianming, left.

After Chen Tianming left, Carlos poked Omi and asked in a low voice, “Omi, didn’t you say that you were Liona’s bodyguard?Why is Liona ignoring you?”

“Shh, keep your voice down.We gossip, we don’t want anyone to know I’m her personal bodyguard, I’ll just secretly protect the lady.”


Just then, two girls a few seats in front of Omi deliberately spoke loudly.

“Our class 32 has two more scum students gobbled up, this time the class is going to be dragged down once again, one step further away from entering the top ten classes.”

“Not only two more scum students, there’s also one more pervert, didn’t you see the love letter someone wrote to Class 24 Samira?Geez, I’m embarrassed to look down this morning.”

“What a bummer, too.

I don’t know what purpose they came to our class for.”

“What other purpose could it be, nine times out of ten, they’re here for the school flower.”After saying that, the two girls looked at Liona, but Liona looked down at her book and ignored it.

The two girls continued, “Our class is really getting boring, and I don’t know why, but I suddenly miss Jin Hu today.”

“Why do you miss Jin Hu?Jin Hu is rampaging around the class, everyone is sick of him.”

“It’s because Jin Hu is rampant in class that I miss him ah, now that there are two more scum students, if Jin Hu makes a contribution to the class, what do you think?”

“Hey, when you say that, I also suddenly feel that Golden Tiger isn’t as hateful as he used to be.”

After the whole class heard that, everyone had a flash of wisdom, Huh, right, and joined in the discussion at once.

“Where the hell is Jin Hu?How come he’s gone today when you need him?”Several girls said.

“Jin Hu usually doesn’t come to class until third period, he’ll be here the next class.”

“Jin Hu used to be incredibly overbearing in front of us, I hated him to death, but today I really want him to come earlier, and for the first time I feel that Jin Hu is still somewhat useful.”

“Hehehe, if Jin Hu makes a contribution to our class and blows the two scum away, then it won’t be so hateful in the future, at least he’ll be considered a credit to our class.”

Class 32 was disgusted that Omi and Carlos had joined their class, especially Omi, the scum.

However, no one dared to offend such scum, and just when they were depressed, they suddenly thought of Jin Hu.

He was the king of the scum, and was hated by everyone in Class 32, who hated him for his martial arts skills and bullying the weak.But I didn’t expect that this abominable Golden Tiger would also have a good side.

Although Liona lowered her head to do her homework, her ears were listening to the people in the class.When it comes to Jin Hu, Liona also listened intently, she just suddenly thought of this person.Jin Hu was a class bully, and of course, one of the top five villains on campus, just like Omi, who was not a good guy, and now that two scum who were not good guys got together in one class, what would happen?

Will Jin Hu take care of Tang?To get rid of Omi?Thinking of this, Liona was suddenly a bit expectant.

Of course, Liona wanted Jin Hu to get rid of Omi, because Omi peed in the women’s toilet and made her look at what she shouldn’t, deeply hurting Liona, Liona felt in her heart that Omi was much more abominable than Jin Hu.

Omi smiled bitterly and said, “Carlos, it seems that we are not a little bit unwelcome.”

But Carlos said with a bitter face, “Brother Chen, we’re in a bit of trouble, Jin Hu is one of the five most vicious young men on campus.”

Omi laughed, “I don’t mess with him, would he mess with us for no reason ah.”

“Didn’t you hear?This class is expecting the Golden Tiger to make a move and blow us away.Jin Hu is usually so annoying to everyone, it’s rare that he can do something good for the class, I think this Jin Hu, will be happy to help the class.”

“Oh, we’re not soft tomatoes either.”Omi said indifferently, what five villains, Omi didn’t care in the slightest.

At this moment, at the school gate, a sturdy boy wearing a fancy vest, a stick of oil in his left hand, a cup of soy milk in his right hand, a mouthful of oil and a mouthful of soy milk walked in towards the school entrance.He was followed by three small followers, also with one hand of fries and one hand of soymilk.


The doorman saw it, scrambled out the remote control, and opened the retractable door.

Four people waved all the way into the school.

The boy in the fancy vest, it is the senior three (32) class everyone loathes Jin Hu, one of the five villains on campus.

Jin Hu finished his breakfast, threw the cup of soybean milk on the ground, and spat a mouthful of phlegm in the process.

After eating, a follower behind him said, “Brother Tiger, don’t worry, I’ll catch that bastard who blasphemed his sister-in-law out today.”

Jin Hu kicked the trash can by the side of the road and said angrily, “What the hell, he even dares to touch my woman, when I find him, let’s see if I don’t waste him.”

Jin Hu was furious because the woman he had his eye on had been slighted by a boy at school last Friday.

Another follower said, “Tiger, when you catch him, just waste him as a eunuch.This bastard was bullying his sister-in-law in the women’s restroom, and she must have looked at something she shouldn’t have, and this advantage hasn’t even been picked up by you yet, but was defiled by that bastard.If you don’t waste into a eunuch, honestly, even the doorman won’t be able to see it.”

That rather stupid sidekick was busy saying, “What does it have to do with the doorman?”

That sidekick slapped him on the top of the head, “No one will treat you as dumb if you don’t talk.”

At that moment, another follower’s phone rang. Remember the URL

“Brother Tiger, it’s the squad leader’s b*tch calling.”That follower was busy picking up the phone.

“Hey, squad leader, what’s up?”

On the phone, Ben said, “Where’s Jin Hu?”

“What do you want with us, Tiger?Tiger’s in a bad mood right now, he doesn’t have time for you.”

“I’m looking for Jin Hu, it’s important, let him answer the phone.”

“You have something to tell me directly.”

The class leader said helplessly, “It’s like this, just now our class, we transferred two scum students, they are from the fifth class of senior three, and the class especially wants Jin Hu to do a good deed and get rid of those two scum students.”

“What’s the point of making a phone call on that, I’ll be in class soon.”

Hanging up the phone, the follower said to Jin Hu, “Brother Tiger, the class president that b*tch said, our class came up with two scum students, and the students all hope that you will do a good thing to drive those two scum students away.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.Let’s go, back to class, first clean up those two scum before we go find the bastard who violated my girlfriend.”

