King of kings 311-320

Chapter 311

At that moment, Wu Shaojie said, “Jia Yuan, Omi is so disrespectful to Mr. Ping, if Mr. Ping is angry, he will definitely teach Omi a lesson.”

“Nonsense, the more Omi grips the better, the worse the consequences will be.”

Wu Shaojie smiled heedlessly, “Jia Yuan, I suddenly have a plan that can make Teacher Ping even angrier and make Omi even worse.”

“What trick?”Liao Jia Yuan looked at Wu Shao Jie, Wu Shao Jie was his military advisor, always had a lot of ideas.

Wu Shao Jie looked around and saw a pile of dog shit not far away, Wu Shao Jie laughed, “Let’s wrap the dog shit in a letter and say Omi did it, do you think Teacher Ping will be angry?Far more fiery than the current mouthful of Omi.When the time comes, there will be a good show.”

“Haha, then what are you waiting for, do it.”

Liao Jia Yuan immediately took an autograph letter, wrapped it around a pile of dog shit, then handed it to that first year student and said, “Give it to Teacher Ping, and remember, don’t tell Teacher Ping in advance so that he can find out on his own, and also, don’t reveal this to anyone, or else you’ll have to watch out for yourself.”

“Yes.”That senior student couldn’t resist Liao Jia Yuan, and very helplessly took the letter and left.

At this moment, Ping Pengfei was practicing his batons in the courtyard, after becoming a Top Ten Outstanding Young Man, Ping Pengfei doubled his batons more and more, the Top Ten Outstanding Young Man was by no means his goal, his goal was to discover the Rendu and get through, and then pass the examination and enter the Martial Arts Academy.

“Teacher Ping.”At that moment, that first year student ran back.

“Where’s Omi?”Ping Pengfei’s brow furrowed, and he didn’t see Omi again. Remember the URL . .net

“Don Omi read your autograph letter and still didn’t come, and besides, he asked me to give you this.”The freshman student said.

Ping Pengfei was annoyed and looked at the packet that the senior student handed him.

“What is it?”

That first-year student didn’t dare to tell Ping Pengfei in advance.

Ping Pengfei took the packet and opened it, but, completely unexpectedly, got his fingers on it.

“My grass, shit.”Ping Pengfei tossed, angry at the freshman student, growled, “You fucking shit to me too.”

“Teacher Ping, I’m also wronged, Omi made me make sure to hand it over to you.”

Ping Pengfei said angrily, “You dumb ah, you won’t say what the bag is in advance, you are now causing me to get my hands on it.”

“Mr. Ping, Omi won’t let me say it in advance or else he’ll beat me up.”That first year student could only put the blame on Omi as well.

“Omi.”Ping Pengfei was on fire and said to that first year student, “You go back to class first.”


Ping Pengfei quickly went to get detergent to wash his hands.

After washing his hands, Ping Pengfei inwardly said, “Omi is so arrogant, what should I do?To hit him?But I, Ping Pengfei, am at least one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men, and I’m too cheap.I originally just wanted to call Omi here and say a few words to him, not to bully Liao Jiayuan in the future, as an answer to Liao Yaoyuan.Forget it, I am really too lazy to argue with a student in the Hall of Ten Outstanding Young Men.In the future, speaking to Liao Jiawan about this can also be considered an explanation, how Liao Jiawan will deal with Omi, that’s his business.”

So, Ping Pengfei actually left it alone.

When Liao Jia Yuan saw that first year student return, he was busy asking, “How’s it going?Mr. Ping is furious, isn’t he?”

“It doesn’t seem like it, but Mr. Ping told me to go back first, as if I wasn’t going to teach Omi a lesson.”

“How come?Teacher Ping is still not a man ah, like this are not going to kill Omi.”Liao Jiayuan was upset.


Wu Shaojie said, “Perhaps, Mr. Ping is thinking that this wasn’t his grudge against Omi in the first place, so there’s no need to tarnish his identity as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men by doing your brother a favor.”

“Fck, Fck shit for nothing.”Liao Jia Yuan stomped his foot in anger.

Wu Shaojie said, “Jia Yuan, don’t worry, I have a way to make Teacher Ping storm out, we’ll go to the campus and make a big deal out of it, and then, no matter how calm Teacher Ping is, I’m afraid he’ll be furious.Then, we can use Teacher Ping’s hand to beat up Omi.”

“Shao Jie, you still have more ideas.”

In the fourth class of the morning, Carlos looked at his phone and asked, “Omi, is what Campus said true?”

“What isn’t true?”Omi was confused.

“Someone on campus broke the news that Ping Pengfei’s teacher approached you and wrote you a personal letter, and not only did you not go, you even wrapped shit in the letter and sent it back to Ping Pengfei.”

Omi’s heart was stunned.

“Who exchanged the spit for dog shit?”

“Tzu-Chen, is it true or not?”

“The letters are real, the shit is fake,”Don Omi said.

“So, the person who blasted you on campus is deliberately framing you, that’s too damned, you should go and clarify.”

Omi shook his head, “Not in the mood for that.”

“Obviously someone framed you, you still haven’t clarified.”Carlos said urgently.

“Whether it’s spit or shit, it’s the same to me because, I don’t care what that Ping Pengfei thinks.”

“What if teacher Ping Pengfei gets pissed off?It’s better to clarify.”

“It’s not that boring, Ping Pengfei isn’t a big shot, if he wants to misunderstand, just misunderstand, I don’t care if he misunderstands or not.”

Carlos could only be speechless, Omi was really slightly grizzled, not even afraid of misunderstanding the ten outstanding youths.

At noon, Omi and Carlos went to eat off campus together, and the posts on campus had already caught fire.

Originally Ping Pengfei was named as the ten outstanding youth, the entire campus is about Ping Pengfei’s post, at the moment and was exploded Omi in front of Ping Pengfei very hanging things, not fire can’t, and there are several people have been fanning the flames, to make this thing big.

Tomo no longer lit mosquito incense and said, “Trash Omi, still thinks he can compare his status with Mr. Ping.”

Forever Marker said, “Why doesn’t Teacher Ping beat up Don Tzu-Chen?”

Blossoms Ending said, “It’s time to clean up this Omi product, he’s been arrogant at Baiyun High School for long enough.”

The comments on it were all crusading against Omi.

Ping Pengfei didn’t usually go on campus, so he didn’t know it at this point and was still working twice as hard on his bat.

Although Omi knew, Omi didn’t even care to take care of it, even if the entire campus crusaded against him, Omi didn’t move, because those people would only dare to spray on the network.

Returning to the classroom after dinner, Liona asked, “Omi, is it true?”


“Is it true what they say on campus?”

“Oh, most of it is true.”Omi didn’t bother to explain so clearly, how small a matter, endlessly, Omi was a bit annoyed.

At this moment, in a corner of the campus, Liao Jia Yuan looked at the phone and laughed: “I don’t believe that teacher Ping Pengfei can still be calm.”

Wu Shaojie said, “I think that’s not enough, if we want to completely defeat Omi, we should also add more fire.”

“Add how?”


Wu Shaojie smiled hehe.

When Liao Jiayuan saw Wu Shaojie’s smile, he knew right away that there was nothing good about it.

Ping Pengfei finished practicing stick, when the phone rang, it was the principal calling.

“Teacher Pengfei.”The principal called respectfully.

“Headmaster, what is it that you want?”

“Mr. Pengfei, is it true what’s popping up on campus?”

“What is it?”

“It’s the morning you had Omi go to your place, and Omi didn’t give you any face and sent you a bag of dog shit.”

Ping Pengfei was shocked that this had even reached the campus.

“Pengfei, if it’s true, why didn’t you beat up Omi?You’re going to disappoint a lot of students with this, you’re a top ten outstanding young man, Omi a campus villain, you can tolerate this too.”

“Headmaster, I’ll hang up first, I’ll go check it out.” One second to remember to read the book

Ping Pengfei opened the campus, and it was overwhelmingly about this matter.

Ping Pengfei was just going to leave it at that, but now it was a bit cavalier, if he didn’t take a stand, I’m afraid the whole school would despise him in the future, and it would encourage Omi’s arrogance.

So, Ping Pengfei posted.

“Fellow students, I’m teacher Ping Pengfei, about this matter, it’s true, but I didn’t intend to make any trouble with a student over this, but I didn’t expect to be blasted to campus.Since that’s the case, I can’t continue to remain silent and fuel Omi’s arrogance.However, after all, I am a teacher, and I have just been named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men, so to beat up a student and be known by the community is inevitably a joke.How about this, after Omi sees this post, he will immediately come to my place and I will settle it with him privately, of course, I am a teacher, I won’t beat him up, please don’t worry.”

