King of kings 51-75

Chapter 51

Omi promises to make Simran pay back the money, and Simran is much relieved, and doesn’t have to give her hand in marriage, though she does so willingly.

Omi and Simran walked into the school together.

At this moment, on the path next to the school’s main entrance, one of the school flowers, Samira, was talking to a boy.

“Edward, you have to believe me, I really don’t have any relationship with that Omi.”

Edward snorted, “Samira, I didn’t expect you to chase me openly and secretly play ambiguous with other boys.”

Samira explained, “I didn’t.”

“I heard that that Omi is the most handsome boy in Senior 3 Class 5, so I don’t believe your explanation.”Edward said sourly.

Shangguan Zhuo said, “What handsome or not, if it wasn’t for this incident, I wouldn’t even know that our school still has this guy.Edward, it’s you who cares too much about your appearance, I don’t care about your appearance at all.You’re ranked eighth in the school in martial arts, and Omi is an idiot who doesn’t even know how to do martial arts, I’m not a psychopath, what am I playing ambiguous with him ah.”

“But, your space said published that you like handsomer boys.”

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“That was the old criteria for choosing a friend, now I like strong ones, your martial arts skills are so high, looks don’t matter anymore, right?”

“I still don’t believe you, you’re so beautiful and a rich girl, I can’t believe you’d choose one as ugly as me.” A second to remember to read the book

Samira was extremely depressed inside, of course she wouldn’t like Edward, that idiot, but she was just following her father’s orders to seduce Edward, and finally let Edward sign a contract of sale with her family.

Samira said, “Who said you’re ugly, I think you’re handsome, that idiot Omi is the ugly one.”

“Don’t talk nonsense with your eyes open, I’ve asked around, Omi is the class of senior three and five.”

At this time, Omi and Simran happened to be passing by and heard the last few lines of conversation between Shangguan and Edward.

Confused, Omi asked Simran, “What is a bancho?”

Simran laughed lightly and said, “It means you’re handsome, the number one handsome in the class.”

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Omi harrumphed, “I’m the class grass?And do you think I’m handsome?”

Simran lowered her head a little blushing and said, “It’s okay.”

Mavis Lee herself didn’t know why she was blushing a little.

“Who?”Just then, Edward and Samira discovered Omi.

“It’s you, bastard.”Samira saw Omi and gazed with fire in her eyes, Samira didn’t have any good feelings towards Omi, although Omi drank six bottles of liquor because of her last Friday, it couldn’t move Samira in the slightest.

Omi smiled hehely, “Samira, it’s you, what are you and an uncle doing sneaking around over here?”

The boy next to Samira heard and said angrily, “Who are you calling uncle?”

This boy was the famous Edward, Edward heard Omi say that Shangguan Zhuo was an uncle, and it made him furious.

Omi was astonished, “Could it be that you are Shangguan soft’s father, sorry, disrespectful, I hope uncle Shangguan is not to blame.”

Simran couldn’t help but puff out a laugh.

Edward that angry ah, at Omi a roar: “Who is her father now, do you f*cking have eyes.”

/> Omi: “Ah, no ah, I see you look older, thought you were Samira’s father, this brother, I’m really sorry.”

“Grass you, you’re the one who looks older, you’re blind ah, who the hell are you?”Edward was furious.

Samira said, “Edward, he is Omi, didn’t you suspect me of having an affair with Omi?Now that he’s right in front of you, you can confront him face to face.”

Edward stared fiercely at Omi and said, “So you are Omi.”

Omi smiled slightly, “I am exactly Omi, but you just said that I am the class grass of Senior 3 Class 5, I have to correct myself here, I am not the class grass of Senior 3 Class 5 anymore, I have transferred to Class 32, I am the class grass of Class 32, Omi.”

Behind her Simran heard Omi’s words very speechless, very much want to remind Omi a sentence, don’t be so high-profile ah, you are the class grass of senior three class five, but not the class grass of class 32, because class 32 has a school grass Liu Yang, where is still your turn.

Samira sneered: “This Miss is a school flower don’t even dare to call yourself a school flower in front of others, but you bite a class grass, do you want to be shameless, but yes, if you wanted to be shameless, you wouldn’t have written me a love letter like that.”

Omi laughed, “Things from the past, why are you bringing it up again.”

Samira looked at Simran and despised her, “Omi, what?You’re setting your sights on Xuan Li again?You do have a bit of self-awareness, choosing a commoner school flower to do it this time, looking at you like this, you are coming back from dinner together, you must already have an affair, you really have some skills ah you.”

Simran was busy: “Shangguan Zuo, don’t say nonsense.”

Omi said: “Shangguan Zuo, that thing between you and me, don’t involve other people, or I’ll really be rude to you.I don’t care if you’re a school flower or not, as long as you’re not my wife, any flower will be treated the same in my eyes.”

“Hmph, Omi, don’t worry, since we’ve met you today, we definitely need to settle the score between us.Before settling the score with you, I have to let Edward confront you to see if I really have any ambiguity with you.”

Samira turned her head to Edward and said, “Edward, you can question yourself.”

Edward looked at Omi coldly and asked, “Omi, tell me honestly, why did you write that kind of love letter to Samira?”

Omi laughed: “I won’t tell you.”

Edward yelled, “Is the content of the love letter what really happened between you and Samira?”

Omi smiled heedlessly, “Well, maybe.”

Omi didn’t know if the previous Omi had actually done anything with Shangguan Zuo, so Omi himself didn’t know if maybe it was true.

“Maybe?”Edward suddenly looked at Samira and said, “Samira, Omi said that perhaps, this is what you want me to confront?”

Samira looked at Omi furiously, “Omi, you ruined my reputation, and now you still don’t even confess, and you dare to mock two false accusations against me.”

Omi said, “I didn’t frame you ah, I really don’t know if I ever had anything to do with you ah.”

Samira’s eyebrows raised, angry, “Omi, it seems that you toast the wine and not eat the forfeit, well, then let’s finish with you completely, I’ll see how you still dare to accuse me of innocence again.”

After saying that, Samira came up with a flying kick, her kick contained a very strong martial arts foundation, called the Flying Swallow Chain Kick.


However, Omi’s hand grabbed and instantly grabbed Samira’s ankle.

Samira was shocked, Omi defused her Flying Swallow Chain Legs so lightly, was it not a lucky chance last time when he tore her skirt?Is Omi really a martial artist?

Omi snorted, “Samira, stop making unreasonable trouble, my reputation is so bad now, I haven’t even found you to settle the score, but you came to me first.Have you forgotten about the incident last time when I tore your skirt?Watch out that I’ll rip it again if I’m not careful.”

Samira glared angrily at Omi, seeing that Omi was still holding on to her ankle, and yelled, “You still won’t let go of me.”

Omi said, “Letting go of you is fine, but don’t disturb my life again in the future.”

Samira’s lungs were about to explode, and her other foot flew up and kicked Omi in the side of the head, Flying Swallow Whirlwind Kick.

Omi grabbed Samira’s ankle and threw it into the distance, Samira blinked and was thrown a few meters away by Omi, Samira fell on the ground, her hair instantly disheveled, her face scuffed with mud, a very messy look.

Omi said, “Samira, stop messing around with me, you are not my opponent.”

Samira was shocked and angry, shocked that Omi actually knew martial arts, and was much higher than her, angry that Omi had no pity for her, she was at least a woman, or a school flower, and actually threw her into the mud.

At this time, Edward gritted his teeth and said, “Omi, Samira is not your opponent, then, what about me?” First web site m.Natia .online

Edward had exploded with rage, and he vowed that even if the whole school said he was a bully, he would still beat up Omi today.

Originally, the top ten martial arts in Baiyun Middle School never bullied weak students, but today Edward really couldn’t help it.

Omi looked at Edward and said, “Brother Edward, I’ve never been with you before, I have no grudge, do you want to do something to me?”

Edward snorted coldly, “Omi, originally I, as the eighth ranked martial artist at Baiyun High School, shouldn’t have bullied you, but you’ve gone too far.Today, I, Edward, will not spare you lightly no matter what.”

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed lightly.

Samira climbed up and was busy shouting, “Edward, if you’re a man, give me a shot at him.”

Edward had been aroused with manly blood and shouted at Samira, “Samira, listen to me, from today onwards, you Samira are my Edward’s woman.”After saying that, Edward stared at Omi’s eyes and said, “Omi, you beat my woman, today I will pay you back tenfold.”

The situation was on the verge of a battle between the two men.

Samira’s heart was delighted: “Edward, this idiot is finally going to be hooked by me, angry that I’m his woman, but why do I feel so disgusting?”

But Simran was extremely nervous at the moment, and even shouted, “Edward, calm down.”

After saying that, Simran blocked in front of Omi.

Of course, Simran knew Edward, the famous White Cloud High School’s eighth ranked martial arts genius expert, so that’s why Simran was very afraid that Omi would be beaten up by Edward, and couldn’t care less, blocking in front of Omi.

When Omi saw that Simran was even blocking in front of him, somewhat

Accidental, but quite moved inside.

Edward shouted at Simran, “Simran, get out of my way, don’t think that just because you’re a woman, I can stop beating you.”

Simran pleaded, “Edward, please give me face and spare Omi, I’m sure there’s some kind of misunderstanding.”

Edward coldly snorted, “Give you face?Are you proud of yourself?Who do you think you are?You think you’re the prettiest girl in school, and you’re in the top 10 in your studies, so you can look good in front of me?Let me tell you, even if you’re the first in your studies, you won’t have any face in front of us, the top ten genius experts in martial arts at Baiyun High School.f*ck off.”Edward shouted.

Samira was impatient, “Edward, what’s the point of long-windedness, do it.”

Simran didn’t walk away and died blocking in front of Omi, although Simran didn’t know martial arts, she would never stand by and watch Omi get beaten up.

Omi pulled Simran behind him and said, “Simran, you back off.”

Simran said urgently, “Omi, he’s a very famous genius expert at Baiyun High School, you’re definitely not a match, you should run.”

“Run?Hahaha.”Omi snarled.

Simran said, “If you don’t run, I’ll stay and help you, even if I can only do a little bit.”After saying that, Simran immediately picked up a stone, ready to help Omi fight like.

Omi saw that she had picked up the stone and was really crying, however, Omi felt a warmth inside at Simran’s righteousness.Although Omi knew that Simran was so righteous because she had saved her father, not for no reason, but it was enough for a girl to do so.

Samira stood to the side, seeing Simran take the stone, and very speechlessly left her mouth.

Omi looked towards Edward and said, “Edward, you have quite a big mouth, I hope you won’t let me down.”

Omi had never touched an opponent in this world, and was very disappointed.

Edward sneered and said, “Omi, I will make you despair.”

“Good, then let me see what the so-called eighth ranked martial artist at White Cloud High School is really capable of.”

“You’ll understand.”Saying that, Edward prepared himself for an attack.

Samira nervously watched from the side, she really wanted to see how strong Omi was, just to borrow Edward’s hand to understand.

“Broken Mountain Style.”Edward shouted and told all his moves, not knowing what the purpose was, maybe it was to pretend to compare.

Samira was excited, Edward’s Broken Mountain palm technique was still quite famous, it was a third grade martial art, I heard that he had already practiced the sixth style.Samira said in her heart, “I don’t know how many styles Omi can block in Edward’s hands, and I don’t know how many grades of martial arts Omi is practicing.”

Omi didn’t understand the martial arts of this world, but there was no need to understand, because Edward’s moves were very inferior as soon as Omi made his move, Omi was a little disappointed, and thought that the eighth ranked martial arts of Baiyun High School should not be weak, and could have a smooth fight, but didn’t expect Edward’s moves to be so inferior.Omi was prepared to use one of his best moves ‘Yin and Yang Finger’, Nima, if he really used the Yin and Yang Finger, Omi wasn’t sure if Edward would be able to survive.

Since that was the case, Omi didn’t have any more moves to use, so he had to use the simplest punch.

“Buzz.”Omi’s lightning-like punch, grazing through the air, slammed up towards Edward.


Edward felt a shadow flicker in his eyes.

“Too fast.”

Edward wanted to make a dodging move, but…

Before he could make any movement, a huge force came from his abdomen, and his entire body flew backwards, not knowing how many meters backwards, and his back hit a large tree by the side of the road, before rebounding and falling to the ground.

“Huh?”Samira didn’t react, it was too quick.

Simran also still had a stone in her hand, ready to rush up to help Omi fight Edward when he was unbeatable.

However, in the blink of an eye, Edward flew away.

“Ah.”Samira reacted and opened her mouth in disbelief.

The battle hadn’t even started yet and it was over in the blink of an eye?

“Wow!”Simran also reacted and couldn’t help but scream with a wow.

At this moment, Edward felt like his whole body was falling apart, and he fell under the tree unable to move.However, he was in no mood to feel the pain in his body because all he could think about was the unbelievable punch that Omi had just thrown. Remember the URL Natia .online

At this moment, Omi came up, patted Edward’s face and said: “After holding back for so many days, I thought I could finally fight with an expert, but I didn’t expect that the so-called expert is a three-legged cat.Brother Qiu, at this moment, I really want to curse, it’s a pity that I was prepared to use my self-made martial art Yin Yang Finger to deal with you, but it’s really ironic, my Yin Yang Finger used to deal with you, it’s simply insulting my it.”

Edward stared at Omi with wide eyes, what was this Yin-Yang Finger that Omi was talking about?What kind of martial arts?

Edward endured the pain with great difficulty and said, “I don’t believe that my Broken Mountain Palm can’t beat your whatever Yin Yang Finger, my Broken Mountain Palm is a third class martial art.”

Omi said in amusement, “What third class martial art, never heard of it, and also, don’t put gold on your face, when did I say that I used my best move?I didn’t use any moves at all, okay.”

Edward shook his head in pain and said, “I don’t believe that my Third Grade Martial Arts would be so bad.”

“Third-grade martial arts?Brother Qiu, don’t tell me that the inferior move you just made is some third-grade martial art that you’re proud of.”Omi was speechless for a while, Omi was almost certain that the martial arts aspect of this world was far lower than his world, or in other words, Omi had yet to encounter a true bull nose expert.Of course, the main reason was that Omi’s own martial arts skills were too high, thanks to Omi’s arrival in this world, his martial arts skills were already less than one percent of his previous world, otherwise, it would really be against the sky.

“Omi, you actually defeated Edward, this definitely isn’t true.”At this moment, Samira’s incredulous voice sounded behind him.

When Omi turned around, Samira was staring at him dumbfoundedly.

Omi said, “Samira, I forgot to congratulate you, you have finally caught up with Edward, just now Edward shouted, from now on you are his woman, not bad, very bloodthirsty man.”

However, Samira felt that Omi’s words were full of sarcasm.A very bloody man?A punch was blown away by him, is there still blood.

Omi said, “Samira, I hope this matter ends here, don’t seek me out again in the future, or brother Tang I really won’t show any mercy.”

Samira snorted, “I’m covered in mud now, have you ever shown any mercy to me?”

“Hahaha.”Omi walked away with a big laugh.

Samira was busy saying, “You stop.”

What else?”

Samira asked, “Why are you suddenly so good at martial arts?If you were that good at martial arts, you would have been famous all over the school, why.”

Omi pursed his lips and smiled, “I’m pretending to be a match, can’t I?”

After saying that, Omi left with Simran.

Samira’s heart didn’t know what to feel.

Samira looked at Edward, he was still lying on the ground unable to move, like a dead snake.

Samira didn’t have a good mood and said, “Hey, how are you?”

I don’t know why, at the moment Samira saw Edward a burst of disgust, what a useless man, and thought she could help her teach Omi a lesson, but instead she was punched until she couldn’t get up.But when she thought of her father’s mission, she had no choice but to be patient and kick Edward once she tricked him into signing the contract of sale.

Edward didn’t reply, the assassin was filled with frustration, and his voice was sarcastic as he laughed, “I’m not even his opponent, I’m the eighth ranked genius expert of White Cloud High School, but I’m not even an opponent, hahaha.”

“Edward, what are you giggling at.”Samira frowned.

Edward looked at Samira and said, “I’m not his opponent, Samira, now do you still have a reason to like me again?”

Samira frowned, “What, you just said that I’m already your woman, doesn’t that count?”

Edward said in frustration, “Before, you chased me and said you liked me because you saw that I was strong.But now, I was defeated by Omi in one punch, do you think, I will still believe that you truly like me?I’m not as good as Omi in looks, and I’m even worse in martial arts. What else can you see in me?Samira, you should go.Don’t chase me anymore in the future, I’m not good enough for you, Omi is more worthy.”

Edward’s voice was filled with frustration, but this was definitely not what he truly said.

Samira’s eyebrows furrowed, it seemed unable to complete the task given by her father, Edward was beaten by Omi this way, what confidence was lost.This kind of useless man, Samira also hated the most inside.

Edward saw that Samira was still not leaving, yelling, “Go, you’re still not leaving, do you want to see me laugh?”

Right now, how much Edward’s heart wanted to hear Samira say, “I’m not leaving, even if you’re not a rival to Omi, I still love you, I’ll be with you, I’ll never dislike you.”Edward wanted so much for Samira to soothe him, relieve his low self-esteem and frustration, and give him the confidence to be together.

However, Samira snorted, “Edward, you toad, you really want to eat swan meat.”

Edward looked up sharply, incredulous, “Samira, you, what do you mean?”

Samira sneered, “Do you think my lady really likes your short and mule toad?Don’t be funny.”

“You you, what the hell do you mean?”Edward was shocked that Samira would say such words.

“Hahaha, Edward, you mangy toad, trash, what a waste of so many expressions from this Miss.This Miss is chasing you, but she only wants to tempt you with beauty, and finally trick you into signing a deed of sale to serve my family, do you really think you’re worthy of me, you mangy toad?”

“Pfft.”Edward heard, a large mouthful of blood spewed out, just defeated by Omi with a single punch, now emotionally bruised and bruised, spitting out blood all over the floor.

Samira saw Edward vomiting blood, she was not moved at all, instead she sneered, “Edward, look at how useless you are, you must not have much potential in the future, forget it, a useless waste like you, this lady is not interested.”


Edward felt like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, he also wondered if Samira could say comforting words that didn’t dislike him, but he didn’t expect to say such cruel words, Edward cried and yelled, “Samira, I’m not done with you.”

Samira scornfully said, “You trash, you better put some respect in your tone towards me, or I’ll make you miserable.Although my lady’s martial arts skills aren’t as good as yours, but my lady has plenty of experts to take care of you.”

“You… poof.”Edward spat out another mouthful of blood in anger.

“Hmph.”Samira snorted indifferently and turned around.

Samira took out her phone and called her father.

“Hey, Dad, the plan to lure Edward to sign the deed of sale has completely failed.”

“Why did it fail?With your beauty, it won’t be hard to get away with it in time, will it?”Shangguan Zuo’s father asked.

Samira said, “Dad, it’s all because of that Omi, I just had an encounter with Omi and Edward.I wanted to teach Omi a lesson, but who knew that he knew martial arts, and even I was no match for him, not even Edward could block Omi’s move.Edward was defeated by a single move of Omi and had collapsed, I felt disgusted seeing him so useless and didn’t have a bit of heart to waste on him.”

On the phone, Samira’s father was busy asking, “That Omi’s martial arts skills are really this high?”

“Well, a thousand times true.”

Shangguan Zuo’s father smiled happily, “Zuo Zuo, leave that Edward alone, now there’s a new mission.” A second to remember to read the book

“A new mission?”

“Since that Omi’s martial arts skills are so high, he’s far more valuable than Edward.Hehehehe, your new mission now is to use your beauty to seduce Omi, make Omi fall in love with you, and finally get Omi to sign our family’s deed of sale, once you succeed, you’ll have made another great achievement for the family.”