Soon, Jin Hu returned to his class.

When Jin Hu walked into the class, everyone’s eyes looked at Jin Hu.

Jin Hu scanned the class and didn’t see any strangers.

Jin Hu frowned, “Where’s the scum student?”

The class leader was busy, “Jin Hu, they’ve gone to the bathroom, they’ll definitely return before the third period of class.”

Jin Hu grunted and walked over to Liona’s seat.

“Yun, are you okay?”Jin Hu asked.

Liona coldly said, “What’s it to you if I’m good or bad, go away.”

Jin Hu, however, got used to it and said, “Yun, I’m sorry, last Friday I went out of town for fun, I didn’t expect this to happen, don’t worry, I’ll find the person who bullied you.Even my Jin Hu’s woman dares to touch him, I think he’s tired of living, if I don’t cut him, my Jin Hu will take his surname.”


Ignoring the golden tiger, however, Liona inwardly looked forward to whether or not the golden tiger would really be able to take it out on her and punish Omi.Of course, Liona was also very disgusted with Jin Hu.But compared to Omi, she hated him even more, after all, Omi had done much more harm to her, at least Jin Hu didn’t pee in front of her in the toilet.

The class leader said, “Jin Hu, it’s up to you if you can do this good thing for the class.”

The whole class looked at Jin Hu with expectant eyes and said, “Yes, Jin Hu, if you get rid of those two scum, your previous rampage in the class and bullying everyone will be wiped out.”

For the first time, Jin Hu felt such gentle gazes from his classmates, and was quite proud of himself.

Jin Hu nodded his head disdainfully, “Don’t worry, it’s just a small thing to raise your hand.”

“Yay, we can finally get rid of the two scum students.”

The class cheered and looked at Jin Hu more gently, less hateful than before.

One of Jin Hu’s followers said, “Tiger, see, everyone seems to be less disgusted with you, if you can repair your relationship with your class, why not, you don’t want to come to class every day and have all your classmates snubbing you.Also, after everyone is less disgusted with you, maybe Liona will gradually dislike you less and fall in love with you from then on.”

Jin Hu nodded and said, “It’s rare to do something good for the class, don’t worry, those two scum students who dare to come to our class, I’ll make them regret coming.”

At this moment, in the toilet, Omi and Carlos came out after peeing.

Carlos said, “Brother Chen, is it really good that the class of 32 hates us so much?It all feels so boring.If you were still in Senior 3 Class 5, everyone would definitely worship you, unlike now when you’re subjected to their cold eyes.”

Omi smiled indifferently, “My purpose is to secretly protect Miss, the rest doesn’t matter.”

In Senior Class 32, a student ran into the classroom in a panic and shouted, “Come, come, they’re back.”

All the students tensed up, Omi and Carlos came back from the toilet.

Even Liona couldn’t calm down.

Everyone gazed at Jin Hu, nervous and excited, everyone wasn’t worried about Jin Hu’s strength, after all, his name of the five vicious youngsters wasn’t blindly bragged about.Every one of the five villains was the king of the dregs, where the average dregs student was the opponent of the king of the dregs.Omi was currently just a dregs student, and hadn’t reached the level of King of the Dregs, the King of the Dregs not only had to be dregs, but also had to have strength to be worthy of this ‘honorable’ title.

Omi was unaware of the conspiracy of the entire class 32 at the moment, waiting for him to go back and be cleaned up.

Omi and Carlos walked into the class one after the other.

As soon as Omi entered the class, he felt an unusual atmosphere.

The eyes of the whole class looked at him.

At that moment, a disdainful voice came out, “You two are the scum students who transferred into my class?”

Omi looked towards Jin Hu, but when Omi saw the boy next to Jin Hu, he was stunned, because that boy Omi had seen before was the punk student who called Liona’s sister-in-law last Friday, when Omi came out of the women’s restroom.

At this moment, that punk student saw Omi, stared with wide eyes, pointed at Omi in disbelief and yelled, “Tiger, Brother Tiger, he, he is the bastard who bullied his sister-in-law last week in the women’s toilet.”

Omi sighed as what happened in the women’s restroom was blurted out at once.


“What?”Jin Hu was shocked, and thought it would be easy to raise his hand and clean up a scum student, but he didn’t expect that the scum student was the same pervert that made him gnash his teeth.

Class 32 students were also shocked, apparently knowing for the first time that Omi not only wrote explicit love letters, but also peed in front of Liona in the women’s toilet, bullying Liona, this bastard, but there were even more shameless things.

“Oh shit, scum.”


“Bastard is worse than an animal.”

“King of scum.”

Many students couldn’t hold back and cursed Omi, and Omi’s image was upgraded, from scum student to king of the scum.

Liona was incomparably depressed, she didn’t want this to be spread out, after all, it was also about her face, but she didn’t expect that it would be known by the whole class just like that, it was expected that the whole school would soon know about it as well.

Jin Hu was furious and instantly walked towards Omi.

He swore that he would never be able to quell his anger if he didn’t turn Omi into a eunuch in public today.

“What’s your name?”When Jin Hu yelled loudly, I guess the next class heard it. A second to remember to read the book

Omi said without moving, “What do you want?”

“I asked you what your name was.Damn you, I want to know today, who is so bold as to touch my woman, say, what is your name?If I don’t cut off your scourge in public today, I, Jin Hu, will be your grandson.”Jin Hu’s shrieking voice was mute, his eyes were bloodshot, and this appearance made the class afraid.I didn’t expect things to get this big, should there be a death.

Omi snorted with disdain, “Just you?”

“Yes, with me, I’ll soon show you what you cut off with your own eyes.Knife.”Golden Tiger shouted.

“Brother Tiger, here comes the knife.”A follower busily took a fruit knife up and handed it to Jin Hu.

The squad leader was afraid that there would be a death and was busy, “Jin Hu, just get rid of him, don’t get a life ah.”