At this time, in the class, Carlos was busy saying, “Omi, Teacher Ping Pengfei has posted, you should read it.”

Omi didn’t have any interest and said, “Don’t look.”

“Omi, just look at it.”Wang tough.

Omi was helpless, looked at it, and then smiled.

“Omi, don’t you want to say something after watching it?”

“Naive.”Omi only said two words.

“Omi, Teacher Ping Pengfei told you to go find him, he said he won’t beat you, I think since he dared to say that on campus, he should really not beat you, I’ll accompany you.”

“Accompany your sister, I don’t have time to pay attention to him.Alright, just reply for me, just say that you have something to come to the class to find me, don’t move to post on campus, thinking that the campus is loud and intimidating?Too naive.”

Carlos immediately went to reply for Omi.

Somewhere, Liao Jia Yuan saw Ping Pengfei’s posting and said disappointedly, “After all this, Ping Pengfei still hasn’t gone to beat up Omi, I’m speechless.”

Wu Shao Jie said, “Ping Peng Fei is concerned about his identity and face of the ten outstanding young people he just rated, it’s understandable that he didn’t go to beat up Omi.”

“Shao Jie, do you have any ideas?”

“There is an idea, but I don’t know if it will be too harsh.”

“What idea?”

“Flying down three thousand feet.”

“Ah, playing this again, huh?”Liao Jiayuan I


“Haha, just right, ready-made, I was going to give it to the class teacher, who glared at me the other day.Let’s give it to Mr. Ping for now.”

“Well, in order to break Omi, I’ll have to apologize to Teacher Ping, hopefully Teacher Ping will get angry and cripple Omi or something after receiving the ‘Flying Stream’.”

“I promise I will, then I’ll go and prepare.”

At this time, Liao Jia Yuan looked at his phone and suddenly laughed, “Shao Jie, look, Omi has replied, haha, finally, they’re starting to tear up.”

In the back mountain bungalow.

Ping Pengfei refreshed and saw Omi’s reply post, after reading it, Ping Pengfei held a surge of anger in his heart.

Ping Pengfei immediately posted back again, “Omi, did you think I really didn’t dare to beat you up?I suggest you better not challenge my patience and get your ass over here right now.I told you, I won’t hit you, and I don’t care to hit you, so what are you afraid of?I’m a teacher and an outstanding young man. What’s the point of hitting you? Does it show that I’m strong?Get over here right now and let’s talk in person.”

At the class, Carlos shouted, “Omi, Teacher Ping has replied again.”

Omi was impatient, “A chicken-and-egg fart, why is it endless.”

“Omi, it’s better if you reply yourself.”Carlos said.

Omi resolutely entered the campus and replied to Ping Pengfei: “I talk to your sister, Ping Pengfei, don’t challenge my patience again and again, if you feel like playing with me, then boldly come to me, even challenge me.Repeatedly let me come to you, who are you, you won’t come to me yourself, you have no legs ah.”

Right now, many students and teachers were paying attention to the campus, watching Omi and Ping Pengfei tear each other apart.

Sure enough, Omi and Ping Pengfei were tearing up.

When Ping Pengfei saw Omi’s arrogant words, he grunted in anger and replied, “Omi, if I really came to you, you would have run away already, don’t think that I don’t know you students, you think that I will beat you, wrong, I will say something rude, I, Ping Pengfei, don’t even care to fight with you at this level, got it?”

Omi replied, “Stop it, I’m tired of it, Ping Pengfei, just announce a challenge to me, make an appointment yourself, either in the afternoon or tomorrow, I’ll accompany you once.”

Ping Pengfei replied, “I’m announcing a challenge to you?Oh, Omi, you’re just the most evil young man, how can I challenge you?I don’t even care to fight with your level, understand.Omi, since you like challenges so much, I’ll give you a chance to challenge me, the time is up to you.”

After reading Ping Pengfei’s post, Omi grunted in disdain, but still hesitated and replied, “Okay, then 3pm, sports field, anything you need to talk to me, in person.”

“Okay, just what I want.”Ping Pengfei bit his teeth, this was considered Omi taking the initiative to challenge him, Ping Pengfei felt that it was a bit of a drop in price for him to be challenged by a student of Omi’s Hall of Ten Outstanding Young Men, but at the same time, it was also very hot.

“Omi, you’re too arrogant, it seems that it’s time to crack down on your arrogance.Ten Outstanding Youths, is it something you can challenge?Perhaps you don’t even know how powerful the Ten Outstanding Youths are.”Ping Pengfei said internally.

Omi originally didn’t care to play with Ping Pengfei, although everyone thought that Ping Pengfei was powerful, what with the ten outstanding youths, Omi couldn’t care less about the so-called outstanding youths, and couldn’t take interest in playing with an outstanding youth at all.However, he indulged in not wanting to bully anyone very much, but when pushed, he would get angry.


3:00 PM.

The Baiyun Middle School sports field was already packed with teachers and students, and unlike before, this time, almost the entire school was here.

Ping Pengfei was standing on the podium of the sports field, and all the teachers of the school looked at Ping Pengfei with eyes full of adoration.

Ping Pengfei was now the idol of all the teachers in the entire Baiyun High School, so it was no wonder that almost all of them had come.

“Teacher Ping, take a sip of water.”The principal handed a bottle of mineral water to Ping Pengfei with a flattering face.

“Thanks.”Ping Pengfei accepted the bottle of water unceremoniously.

The principal said, “Teacher Ping, does Omi really dare to come?”

“I don’t know, if I don’t come, I’ll go find him, I’m afraid this student will be lawless if he doesn’t clean up.”Ping Pengfei said with a righteous face.


At this moment, a student shouted, “Omi is here.”

Suddenly, everyone turned their attention to the entrance of the stadium. The first website m. .net

Omi walked in with a sugar cane in his mouth, eating it as he walked in, Omi didn’t want to eat it, but Liona bought it and definitely had to give face, so everyone saw the scene.

Everyone saw that Omi was about to be beaten and was still in the mood to eat the sugar cane there, so they had nothing to say.

Ping Pengfei was a little uncomfortable when he saw that Omi was still at ease, in his imagination Omi should not have dared to come, or come trembling, instead of biting into the sugarcane and dashing in.

Omi tossed the cane scraps into the garbage bin in the stadium, then walked to the middle of the stadium.

Ping Pengfei leaped and flew from the podium into the middle of the stadium, and everyone wowed when they saw Ping Pengfei perform his lightness.

Ping Pengfei stood a few meters in front of Omi.

“Omi, you’ve finally come.”

Omi smiled, “So you are Ping Pengfei, hehe, I didn’t know you before, but now I do, tell me, what do you want to talk to me, you sent someone to find me twice this morning.”

“Omi, things have come to this point, you brought this on yourself.I originally sent you to find me in the morning, only to talk to you, and you, you are so dismissive of me.”

“I don’t even know you, what’s there to talk about, now that we’re face to face, let’s talk, I’d like to see what you can talk to me about.”

“Omi, what I want to talk to you about is the matter between you and Liao Gayuan, Liao Gayuan’s brother, Liao Goi, is a friend of mine.Originally, Liao Gai was going to come and beat you up, but I said, let me talk to you first, if you can take the initiative to show your affection to Liao Gaiyuan and pay a visit to Liao Gai, you can avoid a beating.It’s a pity that you are so arrogant, and now you will not only be approached by Liao Jiawei, but also taught a lesson by me.”

Omi snorted, “Don’t be so arrogant in your tone.”

“Omi, I really don’t know where you get your strength from, I, Ping Pengfei, although I am only the tenth of the ten outstanding young men, but it’s at least more than enough to deal with you.”

Omi disliked Ping Pengfei’s tone.

“Let’s do it, I don’t want to waste so much time with you, I still have a cut of sugarcane left.”Omi said.

Ping Pengfei said, “Omi, I’ll give you one more chance, now just apologize to me in person and I can spare you, because I really don’t want to bully the weak.”

Omi was on fire, rushing up with an arrow step and slamming his palm into Ping Pengfei.

Although Ping Pengfei felt that Omi’s palm was strong, he didn’t think he could hurt him.

“Bang.”In the next second, Ping Pengfei was struck on the head by Omi’s palm.


br /> Ping Pengfei felt like his brain was going to crack, he thought it was impossible to hurt him, but why would it be like this.