“Ah, let me seduce Omi?”Samira was also slightly taken aback.

“Omi’s martial arts skills are so high, his potential is definitely greater than Edward, this time you must complete the task, I’m sure with your charm, in time you can definitely get Omi into a mess, whether or not you can make this contribution to the family, it’s up to you.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll try my best, but I don’t feel like Omi is that easy to handle.”

“Hehe, Zoe, I believe in you, don’t forget that you’ve handled several men, all of those men were so in love with you that they ended up being tricked into signing a deed of sale.As long as they are in love with you, they can sign the contract of sale.You should know that our family’s deed of sale is not signed with a pen, but with a soul, hahaha.”

“Mm.”Samira nodded her head, yes, their family’s deed of sale, that was signed on the soul, as long as the other party didn’t resist and was willing, they could be tricked into signing it.Once it was signed, there was no use resisting, it was a tactic unique to their Shangguan family.While other families still needed to use money and power to cage their masters, their Shangguan family had already tied up a large number of masters with their unique deed of sale.

Shangguan hung up the phone, a hint of a confident smile appearing on his lips, humming, “Omi, I’m here, I’m going to make you love me so much that you won’t have any guard against me, and willingly sign my family’s body selling deed to be used for me and my family in the future, hahaha.”

Omi and Simran walked up to the school building together.

“You turned out to be a person with such high martial arts skills.”Simran said, but she didn’t feel very happy, the more powerful Omi became, the more powerful in Simran’s

In their hearts, the more distance they had between them.Before Omi drove a BMW, they were no longer in the same class as each other, and now Omi’s martial arts skills were so high, they were even less in the same class.

Simran sighed inwardly, very helpless, if it wasn’t because Omi saved her father, I’m afraid she would never have had contact with someone of such a high rank in her life.

Omi smiled shallowly, “A mountain is higher than a mountain, my martial arts skills at this point can only be considered a three-legged cat in front of a true expert.”

Omi thought that before he was reborn, he practiced martial arts since childhood, his martial arts skills were much higher than now, and now it was no longer a matter of three or two days for him to recover.

Simran nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Simran and Omi went back to their respective classes.

When Omi returned to his class, he saw that Liona was doing her homework and there weren’t many people in the classroom.

Omi didn’t go over to talk to Liona, returned to his seat and picked up a math book, but unfortunately, Omi was so confused that he didn’t know anything except 12345.Omi knew that it was almost impossible for him to learn the knowledge of this world.Omi also didn’t want to waste time on reading, he was now just protecting the lady under the guise of reading, doing his essential job and making a living in this world first.Since he had come here, Omi always had to live.

Omi threw his math textbook away as if it were trash.Then he closed his eyes and practiced his internal strength.

Omi’s ‘Yi Tian Jing’ internal energy flowed through his meridians over and over again, washing the marrow of his meridians and strengthening his internal strength at the same time.The Yi Tian Jing, this was an internal power handed down from his master, created by their Supreme Ancestor Master.Before his rebirth, Omi had practiced this internal power to the extreme, the only one in several generations to do so, and even his master couldn’t practice it to the extreme, but now he was starting all over again.

Omi’s current internal strength was extremely weak, barely less than a thousandth of his previous life, so Omi felt too weak and felt very insecure.

Omi stopped after practicing the Yi Tian Jing for half an hour, internal strength improvement was not something that happened in a day or two, it was something that took adults.Before rebirth was started from a young age, and he had a strong comprehension, so his internal strength was strong at a young age.

After practicing the Yi Tian Jing once, Omi quieted down inside.

In his heart, Omi said, “My current strength is too poor, if I use the martial arts grade score of my world, I haven’t even started yet.Outer Gate, Inner Gate, Houtian, Innate, I have to recover to the Innate stage, how long will I have to struggle for?”

Yes, in that world of Omi’s, martial arts were very well developed, and thus there were clear divisions in martial arts.From the lowest to the highest, they were, Outer Gate Stage, Inner Gate Stage, Houtian Stage, Innate Stage, and Celestial Manifestation Stage.Each of these phases is subdivided into the Beginning, Middle, After, Perfection, and Great Perfection.

However, not everyone who practices martial arts begins with the initial Outer Gate stage.This is a mistake; many people have practiced all their lives and have not reached the initial Outer Gate stage.

Anyone who was able to get started was already a very powerful expert uh.

Before his rebirth, Omi’s martial arts had already reached the late Innate stage.

Now, Omi’s martial arts, however, hadn’t even gotten started, that is, it wasn’t even at the early Outer Gate stage, and the early Outer Gate stage was already a very powerful expert.

Omi sighed inwardly, “Now, I don’t even know when I’ll be able to reach the Early Outer Gate, let alone revert to the Late Innate stage of my previous life.”


Even Omi hadn’t even gotten started yet, so there was no need to even mention those so-called genius experts in this world, Edward.

Of course, whether there were any entry-level experts in this world, no one knew yet.

“Bell bell bell.”

It was soon afternoon class, and Omi was bored in a hundred ways.

In senior class 26, Song Yu’er took out her phone and opened the campus of Baiyun Middle School, and was suddenly attracted by a post.The content of the post was: the sixth most evil youngster of Baiyun Middle School has appeared.

Song Yuer’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “Isn’t Baiyun Middle School only five big villains?When did you get an extra one?”

Song Yu’er hurriedly opened the post.

“In the morning, Omi defeated one of the five most evil youngsters on campus, Jin Hu, in class 32, in public, Omi’s martial strength is enough to meet one of the conditions of campus evil youngsters; in addition, Omi wrote revealing love letters to Samira, peed in front of girls in the girls’ bathroom, and his academic performance was counted down every time, all kinds of bad deeds, is also enough to be called the king of the scum.Based on the satisfaction of these two conditions, Omi is undoubtedly the sixth most evil in Baiyun Middle School.”

The post had thousands of replies, all replies, unanimously recognized Omi as the sixth most vicious young man on campus.

Song Yu’er was suddenly depressed, “Liona’s bodyguard has become a celebrity in the school, while my bodyguard is still a nobody.”

Song Yuer looked at his bodyguard, Liu Yue, who was playing chess with his tablemate, and it seemed that Liu Yue was very good at chess and was playing up to his tablemate, admiring him to the core. First URL m.Natia .online

Song Yu’er was so depressed that Liona’s bodyguard was already pretending to be compared to the whole school, but his bodyguard was still pretending to be compared to the same table.

Song Yu’er felt that she was being compared to Liona.

Song Yu’er shouted, “Liu Yue, come over here.”

Liu Yue fartily walked over and asked, “Miss, what is it?”

Song Yu’er exhaled and showed the campus post to Liu Yue.

After Liu Yue read it, she hummed, “Miss, it’s not at all strange that someone like Omi is recognized by the students as a lesser evil, you are happy to see this news, let me be happy too, right?”

Song Yu’er said, “Who’s happy, I’m depressed now, Liu Yue, why are they all bodyguards, there’s such a big difference?”

Liu Yue was stunned and baffled, “Miss, what do you mean?”

“You said it yourself, both are also bodyguards, Omi has become a campus villain in just a short time, famous in the whole school, while you, still pretending to compare with the same table in class, you’re too far behind when compared to Omi, aren’t you?”

“What ah.”

“Liu Yue, listen to me, I can’t lose to Liona.”

Liu Yue wiped a cold sweat, this unruly lady is really hard to serve, everyone else is ashamed of the evil young bodyguard, but she feels very awe-inspiring.

“Miss, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you, it’s not that I can’t become an evil youngster, but with my character, I can’t meet the conditions of an evil youngster.My Liu Yue’s character is incomparable to someone of low quality like Omi, who can easily

To become evil, I’m afraid I can’t even try all my life.”

“I don’t care, you figure it out yourself.”Song Yu’er said with her mouth full of dissatisfaction.

Liu Yue was depressed, he was ordered to come down the mountain to protect Song Yu’er, but he didn’t expect to meet such an unruly and unruly lady.It was biased that this lady was a national-looking, beautiful and sexy and fiery, if it was an ugly lady, I’m afraid Liu Yue would have left her alone long ago.Right now, facing such a lovely and beautiful lady, Liu Yue could only obediently follow the lady’s orders and helplessly said, “Alright, I’ll try.”

“Make sure to compare him, or I’ll ignore you.”Song Yu’er’s eyes said expectantly.

In class 32, Liona also opened the campus and saw the very hot post.

Liona was very depressed and frowned, “This bastard has been recognized as a campus villain, if my classmates know that such a villain is my bodyguard, I’ll lose all my face.”

Liona learned that Omi was recognized as a campus villain, but her mood was completely different from Song Yu’er, and it was ultimately because their personalities were different.Liona feels humiliated that she can’t be known by her classmates as a vicious young bodyguard, while Song Yuer feels pulled in.

Soon, the first class was over, many students knew about the campus post and looked at Omi in awe.

Omi was a little confused as to why his classmates looked at him a little differently.

It wasn’t until Carlos opened the campus that he found out that Omi was recognized as the sixth most evil young man on campus.

Omi shook his head and laughed a bit when he was told, “This youngster has excellent moral character, but he is recognized as the evil youngster of the campus.”

Omi didn’t mind, anyway, what others thought of him was someone else’s business, he was open and aboveboard himself, so he didn’t care what others did with their eyes.

Omi took out his cell phone, learned from Carlos, and soon learned to use it as well.

After learning how to use the phone, Omi played with it so much that he couldn’t let go of it.

At that time, the physics teacher came to class.

The physics teacher was a harsh person, but Omi was still playing with his books.

But Omi was still playing with his cell phone.

The physics teacher looked at Omi and frowned, knocked on the lectern table and shouted, “That student, stand up for me.”

Omi didn’t know that he was calling him, and only after Carlos pushed Omi did Omi stand up.

“Teacher, what is it that you’re calling me for?”Omi smiled politely, he always had respect for his teacher.

“What were you doing just now?”

Omi picked up his phone and shook it, hehe smiled and said, “Watching the news ah.”

The physics teacher’s face was black, but he actually laughed and said to watch the news, this was the meaning of not putting him in his eyes ah.

“Class time, do you know?”The physics teacher roared.

Omi nodded, “I know.”

“If you know you still watch the news, who told you to watch the news during class time.”

Chapter 56

Omi touched his head and looked at Jin Hu in the next row, Jin Hu was also playing with his phone, but the teacher didn’t name Jin Hu.

Omi asked, “Teacher, can’t we watch the news during class time?I’ll just watch the TV show then.”

“Bang.”The physics teacher slammed his desk, thinking that Omi was playing a trick on him.

Omi didn’t know that you couldn’t play with your phone during class time, and besides, Jin Hu wasn’t also playing with his phone.

At that moment, the class leader was busy whispering a reminder, “Teacher Liu, he’s Omi.”

“Omi?”The physics teacher was stunned, feeling that the name Omi was familiar, the next second, the physics teacher suddenly remembered, just in the teaching and research team office, several teachers were talking about something, said Baiyun Middle School’s sixth largest school evil young man was born, called Omi, in the future, when you see Omi to pay attention to the words and behavior, do not accidentally offend him.

The physics teacher broke out in a cold sweat, oh my God, no wonder he dared to treat him so badly, so he was the new campus bad boy Omi.

Omi saw the teacher’s anger, and seemed to understand that you can’t watch news or TV dramas on your phone during class time.

Omi was a person who respected his teachers, this was something that everyone knew.

Omi immediately put his phone away and said, “Teacher, so, you can’t play with your phone during class time, right?Then I won’t play.”

The physics teacher immediately changed his tone and smiled, “Yes, yes, you can play as you like.” Remember the URL

Omi was puzzled and asked, “Teacher, if you can play, then why did you just get angry?I thought you couldn’t play with your phone during class time.”

The physics teacher wiped a cold sweat, thinking that Omi was questioning him, busy explaining, “Hey, I was just messing around with you, don’t mind ah, you can watch the news if you like, you can watch TV dramas if you like, it’s all up to you.”

“Oh, that’s okay I’m sitting down, you go to class.”

“Fine fine, go ahead, don’t ever aggravate yourself.”

Omi sat down and asked Carlos to download a video software for him, then looked for an urban TV series.

Omi started looking at it from the first episode.

Omi especially loved watching TV because he could learn a lot about the world from it.

The physics teacher was standing on the podium lecturing, Omi put his cell phone on the table and happily watched the TV series, and from time to time, there were sounds from the TV series.

The physics teacher frowned, the sound of Omi watching TV had affected his class, but because Omi was the campus villain, he didn’t dare to tell Omi to keep his voice down, as if it was particularly painful.

The other students in the class naturally didn’t dare to say anything, even Jin Hu, who used to be one of the most arrogant youngsters in the school, now became a dead tiger, playing with his own mobile phone, not daring to have any conflict with Omi.

At this time, the class teacher Chen Tianming came and stood outside the classroom inspecting the class, and immediately saw Omi watching TV on his mobile phone, and especially blatantly put his mobile phone on the table to watch.

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Chen Tianming said in his heart, “No, we must get rid of Omi and go back to Senior 3 Class 5.”

Chen Tianming immediately called Liona’s father, Liu Chenming.

“Hello, Teacher Chen, what’s the matter?”

“Willow, here’s the thing, didn’t you ask me this morning to

Well, invite Omi from senior three and five to my class.However, now I regret it, I really really don’t want to accept such a student.”Chen Tianming said.

“What’s wrong with Omi?”

“Mr. Liu, I’m so sorry, Omi is a rotten scum who made a mess of my class as soon as he arrived.It’s only been half a day and he’s been recognized by students as the sixth most evil kid on campus, and now during class time, he’s openly watching a TV show on his phone.Such a scum, Mr. Liu, I don’t care what your intentions are, I really can only apologize to you and let him go back to his original class.”

Liu Chenming was silent and smiled, “It’s fine, Teacher Chen, it’s up to you then, it doesn’t matter.”

“Thank you, Mr. Liu, you’re busy then.”

Chen Tianming was relieved and immediately went to apply to transfer Omi back to his original class, how could he do that with two campus villains in his class.

Omi also quickly received a call from Liu Chenming.

Omi immediately went outside the classroom to answer it.

“Boss, you’re looking for me.”

“Omi, I just received a call from Xiang’er’s class teacher, he said that he wants to transfer you back to your original class and that you made a mess of his class and were rated as a campus villain, what’s going on.”

Omi laughed, “Boss, I did beat up someone this morning, the one in Miss’s class called Jin Hu, that Jin Hu was heard to be one of the campus villains.”

“Golden Tiger?Isn’t he the student who stalked Xiang’er?”

“Exactly him, I’ve already taken care of him in the morning, I’m sure he won’t dare to be rude in front of Miss again, don’t worry.”

“But, that Teacher Chen said you’re also a campus villain, what’s going on?”

“This, I don’t know, somehow people are calling me a campus villain, maybe it’s because I beat up the golden tiger.Anyway, I don’t mind what people say, I’ll just do my own thing, you don’t have to worry, since I’m a bodyguard, this pressure is still bearable.”

Liu Chenming smiled awkwardly, Omi thought he was calling specifically to care about him.

“So, Teacher Chen just said that you were watching a TV show in class?”

“Yeah, the physics teacher said I can read whatever I want, and besides, I’m not reading material.”

“Okay, but now Teacher Chen is going to transfer you back to your original class, so you won’t be able to protect Xiang’er up close from now on.”

Omi laughed, “Boss, you don’t have to worry about it, if you can’t handle this, what kind of bodyguard am I going to be.Teacher Chen doesn’t have that much power, the Director of Teaching has more power than him, he didn’t withdraw with me.”

“What does it have to do with the Director of Teaching?”

“It’s like this, this morning the Director of Instruction saw that I’m good at martial arts, and he was deadly serious about begging me to teach him.”

“Oh, Omi, you’re really good at making the Director of Teaching beg you.It seems that I didn’t find the wrong person, well, you’ll see to it yourself from now on, I trust you.”

“Okay, boss.”

Hanging up the phone, Omi returned to his class to continue watching the drama.

Chen Tianming did not go to the Director of Instruction, but went directly to the principal because he knew it was useless to look for the director.

At this moment, in the principal’s office.

Wei Ming was teaching the headmaster how to practice martial arts.

“Right, tuck your abdomen in a bit, punch hard and focus your power on your palms.”Wei Ming patiently taught the headmaster.


Every afternoon, Wei Ming would set aside a class period to teach the principal martial arts training.

“Knock knock.”Someone knocked on the door at that moment.

When he opened the door, it was Chen Tianming.

“Tian Ming, what do you want?”The principal asked.

Wei Ming also took the opportunity to pour himself a cup of water.

Chen Tianming said, “Headmaster, I have something for you.”

“Come in and say it.”

After entering the office, Chen Tianming said, “Headmaster, I request that a person from my class be transferred back to his original class, this person’s name is Omi.”

“Go see the Director of Instruction on this matter,”The principal said.

“Headmaster, the Director of Instruction won’t approve it, I heard that the Director of Instruction also wants to learn martial arts, that Omi also knows some martial arts, the Director of Instruction wants to learn martial arts from Omi, so the Director of Instruction listens to everything from Omi.”

The principal was stunned, then he smiled and said, “This Director He, hehe, I’ve heard before that he really wants to learn martial arts.”Naturally, the principal knew that the teaching director saw that he had started to learn martial arts and also wanted to learn martial arts, but unfortunately, he was only a teaching director, no one was willing to teach him, and he was rejected when he begged around for someone to teach him.Because of this, the headmaster was still proud of himself. One second to remember to read the book

Wei Ming, who was drinking water beside him, said, “Director He also approached me in the past, begging me to teach him some martial arts, but unfortunately I refused to take him.”

The principal nodded and said, “After you refused to take him, Director He went to some other top twenty ranked students, but unfortunately they all refused, and finally, Director He had to settle for the next best thing and find that teacher Zhang Hui to teach him.Unfortunately, no matter how much Director He sent cigarettes and wine, Zhang Hui did not teach him.Unexpectedly, Director He was now looking for another student.I’ve never heard of Omi before, it seems that this Omi’s martial arts skills are very ordinary, this Director He is also really, why did he find such an ordinary student to teach him martial arts ah, at least he is a teaching director.”

The headmaster chuckled, Director He had no one to teach him time and time again, but he, however, could get the 10th ranked genius expert in the school to teach him martial arts, the headmaster was old and proud.The headmaster’s face was really much higher than the teaching director.

Chen Tianming said anxiously, “Headmaster, you should quickly find a way to transfer that Omi back to his original class, he’s now recognized by the students as the sixth most evil youngster on campus ah.”

The headmaster’s eyebrows furrowed, “The sixth most evil youngster on campus?It seems that this Omi is also good at two things.Wei Ming, do you know this Omi?”

Wei Ming said with a face as usual, “Yesterday, I went to Song Dai Tian’s interview and ran into this Omi, he also vainly wanted to be Song Yu’er’s personal bodyguard, however, he should be the one with the worst strength and quality among the few people who went to the interview yesterday.”

“It’s no wonder he’s become a campus villain, Wei Ming, how many moves do you think, Omi can get past in your hands?”The principal asked.

Wei Ming chanted and said, “I should be able to defeat him within three moves.”

Chen Tianming said, “Headmaster, Omi is a scum, how can he compare to a heavenly pride like Wei Ming.Wei Ming is the tenth most talented expert in the school, and now he’s even the one teaching you martial arts.Omi is such a scum, only the teaching director would go begging him to teach martial arts ah.”

Although Chen Tianming had the suspicion of belittling the teaching director, the headmaster was still quite comfortable listening to him.

Wei Ming said, “Headmaster, Omi is someone I particularly dislike, I heard that he took advantage of Song Yu’er, I’m looking for an opportunity to teach him a lesson, why don’t you ask him up.”