Jin Hu yelled, “You shut up, I’m just going to get a life today, I’ll make him pay for his life if he dares to touch my woman.”

Jin Hu lost his mind like, the whole class looked scared, no one dared to go up.

The class leader was busy to Liona said: “Xiangyun, you quickly say something ah, really want to get a life will be finished.”

Liona was also afraid, seeing the momentum of the golden tiger, as well as the fearful look of the whole class, consciously ignoring the strength of Omi, Liona was busy: “Golden Tiger, you do not be impulsive, put down the knife.”

Jin Hu roared, “Xiangyun, this bastard dares to violate you, I want to kill him.”

Liona’s body trembled, as if she thought of the bloody scene later.

Liona was busy, “Jin Hu, you don’t want to get killed.”

Jin Hu roared, “No way, I have to get someone today…”

“Pah.”Before Jin Hu’s sentence flew away, it was Omi who slapped Jin Hu’s face.

An incredibly loud slap that made the whole class stupid.

At this critical moment, Omi actually slapped Jin Hu first, and he didn’t come to everyone worried about him being stabbed to death?And you hit him?Isn’t Golden Tiger’s anger enough for you?

The squad leader roared, “Omi, you’re sick, you really want to die that badly, can’t you see that Jin Hu has lost his mind and wants to kill you, everyone is afraid that you will be killed, persuade Jin Hu, and you still hit him first.”

Omi snorted, “Kill me?He’s not qualified.”


nbsp;Jin Hu touched the blood at the corner of his mouth, he was just trying to control himself from actually killing Omi, but he didn’t expect that this Omi would slap him first.

“Ah.”Jin Hu was completely on fire, just kill him, whatever the consequences, he might not be able to handle the consequences with his family background.

“I’ll kill you.”Jin Hu killed Omi with a knife.

“Ah,” the female students in the class screamed, as if they had seen Omi’s corpse.

However, the next moment, there was no sign of Omi falling in a pool of blood.

Omi had two fingers between his fingers holding the fruit knife stabbed into his chest, and it was as if it was effortless at all.

Jin Hu was stunned, completely unexpected.At this moment the fruit knife was being held between Omi’s two fingers, unable to move halfway forward.

No matter how hard Jin Hu stabbed forward, the fruit knife couldn’t advance half a point, Jin Hu was so anxious and angry that he had to pull it out first.

However, Jin Hu realized that the fruit knife couldn’t even be pulled out, Omi’s fingers were like iron pincers, firmly gripping the fruit knife, and no matter how hard he pulled or stabbed it, it wouldn’t budge.

“Ah, how did this happen.”Jin Hu was a bit stupid, why was this bastard so strong.

The class was shocked to see that Omi couldn’t pull out the golden tiger with just two fingers clamped on it.

Jin Hu shouted, this was too humiliating in full view of the public.

However, with a big roar of the golden tiger, after taking out the milk strength, finally is pulled out, the golden tiger can’t close the momentum, the whole person fell backwards, fall a man.

However, when everyone took a look, the fruit knife was still held between Omi’s fingers, and all Jin Hu pulled out was a knife handle.

“What, a knife hilt?”When Jin Hu saw that he was holding a knife hilt, he was so angry that he fell over and ended up pulling it out.

“Ah, I’m not done with you.”Jin Hu rushed up again, the knife hilt in his hand smashed into Omi.

Omi snapped his fingers, and the fruit knife caught in his fingers crashed into the flying hilt.

“Ka-ching.”The knife handle was sliced into two pieces by the fruit knife, and the fruit knife flew into the wall, missing into the crack of the wall at once.

The whole class was dumbfounded, how much force did it take to send the knife flying into the wall?

At that moment, the golden tiger had punched up.

“Tiger Cannon Fist.”The Golden Tiger crossed his fists over his chest and slammed forward, hitting Omi straight in the chest.

However, Omi’s lightning-quick kick flew up, and before the so-called Tiger Cannon Fist even made contact with Omi, the Golden Tiger was kicked in the jaw.

“Ah.”Like a parabolic form, the Golden Tiger spun around in mid-air and finally flew to the back of the classroom, also raising dust on the floor with a thud as it fell to the ground.

“Wow.”Many students involuntarily shouted wow.

Jin Hu was also considered to have some strength and quickly climbed up.

Jin Hu instantly picked up a stool and rushed up to Omi again.

“I’ll smash you to death.”The Golden Tiger raised the stool above his head and smashed it into Omi’s skull.

Unfortunately, where it was a match for Omi, Omi could finish it off with one finger.

Omi instantly grabbed one leg of the stool, as if it had just been fixed in the air like a fruit knife, and the Golden Tiger could no longer pull it.

Jin Hu was really so depressed, wanting to die, taking the stool not only didn’t help him, but humiliated him again.

Chapter 46

The Golden Tiger was suddenly in a hurry, and his foot kicked violently at Omi’s crotch, trying to kick Omi’s bottom.

Omi didn’t dodge and instantly caught the foot of the Golden Tiger’s kick.

Jin Hu found that his foot was pinned by Omi, and like a stool and a fruit knife, he was allowed to pull it out as much as he wanted.

“Ahhhh.”Jin Hu yelled in anger, one of his feet was pinned and he couldn’t retreat even if he wanted to.

“Let go of me.”Jin Hu saw that he couldn’t pull it out, so he could only shout very shamelessly to let him go.It was enough to be abused in a fight to this point.

Omi snorted, “Didn’t you threaten to kill me, if you’re capable of pulling it out yourself, if you want me to let go of you, kneel down and call me Grandpa Tang.”

“You don’t want to.”Jin Hu blushed and yelled.

“Haha, then I’d like to see how long your ambition will last.”

The students in the class were already dumbfounded, and thought that Jin Hu, a campus top five villain, had easily cleaned up Omi, but they didn’t expect it to turn out this way.

Jin Hu looked at Liona, his heart growing angrier and angrier, being in such a mess in front of his beloved, Jin Hu wanted to eat Omi’s heart.

