King of kings 75-100

Chapter 76

Cao Yan looked at Xie Lin Yu and really wanted to tell him that Omi was already hitting on Simran and had warned him not to touch her yesterday at the construction site.

However, Cao Yan didn’t dare to say it because he had already violated the Evil Youngster Agreement by trying to secretly chase Simran in secret.

At this moment, all the students in the school were in class.

Suddenly, the school radio rang out.

“Hey hey, please Omi go to the 5th floor of the staff building to attend the plenary meeting of the Evil Youth Committee, the announcement is played again, please Omi, Senior Class 32, please go to the 5th floor of the staff building to attend the plenary meeting of the Evil Youth Committee after hearing the announcement.”

Omi was stunned when he heard the announcement, everyone was in quiet class at this time ah.

In class 32, it happened to be the class teacher Chen Tianming’s class, Chen Tianming was lecturing, but a sudden announcement interrupted him.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on the new product for a long time.

Chen Tianming stopped his lecture and smashed his chalk against the lectern table, pain held inside.

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The entire class of 32 students all looked at Omi, including Liona.

The first time I was in the class, I had to wait until the end of the class to make a public announcement, but now the whole school is in class. The first website mNatia .online

Omi didn’t intend to go to any plenary session.

Chen Tianming saw that Omi wasn’t going to leave the class and said with a black face, “Continue with class.”

Just then, Chen Tianming’s phone rang, and when he looked, it was Jin Hu calling him.

Chen Tianming was upset again, he ended up picking it up, just to see what, exactly, Jin Hu wanted to say.

“What for?”Chen Tianming didn’t have a good mood.

“Teacher Chen, is Omi in the class?”Golden Tiger asked.

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“What can I do for you?”

“That, you inform Omi and tell him to hurry over for the meeting.”

Chen Tianming really wanted to smash his phone, what’s with the meeting, making it so grand, as if it was more important than the class.

Chen Tianming said, “Don’t interrupt my class anymore, I don’t have time, you have to inform yourself.”

Jin Hu’s eyebrows furrowed, and he said angrily, “Teacher Chen, it would kill you to inform, take the phone to Omi, don’t force me to do anything wrong to you.”

Chen Tianming glared at Omi and said angrily, “It’s for you.”

Omi picked up the phone.

“Hello, who is it.”

“It’s me, Jin Hu.”Jin Hu seemed to have the backing of the committee and spoke loudly.

“What for?”

“Tantzin, hurry over to the meeting.”

“What if I don’t go?”Don Omi said.

“You’re on your own with the consequences then.”

Omi just felt funny.

Chen Tianming huffed, “Omi, please don’t disturb the other students in class here.”

Omi put down his phone, in that case, Omi went to hold a meeting of the Evil Youth Committee.

Omi left the class and went to the fifth floor of the staff building, a small room, this was the staff meeting room, only very few staff usually met here.

Omi walked in, five people were sitting inside.


bsp; Three of them knew each other, namely Roger, Jin Hu, and Cao Yan, while the other two did not know each other, and the five of them looked at Omi in unison.

“Omi, you’ve finally come.”Xie Linyu said.

Omi didn’t know this Xie Linyu, looked at Xie Linyu and smiled, “I’m sure the number one villain of Baiyun High School is you.”

Xie Linyu was stunned, Omi actually misunderstood him as the number one evil teenager of White Cloud High School, Fang Hong was the number one evil teenager, this point Xie Linyu didn’t dare to argue with Fang Hong, after all, Fang Hong was stronger and more evil than him, once Fang Hong was even stronger than three girls in the grove, this record hadn’t been broken by any other evil teenager.

However, Fang Hong, who was sitting next to Xie Lin Yu, was upset: “What makes you so sure that he is the number one Evil Shao?Couldn’t it have been me?”

Omi looked at Fang Hong and smiled: “This student, your face looks a bit weak, except for a lustful look between your eyebrows, you don’t have any domineering face.And this one beside you, who is tall and big, with well-developed limbs, unkind eyes, and a fierce, grudging look between his eyebrows as if he had snatched his daughter-in-law, must not be weak in martial arts, trying to ask if such a person is not the chief evil, who is, so I conclude that he is the number one evil in Baiyun High School.”

Fang Hong was furious, went so far as to say that he only had the image of a lusty gangster between his eyebrows, without any dominance, cursing: “I grass you?, you actually said that I look less domineering than him.”

Omi said, “You really don’t have the fierceness of a human parent.”

Fang Hong roared, “Omi, listen to me, I’m the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School, Fang Hong, do you have eyes?”

“Uh, you’re the one, huh, so it’s a mistake, no wonder His Excellency’s tone is so unpleasant.”Omi smiled, facing the gazes of several evil youngsters with a look of devoid of confidence.

Xie Lin Yu was afraid that Omi’s words would make Fang Hong unhappy with him, he was busy saying, “Omi, you should cut the crap so much, it’s time for a meeting, why don’t you sit down and prepare for the meeting.”

“Fine.”Omi sat down, but wanted to see what kind of meeting was going to be held.

Xie Lin Yu said, “Fang Hong, people don’t have eyesight and don’t recognize you as the first evil youngster, this is his eye problem, why are you angry with him, hurry up and have the meeting.”

Fang Hong glared at Omi and said in a serious manner, “Alright, everyone is here, let’s start the meeting officially.”

A few villains all glared at Omi and then looked at Fang Hong.

Fang Hong said, “Omi, today’s meeting is mainly about you, the few of them are going to complain about you.”

“Complaint against me for what?”Omi smiled.

“First, when Cao Yan was about to rape Song Yu’er yesterday, was it you who ruined his good fortune?”

“Yeah.”Omi nodded his head.

“Omi, why are you sabotaging Cao Yan’s good fortune, when Cao Yan had already stated that we were all campus villains, and you still insisted on this, didn’t you?”

Omi said, “Cao Yan wants to rape women, do I have to see the strongest and not save them?”

Fang Hong knocked on the table, “Omi, you’re wrong, you’ve violated our basic code of villainy.Why are you being rated as an evil youngster by the students?Not because you’re good, but because you’re evil.What is the most basic rule of evil?Cao Yan, you tell Omi.”

Cao Yan snorted and said, “The basic rule of an evil young man is: only do bad things, not good things.”

Fang Hong said, “Omi, do you hear me?You’re merely trying to justify your actions yesterday, and the whole school knows what kind of person you are.However, the fact that you will find reasons to defend yourself in the face of my questioning is an indirect indication that you are full of scruples within you, that’s not bad.”

Omi laughed, “I’m full of scruples towards you inside?Are you sure you didn’t tell a joke?”


Fang Hong said, “If you didn’t have scruples against me, when I questioned you as to why you were destroying Cao Yan’s good deeds, why did you have to make excuses that it was to save people.You could have said openly and honestly that you also wanted Song Yu’er, so the fact that you’re making excuses is enough to show that you’re full of scruples towards me inside.”

“Funny, forget it, then let you continue to be self-righteous.”Omi rolled his eyes, these people, look what they want to do.

Xie Lin Yu snorted, “Omi, everyone knows that Song Yu’er is the one Cao Yan has been chasing, it’s fine if you don’t help Cao Yan rape Song Yu’er, it’s fine if you sabotage him, it’s fine if you sabotage him, you still tie him up at the construction site, your behavior is despicable.Cao Yan complained to the committee today, the committee will definitely give Cao Yan justice.”

“Haha, good justice, I’d like to see what kind of justice you want.”Omi laughed.

Fang Hong knocked on the table and said, “Omi, please be serious.In addition to Cao Yan complaining about you, there is also Jin Hu, Jin Hu said that all the injuries on his body were caused by you, right?”

Omi nodded his head, “Yes.”

“Omi, don’t you have any sophistry?Since you are also a member of the committee, you naturally have the right of cunning, and if you feel aggrieved by any of the complaints, you can plead your case.”

“No, really, none of the complaints have aggrieved me, all of them are not aggrieved.”

“Omi, your tone is upsetting to me, you’ve done something wrong and you’re crowing so much,”Fang Hong said.

“Haha, is that right?”

“Omi, Jin Hu has been chasing after Liona for a long time, and even I want to consider that Jin Hu is chasing after him and can’t break the basic agreement between the evil youngsters, and yet you want to hit on Liona, you say yourself, are you still human?” Remember the URL Natia .online

Omi said, “You forgot, I’m an evil youngster, evil youngsters don’t talk about any rules, if an evil youngster still talks about basic agreements, then it’s not an evil youngster.”

“Uh.”Several Evil Shao were stunned, what Omi said seemed to make some sense.

Fang Hong snorted, “Omi, you’re saying that because you don’t care about the other Evil Shaoos?”

“It’s already obvious well, when did I ever put you guys in my eyes, you guys listen up, Liona, no one is allowed to touch her.As for Song Yu’er, you guys can do whatever you want.”Omi warned, taking this opportunity to warn these evil youngsters not to harass his lady.But Song Yu’er was none of Omi’s business, and that bodyguard of Song Yu’er’s, Liu Yue, was no vegetarian, and her martial arts skills were definitely much better than these few evil youngsters.

Jin Hu, who was sitting on the side, was very upset and wanted to be angry, Liona had been the one he was chasing, and even Fang Hong and the others didn’t steal from him, but now he was stolen by Omi, and acted as if he deserved it.

Jin Hu endured his anger and pleaded, “Fang Hong, you know, I’ve been chasing after Liona for a long time, Omi was mine before he became an evil youngster, you have to decide for me ah.”

Fang Hong nodded and said, “Omi, Liona was indeed pursued by Jin Hu first, please follow the order of first come first served.If Jin Hu fails in his pursuit, then only you can go after her, this is the basic guideline issue of the Evil Younger.”

“Hahaha.”Omi burst out laughing, what a day!

Big joke.

Omi said, “In a word, whoever dares to touch Liona, just weigh up the situation.”

At that moment, Cao Yan said angrily, “Omi, you just said that Song Yu’er did whatever everyone else did, so what did you mean yesterday?Since you’re not going after Song Yuer, why did you ruin my day yesterday?Fang Hong, you have to make decisions for me too, Omi is deliberately trying to make things difficult for me.”

Fang Hong said, “Omi, how do you explain this?”

“Explain my ass, although I don’t have any affection for Song Yu’er, I have to admit she’s beautiful and I can’t bear to see such a beautiful girl defiled by a pig, that’s all.”Omi said.

Cao Yan slapped the table and yelled, “Who are you calling a pig.”

“Of course I’m saying you’re a pig.”

“You.”Cao Yan was enraged to death, but what could he do if he couldn’t beat someone and Omi understandably said he was a pig.

Fang Hong said, “Cao Yan, don’t get excited, the committee will definitely give you justice, sit down first.”Fang Hong made a roundabout, Cao Yan looked at Omi’s arrogant look, he really wanted to stab him to death.

Fang Hong said, “Omi, you are disrespecting the Evil Younger like this, if others are equally disrespecting you, do you feel better?Omi, let’s not talk about this between you and Cao Yan.Let’s say you don’t allow everyone to touch Liona, but you know what, you think the only one chasing Liona is Jin Hu?Wrong, Jin Hu is only chasing her among the villains, besides us few villains, there are genius masters, there are top students, and there are campus fanatics in the school.There are plenty of people chasing after Liona, and it’s because of the great competition that we villains should join forces instead of competing with each other.”

“Campus Fanatic Shao?”Omi really didn’t know that Baiyun High School had campus mad youngsters in addition to campus evil youngsters.

Fang Hong said: “Nonsense, the five campus rampant youngsters are just as famous as our six campus rampant youngsters.The difference is, we are hated by everyone because the villains never do anything good.The Campus Five Mad Youngsters are different, they are mainly mad before they are recognized as Mad Youngsters.”

“I sweat.”Omi was speechless, how bored were the students of this Baiyun Middle School, they were both evil and mad.

“We six Evil Shao, and five Mad Shao, have always been on opposite sides, Mad Shao looks down on us Evil Shao, and we Evil Shao also look down on them Mad Shao.Omi, I’m not afraid to tell you that your Liona, apart from our Evil Shao’s Jin Hu chasing after her, the Five Major Maniacs’ Chen Zhijie is also chasing after her, so you can see for yourself.Do you think you can get Liona if you stop the Golden Tiger?”

Omi felt like laughing, the mad young man has come to join the fun, this Baiyun Middle School, it’s too complicated.

Fang Hong turned his head and said to Jin Hu, “Jin Hu, forget it, since Omi wants Liona, then you let him have him, you’ve been chasing Liona for a long time anyway, it’s not like you’ll be able to catch up.”

Jin Hu huffed, “I swear he can’t chase after him either, Chen Zhijie of the Five Mad Men has most of the advantages over him.”

Cao Yan busily asked, “What about me?Am I just going to be bullied by Omi for nothing?”

Fang Hong said to Omi, “Omi, you set up a table for ten or eight at noon and invite Cao Yan and all the evil youngsters and everyone else for a meal, let’s leave this matter at that, what do you think?”


Omi smiled, “I don’t have any money.”

Fang Hong saw that Omi was not giving face and grunted, “Omi, can’t you see that I’m already trying my best to coordinate between you and the other evil youngsters, and you still don’t want to show a little bit of meaning?You like Liona, I’ve asked Jin Hu to transfer to you, shouldn’t you set up a few tables to accompany Cao Yan?”

“Haha, why should I pay for it?Is Cao Yan still justified in raping women?”Omi laughed.

Xie Lin Yu said angrily, “Fang Hong, see, Omi doesn’t give a damn about the Evil Youth Council, it’s better not to talk to him.”

Fang Hong said, “Omi, how about doing me a favor?”

Omi looked at Fang Hong, I heard that this Fang Hong, once in one day in the school’s grove raped three girls in a row, that’s why he was named the number one evil young man in Baiyun Middle School, how could Omi be with them, Omi snorted, “It’s still somewhat possible if it’s not for your face, but if it’s for your face, then it’s completely impossible.”

Fang Hong’s face pulled down and roared, “Omi, so you are definitely going against everyone, going against the basic agreement of our evil minority.”

“Hahaha, so what if I break it?”Omi asked.

Xie Lin Yu yelled, “Omi, we are all evil, I advise you not to be so arrogant.”

“So what if I’m arrogant?Xie Lin Yu, you just need to remember that my name is Omi, if you feel that you have the strength to play with me, Omi doesn’t mind accompanying me to the end, hehe, Omi I love to take action against those who think they have superior abilities.”

Xie Lin Yu saw Omi’s fearless gaze and his body trembled. One second to remember to read the book

Fang Hong said, “Omi, don’t be so grippy, do you really think you can f*ck anyone by yourself?Do you know how many little brothers I have?Those genius experts at the school don’t even dare to mess with me, what are you, you really want to force me to call someone?”

Omi said, “No harm, you can call out everyone you know, Omi doesn’t mind playing with you.Oh, I’ll let you guys understand that Tzu-Chen never talks empty words.I have a hundred ways to make you guys stay, but you, there’s nothing I can do about it.”


“You all see, this kind of person, there’s nothing more to say.”Cao Yan was furious, originally Omi invited a table of ten or eight to give him an apology, he could also forget about this matter, he could also explain to his parents back home, so he wouldn’t be so ashamed, but who knew, Omi didn’t even give this face.No, he didn’t even give Fang Hong’s face and said such arrogant words.

Xie Lin Yu stood up and said with a gloomy face, “Omi, I heard that you are very good at martial arts and the three of them are no match for you, since you are so tuggy, you must be overconfident, so let me learn from you.”

Omi laughed and sighed, “What kind of three-legged cats are trying to learn my martial arts skills.”

“What did you say?Could it be that you despise me?”Xie Lin Yu raised his eyebrows and asked.

Omi nodded, “You still have the self-awareness to know that I look down on you.”

“You?”Xie Lin Yu was angry and furious, he didn’t expect to really look down on him.

“f*ck you, Omi, I’ve been putting up with you for a long time.I’ve just been putting up with you, and when Fang Hong wanted to give you a chance to apologize, I would’ve taken action to teach you a lesson.”Xie Linyu slapped the table.

Omi said, “It seems like I’ll have to fight you guys today.”

“Omi, I count you as having self-awareness and knowing that there’s no less than a battle with me.”Xie Lin Yu also used the same words back to Omi.

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“Hahaha, you’ll regret fighting me.”

“Do I regret you.”Xie Lin Yu rushed towards Omi.

Fang Hong didn’t say anything at the moment, in fact, he had endured Omi for a long time, but he felt that Omi wasn’t easy to provoke, that’s why he didn’t attack from the beginning, giving Omi a chance first, and trying to avoid a bad fight if he could.But I didn’t expect Omi to be so dragging his feet that he wouldn’t even invite a few tables to apologize, and he even made such a crazy statement.At this moment, since Xie Lin Yu couldn’t tolerate Omi anymore, he could take this opportunity to see if Omi was really strong.

Everyone was focused on Xie Lin Yu, especially Jin Hu, Cao Yan and Roger, who wanted Omi to be taught a lesson to kill his power, for not giving a damn about other youngsters.

Xie Lin Yu rushed in front of Omi and suddenly his head banged into Omi.

Xie Lin Yu’s strongest martial art was Iron Head Kung Fu, and his head was as hard as stone.

Omi’s hand grabbed the top of Xie Linyu’s head in an instant and it was difficult for Xie Linyu’s head to move forward.

Omi grabbed Xie Lingyu’s head and threw it out the window.

“Clang.”It broke the glass and threw him out of the window.

“Ah.”A few of the villains were shocked, Xie Linyu’s iron head was useless in front of Omi, throwing him out in one go.

Omi looked at Fang Hong, then swept his eyes at Cao Yan, Jin Hu, and Roger respectively, and said, “Who else is there?”

Jin Hu, Cao Yan, and Roger all trembled, while Fang Hong’s brows furrowed.

Xie Lin Yu climbed up from the outside corridor and looked at Omi with a palpable heart.

The scene was quiet, no one even spoke until several minutes later, Fang Hong broke the silence and hummed, “Omi, you’re really good at two things, no wonder you feel so bold against me.”

Omi looked at Fang Hong and said, “Again, just remember, my name is Omi, if you feel you have the strength to play with me, I don’t mind playing with you to the end.If you feel that you don’t have the strength to play with me, just be a little more peaceful in front of me.”

Cao Yan, Jin Hu, Roger, and Xie Linyu all looked at Fang Hong expectantly, Omi had said so, if you have the strength to play with him, you will accompany him to the end, whether Fang Hong has the strength to play with Omi or not, go ahead and say it.

Fang Hong’s face was drawn, the words toppled him into a corner, he was indeed scrupulous about Omi’s strength.

Roger was busy saying, “Fang Hong, say something instead, didn’t you just say that you have a lot of little brothers?Then you should have the strength to play with Omi ah, hurry up and say it.”

Omi saw that Fang Hong was hesitant and very scrupulous, and smiled, “Oh, I, Omi, love to play with people who think they have superior abilities.”

Fang Hong gritted his teeth and said, “Omi, don’t be overly arrogant, my stomach is a bit uncomfortable today and I need to go to the hospital to get some medicine first.I won’t play with you for the time being, but remember, I’m Fang Hong, the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School, I’m going to play with you, and I also have a hundred ways to make you get nowhere.”

“Hahaha, I remember, since you have an upset stomach today, forget it.Remember what I said, give me some peace in front of me.”

Omi walked away with a pop at the corner of his mouth.

Jin Hu, Cao Yan, Roger, Xie Linyu, the four of them looked at Fang Hong all disappointed for a while, and expected him to play with Omi, Nima, what rotten excuse, stomach pain.

However, the four of them didn’t dare to say anything, after all, Fang Hong’s power wasn’t something they could fight against.


Omi went back to his class, the English teacher was in the middle of the lesson, the English teacher’s eyes were full of contempt for Omi, his mouth softly hummed, “Scum”.

There was a reason why the English teacher dared to despise Omi so much.

One of the campus mad youngsters, Chen Zhijie, was the English teacher’s cousin.

