King of kings 271-275


“Didn’t you always want to break up with me, if not forced by my sister, when I confessed to you that day, you would have already broken up with me and dragged it out for days, now you can finally break up with me, you must be very happy in your heart, I finally won’t bother you anymore.”

Omi was silent, he should have been happy, but instead of feeling happy inside, he was faintly lost.

Omi smiled, “Why are you so crisp and clean today.”

“Omi, thank you for accompanying me yesterday, I’m leaving, in fact, yesterday I just wanted to come and say goodbye to you.”

“Leave?Where to?”Don was busy asking.

“Of course I’m going home.”

Don Omi was busy asking again, “And when will you be back?”

“Not coming back.”

“What, not coming back?”

“Well, maybe for the rest of my life, I’ll never come to Linjiang again, and my sister will be leaving in a month or so.”

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“Omi, bye bye, the plane is going to start checking tickets, I wish you happiness, bye bye.”

“Okay, you too, bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Omi stood woodenly in his room, feeling listless.

Why is it like this, impossible ah, with Xu Yan there is no feelings at all, promised to be her boyfriend that was not the intention, never moved to her, this world has not let Omi moved to a woman.However, why break up, why would Xu Yan be listless if she was leaving.

Omi couldn’t seem to figure it out, but his heart told him that at the moment, he should rush out.

Omi jumped off the balcony and drove straight to the airport, at least, Omi hoped to see her again, even if it meant saying goodbye and hugging her once more in person.

Unfortunately, by the time Omi arrived at the airport, the plane had already left.

Omi felt a little sad, a person lost out of the airport, originally inside quite looking forward to, today Xu Yan find him out again, but unfortunately, Xu Yan will no longer annoy him, and will not look for him to go out to eat with him in the future school.I used to find it quite annoying, but now, I won’t annoy you anymore.

“Omi.”At this time, a person called his name.

When Omi turned his head, it was Xu Mei Qian.

“Omi, what are you doing here?”Xu Mei Qian asked.

“Giving it away, unfortunately, it’s too late.”

Xu Mei Qian smiled, “Omi, you’re happy that you finally broke up with my sister.However, you were able to run to see her off, so it’s a good thing that you kid has a bit of conscience.”

“Oh.”Omi smiled bitterly.

“Alright, I’m leaving.”Xu Mei Qian turned around and left, driving the police car to attend someone’s 60th birthday.

Omi also had to go home.

When he got home, Liona asked, “Did Xu Yan ask you to go out again, why did you come back so soon?”

“Xu Yan left Linjiang City and won’t be coming back ever again.”

“Ah, really ah, so you guys broke up?”

“Hmm.”Omi nodded.

Liona was happy, but didn’t show it.

Omi went to the grass behind the villa and practiced his sword alone.

Omi needed to clear his head, because Omi felt as if the longer he came to this world, the more he developed an inexplicable attachment to the sweet date Xu Yan and him had yesterday.

Letting him become attached to Xu Yan, so that was all it took for him to become attached, if this continued, sooner or later he would forget about his senior sister.Perhaps in a few more years, his senior sister would have no trace in his heart, Omi felt heartbroken for his senior sister.

“No, never, I will never forget my feelings for my senior sister, never, no woman in this world will ever let me forget my senior sister.”

“Swoosh swoosh.”Omi’s sword chirped, not so much practicing as venting, hating himself for not being faithful to his senior sister.

At this moment.

In a certain luxurious villa in Linjiang City, a grand birthday y was being held.

Xu Mei Qian walked in.

“Captain Xu, thank you, thank you, thank you Captain Xu for coming to my 60th birthday in your busy schedule.”An old man said with a smile on his face.

“Lanhe King, I wish you a long life, I came in a hurry and didn’t bring any congratulatory gift, sorry.”

“No, no, it’s already the greatest gift for Captain Xu to be able to make an appearance, Captain Xu, please.”

It turned out that today was the Lanhe King’s birthday, and the Lanhe King was considered to be a bit of a dignitary in Linjiang City.One of the Lanhe King’s sons-in-law, called Yu Hu.

Saying Cao Cao Cao arrived, Yu Hu walked in through the door, carrying a large bag.

“Father-in-law, I wish you longevity and happiness.”

The Lanhe King didn’t look very good when he saw Yu Hu, as Yu Hu hadn’t been here recently, which meant that he was separated from his daughter.

“Yu Hu, why haven’t you been coming here for so long?You’re leaving Ying Ying alone every day, what do you want to fight for?”Lan He Wang gave a reprimand.

Yu Hu was extremely depressed, it wasn’t that he didn’t come ah, but because he was made into a half eunuch by Omi and still hasn’t been cured, if he came, wouldn’t it be like last time when Lan Ying Ying kicked him out again.

The Lan He King snorted, “Yu Hu, is it that thing that Omi did to you that hasn’t been fixed yet?Didn’t I tell you to do it earlier?Why are you so useless?It’s not even done now?”

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian was just a short distance away and heard their conversation.

