King of kings 946-950


Mu Qianji landed in front of the strange man, the strange man could not speak or walk, crawling and trying to spare away, Mu Qianji slapped the strange man’s head, and suddenly, the black dirt stuck to the face scattered a lot, and finally you could see more clearly.

Mu Qianji was suddenly frightened.

“Omi, Omi, how could it be you, how did you become like this.”Mu Qianji suddenly felt touching the softest part of her heart, seeing the formerly genius, mesmerizing ten thousand girls of the Wind Lightning, now look like this, suddenly tears flowed all over her face, the whole person was also completely stunned, she repeatedly confirmed several times, this is Omi.

However, Omi seemed to have completely changed, not knowing Mu Qianji at all, and even, Omi probably didn’t even know who he was, maybe he hadn’t even thought about it.

“Omi, tell me quickly, how could it be you, how did you become like this.”Mu Qianji cried out, feeling his heart break, and kept shaking Omi, but Omi tried hard to struggle away.

The tavern’s owner’s wife came up and asked, “Miss, this strange man is?”

“He’s a friend, no, he’s my man.”Mu Qianji said, she didn’t know why she suddenly changed her words to say it was her man, but anyway, at this moment, Mu Qianji had never felt such a strong and burning desire to protect her in her entire life, and her heart seemed to be stirred with a motherly love that was hidden deep inside.

“Ah, how did your man turn out like this.”

Not far away, the woman who had just chased away the strange man was trembling in fear.

Mu Qianji merely held Omi to prevent him from struggling away, her tears still couldn’t stop flowing, she couldn’t believe why Omi had become like this.

However, in the next second, one thing suddenly came to Mu Qianji’s mind, and that was the spiritual reversal of the Sucking God’s Great Law. First URL

“Omi, have you been spiritually reversed?Isn’t it?Didn’t I tell you to disperse the God Sucking Magic?Why didn’t you listen to me.”Mu Qianji cried out, “This is the most likely possibility, the reversal of the God-sucking Great Law is heavy enough to lead to brain death, poisoning leads to insanity, and mild enough, to diminished intelligence.Mu Qian by no means knew whether Omi was moderate or mild, but it was better than brain death.

“Omi, let’s go, I won’t let anyone bully you anymore.”Mu Qianzhi held Omi’s face and said.

The tavern’s owner’s wife said, “Take your man back to the tavern first, wash your body first, then come back to see what happened.”


Mu Qianji hugged Omi and flew to the tavern in no time, taking Omi into the bathroom with him.

Unexpectedly, Omi no longer seemed so resistant to Mu Qianji’s approach, perhaps Omi felt that Mu Qianji was definitely his good self, so he was less resistant.

This was a surprise to Mu Qianyi, because, Omi could feel her goodness towards him, which meant that the degree of Omi’s mental rebellion was the mildest and belonged to intellectual degeneration, not insanity.

“Omi, can you recognize me?”Mu Qianji looked into Omi’s eyes and asked.

Omi looked straight at Mu Qianji, didn’t say anything, but shook his head.

Mu Qianji was happy, “Great, still understands my words, his mental reversal is the mildest, now I just don’t know, how far his intelligence has degraded.”

Mu Qianji.

Holding up one finger, I asked, “How much is this?”

Omi looked at it and suddenly bit Mu Qianji’s finger, then sucked as hard as he could.

“Ah, this isn’t a tit/head, are you addicted to stealing goat’s milk and drinking it.”Mu Qianji was busy pulling out her finger, very speechless, she couldn’t tell now how much Omi’s intelligence had degraded, but there was no doubt that it must be much, much more.Mu Qianji felt a wave of sorrow, Mu Qianji had heard, at least three months ago, that there was a strange man who got into their sheep pen to steal goat’s milk, Mu Qianji felt incomparably saddened at the thought of Omi’s intellect degenerating like this, hungry only to steal goat’s milk, and hated herself for not discovering him early in the morning, and could have made him suffer so much less.Omi’s body was covered with wounds and scars, and there was no telling how many of the town’s inhabitants had driven him away and beaten him, and Mu Qianji didn’t dare to think about it for fear that tears would flow out again.

At this time, the voice of the tavern owner’s wife came from outside, and the tavern owner’s wife said, “Girl, your man’s clothes, I’ve prepared them for him and left them at the door.”

“Thank you.”