“Let go of me.”Jin Hu yelled. First URL mNatia .online

Not only did Omi not let go, he put his feet together and started jumping backwards, Jin Hu had one foot pinned and had to follow Omi with the other.

Omi jumped out of the class and into the corridor, where Jin Hu was also pulled into the corridor.

Jin Hu was in a hurry, what did Omi want?Are we going to let him lose face in another class?

Sure enough, Don jumped back along the corridor, the golden tiger being pulled along.

“Ahhhh, let go of me you f*ck.”Jin Hu yelled in anger and was pulled by Omi, jumping all along the corridor of the school building.

Students from other classes were looking out.

“Wow, no eye roll, right?One of the five villains on campus, Golden Tiger?”

“What, Golden Tiger?”

“Who’s that jumping backwards with Golden Tiger’s leg between his legs?Does he want to die?Jin Hu is one of the five villains ah.”

As expected, many of the classes saw it, and they were lying on the window sill watching, their eyes filled with incredulity.

“Let go of me, or I’ll cut you to death if you don’t let go.”Jin Hu yelled at Omi.

When Omi heard that he still dared to be arrogant, he sped up his speed, and Jin Hu was forced to speed up to follow the jumping and jumping.

After jumping a few classes, Omi dropped back and jumped back again.

The number of onlookers was increasing, Jin Hu was abused to cry, what the f*ck is this Omi, why is he so powerful.

Quickly jumped back into the corridor in front of the class, Omi dropped his head, and was ready to jump again.

At that moment, Jin Hu filled with sadness yelled, “Grandpa.”

The entire class 32 was stunned when they actually heard Jin Hu call Omi’s grandfather.

In an instant, they felt like they didn’t recognize Jin Hu, everyone knew how crazy he was in class before, but now they were forced to call Omi grandpa.

Only then did Omi let go of Jin Hu and smiled, “Jin Hu, I’ll spare you this time, but if there’s a next time, it won’t be as much fun.”

“I grass you.”Jin Hu had just been pulled out.

Turned around, what face is lost, and finally called him grandfather before being released.Now let go, the golden tiger that fire ah, instantly punched up.

Omi sighed, dealing with this kind of evil young man, or don’t hold back.

Omi instantly punched the Golden Tiger’s stomach.

“Bang.”A muffled sound.

The drawing suddenly froze, and the fist that the Golden Tiger hadn’t smashed into Omi’s body drooped helplessly in midair.

In the next moment, the Golden Tiger fell to the ground, twitching and foaming at the mouth.

The whole class gathered around and looked at the Golden Tiger, who was convulsing in pain on the ground, in shock.

Omi said to Jin Hu: “Jin Hu, listen to me, if others don’t provoke me, I will never provoke others.But whoever provokes me, will bear the consequences.Also, from now on, don’t take a step near Liona, otherwise, you will suffer ten times more.I, Omi, am the best at dealing with jianghu yakuza like you.”

The squad leader asked in horror, “Will Golden Tiger die?”

Omi said, “Don’t worry, he won’t die, if he will, he won’t be spitting foam but blood, in another half an hour, I think he will be able to stand up.”

Liona looked at the Golden Tiger on the ground and shivered, she had to admit that this pervert, Omi, was really good at martial arts, otherwise she wouldn’t have let her dad trust Omi so much.As one of the five most vicious youngsters on campus, Jin Hu’s martial arts skills were at least among the top twenty in the school, but he didn’t have the ability to resist in front of Omi.

Liona also looked at Omi, and saw that Omi was smiling at her, Liona’s body trembled, and she hurriedly averted her eyes.

The third period was soon over again, and Jin Hu, after a session of convulsions, had gotten much better and was able to get up.

Jin Hu secretly glared at Omi, when Omi turned his head to look at him, Jin Hu panicked and put his eyes away, as if he didn’t dare to let Omi see him glare at him, Jin Hu realized that he had actually developed an inexplicable fear of Omi inside.Jin Hu was so damn depressed, he was one of the five most vicious youngsters in the hall, but he was so afraid of Omi that he didn’t even dare to let him glare at him, how could he still hang around in the future.The more Jin Hu thought about it, the more depressed he became.

Omi didn’t bother to look at Jin Hu, as long as Jin Hu was honest, Omi wouldn’t be able to hit someone for no reason.Omi was a reasonable person, this was something that everyone knew.

Not long after, a large beauty suddenly appeared in front of the class, dressed in a light and elegant, but could not hide her stunning style, if not Simran who is it?

The first thing you need to know is that you can’t find a single person in the classroom who is looking for you.

Everyone saw Simran standing at the door of the class and wowed.

At this time, the class was up in arms, “Liu Yang, the commoner school flower is here to find you.”

“Liu Yang, why don’t you go out.”

Everyone hailed a boy named Liu Yang in class 32, this Liu Yang was one of the grasses in Baiyun Middle School, very handsome, and most importantly, Liu Yang’s grades were among the top three in the entire senior class, although he didn’t know martial arts, he was also the dream lover of many girls.And Simran’s grades are also within the top ten of the senior three, Liu Yang chase Simran everyone also knows, they think they are a natural pair.

Liu Yang immediately stood up bashfully and walked towards the door of the class, blushing slightly and smiling at Simran, “Simran, you’re looking for me?”

Simran naturally knows this Liu Yang, the top three of the entire senior high school, she admires Liu Yang’s academic performance, of course, this Liu Yang is also chasing her, but unfortunately Simran does not want to fall in love, and did not accept his pursuit.


Simran smiled apologetically, “Liu Yang, I’m sorry, I’m not here to look for you, by the way, did your class just transfer a student named Omi, why haven’t I seen him?”

Liu Yang’s face immediately turned bad.

“Are you here to find Omi?Not here for me?”

“Who said anything about coming to see you, I’m looking for Don Omi, could you ask him to come out here for a moment?”Kaylee Lee pleaded.

“What do you want with him?”Liu Yang’s heart was sour.

Simran smiled apologetically, “I want to invite him for lunch.”