In her heart, Xu Mei Qian said, “Does Omi have some sort of conflict with them as well?This Omi, how many enemies does he have.”

How dare Yu Hu admit it, afraid of being looked down upon by his father-in-law, busy saying, “Dad, I’ve already taken care of that idiot Omi, and I’ve already forced him to treat my illness.”

The Lanhe King was a little unconvinced and immediately asked one of his hands to go and check if it was true.

Yu Hu chuckled, “Dad, I really don’t lie to you, I’ve been cured, don’t believe me, go to the toilet and have someone verify to see if I’m cured.”

Yu Hu asked that underling of the Lanhe King to verify.

As expected, Yu Hu was not half a eunuch anymore.

Yu Hu’s heart was suffocated and said, “See?It’s not black.”

That subordinate nodded and went to report to the Lan River King, “Master Lan, Yu Hu is indeed well.”

Only then did the Lan River King smiled, “This kid, he really has cleaned up Omi, a bit of a prodigy.”

Yu Hu was very frustrated, he actually wasn’t well at all, before he came here, he bought a bottle of flesh-colored pigment on it, he used the pigment on it so it didn’t look black anymore, and then he fooled his father-in-law.

“Omi, you fuck, causing me to be so bitter, to the extent of using pigment to paint to fool his father-in-law, I’m not done with you.”Yu Hu was furious, but unfortunately, Omi even dared to cut Lin Dongfang, so Yu Hu was helpless to take Omi at the moment, but he didn’t want to be looked down upon by his father-in-law’s family, so when he came to congratulate his birthday today, he only got the pigment to apply, so let’s hide it first.


The more Yu Hu thought about it, the more he felt wimpy.

At this moment, upstairs, a servant came to report: “Miss Ying Ying, the great aunt is here.”

Lan Ying Ying a huff: “This dead thing, still dare to come, the last time things haven’t found him to settle the score, this useless thing, can’t even deal with a high school student, causing me to suffer a bit.”

That servant said, “Ying Ying, the eldest aunt’s illness is better, it was the old master who asked someone to verify it personally.”

Lan Ying Ying was delighted, “Really?All right?Then hurry up and tell him to come up.”

“Yes, I’ll go call him up, Miss Ying Ying hasn’t been with her great aunt for a long time.”That servant immediately went downstairs to call Yu Hu.

Lan Yingyington felt her body itching, there was a feeling that she couldn’t hold back, this dead devil, finally better, causing her to be alone for so long.

Yu Hu was secretly holding back his anger when a maid came up and called out, “Eldest Master, Miss Ying Ying lets you go upstairs.”

“Good.”Yu Hu hadn’t seen his wife for a long time, but if Omi hadn’t made him into half a eunuch, how could he have stayed away for so long, and when he thought about it, he couldn’t help but scold Omi again.

Arriving at the upstairs room, Lan Ying Ying told the servants to get out.

“Ying Ying.”Yu Hu called. Remember the URL . .net

“Deadbeat, come over here yet.”Lan Ying Ying glared at Yu Hu and said.

“Oh, Ying Ying, come over here for what.”

“Dead Ghost, when is it good?Not even a word.”


“Deadbeat, still pretending, when are you going to get better?”

“Ah.”Yuhu was stunned.

“Ah what ah, come here yet.”

“This.”Yuhu didn’t expect his wife to find him in broad daylight, overwhelmed.

“Dead devil, I know all about it, you’re well, my father even had people specially checked, since you’re already well, why are you still standing stupidly, come here.”Lan Ying Ying sat on the bed and hooked her finger at Yu Hu.

At this moment, Yu Hu was incomparably frustrated and depressed inside, what’s the point of coming, he was painted with paint, can he come.

At this time, downstairs, the Lanhe King’s birthday banquet had officially begun.

“Dear friends and family, thank you for coming to congratulate me on my birthday in your busy schedules, I, the Lan River King, am grateful.”The Lan River King arched his hands in thanks.

The Lan River King added, “The person I especially want to thank is Captain Xu, it’s truly an honor to have Captain Xu come, it really makes the humble house shine.”

“Pah-pah.”Many people applauded, King Lanhe was 60 years old, martial strength level 38, in Linjiang City, level 38 was already strong, all of them could open a school and teach a disciple.

And at this time, upstairs, Lan Ying Ying roared, “Yu Hu, I told you to come over and play, you didn’t hear me.”

“Honey, stop it, it’s daytime.”

“What’s wrong with daytime, you can’t during the day.”

Yu Hu wanted to leave, when Lan Ying Ying suddenly went up and took out the handcuffs, and suddenly cuffed Yu Hu’s hands.

Yu Hu said anxiously, “Wife, don’t ah, can’t ah.”

Yu Hu that scared ah, but the hand was roasted up, with his strength certainly not so easy to break free.

After half a minute, Lan Ying Ying raised her head, her mouth pooh-poohed a few times and said, “Why does it feel like the mouth is bitter and acrid, pooh-pooh.”

Yuhu looked down at himself, the pigment was already about to be eaten black.