The principal smiled, “Since Omi is already a campus villain, I’m sure he won’t move back if I ask him to.A few orders won’t help in dealing with a campus villain, it’s better to use primitive tactics.Wei Ming, your suggestion is good, then I’ll ask Director He to bring Omi up here, and you’ll give Omi an education, no matter what kind of vicious youngster he is, he’ll definitely have to be transferred back to his original class.”

“Good.”Wei Ming nodded his head.

Chen Tianming was delighted inside, he could finally drive away an evil youngster.

The principal immediately called the Director of Instruction.

At this moment, the Director of Instruction was just in his office thinking about how to please Omi next, so that Omi would be moved to teach him martial arts.At that moment, the phone rang, and at first glance, it was the principal calling.

The Director of Teaching didn’t seem to want to answer it, muttering, “The principal is always secretly mocking me that no one is willing to teach martial arts, showing off that he has a tenth best expert in the school to teach him, I don’t even want to pick up his phone, it must be no good again, snide and sarcastic.”

Although the Director of Teaching didn’t want to answer it, he was the leader after all, so he did.

“Hey, Principal, what’s up?”

The principal smiled and said, “Director Ho, are you busy?”

“Headmaster, tell me, what is it.”

“Oh, it’s nothing, I heard that you failed in your quest for Zhang Hui to teach you martial arts.”

The teaching director snorted in his heart, really he was here to mock him again.

“Oh, yeah.”The teaching director didn’t want to argue, it was indeed a failure, not even one of Zhang Hui’s level would give him face without teaching him martial arts, how could he compare face to the headmaster, who had the tenth best master in the school to teach.

“Director He, I heard again that you are now begging a student named Omi to teach you martial arts?”

“Uh, Headmaster, you’re quite well-informed.”The Director of Teaching laughed, humming in his heart.

“Director He, this is what I’m looking for you about, that Omi, I’ve heard that he’s recognized by students as the sixth most vicious young man on campus, how do you let such a student of bad character teach you martial arts ah?”

“Ugh.”The teaching director was stunned there, not knowing what to say, this was something he had been depressed about for a whole noon as well, he begged a campus villain to teach martial arts, it would indeed affect his reputation as a teaching director.But how did this matter reach the ears of the headmaster?

The principal said, “Alright, Director He, Chen Tianming has already complained to me, so you should now quickly bring that Omi to my office.”

“Oh, good.”

Hanging up the phone, the principal smiled, “Wei Ming, get ready, Director He will bring Omi right away.”

“Mm.”Wei Ming nodded, took out his cell phone from his pocket and sent out a text message, “Yu’er, I heard that Omi took advantage of you, come to the principal’s office now and I’ll let you see with your own eyes that the person who took advantage of you gets the lesson he deserves.Don’t ask me why I’m doing this, because you’re… important to me.”

In Song Yu’er’s class, Song Yu’er was bored listening to the lesson, when the phone rang, busy taking it out, her face was happy: “Wow, there’s something wonderful to present, can’t miss it.I didn’t expect to finally let that Omi get a lesson, hmm, Liu Yue this dead bodyguard won’t help me beat up Omi, good thing my faithful suitor Wei Ming is willing to beat up Omi for me, great.”

Song Yu’er immediately squatted down and slipped out of the class while the teacher’s eyes were bad, but Liu Yue didn’t notice and was writing a note with his desk about his plan on how to become the school’s evil boy.


Song Yu’er went straight to the principal’s office.

In class 32, Omi was watching a drama when the director of teaching walked in and called Tang out.

“Director, what are you looking for me for?”Omi walked to the corridor to ask.

The teaching director didn’t look too good and said, “Omi, the principal asked me to take you to his office, he has something to ask you.”

“What? The principal also wants me to teach him martial arts?”Tang Zixin subconsciously thought so.

“Uh.”The teaching director was stunned, not expecting Omi to think this way.The teaching director said in his heart: how could the headmaster need you to teach him, naturally there is someone more powerful than you to teach him martial arts.

The Teaching Director also didn’t tell Omi that the principal already had someone to teach him, the Teaching Director said in his heart, “Fine, let Omi misunderstand and go disgusted with the principal, who is usually so proud in front of me.”

Omi resolutely said, “Even if he is the principal, I won’t teach him martial arts, director, go tell him, let him die of it.”

The Director of Teaching smiled, “Omi, let’s go first, it’s better for you to tell him in person.”

“Alright.”Omi nodded, then he would personally go to the headmaster to talk it out.

Omi followed the director of teaching to the principal’s office. The first website mNatia .online

“Knock knock.”

“Come in.”

Omi and the director of teaching walked into the principal’s office.

Song Yu’er had already arrived first and was sitting in the office waiting for a good show.

The headmaster looked at Omi and the teaching director, pointed at the chair with a very cultured gesture, and said, “Sit.”

But Omi waved his hand and said, “No, Lord Principal, I can’t teach you martial arts.”

Everyone was stunned, except the Director of Instruction.

The headmaster was suddenly amused, “What did you say?”

“I’m sorry, Headmaster-sama, but I won’t accept you as an apprentice, no matter what you do to move me.If there’s nothing else, then I’ll go back first.”

“Stop.”The headmaster roared, a look of anger on his face.

It was only then that the Director of Instruction said with false pretense, “Omi, the principal already has someone to teach him martial arts, that Wei Ming, the tenth ranked martial artist at Baiyun Middle School.”

“Uh.”Omi was stunned and looked at Wei Ming who was making tea at the other end of the office, then smiled, “So it’s a misunderstanding, okay then.”

The principal’s heart was upset, but Omi took him as his disciple?The principal was filled with displeasure, “You are Omi, right.”

“Yes, I’m Omi.”Omi nodded with a hehehe smile.

“Omi, what you just said made me very angry to hear, you know?”

“I’m sorry, I thought you were looking for me to beg for a disciple just like the teaching director, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding.”

The headmaster snorted heavily, “Omi, I want you to accept a disciple?What qualifications do you have to take me as a disciple, even Wei Ming doesn’t dare to say he’ll take me as a disciple, what makes you so misunderstood?”The headmaster felt that his personality was being lowered by Omi.

Omi said, “Lord Principal, I’ve said it’s a misunderstanding, so why get angry.”

“Omi, do you think this is a simple misunderstanding that can be passed over?Do you know that this misunderstanding of yours has lowered my personality and dignity and all that.”The principal slapped the table.

/> The Director of Teaching was busy advising, “Principal, don’t get along with him ah, he’s just talking casually.”

At this moment, the Teaching Director’s heart was very happy, deliberately letting Omi to disgust the principal, it really was a wise choice.

Omi secretly said, “This principal, I just said a word about accepting apprentices, and he felt that his personality was insulted, this is clearly positioning me too low, it’s time for me to come up with some boldness, otherwise I’ll be looked down on all the time, ah, it’s not conducive to me doing a good job as a bodyguard.If it was me in the past, at the principal’s level, there might not even be a chance for me to be a slave.It seems that I can’t be overly low-key, I have to make a move when I have to.”

Wei Ming walked over from the tea making area with an indifferent face, perhaps he was born that way.

Omi looked at Wei Ming and smiled, “Brother Wei, I didn’t expect to see you here, it seems that you have a good relationship with the headmaster.”

Wei Ming snorted with disdain in his mouth, “Omi, I’ve already seen your shamelessness, yesterday you took advantage of Yu’er, today you want to take advantage of the headmaster, and you say it’s a misunderstanding, I think you’re doing it on purpose.”

Omi looked at that Song Yu’er, Song Yu’er is wearing a white cowboy today, the curves on that leg, the sex is really intolerable, if a person with poor fixation, a glance at it will produce desire.Except, of course, Omi, who looked at Song Yuer and smiled, “Miss Song, I don’t know why you’re here again.”

Song Yu’er smiled proudly and said, “Omi, you’re in big trouble and you don’t know it yet, later I’ll make you call me Aunt Song three times, who made you dare to take advantage of me yesterday.”

Omi frowned and said, “No, yesterday you called me cousin uncle, and today you want to be Aunt Song, uncle and aunt are a pair ah, could it be that you are secretly in love with me?”

Song Yu’er was stunned, just did not think of this piece to go, then furious: “Omi, you take advantage of me again, who is a pair with you, who is secretly in love with you ah.”

Omi blinked his eyes and smiled, “I’m now the class grass of senior 32, there’s no shame in secretly loving me ah.”

“You you you… “Song Yu’er was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Chen Tianming, the class teacher of class 32, snorted, “How shameless, where is my class 32 class grass’s turn to be your turn.”Chen Tianming, as the class teacher, of course knew that that Liu Yang of class 32 was a school grass, Omi at the moment actually said he was a class grass in a brazen manner, really shameless.

Omi looked at Chen Tianming and said, “Teacher Chen, I was previously the class grass of class 5, but now that I’ve gone to class 32, I’m naturally the class grass of class 32, is there anything wrong with that?”

Wei Ming’s face was expressionless, and his mouth fell open as he said, “You don’t even understand what Ban Cao means, and you still have the nerve to say you’re Ban Cao.”

Song Yu’er was also busy helping out and said, “That’s right, Ban Cao is the number one handsome man in the class.”

Omi said, “I am, ah.”

“I pooh, how shameless, with you still want to be a class grass, class 32’s class grass is Liu Yang.”Song Yu’er pooh-poohed.

The principal shouted, the more he looked at Omi, the more displeased he was with Wei Ming, “Wei Ming, you’ve been teaching me martial arts for a year or two, right?”

Wei Ming nodded: “Right.”

The principal looked at Omi and said, “Omi, I didn’t want to do anything, but you just took advantage of me and had the audacity to say that you would accept me as your disciple, fine, then let me learn from you.”

Wei Ming and the others were shocked, the headmaster wanted to personally fight Omi.

The headmaster looked at the teaching director, shook his sleeves and said with a smug look, “After learning martial arts for two years, it’s time to show your skills, otherwise what’s the point of learning it.”


As expected, the teaching director on the side was dim, he had begged for two years and no one had taught him, while the headmaster had been learning for two years and dared to fight someone.

Wei Ming said anxiously, “Headmaster, this…”

The principal said, “Wei Ming, don’t worry, does Omi dare to injure me, besides, I’ve been studying for two years, I don’t believe there’s no chance of winning at all.”

Wei Ming could only nod his head and said, “Alright, then you use the Wild Crane Combination Fist that I taught you, this Wild Crane Combination Fist, you have already practiced it to a certain level of fire, I don’t think it’s completely without a chance of winning.Even if you don’t have a chance of winning, it’s not a problem at all to deal with twenty or thirty moves.”

The principal’s heart grew in confidence and smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you.”

Wei Ming smiled slightly, then looked at Song Yu’er, as if he found his moment touching, having the headmaster tell him that he wouldn’t lose face, his image elevated by the headmaster’s words.Unfortunately Song Yu’er was not at all concerned about him this, expecting but how Omi was beaten.

Omi looked at the principal, really pinched a sweat for him, since he wanted to challenge himself, Omi would naturally fulfill the principal’s wish.

Song Yu’er excitedly said, “Headmaster, beat him up ah, make him be good and call me Grandma Song.”

Omi saw Song Yu’er’s excited look and said, “Miss Song, I don’t know where you got your confidence, not to mention the old man, the headmaster, even that silly bodyguard of yours may not be my opponent ah.”

The headmaster’s eyebrows furrowed deeply, Omi calling him an old man made him uncomfortable, although in fact, he really wasn’t considered young, he was over fifty, but being called an old man didn’t feel good in his heart.

Wei Ming looked at the angry headmaster and said angrily, “Omi, are you blind?Can’t you see I’m here?Even if the principal really can’t beat you, I’ll still beat you.” Remember the URL Natia .online

Omi looked at Wei Ming with contempt and said, “Wei Ming, you must not have any good intentions when you take it out on Miss Song, you want to sleep with her, but unfortunately, people’s thousand-gold misses won’t be able to see you.”

Wei Ming’s face darkened.

Song Yu’er said, “Omi, can you not speak so badly, what sleep or no sleep, Wei Ming is chasing me.”

“Chasing?What a mess, obviously trying to sleep.”Omi’s world didn’t have the word ‘chase’.

Song Yu’er straightforward mouth, angry, “Sleep you sister you ah, how can I let Wei Ming sleep, I repeat, he is chasing me.”

“Chasing after the result is still not to sleep.”Omi trailed off, looking like he despised Wei Ming’s restlessness.

“Ahhh, Omi, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”Song Yu’er was furiously freaking out.

Omi said, “Miss Song, I kindly advise you that Wei Ming has absolutely no good intentions towards you, and you’re still foolish enough to send him to your door.”

Wei Ming clenched his fists and said angrily, “Omi, you repeatedly take advantage of Yu’er, I, Wei Ming, am the first to not allow it.Don’t ask me why I’m doing this, because I won’t let anyone bully her, including that Liu Yue.”

Omi laughed, “Miss Song, see, Wei Ming is really hitting on you, and that bodyguard of yours, Liu Yue, I swear, he must want to sleep with you too.Miss Song, you’re tragic now, you’re left with every man who touches you wanting to sleep with you, and you’re still blissfully unaware of it, I’m so touched and sympathetic for you.”

“Ahhhh, you don’t say that.”Song Yu’er was about to cry in anger.

Wei Ming shouted, “Omi, if you slander me Yu’er again, I’ll

It’s not polite to you.”

Omi laughed, his eyes filled with disdain, at noon that eighth ranked Edward had beaten him up, this tenth ranked Wei Ming, Omi really didn’t want to bully him, but some people couldn’t even bully if they didn’t want to.Omi also didn’t want to keep a low profile, a low profile would only make his bodyguard’s job more difficult.

The principal said, “Alright, Wei Ming, Song Yu’er, don’t be irrational by this guy, he’s playing psychological warfare, thus influencing his opponent.Don’t talk nonsense with him, let me learn Omi’s martial arts skills.”

Wei Ming glared at Omi, who was chasing Song Yu’er, such a romantic affair, was ruined by Omi’s one word of sleep.

The principal immediately made a pose and said, “Omi, come on, do it.”

Chen Tianming was busy saying, “Omi, after you lose, please be good and move back to your original class, you are not welcome in my class 32.”

Omi looked at Chen Tianming indifferently and snorted, “I won’t move back, you can die of that.”

Chen Tian Ming exhaled and looked at the principal.

Wei Ming said, “Headmaster, use the Wild Crane Combination Fist.”

“Good.”The headmaster immediately posed a wild crane and prepared himself for the attack.

Omi didn’t pose in any position, with his strength, a casual kick would be enough to keep the headmaster in bed for half a year.

The headmaster shouted, “Omi, watch the move.”

“Wild crane out of the plug.”

The principal flexed his palms like a wild crane with a high head and fiercely took it to Omi.

Omi didn’t even look and just shot up with a kick.

The principal felt a shadow flash in front of his eyes, then a big foot kicked him in the face.

“Ah.”The principal screamed and whirled out of the office and flew out the door.

The principal fell heavily to the floor.

“Ah, Headmaster.”Wei Ming saw the situation and ran out of the office in a panic, picking up the principal in the corridor.

The headmaster’s nose was crooked.

“Ugh.”Song Yu’er sighed, the principal was so vulnerable and was not surprised, after all, it was normal for the principal to not be able to beat Omi, but she did not expect to lose so completely.

The principal suffered pain and was helped into the office, looking at the gloating teaching director on the side, the principal felt very ashamed, he wanted to show his hands in front of the teaching director and Chen Tianming, pretending to compare and break up a few dozen moves with Omi, it would be best if he could defeat Omi.But I didn’t expect to be kicked out of the office, and my old face was disgraced.However, what was even more fierce inside the principal’s heart was that Omi actually dared to hurt him and showed no mercy to him.

The principal looked up at Omi and said angrily, “Omi, I’m at least a principal, and you didn’t spare any face to lay such a heavy hand on me.”

Omi said, “Lord Headmaster, if I hadn’t shown any mercy, you would have been dead by now.”

“You…” the headmaster was even more annoyed, and dared to say the four words “one life to the west.

Wei Ming saw that the headmaster was so vulnerable and also felt ashamed, but just now he had personally said that even if he couldn’t win the fight, he would have no problem dealing with twenty or thirty moves.As a result, a kick.

Instead of pretending to be a match, the principal lost face, so he could only say to Wei Ming with resentment, “Wei Ming, this Wild Crane Combination Fist you taught me doesn’t seem to be very powerful ah.”


Wei Ming was depressed when he heard the headmaster say that, and at the same time, he became even angrier at Omi.

Wei Ming looked at Omi and said through clenched teeth, “Headmaster, since you doubt that the Wild Crane Combination I taught you isn’t good, then I’ll personally demonstrate to you whether or not it’s really not good.”

Song Yu’er was busy clapping her hands in excitement, “Yes, yes, Wei Ming, you quickly use the boxing technique you taught the headmaster and knock Omi down, I heard that this Wild Crane Combination Fist of yours is a second class martial art, oh.”

Needless to say, the Wild Crane Combination Fist that Wei Ming taught was questioned by the headmaster, he must use the Wild Crane Combination Fist to his face today and beat Omi to shit, let the headmaster see if the Wild Crane Combination Fist that he taught is more or less powerful.No matter if it was to the headmaster or Song Yu’er, Wei Ming was going to show them the power of the Wild Crane Combination Fist today no matter what.

Omi left his mouth open.

What Wild Crane Combination Fist, in Omi’s eyes, if you had to use one word to describe it, trash, if you had to add an adjective in front of it, very trash.

Wei Ming looked at Omi and gritted his teeth, “Omi… you do it.”

Wei Ming instantly struck a perfect pose, and indeed the action was far sharper than the principal.

Omi said, “Feel free to let the horses come.”

Song Yu’er and the other idlers all took a few steps back.

“Drink.”Wei Ming burst out. A second to remember to read the book

“Wild crane out of the plug.”Wei Ming used the same move that the headmaster had just used, aiming to prove it to the headmaster.

This time, Omi didn’t rush out, and only when Wei Ming’s Wild Crane Fist was about to reach his eyes, Omi suddenly made a move and slapped his palm on Wei Ming’s arm.

“Ka-cha.”Wei Ming’s arm was instantly dislocated, and at the same time, Omi hooked Wei Ming’s right foot into the crook of his leg, and Wei Ming’s knee pounded forward.

Wei Ming kneeled in front of Omi in front of everyone’s eyes in a blink.

“Ah.”Wei Ming was so shocked that he himself didn’t even realize how he had kneeled down in the blink of an eye, because Omi’s shot was too fast and too crisp.

After Wei Ming reacted, he became furious, and no longer used any Wild Crane Combination Fist, directly taking out his strongest move to pounce on Omi.

At this point, Omi didn’t bother to waste time with him.

Omi kicked Wei Ming out of his office before he could pounce on him.

“Bang.”Like the headmaster, Wei Ming flew out into the corridor and fell heavily onto the corridor, thumping the dust off the floor.

In the office, there was silence, the principal, Song Yu’er, the teaching director, Chen Tianming, and the four of them were all dumbfounded, as if they didn’t believe it all.

Wei Ming was a very famous Baiyun High School, a genius expert ranked tenth in martial arts, how could he be vulnerable in front of Omi?

In the corridor, Wei Ming sat up from the floor in a mess, having just fallen face-first onto the floor tiles, his face aflame with pain and his nose as crooked as the principal’s.

Wei Ming’s entire body was weakly leaning against the corridor balcony, and at the moment he was confused.

“How can this be, this is impossible, Omi a nameless junior, even if she is a campus villain, she can never be my opponent, why is this happening.I, Wei Ming, was actually defeated by Omi in one move, this is impossible.”Wei Ming muttered to himself.