Mu Qianji looked at Omi’s entire body, especially a certain spot, and blushed, although there was also black and full of mud there, not conspicuous until she washed it, but should she be allowed to clean Omi?

Mu Qianji sighed, “You’re already like this, why am I still thinking so much.”Mu Qianji could only helplessly summon up the courage to bathe Omi, she also blushed for an unknown amount of time in the process, fortunately Omi’s intellect had degenerated and he didn’t understand anything, otherwise she didn’t know how embarrassing it would be.

It took most of the day, Mu Qianji finally washed Omi clean, but, after washing Omi, some places are more conspicuous, Mu Qianji blushed to the roots of his ears, and finally had no choice but to dress Omi.

Put on clothes, out of the room, to the first floor, the tavern’s owner’s wife saw Omi, eyes bright, smiled: “I did not expect, this strange man turned out to be such a handsome young man ah.”

Mu Qianji to: “Thank you.”

“Miss need not be polite.”

“Can you prepare another bowl of noodles for me, not for me, but for him.”

“Of course.”

After a bowl of noodles was cooked, Mu Qianji brought it to Omi to eat.

However, Omi didn’t understand.

“Can’t even eat noodles?Don’t tell me you only know how to suck milk.”Mu Qianji broke down and said.

Omi looked at Mu Qianji without blinking.

Mu Qianji had to pick up his chopsticks and feed them to Omi one by one, something was caught in Omi’s mouth and Omi soon knew to swallow it.

Halfway through eating noodles late, Omi suddenly saw a toy on the floor and immediately sat down to play with the toy.

“Omi, what are you doing?Eat noodles ah, just after the bath you sit on the floor.”Mu Qianji clamped the noodles to Omi’s mouth, but Omi stopped eating and only loved to play with toys.

Mu Qianji broke down, “How do I feel like I’m taking a child, ahhhh, what should I do?”

The owner of the tavern was back from an outing and had just learned of the incident from the owner’s wife and asked, “Girl, what happened to your man?”

“I don’t know, he used to be a genius, and at only 21 years old, he became a complete Unity Realm.I haven’t seen him for a year, but, suddenly, I see him here like this.”Mu Qianji said.


“Girl, you said he became a Unity Realm Perfection at only 21 years old?”


“Could it be, he’s a Don?”

“Huh? You know?”

“I don’t know anyone, but sometimes when I go out on business, I occasionally hear some strong people talking about Omi, saying that at only 21 years old, he became a Unity Realm Perfection, and will definitely become the strongest in the world in the future, but unfortunately, it’s a pity that he died young.This year, I heard rumors about Omi many times, and this Omi is considered to be already famous all over the world, especially among the world’s upper echelon strongmen, and is admired by everyone.However, how did it come to this.”

“Ah, did you hear anything else?Like, why is he like this?”Mu Qianji was busy asking.

“Right, it was on the encounter by the head of the King’s Mercenary Corps in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, I don’t know what happened in the process, the head of the King’s Mercenary Corps killed Omi’s three friends, Omi fought to the death and also killed the two strong brothers of the King’s Mercenary Corps in the Unity Realm.It was because of this incident that Omi became famous in the world, because there were no more than thirty people in the entire world who could kill his two brothers of the Unity Realm Great Perfection under the eyes of the head of the King’s Mercenaries, or even no thirty people at all, but Omi had done it, so it was a momentary sensation all over the world.However, this man who is like a child is really the rumored Omi?”The tavern owner felt a moment of doubt.Rumor had it that it was someone who was worshipped and admired by countless powerful people all over the world, but it was completely too different from what was in front of him.

Mu Qianji gritted his teeth and said inwardly, “King’s Mercenaries, wait for me to subdue the Burial Moon Sword.I said it was strange that with Omi’s skills, he wouldn’t be able to control his spirit to such an extent, so it’s your fault.”

A murderous desire suddenly arose within Mu Qianji’s heart, it was getting stronger and stronger, it was as if there was always a devil residing within her, once she was occupied with all her senses by the devil within, then she would become a murderous demon.Mu Qianji hadn’t fallen into too deep at the moment, and was still slightly able to control herself, after feeling the hostility within her, Mu Qianji tried to suppress herself, it was because of this that she hid in this desolate town, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to meet Omi here.

“Wow.”At that moment, the tavern owner’s wife poured a basin of cold water on Mu Qianji’s head, and Mu Qianji suddenly recovered from her hostility-filled state.