Lan Ying Ying didn’t care how much that was, but when she looked down, she suddenly felt, how come what was yellow just now is now faintly a bit black?Lan Ying Ying is busy with

The hand rubbed, and suddenly, half of Yu Hu’s eunuch colors showed up.

“Ah.”Lan Ying Ying screamed.

Downstairs, King Lanhe was addressing his friends and family when suddenly there was a scream from upstairs.

Everyone asked, “What’s wrong?”

The Lan He King laughed awkwardly and said, “Yu Hu, are you in such a hurry, you won’t come back tonight.”

“It’s fine fine.”Lan He Wang comforted his family and friends.

Upstairs, Lan Ying Ying pointed at Yu Hu and said angrily, “You you you liar, you’re not even good, you even used paint on it to deceive my mother.”

“Ying Ying, you listen to me.”

“I’m not listening.”The fiery Lan Ying Ying, kicked Yu Hu out of the window.

“Ah.”Yu Hu flew out of the window.


It just landed on the downstairs where the guests were sitting.

“Ah.”There was a stir, and Yu Hu panicked and rolled over on the floor to stand up.

However, as soon as he stood up, his half of the eunuch’s stuff was suddenly visible to everyone.

The Lanhe King also saw it at a glance.

“What, what’s going on here?”King Lanhe is blinded, didn’t he say it was done?How did it get dark again and get thrown down by his daughter.

Yu Hu wanted to die, and his hands were cuffed, so he had to bend over and run to the living room.

Suddenly, there was an angry growl from Lan Ying Ying from upstairs, “Yu Hu, what the fuck is the paint you’re using?Ahhhh.”

Downstairs, all the guests were silent, stunned by a sudden flight of Yuhu flying down naked with handcuffs.And then upstairs shouting about the paint used, what the hell was going on.

Lan He Wang felt very ashamed.

A guest asked, “Lan He Wang, what the hell happened?”

“This, this.”King Lan He was embarrassed and didn’t know how to say it, everyone was looking at him baffled, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

Just then, Lan Ying Ying rushed out from the hall, her lips were swollen, her upper and lower lips turned into two giant bananas.

“Ah, Ying Ying, what’s wrong with you?”Lan He Wang was busy asking.

Lan Ying Ying cried in aggravation, “Dad, it’s all because of that bastard Yu Hu.”

“Ying Ying, what exactly did Yu Hu do to you?”

At that moment, Yuhu came out dressed and shocked himself by seeing his wife’s mouth swollen like that.

“Honey, what’s wrong with your lips?”

“Pah.”Lan Ying Ying slapped her hard and asked with fire, “You bastard, what kind of paint did you use and where did you buy it.”

“I I… I bought it on ah.”

“Fuck you on, woohoo.”Lan Ying Ying cried out and kicked Yu Hu down.

Yu Hu had now realized that Lan Ying Ying’s swollen mouth was the result of his dope.

“Ahhhh, damn traitor, I’m going to give you a bad review.And Omi, I’m not done with you.”Yu Hu thought of this and hissed angrily, Omi had caused him so much pain.

The silent guests on the side were confused as to what was going on and why Yu Hu was shouting at Omi and giving a poor rating.

Xu Mei Qian is also confused, what paint, what on buy, and Lan Ying Ying’s lips are swollen like this, what does it have to do with paint?

When Yu Hu had just flown down from the upstairs window, Xu Mei Qian had turned her head in time, or her eyes were contaminated, but luckily not.


All the guests were puzzled, “King Lanhe, what’s going on, you should give an explanation to everyone instead.”

“That’s right, King Lanhe, today is your sixtieth birthday ah, you have so many disciples in Linjiang City, your reputation is well known, how could something like this happen.”

“And why is Yu Hu calling out for Omi ah, Omi can’t be that number one evil youngster from Baiyun High School, right?”

At this moment, Lan He Qiu is livid, he doesn’t need to ask to know everything, it must be that Yu Hu is no good, can’t get Omi, but afraid of losing face, so he bought the paint and painted his bottom in human body color.This is the first time I’ve ever been to a school.That’s all, Yu Hu bought the paint on, met the traitor, don’t know what ingredients made of shoddy products, Ying Ying’s lips swelled into two big bananas.

“Oooh.”Lan Ying Ying lying on one side of the wall whimpering and crying.

A good 60th birthday, messed up like this now, the more Lan He Wang wanted to get violent.

With things as they were, Yu Hu had nothing more to say, bowing his head and kneeling to the side.

When Lan Ying Ying turned her head, the guests saw her lips, and several of them vomited in disgust.

Lan Ying Ying cried, “Dad, if my lips just won’t get better, I’ll die.”

“Ying Ying, don’t worry, Omi, I, Lan He Wang, am not done with him.”

The guest asked, “Lanhe King, can you make it clear ah, if you make it clear, we all will be able to stand on your side and speak up for you ah.” One second to remember to read the book

The Lan River King didn’t want to hide it, even though it was a family scandal.

The Lanhe King instantly briefly told the matter.

The crowd was shocked, so that’s how it was, this Omi was too bad, how could he do this to someone else’s lifeblood.