With Omi’s martial arts skills naturally heard what he said, Omi was a little depressed, how he became like a street rat.However, Omi couldn’t go up and beat him up, after all, he didn’t curse out loud.

Omi didn’t care if people called him evil, but he couldn’t be despised and abused all the time.

Omi felt that he could either change his image and let everyone know that he was a good person, or he could simply be even more evil so that everyone would not dare to despise him anymore.

Omi put this aside for now.

Omi picked up a pencil, in his previous life, Omi also used a brush to draw, his drawing level was also well known in the Jianghu, drawing a random landscape painting and getting it on the market was at least a hundred taels price.The most painted is naturally the portrait of the little sister.

And right now, Omi tried to use a pencil to draw.

Omi’s mind was filled with a pure and beautiful face, it was his Miss Liona.Unknowingly, the beautiful face of Liona in Omi’s mind was vividly printed on the paper.

Omi was satisfied with the first portrait of his era.After school, let’s give it to her. First URL mNatia .online

At that moment, fellow tablemate Carlos looked over and was taken aback.

“Holy crap, Omi, you’re awesome, you draw too much like that, right?That divine charm, I almost thought it was a real person.”Carlos, in surprise, involuntarily called out.

Carlos’s shout immediately alerted the English teacher and looked over angrily.

Omi smiled modestly, “Fine, but this pencil is quite detailed, so it’s more delicate than a brush.”

And the English teacher yelled, “What are you two doing?Stand up for me.”

Carlos scrambled to stand up, and Omi had to stand up as well.

The English teacher walked up to Omi and looked at the portrait on the table.However, the English teacher didn’t admire Omi’s divine drawing, but was angry that he was drawing beautiful women in his class.

The English teacher picked up Omi’s portrait, tore it into several pieces, then pulled it into a ball and threw it into the trash.

Omi endured his anger, this is too much of a bully.He originally wanted to give the portrait to the lady, so that she would have a better impression of him, but he didn’t expect the English teacher to tear it up for no reason.

Actually, it wasn’t for no reason, everyone knows that one of the five madmen, Chen Zhijie, who is the English teacher’s cousin, is also pursuing Liona.Omi now draws Liona’s portrait, he must not like it in his heart, the English teacher naturally hopes that his cousin can pursue Liona, so he tears it up as soon as he sees Omi’s portrait.

Omi said, “Teacher, isn’t it a bit too much for you to tear my portrait?”

The English teacher glared, “What?Trying to threaten me with your identity as an evil young man?”

“I just wanted to talk to you on the matter, why did you rip my portrait, I don’t think I’m interfering with your class, do I?”Omi was upset.

“You drew a pretty girl in my class, it’s not a no if I don’t kick your ass

Wrong.Let me tell you, Omi, other teachers may be scrupulous about your evil status, but I’m not.You scum, a good senior three class five not stay, what to come to class 32?Get lost.”

Omi snorted, “What do you have to do with me coming to class 32, this teacher, don’t force me, to be honest, I’m forcing myself to endure inside right now.”

“No need to endure, hit me if you have the guts, you campus villains, aren’t you evil, then beat me to death, or maim me, come on, do it, maim me.”

Omi tried his best to endure, this teacher somehow tore his painting, and he also had such an arrogant tone and appearance, as if Omi was an evil youngster, no matter what he did to Omi, he was the side of justice.

Carlos saw that Omi was holding both fists, he was busy grabbing Omi’s fists and whispered, “Omi, don’t be impulsive, it’s not good to hit the teacher, you might get expelled.”

The English teacher glared at Carlos and said, “Why are you pulling him?Let him beat you up. He’s a schoolyard thug, isn’t he? He’s a bully and a big shot.I just want to see if he dares to beat me up today.If you don’t have the guts, then I despise you, a bullishly evil youngster who doesn’t even dare to beat up a teacher, what kind of evil youngster is he, don’t pretend to be an evil youngster in the future.In the future, just be honest in my class and don’t give me any meaningless things to do.”

Omi said, “This teacher, you tore my portrait in the first place, I merely said whether or not it was too much, and didn’t say anything, but you, you cannonballed to attack me, I said one sentence, you said ten, I now suspect that you are the vicious youngster in school.”

The English teacher yelled, “Don’t be pushy with me.”

Omi laughed, okay, this time he endured, who made him not a real vicious youngster.

Omi went to the classroom trash pile, just thrown that ball of paper to pick up, the portrait and then glued up is, do not bother with a teacher general knowledge.

The English teacher saw Omi still dared to pick it up, his face was cross, picked up the paper ball, swoosh, and threw it out of the window.

Omi looked at the English teacher with a fiery look and said angrily, “What a bully.”

The English teacher’s cousin was a campus mad youngster, naturally not afraid of Omi these campus evil youngsters.

The mad youngsters were the nemesis of the vicious youngsters.

Carlos pulled on Omi’s clothes and told Omi to calm down.

The class looked at Omi in silence, thinking that the English teacher was really brave not to be afraid to fight with the vicious youngsters.Of course, we all knew that the English teacher was so brave because his cousin was the Mad Major, otherwise he must be like other teachers who didn’t dare to offend the Evil Major.

The English teacher roared, “Behave yourself, or else get lost, what else is the scum reading and polluting the campus.Sit down, I have to go to class.”Carlos was busy sitting down and pulled Omi down as well.

The English teacher walked back to the podium.

At that moment, the class erupted into a thunderous applause.

“Pah-pah.”The applause resounded through Class 32, obviously, this was because everyone saw the English teacher bravely fighting the evil youngster, fighting the evil youngster Omi down, moved by the teacher’s fearless spirit, the evil youngster was fighting also felt very cool, could not help but applaud.

“Alright, stop applauding, go on with your lessons, don’t let these scum affect your lessons.”The English teacher laughed.

The class quieted down and began to go to class.

However, Omi felt a tightness in his chest.


“Why?Why is that, exactly?I am not afraid to take on the role of a loser, robbing the rich and giving to the poor, but also to help justice, killing people to pay for their lives, I let myself into injustice, but can never be recognized by the people of this world.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest products that are available on the market.This teacher, without any reason, tore my portrait and insulted me, but I put up with him.But he gets applause and cheers from the whole class, why on earth is that?”

Omi’s heart swelled with injustice, others had injustice, he transformed into a defeated red dust to seek justice for them, but now he himself was suffering from injustice, what should he do?

“I am the number one youngest in the world. In my world, I was so glamorous, so chivalrous, who didn’t worship and admire.And now, I’ve been reduced to being like a street rat, ridiculous.Am I really willing to be like this?”

“No, I’m not happy about it, and in that case, I don’t have to keep what’s left of my inner chivalry.Isn’t everyone calling me a lesser evil?Did I do all the wrong things?Am I not a good person?Fine, I, Omi, will do as you wish, I’ll be an evil lesser that makes you tremble.”

“Bang.”Thinking of this, Omi suddenly slapped the table with a bang, startling the entire class that was in class.

Omi stood up, his eyes filled with a fearless look, as if the world was not in his eyes, at this moment, Omi seemed to have returned to his previous life.When he came to this world, he was too stoic, that’s why he lost his original self.

Teacher, what is it, the world he had never put in his eyes.

“Omi, what are you doing?”The English teacher yelled, now he was even bolder again than just now, after all, Omi had just been gripped by him and didn’t dare to say anything.

Omi didn’t want to say anything and walked directly to the podium.

When the English teacher saw Omi approaching, he seemed a little afraid.

Omi grabbed the English teacher by the collar in full view of everyone and said, “If you respect me a foot, I’ll respect you a foot, if you don’t respect me, why should I respect you.” Remember the website Natia .online

“Bang.”After saying that, Omi punched the English teacher in the abdomen.

“Ah.”Many of the girls in the class suddenly screamed out in shock.

“Puff.”The English teacher spurted out a mouthful of blood, Omi’s quick eyesight twisted his head, and the blood didn’t spray on him, but on several students in the front row, including Liona.

Omi didn’t overdo it, so he punched him and then released the English teacher.The English teacher fell under the podium with her stomach covered.

Omi stood on the podium, and all the students in the class looked at Omi with trepidation.

Omi said, “Remember, all of you, just because I’m holding back doesn’t mean I don’t have a temper.I was rated as an evil youngster by you, it doesn’t mean I’m a bad person, to tell you the truth, I, Omi, since I came to this world, I have never put all of you, what evil youngster, what mad youngster, what genius expert, what rich second generation, what golden girl, what Baiyun Middle School, what Linjiang City, this youngster has never put you in my eyes.So, I endure, I stoop to compromise, I keep a low profile, and I laugh off all of your self-righteousness.I did what I thought was chivalrous, I acted on my own heart, but I didn’t expect that my low profile would be taken as cowardice, as a laughing stock, or even as a psychopath.”

The entire class trembled physically.

Omi’s words were too arrogant, what evil youngster, what evil youngster, what genius expert, what rich second generation, and also what Baiyun Middle School, Linjiang City, all didn’t care about.Omi didn’t even put Linjiang City in his eyes, what did he think of himself?


Over, everyone was indeed shocked by the boldness that Omi had emerged at the moment, I’m afraid that no one in the entire Baiyun Middle School dared to say such words, not even the whole of Linjiang City.

Omi looked at the English teacher who had fallen to the ground and grunted, “And you, I have even less regard for you, I endure you in respect, but you grabbed my image of an evil young man, the identity of a scum student, and trampled on it wantonly.If you think you have the strength to play with me, I, Omi, don’t mind treating you as a rival, are you sure you have the ability to be my rival?If not, then be less angry with me.”

After saying that, Omi walked off the podium and directly left the class.

The class president panicked and picked up the English teacher, a few students helped carry him and sent him to the infirmary.

At that time Jin Hu came back, not knowing what had happened, a question only to find out, it turned out that Omi was drawing a beautiful woman in class, the English teacher was very annoyed, tore Omi’s drawing of a beautiful woman, the result was Omi hit, seems to be injured not lightly.

Jin Hu was also quite surprised, Omi dared to openly hit the teacher, although he had also hit, but that was a secret fight.

After Omi left the classroom, in the lawn downstairs, he finally found his painting after several minutes of searching.

Omi was busy taking it back to the classroom, putting the pieces together one by one.

Carlos took out glue and volunteered to help Omi glue it together.

All the students in the class were trembling with fear, not daring to look at Omi again.

It was quickly glued, but it seemed to have alarmed the school, with the director of the Education Department, the principal, and several other leaders coming.

And Omi was still seriously gluing his portrait.

The headmaster entered the class and said angrily, “Omi, you are really lawless.”

Omi glued his portrait, folded it up, put it in his pocket, and said, “He tore my portrait, and most importantly, he wantonly trampled on my dignity, shouldn’t he be beaten?”

“It’s just a portrait, Omi, you’ve gone too far.”

Omi just snorted, people have different perspectives, Omi only needed to be right within himself.

The teaching director didn’t say anything, however, the teaching director was confused, Omi was a pretty sensible and reasonable person before, why was he a bit unreasonable today.

The headmaster snorted, “Omi, you better pray that nothing happens to Teacher Chen, or else you’ll have to watch yourself.”

Omi’s face was expressionless, he didn’t listen to the principal’s threat at all, still the same words, he didn’t even put the whole Linjiang City in his eyes, what was he afraid of.

The headmaster and the others left soon after.

Liona plucked up her courage and walked up to Omi, this time even if the whole class knew about her relationship with Omi, she still had to scold Omi, as her bodyguard, beating the teacher down, it was a disgrace to her father.

“Omi, come with me to the roof, I have something to say to you.”Liona said in a biased tone.

Omi said with a blank expression, “Sorry, I’m not in the mood right now.”

“What.”Liona was startled, how could Omi speak to her like that, before Omi was at least considered polite to her, although he was an evil young man, but apart from that toilet incident, he hadn’t exactly committed any bad acts against her after that, let alone spoke coldly to her.But now, she was about to ask Omi to go to the roof and educate her, but was coldly rejected by Omi.

“Hmph.”Liona grunted in aggravation, Omi spoke so coldly, as if she was a bit lost in her heart and overestimated her position in Omi’s heart, so she had to slink back to her seat.

Chapter 81

The class was soon back in session.

At that moment, the class teacher, Chen Tianming, entered the class in a rage, he was not there just now and rushed to the school after learning about this incident.

“Omi.”Chen Tianming yelled after entering the class, he had been unhappy with Omi for a long time, and today was considered to be a complete outburst of his displeasure.

Omi gazed at Chen Tianming.

The class instantly quieted down and looked at both Omi and the class teacher.

“Omi, how dare you hit the English teacher, you want to rebel.”Chen Tianming yelled in anger.

Omi said righteously, “So what if I hit it, so what if I want to rebel, are you capable of doing anything to me?If not, please don’t mind your own business.”

“You.”Chen Tianming was furious and was about to spit blood, but Omi was telling the truth, he was indeed incapable of doing anything to Omi.

“You’re in my class, you beat up the subject teacher, and you still tell me not to meddle, do you think I’m the class teacher for show?”

Don Omi said, “Or else what?Mr. Chen, let’s not talk darkly between the obvious people.You took me didn’t withdraw, in the future regarding my matter, you better turn a blind eye yourself, otherwise it’s your body that’s angry, that’s my advice to you.Of course, if you think you’re capable of f*cking with me, forget about it.”

The students in the class were secretly shocked, was this Omi’s nature showing itself?Turned arrogant and cocky today. A second to remember to read the book

“Okay, Omi, although I can’t do anything to you, but I believe Baiyun Middle School, naturally there is someone who can clean up your mess.”

“A district school, whoever has the ability to clean me up, tell him to let the horses come.”Omi scowled.

This statement not only made Chen Tianming angry to death, even all the students in his class were angry to death, District One Shabby School, how much disdain is this for Baiyun Middle School ah.

“f*ck, Omi is so grippy, someone will definitely take care of him, how can my Baiyun Middle School be something he can be so disdainful of.”Jin Hu secretly said, while being very happy, because the more grippy Omi was, it meant that more powerful people would look at him unhappily, and then someone would naturally make a move to teach him a lesson.When Jin Hu saw how grippy Omi was, he really wanted to see Omi being beaten to a pulp, it was exciting to think about.

Chen Tianming laughed and scoffed, “Well, since that’s the case, I have nothing more to say, I don’t want to pay attention to anything you do from now on, Omi, good luck.I heard that the headmaster also knows about this matter, the headmaster has two choices, either fire you or completely fix you.”

Omi snorted, “The headmaster’s nose was crooked by me, I’m sure it’s not even healed yet, has he forgotten the pain so quickly?”

The class was shocked to hear that Omi had even beaten the principal?No way.And Jin Hu was even more surprised, because he was the one who didn’t dare to touch the principal… Is Omi really that grippy?Nima ah, this is to steal Fang Hong’s first evil youngster position ah.

But Chen Tianming said disdainfully, “Don’t stick gold on your face, how dare you hit the principal?That’s just the principal and you cut martial arts, martial arts is not as good as you mistakenly injured just.”

Everyone was relieved when they heard the class teacher’s explanation, and said, well, even if Omi is crazy and draggy and grippy, he can’t hit the principal.This Omi, also too shameless, trying to deceive everyone, thought he really gripe into such, did not expect to be revealed by the class teacher.

Chen Tianming left, and the geography teacher came to class.

The geography teacher also heard about the last lesson, and was quite sympathetic to that English teacher, but he would not make any comments, don’t accidentally set the fire, so the geography teacher went to class in peace, and his

The lesson also passed without any accidents, uneventfully.

Omi had said that people respected him a foot and he respected them a foot, and the geography teacher didn’t do anything about it, so naturally Omi wouldn’t do anything to him either.

However, although Class 32 was quiet for the moment, it exploded in another place.

That was on the campus of Baiyun Middle School.

Omi’s assault on Teacher Chen Xue was posted.

Omi arrogantly said that what kind of evil young man, what kind of crazy young man, what kind of genius expert, all of them didn’t care, not even Linjiang City didn’t care, and this part was also put on the campus.

At the same time, Omi’s conversation with Chen Tianming, saying that the Baiyun Middle School District was a ragtag school that had the ability to clean him up and let the horses come over, was also exploded into the forum by several people at the same time.

These few posts, immediately exploded Baiyun Middle School’s campus forum, especially Omi those arrogant words, ‘district a shabby school’ a few words, seems to sting the nerves of all students, so that all students who saw very upset.

No more lighting mosquito coils: “Nima, I’ve never seen such an arrogant person in the history of the world.”

Minute clock: “I think he’s psychotic, he really owes it to himself.”

They all laughed: “It’s the itchy skin that does it, he’s really looking for a fight.”

Treeworld: “Haha, this Omi is finished, the teacher of class 32, Chen Xue, is Chen Zhijie’s cousin, who is Chen Zhijie?Nobody doesn’t know, right, one of the five most famous Mad Youngsters of White Cloud High School.Omi will definitely be cleaned up by the mad youngster Chen Zhijie, so feel free to watch the forum.”

Yu Xiaomou: “I hope Chen Zhijie, beat up this arrogant and ignorant Omi.”

That barren sadness is very perfunctory: “Sit and wait for this idiot Omi to be beaten, dare to say that Baiyun Middle School is a broken school, this idiot does not seem to understand Baiyun Middle School at all.”

The wind moves with the shadow: “Maybe Chen Zhijie is already on his way there.”

Anyway, the White Cloud Middle School forum had exploded.

At this moment, in another building of Baiyun Middle School, the second year of senior class 11.

A boy was sitting in his seat, constantly using a ballpoint pen to write the words ‘Liona’ on his book, his entire book was almost all about Liona.He was writing Liona’s name all the time when he was fine, and he dreamed of Liona.

This person was one of the five mad youngsters, Chen Zhijie.

At that moment, a student ran in and shouted, “Brother Jie, something big is wrong?”

“What’s the big deal.”

“Your cousin Chen Xue was hospitalized and beaten up.”

Chen Zhijie snorted in disbelief, “How can that be, he even came to school with me in the morning, who dares to beat up my cousin in Baiyun High School, I still have this confidence.”

“Really, it’s that new evil youngster Omi, don’t believe me, go look at the campus forum, the forum is so hot that you don’t even know.”

“Ah.”Chen Zhijie immediately opened his phone and entered the campus forum.

After a few minutes of looking at it, Chen Zhijie’s face became as angry as the color of porcupine liver.

“I’ll f*ck you, Omi.”Chen Zhijie let out a scalawag-like growl.

Chen Zhijie immediately walked out of the class and went to find Omi.

As he walked, Chen Zhijie said to himself, “Omi, I f*ck you, if I don’t cripple you, I’ll follow your surname.”


Chen Zhijie felt very angry, he was at least a campus mad youngster, but someone dared to beat up his cousin, if he didn’t take care of Omi today, then his honorary title of being one of the five mad youngsters would be tarnished.Who would still dare to call him a Mad Major in the future?I’m afraid he’s embarrassed to call himself a madman.

When Chen Zhijie arrived at class 32, the fourth class was already in session.

“Bang.”In his rage, Chen Zhijie, kicked the front door of the class, and the door panel flew to the lecture table, and the teacher who was in class was almost smashed to death.

All the students in the class shrieked at the sudden flying of the door panel.

Especially Liona, who was sitting in the first row under the lectern, was hit by the lock that flew out from the door, and the back of her hand was bruised and swollen.

Chen Zhijie’s face was full of anger, as if a ferocious god stood there, he did not feel anything for the door plate almost hurt someone, nor did he see Liona’s hand injured.

Chen Zhijie walked in with a black face, everyone saw the anger in his eyes and thought that he was going to kill someone.

The class was silent, their eyes staring at Madman Chen Zhijie.

Only Chen Zhijie yelled, “Omi, if you’re a man, stand up for me.”

Everyone suddenly swept their eyes towards Omi, in fact this scene was already expected, from the moment Omi hit Mr. Chen Xue, this scene was destined to happen.