“Phew.”Mu Qianji exhaled a deep breath. Remember the URL

The tavern owner said, “Girl, the hostility in your body is getting worse and worse every time, if this continues, I’m afraid that one day you will really lose control of yourself completely, if I hadn’t stopped you many times, this town wouldn’t know how many you’ve killed.”

“I’m in control of myself.”Mu Qianji said firmly.

“What the hell is wrong with you?You two, it’s so weird, one turns into a weirdo and the other becomes a murderer all the time, I really can’t understand what’s wrong with you two.”The tavern owner said.

Mu Qianji didn’t say anything, she was like this because she couldn’t subdue the Buried Moon Sword, the Buried Moon Sword was an evil sword, if she couldn’t subdue it, she would be subdued by it instead.Mu Qianji believed that she would definitely be able to subdue the Buried Moon Sword.

Just at this moment, the tavern owner’s wife said, “Miss, your man ran outside.”

Mu Qianji was busy running out and saw Omi crawling around, playing happily with a puppy.

Mu Qianji felt a headache, it seems that he had to think of a way to cure Omi’s degraded intellect first .

It wasn’t untreatable.

“Don’t play around, Don Omi, you just showered and you’re getting dirty, are you trying to wear me out?”Mu Qianji walked up to Omi and said, the puppy panicked and ran away.

“Omi, stand up, you can’t crawl, you have to learn to walk, do you hear me?Come, I’ll hold your hand and follow me.”

Mu Qianji taught Omi to walk after only a short while, after all, Omi wasn’t really a child, but Omi just didn’t know how to walk, as soon as a person taught him, he would be able to.

“Right, very good, from now on, walk like this, no crawling on the ground.”Mu Qianji instructed.

The sky gradually darkened, Mu Qianji had already entered the mountains and would only come out again after a week, but because of Omi’s appearance, she broke her rule.

The tavern owner’s wife said, “Do you still want to bring him into the mountain?Let’s stay here tonight.”

Mu Qianji nodded, it seemed that she had to change her plans, the main thing now was to treat Omi, but she could hardly do anything in the healing arts.Moreover, if she took Omi out to seek healing, then she would not be able to avoid contacting the outside world, and it was because she did not want to contact the outside world that Mu Qianji hid in this town.

Once contacting the outside world frequently, in the unlikely event that Mu Qianji couldn’t control his hostility, he would most likely kill someone.

“Phew.”Mu Qianji was very irritated inside, but in order to treat Omi, she didn’t bother with that much, just kill someone, if she really couldn’t suppress it.

“Burial Moon Sword, Burial Moon Sword, what exactly do you have to do to be subdued by me.”Mu Qianji looked at the sword for a while and sighed.

From a scientific point of view, the Buried Moon Sword was a meteorite built full of radiation, whether it was truly evil or not was still unclear.However, on the other hand will, throughout the ages, all famous swords were not made of common common materials, they were similar to the Buried Moon Sword, which was made of an extra-sky meteorite, and then after encountering the true owner, it was subjugated and became an extinct famous sword.So, it’s contradictory, whether the Burial Moon Sword is an extinct famous sword with an evil nature that can be subjugated, or it’s simply a very radioactive stone that changes nothing at all.


“Omi, you can sleep with me at night.”Mu Qianji said helplessly, originally Mu Qianji let Omi have a room to himself, but, Omi always climbed down to play, Mu Qianji was really afraid that he would crawl somewhere in the middle of the night to play, so, she could only let him sleep with her, she had never slept with a man in her life.Although Mu Qianji was helpless, she could only comfort herself with the fact that Omi knew nothing right now and let herself be thought of so much.

The weather was hot, Mu Qianji was wearing loose clothes, lying on the bed, Omi’s head resting on her shoulder, Mu Qianji was shaking the fan, her mind not knowing what was going on.Suddenly, Mu Qianji felt her breast, being sucked hard.

“Ah, Omi, what are you doing.”Mu Qianji lost her mind, so she didn’t expect that her boobs were being sucked by Omi as, as goat’s milk.

“Ah.”Mu Qianji collapsed and blushed at the same time.

“Omi, how can you be like this, I’m not a goat, besides, I don’t have milk, ahhh, how else can you let me see people.”Mu Qianji was devastated, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Finally, Mu Qianji said, “It seems that you must be weaned first.”Mu Qianji sighed deeply and loudly reprimanded Omi, “Alright, sleep, no more messes or I’ll beat you up.”