“Lanhe King, what are you going to do now then?”One asked.

The Lanhe King gritted his teeth and said, “Who knows Omi, help me call him, I want to speak to him.”

Xu Mei Qian happened to know Omi, so she dialed Omi’s phone number.

At the moment, Omi was still practicing his sword.

At that moment, Liona took out Omi’s phone and ran out, shouting, “Omi, your number.”

Omi stopped practicing his sword and looked, it was from Xu Mei Qian.

“Hello.”Omi picked it up.

“Omi, where is it?”Xu Mei Qian asked.

Xu Mei Qian used speakerphone and all present could hear.

Omi said, “At home, what is it?”

“Omi, someone wants to have a word with you.”

Omi wasn’t in the mood at the moment and grunted, “No time.”

“Don’t hang up yet, this matter is a bit big, if you don’t handle it well, I’m afraid you’ll be in big trouble.”

Omi was about to hang up, when he heard that it would get him in big trouble, he got angry, saying trouble when he was in a bad mood, who didn’t want to hang around.

Xu Mei Qian took the phone to the Lanhe King.

The Lanhe King yelled, “Omi.”

Omi heard a roar and his eyebrows furrowed.

“Omi, you dare to anger old man.”The Lanhe King roared, if he don’t show some anger in front of all the guests today, how can you still hang around Linjiang City in the future.

Omi asked, “Which old man would dare to yell at this young man.”<

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The Lan He King was shocked and angry when he heard Omi still speak arrogantly, calling him Ben Shao even though he was an old man.

“Omi, today is my sixtieth birthday, and if you tear me down, I’ll have no end of trouble with you.”

Omi also raged, “If you don’t give your name, I’ll make sure you don’t have a birthday today next year.”

“You you you, Omi, I am the Lanhe King.”The Lanhe King roared.

Omi snorted, “King of Lan You, do I know you?You make one more harassing phone call and I’ll make you the king of stopping ghosts.”

“You, you.”The Lanhe King was usually used to being respected, but today, being so disrespected by a high school student, he was so angry that he wanted to break his breath.Omi actually said that he was making harassing phone calls, harassing his sister ah.

“Omi, don’t you dare provoke me, or I’ll make you live.”

Omi didn’t remember who the Lanhe King was at the moment, hadn’t dealt with this person at all, originally today Xu Yan had left, and he was angry at himself for even having an attachment to a woman of this era, to forget about his sister’s tendency, so he was angry at himself, didn’t expect this what Lanhe King also came to harass phone calls.

“Let me live?Who do you think you are.”

“Omi, don’t worry, my husband will definitely find you.”

Omi snorted, “No need for you to look for it, where are you now?Don’t leave if you have the guts, I promise not to come over and kill you.”

“What, you you, you still want to come over and kill me.”The Lan He King was so angry that he was going to faint, he wanted to talk to Omi in front of the guests and let out some harsh words so that the guests could see his anger and save some face, but instead, Omi said that he was going to come over and kill him, making him angry.

“Yes, tell me where you are now, and I promise I won’t kill you.”Omi said.

“You, you.”The Lanhe King’s beard shook with anger, it had been a long time since he had encountered such an arrogant brat, and he was so angry that he couldn’t kick it.

The Lan He King’s wife was busy saying, “Old King ah, smooth the air ah, don’t really be angry ah.”

Lan He Wang pushed away his wife who was trying to dissuade him, and roared into the phone, “Fine, just come over, and see how I’ll deal with your lawless and arrogant generation.”

“Just come over, I’m in a bad mood today, you don’t fucking want to hang around, so don’t give me your address.”Omi said.

“Starlight Manor 89.”After saying that, Lan He Wang hung up the phone in anger, the crowd of guests all looked at him silently, Lan He Wang made a phone call, panting, of course, was angry, never seen such a person, and dared to say that he took the initiative to come over and kill him.

The Lanhe King said to the guests, “That bastard Omi he is going to come over and kill me, everyone, tell me, have you ever seen such a person.”

One guest said angrily, “What’s wrong with the young people nowadays, do they still have the character to respect the old and love the young.”

“Lanhe King, since this brat is so ignorant of life, if he really dares to come over, it’s just as well, take care of him hard, see if he still dares to be so arrogant and cocky.Nima, I’ve never seen such an arrogant person in my life.”

The Lanhe King shook his fist and said, “I didn’t want to use force on my sixtieth birthday, but now, I have to make an exception, if he really dares to come here today, I’ll make him regret it.”

Everyone echoed.

The Lanhe King had wanted to go to Omi to settle the score some other day, but he didn’t expect that Omi would be so arrogant as to come over and kill him, that fire, the Lanhe King had never been so arrogant in all his life.

At Liona’s house, Omi put away his sword and headed out the door, Liona asked, “Where to?”


“To beat someone up.”

“To hit someone where?”Xiang Yun Liu was busy asking.

“Just now, there’s some Lanhe King who made harassing phone calls to me and is somehow angry at me, so arrogant, I want to go and have fun with him.”