Omi didn’t know this person, but this person bellowed his name directly, Omi didn’t hesitate to stand up from his seat. The first website mNatia .online

When the class saw Omi standing up, there was a creepy atmosphere, one was a mad young man and the other was an evil young man, in the past, the mad young man and the evil young man were scrupulous of each other and rarely had a head-on collision.

Today, one mad and one evil, it seemed like they were really about to do it.

Chen Zhijie stared at Omi and roared, “You’re fcking that btch Omi?”

When Omi stood up, he saw the injury on Liona’s hand.

Omi’s eyes were cold, the only meaning of Omi staying at the school for him was to protect Liona, and now Liona was hurt, something Omi couldn’t tolerate.

Omi simply ignored Chen Zhijie’s aggressive gaze and walked next to Liona, indeed he saw a bruise and swelling on the back of Liona’s hand, Omi was on fire.

“How are you?”Omi asked Liona.

Liona put her hand under the table and said, “Nothing.”

Omi domineeringly took Liona’s hand away.

“What are you doing.”Liona was in a big hurry, Omi was now actually taking her hand to her face.

Omi took Liona’s hand, then spat on the back of Liona’s hand, using his saliva to apply and gently massage her bruised area.

“Wow.”The class shouted when they saw this scene.

Liona was angry and furious, Omi spit on the back of her hand to smear it, it was so disgusting.Liona blushed and tried very hard to pull her hand back, but Omi was too strong, she couldn’t pull her hand back no matter what, so she had no choice but to be helplessly in front of everyone’s eyes as Omi took her hand and used his spit to smear the bruise with his spit.

However, it was Chen Zhijie who was even more depressed at the moment, he found that he seemed to be ignored, everyone’s eyes were focused on Omi and Liona, and he stood there unheeded with a black face like a fool.

Chen Zhijie’s lungs were about to explode, it didn’t matter if people in the class ignored him, but Omi ignored his existence and saw him coming, but he still had the heart to belittle the woman he liked, Liona.<

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“Bang.”Chen slammed the table.

“Omi, can’t you f*cking see that I’m here?”Chen Zhijie growled.

Omi didn’t even look at Chen Zhijie for a second and asked Liona, “Is it better?”

Liona felt depressed and saw that Omi had stopped applying saliva, which immediately drew back her hand, but the bruises and swelling on the back of her hand were really soothing.Liona blushed and snorted, “It’s up to you.”

Chen Zhijie could no longer describe the anger within him when he saw that Omi was actually ignoring him.

“Omi, you’re looking for death.”

Omi then turned his head to look at Chen Zhijie and said with a cold gaze, “I don’t care who you are, you hurt my Liona, I will never forgive you lightly today.”Liona was really incomparably depressed when she saw Omi talking about my family’s Liona, so ambiguous.

Chen Zhijie felt angry and amused, and gritted his teeth, “Omi, make no mistake, today is the day I will not spare you lightly.”

“Report your name.”Omi said indifferently.

“I’ll grass you up.”Chen Zhijie was annoyed, Omi asked him to report his name, it seemed to insult him, because he was a campus fanatic, no one doesn’t understand, right, Omi still pretended not to know, what did he mean.

Omi also couldn’t help but yell, “I’ll let you report your name.”

Omi’s roar, using his internal force, suddenly made the ears of the entire class perk up, including Chen Zhijie.

Chen Zhijie’s ‘mad’ momentum just now seemed to have been stolen by Omi for a moment, and Omi’s momentum overpowered him instead.

“Ahhhh.”Chen Zhijie’s nostrils were smoking with anger, the first time since he had become a mad young man that he was so angry.

“I’m your grandfather.”Chen Zhijie instantly attacked Omi with a punch, vowing that he would never be able to extinguish his full-blown rage if he didn’t beat Omi to the ground today.

Omi easily grabbed Chen Zhijie’s fist, and Omi would never show any mercy.

“Ka-chow.”Omi twisted and clicked, and Chen Zhijie’s arm instantly fractured.

“Ah.”Chen Zhijie screamed out in pain, he never expected that Omi was so strong and completely fearless of his ancestral fist.

Omi had been very hot today, so his hands were no longer as gentle as before.

Omi pressed Chen Zhijie’s head on the blackboard and said, “I don’t care who you are, if you come back to me in the future to pretend to be any kind of a match, I’ll make you never want to practice martial arts in your life.Do you hear me?”

“Let go of me.”Chen yelled, pressed against the blackboard, his nostrils pressed against the blackboard, sucking in chalk dust, and it was painful.

“I asked you something, do you hear me?”

“Grass you, I’m the Mad Younger Chen Zhijie.”

Omi was slightly startled, so it’s the campus’s top five Mad Shao Chen Zhijie, no wonder he dared to come looking for you.

“So you’re the so-called Mad Major Chen Zhijie?With that wimp face you have now, I really don’t know where your madness is.I heard that you are also chasing after Liona, I am now advising you to stay away from Liona in the future, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life, I can easily make you a eunuch, believe it or not.”

Chen Zhijie had lost his mind, he couldn’t accept it, he was being abused like this by someone, it would be fine if he was an ordinary person, but he was a mad young man, how could he have the cheek to call himself a mad young man in the future.So the higher Chen Zhijie stood, the more painful it was to fall, and now his eyes were bloodshot, although he already understood that he wasn’t on the same level as Omi, but inside he just couldn’t submit.


“I believe in your mother, don’t let go of me yet.”Chen Zhijie yelled in anger, he himself didn’t know how much chalk dust he had inhaled.

Omi snorted, “So meditative and incorrigible.”

Omi saw that below the school building was a tree, if he were to be thrown from the sixth floor, he would definitely hang on to the tree and not fall to his death.

Omi immediately lifted up Chen Zhijie and threw him outside the classroom.

“Swoosh.”Chen Zhijie’s body instantly flew out of the corridor and fell downstairs.

“Ah.”Chen Zhijie screamed in shock.

As expected, Chen Zhijie’s body was hung by a tree, everything was under Omi’s control, injury was inevitable, but death was not to be feared.

“Ahhhh.”Hanging on the tree Chen Zhijie is still in shock yell, Omi even directly to throw him downstairs, ah, want to fall to his death ah, Chen Zhijie scared to pee out, the soles of his feet a cold.

At this time, downstairs just a beautiful woman in police uniform looked up, saw Chen Zhijie was thrown down a scene, the beautiful woman in police uniform is Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian saw Omi standing in the corridor on the sixth floor, and immediately saw that it was Omi who had thrown a student down.Xu Mei Qian couldn’t help but frown, this Omi, was too bold to drop someone from the sixth floor, if the tree trunk didn’t hang on, wouldn’t it be a fall to death.

Xu Mei Qian immediately leapt, her body lightly leaving the ground, performing lightness and flying to the tree branch, bringing Chen Zhijie back to the ground with a pull.Xu Mei Qian smelled the smell of urine on Chen Zhijie’s body, and immediately threw Chen Zhijie to the ground after landing. Remember the website

Omi was shocked to see Xu Mei Qian suddenly appear in the campus, and she even used her light power to save Chen Zhijie, he didn’t expect this beautiful policeman’s strength to be so good.Omi wasn’t sure if he could win against Xu Mei Qian with his current power, but she wasn’t wasting her time to become a captain.It seems that this world is not without masters, but Omi has not met one yet, this Xu Mei Qian is a master.

After Xu Mei Qian saved Chen Zhijie, she asked a police officer to send Chen Zhijie to the infirmary, then she herself brought another police officer into the stairs.

Less than a minute later, Xu Mei Qian arrived at the sixth floor where Omi was.

“Omi!”Xu Mei Qian walked over to Omi.

Omi was confused, wondering what this beautiful policeman was looking for him.

“Have my identity of a defeated red dust been exposed?”Omi’s heart thudded, once exposed then the future wouldn’t be so easy.

“Omi, what are you doing?”Xu Mei Qian asked with a straight face.

Omi said, “Captain Xu, didn’t you see it, why do you have to ask knowingly.”

Xu Mei Qian was furious: “Omi, you just threw someone down like that, you are trying to kill someone, have you considered the consequences.”

Omi laughed, “This isn’t death.”In fact, Omi was naturally confident that he wouldn’t fall to his death before throwing Chen Zhijie off the building.

“What if the tree trunk below didn’t happen to hang on?”

Omi puffed out his hands and said helplessly, “That’s just his own bad luck gob, he can’t blame me for his own bad luck.”

“You.”Xu Mei Qian couldn’t argue with Omi’s rogue theory.

Omi smiled, “Officer, you’re not here to find me, are you?”

“What do you think?”Xu Mei Qian looked at Omi with deep meaning and suddenly

Thinking back to the last time I caught Omi in detention and locked him up, Omi escaped in no time by twisting and bending the iron pillars of the ventilation window.

Xu Mei Qian said, “Omi, the last time you ate a bully meal, you didn’t cooperate, I detained you, and you escaped on your own, you won’t forget this incident, right?”

Omi said, “How could I forget this matter, because ah, that detention center of yours is the most trashy detention center I’ve ever seen, so I’m impressed and can’t forget it.”

“Omi, you broke out of prison on your own, and you still have such an arrogant tone?If it wasn’t for the one defeat of red dust happening behind me, I would have arrested you, a rogue who defied the Public Security Bureau.”

“Hahaha, Captain Xu, so, you’re here to arrest me today?Captain Xu, why do you need to do this unnecessarily, even if you arrest me back today, it’s useless, your broken detention center can’t hold me at all.”

Xu Mei Qian was very annoyed when she saw that Omi had escaped privately and was unrepentant, and also sarcastically mocked their broken detention center.

“Omi, do you believe I’ll send you to jail?”

Omi had seen the prison on TV and laughed, “Captain Xu, that place in prison is not as tight as your detention center.”

“You.”Xu Mei Qian was annoyed.

At that moment, the policeman beside her was busy reminding, “Team Xu, business is important.”

Captain Xu suddenly remembered the purpose of today’s visit and said, “Omi, I came to find you today because I have a case that I need your assistance in investigating.”

“Captain Xu, is there anything else I can assist you with?”Omi asked cautiously, he was actually quite afraid of exposing a defeat, mainly because Omi didn’t want to cause trouble, he was having a hard time starting to live a stable life.

“Omi, there is a case that I need your assistance in investigating.”

“Case?What case?”Omi’s heart really thudded, could it really be that his identity was exposed in one defeat?He would have to run away now, even if his martial arts skills were high, he wouldn’t be able to live in peace if he was pestered by the government.Of course, running away is no big deal, it’s just like finding another job as a bodyguard in another city, but Omi doesn’t want to go through that again.Now here with a house and car and income, life is just stable.

“Forget about the case for now, come with me to the school’s security office.”

“Oh.”Omi didn’t intend to resist and followed Xu Mei Qian.

Everyone in the class thought that Omi had been arrested for hitting the teacher, and when Liona saw Omi being taken away, she hesitated, but took out her phone and called her father.

“Hey, Xiang’er, why are you calling me all of a sudden?”Willow Chenming smiled on the phone and asked.

“Dad, Omi has been arrested by the police.”

“Ah, why?”Willow Chen Ming was shocked.

“Omi beat up the English teacher during two classes, and I heard that he broke his ribs.The English teacher’s cousin just came back for revenge and was also thrown down the stairs by Omi, but luckily he was hung up by a tree below.”

“Ah.”Liu Chen Ming cold sweat, dumbfounded there, Omi also too much trouble, only just received a call from Cao Xilang in the morning to complain and express his dissatisfaction, it’s only half a day, Omi is in trouble again.

“Dad, what now?Omi was arrested by the police, they will definitely investigate that he was the bodyguard you hired.”

“Xiang’er, don’t worry yet, I’m already on my way back, I’ll deal with it when I get back.”

“Good.”Liona was happy to hear that her father was coming back.


On the Baiyun Middle School campus forum, a post exploded again.

“Omi blows up Chen Zhijie with a single move and throws Chen Zhijie off the sixth floor, but luckily a tree downstairs catches it, or Chen Zhijie would have fallen to his death.”

This post had thousands of comments in just ten minutes.

Many people had predicted that Omi would be beaten up by Chen Zhijie, never thinking that it would turn out this way.

“This Omi is too ruthless, he just threw someone off the sixth floor, mama, I swear, Omi is definitely qualified to sit on the throne of the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School.”A student called ‘Who’s young and frivolous’ said.

“I propose that Omi be regarded as the No. 1 Evil Youngster of Baiyun High School.”Another one called ‘Flying Dreams of Youth’ said.

Just like that, Omi was instantly recognized as the Number One Villain of Baiyun High School, and Fang Hong’s Number One Villain status was replaced by Omi.

In a corner of the school, Fang Hong smashed his phone and cursed, “Damn it, Omi, count you cruel, my No. 1 Evil Youngster throne was taken away from me like this.”

Omi came to the school’s security office to assist the police in investigating the so-called case.

“Captain Xu, what do you need me to assist you in investigating, hurry up and say it, I still have to go back to study.”

Xu Mei Qian huffed, “Just you still study, you are a scum student, don’t think I don’t know.” One second to remember to read the book,

“Oh, so you even know my famous name.”Omi gave a heave.

“The newly promoted Sixth Evil Shao of Baiyun Middle School, you think I don’t know, but just now, seeing as how you dared to directly throw a student off the sixth floor, I think you should be named the First Evil Shao.Luckily for you, that student didn’t fall to his death, or else I wouldn’t be bringing you here to assist in the investigation right now, but just locking you back up at the police station.”After saying that, Xu Mei Qian heavily placed a handcuff in front of Omi.

Omi picked up the shiny silver handcuff, took it in his hand and pulled hard, and with a loud clatter, the chain of the handcuffs fell off the ground.

“Ah.”The male cop beside Xu Mei Qian was shocked.

Omi said, “Captain Xu, this quality is too poor.”

“You.”Xu Mei Qian looked at Omi with some surprise, and had to admit that this Omi was somewhat capable.

“Omi, you actually have two skills to pull off the handcuffs so easily.”

Omi said, “Alright, alright, what did you find me want to assist with, it’s alright I’m going back to class.”

Xu Mei Qian looked at the badly pulled handcuffs, very depressed, “Let you assist with a case about a defeat of the red dust.”

Omi when really surprised, he was doing so secretive, and he could still find his head.Although it was assistance, being able to find him for assistance at least meant that he was already involved with the One Defeat Red Dust in some way.

Xu Mei Qian asked, “Omi, what were you doing from yesterday evening to early this morning?I hope you’ll answer me honestly, and if your answer makes me feel suspicious, I’ll immediately take you back to the police station for an in-depth investigation.”

Omi said, “Yesterday evening after school, I went back to the Songtao neighborhood and drove my BMW away.Then I went to my boss’s house, that is, Liu Chenming, and since you found me, you also know that the

I’m a campus villain, then I should also know that I’m the campus bodyguard that Willow Chen Ming was looking for.After returning to Liu Chenming’s house, I’ve pretty much been staying at home.”

Xu Mei Qian said in a serious manner, “In the early hours of this morning, Li Ziming and Li Qingyuan and their sons were both crippled, do you know about this?”

“Of course I know, I saw the news.”Omi nodded, his face not showing the slightest flaw.

“According to our police investigation, before Li Qing Yuan became an invalid, he sent someone to Zhang Dali’s house and injected Zhang Dali’s wife with the XXX potion, because it was too strong, Zhang Dali’s wife would not revive and would likely die after barely a few months.However, you appeared at Zhang vigorously’s house in time, and without knowing what tactics you did, you were able to revive Zhang vigorously’s wife.The time was about ten forty-five minutes.Omi, you just said that you were at Liu Chenming’s house all night, you’re obviously lying.”

Omi smiled, “I forgot to say, I was going to come out for a walk, I just happened to pass by that place and remembered Simran, so I was going to go and play with Simran, but I didn’t expect to run into something happening at Zhang Dali’s house, so I just went along to save her, after all, I’m also considered a jianghu, a doctor is kind.”

Xu Mei Qian said, “We investigated the intersection surveillance, and after you set out from Liu Chen Ming’s house, you drove a BMW with a license plate number of xxxx and headed straight to the Floating Tang District, and you continuously overtook cars on the way, and your speed was not slow, so you were obviously in a hurry to get to your destination.So, you just said you were just out for a walk, which is a lie.”

Omi almost broke out in cold sweat, they were too professional, did they really want to expose the identity of a defeated red dust?

“Officer, do you really want me to tell the truth?”

“If you don’t have a definite reason to explain your actions, we will arrest you as a suspect, you better not make fun of yourself.”

Omi said, “Well, I did lie just now, but I did go to look for Simran, Simran is the school flower, you know that, there is no boy who doesn’t like it.I’m in a hurry to go because it’s already past ten o’clock, if you don’t believe me, you can go ask Simran.”

Xu Mei Qian said, “Don’t worry, Simran will come over right away.In addition, we investigated that before Li Ziming and his son were wasted, they had a woman tied up to the hotel and were going to perform a rape, but when Li Ziming died about half an hour later, a mysterious man appeared at the hotel and saved the woman, we highly suspect that the mysterious man is One Defeat Red Dust, he should have happened to learn about this when he was wasted Li Ziming and his son, so after he wasted Li Ziming and his son, he went to the hotel to save theThe woman who was kidnapped.”

Omi said, “This has nothing to do with me anymore, right?”

“It was originally not related to you, but it’s because you showed up at Zhang vigorously’s house that it’s related to you.”

At that moment, a policeman walked in and said, “Captain, Simran is here.”

Simran walked into the guard room and looked at Omi, who was somewhat restrained in the face of the police.

Xu Mei Qian said to Omi, “Omi, you go out first, I’ll ask Simran alone.”

“Good.”After Omi walked out of the guard room, he immediately used his ‘Thousand Mile Sound Transmission Technique’, Xu Mei Qian thought that if she took Omi out of the room, Omi wouldn’t be able to hear their conversation, how could she know the high level of Omi’s skill.

Xu Mei Qian asked, “Simran, what is your relationship with Omi?”


“Ah.”Simran was stunned.

“Are you and Omi a couple?”

“No.”Li Xuan Er shook her head busily.

“Why did Omi appear at Zhang Li’s house last night?Did you know that?”

Kaylee Lee thought about it and replied, “He’s here to play with me.”

“Does he like you?”

“I don’t know about that.”

Xu Mei Qian thought for a moment and asked, “In the midst of your interactions with Omi, did he do anything weird or unusual?”

Simran thought about it and shook her head, “It doesn’t seem like I have, or haven’t found out yet.”

“Well, how did you and Omi meet?What kind of person do you think he is?The school recognizes him as a lesser evil, don’t you think?”

Simran was about to say, No it’s not, Omi is a good man.However, Omi’s voice suddenly sounded in Simran’s mind, “Simran, don’t panic, it’s me, Omi, I’m outside using the Thousand Miles Sound Transmission Technique to talk to you.The worse you make me sound, the better, remember, the worse the better.” First URL mNatia .online

Simran was horrified, Omi knew what kind of Thousand Miles Voice Transmission Technique, I’m sure Omi had heard her conversation with the police.

Xu Mei Qian noticed that Simran had changed a bit, she was busy asking, “You just had a sudden change in complexion, can you tell me what’s wrong?”

Simran calmed down, Omi did whatever he wanted him to do, Simran said, “Omi is not a good person, he writes lust-filled love letters to Samira, and he also heard that he bullies girls in the ladies’ room, he is the school’s villain.”

Xu Mei Qian looked at Simran’s face and smiled, “Are you sure you have told the truth?According to my investigation, last night at the intersection of the Floating Pond District, you and Omi were walking and talking, so if Omi is such a bad person, why don’t you seem to hate him?”

Simran was startled, she is also a flexible person, when she immediately said: “Because, Omi is different from those other people who are after me, Omi is high in martial arts, he is also more handsome, and then Omi also knows how to heal.Most importantly, Omi is my father’s savior. Last Saturday, my father was critically ill in the hospital and desperately needed 100,000 yuan.If it wasn’t for Omi’s help, my dad would have lost it.”

Xu Mei Qian asked, “Omi gave you 100,000 directly?”

Simran shook her head: “No, there was a request, he said I must give my body to him.”