Then, Ping Pengfei’s eyes blurred, and he fell straight down, his eyes turned white, and remained motionless, as if dead.

Omi grunted, “Mouths don’t want to bully me, listening to my fire, heck.”

Omi turned around and picked up another half of the sugar cane in his hand, while biting it and walked out of the stadium.

So many people at the scene, who were preparing to watch a good show, ended up sleeping on the ground before they all understood what was going on, Ping Pengfei.

“What’s wrong?Is it over?”

“No shit?I’ve bought my melons and you’re letting me watch this?”

Omi walked out of the stadium in front of everyone’s eyes, it hadn’t been more than three minutes since he came in until now.Many students had bought their melons, and as a result, Omi was already gone before they had even knocked a few.

A group of teachers were a little panicked as they saw Ping Pengfei sleeping on the grass and not moving.

“Headmaster, go up and see what’s going on ah?”

The principal ran to the middle of the sports field and shook Ping Pengfei who had fallen to the ground hard.

“Mr. Ping, what’s wrong with you?”

“Hei-sensei, wake up.”

“Mr. Ping, you don’t scare me.”

“Mr. Ping?Do you hear me?”

The principal shook and shook until he didn’t want to, and Ping Pengfei still didn’t wake up.

At that moment, the school doctor came.

“Headmaster, let me examine it.”

“Quickly, see if it’s dead.”The headmaster said worriedly.

The school doctor checked it and said, “Principal, don’t worry, it’s not dead, because the force was too strong for the brain to handle, so the brain got confused and then passed out.”

“Ah, so Omi really slapped and fainted Ping Pengfei ah, how is that possible.”The principal thought that there was some kind of accident, but it turned out that he was really slapped unconscious.

The entire crowd of students and teachers didn’t want to leave, watching without blinking, feeling like it hadn’t started yet.

The principal helplessly shouted, “All students and teachers, disperse, it’s over, it wasn’t an accident, Mr. Ping was knocked unconscious by Omi.”

The whole room of students and teachers were shocked when they heard the principal’s announcement.

A teacher reluctantly asked, “Headmaster, could this be a mistake, Ping Pengfei is one of the ten outstanding youths ah, could it be a physical problem with Teacher Ping?”

The principal shook his head and sighed, turning around and walking away.

At this moment, in front of the school building, Liona asked, “Did you really knock out Teacher Ping?”

“Is this still fake?”

“You guys haven’t even done anything yet, not a single move, and it’s going to be so boring with all those students watching.”

“Oh, think of a movie to go.Originally I didn’t want to slap Ping Pengfei unconscious, to give him a little face somewhat, but unfortunately he said he didn’t want to bully me, it’s so annoying to hear, so I simply slapped him unconscious.”

Liona pursed her lips and said, “How can you be so strong?”

“Hehe.”Omi laughed, saying in his heart, coming to this world, already weak and still strong, don’t even know when will be able to cultivate to the innate realm of his previous life.

At this moment, somewhere in Linjiang City, Liao Jia Yuan was chatting and meeting with a few martial arts friends, all of whom were complimenting Liao Jia Yuan.

“Go Go, your future is really boundless.”


“Yes, Go Go, you’re so young to be one of the ten outstanding young men, it’s really remarkable, I’m afraid it won’t be a problem to open up the Ren and Zhu veins in the future.”

Liao Go Go chuckled, “This is natural, before I turn thirty, I will definitely pass the examination and go to the Martial Arts Academy for training.”

“Wow, Go Go, if you go to the Martial Arts Academy to train and come back, wouldn’t that be a direct domination of the city.”

“Hahaha.”Liao Goi liked his friends kissing his ass, I don’t know why, it was just cool, since he was named as one of the ten outstanding young men, many people in Linjiang City who used to look down on him took the initiative to contact him, and there was also a boss of a big group who said something about wanting to marry his daughter to him.

Just when Liao Go Jiu was proud of himself, his phone rang.

Liao Goi cursed in his heart, “Which son of a bitch is calling and ruining the atmosphere.”Liao refueling was being flattered by his friends when he was interrupted by a phone call, his heart was a bit upset, so he didn’t want to answer it.

“Refuel, your phone is ringing, pick it up.”A friend reminded.

That’s when Liao refuel picked it up.



“What’s up, Gajuan.”It turned out to be a call from Liao Gajuan. Remember the URL . .net

“Brother, something big happened.”

“What’s happened?”

“Ping Pengfei was knocked unconscious by Omi, Omi is stronger than Mr. Ping, and now the whole school has peed in fear, even Shaojie and I just finished peeing.”

“Jia Yuan, what are you kidding.”

“Anyway, brother, you should never go looking for Omi, he’s definitely stronger than you, because you’re only a little bit stronger than Teacher Ping, you’re definitely not a match for Omi.Okay, nothing else, I’ll hang up, remember, never go to Omi, I don’t even dare to mention the matter of revenge now, the whole school is now too afraid to be high profile.”

Hanging up the phone, Liao Goi’s brow furrowed, what a mess.

A friend asked: “Refueling, why is your brother looking for you.”

“I don’t know, he said he told me not to go to Omi, Omi knocked out the Ten Outstanding Young Men’s Ping Pengfei, I’m definitely not a match either, and told me to never, ever go.”

“Who is Omi?”

“Omi is the best student in Baiyun High School, my brother has a problem with Omi, my brother even begged me to go to school last night to help him teach Omi a lesson, but I refused.”

A friend said, “Come on, your brother is using provocative tactics when you don’t go to help him beat up Omi, your brother is quite interesting.”

Liao Go Jiu suddenly realized that it was a radical method.

Liao Go Oil smiled: “My brother is indeed quite cute, well, count him as a success in provoking, heck, I’ll do him a favor and go to Bai Yun Middle School to satisfy my brother’s wish and teach that Omi a lesson.”

A few friends were busy requesting, “Come on, let’s go with you too,”

“Good.”Liao Gaiyuan agreed without even thinking about it, just in time to show off his strength.

So, Liao Gaiyuan and a few friends, rushed to Baiyun High School in flames, looking for Omi.

At this time, Baiyun Middle School blew up.

Omi was actually more powerful than Ping Pengfei.

The whole school was discussing this matter, and at the same time, everyone heard Omi’s name, and a sudden fear arose inside.Just as Liao Gayuan said, now the whole school seemed to not dare to be high-profile, and all of Omi’s previous enemies, including Liao Gayuan, didn’t dare to mention revenge.

Liao Gayuan hadn’t lied to him.

Brother, he was genuinely trying to warn his brother not to come to his death.

On the hospital bed in the school doctor’s office, Ping Pengfei woke up.

When Ping Pengfei opened his eyes, he immediately rolled over and roared, “Omi, see how I’m going to teach you a lesson today.”

However, in the next second there was no Omi, nor was he in the stadium, a pair of eyes around him were staring at him, namely the principal and other teachers, and many students outside the window.

The headmaster asked, “Teacher Ping, you’re awake.”

Ping Pengfei’s eyebrows furrowed, and he asked, “What’s going on?Didn’t I teach Don Zixon a lesson at the stadium?Where is this place?”

A female teacher was busy saying, “Teacher Ping, don’t ever mention the word ‘lesson’, in case Omi hears about it.”

Ping Pengfei snorted, “What’s going on here?Who’s to say?”

The principal said, “Mr. Ping, you were just slapped unconscious by Omi, don’t you remember yourself?”

Ping Pengfei felt a pain in his head, and then he remembered, as if Omi had struck him with a palm strike, but he thought he couldn’t hurt him, and then he was hit, and then he didn’t know.

“How is this possible.”Ping Pengfei was distraught, how could he be so funny and be knocked unconscious by a palm strike, was this telling jokes?

At that moment, there was a commotion outside the school nurse’s office, and someone said, “Omi is here.”

That’s right, Omi was walking in from outside, and when he heard that Ping Pengfei had woken up, Omi came over to take a look.

There was a large group of teachers and students crowded outside the school nurse’s office, and when Omi walked over, the crowded group of teachers panicked and made way.

Omi walked into the school nurse’s office without any obstacles and saw Ping Pengfei sitting on an infusion bed in the corner of the school nurse’s office.

When the principal saw Omi come in, he immediately flattered, panicked and took out a bottle of mineral water, handed it to Omi and said, “Tang Shao, drink some water.”

Only after the principal finished speaking did he realize that he wasn’t the only one who was flattering, there were actually seven or eight teachers around him who handed Omi water and said at the same time, “Tang Shao, drink some water.”Everyone was a bit embarrassed to find so many people flattering.