“I’m going too.”Liona was busy following the car, Omi did not stop her, drove the car and immediately went to the destination.

Soon, we arrived at our destination, a luxurious manor house villa, which was mostly bigger than the villa of Liu Chenming’s family.

It seemed like a banquet was being held inside.

The Lanhe King had calmed down a bit at this point, after all, it had taken Omi forty to fifty minutes to come over, and today was his sixtieth birthday, so many family and friends were definitely going to be well entertained.

At this moment, a young man walked in, followed by a beautiful woman, it was Omi.

Omi shouted, “Who is the Lanhe King?Come out.”

Xu Mei Qian saw Omi at a glance, fearing that Omi would make trouble, and immediately came over to Omi’s side.

“Omi, you actually ran over here, go back.”Xu Mei Qian snapped. The first website m. .net

Omi huffed, “Captain Xu, what do you have to do with me being here?”

All the guests’ eyes looked over.

At this moment, Yu Hu saw that Omi was really here and immediately lost his mind and rushed up.

“Omi, you’ve caused me so much pain, I’ll fight with you.”Yu Hu had lost all his face today, not only his own but also his wife’s, at this moment when he saw Omi daring to come to his door, how could he still control his hands and feet.

Xu Mei Qian saw Yu Hu rushing up and immediately walked away, she also didn’t want to meddle in so many nosy matters.

“Go to hell, Omi.”Yu Hu stabbed with his sword.

Omi snorted with disdain and flew up with a kick.

“Bang.”Yu Hu’s body flew up high and went straight to the roof of the villa.

“Ah.”The guests were shocked, Omi’s strength was so strong, he wasn’t even a match for Yu Hu, they didn’t think about how he would become half a eunuch if Yu Hu was a match.

The Lanhe King shouted, “Omi, you still dare to make trouble in my place.”

The Lan He King smashed his bottle on the ground and came up in a rage.

Omi was much calmer now.

“You are the Lanhe King?You keep saying that you want to settle scores with me, and now I’m here, it’s not that I’m looking for you to make trouble, it’s that you’re looking for me to make trouble.”Omi looked at the Lanhe King, he thought he was some powerful expert, Nima, I didn’t expect it to be such an old man, I should have known that I didn’t bother to come, playing with such an old man, it was too degrading.

Lan He Wang was about to say something, when a middle-aged man came up and said, “Dad, you are the birthday boy today, so many people are here, it’s not your turn to do it yourself, leave it to me.”This man smiled and patted the Lanhe King’s shoulder, he looked confident.

The Lanhe King nodded, indeed, with his status, it would be a bit of a price drop if he were to do it himself with Omi.Why not let his third son-in-law do it, his third son-in-law’s strength was far superior to Yu Hu’s.

The Lanhe King’s third son-in-law’s name was Cheng Qiang, I heard that he was a level 30 expert.

Cheng Qiang walked up to Omi, dabbed his finger on Omi’s chest and said through clenched teeth, “Kid, you’ve got some guts.”

Omi disliked the fact that this Cheng Qiang looked like he could pinch himself to death.

Cheng Qiang poked Omi’s forehead with his finger again and said, “Called Omi, right?

I’ll make you change your name to Tang Shit Shing today.”

Tang Shit Cheng didn’t bother to bullshit with this product and raised his hand.

“Pah.”Omi slapped over.

“Swoosh.”Cheng Qiang’s body flew into a swimming pool more than ten meters away with a lot of splashes.

“Ah.”The guests were stunned, Cheng Qiang was at least a very proud son-in-law of the Lanhe King, but he actually flew away with a slap.

“You.”The Lanhe King’s face changed, no wonder this Omi dared to be so arrogant, he had a bit of strength.

Xu Mei Qian also turned slightly pale, she had heard that Omi had defeated Liao Shui Niu, but she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes and was a bit unbelieving, but today Omi slapped and flew away the level 30 Cheng Qiang right under his nose, it seemed that Omi’s defeat of Liao Shui Niu didn’t rely on a sneak attack or anything like that.

All the guests were looking at the Lanhe King, and it was incredibly quiet, when Cheng Qiang climbed out of the swimming pool, feeling very ashamed, he also wanted to show off in front of his father-in-law, and he was slapped away.

At that moment, a woman of about forty years old came out and said to the Lanhe King, “Master, leave it to me.”

The Lanhe King asked, “Golden Lotus, are you okay?”

“Master, the disciple is already level 35.”Jinlian took a glance at the Lanhe King, seeing her Master say this, her heart was a bit upset, she was already level 35, just 3 levels less than the Lanhe King, but she was asking if she was okay.It was too much to look down on her.

However, the Lan River King was her master after all, so Golden Lotus transferred her displeasure to Omi’s head.

With a swoosh, Golden Lotus pulled out a sword and said to Omi, “I won’t bully you, draw your sword, boy.”

Omi knew at a glance that it was another piece of trash, Omi didn’t even want to play with these trash, it was too degrading.However, if you don’t play with them, they always want to play with Omi, Omi can’t let them play, right?