Xu Mei Qian slapped the table in anger: “I told you this evil young man can’t do anything good, sure enough, shameless ah.”

Simran felt a little guilty inside for making Omi sound so bad, but she did as she was told.

Simran said, “Don’t scold him like that, if he hadn’t helped me, my dad would have been gone, so I don’t care how evil Omi is at school, I’m grateful to him.”

Xu Mei Qian advised, “Simran, Omi just threw a student from the sixth floor and almost killed someone, Omi is a very evil young man, I think it’s better for you to stay away from him.As for the money he paid for you, you don’t need to be touched, it’s just a shameless deal.How about this, I’ll give you a hundred thousand, you return it to Omi, and don’t deal with him in the future.”

Simran smiled, “Captain, thank you for your kindness, no need, I know what to do.”

Xu Mei Qian wrote a phone number for Simran and instructed, “If Omi does anything to you, you should call me immediately.”


“Alright, there’s nothing more to it, you can go back.”

Xu Mei Qian and Li Xuan Er walked out of the guard room together.

Omi was standing a few meters away, and when he saw them come out, he was busy smiling, “Captain Xu, is there anything else I can help assist?”

Xu Mei Qian said, “Omi, don’t be wild, you’d better restrain yourself, if you commit a crime, I’ll come and arrest you immediately.”

“Hahaha, Captain Xu, no send off.”

Xu Mei Qian huffed and left with a few policemen, she was not in the mood for a campus villain now, arresting One Defeat Red Dust was the most important thing, regarding Omi’s suspicions, she ruled out, because Omi, a shameless villain, took advantage of the danger and exchanged Simran’s body for 100,000 yuan, his character was too bad, it could never be One Defeat Red Dust.Although Xu Mei Qian wants to arrest One Defeat Red Dust, Xu Mei Qian feels that One Defeat Red Dust is by no means a person like Omi, One Defeat Red Dust is at least a person with chivalry, this Xu Mei Qian has basically agreed.However, a thief is a thief, and Xu Mei Qian, as a policeman, must arrest him.

However, after taking a few steps, Xu Mei Qian suddenly turned back to Omi and said: “Omi, I advise you to be more peaceful, if you do not restrain yourself, be careful in the middle of the night, a defeat of the red dust to your home to waste you.Just think of Li Ziming and Li Qing Yuan and his son, you’ll know that people who do evil are exactly what One Defeat Red Dust is looking for.”

“Uh.”Omi was stunned, it was a surprise that Xu Mei Qian used One Defeat Red Dust to threaten him.

Xu Mei Qian saw Omi stunned there, thought Omi was scared, proudly snorted, let’s see if you brat dare to be arrogant again, didn’t think that One Defeat Red Dust could be used to scare those who are multi-tasking and unrighteous.

After Xu Mei Qian left, school was almost over.

Omi said to Simran, “Thank you, Simran, let’s go have lunch together.”

“Sure.”Simran nodded, but her heart was a bit lumpy like.

“Are you wondering why I want you to make me sound as bad as possible?”

“Well, but if you don’t want to say it, I don’t want to know.”

Omi smiled, “There’s nothing I can’t say, my image is already evil, so I don’t want you to say I’m a good person again, people may not believe it, instead, it makes them suspicious, once they are suspicious, the more trouble there will be, I hate being pestered by these cops.”

“Oh, so, the police were just investigating One Defeat, did they suspect you of being One Defeat?”Simran was a little nervous to ask, after all, One Defeat Red Dust was a great gift to her family.

Omi laughed, “How could that be, but I do admire him, so even though I’m an evil young man, in my heart, I wish to be like him.Xu Mei Qian investigated me, it must be because of why I appeared at Zhang Liqian’s house, had I known that there would be trouble, I wouldn’t have bothered to help that Zhang Liqian’s wife last night, but instead, I got myself into trouble.”

Omi really diverted his attention at once, Simran was busy saying, “Alright, people investigating you for a bit, it’s not like they’re arresting you, there’s no need for you to be nervous, if it wasn’t for you saving her last night, Aunt Zhang might still be unconscious.”

“Oh, let’s go to eat first, what’s the point of caring so much, after eating go to the hospital to see Auntie Zhang, I’ll also drop by to see Auntie Zhang’s condition again and give her treatment.”

Chapter 86

“Good.”Simran immediately nodded happily.

Omi and Simran both ate together at a fast food restaurant outside the school.

Simran asked for a small portion of cabbage and a bowl of small rice, and then it was gone.

Omi was busy: “You’re too provincial, aren’t you?”

That small portion of cabbage, just a few bites and then gone, a dollar for a small portion.And others, at least two veggies and one meat ah, and then a stew or something.

Simran said: “It’s fine, I usually eat like this, just deal with it at lunch.”After saying that, Simran handed the boss two dollars for one dish and one meal, the boss had never seen such a saving.

Omi knew that Simran’s family was really too poor, so she had always eaten like this.

Omi looked at Simran feeling sour in his heart, compared to Song Yu’er those people, the same flower girl, they live, and Simran live, there is a world of difference.

Omi immediately said to the boss, “Give me two portions of beef, two portions of pork leg, two portions of tofu, and two portions of duck stew soup.”

“Okay Le.”The boss had money to make, of course he was very happy, if everyone was like Simran at two dollars a meal, there would still be a gross shop.

Omi’s order came up and shared a portion with Simran. Remember the URL

However, Simran did not want it, because Simran felt that Omi was pitying her and giving her charity for her suspicions, Simran was poor and had a backbone and did not need sympathy.

Omi said, “Do you think I have to pity you?I go out to eat with you, and you eat so poorly, with a bowl of rice and cabbage.And I’m sitting with you, and I’m having beef and pork shanks and duck stew and tofu, how else can I eat?What would other people think if they saw it?I myself have big fish and meat, but you have a share of cabbage, I, Omi, may not take the life, but I absolutely cannot take the face.”

Simran trailed off, “Where is it that you are so exaggerated.”

“Where would it not be so exaggerated, you just order a portion of cabbage, unless I also order a portion of cabbage, otherwise I’m embarrassed to sit with you and eat.”

“Alright, thank you, I’ll eat.”Simran said helplessly.

“Hehe, that’s right, if you really consider me a friend, don’t be so polite.”

Only then did Simran accept the few dishes that Omi ordered, but Simran felt that she wouldn’t go out to eat with Omi in the future, if she ate Omi’s every time, she would be embarrassed herself.

After the meal, Omi came to the parking lot, drove the BMW and drove Simran with him to the hospital to visit Zhang’s wife.

Simran sat in the comfortable and soft BMW and didn’t say a word, not knowing what she was thinking about.

“What are you thinking about?”

“No, it’s nothing.”Simran smiled shallowly at Omi.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital where Aunt Zhang was, but before entering the hospital, Omi bought a set of acupuncture tools at the pharmacy in front of the hospital.

Since he was here, Omi naturally wanted to treat Aunt Zhang.

Omi didn’t dare to say how good he was at medicine, but at least he had studied with his aunt for more than ten years since he was a child and was confident that he was still somewhat capable.

Simran smiled, “Omi, where did you learn your medical skills?”

“Oh, I learned this from my teacher’s wife, I’ve been learning this for as long as I can remember.”

R /> Simran admired, “You’re amazing, everyone is still in high school, yet you know how to heal.It’s just a pity that your reputation at school is not good, otherwise there would be a whole bunch of girls chasing you.”

Omi laughed, “Actually, I also wanted to try to change my identity as the evil youngster at school, but unfortunately, the more I tried to change, the more I tried to keep a low profile, but others thought I was a good bully.Now I don’t bother to change, let nature take its course, since people say I’m an evil youngster, then I’ll be an evil youngster.”

Simran sighed, “But if you’re like this, no girl at school will dare to chase you.”

Omi smiled, “It doesn’t matter, just those little girls at Baiyun Middle School, none of them I’m interested in.”

“Oh.”Simran’s heart thudded and jumped a bit, words are not meant to be heard, none of them were interested, wouldn’t that include her?There was a hint of loss within Simran’s heart, as expected, people didn’t look down on a poor girl like her.

Simran bitterly asked, “You have a girl you like, right?”

Omi suddenly stopped and seemed to tremble, a woman’s face flashed in his mind, it was his little sister, Omi’s heart swelled with pain.To Omi, he had only arrived in this world a few days ago, and had been separated from his childhood childhood friend, his little sister, for several days now.Originally, he had been busy with the affairs of this world for the past two days, but at this moment, Simran suddenly talked about the person he liked, and the instant the face of his little sister flashed in his mind, it seemed to sting Omi.

“What’s wrong with you?”Li Xuan Er was busy asking, seeing that something was wrong with Omi.

Omi’s spirit was completely immersed in that world of his own.

“Sister, I don’t know how you are doing now, perhaps, you in the other world are also thinking of me as well.”Omi said inwardly.

Simran was shocked when she saw that Omi’s eyes seemed to have a hint of water mist in them.

“What’s wrong with you?Did my words remind you of something sad?”Simran was busy panicking.

Omi forced himself to calm down and not to think about his senior sister, his face filled with a bitter smile: “It’s fine, go in and see Aunt Zhang.”Saying that, Omi walked into the hospital.Simran stopped for a few seconds, looking at Omi’s back, an inexplicable sadness in her heart.

“That girl he has in mind must be outstanding, huh?”Simran laughed bitterly and followed into the hospital.

Omi and Simran found the hospital room where Zhang’s wife was.

Zhang was very happy to see Omi and Simran coming because the doctor said that last night, fortunately, the patient was awake, which was conducive to detoxification and rescue, otherwise it would definitely not work.

“Li Jia Xuan’er, you’re here, Grandfather En, thank you, I haven’t even had a chance to thank you yet.”Zhang was busy holding Omi’s hand, his face full of gratitude.

“Oh, you’re welcome, how is the patient now?”

“The doctor said that there’s nothing dangerous anymore, through the dangerous period, now we just need to recuperate again and get rid of some of the remaining toxins in the kidneys.”

Omi nodded, the modern medical arts were not useless, each had their own strengths.

Omi’s purpose in coming in was to get rid of the remaining toxins at once, and then he could be discharged from the hospital.Modern medical infusions, however, couldn’t be drained out again in one go, and it would take ten days and half a month of hospitalization before they could be completely removed.

Omi walked to the bedside and took the patient’s pulse, and indeed the situation was much better than last night!


“Auntie, I’m going to give you the acupuncture and detoxification now, and after it’s done, your body will be completely clean of toxins, and you’ll have no problem getting out of the hospital if you want to.”

“Thank you, Eunuch.”Aunt Zhang was grateful, her face was much better, not as sad as yesterday, because early in the morning, she heard that a defeat of red dust had killed both Li Ziming, who was indifferent to human life, as well as Li Qingyuan.Hearing this news, no one was happier than Zhang Dali and his wife, their daughter’s revenge was avenged and she was no longer as sad as she was yesterday.

Omi was about to take out his acupuncture tools, when the doctor and nurse came to check on him.

“What do you guys do?”An obese young doctor saw Omi, a young man who wanted to stick needles in his patient, and drove Omi out with a frown on his face.

Omi said, “I’m here to give Aunt Zhang acupuncture treatment.”

“What treatment, go out and get out, you are in the mood to mess up ah you.”The doctor waved his hand.

Omi said, “I’m not messing up, I want to use acupuncture to detoxify her, once the detoxification is complete, she can be discharged.”

That doctor couldn’t help but laugh shamefully, “Finish detoxing in one go?You think you’re a divine doctor, Hua Tuo.”

“Uh, who’s Hua Tuo?”

“You don’t even know Hua Tuo and you still have acupuncture?”The young doctor gave a shout of shame and annoyance.

“I don’t know about Hua Tuo, but I do know about Hua Pil, he’s my uncle and a famous miracle doctor.”Omi said. A second to remember to read the book

“You’re insane ah, what kind of Huabei not Huabei, but also divine doctor, there is something wrong.”The young doctor scolded, he had been a doctor for seven or eight years, what famous doctor would not know, even in history there was no such person.

Omi smiled indifferently, Hua Pil wasn’t from this world, it was his uncle, and his teacher’s wife was Hua Pil’s sister, both his wife and uncle were famous divine doctors, especially his uncle, it could be said that no one in the world knew about him.

“Is there a very famous divine doctor named Hua Tuo in the history of this world?”Omi thought darkly.

Omi had to wait until he had time to check it out and learn one more unknown thing.

That doctor took out a detector and checked Aunt Zhang’s heartbeat or something.Omi couldn’t understand what he was doing, just confused, this kid does not take a good pulse, what in the patient’s body randomly touch, even forty-year-old woman also did not let go, a pair of trickery, so false appearance, and Omi only need to take the pulse of everything clear.The doctor touched randomly and then said, “The situation is good, and a few days of other infusions later, at most half a month will be healed.”

Omi said, “Still half a month, I can let her heal now, I see your medical skill level is really ordinary.”

The doctor looked angrily at Omi, “Why are you still here?”

“I still have to help Auntie Zhang with her treatment, have you finished your checkup yet, if you have, hurry up and leave, don’t interfere with my treatment.”Omi said.

The doctor snickered, “I’m affecting your treatment?You youngster, you finished what you asked me to say.”

Omi said, “Young doesn’t mean incapable, and old doesn’t mean very knowledgeable.”

The doctor snorted, “Fine, then I’d like to ask you, what kind of disease does this patient have?”

Omi said, “I don’t know exactly what disease he has, but I do know that his kidneys are severely weakened, thus causing

Lesions of various other organs disrupt the functioning of the entire body.The human body is a unified whole, only with the coordination of all organs can the human body carry out all kinds of complex life activities normally, any abnormality will cause the normal function of other organs.I only need to let the toxins in Aunt Zhang’s body be discharged now, I don’t need to care what kind of poison she has, and the toxins I discharged for her are not only the toxins she was injected with yesterday, but also the toxins that her body usually accumulates over time.It’s safe to say that after I expelled the toxins from his entire body, she’s several times better than she was before she got sick, and she also looks several years younger.”

“I pooh.”The doctor saw what Omi had said and pooh-poohed him hard.

Just then, an old doctor wearing a white coat at the door walked in.

When the young doctor saw it, he was busy greeting, “Vice President, you, what are you doing here.”

It turned out that the old doctor who came in was the vice president, an old doctor who specialized in traditional Chinese medicine and was one of the country’s ten most famous old Chinese doctors, very famous in the medical world, his name was Meng Lun.

Meng Lun looked at Omi and smiled, “This little brother, your words are quite insightful, the fact that you can tell us these theories at least shows that you have a slight understanding in this area.The human body detoxification you just mentioned does indeed exist, the ancient acupuncture and moxibustion detoxification techniques were indeed capable of being so miraculous.But in today’s society, is there still anyone who has mastered this long lost acupuncture technique, it is unknown, at least to my knowledge, it seems that no one knows this kind of acupuncture technique.”

Omi said speechlessly, “How simple, and still lost, speechless.”Omi remembered that he had learned this needle technique when he was seven years old, and in Omi’s perception, it was not a brilliant needle technique.

When Vice President Meng Lun saw Omi’s look of such certainty, his heart thudded, could it be this falsehood?

“Joke, right?”

Omi said, “I’m floundering with you, there’s no point in telling jokes.”

Omi turned his head to look at that young doctor and said, “Are you done with the rounds?If I’m done with the investigation, I’m going to treat Aunt Zhang.”

That young doctor looked at the vice dean and said, “Vice dean, this.”With the vice dean here, he certainly didn’t dare to shout and let the vice dean make the decision.

The vice dean hesitated and said, “You stand aside and let him treat.”

“But, Vice Dean, you really trust this kid ah, what if he sticks the patient, but now it’s in our hospital ah, what medical accident.”

“I’ll take charge.”The vice president.

“Alright.”The young doctor let aside.

Omi immediately told Aunt Zhang to turn over and face up on her back.

Omi took out a twelve-centimeter long silver needle and then slowly stabbed it into Aunt Zhang’s back.

“Ah” Simran couldn’t help but scream out in shock, wouldn’t someone die if such a long needle was stuck in there?Even that young doctor was sweating, after all, he was only studying western medicine.

However, Simran was obviously worried unnecessarily, Omi quickly stuck the twelve centimeters long silver needle almost all into Aunt Zhang’s body, Simran’s body actually a little shivered, it was too scary.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Omi’s face, and feel how charming, cute and handsome Omi is at this moment.


As the saying goes, an outsider looks at the crowd and an insider looks at the door, at this moment, that Vice President Meng Lun was horrified, Omi’s method of stabbing the needle could tell that Omi was by no means ordinary, I’m afraid that he, too, might not be able to do it better than Omi, and he was completely unable to understand what Omi was doing at the moment.

Omi took out another twelve-centimeter needle and then stuck it into Aunt Zhang’s back, and a few minutes later, six twelve-centimeter long needles were stuck into Aunt Zhang’s back, making Zhang and the others look horrified.

Omi finally took out a silver needle and said, “The last one, and the most crucial one, is even more difficult to grasp.”

Vice President Meng Lun was busy asking, “Where are you going to stick this needle?”

Without hesitation, Don said, “The heart.”

“What?”Meng Lun was horrified, it was obvious that Omi’s healing techniques had overturned his imagination.

“A twelve-centimeter-long needle pierced into the heart, are you sure there’s no problem?”Meng Lun asked.

Omi, who smiled mysteriously, pointed to the silver pin on Aunt Zhang’s back on her shoulder blade and said, “Do you know where this pin is stuck?”


Don Zimmer said, “The alveoli.”

“What.”Meng Lun’s face changed dramatically, all wondering if Omi was joking about the patient’s body. The first website mNatia .online

Omi said, “Alright, keep quiet, the last shot is important, I’m going to use the heart’s transfusion function to expel the toxins out of my body through the silver needle.”

“But, this.”Meng Lun shuddered.

“Don’t talk nonsense if a layman can’t understand it.”Omi glared at the vice president.

Meng Lun was speechless at being called an amateur, but right now he was really even nervous.

Omi leaned down and on his back, his left hand pressed the skin corresponding to the heart and then slowly pierced it down.This needle was very fine, when he was young, Omi always stuck it badly, I don’t know how many times he had been beaten by his senior sister, while his senior sister was focused and learned everything faster than him.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual product, and then you’ll be able to see it.

If there was an x-ray, everyone would see that the silver needle Omi pierced into Auntie Zhang’s body, not straight down, but sinuous and straight, following the veins of the human body, this kind of power, how can an ordinary person, Vice President Meng Lun, I’m afraid only in individual parts of the body can be able to do, but not any part of the body.

Most importantly, the part where Omi stuck the needle in Aunt Zhang’s back did not have an acupuncture point there, in Meng Lun’s opinion, what was Omi’s intention.

Omi gently touched the last silver needle, then, the silver needles previously pierced suddenly shook slightly, as if the meridians in the body were moving rapidly, about three minutes later, black blood shot upwards from the needles of those earlier needles.

“Wow.”Everyone, including the vice president, wowed.

Only then did Omi relax and smiled, “The blood that is now spurting out is all

The black color is due to the toxins in Aunt Zhang’s body, and when the color of the blood returns to normal, it means that the toxins have been drained.”

After about another five minutes or so, the blood ejected from the silver needle turned a normal color.

Omi immediately gently touched the last silver needle pierced into the heart, and the meridians in Aunt Zhang’s body immediately stopped moving, and the blood stopped flowing out.

Then it was Omi who removed the silver needles one by one, and finally it was done.

The heart that everyone was hanging on to was suddenly relieved.

“Alright, it’s finished.”

Zhang was busy saying, “Thank you, Grandpa En, so is my wife okay now?”

Omi said, “Now the toxins in your wife’s body have been drained, even the toxins that had accumulated over the years in the past have been drained.Of course, as to why she’s still unconscious, it’s because when I just administered the needle, her body was also in violent motion, consuming a great deal of his energy.In the next day or two, she will lose weight and also feel sore and weak, but don’t worry, it’s all normal and only caused by overexertion.”Don’t look at that process just now, but it’s very, very draining internally for the patient.