Omi looked at the principal and the other seven or eight teachers who were handing out mineral water and was also speechless.

“No, thanks.”

Ping Pengfei’s heart thudded as he saw so many teachers grabbing to give water to Omi.

Omi walked up to Ping Pengfei and smiled, “Teacher Ping, you’re awake, I came over to see you, I’m a bit heavy-handed, don’t take it to heart ah.”

Ping Pengfei snorted, “Omi, no need, and I don’t believe you knocked me out, it must have been because I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Omi’s heart hummed, “It’s this time of the year, and you still want to die to save face.”

Omi said, “Alright, Mr. Pengfei, there are no outsiders here, just admit it.”

Ping Pengfei stared, Nima, three layers inside and three layers outside, all crowded, and there are still no outsiders.

“Omi, I’m one of the ten outstanding youths, I can’t be knocked out by you, anyone with a normal brain knows that.”Ping Pengfei said in deadly denial.

Omi laughed, “Teacher Ping, then you mean that all these people here are all not normal in the head?”

“You… Anyway, it’s not possible.”

Omi smiled, “Teacher Ping, I came over to see if you’re alright, not to tear you down.I also want to apologize to you by the way, after all, you are a teacher and one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men, it’s a bit disrespectful of me to slap you and knock you out, I hope you don’t take it to heart.”


Ping Pengfei said furiously, “I told you, I wasn’t knocked out by you, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Omi’s eyebrows raised and said, “Teacher Ping, you’re a bit meaningless like that.”

“Meaning your sister, Omi, I don’t want to repeat myself so many times, if you don’t believe me, you can do it again.If you can still shoot me unconscious within 10 seconds, then how about I voluntarily admit it?Otherwise, don’t brag around with this matter in the future.”

In his heart, Omi said, “How can you knock out one so weak and still take it out to brag about it?You don’t want to be cheeky, but I want more.”

Omi laughed, “Alright, Teacher Ping, count me as being afraid of you, I’ll voluntarily admit that you weren’t knocked out by me, you were blown out by the wind, that’s alright, I’ll let the others testify as well.”After saying that, Omi looked at the group of teachers and students and said, “Do you think that Teacher Ping was knocked out by the wind?”

The principal was busy flattering, “Yes, I can testify that Tang Shao was about to make his move when a breeze blew in and then Teacher Ping was blown unconscious.”

Another teacher was also busy flattering and said, “I can also testify that the breeze was really quite strong.”

Another student was busy saying, “My class and I can testify that it was indeed the wind that blew him unconscious.”

Omi said, “Teacher Ping, see, everyone can testify that you were blown unconscious by the breeze, alright, calm down, this matter is over, I’m going back to class.”

“Ahhhh.”Ping Pengfei shouted, feeling very annoyed.Omi didn’t let everyone testify okay, this testimony, even more fire, and a breeze blew, is this called testifying?

Ping Pengfei said, “Omi, you bastard, do it again, I don’t believe it.” One second to remember to read the book

Ping Pengfei was on fire, he hadn’t even been on fire before when Omi’s letter sent him shit, but right now he was incredibly angry.

Omi didn’t bother to torment him anymore, patted Ping Pengfei’s shoulder and prepared to leave.

“Omi, you don’t dare, do you?Have the balls to knock me out again, and if you don’t knock me out in ten seconds, after you fucking…”

“Bang!”Ping Pengfei’s body suddenly collapsed, not even finishing a sentence, and not even the onlookers inside and outside were able to see clearly.

Only Omi was still holding his palms up, looking at Ping Pengfei who had fallen to the ground and hummed, “Teacher Ping, is it really good for you to act like this?Well, now as you wish, I’ve made you faint.”

Everyone looked at Omi jaw-droppingly.

The school doctor was busy squatting down to examine Ping Pengfei, then raised his head to the principal and the others and said, “It’s even worse than the fainting just now.”

Omi stretched out a finger and pointed it at Ping Pengfei’s chest.

A miracle happened and Ping Pengfei suddenly woke up.

“What just happened?”Ping Pengfei asked.

The principal said, “You haven’t finished one sentence, you were knocked unconscious by Omi, and now Omi is gone.”

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it to death.”Ping Pengfei shouted.

Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to him because everyone else had seen it, so what’s the point of not believing it.

The principal said to the onlookers and teachers, “All disperse, let Mr. Ping be quiet.”

The onlooking students and teachers scattered and went back to their classes in a blaze of glory.

By this time, Liao Gayuan’s brother, Liao Go, and a group of friends had arrived at the entrance of Baiyun Middle School.

One friend asked, “Go Go, how are you going to help your brother ah?”

“Oh, of course it’s a move to break the Tang’s legs.”

/> “One move?”

“Crap, does it take two strokes?”Oil Liao snorted in displeasure, feeling that this friend had insulted him.

The other friends were busy saying, “That’s right, a high school student, with Go Go’s strength, how many moves do you think it takes?More than two strokes tarnish the identity of the cheer.”

“I’m sorry, cheer up, what I just said was a bit insulting, don’t take it personally.”That friend was busy apologizing.

Liao Go Go smiled, “It’s fine, we’ve all been friends for so many years.”

That friend said, “Let’s say, I’ll help you do it later, break Omi’s legs, save your hands from getting dirty, as compensation for what I just said to hurt you, okay, refueling.”

“You?”Liao Jia Yuan frowned.

“Come on, you’re looking down on our friends a bit, you can’t imagine us as weak just because you’re stronger.We are also level thirty-odd martial arts practitioners, although we are indeed weak in front of you, but helping you beat up a high school student, we think it’s a small thing.”

The other friends were busy nodding their heads as well.

Liao Goi was busy apologizing and said, “Sorry ah, I was wrong, I did doubt you just now, I hope you don’t take it to heart.After all, I’m level 58 now, and in my mind all below level 50 are weak as ants, that’s why… I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we understand.”

“Then let’s do it, Abalone Chicken, you help me fight Omi and save me from having to do it, after all, I’m one of the ten outstanding youths, and I’m not just a kitten or a puppy.”


The school managed to restore calm, suddenly, a man stood in the open space in front of the school building and yelled, “Who knows Omi?Tell him to come out for a moment.”The one who shouted was Abalone Chicken, he promised to do it for Liao Xueliang, so naturally he would do it.

All the students and teachers were in class, precisely just quieted down for class, and Nima, whoever was downstairs was heard shouting at Omi again.

“What’s going on?Who’s looking for Don Omi?”

Everyone went out of the classroom and into the hallway to watch.

Of course, Omi himself didn’t even furrow his brow, much less go out to look.

Instead, it was Carlos, who ran to the corridor to look at the first time.

One of them, seeing many students appearing in the corridor, shouted again, “Hey, who of you knows Omi?Can you call him down for me?”

The students who ran down the hallway didn’t answer, but just talked about it.

Carlos said, “What do you guys want with Omi?”

That Abalone Chicken immediately looked towards Carlos in the fifth floor corridor and said, “That who, you know Omi right, hurry up and tell him to come down.”

“What is it?”Carlos asked.

“I told you to tell him to come down, just do it, don’t ask so many questions, do you believe I’ll beat you up later?”

Carlos was gripped, didn’t dare to ask any more questions, ran into the classroom and said, “Omi, there are six people down there, let you go down, it looks like they are looking for trouble.”

Liona was depressed, “Omi, how come so many people are looking for trouble ah, this has just calmed down, ready for a little class, and then there are people coming to trouble you again.”

Omi laughed wordlessly, “Miss, looking for me doesn’t necessarily mean there’s trouble.”

“Omi, stop talking, hurry down and take a look.”

Omi nodded, he would like to see who was coming to trouble him.


Omi walked downstairs and immediately saw six people standing in the open space downstairs.

“Who are you guys, what are you looking for me for?If you want to invite me to dinner, I advise you not to waste your energy, I don’t have a date.”Omi said.

A Baoji sneered, “You’re the legendary Omi who is the most awesome person in Baiyun High School?”

“Dare I say it, I didn’t think I’d be so famous, even you guys know my big name, it’s really worth my time at White Cloud High School.Come on, where do I sign?On the clothes?Or hands?”

Arbor Chicken’s brow furrowed and he grunted, “What did you say?”

“Autographs, didn’t you come to White Cloud High School specifically to get my autograph?”

Ah Baoji said angrily, “You? Who do you think worships you, but also looking for your autograph, the ten outstanding young people are standing here, you also have the nerve to say the word autograph two, ten outstanding young people have seen?”