Omi walked out of the office and saw Wei Ming’s inability to accept reality, so he said, “Wei Ming, you

There’s nothing unacceptable about being so vulnerable in my hands, because, that whatever Edward, who is ranked eighth in martial arts at Baiyun High School, was similarly beaten by me to the point where he couldn’t get up.Are you, a ranked tenth, even more powerful than Edward?”

“What?Edward has fought you too?”Wei Ming looked up abruptly and looked at Omi.

The four principals in front of the office also looked at Omi in horror.

Omi snorted, “That whatever Broken Mountain Palm that Edward used, huh, I almost paralyzed him with one punch.Hahaha.”Omi laughed out loud.

Wei Ming’s shocked body even trembled, who Edward was, he knew better than anyone else, Edward’s Broken Mountain Palm, was a third-grade martial art, Wei Ming had fought him, and was no match for Edward at all.Unexpectedly, even Edward was almost paralyzed by a single punch.

Wei Ming burst out laughing bitterly, “Hahaha, hahaha.”The voice was filled with sarcasm, yes, even Edward was no match, what was Wei Ming, who ranked tenth, and what was he, thanks to the fact that he was still smug in front of Omi, but as a result, Omi was much more powerful than Edward.

When the principal saw Wei Ming crying and laughing, he asked, “Wei Ming, how are you?”

Wei Ming was incomparably frustrated, as if he had been pulled down from his high altar.

Omi said, “Lord Headmaster, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first.”

After saying that, Omi walked away.

Song Yu’er stomped her foot in anger and said in frustration, “This bastard, he didn’t learn his lesson again this time.”

Wei Ming saw that Song Yu’er didn’t have a word of greeting for him and thought that Song Yu’er was disappointed in him, so he was busy calling out, “Yu’er.”

Song Yu’er looked at Wei Ming and said, “You’re too useless, you’re still tenth in the school, you can’t even clean up a Omi.”

Wei Ming swore, “Yu’er, give me ten years, I will definitely surpass Omi.”

Song Yu’er stared, “Ten years, thanks to you having the nerve to say it, I can’t even wait ten days.Forget it, it looks like I have to take revenge on Omi, I can only rely on that bodyguard of mine.”

Song Yu’er sighed and turned around to walk away.

Wei Ming saw Song Yu’er’s back, her graceful figure, sexy curves, incomparable, almost didn’t warp.However, he felt that chasing after Song Yu’er was getting slimmer and slimmer, and Wei Ming yelled out in pain.

Chen Tianming said, “Wei Ming, you don’t need to be frustrated, there are people outside the human world, and there is a heaven outside the sky, although Omi is more powerful than you, there are just as many people who are more powerful than Omi.Also, I don’t think Song Yu’er is half-meaningful to you at all, just look at her eyes, she’s also too pretty, you, you’d better give up early.”

Wei Ming shook his fist and said, “I won’t give up.”

Omi walked down to the teachers’ office building, just in time to see three boys waiting at the stairway.

One of the youths said, “Brother Yan, it’s true, Song Yu’er is really on the teacher office building, I saw it with my own eyes, but I just don’t know which teacher’s office she went to.”

Omi was stunned and shocked, “Someone is actually intercepting Song Yu’er here.”

Omi immediately stopped to see who was trying to do something to Song Yu’er, although Omi had no family or affection for Song Yu’er, Song Yu’er wasn’t a bad person either.

The boy who was called Brother Yan asked, “Is that bodyguard of Song Yu’er there?”

“Don’t worry Yan, that bodyguard from Song Yu’er didn’t follow.”

Chapter 61

This boy, who was called Brother Yan, still had bandages on his hands and a gauze on his face, and he looked like a mess.

Another boy asked, “Brother Yan, was it Song Yu’er’s bodyguard who beat you up when you gave Song Yu’er flowers in the morning?What the hell, he beat you up like that.”

That Brother Yan said angrily, “I don’t know if he hit me, I didn’t see if he kicked me at the time, but I think it must have been him.”

“Brother Yan, so it seems that the bodyguard Song Yu’er hired should not be weak in martial arts ah, how will you still pick up Song Yu’er in the future.”

Another: “Pity about Song Yuer’s beautiful face and amazing body, if another man takes advantage of this, Brother Yan, you won’t be angry, you’ve been chasing her for a few years and you haven’t even smelled Song Yuer’s fart.”

“f*ck you, who wants to smell her farts.”

“Brother Yan is sorry, a slip of the tongue.”

Omi heard their conversation and already knew who they were, it turned out to be the man who gave 99 roses to Song Yuer in the morning, it was Omi who kicked him away.

At this time, that Yan brother was annoyed, “Originally I wanted to chase her by the rules, do something that would move her, and then make her follow me willingly.But I didn’t expect Song Yu’er to be so noble, she’s always looked down on me, and now she’s hired a bodyguard, so it’ll be hard for me to get close to her in the future.”

“Brother Yan, then how are you still going to chase Song Yuer?”A younger brother asked.

That Yan grunted, “Chase?I’m not going to bother chasing after her, Song Yu’er has hired an expert bodyguard, I won’t be able to get close to her in the future, I’ve already decided to change my target, she’s not the only beautiful girl anyway, why should I be trespassing on myself, wouldn’t it be better for me to find one that’s easier to get.” First URL mNatia .online

The little brother asked, “Brother Yan, who’s the more accessible beauty you’re talking about?”

“Our school’s beauty isn’t worse than Song Yu’er, and who’s the easiest to get hold of?”

“Of course it’s Simran, a commoner school flower, it’s the one you can get with money, it’s definitely the easiest to get.”

That Brother Yan nodded, “Yes, it’s Simran, anyway, her beauty and figure aren’t inferior to Song Yu’er, so why should I touch Song Yu’er’s tough stubble.”

Omi’s eyebrows raised, he dared to hit on Simran and threatened to get even easier, Omi would let them know if Simran was easier to get.

At that moment, one: “Brother Yan, if we don’t want to chase Song Yu’er, then why are we waiting here for Song Yu’er?”

Yan grunted, “Although I’ve decided to go after Simran, but how can I not get some interest back after wasting so much energy on Song Yu’er.So, I’m going to rape her, and after I’m done with her, I’ll be able to go after Simran in peace.”

“Wow, Brother Yan, so we’re waiting here for Song Yuer because you’re going to rape her ah, you should have said so earlier.”

“Brother Yan, that bodyguard who didn’t follow Song Yu’er is a good opportunity to do it ah.Song Yu’er will definitely pass by here later, and the teachers’ office building is less crowded, so let’s take her away with a set of sacks and pull the car straight away, then find a place to rape her properly.”

Cao Yan said fiercely, “Song Yu’er, you asked for it.”

A younger brother asked, “Brother Yan, after you’ve raped Song Yu’er, can you let the brothers have a little fun too.Song Yu’er’s body makes me desire every time I see it.”

Before Cao Yan could speak, Omi walked down the stairs and appeared in front of the three campus thugs.

The three thugs were obviously taken aback when they saw Omi appear, they thought that no one was there.

“Who are you?What are you doing here?

?”One of the bumbling students immediately questioned Omi.

Omi said, “I’m a student ah, passing through here.”

Cao Yan’s face was frosty as he pressed, “Give me an honest explanation, did you hear anything of what we just said?”

Omi nodded, “Heard that ah, you guys are going to rape Song Yu’er.”

“What.”Cao Yan’s few were shocked, this kid actually heard everything and dared to say it without changing his face.

Cao Yan and a few of his younger brothers looked at each other, they all seemed to know from each other’s eyes that Omi couldn’t possibly let him go.

One of Cao Yan’s younger brothers asked with a sneer, “Kid, you heard that, but you actually dared to say it directly?”

Omi laughed, “Didn’t you tell me to be honest?So I’ll be honest ah.”

A few of Cao Yan’s younger brothers had a moment to look at each other, one of them: “Brother Yan, isn’t this kid a bit stupid?If you tell him to be honest, he’ll really be honest.”

A youngster asked Omi, “Kid, do you know who we are?”

Omi shook his head, “I don’t know.”

“What? You don’t even know who we are?”A few eyebrows raised, thinking that this kid had already recognized them, after all, their fame was so great that there weren’t many people who wouldn’t recognize them.

Omi nodded his head, “Yeah, who are you guys?”

“f*ck, this is our Brother Yan, one of the five most evil youngsters of White Cloud High School, you don’t even know him.”

“Oh, so it’s Brother Yan, one of the five most vicious youngsters.”Omi nodded his head in sudden realization.

At that moment, Cao Yan ordered, “Cannon, don’t bullshit with him, this kid heard our plan, he must not be allowed to leave.”

“Brother Yan, what about doing to him?You’re not going to kill him, are you?We didn’t kill anyone.”

Cao Yan frowned, “Who said to silence.”

“Brother Yan, if we don’t silence it, there will be witnesses for you raping Song Yuer.”

Cao Yan trailed off, “Did I say that I would rape Song Yu’er blindfolded?”

“Ah, Yan, aren’t you planning to rape Song Yuer with your face covered?But without a mask over her face, wouldn’t Song Yu’er know that you raped her, and would Song Yu’er’s family let you off the hook?”

Cao Yan smiled coldly, “I’m afraid of Song Yu’er’s family, do you know that?I pooh, so what if I know it’s me, will my family be weaker than the Song family?Hmph.”

The two younger brothers were busy raising their thumbs: “Brother Yan is domineering, raping people without a mask, worthy of being our beloved campus desperate mad god, crazy enough.”

Cao Yan a rebuke: “Okay, don’t be long-winded, tie this kid up and throw him into the car first, maybe Song Yu’er will come down soon, don’t delay the business.”

A few of the boys immediately tied up Omi’s hands and feet.

Of course, Omi had let them tie them on purpose, and Omi could break free at any time.

Omi was thrown into the trunk of a limousine, and with a slam, the trunk locked up, Omi was going to have to humiliate himself.Omi could have just beaten those thugs down, but Omi wanted to wait until they had captured Song Yu’er before making a move, at least to make Song Yu’er suffer some pain before saying anything, so he couldn’t let Song Yu’er be secretly saved by Omi without suffering anything.

Sure enough, about a minute or two later, the trunk opened again, only to see Song Yuer’s mouth wrapped in duct tape and her hands and feet tied up.


Song Yu’er kept struggling, but unfortunately she couldn’t.

When Song Yu’er was pulled to the trunk entrance, she saw Omi lying bent inside and was stunned, not expecting Omi to be caught as well.

Then, those guys stuffed Song Yu’er into the trunk as well.

Although the trunk of this car was quite large and advanced, it immediately became very crowded after stuffing two people.

“Bang.”The trunk was slammed shut, and Omi and Song Yu’er were plunged into darkness.

Omi and Song Yu’er’s bodies were almost pressed together, and Omi’s face was right on Song Yu’er’s chest.

At that moment, the car suddenly started, and due to inertia, Omi’s face slammed into Song Yu’er’s soft chest.

“Nuh-uh.”Song Yu’er seemed to have felt something, and shouted a few times in a muffled voice.

Omi was helpless in his heart, he had wanted to take the opportunity to teach these people who dared to hit on Simran a lesson, and incidentally also save Song Yu’er, but he didn’t expect to be stuffed into the trunk, and now he had accidentally eaten Song Yu’er’s face of tofu.

“N-no.”Song Yuer’s mouth was sealed, wanting to say something but couldn’t, desperately trying to avoid Omi’s face, but the trunk was just so big.

Song Yu’er desperately hit the top of the trunk with her head, but unfortunately, everything was in vain, let alone whether the cockpit people could hear it or not, and even if they did, it was impossible to pay attention. Remember the URL

Song Yuer is going to collapse, Omi’s nose is completely close to her breast.As soon as the car accelerates, Omi’s face will hit her chest, if the car slows down, she will hit Omi’s face.

Omi was speechless, he also wanted to move away, but the trunk was so small there was no place to move it.Unless Omi unties himself right now and blows the lid off the trunk with one punch.

But Omi didn’t want to do that at the moment, those people wanted to rape Song Yu’er, Omi had planned to wait until they were about to make their move, and also give Song Yu’er some guilt by the way.

However, the car soon stopped.

The trunk hit open.

Omi was pulled out first, followed by Song Yu’er.

Song Yu’er stared hard at Omi, who had just eaten all of her tofu, though not for long.

Omi didn’t pay any attention to Song Yu’er’s angry gaze, but looked around.

Discovering that this was a construction site not far from the school, Omi had seen many such sites on TV.

At that moment, one of Cao Yan’s younger brothers asked, “Brother Yan, is it safe here?”

“Don’t worry, this is my company’s construction site, it happens to be closed for a few days, no one will bother me, hahaha.”Cao Yan laughed, then looked at Song Yu’er with a silver evil gaze, as if he was about to drool at the sight of delicious food.

Song Yu’er looked at Cao Yan in fear and struggled hard.

Cao Yan said: “Song Yu’er, I’ve been chasing you for two years, I’ve been sending you flowers every day, but you’re not looking at me properly.Now you’ve even hired a bodyguard, which you forced me to do, today I’ll rape you here, I’ll see what you can do.”

“Nuh-uh.”Song Yu’er was afraid of the mewling.

“Hahaha, Song Yu’er, scream as much as you want, no one will pay attention to you even if you scream your throat out, the louder you scream, the more fun I’ll make.”Cao Yan laughed loudly, then took off his shirt and slowly walked up to Song Yu’er.

At this time, one of Cao Yan’s little brothers pointed at Tang Zi

The minister asked, “Brother Yan, what about this kid?Do you want him here to watch you work?”

Cao Yan looked at Omi and grunted, “Knock this kid out.”


Cao Yan no longer cared about Omi and his hands hurriedly went to undo his belt.

Cao Yan’s men picked up a brick and smashed it at Omi.

“Pah.”At that moment, Omi instantly knocked that little brother unconscious.

The other little brother saw it and immediately rushed up to Omi.

“Pah.”Omi blinked and slapped him unconscious as well.

Cao Yan’s pants were unzipped and was about to take off his pants when Song Yu’er screamed with her eyes closed.

Cao Yan was about to take off his pants when suddenly a person behind him grabbed his neck and lifted him up.

“Who.”Cao Yan was lifted in the air, his arms and legs scrambling, unable to turn back, unable to see who was lifting him.

Omi’s voice sounded behind him, “It’s me.”

Cao Yan raged, “It’s you, let go of me.”

“Let go of you?I was deliberately tied up by you, just waiting for this moment, how do you want me to let go of you.”

Cao Yan was like a turtle, being grabbed by the neck and held up in the air, his heart was already furious, he was one step away from giving Song Yu’er that, he f*ck.

Cao Yan yelled, “Cannon, Xiaowei, what are you guys doing, don’t come over and knock this kid out.”

Omi said, “You idiot, they have already been knocked out by me, go ahead and shout, no one will pay attention to you even if you break your throat.”

Cao Yan was furious, wasn’t that what he had just said to Song Yuer.

“Grass you f*ck, let go of me.”Cao Yan blushed and shouted, being held up in the air like a toad, it was really unpleasant.

Song Yu’er has opened her eyes, seeing Omi standing behind Cao Yan, pinching the neck of Cao Yan, lifting him up, Song Yu’er a heart finally relaxed, just thought this time was really going to be raped by Cao Yan.

Omi said, “You’re an unruly person, you don’t even know how to repent, it seems you can’t be spared lightly.”

Omi looked around, picked up a rope and tied Cao Yan’s hands behind his back.

“I’ll f*ck you, I’m not done with you.”Cao Yan’s hands were tied backwards, unable to break free, he cursed angrily.

Omi tied up all of Cao Yan’s little brothers’ hands and feet as well.

Then tied them into a ball again and bolted them to the concrete pillars of the construction site.

“Ahhhh.”Cao Yan’s lungs were about to explode, and for the first time in his life, he was insulted so greatly.

Cao Yan’s eyes were filled with blood and he yelled, “You heck, do you know who I am?If you don’t let go of me, I’ll make you finished.”

Omi ignored it, his mouth a Yang of disdain.

“I’m an evil young man from Baiyun High School, if you dare to tie me up, I won’t let you go.”Cao Yan hissed.

Omi clapped his hands, and Cao Yan and a few of his little brothers were all tied solidly to the concrete pillar by Omi.

Omi smiled, “Cao Yan, you probably still don’t know who I am, right?”

“I don’t care who you are, if you don’t let go of me, I’ll chop your whole family to death.”Cao Yan exhaled.


Omi smiled, “Cao Yan, remember, my name is Omi.”

Cao Yan was stunned, the name Omi seemed a bit familiar.

In the next second, Cao Yan remembered, at noon he heard from his subordinates that there was a sixth vicious youngster in Baiyun High School, called Omi.

“Omi, it’s you, why did you ruin my good fortune.”Cao Yan asked angrily.

“Ruin your good fortune?You think you’re doing a good thing?”Omi asked speechlessly.

Cao Yan angrily said, “Omi, we are all campus villains and are considered peers, you….

“Peers?Who’s traveling with you.”Omi was amused.

“Aren’t you the Omi who’s widely regarded as the sixth most evil young man on campus?”

Omi didn’t deny it, nodding his head, “Yes, I’m the sixth lesser evil that everyone recognizes.”

“Since I am, then we are all evil few, we are all the same, what are you pretending to be so noble now, even though what I am doing is not good, but you think what you are doing is good?Don’t forget your identity as an evil youngster, we evil youngsters never do good, I hope you know your identity, don’t tarnish the reputation of our Baiyun High School’s evil youngster.”Cao Yan said through clenched teeth.

“I sweat.”Omi wiped a cold sweat, an evil youngster still has a reputation?Doing good will tarnish the reputation of the lesser evil? One second to remember to read the book

Cao Yan continued, “Omi, you let go of me right now, I know you must also want to hit on Song Yuer.Since we are all evil youngsters, I, Cao Yan, can promise you that when I’m done with my pleasure, the second one will be for you.How about it?”

Omi looked at Song Yu’er and pretended to look like he was thinking.

Song Yu’er shivered as she saw that Omi was actually thinking, Song Yu’er just remembered that Omi was also a campus villain ah.

“Nuh-uh.”Song Yu’er began to struggle again.

Omi went up and tore the tape on Song Yu’er’s mouth.

Song Yu’er was busy shouting, “Help, help.”

Cao Yan roared, “Song Yu’er, don’t be quiet, this is a construction site, it’s useless for you to scream your throat out.”

“Oooooh.”Song Yu’er cried out.

Cao Yan said to Omi, “Omi, what do you think of the suggestion I just made?We’re all evil, and we’re all considered family, so if I have something good, brother, of course I’m willing to share it with you.”

“This well.”Omi looked at Song Yu’er with a heated smile and said, “I can now enjoy Song Yu’er completely by myself, why should I share it with you?”

Cao Yan’s heart exploded with anger.

Song Yu’er cried out in fear, “Omi, if you dare to touch me, my bodyguard Liu Yue will not let you go.”

Omi squatted in front of Song Yu’er, his hand caressed Song Yu’er’s face hehe smiled, “This face, the growth is really perfect, to enjoy such a great beauty, even if you are killed by your bodyguard, it is worth it, Song Yu’er, don’t you think so?I’d rather die under the flowers and be a ghost.”

“Omi, you dare.”

Omi said, “I’m recognized as the school’s campus villain, what else do you think I don’t dare?Hahaha.”

Song Yu’er shivered, yes, Omi was a campus villain, what else would she not dare to do, I heard that he was in the ladies’ room, attempting to defile Liona, all daring to defile Liona, would she not dare?

Cao Yan roared, “Omi, do you really intend to enjoy it alone?”