Omi said, “It’s better to just let your master do it, I’ve heard that the Lanhe King is a bit famous in Linjiang City, I also want to see how he’s famous.”

“You’re not worthy.”Golden Lotus snorted.

“Oh.”Omi laughed, one crazier than the other, alas, speechless.

“Kid, aren’t you going to draw your sword yet?”Golden Lotus was furious.

Omi said, “Draw your sister’s sword ah, just you still let me draw my sword, drink water you.”

After saying that, everyone didn’t seem to see how Omi moved, the entire Golden Lotus flew up, and with a loud splash, it also flew into the swimming pool, splashing a large amount of water.

“Ah.”The crowd was stunned, just now the Lanhe King’s third son-in-law, Cheng Qiang, went down to drink water, never thought that the Lanhe King’s disciple, Jinlian, also went down to drink water.

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian couldn’t help but be moved, this Omi, beyond her expectation ah, even sent the thirty-five level Golden Lotus to drink water.

“Ah.”The Golden Lotus climbed out of the water, incredulous, feeling so ashamed.

At this moment, the Lanhe King’s face changed dramatically and was filled with anger at the same time, so many guests were watching, if he didn’t make a good show of himself today, I’m afraid his reputation in Linjiang City would be affected.

“Omi, you’ve gone too far.”The Lanhe King gritted his teeth.

Omi said, “Alright, Lanhe King, it’s true that I may be a bit too much of a bully when I come to your door today, so I don’t want to play with you anymore, I’ll leave if it’s alright.”

Omi said to Liona, “Xiang’er, go.”

“Oh.”When Liona saw Omi calling her Xiang’er, her face turned red and her heartbeat accelerated.

“Stop.”The Lanhe King shouted.


“Omi, do you think I’m here for you to just come and go as you please?”Although the Lan River King knew that Omi was really powerful, he didn’t even know if he could beat Omi, but if he let Omi just swaggered away, where would he lose face.

Omi turned back and said, “Lan He Wang, I don’t want to bully you, really, I feel a bit bad about coming to your door and causing trouble on your birthday today, so I want to withdraw, what, you still won’t let me withdraw?Any grudges you have, we’ll talk about it later, but today you should have a good birthday first.”

Lan He Wang’s lungs were about to explode, he was already like this, how could he still have a good birthday?

“Omi, you stay here.”

Omi glared at the Lanhe King, this old ghost, is he so blind?Omi slapped away the golden lotus, he should have seen that he might not be an opponent ah, why is he so blind.

“Lanhe King, I’ve said that I don’t want to bully you too much and let you have a good birthday, do you have to force me to say things like seeking death on your birthday?I’m reading on your birthday, I can’t say the word death, and you’re still pestering me.”

The crowd heard Omi’s words, a bit speechless, this Omi, people Lanhe Wang is sixty years old, a respectable person in Linjiang City, can you let you come to mess up a trip for nothing.

Xu Mei Qian was busy coming up to advise, “Omi, it’s almost done.”

Omi depressed: “Officer Xu, you can see it, I’m ready to withdraw now, let him celebrate his birthday first, it’s him who still won’t let me go.”

“Yah yah.”Lan He Wang’s anger itched.

Xu Mei Qian said to the Lanhe King, “Lanhe King, let’s each give in, let’s call it a day, Omi is willing to withdraw, it’s no good to continue making trouble.” Remember the website . .net

The Lanhe King raged, “Captain Xu, after Omi came to my house to spill his guts, you just let him go?What do you take me, the Lanhe King, for.”

Xu Mei Qian said in her heart, “Omi’s strength may not be much weaker than yours, so what can you do.”

Captain Xu advised, “King Lanhe, you should know that Omi is not necessarily weaker than you when he slapped away your disciple, Golden Lotus.”

“Bullshit, I’ve lived for sixty years, I’ve never seen what kind of people, is it strong to slap away the golden lotus?So can I.”The Lanhe King said.

Xu Mei Qian sighed, “Then I don’t care about you, you can see for yourself.”

The Lanhe King stared at Omi and said through clenched teeth, “Omi, let me see if you have real skills or not.”

“Oh, I’m offended then.”

“Drink.”The Lan River King rushed up with an arrow, many guests who were familiar with the Lan River King were shocked, “The Lan River King took out his strongest mastery right away, it seems that the Lan River King doesn’t dare to underestimate Omi.”

Omi smiled speechlessly at the corner of his mouth when he saw the Lan River King’s best school, Nima, this is also considered a best school.

“Pah.”Omi instantly smacked a slap.

“Ah.”The Orchid River King let out a yell and flew towards the swimming pool.

“What?”The crowd stared, incredulous, the Lanhe King had taken out his mastery right off the bat, ah, the mastery hadn’t even attacked Omi yet, it had flown away.

Even Xu Mei Qian wiped the corner of her eyes in disbelief, wondering if she was mistaken.

“Wow.”The Lanhe King crashed into the swimming pool, splashing another large splash of water.

The crowd was stunned.

Omi smiled and said to Liona, “Xiang’er, let’s go.”