“What? You invited him for lunch, why.”Liu Yang was even more upset, he also invited Simran for lunch, but unfortunately Simran refused to take it every time, but now, she actually took the initiative to invite Omi for lunch, Omi is a scumbag student, by what authority.

“Will you call him for me?”Simran didn’t want to tell Liu Yang the specific reason.

Liu Yang walked into the class with eyes full of displeasure, walked over to Omi and said, “Omi, someone is looking for you.”

When Omi looked up, he didn’t go outside.

“Who’s looking for me?” Remember the URL Natia .online

Liu Yang said, “Omi, I don’t know why Simran is looking for you and inviting you to dinner, but I implore you to stay away from her.You’re already chasing Liona, so don’t steal Simran from me, okay?Simran’s grades are good, but her family isn’t rich, she has to rely on her academic performance to have a way out, and my grades are also good, if she hangs out with you, sooner or later you’ll bring her down and delay her studies.”

Omi smiled, “So, she has a way out only if she hangs out with you?”

“That’s what I think.”Liu Yang shamelessly nodded his head.

Omi laughed wordlessly, “What a problem.”

Omi then turned around and walked out of the classroom, and indeed saw Simran standing outside the corridor.

As soon as Omi walked out of the class, the students in the class started talking.

“What does it mean?Simran came to look for Scum Born Omi on her own initiative.”

“Didn’t she come to look for Liu Yang?Liu Yang has been chasing her for a long time ah, Liu Yang is also a schoolgirl, and in the top three of the entire senior class, they are a natural pair ah.”

Liona, who was in class, heard the commotion and looked outside, frowning in confusion, Why would Simran take the initiative to come to Omi, the pervert?

Omi walked up to Simran, Simran was plain and elegantly dressed, a different flavor, but Omi didn’t keep his eyes on her sexy and hot body and stunning appearance, Omi was very calm when he saw a beautiful woman.

“Simran, you’re looking for me, what’s the matter?”Don Omi asked.

“Ah, Omi, you won’t forget what happened that day.”Simran said with an embarrassed and blushing face.

Of course, Omi wouldn’t forget the day he gave her 100,000 yuan, but Omi was just pulling out a knife to help her when he saw an injustice, and didn’t take it to heart, nor did he feel noble or feel that Simran was going to treat him like a benefactor.Therefore, when Simran saw how calm Omi was, she instead wondered if Omi had forgotten about such a big matter, while she always remembered this kindness from Omi.

“Oh, it’s just a small matter at one end, so why keep it in mind.”Omi smiled faintly.

Simran suddenly felt that Omi was really different, he didn’t even remember such a big thing, he didn’t even try to return it to anyone at all.


sp;Li Xuan Er: “Although you didn’t remember it, I can’t forget it, I want to take you out to lunch, okay?”

Omi does not do good deeds for fame and fortune, let alone trying to be repaid by others, smiling, “No, besides, I don’t always have the time.”Omi also line to follow Liona at noon, and he had to go wherever Liona went to eat.

“Ah.”Simran was a bit surprised, she was at least a school flower, usually many people invited her to eat, she didn’t go to anyone, now she took the initiative to invite Omi, thinking that Omi would definitely agree, but who knew that Omi refused.

“I really want to invite you for a meal to thank you, and I have something else I want to tell you.”Simran.

Omi smiled, “I know what you want to talk about, it’s about that, right, huh, Simran, you really don’t have to be so polite.”

At that moment, the bell rang.

Omi said, “Alright, I’ll go back to class then.”

“Can.”Simran was very depressed as she looked at Omi’s back, and Omi entered the class to go.

Simran had no choice but to go back to her class first.She was so grateful to Omi for such a great favor, she couldn’t even feel bad about not inviting him to dinner, but she didn’t expect Omi to take that incident seriously.Also, Simran also said that day, whoever paid 100,000 yuan for her, she would give her body to him, does not this Omi also use?

During class, Carlos asked, “Omi, why did Simran invite you to dinner?What exactly did you help her with?”

“This belongs to her privacy, forgive me for not being able to tell you.”Omi refused to reveal, after all, it wasn’t a glorious thing for Simran, especially since the helpless act of exchanging a hundred thousand for a body, it would definitely be humiliating if it reached the school.

“Alright, but you’re so silly, Simran is a school flower, you even have the courage to refuse.”

“Oh, Simran is really pretty.”Omi smiled, Simran was as beautiful as his little sister, Omi also thought it was pretty.

“Knowing that it’s pretty then you still refuse to take it?”

“I helped her only by way of seeing her, I don’t want anything in return, it has nothing to do with whether she’s pretty or not, I’d still help her even if she was ugly.If you think I’m only helping her because I see a pretty girl, then you’re wrong.”

“But, Simran is the school flower, how many people want to have a meal with her but can’t.Such a beautiful school flower, don’t you have any idea about her?”

Omi smiled heedlessly, “She is indeed beautiful, it would be nice to marry such a daughter-in-law.But this thing, fate, I haven’t even thought about the lifelong issue yet.”

In fact, Omi had never been able to forget his little sister, he always had a faint sadness in his heart, whenever it was late at night, Omi would feel so lonely, no one understood him or understood him.

After school at noon, Omi followed behind Liona, he was Liona’s bodyguard, so naturally he had to do his duty.

However, Liona stared back at Omi, seemingly telling Omi not to follow her.

Omi was helpless, thinking that this school couldn’t be dangerous either, so Omi stopped following her.

Carlos said, “Omi, let’s go eat off campus, I’m tired of eating in the cafeteria every day, it’s more affordable to eat at a small restaurant off campus.”


Omi and Carlos walked to the school entrance together.

At this time, Simran and her best friend were also heading towards the school entrance.


“Mavis, why didn’t Don Omi accept your invitation?”

“I don’t know, he’s my dad’s savior, I can’t even feel bad if I don’t invite him to dinner.”Simran said that the girl beside him was her best friend, Liang Ying, who also lived in the slum area, and it was the fact that we all had similar family conditions that made us good girlfriends.

Liang Ying was speechless: “This Omi is too that, you’re a school flower, how many people want to invite you to dinner, but he doesn’t give you face.”