Tang dynasty (618-907)

The minister looked at Cao Yan and smiled, “Or what did you think?”

“Damn you, no matter what, I’m still an Evil Shao, you don’t even show any mercy, don’t force me to complain against you in the Evil Shao Committee.”Cao Yan threatened.

“Vicious Minority Committee?”Omi was stunned.

“There’s still a committee for Evil?”Omi asked in confusion.

“Omi, you’ve just been promoted to Evil Shao, it’s no surprise that you don’t know about it, we are not unconnected with each other, we have an organization that belongs to the Evil Shao, called the Evil Shao Committee.Since you’ve become an Evil Major, you’re naturally a member of the committee, if you dare to do anything to ruin the reputation of the Evil Major, the committee’s president and vice-president won’t let you off, and everyone on the committee won’t let you off.”

Omi found it refreshing, this world was really full of wonders, the Evil Shao had actually set up a committee as well.

“Then, may I ask who is the chairman and who is the vice-chairman?”

Cao Yan said, “The chairman is naturally the No. 1 evil teenager of Baiyun High School, Fang Hong, and the vice chairman is the No. 2 evil teenager of Baiyun High School, Xie Linyu.I, as well as Roger and Jin Hu, are all members of the Evil Youth Committee, and you naturally also belong to one of the members of the Evil Youth Committee now.Omi, I advise you not to do anything stupid to destroy the harmony of the committee.Otherwise, you will definitely be jointly pursued by the other members.”

“Hahaha.”Omi laughed out loud.

Omi said, “Cao Yan, you’d better stop wasting your breath, I won’t be able to let you go, you’ll be tied up here, whenever someone comes to rescue you, you’ll be able to leave.Didn’t you say that this construction site is shut down, then someone will always find you when work starts.”

Cao Yan panicked, “Omi, don’t go too far, if you want Song Yu’er, then just take it, I’ll just let you have it, anyway, I already have a new target.”

“Bang.”Omi punched Cao Yan’s abdomen, and blood immediately came out of the corner of Cao Yan’s mouth.

Omi warned, “Cao Yan, listen to me, I’m tying you up today, not for Song Yu’er, but for Simran, if you dare to touch her, I’ll break your bones.”

“Ah.”Cao Yan suddenly realized, so Omi was doing this for Simran, did Omi also like Simran.

Omi walked towards Song Yu’er.

Song Yu’er saw Omi coming towards her, thinking that Omi was going to start defiling her, she cried out, “Omi, don’t come over, if you dare to touch me, I’ll bite my tongue and kill myself.”

Omi snorted, “Save your breath, and bite your tongue to kill yourself.”

Song Yu’er continued to cry, “Omi, you’ve defiled me, it’s not good for you in the slightest, I advise you to stop immediately.”

Omi squatted down in front of Song Yu’er.

“Ahhhh.”Song Yu’er stirred desperately in fear, shouting threats, “Omi, if you dare defile me, my grandfather will kill you.”

Omi rolled his eyes and touched his hand to Song Yu’er.

“Oooh, Omi, if you defile me, I won’t let you go even if I were a ghost.”

Omi trailed off, “Come on, Song Yu’er, Ben is not interested in you, I’m not Wei Ming, do you really think everyone wants to sleep with you?You’re too narcissistic, I’ve never seen anyone so narcissistic, and my senior sister, the world’s most beautiful woman, isn’t as narcissistic as you.”Saying that, Omi’s hand reached out to the rope Song Yu’er was tied up with and untied it.

“Ugh.”Song Yu’er was stunned, she thought Omi was about to start defiling her, but she didn’t expect Omi’s hand to reach over to untie the rope for her.


Omi untied all of Song Yu’er’s ropes.

Song Yu’er stood up incredulously.

“Omi, did you really let me go?”Song Yu’er asked cautiously.

“Or what?”

“Are you sure you don’t regret it?”Song Yu’er asked again.

Omi gave Song Yu’er a blank stare, didn’t even bother to say anything more to her, and turned to walk outside the construction site.

“Hey, Omi, what do you mean.”

Omi didn’t bother to pay attention to her, applied his light power and left the construction site in no time.

Song Yu’er touched her head and grunted, “This Omi, such a good opportunity to not rape me, what does he mean, looking down on me?I don’t believe it, Miss Ben wants to have a figure and a look, what boy would not like it.I’m sure he’s afraid that my bodyguard will find him afterwards, and even more afraid that my grandfather will kill him, that’s why he doesn’t dare to really rape me.Hmph, he even ran away so fast just now, it must be that my temptation is too strong, he’s afraid that he’ll be unable to hold on and slip away, so as not to make a big mistake and regret it.”Song Yu’er touched her pretty face, instantly regaining her confidence.

If Omi heard Song Yu’er’s words, he would definitely be furious that he had kindly let her go, but actually suspected that he didn’t dare to rape her for fear of trouble.In the end, he didn’t bother to pay attention to her and applied his light skills to walk away, and suspected that he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to hold on to her, so he quickly slipped away.Your sister, I’ve never seen such a narcissist.

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Tang Zihao looked at the parking lot, Liona’s beetle sedan had disappeared, and nine times out of ten, Liona had driven away by herself.

Omi still called to confirm whether it was Liona herself went back first, a call, it really was.

Omi had to get on a bus to the Songtao neighborhood, in that case, let’s go to the Songtao neighborhood first and drive away that BMW.

Forty minutes later, Omi finally arrived at the Songtao District.

At this moment, in the Songtao District, Omi’s home.

Maids Jean and John were dazed with boredom in a hundred different ways.

“John, Young Master doesn’t need us to serve him at all now, what should we do?The two of us are still living here and we have no money on us, how can we live our lives.”

John huffed, “I told you long ago that we ran away but you didn’t, now that the young master has left on his own, we two maids are here with nothing to do.Now I don’t have any money on me and you don’t have any money on you either, Young Master can’t possibly manage our meals, do we have to go out and make money on our own as servants?”

Jean said, “We grew up in the Tang family, and if we really wanted to go out into society, we wouldn’t survive at all.Besides, Young Master’s martial arts skills are so high, if he returns to the Tang family one day in the future, then we’ll be rich ah.”

Just at this moment, there was a knock at the door.

Jean opened the door and saw Omi standing outside the door.

“Young Master, you’re back.”Jean was overjoyed to see Omi.

Omi walked into the house and saw that it was quite neatly tidied up, it seemed that the two maids didn’t dare to act like that now.

Omi smiled, “Not bad, taking good care of my house.”

John asked, “Young Master, why have you suddenly come back, you’re not your bodyguard?”

Omi glared at John and huffed, “I’ve spent all my money, I’m not a bodyguard and you’re supporting me?”

“Oh, young master, then you

Any orders to come back now?”

Omi stretched out his hand and said, “John, give me the keys to my car.”

John’s face was bitter, obediently took the keys of the BMW to Omi, now even the last car was taken back, how can he live in the future.

Omi took the car key in his heart, he would have his own car in the future.

Omi instructed, “You two, give me a good look at the house, all right, I’ll leave first.”

Omi turned around and left, Jean shouted, “Young Master.”

Omi turned back and said, “What for?Anything else?”

Little Ring looked aggrieved, “Young Master, we’re your servants ah, how about you take me away, I’ll serve you.”

“I don’t need you to serve me, just give me a good look at the house.”Omi walked out of the house.

“Young Master.”Little Ring shouted again.

“What is it again?”

“We, we don’t have money for food.”The only few hundred pieces they had on them last Saturday had been scavenged by Omi, they hadn’t been working either, they had been relying on the money given by that former Omi’s mother to sit on the table, and now the remaining money had been taken back by Omi, and now they were finally experiencing hunger.

Omi was stunned, “No money to eat?”

John said, “Young Master, I haven’t eaten anything for a day now.”After saying that, John’s stomach grumbled, so it didn’t look like he was lying.

Jean’s stomach also rumbled.

Omi was speechless, “You guys have arms and legs, wouldn’t you go find food yourselves?Do I have to make money to feed you guys?Who the hell is the young master now?”

Jean said, “Young Master, we grew up in a Tang family with no skills to earn a living, and I wanted to go out and work as a waiter in the morning, but we had to work for a month to get paid.But after a month, we’re all starving.”

“Young Master, take us away, the place where you go to work as a bodyguard must be a big rich family, we can also work for them, we only need to manage the food and accommodation, at the same time, we can also serve you, Young Master ah.”.

Omi hesitated as he saw that the two maids were indeed a bit pitiful.

Now, besides Liona, there was only one Wu Ma in the Liu family, and Wu Ma was, after all, an elderly woman, so the villa was so big that she definitely couldn’t be busy.It wouldn’t be impossible to bring John and Jean there and give them free labor.

Just then, Omi’s phone rang, and it was Liu Chenming calling.

“Hello, boss.”Omi was busy picking it up.

“Oh, Omi, don’t be so polite, call me Uncle Willow.”

“Uncle Willow, what are you looking for me for, you tell me.”

Liu Chenming said, “Omi, I’m sorry, I just learned from Wu Ma that Xiang’er even drove off on her own and didn’t wait for you, I’m really sorry, I heard that you haven’t even gone back yet, right?”

Omi smiled, “Yeah, I haven’t gone back yet.”

“Omi, I’m sorry, I apologize for Xiang’er’s behavior, she’s so inconsiderate, she didn’t even wait for you after school, I’ve already scolded her severely.”

“Uncle Liu, it’s fine, it’s not her fault.”

“Omi, where are you now?”

“I’m in my own home.”Omi said truthfully.

“What? You’re back at your own home, Omi, are you mad that you don’t want to be Xiang’er’s bodyguard anymore?”Willow Chen asked in shock.


“Uncle Liu, you misunderstood, I’m going home to take my own car.By the way, Uncle Willow, I think it’s a bit overwhelming for Wu Ma to manage such a big villa in your house by herself, how about I bring you two free labourers over?It’s the two maids that followed me from the family before, you don’t have to pay them, just mind the food.”

Liu Chen Ming smiled, “Wu Ma is indeed a bit tired, I also asked her to hire a few nannies before, but she never did.Then you scratch it, these are all small things, you’ll be able to make your own decisions on small things like this from now on, without ever asking me.”

“Okay, then I’ll be back later.”

“Good work, then you’re busy, I won’t be back until a few days later.”


Hanging up the phone, Omi looked, “Count you two lucky, my boss is a generous man.Alright, go pack your things yet, come with me right away.”

“Thank you young master.”Jean excitedly jumped up and kissed Omi.

Omi was quick-eyed, two fingers blocked his face, and Jean’s lips kissed Omi’s fingers, not letting her get away with it.

Jean and John immediately went to pack their things.

Twenty minutes later.

Omi drove his BMW and slowly drove out of the Songtao district, Jean and John sat in the back seat, excited. Remember the website Natia .online

Fifty minutes later, Omi drove the BMW to Liu Chenming’s house.

Wu Ma was already standing at the door, Liu Chen Ming had just called Wu Ma, so she already knew that Omi had brought two maids over.

“Mr. Tang, you’re back, these two must be the maids you brought.”Wu Ma smiled.

“Wu Ma, no need to be polite in the future, just use them.”Omi also replied, “You two, work here from now on, be more attentive, otherwise I won’t be able to protect you, I’m just someone’s bodyguard.”

“Young Master don’t worry, we’re professionals.”John said.

Wu Ma smiled, “Mr. Tang, the food is ready, you guys can go have dinner first.”

“Good.”Omi touched his stomach, he was really hungry, and looked up at Miss’s room, the room light was on.

Wu Ma said, “Miss has already eaten and is doing her homework in her room.Mr. Liu has just scolded Miss on the phone, at the moment Miss should be in a low mood, let her a quiet.”

Omi finished his meal hastily and then went upstairs, knocking on the door as he passed by the door of Liona’s room.

“Don’t bother me.”Liona’s voice came out from inside.

Liona was lying on her bed with tears on her face, she had just been scolded by Liu Chen, and Liona felt very aggrieved.

At that moment, Omi opened the door and walked in.

“You, how did you get in here?”When Liona looked up, she looked at Omi incredulously, she locked the door, and Omi came right in.

Omi said, “Miss, I was afraid you couldn’t think straight, so I came in.”

Liona with a snort: “I was not going to live long, why should I be so anxious to be unable to think, Omi, you even know how to open the lock, I really underestimated your skills.”

Omi smiled, “If I have offended Miss, I hope Miss will forgive me.”

Omi saw that there were still tears on Liona’s face and knew that she had just cried.

“Miss, is it still difficult for you to accept me as your personal bodyguard?”


Liona snorted, “Do we still need to ask?Would I have you as a bodyguard if my father hadn’t been dying for you?”

Omi smiled, “Uncle Willow is really afraid of losing you, he works hard to make money to help you heal, he won’t give up even the slightest hope.”

“I don’t want to chat with you, I have to do my homework.”

“Good.”Don Omi turned around and walked out.

“Wait, Don Omi.”

Omi turned back.

Liona had a hair in her hand and asked, “What’s this?”

Omi looked at the hair in Liona’s hand and wondered, “Hair, miss, are you silly, don’t you recognize hair?”

Liona huffed, “Omi, don’t play dumb with me, this was found on the seat of my car, it’s a girl’s hair.”

Omi laughed, “That’s your car, there must be a girl’s hair.”

“Omi, are you still pretending?This is in no way my hair, Don Omi, so tell me honestly, did you bring a woman into my car today?”

Omi recalled bringing Simran into Liona’s car at noon to talk about things.

Omi nodded and said, “Yeah, what’s up?”

Liona despised, “How dare you ask what’s wrong, you’ve gone too far, doing that in my car.”

Liona misunderstood that Omi had brought a woman with him to do bad things in her Beetle, and she didn’t blame her for misunderstanding, after all, Omi was a pervert in her mind, so as soon as she saw another woman’s hair in her car, she subconsciously thought that Omi had brought another woman to do something in her car.

“Miss, I don’t understand ah, even though it’s your car, it’s not so petty as that, it won’t do anything to use your car.”Omi said.

Liona that anger ah, Omi can actually be so grandiose to say this kind of words, use your car for a little bit and it won’t matter, too shameless.The thought of her car, which was used by Omi with another woman, disgusted Liona.

“Get lost, I don’t need you to drive me to and from school from now on, I can drive myself.If you want to protect me, just protect me at home, you don’t need it at school, and don’t let anyone know you’re my bodyguard at school, I really can’t afford to embarrass that person.”

“Oh well, I’ll use my own BMW anyway, I’ll use my own car from now on, my car is mostly better than yours, it’s more enjoyable to ride in.”Omi said indifferently.

Liona’s face turned pale and she said angrily, “Shameless, you get out.”Doing it more enjoyable this words also dare to say, shameless ah.Of course, Liona got the two homophones ‘sit’ and ‘do’ mixed up.Sitting is more pleasurable and doing is more pleasurable, and although it’s pronounced the same, the meaning is much different.

Omi is still baffled, this lady is not easy to serve, always looking for pricks for no reason.

Omi smiled and closed the door of Liona’s room.

Omi returned to his own room.

After taking a shower, Omi stood on the balcony and said in his heart, “That rich second generation Li Ziming, disregarding human life, hasn’t been punished properly, blatantly disregarding the law, I’m going to make him be punished tonight, how can I let him get away with it.”

But . Omi frowned, “Unfortunately, where is Li Ziming’s home?How can we find Li Ziming?”

Omi gave a bitter laugh, “I can’t even find anyone, how can I talk about justice, ridiculous.”

Chapter 66

Omi was depressed inside, he really wanted to go and clean up that Li Ziming in the middle of the night, but unfortunately, he could only think about it.

Just then, Omi saw the computer on the desk in his room.

“Hey, today Carlos said that if there is anything you don’t understand, you can go on, on can know everything.Carlos also said that in modern society, even mobile phones are smart, not to mention computers.”

Omi thought of this, his heart was happy: “Just now I was worried about not knowing Li Ziming’s house, now I don’t have to worry, I’ll try to check on the computer.”

Open the computer.

Omi figured it out and quickly learned to use the mouse.

However, Omi didn’t know about Baidu and kept on the computer desktop, moving the mouse around.

“How do I check Li Ziming’s house?”Omi was depressed, feeling so complicated, his computer mouse moved for half a day but no one paid attention to him.

Just at this moment, Omi’s computer desktop suddenly automatically opened a txt page, a line popped up on the page: “Hello, don’t ask me who I am, I just want to say, this lady is here, besides, your computer’s protective wall is good.”

Omi was stunned, not knowing what it meant.

Omi tried to type, but Omi’s first exposure to computer typing was very, very slow.But he knew a little bit of pinyin, because he learned it while typing on his phone in the afternoon. One second to remember to read the book.

At this moment, in a city far away from Linjiang City, in a certain room, a girl was lying on her bed, smiling, “Hacking into 100 computers every day, today’s mission is complete, yay.”

In this room, there were many pictures on the wall, a little girl, the little girl was wearing an orange rimless glasses, under the glasses was a little baby fat childish beauty, looking very pure and cute.Looking at the face, it felt very childish, but the boobs were adult-sized.

This girl looked at the screen, wanting to see the horrified expression of the other party she had invaded, but suddenly realized that the other party had been typing for a long time before she could barely make out a single word of the alphabet.The little beauty frowned, and sent a message anyway, having completed her mission of hacking 100 computers today.

“Hey, even if you’re using a computer for the first time, you’re not that slow at typing pinyin, right?You belong to a snail.”This line of information was displayed in Omi’s computer desktop txt file almost in the blink of an eye.

Omi had learned to type with his phone in the afternoon, and he had to combine words with spelling, but he didn’t know pinyin before, so he typed very, very slowly.

Finally, Omi typed out a line: “Are you an intelligent person?”

That little beauty on the other side frowned for no apparent reason, and then returned with a very dashing, “Sorry, I’m a hacker.”This little beauty loved to hack into other people’s computers, but she wouldn’t destroy other people’s computers, she just loved to hack into other people’s computers and leave a to here or tell the other person very handsomely, “I’m sorry, I’m a hacker.At this point, she feels very free.For example, when she told Omi that she was a hacker, she felt very happy.She was about to receive Omi’s incredible and stunned gaze as well as tone of voice.

However, Omi’s typing was too slow and slow, making her wait to collapse, but she still wanted to wait, she wanted to see how surprised or angry Omi was when he learned that she was a hacker and hacked into his computer, this is the time when she felt the most fulfilled.

Omi scrapped and typed another line: “Chi

Noh, can you help me find Li Ziming’s house?”

Omi didn’t know what a hacker was, and didn’t see this when he watched TV.

The little beauty’s eyebrows furrowed and repeated, “Sorry, I’m a hacker.”

Omi typed another line: “Intelligent person, I need to find Li Ziming, help me find the address of Li Ziming’s house.”

The little beauty was depressed, was he blind?I’ve said I’m a hacker, and he’s still intelligent man intelligent man, sick.

Little beauty did not see the other party surprised and incredulous, but instead intelligent endlessly, very depressed.This is the first time she has encountered the situation in all these years, before other people, after discovering the hacker, were very surprised, some would even scold her.But what happened today?

“Say it again, I’m a hacker.”Over again.

“Are you really an intelligent person?Why don’t you listen?”Don Omi typed a very confused line.

“Chi you sister ah, I am a hacker.”That 16-year-old beautiful little hacker fire up, all said several times, she is a hacker, but also intelligent intelligent, intelligent sister can ah.

A minute later, Omi typed another line: “Intelligent person, I want to go to Li Ziming’s house, tell me the address, okay.”

“Ahhhh, don’t make me speak foul, I’m not an intelligent person, I’m a hacker, hacker, hacker, important thing to say three times.Do you understand what a hacker is?And smart endlessly.”The little beauty on the other end was depressed, “I don’t know why I’m talking so much to this idiot.”