“Oh.”Liona blushed and followed Omi out of the villa iron


Xu Mei Qian immediately chased out.


“Officer Xu, what is it?”Omi asked.

“Omi, you are actually so strong.”Xu Mei Qian said with horrified eyes.

“Fine, just level 40.”Omi said casually.

“What? Forty levels.”Xu Mei Qian was really a bit surprised inside.

Xu Mei Qian asked, “Omi, you didn’t get through the Ren and Zhu veins, did you?If you’ve opened the Rendu and are only at level 40, that’s very ordinary, if you haven’t opened it yet and can reach level 40, that’s indeed awesome, honestly, have you opened it or not?”

Xu Mei Qian was even a little curious about Omi.

“Hahaha, unfortunately, I don’t want to tell you.”Omi turned around and got into his car and left.

Xu Mei Qian hadn’t yet opened the Ren and Duke veins and was now at level 55, so Xu Mei Qian was considered powerful.

Only, where did Xu Mei Qian know that Omi hadn’t opened up the Rendu and Second Vessel, and Omi’s strength wasn’t level 40, I’m afraid it was more than level 80.

In the car, Liona asked, “Why would Xu Mei Qian ask if you have opened the Rendu Pulse?I’ve also seen it on TV, where the main character falls off a cliff and by chance gets through the Ren and Zhu veins, and becomes a master in no time.”

Omi said, “The same thing, but unfortunately, the Rendu and Second Vessel are not so easy to open, and normally, those who have not opened the Rendu and Second Vessel, no matter how much they practice martial arts, they will not be able to train in the realm, which is the so-called 100 levels below the outer gate.Of course, those who are extremely gifted and don’t open the Ren and Zhu veins are able to infinitely reach the outer gate realm.”

“Then have you opened up now?”Xiang Yun Liu asked.

Omi shook his head.

“So do you have a chance to get through in the future?If you don’t have this opportunity to get through for the rest of your life, wouldn’t you be unable to train in the realm for the rest of your life and remain 100 levels below the outer gate.

Omi chuckled, “Miss, I didn’t even put the entire Linjiang City in my eyes, can a mere Renduji be able to restrict me?Don’t worry.”

In fact, the Rendu Pulse Omi had never put it in his eyes, it wasn’t a matter to him at all, if Omi hadn’t been controlling himself and making his foundation a bit better, Omi would have gotten through his Rendu Pulse long ago.

Originally, Omi wanted to hang out in Linjiang City for a year and a half, a year and a half that would be spent working as Liona’s bodyguard while building up his foundation.After a year and a half, Omi would open up his Ren and Zhu veins and start going after his martial arts.

But unexpectedly, he was accepted into the Martial Arts Academy, so it seemed that Omi would have to open up his Ren and Second Chakra early.

Once he opened his Renduji pulse, then Omi would no longer be 100 below the outer gate, and with Omi’s bull, he would probably be able to break through to the peak of the outer gate once he opened it, while others, the more powerful ones, would be able to reach the early outer gate, and the average ones, I’m afraid it would take some time before they would be able to reach the outer gate.

However, it wasn’t something to be proud of, Omi was considered to be re-cultivating.

“Go back at night, I’ll get through the Renguo vein.”Omi thought in his heart.

Liona didn’t want to go back and asked Omi to go shopping.

Omi thought about it and went shopping with Liona for fun, only, it was inevitable to think about the feeling of holding hands with Xu Yan last night while shopping.

Omi could only sigh deeply, hoping that in the future, he could still meet Xu Yan, who was his first girlfriend anyway.

Playing with Liona until late evening, the two of them went home.


In the evening, Omi returned to his room after eating dinner.

“Tonight, I’m going to open my Rendu and Second Vessel, I never thought I’d open it twice, in my previous life when I opened my Rendu and Second Vessel, I was only seven years old.Then it took ten years to cultivate to the innate realm, in this life, I’ll open my Rendu and Second Vessel again, hopefully it won’t take another ten years to reach innate, if it takes another ten years, I’ll already be 28 years old, so old, I’ll still be mixed up.”Omi said in his heart.

In his previous life, Omi had reached the early outer gate immediately after he opened the Rendu and Second Vessel at the age of seven, he had worked hard and worked hard after that, and by the age of 18, he had trained to the innate level.

Unfortunately, in this life Omi would be eighteen now, and Omi was worried that if he took another ten years to reach innate, he would already be 28 years old, so old, no fun at all.

However, where did Omi know that in this world, to reach the innate realm at the age of 28, this is already a very powerful person, in other people, to reach the innate at the age of 38 would be burning incense, some people will never reach the Houtian, or even the inner gate.

Omi secretly puffed up his chest and said, “Let’s hope for a good start.”

Then, Omi began to meditate, and the internal energy flowed through the meridians, so Omi sat still.

It wasn’t just a matter of using a whip to get through the two veins, but it was up to you, how to use your internal force in the meridians.

Omi had been meditating in his room for over an hour, and his body was sweating and his head was still smoking, looking as if his hair was on fire.