Omi smiled, “I’ve seen it, but I think it’s average.”

A Baoji said, “Kid, not big, not small mouth, ten outstanding youths you also dare to say average.Let me tell you, this is the ninth of the ten outstanding youths, Liao Goi, I think you’ve heard of Liao Goi’s name long ago without my introduction.”

“Never heard of it.”Omi shook his head.

“What.”A few people saw Omi’s tone like that and felt a bit incredulous, especially Liao Go Go, feeling very unhappy that he actually dared to say that he hadn’t heard of his big name, which had been rottenly reported in the Linjiang City news as well as in the Linjiang Window these past few days. The first website m. .net

Liao Goi said, “Ah Po Chicken, a yellow-haired kid, why waste so many words with him, hurry up and finish beating him up, we still have to go to the Born Human to drink at night.”

“Good.”A Baoji nodded, smiled darkly at Omi and said, “Omi, I heard that you are very powerful, let’s compete with me, of course, you can refuse, but the consequences will be very serious.”

Omi asked, “So, you are specifically here to bully me.”

“It can be understood like that.”

Omi nodded, “Then I’m relieved, I won’t give any bully who bullies me a good meal.”

“Yoho, very grippy, little…”

“Bang.”Before the voice was finished, Ah Po Chicken was chopped to the ground by Omi’s palm.

“Ah.”Liao Goi and a few others were stunned, seemingly not expecting it at all.

Omi stomped again, and with a crack, Ah Bao Chicken’s leg was broken by Omi.

“Ah.”Abalone Chicken, who had passed out, woke up in pain and shrieked.

The students watching from the corridor had a chill, the first evil youngster was really tough.

Liao Qiu Yaoxiang’s eyebrows were raised, and the other friends were busy saying, “Come on, even the Abalone Chicken is not even an opponent, what should we do.”

Liao Goi huffed, “Looks like I have to do it myself, Omi, very good, it looks like you really are good at two things, no wonder my brother can’t even play with you.”

“Your brother?Liao Jia Yuan?Oh, a younger brother who eats shit, you have the nerve to mention it.”

“Who are you calling a younger brother who eats shit.”Liao Jiawei was furious.

“Yoho, so you don’t know ah, go back and ask your brother, he’ll tell you the details.”

A friend was busy saying, “Go Go, look at this kid, he’s so arrogant, break his legs with one move, and let us see your strength by the way.”

Omi blatantly in Liao

Refueling door arrogant, which made Liao refueling feel like losing face in front of his friends, and his heart was very angry.

However, Liao refueling sobered up in his head and said in his heart, “I can’t get angry, I’m a top ten outstanding young man, being angry at a high school is too much to drop my price.”

Liao Go Go smiled and said, “Omi, you attempted to anger me, unfortunately, with you still can’t inspire my anger, I Liao Go Go is a top ten outstanding young man, not just any small cat or dog can trigger my anger.Even if it’s anger, it’s still anger at the same level.In my eyes, everything below level 50 is trash, and you, huh, are even more trash.”

Omi laughed and said, “Good one, all trash under level 50, even I don’t dare to say that big word.”

Liao Go Jiu also knew that he said this, afraid that these friends were also included together, but now can’t care so much, must act a little wild, take out the momentum that the ten outstanding young people should have.

Liao Go Go snorted, “Only the strong are worthy of saying that everything under so-and-so is trash, and I, Liao Go Go, dare to say to the world that everything under level 50 is trash.”

“Arrogant and cocky.”Omi trailed off.

“Omi, the arrogant one is you, originally to teach you a lesson with my identity is really a disgrace to the reputation of the Ten Outstanding Youths, but unfortunately, today, even if I disgrace the identity of the Ten Outstanding Youths, I will break your legs with a single move.”Liao Goi said with a gloomy face.

Omi asked, “How many strokes did you say?”

“One move, or how many moves do you think it takes?My Hall of Ten Outstanding Youths, dealing with trash under level 50, more than two moves, is humiliating.”

“Oh, a good move.”Omi smiled slightly.

A Baoji lay on the ground and said, “Come on, hurry up and beat him, I’ve broken my leg by stepping on him, break both of his legs together.”

Just at that moment, Liao Jia Yuan came running.


“Gajuan, you’re just in time, if I don’t break Omi’s legs with one move today, I’ll take his last name.”Liao Gai Yuan said.

“Brother, didn’t I tell you never to come to Omi?You how?”Liao Jia Yuan said full of tension.

“Jia Yuan, it’s already this time and you’re still provoking me, alright, I was wrong to refuse to come and teach Omi a lesson last night.If I had known that Omi was such a grifter, I never would have refused you last night, I might have gone and broken his legs last night.”


“Go away.”Liao Jia Yuan yelled.

Liao Jia Yuan was helpless, that’s fine, seeing how confident his brother was, he might actually be able to defeat Omi, his brother never did anything he wasn’t sure of, this Liao Jia Yuan really knew his brother.

Omi didn’t make the first move, humming, “Isn’t it going to break my legs with one move, don’t do it yet, my time is limited.”

“Omi, I’ll take out 10% of my power now and play with you.”Liao Jiawei said loudly, as if he was deliberately reminding everyone that he had only taken out 10% of his power, and if he did, he would break his leg with another move, which would show the might of his ten outstanding young masters.

“Hmph.”Omi snorted with disdain, Omi would see what he could do.

“Omi, I’ll F*ck you.”After saying that, Liao Goi bounced on his feet and punched Omi heavily.

With this punch, Liao Go Jie took out 60% of his power, he originally felt that a single punch would be enough to deal with a student like Omi, but just in case, he took out 60% of his power.And with sixty percent of his power posing as one power, that effect was naturally leveraged.



“Weng.”The fist shadow grazed the air and made a buzzing sound.

The few friends of Liao Jia Yuan were busy saying: “Wow, really worthy of being one of the ten outstanding youths ah, so much power as soon as he succeeds.”

At this moment, even busy Liao Jia Yuan all thought in his heart: “It seems that I persuaded my brother is superfluous, my brother reached such a fierce power in one success, then if you take out ten percent, nima, let’s still not let Omi mix.”

Liao Jiawei’s punch was already in front of Omi.

However, Omi didn’t look at it at all, just a slight lean, and Liao Jianliu’s powerful and incomparable punch passed by, although Omi didn’t make a move, Omi arched his feet slightly.

Liao Goi’s body lost its balance and fell face-first onto the ground.

“I grass.”Liao Goi was furious, in full view of the public, Omi didn’t hit him, but instead he fell on his own face.

Everyone was taken aback when they saw Liao Goi fall on his own, especially those friends of his.

“Refueling, what happened?Didn’t you say a trick or something?”

“Uh, this.”Liao Ganga stared hard at Omi. Remember the URL . .net

Omi grunted, “Liao Goi, it seems that your one success force is not good enough, I dodged it in one go, it’s better to put out your full strength, don’t pretend to be a match.”

Liao Ganli snorted heavily, “Against you, I don’t need to exert my full strength yet, two kung fu is enough.”

Liao Jiu Jiu thought to himself, “Damn, I didn’t think that my 60% power would let Omi dodge it, it looks like I have to put out 10% power, it’s good that I clearly said it was one power before, otherwise I would be too ashamed.Now that one kung fu can’t defeat Omi, it’s not much of a loss of face.”

At this time, Liao Jia Yuan was busy saying, “Brother, don’t have two kung fu ah, take out thirty percent, or forty percent of your kung fu.”Liao Jia Yuan was afraid that his brother would make another mistake, so he wanted his brother to take out a few more percent.But where the hell did Liao Jia Yuan know that his brother said 20% with his mouth, but actually it was already ten percent of his power.

“Ahhhh.”Liao Jia Yuan shouted and took out a sword at once, swooshing and waving it in the air.

Then, Liao Jiawei shouted, “Omi, try my two percent kung fu again, I’ll see how you can dodge.”

“Swoosh swoosh.”Liao Goi’s sword flew like a snowflake and attacked Omi.

Liao Jiawei had already put out ten percent of his power, if it didn’t work this time, there was nothing he could do.

“God bless ah, let me pierce Omi’s leg with my sword, be sure to bless ah.”Liao Gai Yuan prayed internally.

When Liao Jia Yuan saw his brother’s sword technique, he felt relieved, it was much more powerful than just now, his brother took out two power, it was indeed enough.It seemed that he had completely insulted his brother by persuading him to take out 30% to 40% just now.Let’s just say, his brother wouldn’t do anything he wasn’t sure of.