“, he’s my benefactor, he just thought not to break the bank for me, he said he doesn’t want anything from me in return.”

“Okay, so what are you going to do now?Pay him back, or actually give him your body with someone you don’t like?You may want to think about coming.The night before yesterday, that one defeated red dust gave your family so much money, you can completely spare 100,000 yuan to pay him back.”

Simran was busy shaking her head, “How can this be, it turned into me going back on my word, I had agreed to give him a promise, now if I pay him back, it would be me going back on my word.I was just going to find him a time to talk about these things by the way.”At this, Simran blushed and was very shy.

Liang Ying Road: “You ah, too silly, what to go back on your word ah, now you have more than two million, give your father treatment is completely enough, draw out 100,000 back to him is, really so silly to give himself to him ah.Moreover, that Omi is a scum student, haven’t you seen the information that many students on campus have exploded?”

Simran frowned: “Someone must have hacked him, I don’t believe he would do such a thing.”

Liang Ying said, “Then you’ll know if you run into him and ask him in person later, if he’s really like the campus explosion, then he’s too scary, everything he did in front of you was all an act.”

Simran didn’t say anything, she didn’t believe in her heart that Omi was such a person.

Simran changed the topic and asked, “How much did that warrior give your family the night before last in one defeat?” One second to remember to read the book

Liang Ying hehehe smiled, “20,000 yuan, when I woke up in the morning, or I was the first to find it, I threw it on the floor of our living room, I was stupid, I didn’t know where I got the money.When I watched the news later, I thought it must have been given by a defeated red dust.”

Xuan’er Li recalled that night’s dark shadow and said, “This One Defeat Red Dust must have been a great guy.That night, my mom and I couldn’t sleep, and must have heard the exchange between my mom and I. Knowing our family’s difficulties, he actually threw a sack of money at us directly.Now that my dad is saved, I’m really grateful to him, but unfortunately, this kind of great martial arts figure is far from being seen by a small commoner like me.”

Liang Ying was also full of gratitude.

At this time, Liang Ying suddenly saw two people walking in front of her, one of them resembled Omi, busy saying, “Xuan’er, is that Omi?”

“Ah, it’s really him.”Xuan Li was busy, “He must have gone to dinner too, I’ll go up and invite him again.”

Simran scrambled up to catch up with Omi.

Omi was walking outside the school with Carlos, when a gentle voice behind him shouted, “Omi.”

Omi turned around and saw it was Simran, smiling, “Simran, what a coincidence, are you also going to dinner?”

“Yes, Don Omi, shall we go to dinner together?I really want to buy you a meal, and you’re going to eat now anyway.”

Carlos was busy: “Yes, yes, you lead the way.”

Simran nodded happily, “Thank you.

Thanks.”Then they walked ahead.

Omi couldn’t say anything else, since Carlos had said so, it would be a bit bad to refuse again, so he had to stop.

Simran led the way into a small restaurant outside the school, and since she invited guests, naturally she couldn’t take Omi to a fast food, after all, a good meal would definitely be necessary to help her so much.

Simran said to her best friend Liang Ying, “Xiao Ying, you take them to find a private room, I’ll order the food.”

“Good.”Liang Ying said to Omi, “Omi, let’s go to the private room first.”

“Oh.”Omi and Carlos followed Liang Ying to the private room No. 10, and Simran also came soon after ordering the food.

After closing the door of the private room, Simran said, “Omi, let me introduce ah, this is my good girlfriend, Liang Ying, who has been studying together since elementary school.”

Omi looked at Carlos and also introduced, “This is my tablemate as well as friend, Carlos.”

Carlos was busy greeting Simran and Liang Ying with a hehehe smile.

Simran asked Omi, “Do you want a drink?”

Omi thought about it and nodded, “Then let’s have three bottles of sorghum, we still have class in the afternoon, don’t drink much, just drink three bottles to mean it.”

“What, three bottles of sorghum.”Simran three of them were shocked, and it was still meaning it, was Omi really this high in alcohol consumption?

Carlos was busy asking, “Omi, can you drink three bottles of sorghum?You’re bragging, you still mean it, although I know that it’s necessary to pretend to compare in front of a beautiful woman, but you’re so scary than pretending.”

Simran didn’t care so much, she had already walked out of the booth and went to let the waiter get the wine.

Omi smiled, “The wine here, one bottle is very little, three bottles is not much ah.”

Both Carlos and Liang Ying were speechless, they both felt that Omi was really good at pretending.

In Omi’s world, the smallest bottle of wine was also contained in a jar, but in this world, the bottles were so small that they could be held over in the palm of the hand and drank all of it in a few gulps, it was really strange.

Simran brought three bottles of grain liquor and apologized, “Omi, sorry, no sorghum, but don’t worry, the boss said that this is definitely better.”

“Oh, never mind.”

Omi didn’t mind what kind of wine it was.

Omi bit open the bottle, took it straight to his mouth and gulped it down, then smashed his lips and smiled, “Not bad, good wine.”After saying that, he gulped down a few more gulps, and the bottle of Five Grain Liquid saw the bottom in the blink of an eye.Simran, Carlos, and Liang Ying all looked at Omi in amazement.

Omi said, “It’s just that the bottle is too small, it’s always hard to drink, if we can use a jar to hold it and take big gulps, this will be enough.”

Omi finished the bottle and didn’t feel anything.

Carlos admired, “Omi, your drinking capacity is too strong, just now I thought you were pretending to be a comparator, I didn’t think you were really so good at drinking.”

Omi just smiled, he himself didn’t feel so able to drink, his big brother was the one who was called a thousand cups of wine.Usually, each of them, the brothers and sisters, each held a jar of wine, and gulped it down as they flew around the trees, displaying their lightness, it was so refreshing.But now, such refreshing days were completely no more, and every time Omi thought about it, his heart was filled with an indelible sadness, as well as his beloved little sister.Omi didn’t dare to imagine what kind of grief his little sister from that world would have after learning of his death….


Before the waiter had served the food, Omi had already drunk a bottle of white wine.