A minute later, Omi typed another line, “Hacker?Is that your code word for intelligence?Okay, Hacker Intelligencer, can you help me find Lee’s house?”

“Ahhhh, heavens, I’ve hacked countless computers and I’ve never seen such an idiot.I can’t believe they think I’m an intelligent person, is there an intelligent person in the world as smart as Miss Ben?”The pretty little hacker freaked out, but of course, she was talking to herself.

A few minutes later, that pretty little girl was speechless: “Forget it, just be intelligent, what am I competing with an idiot.”

Then, the pretty little hacker sent a curious message, “Who is Li Ziming?What do you want with him?”

“Intelligent man, you finally willing to help me, Li Ziming is our here, a rich second generation, hit someone at school, but still not sent to save her, live to see her die.”

The little beauty immediately searched and saw the news that Omi was talking about.

The little beauty immediately began to search for information about Li Ziming, and at once found out Li Ziming’s phone number, qq number, qq password, and of course, home address, and even the little beauty hacker used her phone to locate that Li Ziming was at home at the moment.

The pretty little hacker herself didn’t know why she was helping this idiot, perhaps, this idiot was different from the owner of any of the computers she had hacked before, she didn’t find a smooth feeling on Tang Ziming, but instead engaged in a depression.

“Found Li Ziming, his home address is xxx, his computer number is xxxx, and his location at the moment is xxx.”

“Thank you, intelligent man, sure enough the computer can find anything it wants to know.”Omi was delighted, Carlos didn’t lie to him, the computer was so amazing, it really was a world away from the human brain.

The little beauty snorted in depression, she didn’t bother to explain to this idiot that she was a hacker, she was a good hacker and was used as an intelligent person by a computer idiot.


Omi turned off his computer when he learned Li Ziming’s address, and that little hacker beauty was depressed, helping him without even saying a polite word.

Omi said in his heart, “Li Ziming, I will come to you soon once I lose the red dust, you must seek justice for the poor people, let you ambush the law and be punished as you deserve.”

Omi went downstairs, where Jean was helping Wu Ma mop the floor.

“Young Master.”Jean was busy calling out when she saw Omi, making it sound like Omi was the owner of this villa.

“Jean, come out, I have something to ask you.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Omi called Jean outside and asked, “Where is the Fragrant Garden Villa?”

This was the address of Li Ziming’s house, and although Omi knew the address, it was hard to know where it was without asking someone.

“Young Master, this is the Fragrant Garden Villa area.”.

“Uh, this is it?”Omi was stunned.

“Yes, this villa is Fragrant Garden 18.” First URL mNatia .online

Omi nodded and told Jean to go back to work.

In his heart, Omi said, “I never thought that Liona’s family lived in the same place as Li Ziming.Fragrant Garden Villa Area 39, it’s very close.”

Omi had planned to go to look for Li Ziming in the middle of the night, but not expecting to live in the same neighborhood, Omi couldn’t hold back, and immediately left Liona’s house without a word, disappearing into a dark corner to look for Li Ziming.

At this moment, a few kilometers away from Liona’s house on the hillside, in an equally luxurious villa.

Li Ziming’s family, as well as several other big names, were sitting in the living room drinking tea and chatting.

Omi immediately took out his phone to shoot video, which might capture some favorable evidence to ambush Li Ziming.

“Ziming, this is Dean Bai, you were able to be acquitted this time thanks to his help.That certificate of acute untimely onset psychosis was obtained with help.”A middle-aged man said.

A youth was busy saying, “Uncle Bai, you have tea.”This youth was Li Ziming.

“Oh, Ziming, there’s no need to be so polite, your father and I have been friends for many years, what’s the big deal about this favor.”Dean Bai smiled.

Li Ziming asked, “Uncle Bai, is acute untimely onset psychosis a real illness?”

That Dean Bai and Li Ziming’s father both laughed, Li Ziming’s father said, “Ziming, you’re also following the foolishness, this is just a piece of evidence to justify you, how can there be such a disease.”

President Bai said, “The human brain is the most complex, is there anyone who can prove it.”

A few minutes later, Li Ziming’s father said, “Dean Bai, thanks to you this time, this small token, you take it.”

“This, how is this a good idea.”

“It’s only a million, what’s so embarrassing about it, isn’t the rest of my son’s life worth this check for a million?Keep it.”

“Hahaha, Qing Yuan, you, ah, are so polite, you’re not even treating me as an old friend anymore.”Dean Bai let out a cheerful laugh.

Outside the villa’s living room, Omi was glued to the wall, his cell phone camera pointed at the house, Omi said under his breath, “What a nest of snakes and mice.”

About half an hour later, Dean Bai and the others left.


bsp;After President Bai and the others left, it seemed that Li Ziming and his father were the only ones left in the living room.

Only Li Ziming said, “Dad, I heard Second Wolf say that the father of that dead ghost, Zhang Dali, is not satisfied with today’s court verdict.He has already gathered a group of relatives and is preparing to go to the main gate of the city hall tomorrow to make a big deal out of it.If this matter became big and became the big news in the entire Dongyang County, then I’m afraid that it wouldn’t be so easy to clean up the mess.Even if the court has already ruled, it’s probably going to be re-sentenced, Dad, you have to save me.”

Li Ziming’s father snorted disdainfully, “Don’t worry, I’ve already ordered it, I’m afraid that Zhang vigorously doesn’t have the heart to cause trouble anymore.”

“Dad, why are you so sure?”Li Ziming was busy asking.

Li Qing Yuan laughed: “I’ve asked people to go to Zhang Li’s house, tonight Zhang Li’s wife will fall ill and go to the hospital to save her, the rest of the day, Zhang Li’s wife will spend in the hospital, do you think that Zhang Li still has the heart to go to the city hall to make trouble?”

“Dad, this idea is just too good, Dad, you’re too smart, I admire you too much.”

Li Qing Yuan said proudly, “I’m sure that the gang is already on their way to Zhang Dali’s house now, or even, they might have already arrived.”

Omi, who was eavesdropping on the wall outside, was shocked, the insidiousness and complexity of this society was truly far beyond Omi’s expectations.

It was feared that the people sent by Li Qing Yuan to Zhang Li’s house had already arrived at Zhang Li’s house, and Zhang Li’s wife would fall ill from then on.

Omi’s chest was tight at this moment, how could there be such a vicious and cruel person in this world? Zhang Dali had just lost his daughter, and his wife was about to fall ill again, all thanks to the father and son inside the villa.

The company has been in the process of developing a new product for the company, which will be used in a variety of industries, such as food processing, food processing, and food processing.

Omi put away the filmed video, then immediately rushed to Zhang Li’s house to see if it was too late to save something.

“Li Ziming, it’s still early, I’ll let you guys get away for a few more hours, tonight, once I lose the red dust I’ll come and beat you up, then I’ll hand the video over to the police.”Omi left Li Qing Yuan’s house.

At noon, when Li Xuan Er invited her guests for lunch, Li Xuan Er said that the freshman girl who was run over and killed lived not far from her house.So Omi only needed to go to Simran’s house to find Zhang Li’s house.

After Omi returned to Liu Chen Ming’s house, he immediately drove his BMW and left in flames.

Although Omi knew that it might be too late to stop it, he still had to go forward to see it.

Of course, before Omi left, he didn’t forget to instruct John to keep an eye on the family’s movements and immediately call him if anything happened.After all, protecting Liona was his main business, and a defeat of red dust was only his side business.

Omi drove the BMW in the direction of Simran’s house.


At this moment, in a house not far from Simran’s house, a man in his forties was using paint to write large characters on a piece of paper.

“Return my daughter’s life!”

“Severely punish the murderer.”

This middle-aged man in his forties was exactly Zhang Dali, the freshman girl who had been run over and killed was his daughter, and right now he had written many banners, ready to go to the city hall gate tomorrow to cause a scene and draw attention.

And in the living room, a woman in her forties, crying with a black and white photo in her hand, she was Zhang vigorously’s wife.


“Oooh, Mei, you died so wrongly.Why did the heavens do this to me, why, now the murderer is still at large, sooooo.”The woman was crying with her daughter’s portrait in her arms, and it was heartbreaking to hear.

Unfortunately, they did not know that there was more cruelty to come.

No, it was already here.

“Clang.”Just then, there was a sudden clang at the door of the house, as if something had fallen over.

Zhang vigorously put down the paint in his hands and walked out of his home, but it turned out that a flower pot in front of his home had been smashed for no reason at all.

Zhang vigorously looked around and wondered who was so itchy to smash his flower pot, his family was already so pitiful and still did this to him, Zhang vigorously suffered for a while and didn’t say anything, bending down to pick up the pieces of the flower pot.

But he didn’t know that this was just a diversion.

At this moment, his wife had fainted and two mysterious men were standing in the living room of his house.

One of the men took out a syringe and injected a needle into the waist of Zhang’s wife.

Then, in an instant, he jumped away from the window.

When Zhang vigorously finished cleaning up the flower pot fragments and returned to the courtyard, he found his wife collapsed on the living room floor and ran forward in a panic, calling out to his wife, but her wife was unconscious, but still had a death grip on that picture frame in her hand. Remember the URL Natia .online


Omi finally arrived near Simran’s house and parked his car at the intersection, ready to use his light power to enter the poor area and find Zhang Dali’s house to see what was going on, hoping that everything was still in time and that the people sent by Li Qing Yuan hadn’t yet succeeded.

Unfortunately, when Omi arrived, Zhang Dali’s wife had already fainted for more than half an hour and was waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

At Zhang’s house, many neighbors came, including Simran.

“Wife, wake up.”

“Wife, what’s wrong with you, why hasn’t the ambulance come yet, oooooh.”

Zhang vigorously cried helplessly, he only had one daughter, and his wife suddenly fainted again before his daughter’s matter was finished.

When Simran saw the helpless Zhang vigorously, it reminded her of the other day, when she was in the hospital, just as helpless when she didn’t have the money to save her father, when thanks to the help of a nobleman, she was able to get through the difficult time.However, Zhang vigorously didn’t have such good luck and didn’t have a nobleman to help her.Thinking of this, Simran’s heart was bursting with gratitude for the nobleman, Omi.

Simran looked at the crying Zhang Dali and sighed inwardly with grief.

The left and right neighbors were discussing.

“Pity, the only daughter just died unjustly, and his wife suddenly had some kind of problem and fainted unconscious.”

“It’s probably because she was too sad that she fell unconscious.”

“Now we can only wait for the ambulance, it’s been half an hour and the ambulance hasn’t come yet, what took them so long.”

“The ambulance saw that we’re from a slum area, where would it hurry, if it was a rich man who called 120, I’m afraid it would have gone as fast as possible.Alas.”

The neighbors were all talking, but no one could help Zhang vigorously at this time, the most they could do was wait for the ambulance to come and help carry the patient.

Simran secretly touched her tears, she really wanted to help Zhang vigorously, but she was incapable.

At this moment, a voice came from behind the crowd of onlookers, “Everyone disperse.”

Soon after, Omi squeezed into the crowd.

When Simran saw Omi appear here, she was shocked and busily shouted, “Omi?”For some reason, Simran was delighted to see Omi for a while.

Omi looked at Simran, smiled and nodded, then walked towards Zhang Li.

Everyone didn’t understand who Omi was and what he was doing, but looking at Omi’s confident look and appearance, they all put the

Eyes focused on him.

Omi sighed, he was finally out of time.

Omi squatted down beside Zhang and said to Zhang, “Put the patient down first.”

“Who are you?”Zhang vigorously looked up at Omi.

Omi said, “Don’t worry about who I am for now, I’ll see what’s going on with the patient.”

At this time, Zhang vigorously only tried to trust Omi.

Simran came up and said, “Omi, why did you appear here?”

Don’s eyes looked at the patient, but his mouth said, “I…”

Omi suddenly found that he couldn’t explain why he appeared here, he couldn’t reveal the identity of One Defeat Red Dust, Omi immediately said in a hurry, “I came over to find you for fun, but unfortunately I couldn’t find your home, seeing that it’s so lively here, I came up here to take a look.I’ll leave you alone for now, I’ll take a look at the patient.”Omi placed his three fingers on the patient’s pulse.

When Simran saw this, she asked in surprise, “Omi, you know how to heal?”

Omi said as he diagnosed his pulse, “Know a little bit.”

Simran was surprised, not expecting Omi to know medical skills, though only slightly.

Omi closed his eyes and carefully diagnosed the patient’s physical condition.

Many of the neighbors who were onlookers quieted down and looked at Omi with eager eyes, seemingly putting their hopes on Omi, hoping that Omi could really help the poor and helpless Zhang Dali.

After some pulse cutting and diagnosis, Omi found that the patient’s problem appeared in the kidneys, that is, the patient had acute problems with kidney function.

Zhang, not knowing Omi, looked at Simran and asked, “Li Jia Xuan’er, who is he?”

Simran was busy, “He’s my classmate.”

Simran was busy asking, “Omi, do you see anything?”

Omi said, “Acute kidney failure.”

“How do you know?”

“What I diagnosed by cutting my pulse, it should be eighty-nine, as for the cause of the acute debilitation, we still need to judge again.”

Zhang was busy asking, “How do we treat it?Please save my wife.”

Omi said, “Don’t worry, I will save your wife, now let the patient wake up first.”

Omi’s hand pressed on the patient’s waist and stimulated several acupuncture points of Zhang’s wife.

Unfortunately, Zhang Dali’s wife did not wake up.

It seemed that the situation was far more serious than Omi had imagined.

Omi said, “Can you give me a few embroidery needles.”


Zhang vigorously immediately found some embroidery needles and took them to Omi.

Everyone looked at Omi nervously.

Without professional tools, Omi could only use embroidery needles at this time.

Omi pierced several needles on Zhang’s wife’s waist and head.

It really didn’t take long for Zhang’s wife to revive.

“Wife, how are you?”Zhang vigorously cried in excitement when he saw his wife waking up.

The neighbors who were watching cheered and looked at Omi with a changed look in their eyes.

They all said to Simran, “Li Jiaxuan’er, this classmate of yours is really something.”

“Li Jiaxuan’er, how do you know this classmate ah, he came to play with you, he can’t be your boyfriend.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”Li Jiaxuan’er blushed and her heartbeat sped up a bit, she felt quite proud to be in Omi’s light.


Zhang was busy saying thank you to Omi, his gratitude to Omi was inexpressible and could only be deeply transformed into two words of thanks.

Simran’s gaze was somewhat different, Omi did not expect Omi to have two skills, really underestimated him.Suddenly thought of just Omi said that he had come to look for her on purpose, Simran did not feel her heartbeat quicken a bit.

However, the next moment, Simran thought of Omi is driving a BMW, martial arts skills and high, we are simply not the same world, the bottom of her heart sighed deeply.

Simran asked, “Omi, is Aunt Zhang alright now?”

Omi shook his head, “I just revived her, I’m not treating her well.But don’t worry, I’ll give her medicine and I’ll find a way to make her better.”

Omi knew that it must have been that person from Li Ziming’s father who had caused her to have this acute decline in her kidney function, Omi could have prevented this from happening, but it was too late after all, Omi vowed to do his best to cure her.However, Omi didn’t know much about the chemicals in this era, so he didn’t know what the other party had done to Zhang’s wife, and Omi couldn’t vouch for whether or not he could treat her.

At that moment, the 120 ambulance came.

The neighbors helped and brought the patient to the ambulance.

Only after the ambulance left did the neighbors disperse.

Soon only Simran and Omi were left.

Simran felt the atmosphere was a little awkward all of a sudden. One second to remember to read the book

Omi’s mind was thinking about what happened regarding Li Ziming and his father, this pair of father and son, what inhumanity.Omi vowed that he would definitely go to find them at midnight tonight.

When Simran saw that Omi was silent, she blushed and took the initiative to ask, “By the way, Omi, did you say you were here to find me?”

“Ah.”Omi was busy coming back to his senses and nodded, “Yes.”

“What do you want from me at this late hour?”Simran said, her heart was even a bit nervous.

Omi said, “It’s nothing, just passing by here, I heard that you live here so I came over to take a look, I didn’t expect to see that family surrounded by many people just now.”

“Oh.”Simran was a little lost when she heard Omi say that he was passing through here.

“Right, go to your house, I haven’t been to your house yet.”Omi said.

Simran thought to herself, my house is shabby and rundown, there really isn’t one eye-catching thing, plus there is a patient, there are medicine boxes everywhere, cotton swabs, more messy, or not to my so bottom side.

Simran smiled tactfully: “Next time, next time I’ll invite you to my house when I’m ready, okay.”

Omi smiled slightly, “Yes.”Omi was a little embarrassed, it was also true that going up to someone’s house in the middle of the night was misleading.

Simran sighed in her heart, she didn’t know why she didn’t want Omi to see the worst side of her, was she afraid that Omi’s image of her would drop?Simran threw her head back and realized that she, who was never vain, cared a lot about her image in front of Omi and what Omi thought of her.Otherwise, why else would she be afraid of Omi going to her house and seeing it in such disarray and disarray.

“How is your father?”Omi asked.

“Preparing to go to the province for surgery in a few days.”Simran said.

“Well, this world’s medical arts are so clever that they can replace the human spine, a medical skill that I can never do.”Omi said with emotion.


Kaylee Lee said, “Why this world?”Simran felt that Omi spoke in a strange tone, as if he wasn’t from this world.

“Oh, it’s nothing.It’s getting late, and I have nothing to do, I’ll go back first.”Omi didn’t dare to stay here any longer, in case something happened at home, it would be the end, and it was already past eleven o’clock at night.

Simran said, “I’ll send you to the main road outside, there are many small alleys here that fork off, so it’s easy for people who aren’t familiar with them to take a wrong turn.”

“Good.”Omi nodded his head, and did not refuse to take it, because Omi felt that walking with Simran like this, the two of them were very peaceful inside, and for the first time since coming to this world, they felt so peaceful.

Simran said, “That family just now is the family that was hit and killed at school at noon that we were talking about.”

“Mm.”Omi nodded his head.

“Zhang Li is really pitiful, his daughter just died, and now his wife doesn’t know what kind of disease she has, thanks to you saving them tonight, I thank you for them.”

“No need, it’s what I should do if I see an injustice in the road and pull out a knife to help.”

Soon they walked out of the alley and onto the main road outside.

Omi’s BMW was parked on the side of the main road.

Omi walked to the side of the BMW and said, “This is my car.”

“Oh.”Simran looked at Omi’s BMW and felt so classy, but the more classy it was, the more inferior she felt inside.

And Omi didn’t know that it would make Simran feel inferior inside.

“Why don’t you go up and sit down?”Omi said that Omi liked his BMW very much, so inviting Simran to go up and sit on it had absolutely no other meaning.

Simran smiled and shook her head, “No, it’s getting late, you should go back early too.”

“Alright, I’ll go back first then.”Although Omi quite liked talking to Simran, he was afraid that an accident would happen at home, so he had to hurry back.

“Well, bye.”Simran waved her hand, and Omi drove up the BMW and disappeared at the end of the main road.

A wave of desolation ran through Simran’s heart.

Simran patted herself on the head and secretly said, “What’s wrong with me?I didn’t have to walk him out, the alley was full of forks, but he just walked along it, so why did I offer to walk him?Why do you feel at ease walking and talking with him?Now that he’s gone, I feel a sense of loss inside again.”

“Could it be that I’m really interested in Don?”

“No, that’s impossible.”Simran immediately denied herself.

“I’m not even good enough for him, if my neighbors see me, they’ll think my family is poor and I’ve gone to list big money, I don’t want it.”