There were no words for the night.

The next day, Mu Qianji took Omi with him and prepared to leave the place to find a healer to treat Omi.

However, Mu Qianzhi wasn’t too familiar with the healers in this world, nor did he know where there were powerful healers, the brain was already the most difficult to treat, so an ordinary healer would definitely not work.

Mu Qianji had to ask the tavern owner’s wife about it.

The tavern owner’s wife said, “What I know, there’s a very famous healer in this world and he’s especially good at difficult diseases, he’s a fifteen-ranked healer of the Moonless Empire, his name is Eugens.”

“Lunar Unfallen Empire?This is one of the ten most powerful empires in the world.”

“Yes, truth be told, my hometown is the Lunar Empire, and although I’m not qualified to know Master Eugens, I know that he is the number one divine doctor in the Lunar Empire, and not only specializes in treating battle wounds, but also in the area of difficult diseases.”

“However, he may not agree to treat Omi.”

“I don’t know about that, it depends on your luck, and also, Omi’s reputation is not small, if I were you, before he recovers, it’s best not to be too wary, after all, if some enemies know about it and take the opportunity to kill him, then it’ll be a problem.”

“I know that, well then, we’ll be off, goodbye.”

“Bye, good luck.” One second to remember to read the book

Mu Qianji took Omi on his way.

“Mother.”Not long after leaving the town, Omi suddenly called out.

Mu Qianji looked at Omi in confusion.

“Who are you calling?”


“Ah.”Mu Qianji responded.

“You called me mom?Have you made a mistake, I’m not your mother.”Mu Qianji blushed, but Mu Qianji was suddenly surprised and busy, “Omi, you can actually talk.”


“Stop calling me mother, I’m not your mother, call me sister.”


“Yes, Sister, wow, you understand me, so good.”

“Sister, Sister, Sister.”

“Alright, alright, don’t scream endlessly once you’re praised, in fact it’s not even clear if I’m older than you.”Mu Qianji pouted.

“Sister.”Omi was happy to hold Mu Qianji’s hand.

The two of them went all the way to the big city, which was the only place that had a plane to fly to the Moon Never Falling Empire.

Fortunately, there were direct planes from here to the Moonless Empire.

Along the way, Mu Qianzhi also taught Omi to speak while they were walking, Omi was only intellectually degraded, so with a little teaching, he was able to do it all at once, progressing very quickly.

“Sister, what is this?”

“It’s a bird.”

“It’s what?”

“It’s a frog.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s a rock.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s water.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s a butterfly.”

“It’s what?”

“Ahhhh, please don’t ask endlessly okay, I’m dying of boredom.”Mu Qianji yelled out in irritation, ever since Omi had learned to talk, he had been asking non-stop questions, asking at least hundreds of ‘what is this’ now, making Mu Qianji really fired up.

“Oooh.”Omi burst into tears, wiping his eyes in aggravation.

Mu Qianji was about to collapse, so he had to patiently coax, “Alright, alright, it’s sister’s fault, sister shouldn’t have yelled at you, forgive her!



“Xiao Chenchen, be good, don’t cry, a crying child is not a good child oh.”

“Stop crying, stop crying sister doesn’t want you.”

“Ahhhhh, please, don’t be like this, okay.”

“Okay, this is what you forced me to do, sister doesn’t want you anymore, you can fend for yourself.”Mu Qianji leapt forward and flew away, of course, she was intentionally scaring Omi.

After flying a few hundred meters, Mu Qianji stopped and fell back nicely.

However, when she fell back, she found that Omi was no longer in the same place.

Mu Qianji was in a hurry.

“Omi, Omi.”

“Where is the man?Don’t scare me and lose it like that?”


After searching for a long time, finally, Mu Qianji saw Omi hiding in a crack in a rock.

Mu Qianji was speechless, “You went too far to deliberately hide, causing me to worry that you had gotten lost.Alas, alright, I was wrong, come out quickly, we’re in a hurry.”


“Come out.”


“Really don’t come out isn’t it, then sister is really gone.”

“Alright, count me as scared of you, so go ahead and ask me and I promise I’ll answer whatever you ask.”

“Okay, what’s this?”

Mu Qianji rolled his eyes and said, “This is a stone.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s dirt.”

“What’s this?”

“It’s leaves.Now that I’ve answered you so much, you can come out.”