After another half hour or so, Omi’s internal energy, flowed around in the meridians, the process looked very painful, but Omi gritted his teeth and didn’t say a word.

After another half an hour, finally, Omi felt his entire body’s meridians loosen up, as if every meridian in his entire body had contacted together. One second to remember to read the book

“Drink, done.”Don Omi stood up from the floor.

“Phew.”Omi exhaled deeply, striking the martial arts realm.

A few minutes later, Omi was cultivating to the Early Outer Gate.

After a few more minutes, Omi rushed up to the middle Outer Gate.

After a few more minutes, Omi rushed onto the late Outer Gate.

Omi continued to sprint, striving to reach higher.

Soon, Omi rushed to the peak of the outer gate.

However, it wasn’t over yet.

Then, Omi once again rushed to the Outer Gate Completion.

Keep on rushing.

Thus, Omi rushed to Outer Gate Perfection again.

Omi’s realm reached Outer Gate Great Perfection, oh my god, this has exceeded Omi’s expectations, Omi’s expectations were that it would be good to reach the peak of the Outer Gate, but he didn’t expect to reach Great Perfection.

Continue, with a bang.


Finally, Omi’s realm broke through the outer gate and reached the pre-internal gate.

However, unfortunately, the comprehension in his mind stopped, and the realm stopped immovable at the pre-internal gate.

Omi suddenly pulled out a silver needle and violently stabbed it into his head, Omi must stimulate himself, even if he could break through the realm one more time.

Finally, fifteen minutes later, Omi did break through one more realm, reaching the middle of the Inner Gate.

Omi couldn’t advance any further.


However, Omi was already satisfied, after all, he had expected to reach the peak of the outer gate, and now it was more than a little bit stronger than he had expected .

The middle stage of the inner gate, Omi’s current realm was already on the same level as the old man who sent the gold medal admission notice last time.

Omi himself didn’t expect ah, this is really a good start.As soon as he clears the Rendu and Second Vessel, he skipped the outer gate and went straight to the inner middle gate, is there anyone more awesome in the world?Even though Omi was a heavy cultivator, he was already very powerful, if someone else were to re-cultivate, how could he do it so quickly.

“Mid Inner Gate, hahaha, if that old man who sent the gold medal last time saw me, he would never be my opponent.”Omi clenched both his fists, finally feeling much stronger.

Although he was in the same realm as that old man who gave away the gold medal, Omi was 100% confident that he would spike him, and those of the same level still wanted to play with Omi, they were thinking too much.

Omi took off his clothes and entered the bathroom to take a shower.

If it were anyone else, they would have been thrilled to turn into an inner door expert in a few hours, but Omi quickly calmed down, what was there to be excited about, he was an innate expert, and it would be good if he didn’t cry when he dropped to the inner door.

At this moment, on top of a certain building in Linjiang City.

An old man was standing there, he was the same old man who had sent the gold medal acceptance letter, he was secretly watching Linjiang City these days to see if there were any that met the admission requirements.Generally speaking, those who would take the initiative to go to the Martial Academy to take the assessment were the children of big families and large families, while many of the commoner children in those small cities wouldn’t take the initiative to go because of the conditions or some insight, his mission was to secretly observe if there was anyone who met the admission requirements in some cities.If it was a talent, then admit it.He had discovered One Defeat Red Dust before, and after his observation, One Defeat Red Dust was so young, this absolutely fit the conditions ah, so he immediately admitted Omi.

At this point, this old man sighed, “Looks like there’s nothing else in Linjiang City that fits the criteria, just go to the next place.”

The old man was about to leave, but, suddenly remembered Omi.

The old man laughed, “That kid from One Defeat Red Dust, he made me feel so ashamed last time, and now that he’s leaving, I feel a bit unhappy, can you pretend to compare?This time I’ll break the bank for once and use a precious Tortoise Breath Pill, I don’t believe that brat will still be able to spot me.”

The old man leapt and flew in a certain direction.

The Turtle’s Breath Pill, with its heartbeat completely gone after being taken, was truly silent and a great weapon used to hide from his enemies.

In order to be able to pretend to be a match in front of Omi and pick up a bit of the face he lost last time, he really fought hard enough to use the Tortoise Breath Pill.

After taking a shower, Omi took his dirty clothes downstairs and asked Jean to wash them for him.

“Young Master, there are clothes to wash again, do you have my favorite underwear?”Ring asked happily.

“There.”Omi nodded speechlessly as Jean loved to wash Omi’s panties and Omi couldn’t understand this pervert, maybe she still wanted to hit on Omi.

“Omi, why are you going back to your room so early tonight.”Willow Chenming asked.

Willow Chen Ming and his bodyguard were sitting in the living room watching TV.

john was making tea on the side, but the look in john’s eyes was a bit unpleasant for Liu Chen Ming’s bodyguard.

“Yeah, Uncle Willow, a little sleepy.”Omi didn’t say that he was getting through the Renguo Vessel, let alone that he had reached the middle Inner Gate realm, but they couldn’t understand these things if they said them anyway, because in their eyes, level 60 was very powerful.


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