“Simran ah Simran, wake up a little, Omi is such an outstanding boy, how can he look at you, a poor girl, can’t even have the slightest idea.He’s just a nice guy who is willing to help everyone in need, and I’m just one of the people he helps.People are looking for, and it’s that kind of a thousand gold lady, not a poor girl like me.”

Simran mocked herself as she walked, and soon returned to her own home, as soon as she entered the door, she smelled the strong smell of medicine, and the ruined and dirty house, her heart laughed and sighed bitterly, just like this, where is she worthy of Omi, thanks to her inside she still dared to have some interest in Omi, Simran swore that she would suppress her heart and stop thinking nonsense.


However, Simran also had to admit that when she stood with Tang Ziming, she felt safe inside, as if she wasn’t afraid of anything anymore.

And at this moment, at Li Ziming’s home.

“Mr. Li, things have been taken care of, Zhang Dali’s wife has been sent to the hospital for rescue, and the ambulance has been made half an hour late in order for the potion to have a greater effect.I’m afraid that Zhang Li’s wife won’t be able to get better anymore, and she’ll end up simmering for a few years, then her body collapses and dies.”One of the men reported.

Li Qingyuan smiled: “Well done, fighting me, you don’t have the strength to fight.This time, I’ll see if Zhang is still in the mood to go to the city hall and cause trouble.”

“Mr. Li, now that his wife is like this, how can he still be in the mood to cause trouble ah, the hospital will be his home from now on.”

Omi returned home in flames.

“John, nothing has happened at home, right?”Omi asked.

“Back to Young Master, no, Miss has been doing her homework in her room, Miss is a diligent reader.”

“Oh, that’s good, you go rest.”

Omi came to the balcony and looked at Miss’s room, there was still a light.

Omi shouted, “Miss, it’s getting late, go to bed early.” The first website mNatia .online

“Not for you to worry about.”Liona’s voice could be heard from the room.

Hearing Liona’s voice and steady breath, it seemed that she was calming down and Omi was slightly relieved.

Soon, the light in Liona’s room went out.

But Omi didn’t sleep because Omi still had things to do, and although he had photographed the evidence of Li Ziming and his sons, it didn’t mean that Omi let them off the hook.

“Li Ziming, Li Qingyuan.”Omi clenched both fists, this father and son were really deranged, not looking for them to vent their anger, it was really a pity for the common people who were victimized by them.

It seems that tonight a defeated red dust will be out again, now the police are all still looking for him, so soon to come out again to show his face, Xu Mei Qian will have another headache.Xu Mei Qian gets orders from her boss that she must catch One Defeat Red Dust.

Once midnight passed, Omi left the villa quietly.

Li Ziming’s house is in the same place, which is convenient for Omi’s business.

Omi arrived at Li Ziming’s house with a light breeze.

Omi leaned on the outer wall, detecting the sound of breathing in each room, and judging from the sound of breathing which room was Li Ziming’s room.

Soon, Omi found Li Ziming’s room.

Li Ziming was taking a shower in the bathroom of his room, and while he was doing so, Li Ziming answered a phone call.

“Hey, I’ll be right here, did you get that chick for me yet?”

“Brother Ming, don’t worry, we’ve tied her up, that chick is yours tonight, I heard that she hasn’t fallen in love yet oh.”

“f*ck, squatting in a guardhouse for half a month, I haven’t touched a woman in so long, I’ll have fun all night tonight, hahaha.”Li Ziming was laughing in the bathroom.

And right now Omi was standing in Li Ziming’s room, waiting for Li Ziming to finish his bath.

It was ridiculous that Li Ziming still wanted to play all night.

Soon, Li Ziming finished his bath, humming a song, with a towel around his body, and walked out of the bathroom.

Half a month before the verdict, Li Ziming had stayed in the detention center, so half a month without banging a woman, Li Ziming had just been released today, he had already been holding a fire, plus he was in a happy mood, ready to have fun tonight.So, he secretly had someone go and arrest that beautiful girl he had been coveting for a long time.

Li Ziming went to the cloakroom and prepared to get dressed, but, he suddenly felt a person standing in the corner of the room and turned his head sharply to look.

Sure enough a masked black man in night clothes was standing in the corner.

“Ah.”Li Ziming was shocked.

“You, who are you?”Plum was busy asking.

“Pah.”In the next second, Omi’s finger tapped on Li Ziming’s shoulder, Li Ziming felt his body go numb and wanted to shout out, but his voice became hoarse after passing through his throat, so he couldn’t shout out no matter what, he could only: “Dad, help.”

Unfortunately, such a small hoarse voice might not even be heard in the same room, let alone another room.

“Who are you?”Li Ziming looked at Omi in pain.

Omi said, “Li Ziming, answer my question honestly, or you will be in pain.”

Li Ziming was in excruciating pain right now, his body so numb that he couldn’t move, his throat so dry that it was tearing.

Li Ziming nodded his head in pain.

Omi asked, “Who is the woman you just said on the phone that you tied up?”

Li Ziming said hoarsely, “Yes, it’s Wenqi.”

“Where is she being tied up by your people at this moment?”

“In, at the Excelsior Hotel.”

“Which room in the hotel?”Omi learned smartly and actually knew which room to ask, which he learned from when Xu Mei Qian interrogated him earlier and asked him which room he lived in in that building in the Songtao neighborhood.


“Good, because your knowledge has saved you from a painful meal before you became an invalid.”

“What, before you’re an invalid?”Li Ziming looked incredulously at Omi.

Omi nodded: “Right, people like you, not to turn you into an invalid, really sorry for your own conscience, just asked you words, inadvertently heard that you kidnapped a woman again, looks like you are also going to rape her, hehe, you people, really bad deeds, God can not tolerate, I a defeated red dust, tonight, justice for those victimized by you, turn you into an invalid, and then turn youEvidence of the crimes of father and son is given to the police so that you can be brought to justice.”

“What? You you are a lost cause?”Li Ziming opened his eyes wide, One Defeat Red Dust he knew, a wannabe burglar, I heard that he was very good at martial arts.

“Yes, I am One Defeat Red Dust, I came here tonight specifically to find you.”Omi said.

Li Ziming was blinded, the legendary wannabe burglar actually came to find him.

“Don’t you you specialize in robbing houses, why are you looking for me.”Li Ziming asked fearfully.

“f*ck you, who specializes in robbing homes, I’m robbing the rich to help the poor, as for me looking for you, I’m seeking justice for others.Li Ziming, you know the evil you’ve done yourself, today I’ll turn you into an invalid once I lose, and leave the rest to the police.”

“Ah.”Li Ziming panicked, as if he couldn’t even believe that this was true, he had just been acquitted today, he had held back for half a month and was going to be released tonight, how could he become an invalid.

Omi saw Li Ziming’s unwilling eyes and laughed, “You won’t have the chance to go get high in this life, you’ll have to wait for the next life, hahaha.”

Li Ziming’s body trembled, and with difficulty, he lifted his hand and pointed at Omi, “You, you don’t have any right to cripple me.”

“You also don’t have any right to harm others, I didn’t kill you, it’s benevolent enough, I just don’t want to dirty my own hands, you don’t deserve to die by my hands yet, but turning you into an invalid is unavoidable, save you from coming back to scourge others after you get out of prison.”

Omi didn’t want to talk nonsense with Li Ziming, pointing his finger at a certain point on Li Ziming’s body.

“Puff puff puff.”The meridians on Li Ziming’s body all self-destructed.

The rest was left to the police.

Chapter 71

Omi didn’t leave right away because Li Ziming’s father, Li Qingyuan, Omi found out wasn’t a good guy either, even ten thousand times more reprehensible than Li Ziming.

Li Qingyuan sent someone to do something to Zhang Li’s wife, and it looked like he was going to let Zhang Li’s wife struggle in the hospital for a while and then die, dragging Zhang Li down so that Zhang Li would not have the energy to go to the city hall to cause trouble.

With such actions and malicious intentions, such people were still free to live, Omi had to be suspicious of the loopholes in the laws of this world.But this kind of thing Omi didn’t bother to bother, he only did what he wanted to do.

Omi stuck to the outside wall again, looking for Li Qingyuan’s room.

On the grass below the villa, there were two Tibetan Mastiffs lying on the ground, when the Mastiffs seemed to sense Omi’s presence and were preparing to roar.

Omi immediately pulled down two tiles.

“Swoosh.”The two tiles instantly sank into the heads of the two mastiffs, and the two mastiffs died before they could even make a sound.

Omi sighed, he was very dissatisfied with his current martial arts skills, but even the mastiffs were able to detect his existence, if it was his previous martial arts skills, God would be unaware of it.

A few minutes later, Omi entered another room.

It was precisely Li Qing Yuan’s room.

However, Li Qing Yuan had already fallen asleep. Remember the URL

There was a woman lying next to Qing Yuan Li, and it was his wife.

Omi’s internal strength surged, and a small gust of wind was blowing in the room.

Li Qing Yuan woke up from his sleep while his wife was still dead asleep, as Omi had already shot his wife unconscious.

Li Qing Yuan was shocked when he saw the person standing in his room.

“Who are you?”Li Qing Yuan panicked and asked.

Omi said: “You can call me One Defeat Red Dust.”

“One Defeat Red Dust?Aren’t you you the one who hit the house?”

“Exactly.”Omi was very depressed, he disliked the term ‘house robber’, it seemed that no one believed that he was robbing the rich and giving to the poor, they all treated him as a house robbing barker, no wonder the police were looking for him with all their might.

“What are you doing in my house if you’re not robbing houses?”

Omi said, “Wherever there is injustice, I am there.Li Qing Yuan, you disregarded life and made people put Zhang Dali’s wife to death, such an evil act, do you admit your guilt or not.”

Li Qingyuan was furious, “What do you want?”

“I’m here to seek justice for Zhang vigorously.”Omi.

“Justice?”Li Qing Yuan’s face changed, he had just subconsciously thought that he was here to rob him.

Li Qing Yuan was about to shout out, his bodyguard was sleeping next door and was a martial arts expert.However, a sudden force nudged at his shoulder, and Li Qing Yuan couldn’t shout, his voice turning extremely hoarse.

“You don’t need to struggle anymore, since I’m already here, there’s no way you can continue to be free and happy today.Besides, your son’s meridians are completely broken, becoming an invalid who can’t take care of himself, shouldn’t you keep company with him?”

“What, my son, you you you.”

“Yes. Before I came to your room, I had already collapsed the meridians all over Li Ziming’s body.”

“No.”Li Qing Yuan’s voice was hoarse and filled with rage as he shouted out.

“If you had known earlier, why would you have done that, you don’t take others seriously, likewise, others don’t take you seriously either, people vs.

People are very fair among themselves.For example, right now, you are simply like a straw dog in my eyes, causing me to have no desire to respect you.”

Li Qing Yuan cried, “You didn’t do that to me.”

“Che, do you have the right to hurt Zhang Li’s family?There are many other people I don’t know about?”

“No.”Li Qing Yuan wanted to struggle.

Omi pointed his finger.

“Pffffffffffff.”The meridians in Li Qingyuan’s body were severed, just like his son, he got his retribution, of course, this was only Omi’s retribution, followed by the police’s retribution, this time with sufficient evidence, no matter how hard his relationship was, he couldn’t escape the law.Of course, it wouldn’t do for Omi to privately sever his meridians, but Omi had even done a robbery, why would he be afraid of one more such crime?

Omi sighed.

Omi looked at the woman who was still sleeping on the bed, shook his head, and then then quietly left.

Omi remembered the woman who was tied up by Li Ziming to the hotel and was going to play all night tonight, and sighed helplessly, it seems that things are not over yet, at least go and rescue that innocent woman.Of course, the criminal evidence about Li Ziming and his son that was filmed tonight had to be handed over to the Public Security Bureau.

And right now, in Li Qing Yuan’s room, Li Qing Yuan’s wife woke up from her sleep.

Li Qing Yuan’s wife turned on the bedside lamp, and when she saw him a husband, she yelled.

“What’s wrong with you?”Li Qing Yuan’s wife screamed in fright, immediately got up, and went to the next room to call that man.

Soon, several of Li Qing Yuan’s men came and rushed over and immediately called the police.

However, at that moment, Li Qing Yuan’s wife’s scream was heard from the upstairs room again.

Several of his men rushed upstairs in a panic.

They saw that Li Ziming, like his father, was lying motionless on the bed, just like his father, who was also wasted.

Soon, the police came, in the middle of the night, Li Ziming and his son were wasted, and also really deserved it, the police also knew that Li Ziming and his son were not good people, and did not sympathize with them.

“Captain, quickly, come quickly, One Defeat Red Dust appeared, he crippled Li Ziming and his son in the middle of the night.”

Xu Mei Qian was struggling, because two days had passed since One Defeat Red Dust had burglarized the house, and the director had asked her to arrest One Defeat Red Dust in three days, but it was about to expire, and One Defeat Red Dust was nowhere to be seen.The police have also been able to find out if there is any evidence that the victim has been involved in any of the crimes.

And at this moment, Omi appears in a hotel, Omi is a bit torn, he can’t openly go in from the hotel lobby to save people, because it would be easy to expose himself.Li Ziming father and son a waste, the police will definitely investigate, must know that it is a defeat red dust to do, the police already wanted him, Omi can not want trouble.

No choice, Omi can only sneak into the hotel room 908, but, Omi on the outside wall, to find the hotel room 908 is not easy.

At this moment, in the hotel’s room 908.

A voluptuous woman with a voluptuous body, who was also wearing a professional woman’s outfit, was lying on the floor with her hands tied behind her back, with a black cloth over her head, her mouth still sealed with tape, and naturally, needless to say, her feet were also tied up.

In this room, there were also three men sitting, these three men were smoking and chatting.

One of the men looked at the woman on the floor and said, “Damn, this woman’s body is also too good, if this continues, I really can’t stand it anymore, I really can’t hold it anymore.”


The other one said, “You, even if you can’t hold it, you have to hold it, this is Ming’s girl, and Ming is going to be cool when he comes later.”

“But, this chick is so pretty and sexy ah, lying on the floor again, I really can’t control myself.”

“You’re not afraid of dying to touch her, I heard that this chick is still a virgin, you’ll be broken as soon as you touch her, if not, then it doesn’t matter if we two or three have a good time before Ming comes, Ming may not know, but a virgin won’t work.”

“f*ck, you said this woman, I heard 22 years old, graduated from college, how to still virgin ah.”

“Oh, some people are just more clean.”

This woman’s name was Wen Qi, she was 22 years old and had just graduated from college.After graduating from college, she relied on her parents’ support as well as her own skills to open a clothing company, and now the company is just starting to take off, so she works late by herself every night.She hadn’t found a boyfriend in all these years, not that she was demanding, but she hadn’t met anyone she was interested in.Tonight she left the company very late as usual, but she didn’t expect that as soon as she reached the underground garage of the building and walked out of the elevator door on the minus two floor, a black bag suddenly put her head up.After that, she was brought here, Wen Qi is not a crybaby woman, always keep her head cool.However, in a situation like this, she was a weak woman, there was nothing she could do to keep her head cool because she couldn’t even do basic talking, or she could still negotiate with a few kidnappers.

Wen Qi knew that it looked like the other party only wanted to sleep with her without knowing.

As Wen Qi listened to the kidnappers, one of them couldn’t help but try to come up and move her several times because Wen Qi was just too tempted, but the other two stopped her.

Wen Qi was terrified of what was about to happen tonight.

Right now, Wen Qi hated why she didn’t fall in love in high school and college and give her first night out, or at least to the man she fell in love with, instead of tonight, being taken by force.

Unfortunately, there are no regrets. One second to remember to read the book

Wen Qi tried everything, but there was no way to save herself, and calmly she also began to collapse inside, now she only hoped that the kidnapper, who hadn’t come yet, would leave her alive after he finished defiling her.

Two lines of tears, unconsciously slipped from the corner of Wen Qi’s eyes.

Wenqi hoped that there was a miracle in this world, that someone would appear out of nowhere and save her.

Wen Qi swore that if anyone could save her at this moment, she would marry him.

Unfortunately, this is just a self-delusion in her despair.

The more Wenqi thought about it, the more painful it became, and the more tears flowed, but she didn’t cry out, because crying might make the kidnapper who couldn’t resist touching her lose his grip.

Omi crawled and lay on the outside wall of the hotel without a sound.

The place where Omi was lying down was the 9th floor of the hotel, Omi couldn’t know which room was room 908, so he could only rely on sound and other ways to determine.

At this moment, when Omi passed by the outer wall of one of the rooms, he heard the breathing of four people inside and also heard one person say, “Why hasn’t Ming come yet.”

“Don’t worry, he should be here soon.”

From the ledge, Omi could already see the woman lying on the floor tied up.

“Finally, I’ve found it.”

Omi instantly jumped in.

“Who is it?”

The three kidnappers immediately looked at Omi.

Omi snorted, “Lang Lang, how dare you rob the people’s daughters, today I’ll break one of your fingers, I hope you remember today’s lesson, change your evil ways and behave well in the future.”

After saying that, Omi threw a knife in his hand, and the dagger passed in front of the three kidnappers, and the next moment, the three fingers were all together

It fell to the floor.

“Ah.”The three kidnappers immediately screamed, each of them having broken a finger.

“Pah-pah.”Omi instantly rushed up and knocked the three kidnappers unconscious.

The woman lying on the ground struggled desperately, as if she saw hope of rescue.

Omi stepped forward and untied the black hood on the woman’s head, and when he saw the woman’s face, Omi was indeed shocked, what a beautiful woman, no wonder Li Ziming was desperate enough to kidnap her and come to the hotel for a good time.

“N-no.”The woman looked at Omi and nuzzled, but unfortunately Omi was already blindfolded.

Omi tore the tape off the woman’s mouth.

“Thank you, Enron.”The woman was saved and burst into tears of gratitude, she fantasized if there was a miracle, she never thought someone would actually fall from the sky and save her.

“You’re welcome, you’re free now, you can go home.”Omi untied the rope from the woman’s body.

The woman excitedly threw herself onto Omi’s body and cried, “Thank you, oooooh.”

The woman was rescued, not sure if she was excited or sad, her old strength collapsed and she cried powerfully.However, Omi pushed her away and said, “You still don’t run, wait until these three people wake up.”

However, this woman called Wen Qi did not run, and immediately picked up the rope and tied the three people up.

Omi was a bit surprised, this woman was quite calm, if it were any other woman, she would have hated to leave this place immediately and call the police, but she tied up the kidnappers first.

Wen Qi tied up the three kidnappers, and only then did she look at Omi and wanted to ask the grandfather’s name.

However, the room was already empty of Omi’s figure.

Wen Qi was surprised, “What an expert, who is she, why did she save me, why did she know I was here?”

Half an hour later, Don had returned home and was asleep, as if the night had nothing to do with him.However, what happened tonight was destined to be a sleepless night for some people.

An hour later, at the hotel, several policemen took the three kidnappers with broken fingers into a police car.

Wenqi and his parents were standing off to the side.

Wenqi’s father looked very angry.

“Who dared to touch my daughter.”

Wen Qi said, “Dad, I’ve just gotten words out of those three kidnappers, it’s Li Qing Yuan’s son, Li Ziming.”

“What?Li Qing Yuan’s son?”Wen Qi’s father was filled with anger, however, Li Qing Yuan was not easy to provoke, Li Qing Yuan had a relationship with the three major irregular forces of Linjiang City, the Hua Long Tang, and Li Qing Yuan’s eldest son, Li Zidan, was even more of a figure.

Wen Qi’s mother asked with a palpable heart, “Qi Qi, who is that man in black who saved you?”

“I don’t know.”Wen Qi was grateful, when she hadn’t been saved, she said to herself inside that if anyone could save her, she would definitely marry him, although she was just too desperate to fantasize like that at the time, but she didn’t expect the fantasy to actually happen.