“Thank you, Eunuch.”Zhang was extremely grateful.

That young doctor no longer dared to belittle Omi after seeing what he was capable of, and was busy apologizing and smiling, “This brother, I’m really sorry just now.”

“Oh, no harm done.”Omi did not follow him in general.

The young doctor asked, “You just said that the patient over-consumes and loses weight during the treatment process, wouldn’t this be able to lose weight?”

Omi laughed, “You’re right, the stitches used to lose weight are similar, when I was thirteen years old, it took me a month to reduce a big fat man of 270 pounds to 120 pounds.Losing weight, it’s so much easier than that.”

“Wow.”The young doctor swallowed his saliva and looked at his bulging belly, wishing Omi would give him a shot to reduce him from 210 pounds to 120 to go.

Vice President Meng Lun was busy laughing, “Little brother, you really opened my eyes today, I didn’t expect you to be so young and your acupuncture technique to be so amazing, I really admire you.However, I have a doubt, the part where you just stuck needles on the patient’s back doesn’t have any acupuncture points ah.”

Omi laughed, “This Vice President, the human body possesses over five thousand acupuncture points in total, how could you tell that there were no acupuncture points in that area?”

Meng Lun’s face changed, “Over 5,000 acupuncture points?You’re kidding, the human body possesses a total of 361 acupuncture points, this is medical common sense.”

Omi laughed, “So, your level is a bit low.”

“Uh.”Meng Lun was stunned, he actually said that his level was a bit low, he was a nationally renowned old Chinese medicine practitioner, if his level was a bit low, then there weren’t many that were considered high throughout the country.

Meng Lun laughed, he wasn’t angry at being told by Omi that his level was a bit low, instead he felt quite happy, perhaps it was because no one had ever said that before, but also because Omi had just shocked him.


“So, little brother, can you tell me why you say that the human body has a total of over five thousand acupuncture points?”

Omi said, “What you said about 361 acupuncture points is just a crude knowledge floating on the surface, the truly inscrutable acupuncture points are deep within the human body, for example, a heart possesses more than two hundred acupuncture points, and inside the human brain, there are even as many as eight hundred acupuncture points.”

“Ah.”Meng Lun shivered, these theories were unheard of to him.

“Forget it, I’m not going to talk to a low level person like you, you don’t understand what I’m saying, you’d better be your vice president.”Omi didn’t want to say that much to Meng Lun, looking at his dumbfounded face, it would be a waste of words to say.

Meng Lun looked at Omi half-heartedly, what he said was true?This was too shocking, but if this got out, it would cause an uproar in the medical community.

“Little brother, could you come sit in my office?”Vice President Mendelian invited.

“What are you doing in your office?I don’t know you very well.”

“I’m really curious about you, little brother, can we talk?Get to know each other formally, my name is Meng Lun, I’m the Vice President of this hospital, and I’m also one of the famous old Chinese doctors in the country, I’m also an expert in this field.”The Vice Dean said a bit proudly.

Omi looked at the vice dean with some disbelief, “You can be famous even at this level?”

“Oh, little brother, I admit that you are very accomplished in acupuncture, I am not as good as you, but the knowledge of Chinese medicine is vast and profound, including all aspects, I am not the best at acupuncture, can we get to know each other?”

Omi saw the old man said so, can’t not give face to others, at least a seventy-year-old old man, or vice president, may be able to let him give some medical fee waiver. Remember the website Natia .online

“Okay, but I have a kind request, this Zhang Dali is having family difficulties, can you help him waive some of his medical expenses?”

The vice president looked at Zhang vigorously, smiled, and said, “Of course.”The vice-president immediately said to that fat young doctor, “Go apply for the hospital’s ‘special hardship’ relief funds for the patient and waive some medical fees for him.”

“Good.”The young doctor was busy nodding, because he saw that Omi was so powerful, especially in weight loss, he might even have a request for Omi in the future, when he was immediately happy and happy to do it.

The vice dean said, “Little brother, please.”

Only then did Omi follow the vice president out of the ward, but seeing that Simran didn’t follow, Omi turned back and said, “Simran, you should also come with me.”

“Ah, me?”Simran didn’t understand why Omi asked her to come along.

Actually, Omi had a purpose, didn’t Simran’s father want to change her spine?Originally, Simran was planning to go to a foreign hospital, so as not to be suspected of the origin of her family’s millions of dollars.But since she was able to get to know this vice president, she naturally saw if there was a way to do it right here at this hospital, there was no need to go to the field.

Omi and Simran came to the vice president’s office together, and the vice president respectfully invited Omi and Simran to drink tea.

“Little brother, I haven’t asked for your name yet.”Meng Lun asked excitedly.

Omi said, “My name is Omi, and this is my friend and Zhang Li’s neighbor, Simran.

“Oh, he little brother Tang, seeing your level of acupuncture today, it really makes the old man feel happy ah, your acupuncture technique is the most powerful I’ve ever seen in my life, the level is so high, it’s rare in the world.”

Omi said; “Acupuncture and moxibustion is not what I’m best at.”

“Ah.”Meng Lun was stunned, such a high level, but it wasn’t even the best at it?

“I’m best at all, all that is involved in Chinese medicine, all of it.”

“Heh heh.”Meng Lun laughed and said to himself, isn’t this kid a bit blown away, Simran sat on the side and didn’t say anything.

“Little Brother Tang, I don’t know where you are high up, where did you learn your medical skills from?”Meng Lun was curious.

Omi said, “I’m a student at White Cloud High School.”

“What? You’re actually still a student.”Meng Lun was filled with incredulity.


Meng Lun laughed incredulously and asked, “Is it true that that human body of Tang’s has more than five thousand acupuncture points?Is there any scientific basis for this?”

“Scientific basis?”

“Yes, it’s really hard for the old man to believe at the moment, for example, you said there are over 800 acupuncture points inside the brain.On what basis do you conclude that the entire brain, I’m afraid, is densely packed with acupuncture points if there are so many of them, and how do you recognize them?”A series of questions from Meng Lun.

“Oh, I won’t lie to you, I can’t answer your questions without any scientific basis, in my opinion, what you call science is originally a doubt to be tested by a higher science.All of my medical skills were taught by my teacher’s wife as well as my uncle, my teacher’s wife as well as my uncle are both famous doctors, especially my uncle, famous and unknown to everyone.Every one of those brothers and sisters of mine have learned the art of medicine, but we all have different levels of talent and levels, and only my junior sister and I have mastered it the most.However, compared to my junior sister, we’re still too far behind, and with my senior uncle, we’re even less comparable.”

Meng Lun frowned, “Tang your sifu and uncle are both divine doctors, and your uncle is famous and unknown to everyone, who the hell is he?If it’s so famous, I definitely know it.”As one of the famous old Chinese doctors, Meng Lun was already at the national level, so if he was so famous, he must be one of the famous old Chinese doctors as well, it was impossible that he didn’t know him, the main thing was that of all the famous old Chinese doctors he knew, no one seemed to have reached Omi’s level in acupuncture.

“Oh, you don’t know even if I say so.”

Meng Lun was busy saying, “If it’s really as famous as you say, I definitely know it, I Meng Lun can’t say how famous I am, but I’m also well known at home and abroad.”

Omi shook his head and said, “You don’t know him.”

“Alright, since you won’t say it, I won’t force it.Little brother Tang, it’s a pleasure to meet you today, although I don’t know the authenticity of the more than five thousand acupuncture points you mentioned, but you really opened my eyes for a while.This is my business card, you can come to me for anything in the future, I also hope to become friends with you, and we can exchange some academic knowledge with each other.”

“Good.”Omi put away his business card, where did Omi know that this Meng Lun was very famous, although he was the vice president of this hospital, this hospital was owned by his family, or rather his son to be precise.


Omi looked at Simran and said, “But there’s something I want to ask you for right now.”

“Uh.”The vice president was stunned, something to help right after the business card was handed out.

“Please go ahead.”

“My friend Xuan’er Li’s father, has that something or other disease, and needs a spine replacement, does your hospital replace it?”Omi Dao.

Meng Lun smiled: “This is of course, since it’s your friend, then I’ll give your friend a full waiver of the surgery fee, you only need to pay the basic expenses.”

Simran busily asked, “President Meng, how much will that roughly cost?”

Meng Lun smiled, “About one and a half million, out of that one and a half million, one and a half million is spent on purchasing the spine, and the other three hundred thousand is the payment for those doctors.After all, replacing the spine would require twenty doctors to spend more than seventy hours day and night to complete such a large operation.More than ten thousand dollars per doctor is a must, which I’m sure you understand.As for the other expenses, we won’t charge you a cent.”

“Thank you, Meng Yard.”Simran was thrilled, it was supposed to be at least two million, but this saved over half a million.

Omi was also really surprised, it required twenty doctors, spending more than seventy hours day and night to complete this surgery, so to say, three hundred thousand to these twenty doctors is indeed essential, otherwise there is no money, affect the doctor’s mood, maybe the surgery will all fail.This kind of surgery, Omi quite admired, and it seemed to be very different from the medical skills Omi cognitively, there was a chance Omi also wanted to learn this different medical skills.

Omi gratefully said, “Dean Meng, thank you then, you’re a friend, I’m bound to make friends with you.”

“Hahaha, you’re welcome, to be honest, this hospital is run by my son, it doesn’t matter if I let him earn less.” One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, the fat young doctor rushed up.

“It’s bad, Zhang Li’s wife is dead.”

Omi stood up openly, how could she be dead?

Simran said anxiously, “That’s impossible.”

“Go take a look.”The vice president said.

Omi was busy rushing out of the office, if Zhang Li’s wife was really dead, then everyone would definitely say that Omi had killed someone today.Because everyone had seen him apply needles to Aunt Zhang, and most importantly, no one could prove that he hadn’t made a mistake, even the Vice Dean didn’t understand his acupuncture technique and would think that his horrifying and terrifying silver needles had caused Aunt Zhang’s death.

When Omi rushed to the ward, Aunt Zhang had already been sent to the resuscitation room.

Omi asked the nurse and rushed to the rescue room, when Omi came to the rescue room again, Simran and the vice president had already arrived first, they came directly to the rescue room, while Omi left in a hurry but reached the ward first.

Just then, several doctors came out of the rescue room while taking off their masks.

Zhang vigorously pounced on them and asked, “How is it?How’s my wife?”

One doctor said, “The patient is dying, save your breath.”

“No.”Zhang hissed.

Omi’s head buzzed.

Simran’s face was also white, God, it’s only been a moment, how come a good person is dead?

Vice President Meng Lun was more calm and walked into the rescue room to look at the deceased.

Omi was also busy walking in to check on Aunt Zhang’s condition.

The Vice Dean said, “The patient has lost her heartbeat and her vital signs are all gone, she is dead.”

“Why is that so?”Omi was depressed.

The vice president asked in a low voice, “It’s not that I don’t believe in your medical skills, it’s just that you just stuck a needle in her heart and lungs after all, could it be?”

“Impossible.”Omi roared, although no one in this world may have ever done acupuncture like this, Omi was incomparably clear that in his world, there were many such acupuncture techniques, and his master and his wife had treated countless people.Even if Omi himself had been pricked with needles more complicated and dangerous than this, Omi would never believe that a simple acupuncture technique like his would be

To the death of a person.

Zhang vigorously also rushed into the rescue room, jumped on the deceased and cried and yelled, his daughter had just died and his wife had gone, and he was supposed to be checking out of the hospital, how could this happen.

Simran also came in and cried, “Uncle Zhang, you have to mourn.”

Zhang vigorously looked up at Omi and said, “You helped me, I’m very grateful to you, I would have been healed in another half month, why did you go the extra mile and give my wife acupuncture, woohoo.”

At the moment Omi was very conflicted, he helped Zhang Dali out of good intentions, but in the end Aunt Zhang was dead, and everyone thought that his acupuncture had killed the person.

Omi bit his teeth and seemed to have made a decision.

Now that the corpse’s temperature hadn’t dropped and the blood hadn’t coagulated, if Omi was going to make this decision, he had to do it quickly, or it would be too late.

In the end, Omi decided to fight, he would try the ‘raising the dead’ technique, but it was difficult, Omi hadn’t succeeded once when he was in that world.

Omi bellowed, “Everyone out.”

The vice president said, “Little Brother Tang, what are you doing?Things have come to this, so why should you.Don’t worry, I’ll let the hospital take this matter on and treat it as a medical accident, and I’m sure you just didn’t mean it.”

At this time, the vice president could still say that, Omi was quite touched.

Omi’s tone calmed down a bit and said, “Vice President, let everyone out, you can stay, I want to try to see if I can save her.”

“Ah, but she’s already dead?”The vice president was incredulous.

Simran was also stunned, and the crying Zhang vigorously busy eyes shot to Omi.

Omi said, “Just the heartbeat stopped, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely dead.”

“The doctor must have tried his best to resuscitate the deceased just now, and wasn’t able to restore his heartbeat.”The vice president said.

“Now that the deceased’s body hasn’t cooled down, it may still be too late, so stop nagging and let them all out.”

The vice dean immediately let Simran and Zhang Dali and the others go out, as for him, of course he was not going out, he was curious to see how Omi was able to bring the dead back to life.

Omi quickly took out his silver needles and stuck them into the various body organs of the deceased as fast as he could, this was to temporarily stabilize the various body organs of the deceased and not to continue losing vitality.

Finally, Omi’s three long silver needles pierced into the deceased’s heart.

However, this was not all.

There was also the most important and the most difficult.

Since the deceased was already dead, the brain must have lost its vitality as well.

Omi took out five tiny silver needles and pierced them through the deceased’s skull.

In the vice president’s opinion, Omi was completely messing around, like stabbing a paper man.But Omi himself was clear, every needle he was precise, and he had already pierced the needles of the deceased countless times, everything light and easy.

Omi pierced the brain of the deceased, the next step is to use his internal force, so that the heart contraction activity, but also to let the brain at the same time to produce vitality, the brain is certainly not completely dead, the two must cooperate seamlessly, can achieve the effect of the resurrection of the dead.In fact, it is equivalent to artificial respiration, defibrillator these, let the person whose heart stopped beating resume similar activities.It’s just that Omi’s resuscitation technique is a hundred times more advanced than these low-level first aid techniques like artificial respiration.

The coordination between the brain and the heart is the most crucial thing in the resurrection technique, and it consumes a lot of internal and mental energy.

It was fine if it worked a few times, if it never worked, the lack of spirit behind it would make you faint, Omi had never succeeded before, but his uncle succeeded every time with ease, it was already a very simple first aid technique for his uncle.

“Bang.”The deceased’s body bounced violently on the operating table, and his eyes opened for a moment, reacting as if he had been electrocuted by a defibrillator.

However, the next moment they were closed again, indicating that Don Omi had not succeeded.

Chapter 91

“Bang.”The dead man’s body bounced again, his eyes opening and closing.

The vice president watching from the side was completely new to this, and was truly shocked and curious.



Omi’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

“I have to succeed, if I don’t save her today, I’ll be a murderer, damn it.”

Omi didn’t want to take the blame for such a scandal.

“Bang.”One failure after another, with each failure, the temperature of the deceased’s body dropped by one point, meaning that the likelihood of success dropped by one point, and once the deceased’s body temperature was completely gone, there was no need to waste effort, and it was useless for his uncle to come.

Outside the emergency room, Zhang and Simran were extremely anxious, while there were also several doctors and nurses who had heard about what had happened inside, a person who had been declared dead and was still being resuscitated by a young man, and out of curiosity, those doctors and nurses were also waiting outside.

After Omi failed a dozen times, finally, the deceased opened his eyes and did not close them again.Omi was delighted that Aunt Zhang’s brain had revived and her heart was contracting and beating, just a little slowly.

Aunt Zhang’s body temperature rose, helping to transport blood and allowing the heart to completely recover its transfusion function. First URL mNatia .online

Sure enough, a moment later, Aunt Zhang exhaled sharply, as if a drowning man had finally been resuscitated by artificial respiration.The Vice President saw a life revived, and a solemn feeling of respect arose as he looked at Omi.

Omi was so happy, not only did he save Aunt Zhang’s life, he had successfully done the Resuscitation of the Dead for the first time, however, Omi suddenly felt a sudden heartache, because his teacher’s wife and uncle no longer knew that he had succeeded.

Omi was not idle and immediately cut the pulse of Auntie Zhang’s body to find out the cause of her death, or else she would still die again.

In less than a minute, Omi found out that Auntie Zhang was poisoned and the poison had penetrated into her organs.

After finding out the cause, Omi performed acupuncture and detoxification again to remove the poison.

After about fifteen minutes, Omi performed the second acupuncture technique to remove the toxin from Auntie Zhang’s body.

Auntie Zhang was extremely weak, but her life was saved.

Omi was sweating profusely.

The Vice President was respectful of Omi and was busy handing Omi towels.He witnessed Omi resuscitate a dead man into a critically ill poisoned patient, and then followed it up by turning the critically ill poisoned patient into someone who was now all intact.

“Alright.”Omi said with a wipe of sweat.

Omi walked out of the rescue room, but there were many doctors and nurses waiting outside.

“How’s it going?How’s my wife?”Zhang pounced on the question.

The vice president smiled, “Congratulations, your wife is alive and well.”

“Pah-pah.”All the doctors and nurses who were waiting outside were moved to applaud.

Simran looked at Omi with tears shining in her eyes, and some of the nurses were also moved to cry, not all because of Omi’s medical skills, but for a life to be saved.

Omi just smiled slightly.

Those doctors’

Health and nurses immediately flocked into the resuscitation room to see the revived patient and witness the miracle.

The security guard came to the vice president’s side and said a few words.

Then the vice president said to Omi, “You come with me.”

Omi came to a monitoring room.

Seeing the surveillance, a mysterious doctor wearing a white coat and a mask went into Aunt Zhang’s room.

At this moment, however, Zhang was currently going through the procedures regarding the special assistance, preparing to apply for it and observe the follow-up before being discharged home, without any idea of what was happening in the ward.This was again a private hospital, and only one bed was arranged for each ward, so there were many opportunities to take advantage of the situation.

The mysterious doctor came out in less than half a minute and then disappeared into the corridor, as he was wearing a lab coat and a mask, and he didn’t know who he was, but he was sure it wasn’t someone from the hospital.

Omi said furiously, “f*ck, don’t let me find you.”

At the hospital, the police came, but at Omi’s request, the hospital didn’t reveal to the police that he had rescued the patient, but only wrote down that Aunt Zhang had been injected with poison and was successfully rescued in the end.The police took the surveillance video and left without much concern, it must be unlikely for such a case to be solved.

At this moment, not far from this hospital, a man was staring at the hospital, he was the one wearing the white coat posing as a doctor, he was waiting here, when it was about time, he would enter the hospital again to confirm whether Zhang’s wife was dead or not, then he would report back.

Omi was standing in front of the window sill of the vice president’s office with a cup of hot tea in his hand, having just rescued Aunt Zhang, Omi had expended a lot of internal strength and spirit, and the vice president asked him to come up and take a break.

Omi stood in front of the window sill and saw a man in front of the hospital’s front door to the left with a strange gaze, always watching the hospital.Especially when the policemen who came from the hospital came out, the man looked weird again and pretended to buy something, as if he didn’t want to attract the attention of the policemen.

“There must be something wrong with him, I think nine times out of ten it’s the person who injected Aunt Zhang with poison.”Omi’s eyes chilled, although he was guessing, he felt certain in his heart.

Omi said to Vice President Meng Lun, “President Meng, if it’s alright, I’ll leave first, I still have to go back to school.”

“Okay, little brother Tang, can you tell me your number?”

“Uh, okay.”Omi gave his cell phone number to Meng Lun.

After that, Omi quickly left, naturally, to catch that suspicious character, Omi wanted to find out who was trying to murder Aunt Zhang’s life.