Facing Liao Jiawei’s sword, Omi only made wall flashes and didn’t fight back.

“Clang.”At that moment, Liao Qiangliang’s sword came out of his hand and fell to the ground.

“Ah.”Everyone was shocked at this sudden scene.

Omi grunted, “Liao Qiangliang, this young man has no time to fool around with you, give it your all, or don’t blame me for bullying you.”

Liao Jianliu was stunned there, looking at the sword on the ground not knowing what to say, but in his heart he was shocked: “Oh my God, I took out ten percent of my power, but I actually

I was also shaken by Omi’s sword, so what should I…?Everyone thought that I had only put out two man power.”

At this moment, Liao Go Jiu was a bit overwhelmed by the feeling of riding a tiger, and in his heart, besides being shocked by Omi’s strength, he was a bit overwhelmed.

A friend shouted, “Come on, just now your brother has advised you to take out 30-40% of your strength, you had to take out 20%, now it’s not working again.”

Another friend said, “Come on, hurry up and take out 30 or 40 percent of your power, this kid obviously has some strength, it seems like you can’t deal with him at all by taking out 20 percent.”

Liao Jia Yuan also said, “Brother, just take out fifty percent of your power and second Omi ah, stop pretending to compare.”

Liao Jiawei was depressed to death inside, he had already taken out ten percent of his power, where was he going to take out something stronger.

At this time, Liao Gangai bit his teeth and said in his heart, “Damn, things have come to this, I have to fight.”

Liao Jianliang secretly took out a silver needle and thrust it into his lower part in his pants pocket, the intention of doing so was to sacrifice a year of his essence in order to achieve a surge in strength.It would easily break his offspring, but it was already necessary to do so today.

“Hahaha, hahaha.”Liao Jiawei laughed a few times, then said to Omi, “Kid, I just took out 10% to 20% of my power to test your strength, and I really did have two strikes against you.Alright, I’ve finished testing, now, I’m going to take out thirty percent of my power, this time, I’ll let you fall.”

Omi snorted, “Twenty percent is no good, thirty percent, okay?Don’t waste time, take out ten percent.”

“Hmph, just because you deserve me to take out ten percent of my power to deal with it?You think I’m fooling around with the Ten Outstanding Young Men?”

“Suit yourself.”Omi trailed off.

“Look at the sword, finished, Liao Go Oil launched a fierce attack, sure enough, after sacrificing a year of essence, his strength skyrocketed, right now Liao Go Oil only prayed that he wouldn’t break his offspring.

Liao Go Jiu’s heart was fierce, Omi caused him to use the risk of breaking his offspring to stimulate his potential.

“Swoosh swoosh.”Liao Go Jiu’s sword attacked.

Unfortunately, Liao Yaobao’s sword technique, which was obviously several times more powerful, seemed to make no difference in Omi’s eyes, because whether he had increased it ten times or twenty times, it was weak in front of Omi, and ten times and twenty times were just different numbers.

Omi also lost his patience, seeing Liao Jiewei attacking, Omi instantly provoked a kick, kicking straight at Liao Jiewei’s jaw.

“Phew!”Liao added a kick to the jaw and his body spun twice in the air before falling with a thud.

“Ah.”Liao Goi’s mouth was wide open, but he held back from shouting out, even though the fall was so painful, and it seemed like he had stuck the lower part of the needle all the way in.

Liao Gai’s friends, as well as Liao Jia Yuan, felt a bit disappointed.

“Brother, what exactly do you have to do to take out fifty or ten percent of your power?”Liao Gaiyuan said with disappointment.

At this point, Liao Gao was really screaming inside.

Liao Gai endured the pain and stood up, forcing his face to look very relaxed.

Liao Gan Gan smiled: “Omi, not bad, I actually couldn’t defeat you even with 30% of my power, I really wasn’t wrong about you.”

Omi trailed off.

At this time, Liao Go Go suddenly said, “It’s getting late today, let’s do this first, Omi, I still have some things to do at home, so I won’t embarrass you today.”


A few of Liao’s friends were shocked when they heard this, and were busy saying incredulously, “Come on, you’re not wrong, let’s leave it like this today?He’s stepped on Chicken Arbor’s leg and you’re really going to let it go?”

Liao Jia Yuan was that depressed inside, thought he thought ah, if he doesn’t withdraw now, it will be really finished if he is exposed later, if he withdraws now, he can still retain a face, because he only took out thirty percent of his power, he was the one who took the initiative to spare Omi.”

Liao Jia Yuan was busy saying, “Brother, you can’t spare Omi, blow him up ah, you obviously have the strength, why don’t you blow him up, take out ten percent, definitely turn him into slag.”

Liao Jiawei reprimanded: “Alright, Jia Yuan, when will the grudges come to an end, it’s better to solve the grudges rather than to knot them, what’s the point of fighting in school every day, let’s leave this matter like this, there are still things waiting for me to go back to deal with at home, brother has no time to accompany you kids here to talk nonsense.”

“Brother.”Liao Gaiyuan was in a hurry.

Those friends of Liao Jiawei’s couldn’t say anything when they saw how resolute Jiawei was.

Liao Go Go smiled at Omi and said, “Omi, not bad, go back to class, you can be undefeated with thirty percent of my power, future outstanding young man, you have a share.”

Omi frowned, “Why so much nonsense, are you going to fight or not.”

Liao Jiawei said, “I’m a top ten outstanding youth, what’s the point of fighting with you, a high school student.”

Omi said, “But, you were the one attacking me just now, I haven’t even started fighting yet, what if I want to fight you?”

Liao Jianliu was so depressed inside, he was already going to kneel down to Omi in his heart, inwardly shouted: “Omi, can I call you grandpa?Let’s not fight today and save face, okay?” One second to remember to read the book

Liao refueled and waved to a few friends, “Let’s go.”

Omi yelled, “Wait, Liao Go Go, did I tell you to leave?”

Liao Go Jiu saw Omi getting angry, his legs couldn’t help but tremble, in his heart he said, “Grandpa, just spare me, it’s not easy for my brother to pretend to be a comparison, woah.”

Liao Jianliang turned back and smiled at Omi, “Kid, it’s getting late today, I’ll treat you to tea later, go play at the Born Human, there are many beautiful women there, pick as you like, alright, it’s alright we’ll leave first.”

A few of Liao’s friends immediately huffed, “Come on, why are you so polite to him.”

“That’s right, come on, you being so polite to him makes us very upset, how can we do justice to Ah Po Chicken when he even stepped on his leg.”

A few friends looked disappointed, but, now that it was over, Liao Go Go didn’t care if they were disappointed or not, praying that Omi would let him go was the most important thing.

However, it seemed that Omi was not at all moved by his words of buying him a cup of tea.

Omi snorted, “Liao Goi, I don’t want to repeat myself for the third time, take out ten percent of your power and fight me, or I’ll do it.”

Liao Gai Yuan, who had already taken a few steps, heard this and his legs weakened, almost falling down, if he went to look at his eyes, he really was about to cry.

Liao Jia Yuan shouted, “Brother, people have said so, you still won’t do it?”

A few of Liao’s friends also said, “Come on, look at this, you spared him, but he’s still clinging to it, let’s do it.”

Everyone looked at Liao Goi.

Liao Goi gritted his teeth and said in his heart, “Damn, why is this kid so brain dead, I’ve already said I’ll invite him to drink tea and play with women, and he still wants to fight me.As things stand now, I have no choice, one word, run.”

So, Liao Goi did something that no one expected, he pulled his legs out and ran.

“Ah, refueling,

What are you running for?”

“Brother, you.”

Everyone was silly, how many times did Liao Go Go racing towards the school entrance mean?

Omi leapt to the front of Liao Goi in a few breaths.

“Still want to run?”Omi snorted.

Liao Go Go was about to kneel down and cried, “Omi, you have to forgive people, don’t go too far.”

It was unbelievable for everyone to hear Liao Goi say such words.

Omi snorted, “So you just said that you only took out 30% of your power, it was a lie, you’ve already taken out all your strength, right.”


“Bang.”Omi flew up with a kick, instantly kicking Liao Jiawei ten meters away.

The next moment, Omi clicked and stepped on Liao Goi’s arm.

“Ah.”Liao Goi fell to the ground and screamed, the image of the pretender just now, instantly ruined.

It was only then that the crowd suddenly realized that this Liao Goi, had just been pretending to compare, and many students in the corridor were laughing at this point.

Omi grunted and turned away, leaving Liao Go Jie to scream on the ground.