At this time, Carlos turned on the TV in the private room with the remote control.

The TV was broadcasting a Linjiang City noon news.

“…This morning, Li Ziming’s case was officially closed, and the Linjiang City People’s Court ruled that Li Ziming was not guilty of intentionally hitting someone and causing death, and he was acquitted….

“I grass.”Hearing this, Carlos slapped the table in anger, Carlos cursed, “It’s too dark, isn’t there really no king’s law?”

Liang Ying also said with righteous indignation, “It’s all about the rich people in charge now, people are rich and powerful, how can there be fairness.”

Simran didn’t comment, but inside she was also unjust about what was reported in the news.

Only Omi didn’t know what was going on.

Omi asked, “Carlos, what is this TV saying?Why do you look so angry?”

Carlos said, “Omi, a while ago, there was a sensational news in our school.There was a rich second generation student named Li Ziming who raced his car on campus and crashed into a freshman girl.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product.In the end, the freshman girl delayed for half an hour, missed the best time to save her life, and died just after being taken to the hospital.The doctor said that if she had been taken to the hospital in the first place, she would have been able to be resuscitated in time.”

Omi said furiously, “This person is really lawless and treats people’s lives like grass.” First URL mNatia .online

Carlos said, “What’s even more annoying is that two days later, Li Ziming’s family presented a hospital certificate which said that Li Ziming was suffering from ‘acute untimely onset psychosis’, and just like that, Li Ziming ran over someone and easily escaped legal responsibility.”

Omi’s eyebrows furrowed, “Crashed someone to death and still has no responsibility?What world is this?”Omi was shocked, the world didn’t expect it to be so dark.

Liang Ying also said angrily, “People have a psychiatric certificate from the hospital, so it was an accident that he ran over someone.”

Simran sighed, “The freshman girl who died, her house is not far from mine, may she rest in peace.”

Carlos said, “I think she will never rest in peace in the nine springs, she died so wrongly.Now that the court verdict is all out, he was acquitted, it is obvious that he does not take the lives of the poor seriously, if he respects life and reports 120 at the first time, that freshman girl will never die.He should have been convicted of intentional homicide, and just because of a certificate of mental illness, he turned out to be not guilty.”

Simran said, “Alright, you guys shouldn’t be angry, so what if we are angry.”

Liang Ying said, “I really hope that someone can administer justice so that this kind of injustice won’t happen again.”

At this time, Omi’s gaze was cold, and he said in his heart, “When I lose the Red Dust, I am not just robbing the rich to help the poor, but I should also do justice on behalf of Heaven.This Li Ziming, relying on his wealth and power, disregarding human life, it seems that I have to take charge of this matter as well, so that this Li Ziming will be punished as he deserves, it is impossible to let him go free.”

At this moment, in a certain hotel, in a luxurious compartment, a large table of people were sitting together to celebrate.

A middle-aged man raised his wine glass and said, “Come, let’s all have a drink to celebrate Zi Min’s acquittal.”

“Yes, this one must be drunk.”


Everyone drank it all in one go.

This large table was the same Li Ziming who had just been acquitted in the morning, as well as Li Ziming’s parents and some other relatives.

Li Ziming’s father said: “Ziming, although you are now acquitted, you can be a little more low-key after, this kind of thing should not happen again, otherwise, next time I will not save you anymore.”

Li Zimin hehehe smiled: “Dad, I respect you, I was able to be acquitted so quickly, you have worked hard, I knew, you will not leave me alone.”

Li Ziming’s father gushed, “It’s a good thing you ran over a lower class civilian this time, if it was someone from the upper class, it might not have been so easy to save you.Of course, you did a good job this time, since you’ve already hit someone, you should simply let him die, and if he dies, you’ll accompany him for a few hundred thousand at most.But if he doesn’t die and is paralyzed in the hospital, the compensation for follow-up treatment and so on will add up to more, and most importantly, a whole lot of trouble.”

Li Ziming smiled, “Dad, of course I know, that’s why I didn’t report 120 in time and deliberately let her die.”

“Alright, let’s stop talking about it, it’s all over, let’s eat.”

A large table of people were happy and in a doubly cheerful mood as they began to eat, celebrating Li Ziming’s innocence.

Omi and his four men were waiting for the waiter to serve the food.

Not long after, the waiter began to serve the food.

The dishes were rich, and Simran wasn’t stingy in entertaining Omi, which was what her mother had ordered.When she went out in the morning, her mother gave her three thousand dollars to treat Omi to dinner.Naturally, the three thousand pieces were taken from the two million miles given by One Defeat Red Dust, although that money was used to treat her father, but Omi, the benefactor, could not be forgotten, no matter what, she had to treat Omi to a good meal to thank people.

Carlos asked for a bottle of beer, but Simran and Liang Ying didn’t dare to drink, so they both drank drinks.

“Omi, I’ll drink a toast to you, I really appreciate you helping me that day.”Simran lifted a glass of drink and said.

Omi smiled, “Simran, I’ve said that you don’t have to be so polite, you have to be so polite, well, I hope your father recovers soon, if there’s anything else you need help with in the future, just say so, I, Omi, will definitely help out as long as I’m able.”

“Thank you.”Simran nodded her head in gratitude.

Liang Ying also toasted Omi on behalf of her best friend, although her impression of Omi was not good.

Omi’s three bottles of white wine were quickly consumed.

Everyone marveled at Omi’s drinking capacity; it was white wine, not beer.But Omi didn’t look drunk in the slightest, and the three bottles only meant something.

The meal was quickly finished, and Simran and Liang Ying went downstairs to pay the bill first.

Liang Ying said, “Xuan’er, why don’t you let me ask him face to face if that revealing love letter was written by him?”

Simran said, “I only believe my eyes, the Omi that I see in my eyes is a very nice person, you just saw, Omi is not like the campus explosion, instead I think he is quite polite.”

“What if he’s faking it?What if he has an agenda for you?”Liang Ying said.