Mole stood under a bus stop sign, his eyes looking in the direction of the hospital, he had a large mole on his face, so he was called Mole.Today, Brother Lei ordered him to come on an errand, to assassinate a man at Bright Hospital.As a well-trained man, killing someone quietly couldn’t be easier.All he needed to do now was to go back and report the death of that person once he was sure that he was dead.The police had just been here, so the mole couldn’t enter the hospital right away, and would need to wait a little more patiently.

But at this moment, a hand was quietly placed on his shoulder.

The mole turned back, who was tired of living and dared to take his shoulder, but the head was only halfway back, a fist had already reached the eyes, the mole lost consciousness at once.

When the Mole woke up, he found himself in an alleyway, pinned against a wall by a man who made it impossible for him to move.

“Who are you?”Mole asked in busy fear, this man must be good at something.


“Say, why did you go to the hospital to kill someone?”

The person who asked the question was none other than Omi.

“Why should I say.”The black mole still wanted to resist.

“Bang.”Omi punched him in the abdomen.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t say it.”

“You tell me what you are first.”The mole also tried to get out who Don Omi was.

“If you don’t say anything else, you’ll only have to die.”

The black mole felt the threat of death and was busy saying, “Yes, Brother Lei told me to do it cleanly.”

“Who is Brother Lei?”

“Brother Lei is Dan’s right-hand man that he brought back from Peace and I’m from Peace and I’m from Peace and I’m from Peace and I’m from Peace.”

“Nima, who the hell is Brother Dan again, if you fool around I’ll kill you.”Omi said furiously. Remember the website Natia .online

“Don’t, don’t, Brother Dan is Li Zi Dan, whose father is Li Qing Yuan.Brother Dan learned this morning that his father and younger brother were ruined by some one defeated dog thief, so he brought Brother Lei and I, along with a few other brothers, back to deal with the aftermath.I just received an order from Brother Lei to go to Bright Hospital and kill a man, and that’s all I know.”

At this moment, in another part of Linjiang City.

A tall man, about thirty years old, with a gloomy face was standing in front of the window, looking out dazed.

This man was Li Qing Yuan’s eldest son, Li Zidan, who was also Li Ziming’s brother.

At this moment, one of his men walked in.

“Brother Dan, I’ll take care of things, so rest well and don’t be too sad.”That underling who came in said.

Li Zidan’s face sank, he had just returned from the field this morning, overnight his father and brother had become invalids who couldn’t take care of themselves.Li Zidan vowed not to stop until he took revenge.

“How about the police?”Li Zi Dan asked through gritted teeth.

“The police still haven’t found any strong evidence of a single defeat.”The henchman said.

“Bang.”Li Zidan smacked the wall so hard that his handprint was immediately printed on the white wall.

“One Defeat Red Dust, I, Li Zidan, am at odds with you, and I won’t stop until I take your head.”Li Zidan said with red eyes.

Although Li Zidan didn’t hang out in Linjiang City, he was quite famous in Linjiang City as he worked under a big power in the capital city.

“Brother Dan, last night, your father was supposed to inject Zhang Dali’s wife with the xxx potion, leaving her in a complete coma and resuscitated to die a few months later.Unfortunately, it was ruined by a kid, your father’s plan didn’t work, but he became an invalid for it, it’s so unworthy.”That underling said angrily, he also thought that the reason why One Defeat Red Dust was looking for his father must be because of this matter.But this matter was something that Li Qing Yuan did not succeed in doing, so he felt wronged by being wasted.

“Is Zhang Dali’s wife still alive right now?”Li Zi Dan asked.

“Brother Dan don’t worry, he has already arranged for someone to go to the hospital, he will report to me after confirming the death of Zhang’s wife.”

“She should have died, my father and brother are useless, how can she live, she should die to make amends for my father and brother.”Li Zidan’s gaze was cold, seemingly blaming his father and brother on this incident of Zhang Li, if not for this incident, how would his father and brother be found by a single defeat of red dust.However, the trigger of the incident was not dead, but his father and brother were useless, and Li Zidan was extremely unhappy, so he had someone go and kill Zhang Dali’s wife to make amends for his father and brother, and then there was the hospital that happened

A scene.It was just a pity to run into Omi, who had brought Aunt Zhang back from the dead and out of danger, which was something Li Zidan and the others never expected.

Li Zidan asked with a grim face, “Hasn’t there been any news about the mole yet?”

“Brother Dan, don’t worry, I don’t worry about the mole doing his job, he’ll inform me when he confirms that it’s done.However, Dan, why don’t you kill Zhang Dali as well, Zhang Dali should also go and make amends to your father and brother.If your brother hadn’t been involved in this matter of running over and killing Zhang Dali’s daughter, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been found by the self-proclaimed chivalrous dog thief in one defeat, and I think Zhang Dali should also go to his death.”

Li Zidan said, “I didn’t come back to provoke the Linjiang City police, but to take revenge.Now that Zhang Dali is still under the attention of the police, killing Zhang Dali risks causing trouble, so it’s not too late to kill Zhang Dali later.”

That underling nodded, then looked at his watch and said, “The mole has been gone for so long, it should be done, I’ll make a call and ask.”


“Li Zidan?”Omi’s eyebrows raised, not expecting Li Qingyuan to have a son, he seemed to be quite powerful.

“You know Brother Dan?Who the hell are you?Why do you want to arrest me?”The black mole asked.

Omi was depressed, he was now in a dilemma, this matter was triggered by One Defeat Red Dust’s identity and he was now involved in it as Omi.If he went to find Li Zidan, Omi’s true identity and One Defeat Red Dust would be even more mixed up together.Omi didn’t want to mix himself with his side business, One Defeat Red Dust, and the more mixed up he was, the easier it would be for the police to find out the clues.

“Forget it.”Omi originally wanted to go find Li Zidan, but thought that it was better not to get caught up in his true identity, and if necessary, let One Defeat Red Dust handle it.

Omi thought of this, slapped the black mole unconscious, then pulled open a dirty sewer manhole cover next to it, threw the mole right in, then covered the manhole cover and floated away.

When Omi returned to the hospital, Simran was trying to call Omi.

“I’m here.”

“Where have you been?Thought you’d run back to school yourself first and not wait for me.”Kaylee Lee.

“How could I be so cultured, I just went to sell two bottles of water.”Omi handed Simran the bottle of Coke he had just bought in passing.


Omi went to the parking lot to get his BMW and drove Simran back to school with him, presumably school was already in session, but he had only come over to treat Aunt Zhang during the lunch hour, but he hadn’t expected so much to happen.

In the car, Simran worshiped, “You’re really amazing, what kind of person are you?Suddenly I feel less and less acquainted with you.”

“Haha, don’t think about it so much, anyway, I’m your good friend, if you have any difficulties, you can look for me to solve them.”

Simran remembered her father’s illness, now it was confirmed that the surgery was done in this hospital, and the price was so affordable, when it was really very thankful to Omi, I’m afraid that she was not only the first night, the whole person dedicated to Omi was not enough to return his kindness.

Simran said, “The girl you like, that’s the little sister you’re talking about, right.”While Omi was chatting with the vice president, Simran heard Omi mention his little junior sister.

Omi felt an inexplicable soreness in his heart and nodded bitterly.

“Your little junior sister must be excellent, can she also heal?”

Omi’s eyes went into a trance and said softly, “Of course they do, and they’re better than me.”


“Ah.”Simran was shocked, his little sister was so good, her medical skills were even better than Omi.

“Oh, when we were studying medicine with Shisuniang, I was very playful and ran off to drink with my senior brothers at every turn, while Little Sister was very serious about everything she did, it’s no wonder she wasn’t better than me.Every time I went to drink with my brothers and sisters, the little sister would make a small report, and then the teacher aunt would come and take us back to face the wall.Now that I think about it, I’m so sorry that I didn’t cherish it and listen to my master and mistress properly.”Omi was filled with remorse now that he thought back on it, it was the loss that he knew how to cherish.

“It’s still not too late, huh?”Kaylee Lee said.

“Oh.”Omi didn’t want to say too much.

“Is your little sister also good at martial arts?”Simran asked again, for some reason she kept focusing her questions on Omi’s little sister.

“Of course it’s powerful, I will, and so will she.”Omi said.

“Oh, so is your little sister beautiful?”Simran was a little nervous to ask this question, because in her heart she unconsciously compared herself to Omi’s little sister, and this comparison was far from her.Now, there was only one beauty that could be contrasted with it.

Omi remembered his little senior sister and that scene, her graceful body, her stunning face, it was fascinating, Omi smiled sweetly at the corner of his mouth, “Beautiful, so beautiful that I would forget to breathe.”

“Oh.”Simran sighed deeply in her heart, no wonder Omi would say before that he didn’t need those girls in school to chase after him, he couldn’t look down on the meaning, so people’s sweetheart was actually such an excellent woman, those so-called school flowers in school, how could they compare with Omi’s little senior sister.His younger sister’s medical skills were better than hers, her martial arts skills were not much worse than Omi’s, and she was the most famous Jiang Hu beauty, or a childhood sweetheart.

“Alright, let’s not talk about it.”Omi didn’t seem to want to talk about it anymore, the more he thought about it, the sadder he became.No matter how beautiful the images were, they were all in the past, and even though Omi was reluctant to leave, he had to learn to forget the past, the past, the deep marrow of her.

Omi and Simran returned to Baiyun Middle School, and indeed classes were already in session. One second to remember to read the book

Simran hurriedly ran back to the classroom, but Omi walked slowly back to class 32.

Back to class 32, everyone look at Omi’s eyes are a little different, awe with a hint of trembling, Omi all dare to throw people down the stairs, who the hell dare to offend Omi, be careful of being thrown down the stairs by him.

Of course, there was another reason, Omi had been recognized by the students on campus as the number one villain of Baiyun Middle School, and no one was more evil than him.

On the hallway of one of the school’s classes.

“Had I known you were so useless, I might as well have admitted Omi that day.”Song Yu’er and her bodyguard Liu Yue were constantly complaining.

Liu Yue was very depressed, every time Miss was dissatisfied with him, just one bite of Omi, it made him to collapse, the three words Omi could hear calluses.

“Miss, can you please stop mentioning Omi every time.”

Song Yuer slavishly said, “I’m going to mention, Omi Omi, Omi is just more ox than you, you are not ox at all, I thought my grandfather hired me from the mountains as a bodyguard, must be very ox, didn’t expect it to be as ox as Omi.”

Liu Yue was sweating cold, he was going to hate Omi.

“Miss, I’m your bodyguard, I’m here to keep you safe.”

Song Yuer shook her head and ears, “I don’t want to hear it I don’t want to hear it, I want you to be an ox, I want to

The is a very bullish bodyguard, just as bullish as Omi.Liu Yue, can’t you be as bullish as Omi?The bodyguard I hired is silent and not at all interesting anymore, I really regret that day I didn’t ask my father to admit Tang Zixin, I would have been better off admitting Tang Zixin.”

“Ahhhh.”Liu Yue was mad with anger and said this again.

Liu Yue was annoyed, Song Yu’er was too hard to serve, as a bodyguard, he felt he was competent enough to protect Song Yu’er without anyone harassing him.But Song Yu’er just wanted to make a noise about him becoming an evil young man, just like Omi, a so-called cow.

“Miss, if you keep this up, I’ll have no choice but to tell your father the truth.”

“Don’t you dare, if you do, I don’t want you as a bodyguard anymore.”

Liu Yue was distraught, he really didn’t want to lose this beautiful lady ah, when he was still on the mountain, he heard that this mission was a thousand gold lady, very beautiful, so he came here with his ass, and with the good wish of the mission being over and soaking up the lady together, but the result was like this.

“Miss, do you really want me to become an evil young man as well?”Liu Yue asked in a fiery voice.

“Yeah, yeah, if you also become an evil youngster, wouldn’t it be even more that no one would harass me.”

Liu Yue disdainfully said, “I want to protect you, I don’t need to rely on the reputation of being an evil youngster to scare people away.However, since you want me to become an evil youngster, then I’ll become an evil youngster, as long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything.”

Song Yu’er immediately clapped her hands and said, “Yeah, you’re the good bodyguard, tell me quickly, what do you need to do to become an evil youngster?”

“To become an evil young man, first, you must be good at martial arts, and second, you must be evil, shameless and nasty, this is simple for Omi, but it’s hard for me.However, for the sake of Miss, I’m willing to give it a try.”

“How to try?”

Liu Yue said, “I’m going to the ladies’ room now to make a hooliganism, you wait for my good news.”

After saying that, Liu Yue bit his teeth, and went to the ladies’ room on the sixth floor.

Song Yu’er excitedly said, “Liu Yue, cheer up oh, I’m proud of your courage, I’m here waiting for your good news oh.”

Liu Yue stood at the entrance of the women’s toilet and didn’t go in immediately, as if she was cheering herself up.

“What the hell, open-minded, in order to make a lady happy, what is it to go into the women’s restroom and bully girls, ah ah ah.”Liu Yue inside a roar, walked in to the ladies’ toilet, but now there is no one in the ladies’ toilet, because it is still in class.If no one knew, wouldn’t it be the same as going in for nothing, Liu Yue hid in the grill of the women’s toilet and had to wait until class was over and a girl came and started peeing in front of him.

Song Yu’er sat in the classroom, her heart full of anticipation, hoping that Liu Yue could succeed, although this method was to imitate Omi, as long as she could succeed in being among the evil few, it didn’t matter if she imitated or not.

“Bell bell bell.”Class was over.

Many girls walked out of the class to go to the bathroom.

One of them, a fat girl, said as she walked out, “Little Lotus, did you bring ‘Anti-Chen Spray’ with you to the toilet?”

“What’s an anti-sin spray, huh?”

“It’s the one sold by the shop in front of the school, I heard that the shop owner made it homemade with chemically synthesized, super-spicy pepper spray, called Anti-Chen Spray, meaning: spray to prevent Omi.It’s a must-have for girls to go to the bathroom, and it’s sold in several shops outside the school. Almost every girl in our school has a bottle of it, and even the cleaning ladies in the school have it on their person, just in case.If the evil young man Omi goes to the girls’ restroom to molest us again, just spray him hard.”


“Wow, I’m also going to buy a bottle of anti-sensure spray in front of the school after school, how much is it?”

“Three dollars, it’s not expensive, it’s a must-have for girls in our Baiyun Middle School to go to the bathroom, my mom told me to bring it with me, in case Omi takes advantage of us and suffers the loss.”The fat girl said, fortunately Omi didn’t hear, or she would vomit.

After Liu Yue heard the bell, he immediately stood up from his hiding compartment and prepared to start his evil plan.

Liu Yue stood in a conspicuous place in the women’s toilet, belt undone, ready to start peeing.

In his heart, Liu Yue said, “What the hell, I didn’t expect that I, Liu Yue, would also do such a shameless thing, but in order to win the heart of a lady, I’m also fighting.”

At this time, Liu Yue heard a girl coming.

Liu Yue immediately peed in public, striving to see just before the girls came in.

However, the girl coming in from outside was walking very slowly.

Liu Yue’s heart was anxious: “Who’s outside, hurry in, if you don’t come in I’m going to finish pulling…”

At this time, three girls entered the women’s toilet at the same time.

A glance at Liu Yue. The first website m.Natia .online

The three girls were stunned first, obviously not expecting a boy to pee in the ladies’ room.

Liu Yue purposely whistled and looked like a very grizzled man, the only pity was that the three girls were all ugly, and one of them was fat.It would be nice if there was a pretty girl like Liona coming in, why was he so unlucky, Omi was so lucky.

“Ah.”The three girls really shouted.

Liu Yue continued to whistle and pretend to be proud.

At that moment, that fat girl yelled, “Anti-Chen spray.”

“Swoosh.”A spray shot at Liu Yue’s eyes, and Liu Yue, who was whistling ‘proudly’, immediately covered her eyes and screamed.

“Ah, what is it.”Liu Yue felt her eyes were in pain.

The other girl was also busy taking out anti-shen spray.

That fat girl said, “Bai Chan, I’ll spray his eyes, you spray his bottom, see if he still dares to eat our tofu in the future.”

“Good.”That girl named Bai Chan went to spray Liu Yue’s bottom at once.

However, Bai Can frowned, “There’s nothing underneath him, how come I didn’t find it?”

“How is that possible, look for it more carefully.”The fat girl said as she sprayed into Liu Yue’s eyes.

That girl Bai Chan said, “Is it this worm-like thing?”

The fat girl said, “Definitely now, squirt.”

“Swoosh.”That girl named Bai Chan immediately sprayed at that thing Liu Yue, but, the target was too small to spray.

Liu Yue roared, “Stop, if you don’t stop, I’m not going to be polite.”

The fat girl raged, “You’re taking a piss in the ladies’ room, you still have a reason, keep spraying him to death.”

With Liu Yue’s skills, these girls naturally dried up at once, but he was unreasonable after all, not daring to take action against these three tough girls at the moment.

Liu Yue was on fire, why was Omi so smooth in the women’s toilet to molest girls, but he was so uneventful that he just happened to run into the girls along with the spray.Liu Yue where to know, this is all thanks to Omi, since Omi that thing fire, the school entrance kiosk owner felt business opportunities to come, indeed, anti-chen spray sold fire, has long been quietly popular among the school girls, dare not say 100%, at least a hundred

Eighty percent of the girls were carrying anti-sensure spray with them.

“I’ll spray you to death, see if you still dare to go to the wrong toilet and pee in our girls’ toilet.”The girl named Bai Chan scolded.

Liu Yue heard what this girl said, even more depressed to death, he obviously came on purpose, but he was treated as if he had gone to the wrong toilet, wouldn’t he suffer this for nothing.

Liu Yue was unwilling inside: “I didn’t go to the wrong toilet, I came here to deliberately molest you guys.Whoever dares to spray me again, don’t make me rape her.”

The girl named Bai Chan skimmed, “Keep spraying ah.”

Liu Yue saw that the three girls were endless, so she had to throw the three girls on the ground with a hard slam.Liu Yue quickly zipped up and left first.

Liu Yue rushed out of the women’s toilet, depressed to the core, when that fat girl chased after her.

“Wait a minute.”

“What else do you want?Don’t force me to be rude to you.”Liu Yue glared at her angrily, her eyes were still hot and painful at the moment, all thanks to this fat girl, this fat girl’s weight was big, and Liu Yue had just put in a lot of effort when she dumped her.

The fat girl lowered her head and asked somewhat shyly, “You just said that whoever sprays you again, you will rape her, is it true ah?”

Liu Yue was about to fire up and say yes, don’t think he’s joking with you.However, suddenly seeing this fat girl looking shy and her face still red, she not only frowned, “What do you mean?”

The fat girl looked at Liu Yue as if she was spoiled, then blushed and lowered her head, “People just sprayed you so much, then you can find a time, in the street, under the bridge, in the field.”After saying that, the fat girl turned around and ran into the women’s toilet with a shy look.

Liu Yue was stunned for a few seconds before she understood the meaning and got mad with anger.

Failure ah, Liu Yue inwardly shouted out his failure, Miss is still in the class waiting for his good news, if Miss knows this, how can he still mix.

Unfortunately, Liu Yue could only go back to class to reply Miss.

Song Yuer saw Liu Yue back, busy asking: “How is it?It’s a success, right?Hey, why are your eyes so red?”

Liu Yue lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry, Miss, it failed.”

“How did you fail?”

Liu Yue said, “It’s not my fault, it’s because I had such bad luck, I just happened to meet the girl who was carrying the spray at any time, so I had to run away first, and I snatched one of that spray back.”Liu Yue intentionally snatched a small bottle of spray back and used it as evidence, aiming to make the lady understand him.

Song Yu’er took the spray and looked at the words on it, her eyebrows furrowed and read, “Anti-Chen spray?Instructions for use: when Don Omi appears in the ladies’ room, quickly open the lid, then aim the nozzle at Don Omi’s eyes and press hard enough to spray.What’s with this, what’s with the name Omi?”Song Yu’er was in a fog.

At that moment, a girl in the class saw Song Yu’er holding an anti-criminal spray in her hand and said, “Hey, Yu’er, you bought anti-criminal spray too, don’t you have a bodyguard, why did you buy it?”