In her heart, Wen Qi said, “Man in black, I don’t care who you are, as long as I am allowed to find you, I will definitely marry you, and I hope that I will be able to meet you again.”

Wen Qi hugged Omi at that time, so Wen Qi could sense that the man in black was tightly muscled, well-defined bones, and had a very strong air of youth, definitely a young man, no more than thirty at the most.Therefore, Wen Qi’s heart wished to meet that black-clothed man again, and she vowed that no matter how that black-clothed man looked like, she was willing to marry him.But she was worried that there might not be another chance to meet him again.The man in black also saw her beauty and figure, but he did not do anything blasphemous, nor did he get excited about her. Wen Qi believed that the man in black was definitely of high moral character.


At this time, at a construction site not far from Bai Yun Middle School.

Inside the dark construction site building, there were three tied up boys chained to a concrete pillar.

“Oooh.”Cao Yan couldn’t help but cry out, since he was tied up by Omi in the afternoon, no one had rescued them until now.

“Brother Yan, what time is it now?I’m so hungry, it’s dark all around and I can’t see anything, I’m so scared.”One of Cao Yan’s younger brothers also cried.

“What should we do, do we really have to wait until your construction site starts before we can be found?”

“Omi, I’m not done with you.”Cao Yan yelled, his body was cold and hungry, never having suffered this kind of crime before.

“Brother Yan, I heard that this construction site of yours had a death a few days ago, that’s why it stopped working, isn’t it, could there be a ghost ah.”

Cao Yan’s body trembled and said in fear, “Don’t say that, there are no ghosts in this world.”

“Brother Yan, this is your family’s construction site, what if those unjustly dead migrant workers are looking for you, I’m so scared, maybe those unjustly dead migrant workers are standing behind us.”

Another little brother was busy saying, “Fellow ghost brothers, don’t look for me ah, this is not my home construction site ah.”

Cao Yan shivered all over his body and looked around, reaching out and seeing nothing.And remembering the accident that happened at this construction site a few days ago, it was suddenly creepy.What if those unjustly killed migrant workers really came out looking for him? First web site m.Natia .online

“Ahhhh, Omi, I hate you.”Cao Yan yelled in fear, hating Omi to the marrow of his bones.

The next day, Omi woke up, washed his face and brushed his teeth, then ate breakfast and got ready for school, seemingly forgetting about last night’s events.

While Omi was eating breakfast, the TV on the dining room wall was playing the morning news, and Liona watched the news without blinking.

“At one o’clock in the morning today, the last burglary, the one defeated red dust that claimed to rob the rich to help the poor, finally showed up again and collapsed the meridians of Linjiang City’s famous entrepreneur Li Qingyuan as well as his son Li Ziming, making their father and son become invalids who can’t take care of themselves, let’s watch the live report.”

The TV screen switched to the scene, and a reporter pointed to a room and said, “This is the scene of the crime, last night at about 1 a.m., Li Ziming was crippled of his meridians and collapsed on this floor, unable to move, disabled for life.According to the dictation of Li Ziming and his son, the man in black claimed to be a defeated red dust, let’s interview what Interpol Chief Xu Mei Qian said.”

A policewoman who wore a police uniform but couldn’t hide her hot body and had an angelic face appeared on the screen, it was Xu Mei Qian.Omi saw Xu Mei Qian on TV again and had to marvel at it, this hot chick was indeed beautiful, just not too gentle.

Xu Mei Qian face is very bad, the last time a defeat red dust burglary thing is still gone, and now come to waste people, but also justice, but this time Xu Mei Qian is not very disgusted, because she also dislikes Li Ziming and his son, they have this ending, but also deserved it, of course, she is a police officer, deserved this, and can only say in her heart.

“Team Xu, I heard that you’ve been here all night investigating, have you made any progress yet?”The reporter asked.

Xu Mei Qian said, “This bastard, I underestimated him, it seems that his martial arts skills are much higher than I expected, leaving no trace of him.”

“Last time a defeated red dust burglarized more than three million, threatening to rob the rich to help the poor, while this time threatening to stretch the

Justice Chang, what do you think?As you know, Li Ziming was just acquitted by the court yesterday, do you think there’s any connection between the two events?”

Xu Mei Qian’s eyebrows furrowed, as a police officer, she couldn’t give her personal opinion on such matters too much.

Xu Mei Qian said, “Regarding the fairness of the verdict in Li Ziming’s case, I won’t comment on it, it has nothing to do with the content of my job.I only know that my duty is to protect the safety of the citizens of Linjiang City.This thief, One Defeat Red Dust, who fantasizes that he is the embodiment of justice, has broken the law, and I will do whatever it takes to bring him to justice.”

Liona looked at the TV and said, “Li Ziming was even scrapped, but many people should be supporting One Defeat Red Dust this time.”

Omi smiled, “Miss, do you also think that Li Ziming should be scrapped?”

Liona said, “It’s none of my business, Li Ziming is not a good thing, and One Defeat Red Dust is definitely not a good thing either.”

“Why Miss, I admire the chivalrous spirit of One Defeat Red Dust.”Omi said brazenly, admiring himself.

“No matter what crime Li Ziming has committed, private individuals do not have the right to abolish his meridians, if everyone in this world was like this, the world would have been in chaos long ago, there are no rules.”

“I don’t agree with Miss, I still support One Defeat Red Dust, and I’m proud of him.”Omi’s mouth was agape.

Liona disagreed with Omi, and the corner of her mouth also turned away from talking to Omi.

At this moment, the entire Linjiang City was boiling with news about the one defeat of the red dust that had ruined Li Ziming and his son.

After dinner, Omi and Liona each drove to school.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car and see if it’s a good idea to take a look at the car.

Simran and Liang Ying are walking out of the alley, preparing to take the bus to school, and they are talking as they walk.

“Xuan’er, it’s so exciting to wake up this morning and see the news from the early hours of last night.”

“Well, One Defeat Red Dust is really a great warrior, robbing the rich and helping the poor, and upholding justice, when we invited Omi to lunch yesterday, I was thinking that it would be nice if someone could come out to do justice, but I didn’t expect that someone would really come out.”

Liang Ying said, “Yes, a lot of people share our thoughts, and it’s heartening to see this news.However, a lot of people also feel that what One Defeat Red Dust did was wrong, and think that he lynched himself.Xuan’er, what do you think?”

Simran shook her head, “I don’t understand, but I don’t believe that One Defeat Red Dust would wrongfully accuse good people and abolish their father and son, there must be a reason for that.”

“Well, even though many people on board say that One Defeat Red Dust is too ruthless, I also believe that One Defeat Red Dust is a good person.”

Omi drove the BMW to the school.

Almost everyone in the school was discussing Li Ziming and his father’s annulment, and Omi didn’t participate in the discussion at all so as not to reveal any traces.After all, a defeat of red dust is just his side job, once he is found out he is a defeat of red dust, definitely can’t sit in the classroom as easily as now, work to lose, also have to run away, maybe even implicate Liu Chenming.It was rare for Omi to settle down in this world for a while.

The first class of the morning soon ended, and Omi spent the entire class playing with his phone, striving to thoroughly understand this world as soon as possible.


At this moment, in a certain luxury villa in Linjiang City.

Cao Yan had taken a shower.

Cao Yan was tied up by Omi at the construction site yesterday until four o’clock in the morning, then he was rescued back to his home by his family.

Cao Yan walked downstairs and found more than a dozen people sitting in the living room, his parents, uncles and uncles all had frosty faces, an extremely strange atmosphere in the living room.

“Yan Yan, aren’t you going to sleep more?After all, it was already five o’clock when you were rescued home in the early morning, and you only slept for a few hours.”Cao Yan’s mother said in distress.

Cao Yan gritted his teeth, “I can’t sleep, Omi made me suffer so much, how can I sleep, if I go to school now.”

Before Cao Yan had gotten up, Cao Yan’s father and others were chatting in the living room about this matter, and the consequences were expected to be severe.

Sure enough, Cao Yan’s father said angrily, “That Omi, who tied my son up at the construction site, this matter must not be stopped.”

Cao Yan said, “Dad, I’ll solve this matter myself.”Cao Yan didn’t want his family to send experts to the school to help him clean up Omi at the moment, after all, if the other villains knew about this, they would definitely be ridiculed, the hallowed campus villains, but he was so useless.

“Yan Yan, didn’t you say that Omi’s martial arts skills are better than yours?How do you fix it?”

Cao Yan snorted, “There are many people in the school whose martial arts skills are better than mine, have I ever been bullied before?I’m going to school.”Cao Yan drove away from home. Remember the URL

After Cao Yan left, Cao Yan’s uncle said, “Yan Yan doesn’t let his family get involved in his school, but we can’t let that Omi bully Yan Yan ah.”

“I’ve investigated, that Omi is the campus bodyguard hired by Liu Chenming for his daughter, how about giving Liu Chenming a call and knocking him around, if Liu Chenming still doesn’t know how to repent, then don’t blame us for being rude to him at the mall.”

Cao Yan’s father nodded and immediately found out Liu Chen Ming’s phone number, everyone was a respectable figure, so finding Liu Chen Ming’s phone number was easy.

“Hello, hello, who’s there.”Willow Chenming quickly picked up.

“Mr. Liu, it’s me, Cao Xilang.”

Liu Chen Ming was a little surprised to hear that the other party was Cao Xilang, they didn’t usually have much of a friendship and hadn’t worked together in the mall.

“Hello hello, why is CEO Cao suddenly looking for me?”Willow Chenming was busy being polite.

Cao Xilang, however, said without smiling, “Mr. Liu, is that Omi the bodyguard you hired?”

“Uh, yeah.”Willow Chenming’s heart thudded, but she was asking Omi.

“Mr. Cao, what are you trying to do by inquiring about my daughter’s bodyguard?”Willow Chen Ming was confused.

“Hmph, Mr. Liu, you really hired a good bodyguard ah, yesterday afternoon, your bodyguard tied my son to a construction site near the school and even took off his clothes, for twelve hours, my whole family searched all over the city before finding it at four in the morning.How would you feel if your daughter was mistreated like that?”

“Ah.”Liu Chen Ming was shocked, he had no idea there was such a thing.

“Mr. Cao, could this be some kind of misunderstanding?”Willow Chenming said apologetically.

“I wouldn’t have called you personally if it was a misunderstanding, Mr. Liu, I would advise you to teach your bodyguard how to behave, and stop bullying my son at school, or I won’t be polite either.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to him, don’t worry, this won’t happen again.”

Hanging up the phone, Willow Chenming was helpless for a while

It was indeed not good to be found on his head.This Cao Xilang, is a local, no matter the black and white forces, naturally not Liu Chenming, an outsider can be compared, offending Cao Xilang definitely no good.

The first thing that I want to do is to ask Omi to stop bullying Cao Xilang and complain to him.

Willow Chenming also dang really helpless, hired a bodyguard so good at bullying people.

However, Omi’s phone was off.

So, Willow Chenming had to call her daughter.

Liona was a little surprised to receive a call from her dad, who normally wouldn’t call her at this time of the day.

Liona immediately went outside the classroom to answer the phone, although she was in class right now, she was a top student and her teacher wouldn’t have any problem with it.

“Dad, why are you calling me in class?”Liona was confused, worried if something big had happened.

“Xiang’er, why is Omi’s phone off?”Liu Chen Ming asked.

Liona said, “No, I just saw him playing with his phone when I walked out, is there something wrong?”

“Ugh, did Omi tie up that Cao Yan yesterday to the construction site near the school?Tying people up until five o’clock in the morning, Cao Yan’s father Cao Xilang has just complained to me, warning me not to let Omi bully his son again, or he won’t be polite either.”

“Ah?Is there such a thing?I don’t know ah, but yesterday afternoon, Omi did leave the class in the second period and was nowhere to be found until the evening after school, so I drove off without waiting for him.”

“It seems it’s really him, so tell him for me and stop bullying that Cao Yan ah.”


Hanging up the phone, Liona returned to her class and looked at Omi, Liona felt that she had to talk to Omi.

After class, Liona deliberately walked to the back of the classroom, as she passed by Omi, Liona whispered, “To the roof of the school, I want to find you something.”

Omi was stunned, it was the first time a lady had taken the initiative to look for him at school.

After Liona said that, she quickly walked out of the classroom and up the stairs, waiting for him at the stairs before Omi.

When Omi arrived at the stairs, Liona was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for him.

“Miss, what kind of wind is this today, you took the initiative to look for me.”Omi smiled.

Without joking, Liona said, “Omi, my dad just called me.”


“Do you know why my dad called me?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Omi, you ran off after only one class yesterday afternoon, did you tie Cao Yan up at a construction site near the school?”

Omi looked at Liona in confusion and nodded his head without denying, “Yes.”

“Just now Cao Yan’s father called my father, Cao Yan’s family went through the whole city until four in the morning to find Cao Yan, he was tied up by you at the construction site for twelve whole hours.”

Omi laughed, “Found him so quickly, I thought it would take a few days, this bastard, count him lucky.”

Liona looked at Omi’s tone, as if he still thought it wasn’t big enough.

“Omi, you’re still laughing, you screwed Cao Yan, everyone else is putting the blame on my dad, do you really want my dad to be an enemy here all over town?”


Omi really didn’t know if it was still possible to happily bully people when such a trivial matter would actually find its way to Liu Chenming’s head.

Liona said, “I don’t want to say more, anyway, my father told you to stop bullying that Cao Yan, or Cao Yan’s father will really be rude.”

Omi said, “If you’re not polite, then you’re not polite, I’m not afraid.”

“You’re not afraid, my father is afraid, I told you long ago that a truly qualified bodyguard is one who ensures that his employer’s family is safe and sound, not whether he is good at martial arts or not, you are good at martial arts, but you have repeatedly caused trouble for my father.You’re not afraid of others, but if they can’t handle you, they’ll take my dad, and me, down.In the business world, if you offend one more opponent, you might lose tens of millions.”

“Alright, alright, I remember, I just won’t bully Cao Yan anymore.”Omi was speechless.

Liona nodded, seeing that Omi did not argue and confront her, she was quite satisfied.Although she felt that Omi was not good in terms of character, she had to admire him in terms of martial arts, after all, that Cao Yan was not a good person, but he was cleaned up by Omi to the point where his parents stepped in.

Cao Yan arrived at the school.

Cao Yan first called Fang Hong.

“Hey, Cao Yan, what’s up?”

“Fang Hong, I demand a plenary meeting of the Evil Minority Committee.”

“Why do you want to convene a plenary meeting of the Evil Villain Committee?”Fang Hong asked. A second to remember to read the book.

Fang Hong was the No. 1 villain of Baiyun High School, the chairman of the villain committee.

Cao Yan said furiously, “You know that, don’t you, Omi?”

Fang Hong said, “I know, the sixth recognized campus villain, I’m also about to talk to him, congratulations he’s become an honorable member of the villain committee, let him set up a table of ten or eight to celebrate.”

Cao Yan said, “No need, I asked for a plenary meeting of the Vicious Youngsters Committee just to file a complaint against him, this son of a btch, everyone is a campus vicious youngster, yet he doesn’t give me any face at all.I’ve been chasing Song Yuer, and yesterday I couldn’t take it anymore, so I caught Song Yuer and raped her at the construction site.Who knows Omi this son of a btch, he wants to get Song Yuer’s favor, even on my hands, I was tied to the construction site, Song Yuer rescue.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for more than a decade.I demand a plenary meeting, do you agree or not?”

Fang Hong cursed, “My grass, just becoming an evil youngster and daring to hang like this, between us evil youngsters, there is an agreement, we don’t steal each other’s women, we don’t infringe on each other’s interests, he is blatantly stealing your woman, this is too lawless, this meeting, must be held.”

“Good, I will immediately inform the others.”

Cao Yan’s heart was happy, this time, let’s see how everyone will take care of Omi, he can’t do it alone, but the power of the entire Evil Youth Committee is enough to take care of Omi.

Soon, on the fifth floor of the staff building, in a small room, the five Evil Shaws were all together.

They were the first Evil Shao Fang Hong, the second Evil Shao Xie Lin Yu, and then the committee members Jin Hu, Roger, and Cao Yan.

The second Evil Shao Xie Lin Yu asked: “Why are we holding a plenary meeting today?What’s the theme?”

“About Omi, yesterday Omi stole Cao Yan’s woman and tied her up at the construction site for over twelve

Hour.”First Evil Shao Fang Hong said.

“My grass, this newly promoted Evil Shao is too ignorant of the rules.”Xie Linyu scolded.

Cao Yan, who was on the side with a gloomy face, felt very ashamed to talk about this in front of the other Evil Shaws, if the other students of the school knew that one of the five Evil Shaws, he was tied up at the construction site, he would definitely lose all his face and not need to mix.

At that moment, everyone saw that one of the lesser villains, Jin Hu, didn’t look too good.

“Jin Hu, why do you look so pale?By the way, your face is swollen. What’s wrong with it?It’s easy to ruin our Evil Youngster’s reputation if you go out with such an image.”

Jin Hu was a little afraid to say it, but decided to say it anyway.

Jin Hu gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t hide it from you guys, I’m also going to file a complaint against Omi for the injuries I received.”

“Ah.”A few villains were shocked, they thought that only Cao Yan had been fixed by Omi, but they didn’t expect that Jin Hu had also been fixed by Omi, especially Cao Yan, who was even more surprised, seeing that Jin Hu was still bruised and swollen, not only felt a pity for him.

At this time, everyone looked to the side of the silent Roger.

Fang Hong said, “Roger, you have a plaster cast on your hand, what the hell is wrong with you again?”Fang Hong that depressed, three of the five people who came to the meeting of the villains, all three came with injuries.

Roger said, “If I tell you that I was also beaten by Omi, would you believe me?”

“What?”A few people wiped cold sweat, and thought that Jin Hu had already been beaten by Omi, but Roger was even worse, beaten until he broke his bones.

Roger said, “I was one of the first to be beaten by Omi, last Friday, but I didn’t know he was Omi at the time, until I read the posting on the school yesterday, and I realized that the person who beat me, and the person who smashed my car to scrap, was the new villain, Omi.This matter my family has already called the police, my one million plus car can’t be smashed for nothing.Even if Cao Yan doesn’t bring it up today, I’ll bring it up for a plenary meeting of the Evil Shao Committee.”

Fang Hong and Xie Lin Yu looked at each other, both saw shock and fury in each other’s eyes, Omi quietly, and beat up three of the five vicious youngsters.

Fang Hong said, “It seems that it is very necessary to convene this full meeting of the Committee of the Five Evil Youngsters today.Why hasn’t Omi come yet?”

“Jin Hu aren’t you in the same class as Omi now?Why didn’t you call him?”

Jin Hu was depressed, “Don’t mention it, I haven’t been to class yet.I used to be in the class and could walk across the room, but now Omi is sitting in the next row to me, heck, I’m uncomfortable all over.I’m going to change classes, otherwise I’ll be suppressed by Omi, and I won’t be able to pretend to be sick for a long time.”

Roger said, “Change classes?Don’t you want to chase after Liona?If you don’t chase after me, I can take over, and then don’t blame me for ignoring the Evil Young Protocol.”

Jin Hu snorted, “Omi is also hitting on Liona, why else do you think I would have a mega fight with Omi?”Jin Hu would really put gold on his face, three punches and two kicks were taken care of by Omi, and he still had the nerve to call it a mega battle.

Cao Yan was furious: “Omi saved Song Yu’er yesterday, deliberately trying to gain Song Yu’er’s goodwill, but I didn’t expect him to try to

hit Liona again, this is too much.”

Xie Lin Yu snorted, “Fortunately, Omi didn’t hit on my Simran, otherwise I would have made him regret coming into the world.”

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