Those friends of Liao Go Go, they shook their heads and sighed, and were busy walking to Liao Go’s side to help Liao Go up.

“Come on, let’s take you and Ah Po Chicken to the hospital to get your bones.”A friend said.

Liao Go Go was busy, “Don’t go to the big hospital, go to a private clinic.”


“I’m a top ten young man, I can’t be beaten by the community.”


Liao Go Go was like this, still thinking about his status.

By the time Omi returned to the fifth floor, the people downstairs, Liao Goi and the others, had already evacuated in flames, really coming and going in a hurry.

Everyone proceeded to attend another half session of classes, and then school was dismissed in the afternoon.

Right now at the Public Security Bureau.

Hua Tianfeng smiled and said, “Captain Xu, let’s have dinner together tonight.”

Xu Mei Qian shook her head and said, “No, I have things to do in the evening.”

Hua Tianfeng had officially started pursuing Xu Mei Qian, in fact, Xu Mei Qian also felt out that Hua Tianfeng liked her.

Unfortunately, Xu Mei Qian had no feelings for Hua Tianfeng.

Hua Tianfeng said indefatigably, “You’ve won the title of Top Ten Outstanding Youths and haven’t even celebrated, many colleagues in the bureau are secretly saying that you’re stingy, winning the seventh place of Top Ten Outstanding Youths and not even inviting guests.”

“Uh.”Xu Mei Qian was stunned.

Hua Tianfeng smiled, “So, I took it upon myself to already ask my colleagues in the bureau to go to dinner together in the evening on your behalf, it’s kind of bad if you don’t go, because everyone thinks you’re the one who invited them.”

Xu Mei Qian was helpless and nodded, “Well, it looks like I must go, thank you for thinking of me, I didn’t even think of inviting you.”

Xu Mei Qian won the seventh place in the Top Ten Outstanding Youths, which was a big deal to her colleagues in the Public Security Bureau, but to Xu Mei Qian, it wasn’t anything meaningful at all, because she had been accepted into the Martial Arts Academy, and there were already more exciting things to be excited about.That’s why Xu Mei Qian didn’t even think about inviting her colleagues to dinner, and was privately accused of being stingy.

Hua Tianfeng was very considerate for her in order to gain Xu Mei Qian’s favor, it seems that Hua Tianfeng is very good at picking up girls, if this continues, I really don’t know if he will really pick up Xu Mei Qian.


“What’s the problem, doctor?”

“Alas, it’s useless, useless, you don’t have to self-practice the Sunflower Treasure Book.”

“What, useless?”

“You’ll never have a woman again.”

“Why is that?”

“This silver needle has pierced the membrane of the chicken below you, the sponge can’t fill with blood, so it’s useless.I say you are also really, why do you need a silver needle to pierce the bottom?You’re asking for it. You’re useless, useless, your membranes are broken, even the immortals can’t save you.”

“Ah ah ah, Omi, I hate you.”In one of the hospitals, there was a hysterical roar from Liao Huai.

Originally, Liao Go Jie went to a small clinic to receive bones, but found that the following is a bit abnormal, so he can’t care so much, so he hurried to the big hospital, the doctor a check, sure enough, said that the silver needle pierced the chicken off membrane, the spongy body can’t fill with blood, completely useless.

The results, Liao refueling like a heart attack like roaring.

If it wasn’t for Omi’s strength, he wouldn’t have used the silver needle to pierce the bottom, sacrificing his essence to increase his strength, he wouldn’t have fallen to the ground and accidentally stabbed the silver needle into all of it.Now it’s good, the chicken barrier membrane is broken, it’s no longer useless, you can practice the Sunflower Treasure without using your own palace.

The doctor patted Liao Jiawei’s shoulder and comforted him: “Mr. Liao, there are other fun-filled things in life, you have to think about it a little bit.” First URL m. .net

In the ward next door, Lin Dongfang was recuperating, suddenly heard someone crying and yelling next door, making a lot of noise, Lin Dongfang angrily walked out.

“Who is noisy dead people, he F*ck than, don’t want to mix, don’t know that I am in the next door ward ah.”Lin Dongfang yelled.

Liao Jianwei was already useless because he was victimized by Omi down below, and now there was a trash who dared to talk like that, he was furious.

“Bang.”Without saying anything, Liao Goi kicked Lin Dongfang in the crotch.

“Pah.”Lin Dongfang had just mended his lifeblood that hadn’t even been up for three days, and it was so pitifully kicked.

Lin Dongfang screamed in pain, blood flowed everywhere, and the lifeblood that had just been mended fell out.

Lin Dongfang cried out and called his uncle.

“Oooh, uncle, the lifeblood I just mended up has been kicked out, oooh.”

When Liao Goi heard Lin Dongfang’s words, his eyebrows furrowed and asked that doctor, “Who is this person?What’s wrong with him?”

The doctor sighed and said, “His name is Lin Dongfang, he was cut off by Omi with a pair of scissors before, and just replaced someone else’s lifeblood a few days ago, but who knows, you just kicked him and burst him.”

“Omi, which Omi?”Liao Goi’s heart thudded, why is there another Omi.

“That Omi from Baiyun Middle School.”

“What?”Liao Jia Yuan’s body trembled.

“Mr. Liao, is it yours?It’s also related to Don Omi.”

“Ahhhh.”Liao Goi shouted.

That doctor had chills and said in his heart, “Oh my god, who the hell is that Omi, how is it all related to him.”

At this moment, in an ordinary suite, Zhu Dan was recuperating.

“Young Master, have some soup.”Wang Xiaowei served him with great care.

Zhu Dan gritted his teeth and said, “Do you believe that when I get through the Ren and Second Vessel, I want Omi to die?”

“Young Master, of course I know.”

However, it seemed as if Judan was still unsettled.

Gritting his teeth again, he said, “Do you believe that I’ll turn Omi into a woman when I open up the Ren and Guardian Vessels?”

“Young Master, don’t say anything, after your surgery, drink some soup to replenish your nutrition, and when it’s almost time, you can go take back your lifeblood.”

Zhu Dan huffed, “I will definitely take my lifeblood back, that Lin Dongfang, I’ll let him keep it for a few days for now.”

At that moment, Wang Xiaowei’s phone rang, a call from the hospital, this was from a nurse he had paid off.

After hanging up the phone, Zhu Dan asked, “What’s the situation over there?I told that nurse to monitor my lifeblood at all times, what did she say?”

“Young Master, that nurse just said that Lin Dongfang’s lifeblood has been kicked to the curb.”

“Poof!”When Zhu Dan heard this, the mouthful of soup he was drinking spewed out and yelled, “What?I’ve been kicked in the balls?”


“Ahhh, who was it, who kicked the shit out of me?”Judan growled, he still had to change back, but he was actually kicked out, and Judan was going to be furious.

“It’s a guy named Liao Goi.”

“Liao Goi, you compensate me for my life, I’m not finished with you.”Zhu Dan was trembling and yelling.

At the hospital, something big had happened.

Lin Explosive Tian heard that his nephew’s newly mended lifeblood was kicked, he was furious, he was the Second Hall Master of the Chemical Dragon Hall, how could he let people bully him like this, so Lin Explosive Tian brought more than 50 of his men and rushed to the hospital in flames.

However, Liao Jianliang is not easy to provoke, Liao Jianliang’s father, Liao Shui Niu, is the third hall master of Fengyun Hall, heard about this, also ignored his own injuries, also brought more than 50 men to the hospital.

The two gangs are about to start a fire fight at the hospital.

Xu Mei Qian and her colleagues in the bureau are preparing to go to the hotel to celebrate, and as soon as they arrive at the hotel, they receive a call from the police that something big has happened at the second hospital, and the two gangs want to fight.

So, Xu Mei Qian and Hua Tian Feng rushed over to deal with it first.

When Liao Jia Yuan heard that his brother had an accident at the hospital, he also immediately went there.

A firefight between two major irregular forces’ hall masters was a big deal, one that wouldn’t necessarily happen for several years.

At this time in the hospital, the two gangs were facing each other.

Lin Dongfang pointed at Liao Goi and cried, “Uncle, he’s the one who kicked my newly mended lifeblood, I want him to compensate me, wooooo.”

At this point, Liao Goi was also very annoyed, he had already ruined his own bottom, and he was still paying for it.Liao Jianwei roared, “I’ll compensate for you, woobie.”

Lin Exploded Tian looked at Liao Shui Niu and said angrily, “Liao Shui Niu, you Feng Yun Hall dare to provoke me to try, your fucking son kicked my nephew, how to settle this account?Do you know that my nephew hasn’t even made it up for three days?”