“You have it too?”Song Yu’er looked at the girl in confusion.

“Of course la, most of the girls in the class have bought it, look, it’s mine, three dollars a bottle, fireproof and anti-tzu-chen, it’s a must for girls to go to the bathroom oh, with it, mom no longer has to worry about Omi going to the ladies’ room to molest us.”

Song Yu’er stirred her feet, gas, “Omi, it’s you again.”Song Yu’er walked out of the classroom, angry to find Omi to settle the score, it was hard to convince Liu Yue to go as an evil youngster, but the result was ruined by a bottle of anti-chen spray.


“Omi, you get out here.”Song Yu’er stood at the back door of Class 32 and yelled at Omi, who was sitting in the last row.

Omi looked out the door, and Song Yu’er was standing in exasperation.

Omi walked out.

“What for?”

“Omi, it’s all because you ruined me.”

“What did I do to spoil you?It’s ruining your marriage or your marriage bond.”

“You’re the marriage, your whole family is marriage.”Song Yu’er snorted.

“Something to say, nothing to walk away from, if you’re here to bullshit me, Tzu-Chen will excuse me.”

Song Yu’er suddenly didn’t know what to say, and found that it seemed too impulsive, she didn’t know why such a fart had to come to Omi, it didn’t seem like there was a need for it, right?

However, Song Yu’er saw Omi looked like he was impatient with her, feeling very unpleasant, usually every boy seeing her all eyes look straight at her, hating to say something to her, but what does this Omi mean, a look of impatience.

“Omi, this Miss is a school flower, you can’t talk to me like that.”Song Yu’er grievously said. Remember the URL

“You’re the only one who’s still a school flower, and Omi I’m Bancho didn’t even say anything.”Omi smiled slightly.

Song Yu’er was suddenly angry and funny, spat her tongue and said, “Ban Cao also has the nerve to be proud in front of this school flower, really shameless.”

“I’m the first evil youngster, I’m already shameless, do you believe I’ll pull your pants off.”Omi made a move to scare Song Yu’er.

Song Yu’er, however, wasn’t afraid in the slightest, humming, “Don’t scare me with your evil youngster status, you can only scare the average student, I’m not afraid of you, my grandfather can take care of you in minutes.Moreover, my bodyguard will soon become an evil youngster, and then I will be a lady with an evil youngster bodyguard, and you, an evil youngster, are one level lower in front of me, I’ll see how you can still get your way in front of me.”

“Hahaha, with that silly bodyguard of yours, Liu Yue, you can be on equal footing with me?”

“I swear, I’ll own the evil bodyguard.”Song Yu’er walked away with a hum.

Omi looked at her graceful and slender back, this mischievous chick, her figure was top-notch, and the curves of her body from behind were really hot.Omi’s lips curled slightly and smiled, “What a childish chick.”

Song Yu’er returned to the class and went to find Omi to settle accounts, but instead of settling the accounts, she gave a depressed stomach.In particular, she said that Liu Yue would definitely become an evil youngster too, and Omi’s look of contempt for her made her cringe.

“I’ll make Liu Yue become an evil young bodyguard, for sure.”Song Yu’er said inwardly.

Song Yu’er thought about it for a few minutes, then suddenly had a clever idea and smiled hehehe.


Song Yu’er immediately took out her cell phone and opened the campus, saying in her heart, “It seems that relying on Liu Yue is never going to become an evil youngster, and it will take Miss Ben personally to do it.”

Omi stood in front of the back door of class 32 and stretched his waist.

At that moment, Omi saw Jin Hu wearing slippers, holding a cigarette in his mouth, crackling to class, and also changing his hairstyle, like a rooster’s crown, which was particularly conspicuous.

Jin Hu wasn’t there for the last class, but came to class only after the second class.And the school rules state that any student

No slippers, no leaving late or early, no long hair, no smoking.But Jin Hu seemed to have it all accounted for.

Jin Hu came to the corridor outside the classroom and saw Omi standing at the back door, so he turned to the front door and entered.

Omi also wanted to say a few words to Jin Hu and ask him where he cut his cockroach hair, but he didn’t expect Jin Hu to enter the class at the front door, as if very scrupulous Omi.

Omi just remembered that when he had just come to class, many students in his class had a deep tremor in their eyes towards him.

“Carlos, have you noticed that the students in the class seem to look at me a bit differently?”Omi returned to his seat and asked Carlos.

Carlos said, “What do you think, you’re now the number one villain of Baiyun High School.”

“Uh, the number one villain?”Omi was stunned, wasn’t he the sixth evil youngster.

“Isn’t the First Evil Shao Fang Hong?When did it become me?”Omi was baffled.

“Just in the morning when school was over ah, you threw Chen Zhijie off the sixth floor, the story spread, you even dared to wrestle someone to death, totally more evil than Fang Hong.On the campus forum, you’ve already been ranked as the number one evil young man.”Carlos said, there seemed to be a hint of worship in his eyes, and when the evil person was evil to the end, he also became a general person who did not dare to offend, a devilish existence.

Omi was now a devil-like existence, why wasn’t he a god-like existence, because he was the Evil Shao.

“Oh, the First Evil Shao, a bit interesting.”Omi smiled.

Carlos said, “Moreover, you, the First Evil Shao, are far more trembling than the previous Fang Hong, you are simply the First Evil Shao of a devil-like existence.”

“The Devil-like Existence’s First Evil Shao?”

“Well, many people on campus said that, and everyone said that you could already be on par with the ‘god-like existence of the first mad young man’.”

“Wow, so I’m famous.”Omi smiled heedlessly.

“Yes, although the previous Fang Hong was also the First Evil Shao, he was only the First Evil Shao, and your ferocity has already made the entire school tremble, the First Evil Shao of Devil-like Existence, is none other than you.You open the campus and see how people comment on you, you’ll know everything.”

“Good.”Omi also used his phone to open the forum on Baiyun Middle School, and indeed many very hot posts, with the most comments reaching over ten thousand.

Omi was not only commented as the number one evil youngster, but also added an honor to the recognized, the number one evil youngster of the devil’s general existence.On par with the God-like Existence’s First Evil Shao.

It was like, Northern Qiao Feng, Southern Murong.

Of course, there were many posts cursing and abusing Omi, and those who were not used to it, naturally, would not give these so-called Evil Shao and Maniac Shao any good looks.But they were all venting postings that didn’t have much in the way of replies.These posters must be the reality that they don’t dare to be vocal, and only dare to vent on, in reality if Omi found them, they would definitely all be scared to pee, after all, even Maniac Shao Chen Zhijie was scared to pee.

As the forum slipped down, it was almost all posts about Omi.However, Omi suddenly saw a post that wasn’t about him, it was a post that had just been posted less than ten minutes ago, and it already had over three hundred comments.

Omi curiously hit open, it was posted by a friend called ‘Farewell That Flower Season’.

“Hello, I’m Song Yu’er, I want to reveal something, the bodyguard my father hired for me, called Liu Yue…”


Omi was stunned, but it was sent by Song Yu’er.

Hehe, Omi immediately looked down.

“Liu Yue was hired by my grandfather from a deep mountain, originally to protect me, who knew that he had lured the wolf into the house.There’s a small village in the deep mountain where Liu Yue came from, and last year, that small village was in a panic.Hundreds of female donkeys screamed in the middle of the night, widow Wang’s underpants were frequently stolen, the door of the nunnery outside the village was knocked on every night, and dozens of sows were accidentally pregnant.Just a few days ago, the investigation finally came out that it was my bodyguard, Liu Yue, who did it.When my father learned that he was such a person, he wanted to drive him away, but he couldn’t even do so with his martial arts skills.He also said that if he wanted to drive him away, he would beat my whole family to death, I’m so scared, I can only vent here, I hope he won’t see me, otherwise I’m finished.People say, such a beastly thing, is he considered a lesser evil?”

Omi laughed after watching, This childish girl is really doing everything to make her bodyguard surpass me.

Carlos also entered the campus to watch.

“Holy shit, is that bodyguard of Song Yu’er really so beastly?”Carlos asked.

“Do you believe that?”Omi was aware that Song Yu’er was determined to have her bodyguard become an evil youngster, and then she had an evil youngster bodyguard as if her status was higher than Omi’s, so she must have used everything she had in mind, so Omi didn’t believe her outburst.

Carlos said, “However, even if there are exaggerations, but this is Song Yu’er’s personal outburst, perhaps the words are exaggerated out of anger towards Liu Yue ah.”

This post made by Song Yu’er just had more than five hundred comments, and now in just a few minutes, there were two hundred more comments, so it seemed like this post was going to be on fire.

Is Song Yu’er really going to have the Evil Young Bodyguard?Don is busy reading the comments below.

Hurt doesn’t matter and says, “Really?A beast.” A second to remember to read the book

Total not barely turned stubborn and said: “It should be true, can’t see it is someone’s lady out to reveal ah, if it is an outsider’s reveal may not be credible, but this is Song Yuer’s own reveal ah, credibility is higher.”

Rascal: “Wow damn, is the seventh evil youngster of Baiyun High School really going to be born?”

Jing you love me more love you said, “As the saying goes, a family shame does not spread outside, Song Yuer personally exploded, it must be true, and it is only here to vent in a million different ways.Damn, Liu Yue this beast, let’s all recognize him as the seventh evil youngster, so that more people will know his ugly face, just like Omi.”

Tianfu Avenue stripped naked and said, “I agree to recognize Liu Yue as the seventh evil youngest.”

Sitting in front of the grave molesting ghost said, “I also agree, the seventh evil youngster of Baiyun High School was born.”


Right now, in Song Yuer’s class, Song Yuer was constantly refreshing her phone, seeing the comments soaring and all recognizing Liu Yue as the seventh Evil Youngster, Song Yuer was excited.

“Yay, kung fu doesn’t pay off, I finally have the evil young bodyguard.”Song Yu’er was excited inside.

And at this moment, Liu Yue was already crying in the toilet.

Of course, at this moment, there was another scene happening in the school’s playground.

White Cloud Middle School, the five mad youngsters were sitting together.

They were respectively.

The first mad young man: Zhao Ritian.

The second berserk youngster: Long Xiaofei.


sp; Third mad young man: Su Yuhao.

The fourth youngest: Wang Qirong.

Fifth Berserk Shao: Chen Zhijie.

Zhao Ritian was full of displeasure at the moment, and everyone didn’t dare to speak when they saw that Zhao Ritian didn’t speak.

Zhao Ritian looked at Chen Zhijie and asked, “Zhijie, is your injury alright?”

Chen Zhijie was full of anger: “Nothing serious, just very upset in my heart, damn it, I was thrown off the building by someone, and now the whole school knows about it, I feel so ashamed, I don’t dare to see anyone.”

The second maniacal youngster Long Xiao Fei said: “You this point is nothing, Sun Tian is more depressed than you.In the past, the campus villain was nothing, that first villain Fang Hong did not know how many times he was screwed by Sun Tian.But now, the newly emerged No.1 Evil Youngster Omi was actually rated as the No.1 Evil Youngster that can be on par with RiTian, and exists like a devil.Isn’t this clearly trying to slap Brother Ritian’s face?Everyone knows that Zhao Ritian is the god-like existence of the First Madshaw.”

The several Mad Few all looked at Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian was indeed full of displeasure, Zhao Ritian’s two eyebrows twisted and said, “Not bad, I, Zhao Ritian, am actually considered to be on par with Omi who came out of nowhere, isn’t this an insult to me, Ritian?The most talked about post on campus is my Zhao Ritian, how domineering it was.I am everywhere and nowhere, even many elementary school students use my name Zhao Ritian to pretend to compare.And now, a nameless junior, actually dared to share my name, and even the existence of a demon, I pooh, can a demon be on par with a god?Those ignorant students on campus, they might not know that casually taking someone else to be flush with me is harming Omi.”

The third mad youngster Su Yuhao said with a sneer, “Who doesn’t know that the previous number one evil youngster, Fang Hong, has been dealt with by you for countless tons.Moreover, Ri Tian you are not only the first mad youngster, but also the seventh ranked person on the White Cloud High School’s list of genius experts.That group of ignorant students who ranked Omi as the devilishly existent number one evil youngster not only disgusted you, but also clearly wanted to push Omi into the fire pit.”

Fourth mad youngster Wang Quirong said, “Brother Ritian, you shouldn’t be depressed either, I think that those ignorant students on campus must be because Omi is so evil that no one can clean him up anymore, that’s why they deliberately rated Omi as the same person as you, to deliberately cause your displeasure and use you to clean up Omi.”

Zhao Ritian nodded, “There’s a possibility that he wanted to borrow my hand to clean up Omi, so that’s why he rated a nobody on par with me.”

The second mad youngster, Long Xiaofei, said, “Brother Ritian, let’s not talk about the fact that Omi is on par with you now, but let’s talk about the fact that Chen Zhijie was beaten up.Because our Fifth Mad Shao Chen Zhijie was beaten up, that bunch of ignorant students, all thought that our Mad Shao’s momentum has been completely inferior to their Evil Shao, thinking that the Evil Shao is more awesome than our Mad Shao.”

Zhao Ritian snorted, “What a bunch of ignorant ants.”

The third Mad Shao, Su Yuhao, said, “Brother Ritian, right now the entire campus forum is discussing this matter of Chen Zhijie being beaten up, it seems like they are waiting for our reaction ah, if we don’t respond in time, in the future, our Mad Shao will be completely inferior to the Evil Shao in everyone’s mind.”

Everyone looked at Zhao Ritian.

Zhao Ritian snorted, “It’s not simple, you guys also catch the Sixth Evil Shao out and beat him up, won’t that be the end of it.”

The second mad youngster, Long Xiao Fei said, “The sixth evil youngster is Roger, so let’s catch Roger out and beat him up wildly, and give them a little bit of a taste of the evil youngster.”

At this moment, the fourth mad youngster Wang Cuirong said, “Wait a minute, you guys look at the campus, the seventh evil youngster is born.”


“The Seventh Evil?”

Several people were busy opening the campus, and sure enough, Song Yu’er made a post accusing her bodyguard Liu Yue of being a beast, and there were already over three thousand comments below, all accusing Liu Yue of being a beast, and recognized as the seventh evil youngest.

Zhao Ritian asked the second mad youngster, “Long Xiaofei, isn’t Song Yu’er your chase?”

Long Xiaofei said furiously, “Hehe, yesterday I went to look for Song Yu’er, I wanted to invite her to dinner, after eating if you are willing to stop by and get a room, but I didn’t expect that I was stopped by this Liu Yue.This Liu Yue is a bit strong, I can’t beat him, I’m worried about how to chase Yu’er later.I didn’t expect him to be such a beast, and my Rainer has fallen into a wolf’s den.”

Zhao Ritian said, “Since the seventh evil youngster has been born, the last ranked evil youngster is this Liu Yue.Then by the way, let’s give this seventh evil youngster a good beating in response to Chen Zhijie’s beating, and let those stupid students on campus know that the mad youngster is not easy to mess with.”

Long Xiaofei frowned, “But, I can’t beat that Liu Yue, Brother Ritian, aren’t you going to do anything?”

Zhao Ritian left his mouth, “Is this kind of low-level opponent worthy of my Zhao Ritian, if the other genius experts in the school knew about it, how would I still be able to hang around.I’m not just a mad youngster, I’m more of a genius expert, only genius experts on the same level as me are worthy to fight me, Zhao Ritian.Those evil youngsters are clearly not qualified enough.”

“What about Omi?”Fourth mad young man Wang Quirong asked.

Zhao Ritian snorted, “If Omi hadn’t been rated by everyone as being on par with me, I, Zhao Ritian, wouldn’t have paid attention to a nobody, Omi.You guys send a letter to Omi for me, telling him to post on campus himself that he doesn’t deserve to be on the same level as me, so I can stop seeing him in general.After all, his being on par with me wasn’t self-proclaimed by him, it was sealed by those ignorant students, as long as he goes to post to make it clear, then it’s fine, and I, Zhao Ritian, can understand.”

Long Xiaofei nodded, “Okay, but what if you think Liu Yue is lowly and unworthy of your hand, and we can’t beat him?”

Zhao Ritian said, “A few more people go, and then if you can’t, use some tactics.” The first website mNatia .online


Omi sat in the classroom while the teacher was teaching, Omi closed his eyes and cultivated his internal strength.Omi only needed to spend an hour a day cultivating his internal strength.

Soon the second class was over.

Song Yu’er’s post finally exceeded three thousand comments, and the consensus was that Liu Yue was the seventh evil.

Song Yuer said to Liu Yue, “Liu Yue, not bad, you are now the image of an evil youngster.”

Liu Yue was very depressed, Miss finally made him become an evil youngster, now the class looked at him with a wary gaze, just now even a girl who looked similar to Phoenix was tightly covering her chest when she passed by him, as if she was deeply afraid that Liu Yue would do something to her.After all, Liu Yue was able to do it to both a donkey and a sow, she was still a person no matter what, right?

“Miss, congratulations, your wish has been granted, as long as Miss is happy, I don’t care.”Liu Yue said with a bitter face.

“Don’t be bitter with a face, let’s go, let’s go pretend to compare, and walk around the corridor.”

Song Yu’er was walking in the corridor, Liu Yue was following behind her, many students saw and pointed at Liu Yue with a hint of fear at the same time.

“I never thought that even the old lady would be able to do it.”

“Tsk, Song Yu’er is really tragic.”

Liu Yue heard some students discussing secretly, that depressed ah.


sp; Song Yu’er laughed like a little kid, “See, I feel awesome right now, this kind of bodyguard is only interesting, let’s go, let’s go to show off in front of Omi.”

“Why are we going to Omi?”Liu Yue was dissatisfied with the question.

Song Yu’er snorted, “Now my bodyguard is also an evil youngster, he is also an evil youngster, my status is invariably a level higher than his, of course I have to show off in front of Omi.”

Omi had just finished running his internal force when Song Yu’er passed outside the classroom, swinging and enjoying herself, with Liu Yue following behind.

“Omi.”Song Yu’er called out by the window.

Omi walked out.

“Yo, isn’t this Miss Song?What’s the point of bringing this bodyguard of yours to blindly stroll in front of my class.”Omi chuckled.

Song Yu’er said, “Omi, you’re now speaking more politely to me, now my bodyguard, Liu Yue, is also a campus villain.”

Omi said with amusement, “That’s really something to congratulate you on.”

Song Yu’er snorted proudly.

Omi looked at Liu Yue and laughed, “Brother Liu, don’t be surprised, I didn’t expect that in the blink of an eye you’re also a campus villain, and so evil.”

Liu Yue snorted, “No matter how evil I am, I’m not as evil as you.”

“Hahaha, Brother Liu, dozens of sows are accidentally pregnant, your hit rate is quite high.”

“You.”Liu Yue was depressed.

Song Yu’er beckoned, “Alright, Liu Yue, let’s go, let’s go somewhere else, remember, you and he are both evil, don’t feel inferior to someone in the future.”

Omi looked at Song Yu’er’s back as she swaggered around pretending to be a comparison, he couldn’t help but laugh, “What a brain-dead chick, fortunately I didn’t take it as your bodyguard, compared to my lady, my mind is not on the same level at all.”Omi was glad that Liona wasn’t an ungrown child like Song Yu’er, otherwise it would have been difficult to serve, Liu Yue must have been miserable to spread such a lady.

Song Yu’er had finally fulfilled her wish of wooing around with her evil bodyguard, and it was really cool.

Just at this moment, the bell rang.

“Liu Yue, let’s go, go back to class first, continue tomorrow oh, right, you also properly act very evil ah, otherwise I always feel that you and Omi are still very different.As soon as Omi stands there, it feels like you’re so awesome that you don’t dare to be approached.”Song Yu’er instructed.

“Oh.”Liu Yue Oh sounded and entered the corridor, but at this moment, a bucket of lime was suddenly splashed on Liu Yue’s face behind the door.