Simran said, “Even if he faked it, so what, at least he paid 100,000 yuan for me and saved my father, my body all belongs to him, whether he really has an agenda for me or not, I’m willing to let him cheat.”


“Ugh, Xuan’er, you’re too kind.”

Simran quickly finished the bill, Omi and Carlos were coming down from the stairs.

Liang Ying was busy saying, “Xuan’er, let’s go first, whether you believe in Omi or not, but after all, Omi has a bad reputation, and being seen by people will inevitably lead to misunderstandings.”

Simran said, “Xiao Ying, Omi and I still have something to say, you go first.”

Omi walked down and smiled, “Thank you, Simran, for making me have the most delicious meal.”Today’s noon was the most sumptuous meal Omi had ever eaten in this world.

“Omi, it’s me who wants to thank you.”Simran said.

“Alright, let’s just get over that incident the other day, we’re even, no one will be thanked, let’s go back to school together.”Omi smiled.

Simran was busy, “Omi, can we have a private chat?”

“Private conversation?”

“Talk alone, I have something I want to tell you.”

“This, okay.”Omi nodded, and Simran said to Liang Ying, “Xiao Ying, you and Carlos should go back first.” Remember the website

Liang Ying huffed, “I’m not going to go with him, it will be miserable if my classmates see me.”

After saying that, Liang Ying immediately left first, Carlos is scum, let her go alone with Carlos, if she was seen by the classmates she knew and misunderstood that they were in love, Liang Ying thought about it and got goose bumps.

Carlos left his mouth and hummed, “Who loves to go with you.”Carlos also quickly left first.

After Carlos left, Simran said, “Omi, let’s find a place where no one will talk.”

“Why do we have to go to a place where no one is around?Isn’t it nice here?”

Simran blushed a bit and said, “It’s inconvenient as there are many people here.”

Omi was secretly shocked, could it be that Simran wanted to give her body to him right now?

Don said, “Well then, let’s go to the parking lot and to the car.”

“Your car?”Simran was stunned, but then laughed, what an idiot’s question, people casually give 100,000, a car is normal ah.

Omi took Simran to the parking lot next to the school entrance, took out the remote control, and acted handsomely.

“Quack.”One of the Beetle car lights flashed and called out.

Simran saw Omi is a car family, suddenly felt as if the distance between them has become much farther, after all, not the same class of people, the heart seems to be a little bit lost, in fact, she is quite good for Omi.

Omi opened the car door and smiled, “Let’s get in the car and sit down.”

“En.”Simran was somewhat constrained to sit in the car, she had never sat in a car except for a bus, and the interior of this car was quite upscale, Simran’s heart for Omi’s image elevated a lot, and the distance with Omi was even deeper.

Simran was a little embarrassed: “Your family seems to be quite rich, this car should not be cheap.”

Omi smiled and said, “This car is not mine, but my car is better than this one, have you heard of the BMW 5 series?That’s my car.”Omi smiled heedlessly and said in his heart that he would go to the Songtao neighborhood at night and take his BMW away, he couldn’t keep cheapening that maid John.


BMW ah, huh.”Omi said so, Simran’s heart towards Omi’s distance was further away, everyone was not a social class at all, she was just the son and daughter of a poor family, and a sense of loss arose inside her.Just eat together, everyone chatted quite pleasantly, let Simran forget each other’s identity, feel Omi quite good boys.But now learning that Omi drove a BMW seemed to pull her back to reality all of a sudden.She was just a daughter of the poorest family, it was good to be able to talk to a rich man like Omi, why think so much, Simran smiled bitterly inside, but her heart was still a sense of loss, seemed to prefer Omi to be a poor man like her.Simran herself didn’t even know why she had such thoughts, what did it matter to her if Omi was rich or poor.

Omi wasn’t showing off his wealth or pretending to be rich in front of Simran, Omi was just telling the truth.Moreover, Omi didn’t have the notion that it was possible to pretend to be rich in this era by driving a BMW.

Omi said: “Alright, now that no one is here, what do you want to say.”

Simran said, “Omi, last Saturday, you gave me 100,000 and saved my father’s life.I said at the time that whoever paid me 100,000, I would promise you this, I wanted to talk to you about this, I, Simran, will not break my promise.”

Omi smiled, “I knew you wanted to talk to me about this, and I also wanted to talk to you about this properly.”

Simran blushed and said, “Then from now on, I’ll be yours anytime.”

Omi was speechless: “You really think that I want your in exchange for your love ah, I purposely sat down with you to say that I want to tell you that I truly wanted to help you that day, no other meaning.I’ve never thought about it, and I’m not that kind of person.You’ve just invited me to dinner as well, and this matter is over.”

“How can that work, I’m not one to go back on my word.”

“Hehe, I know you’re a very proud girl, and because of that, I don’t think I’m helping the wrong person.”

Simran said, “That’s a hundred thousand dollars, huh?Do you really care that much about money?”

Omi smiled, “Can a hundred thousand be compared to one life of your father?”

Simran was touched to see that Omi’s eyes were not pretending, was there really such a selfless person in the world?Simran was used to the indifference of people in this society, it was hard to believe that there were really people who were so selfless.

Xuan’er Li asked in a small voice, “Did you help me that day to see that I looked okay?”

Omi laughed, “Simran, you’re making me a little angry by doubting me like that, if you were an ugly girl, I would do the same, if you were a man, I would still do the same.Whether you’re pretty or not has nothing to do with me helping people.”

“I’m sorry, don’t be mad, I’m just asking.”Li Xuan Er was busy apologizing.

“Oh, it’s fine.”

Simran bit her lips and said, “Since you don’t want my promise in return, I’ll give you back 100,000 yuan, otherwise I feel uneasy, I always feel indebted to you.”

“But I’m not short of money right now.”

“I know you’re rich and can afford to drive a BMW, naturally you’re not short of money, but I don’t want to be so burdened in my heart all the time, it’s very unsettling.”

Omi helplessly said, “Alright, alright, count me in to lend you, and you can pay me back when your father is better and has more money.”

“Mm.”Simran nodded happily and smiled, “Then let’s go back to school together.”

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