Liao Shui Niu is in a very bad mood at the moment because he just arrived from another hospital, last week Liao Shui Niu went to the school to assassinate Omi, and as a result, Omi was so strong that he was no match for him.When he escaped, he was mistakenly treated as a pervert and beaten up by his own son, which was fine, but he was also ordered by Song Yu’er, her bodyguard, to cut off his life’s roots.Fortunately, he had gone to the hospital in time to make up for it, which hadn’t even recovered, and he had just arrived from another hospital.He didn’t even dare to tell Liao Yaobao about this, and lied to Liao Yaobao about going away.

Liao Shui Niu looked at Lin Exploding Tian and grunted, “It was your nephew who first messed with my son.”

“Very well, Liao Shui Niu, you’re so tuggy, you actually called the shots with my Second Hall Master of the Chemical Dragon Hall, you’ve got guts ah you.”Lin Exploded Tian said furiously.

Liao Shui Niu left his mouth and said, “Lin Bursting Tian, what are you, a Second Hall Master of the Chemical Dragon Hall, all trash under level 50, you are trash in my eyes.I’m one of the ten outstanding youths, I’ll kick your nephew’s bottom, what are you going to do with me?”


“Hahaha, hahaha.”Lin Explosive Sky laughed.

At this time, a man came out from behind Lin Explosion Sky and grinned at Liao Goi, “Liao Goi, what about me?What can I do to you?”

Liao Goi saw this man’s body tremble: “Lin Yuntian.”

“Hmph, Liao Go Go, I didn’t even say anything about the eighth place of the ten outstanding youths, but you, a ninth place finisher, are so proud.”

“Lin Yuntian, so you’re from Lin Bursting Heaven.”

“Lin Exploding Tian is my uncle, Liao Gaiyuan, you kicked my cousin, how do you settle this account?”

“Hmph, Lin Yuntian, I’m the ninth of the Outstanding Youth and you’re the eighth, I don’t believe you’re any better than me.”

At that moment, one of his men said to Lin Yuntian, “Tian Shao, Liao Goi’s father, Liao Shui Niu, whose lifeblood was also cut off last week, has just arrived from the third hospital.Since Liao Goi kicked your cousin’s ass and is still so arrogant, why don’t you do the same to him.”

Lin Yuntian immediately snapped an order, “Someone, kick the hell out of Liao Shui Niu’s as well, let him have a taste of what it’s like to be kicked in the ass.”


Liao Shui Niu’s snorted, “Who dares?It’s not like my dad got cut, you guys think you can just kick ass if you want to?With me, who dares.” Remember the website . .net

Lin Yuntian snorted, “Liao Go Go, don’t you know yet?Your dad’s been cut too, just came in from the third hospital, I think, just last week to make up for it, should be easy to kick.”

“Ah, Dad, he said it wasn’t true, aren’t you out of town these days?”Liao Goi looked at his dad.

Liao Buffalo was red with anger right now, and Liao refueled when he saw his dad’s expression, he knew it was true.

“Ahhhh, who is it?Who clipped you.”Liao Jia Yuan yelled in anger.

Liao Jia Yuan was busy: “Brother, it’s that bodyguard Liu Yue of Song Yu’er.”

“Ahhhh.”Liao Jia Yuan yelled.

Lin Yuntian gave an order, “Someone, go up and kick Liao Buffalo.”

“Yes.”A few men rushed towards Liao Shui Niu.

“Who dares to touch my father.”Liao Jiawei said in anger.

“I dare.”A few of Lin Yuntian’s men went to kick the Liao Shui Niu, and the two gangs of more than 50 men officially had a firefight, the whole hospital was in a stir, it was a scary scene.It wasn’t just a firefight between the two powerhouses, it was also a firefight between two top ten outstanding youths, one top ten outstanding youths ninth and one eighth.

Not long after, Liao Shui Niu shouted hysterically, “Ah.”



Liao Jia Yuan and Liao Xueliang both shouted at the same time, needless to say, his dad had just made it back last week and was also kicked out.

Lin Dongfang was currently hiding in a corner, seeing Liao Shui Niu being kicked to the curb, his heart was a little more balanced.

Just at this moment, there was a gunshot.


“Stop, all of you, stop.”Xu Mei Qian yelled and let off her gun at the same time.

“Pah, pah, pah.”Xu Mei Qian let off several more shots in a row before the hundred or so people who were in a fire fight stopped, many of them already fighting with bruises and swellings.

Only when Liao Goi and Lin Yuntian, who were stalking the fight, saw Xu Mei Qian coming did they stop.

“Stop.”Xu Mei Qian walked over, looked at Liao Goi and Lin Yun Tian and snorted, “Liao Goi, Lin Yun Tian, the two of you, one of you is the ninth and the other is the eighth of the ten outstanding youths, you are even fighting openly in the hospital, what decency is this, are you trying to disgrace the ten outstanding youths?”

Lin Yuntian raged.

: “Captain Xu, my cousin just mended his lifeblood a few days ago, Liao Goi kicked his ass, should I not say a word?”

Liao Goi said, “Captain Xu, my dad just mended his lifeblood last week, and Lin Yuntian just had it kicked off, do you think I can spare him?”

Hua Tianfeng’s eyebrows furrowed as he asked, “What’s going on?Why did your cousin make it up two days ago?His father just made it up last week?Why the mending?”

At this time, in the two corners of the hospital corridor, Lin Dongfang and Liao Shuaniu, who were covered in blood, almost simultaneously shouted angrily, “Omi.”

Hua Tianfeng was busy asking, “Who is Omi?Why are both of them just mending so angrily shouting at the Don?”

Xu Mei Qian was speechless, but it turned out that this massive firefight today had something to do with Omi again.

At this moment, Omi had finished taking a shower and was about to go downstairs for dinner when he discovered that Liu Chenming hadn’t returned yet.

Omi turned on the TV, and the TV suddenly interrupted a news broadcast: “Dear viewers, just now, the Second Hospital had a mega-scale firefight between the two lords of the irregular forces, respectively, the second hall master of the Chemical Dragon Hall, Lin Explosion Heaven, and the third hall master of the Wind Cloud Hall, Liao Shuiniu, this firefight has caused a great impact on the hospital, and now the fight is very intense.”

Before the news episode on the TV finished, Omi’s phone rang.

On first look, it was from Xu Mei Qian.

“Hey, Captain Xu, what is it so late.”

“Omi, come over here right away.”Xu Mei Qian said.

“No, I’ll eat at home tonight, some other time.”Omi said.

Xu Mei Qian huffed, “Did I say I’d take you out to dinner?Get over here right now, you’re in big trouble, at the second hospital.”

“Ah, why do you want me to go to the second hospital, I just saw the news episode, there’s a firefight at the second hospital, I’m a bit scared, I’d better not come over.”

“Cut the crap, come over here.”

Omi was helpless, Xu Mei Qian was furious, it seemed that he had to rush over there.

Liona asked, “Why do you have to go ah, isn’t there someone in a fire fight over there?”

Omi shook his head and said, “I don’t know, let’s talk about it when we go.”

Omi arrived at the hospital and Liona followed.

The two gangs of firefighters had taken control of the downstairs lobby of the hospital, as for Lin Dongfang and Liao Shui Niu, they were both sent to the operating room to have their wounds stitched up first, but of course, the kick-butt was no longer useful.The two gangs of firefighters didn’t seem to have any advantage over anyone.

Omi walked into the lobby.

When Liao refueled and saw Omi, he immediately trembled all over and roared, “Omi, I’ll F*ck your ancestors.”

“Ugh.”Omi looked at Liao Goi for some reason, why was he so angry for good reasons.How did Omi know that Liao Jianliang was ruined below, the account was naturally on Omi’s head.

That Lin Explosion Sky saw Omi appearing unharmed, his eyebrows furrowed, wasn’t Omi’s lifeblood transplanted to my nephew?Why is Tang Zixin acting as if nothing has happened?

Lin Exploded Tian huffed, “Omi, why are you okay at all?Did you heal so quickly?”

“What wound?I don’t have a wound, do I?”Don Omi said.

“Don’t pretend, I was the one who personally went to capture you and transplant you to my nephew.”Lin Exploded Tian said.

Omi laughed, “Sorry, there happened to be someone impersonating me that day, you caught the wrong person, hehe.”

“What.”Lin Exploded Tian roared in disbelief, caught the wrong person?

Just then, a roar came from outside: “Liao refueling, you compensate my life root.”


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