In the next moment, another spoonful of water was splashed on his face, the lime mixed with water, immediately made Liu Yue blind, his face was hot, plus the anti-criminal spray was sprayed at the end of the first class, Liu Yue was in extreme pain.

“Bang.”Before waiting for Liu Yue to react, a muffled hit Liu Yue’s back of the head.

But Liu Yue is not a vegetarian, although her eyes are blind, but her ears listen to the sound, to the place where the stick hit, at once caught a person in her hands and pressed against the wall.

“Miss, run.”Liu Yue a shout.

“Bang.”Another muffled stick struck.

Unable to see, hands and feet busy, Liu Yue could only hear the sound of the strike.

“Wow.”Suddenly, a piece of wire covered Liu Yue’s body, restricting Liu Yue’s hands and feet completely.


Right after that, several strong chains wrapped around him and Liu Yue was tied up.

“Who is it.”Liu Yue yelled in anger, suffering the pain on his eyes while having to deal with sneak attacks and all sorts of vile tactics that left him completely defenseless.

“Hit, hit hard.”A voice came.

Then, a few sticks served down.

Liu Yue struggled extremely hard, but he was wrapped in wire and then there were chains tying him up, and his eyes were blind again, so he couldn’t react at all.

After a few sticks beaten for about three minutes, a voice came out, “Seventh Evil Youngster Liu Yue, you remember, we are Campus Fanatics, Omi beat our fifth Fanatic Youngster Chen Zhijie, now we beat you too, it’s even.”

“You guys just wait.”Liu Yue yelled in anger.

“Do you still have the strength to resist now?Still arrogant, keep fighting.”

Another burst of sticks.

Liu Yue was angry and furious, if he came openly, these three Maniacs would never be his opponent, but they were lime and sneak attacks and wire and all, even though Liu Yue’s martial arts were much higher than them, he would inevitably be at a disadvantage.

The three people who plotted against Liu Yue were the Second Mads, Third Mads, and Fourth Mads. Remember the website Natia .online

Song Yu’er was now cowering in the corner in fear, she really didn’t expect that Liu Yue had just become the seventh Evil Shao and was beaten up by the campus fanatics.The reason was that Omi had beaten up their Fifth Mad Major Chen Zhijie, and they had come to retaliate against the Evil Major as a way to get back their face.

The second mad youngster Long Xiao Fei walked up to Song Yu’er and said, “Yu’er, you remember, you are my Su Yuhao’s woman, we mad youngsters are not the so-called evil youngsters can afford to offend, Liu Yue, this beast, is just the beginning of our revenge action against the evil youngsters, you have to wait for me, I will protect you for the rest of your life.”

After saying that, Long Xiaofei ordered to the other two, “Go, drag Liu Yue to parade around the campus.”


So, one of the three madmen pulled a chain and dragged Liu Yue, who was tied up by the wire, down the stairs.

“Ahhhh.”Liu Yue let out an exhausted roar, poor he was tied up to death and couldn’t exert any power at all, his eyes were painful and blind, wondering if he was blinded by lime.

Song Yuer watched helplessly as his bodyguard was dragged away by the three madmen.

Song Yu’er didn’t know what to do, and stirred in depression, “I blame Omi, I’ll go and settle the score with him.”

Song Yu’er immediately ran to class 32.

Song Yu’er angrily stood at the door of Class 32 and shouted, “Omi, you come out.”

“Ugh.”Omi looked at Song Yu’er somehow, what’s wrong with this brain-damaged girl again, she came to him for the third time this afternoon.

Omi walked out.

“Miss Song, if you come to see me two after three times, I’ll think you’re secretly in love with me, I don’t think you’re a childish chick.”Omi said.

“Omi, it’s all your fault.”Song Yu’er said crying, Liu Yue was dragged away, she felt scared and didn’t know what to do.

Omi was shocked to see Song Yu’er, a childish girl, crying, and this crying made Omi feel a bit unable to mock her anymore.

“What are you crying for?”Omi asked somehow.

“I, my bodyguard was beaten up.”Song Yuer cried out.

“Uh, didn’t you just bring Liu Yue around pretending to compare?Why get hit all at once.”Don Omi.

A whiff of cold sweat.

“It’s not all your fault, you beat up Mad Major Chen Zhijie in the morning and they came for revenge.Liu Yue was just promoted to Evil Shao, and became a victim of your struggle.Just now in the corridor, no one expected that suddenly a bucket of lime and a bucket of water at the door would be thrown at Liu Yue, and then a very thick chain was used to tie Liu Yue up.Liu Yue was beaten desperately with their sticks, and finally they dragged Liu Yue away, what should I do, it’s all your fault.”

“And this, but it’s not right to blame me, who made you so vain that you didn’t let Liu Yue become an evil young man, would this happen?”Omi sweated.

“People, they just want Liu Yue to be as awesome as you.”

“I’m awesome?”

Song Yu’er nodded her head in embarrassment, “Very cool, I so want you to be my bodyguard, how about you come and be my bodyguard, I’ll make my dad pay you three times your salary.”

Omi trailed off, “Who cares, I can’t afford to serve a lady like you.”

“What’s wrong with people, they want a figure, they want a face, and they want money, think about it.”

“Alright, do you still want to save your bodyguard, do you think you can do right by Liu Yue with what you’ve said?”

“Me.”Song Yu’er was speechless for a moment.

Omi walked to the entrance of the building and really saw a floor of lime and water tsk.

Song Yu’er said, “Liu Yue was dragged downstairs by them, they said they were going to march on the campus.”

Omi was speechless for a while: “Just like that and still bodyguards, this point of martial arts, or back to the mountain to practice more before coming back.”Saying that, Omi chased down the stairs.

Song Yu’er grunted, “They suddenly attacked, splashing people’s eyes with lime and water, don’t you know that lime and water will have a chemical reaction?There were three of them again, and it was only to be expected that Liu Yue would completely let her guard down and take a loss.Liu Yue’s martial arts skills aren’t necessarily weaker than yours, if it was you just now, you would have been hit too, and Liu Yue was sprayed with anti-chen spray in the last class.”

Omi trailed off, if it was him, not to mention lime, something even more powerful would have never been able to hurt him.

“Who were the three people who beat up Liu Yue?”Omi asked.

“It’s the second mad youngster Long Xiaofei, the third mad youngster Su Yuhao, and the fourth mad youngster Wang Kuirong.”

Omi found the three Maniacs on a path under the school building, and sure enough the three were preparing to drag Liu Yue around in a parade.

Omi chased after them.


The three madmen saw Omi appear and looked at Omi with some fear.

That Long Xiaofei snorted, “You are Omi.”

“Let go of Liu Yue.”Omi ordered.

At any rate, Long Xiaofei was the second mad youngster, how could he just let go, and hummed, “Omi, campus mad youngster and campus evil youngster, always well water does not offend river water, you beat our mad youngster first, now we also beat one of you evil youngster, we are even.”

“Get even your sister.”Omi instantly rushed up and grabbed Long Xiaofei.

“Bang.”Omi threw Long Xiaofei and threw him ten meters away.

“Ah.”Long Xiaofei fell to the ground, screaming so much that he was afraid that he had broken his bones.

The other two Maniacs looked at Omi in horror and said, “Omi, don’t mess around, do you know who our First Maniac is?It’s the god-like existence of Zhao Ritian, he’s still the seventh ranked genius expert, if it wasn’t for the fact that Zhao Ritian was too lowly and didn’t want to do anything to you, he would have dealt with you long ago.”


Omi’s feet pointed at the ground and lightly flew towards Su Yuhao and Wang Cuirong, instantly grabbing the two men by the hair before throwing them more than ten meters away and falling down beside Long Xiaofei, the three mad youngsters screaming.

Song Yu’er looked at Omi’s mighty posture and couldn’t help but exclaim, “So fierce, why is such a fierce evil young man not my bodyguard.”

Song Yu’er also looked at the three mad youngsters rolling on the ground, they were screaming in pain, Song Yu’er’s eyes rolled, immediately took out her phone and went up to take pictures, she was going to send it to the campus, she was going to be the first to explode.

Omi said in his heart, this girl is also too heartless, her bodyguard is still tied to the ground, not to go up to rescue, and even went to take pictures.

Omi looked at Liu Yue who was tied up on the ground.

Liu Yue felt very ashamed, all bodyguards, mixed up like this, really enough.

Omi said, “How are you?For the sake of us traveling together, I can save you.”

Liu Yue snorted, “I don’t need you to save me, and I’m not traveling with you.”

“Fine.”Omi walked away, don’t pull down.

“Ka-ching, ka-ching.”Song Yu’er took pictures of the three madmen who fell to the ground wailing from every angle.

Song Yu’er’s mind turned over with joy at the thought of the vigor she posted to the top. One second to remember to read the book

Song Yu’er smiled hehehe as she took pictures, “Still mad young, I’m going to expose your true faces, let everyone see how mad the so-called mad young are, hahaha.”

Omi walked over and said to Song Yu’er, “Have you finished taking pictures yet, why don’t you go over and save your bodyguard.”

“Geez, it’s just as well to save them later, I need to quickly film the evidence of these three maniacal youngsters’ wailing.By the way, why don’t you do a close-up and make a comment as well.”Song Yuer pointed her phone at Omi.

“Shoot again and I’ll throw your phone.”Omi said.

Song Yu’er pursed her lips, moved her phone away, and continued to shoot the madness, the name of the posting she had thought of, it was called ‘The Wail of the Madman’.

Omi said, “There’s nothing else I’m leaving.”

Only then did Song Yu’er stop taking pictures, looked at Liu Yue, still tied to the ground, depressed: “I hate you, it’s all because you caused my bodyguard to look like this, if it’s also posted on, I’ve lost all my face.”

Omi said, “Miss Song, your bodyguard, Liu Yue, is not on the same level as me, it’s best not to compare him to me, or you’ll be so angry with yourself.”

“This time it’s an accident, he will definitely not lose to you.”

“Silly girl, looking at your body doesn’t look like it hasn’t matured, why is your brain like a child that hasn’t developed yet?”Omi glanced at Song Yu’er’s breasts, quite big, not like a child’s ah.

Song Yu’er saw Omi aiming at her boobs, took off her shoes and threw them at Omi.

Omi flicked his finger and a coin popped out, knocking down the shoe that flew towards him.

Omi left without looking back.

Song Yu’er looked at Omi and was angry and depressed, had she known Omi was so cool, she really wanted to admit Omi then, but now it was too late to regret.

Omi returned to his class, and the third period class was about to end.


p; Omi packed his school bag and prepared to leave school.

At this time, the fifth mad young man, Chen Zhijie, came.

The whole class saw Chen Zhijie appear and wondered how he dared to come in the morning when he had just been thrown downstairs by Omi.

Chen Zhijie walked into class 32 without any fear.

Just as everyone was confused, Chen Zhijie took out a letter and said, “Omi, this is the letter that our No. 1 Madman Zhao Ritian asked me to give to you.”

It suddenly dawned on everyone that Chen Zhijie had come to deliver the letter, and it was still Zhao Ritian’s letter.

Chen Zhijie’s mission was to deliver a letter to Omi, while the Second Third and Fourth Berserkers were responsible for going to fight Liu Yue, and I’m sure Chen Zhijie still doesn’t even know that the three Berserkers who were responsible for going to fight Liu Yue have been miserable.

The reason for arranging for Chen Zhijie to deliver a letter to Omi was because Chen Zhijie had been beaten by Omi and had lost face in Class 32, and now Chen Zhijie was going to deliver Zhao Ritian’s letter, virtually borrowing Zhao Ritian’s reputation and saving face somewhat.

Omi raised his head, looked at Chen Zhijie, and grunted, “Zhao Ritian?Oh, why is he afraid to come himself?”

Chen Zhizhijie trailed off, “Omi, do you think that you deserve the treatment we received from Brother Ritian personally?Also, our brother Ritian told me to tell you not to be arrogant and keep a low profile in the future, just like that No. 1 evil youngster Fang Hong before, otherwise it’s hard to guarantee that nothing will happen.”Chen Zhijie said, he was now deliberately paying lip service to Zhao Ritian in front of the whole class, in order to use Zhao Ritian’s name to let him save some face from the beating he received in the morning.

“Hahaha.”Omi burst out laughing.

Chen Zhijie said, “Omi, I think you should know that Zhao Ritian, our first mad youngster, has an even higher layer of status, and that is the seventh ranked genius expert.Are you laughing now to conceal your inner scruples?Or do you want to maintain your image in front of your class?”

“Do I need scruples?Are genius masters very strong?”Omi scowled, he had already beaten up the eighth place Edward, where could the seventh place be stronger.

Chen Zhijie snorted, “Whether a genius expert is strong or not, you yourself should know better than anyone else, otherwise how come you didn’t get ranked on the genius expert list?Don’t force a smile, or care about what Zhao Ritian wrote to you about.”

“No matter what it says, I have no interest in knowing.”Omi said, and Omi thought that it was nothing more than some words of warning to him.What kind of skill was writing a letter if such a person didn’t dare to come to him personally, and if he dared to come personally, Omi would definitely throw him downstairs.

Chen Zhijie said, “Alright then, I’ll open Zhao Ritian’s letter for you.”

Chen Zhijie opened the letter and then read it out, “Omi, I am Zhao Ritian, I heard that you were recognized as the number one evil youngster on campus and that you were also named the ‘devilish number one’ on campus, people compare you to me, Zhao Ritian, and we have the same name as each other.Omi, with you also want to be on the same level as me?It’s ridiculous.Of course, it would be inhumane of me to pick on you for it, since you didn’t seal it yourself, it was sealed by those ignorant students on campus.But even if it was sealed by someone else, you’ve already insulted me.So, I now give you a chance, you go to the campus to send a real name post, to announce to the whole school teachers and students, you do not dare to be on par with me, so the teachers and students do not compare you to me Zhao Ritian, and you take the initiative to ask everyone to cancel your demonic existence of the title.As such, I, Zhao Ritian, can stop bothering you, and I hope to see your post before class tomorrow.First generation Mad God Zhao Ritian.”


The class was quite surprised to hear the contents of the letter, but it turned out that Zhao Ritian felt that Omi didn’t deserve to be on par with him and asked Omi to take the initiative to post a clarification.

Omi didn’t expect it to be something like this, and thought it was some words of warning to him.

Chen Zhijie said, “Omi, although you don’t receive the letter, I have delivered it, so you can see for yourself.Of course, if you think you really deserve to be on par with Zhao Ritian, you can go ahead and not post it.”

After saying that, Chen Zhijie threw the letter away and drifted out of Class 32.

After leaving Class 32, Chen Zhijie seemed to be in a much more relaxed mood, his heart took a sulking breath, the face he had lost by being thrown off the building by Omi in the morning seemed to have finally recovered some of it, but of course, he knew that he was borrowing Zhao Ritian’s momentum.

“Brother Ritian, thank you.”Chen smiled as he left the school building.

“Bell bell bell.”It just so happened that the third period dismissal bell also rang.

While everyone packed up and went home, they were also secretly discussing whether or not Omi would go post, and if he didn’t, whether or not he would be beaten up by Zhao Ritian.Everyone knew that Zhao Ritian wasn’t just the number one campus berserker, he also had a higher identity, the seventh ranked genius expert.

Omi was just a campus evil youngster, everyone knew that it was not at the same level as a genius expert at all.

Carlos said as he packed his bag: “Omi, go back to the evening and post quickly, the campus gang of boring students is really, you are recognized as the first evil less, but also evaluate what the devil, you and Zhao Ritian on par, this is to push you to the fire pit.Zhao Ritian’s people are also the number one evil youngster and a genius expert, I’m definitely not happy to be on par with you ah, I wouldn’t be happy if it were me.”

“Oh.”Omi felt funny, feeling that these students, aren’t they too idle, so boring ah, no matter what campus ah, campus evil youngster ah, campus mad youngster ah, all of them made him feel very speechless and childish.Although Omi was only 18 years old in his previous life, the same age as the current high school students, but the current high school students had never been out of the society, their thoughts were too single and childish.The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital to see if I could find a doctor. The first website mNatia .online

“Omi, don’t laugh, I’m serious, Zhao Ritian is famous for his title, sun and earth and ants, wolf and tiger and leopard.”

“Alright, endlessly, I’m not bothered to get to know these students in general, it’s simply boring, when will it be over if this continues.I’m an evil youngster, I originally wanted to live a quieter life, no one to trouble me, I didn’t expect things to happen one after another, when will it end.”

Omi carried his bag and walked out of the class, this time, Omi decided not to play with them.

At this moment, in a corner of the campus, the three mad youngsters declined in sitting on the ground, their hair messy, a mess, listlessly smoking cigarettes.

“f*ck, what to do?If Song Yu’er really blurted out the scene we’ve just been so humiliated by, how are we still going to hang around.”

“Three madmen fell to the ground and howled, I’m going to collapse when I think about it myself, I’ll be laughed off if I’m still called a madman like this.”Su Yuhao said mockingly to himself.

“Call Song Yu’er, exchange with her, we also took pictures and videos of Liu Yue being beaten by us, if Song Yu’er exposes us, we also expose Liu Yue, we’ll all lose face together.”Wang Kui.

Rong said.

Long Xiaofei cryptically said, “No need, Song Yuer that little b*tch, don’t look at her silly, her brain can be flexible, she already took away our phones, all those pictures and videos we took of Liu Yue are gone.”

“What?When did she take our phones?”

Long Xiaofei said, “When Omi threw us out, all of our phones fell out, I saw Song Yu’er pick up all of our phones, and she also said that there must be Liu Yue’s in our phones as well, and she wants to destroy the evidence.If you don’t believe me, you guys feel your pockets and see if there are any more phones.”

The other two madmen touched their pockets, and sure enough the phone was gone, and it fell out when Omi threw it out.

Wang Cuirong said to Long Xiaofei: “Xiaofei, you’ve been chasing Song Yuer for so long, maybe Song Yuer still has some feelings for you, why don’t you make a phone call to him at night and ask her to be merciful and not send it out.”

Long Xiaofei nodded: “Song Yu’er still likes me a bit, I’m still after all sure of this, I’ll go back at night and make a phone call to talk to her.”

At this moment, Song Yu’er hummed a song and walked all the way out of the school entrance, Liu Yue followed behind dejectedly, with several injuries on her body.The reason why Song Yu’er was in a good mood was naturally because she had taken those precious photos, only waiting for her to expose them, which would definitely sensationalize the campus then.Being able to discredit those few maniacs, Song Yu’er couldn’t even be upset.

“Liu Yue you cheer up ah, don’t worry, no one knows that you were beaten up by the three mad youngsters, Miss Ben already took away their phones, I’ve destroyed the evidence of them beating you up, you’re still my that seventh evil young bodyguard.”Song Yuer said.

Liu Yue said with a bitter face, “I’m not because of those evidence, but I feel unhappy, how could those three bastards be my opponent, I was actually plotted against, I’m on fire, I Liu Yue as Master’s closed door disciple, it’s too humiliating for Master.”

“Alright, alright, you’ll call back some other day.”

“Definitely.”Liu Yue said furiously.

Omi and Carlos also walked out of the school entrance together.

Omi said to Carlos, “Carlos, come home with me today, go to my place first, I’ll teach you how to practice martial arts.”

“Okay.”Carlos was extremely excited.

“Let’s go.”

Omi and Carlos came to the parking lot together, Liona drove herself, so there was no need to wait for her, and that Beetle of Liona’s was parked next to Omi’s BMW.

However, Omi was seeing Liona depressed and stepped out of the car.

“Miss, what’s wrong with you?”Omi shook down the glass and asked.

Liona was depressed, “It’s broken, it won’t start.”

“Uh, how come your car broke down when it was fine?”

“How should I know.”

Omi smiled, “Miss, then take my car.”

Liona thought about it, pulled open the back door of Omi’s BMW and exhaled and sat in it.

Carlos sat in the passenger car, turned back to Liona hi and said, “Liona, I’m also going to your house to play oh.”

Liona frowned, “Omi, why are you bringing strangers to my house?”Liona also had no affection for Carlos.

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