Omi climbed out of the gap in the stone and continued on his way with Mu Qianji, along the way, Omi asked tens of thousands of ‘what is this?’, Mu Qianji experienced the feeling of true collapse and gritted his teeth, “Omi, were you this naughty and naughty as a child?Hmph, when you recover, I’ll definitely settle this score with you, for tossing me around so badly along the way.”

After spending more than ten days, he finally entered the big city, and Mu Qianji immediately took Omi to the airport, preparing to take a flight to the Moonless Empire.

However, when Omi arrived in the big city, he saw a roller coaster and Ferris wheel inside an amusement park and immediately made a scene.

“No, now we’re going to the Moonless Empire to find that Master Eugens to treat you, I don’t want to serve you anymore.”

“I don’t want to.”Omi immediately ran into the amusement park.

“You.”Mu Qianji was furious, but he was helpless, once he didn’t go along with Omi’s wishes, he would hide so that you couldn’t find him, and Mu Qianji had been tormented by him on this journey.

“Forget it, it’s not that bad of a time anyway.”

“Sister, play with me.”

“No time, you’re on your own if you want to play.”


“Alright, alright, I’ll play with you, I really can’t stand you.”Mu Qianji was afraid that the bystanders would look at them with confused eyes, so he had to play with Omi.

However, after playing, Mu Qianji also realized that she really hadn’t played with these, it was just a pity that Omi wasn’t a normal person, it wouldn’t be bad if she could play like this at normal times.

“Can we go now?”

“I’m tired, sister, and I want you to carry me.”

“You, you, well, for the sake of your IQ still being a child, I’ll put up with you.”Mu Qianji carried Omi on his shoulders, Omi still had a small kite in his hand, the pedestrians he met on the road looked at them with strange eyes, such a big man, and a woman still had to carry and play with a small kite, was he retarded?


Actually, Omi was not mentally retarded, Omi’s IQ had degenerated to that of a child, and there was one more thing that Mu Qianji hadn’t discovered, and that was that Omi’s IQ, was increasing day by day.

From the beginning when he was still in the milk stage, to being able to walk, to being able to talk, and now to being able to make a scene, Omi’s IQ, was improving day by day.

What does this mean?This meant that Omi’s brain was repairing and perfecting itself.

Perhaps, Omi didn’t need treatment at all, given half a year, or a year, he would naturally recover and improve gradually.

Mu Qianji, however, did not realize this change in Omi, and thought that Omi was not a real child, everything, once taught.

At the airport, Mu Qianji smoothly boarded the plane with Omi.

On the plane, Omi fell asleep against Mu Qianji’s chest, Mu Qianji one hand gently patted Omi’s back, and his mouth hummed a song.

Mu Qianji doesn’t want this, and Omi won’t sleep until she sings a song to coax him.

The people in the front and back seats of the plane looked at Mu Qianji with strange eyes and pointed at Mu Qianji.

“Is that one retarded?”

“I think it’s nerves, but at this age, I still need someone to sing to lull me to sleep.” First published at


A hostility bubbled up inside Mu Qianji, and the demons that hadn’t acted up for several days surged out like a tsunami, and the sword she had placed beside her trembled.

Mu Qianji felt unable to control herself.

Mu Qianji’s eyes, which had suddenly turned black, stood up.

“Ah.”Those passengers next to him were suddenly dumbfounded.

“Wow.”As soon as Mu Qianji drew his sword, in the next second, the sword was sheathed again, and it took but a second to exit the sword, and all these dozen passengers in the first class cabin of the plane fell to the ground, bleeding all over.

After the killing, Mu Qianji’s sword seemed to be satisfied, it was very quiet for a moment, it didn’t even emit any more radiation, of course, radiation this thing is invisible, just can’t see.

Mu Qianji suddenly came to his senses and saw the dozen or so people who had died miserably.

“Phew, I’ve killed again.”Mu Qianji just exhaled a deep breath, although she had killed someone, she didn’t have any strong sense of guilt, after all, she was already a Demon Princess, killing without blinking an eye, the reason why she lamented that she had killed again, maybe it was just that she had gotten a bit of righteousness from Omi.

Mu Qianji sat down, looked at the sleeping Omi, and said, “Omi, these people mocked you for being retarded, so they deserve to die, if anyone dares to call you retarded or insane in the future, I’ll kill them all.”

The plane arrived at the Moonless Empire and landed at the airport of one of the cities in the Moonless Empire.

As soon as the plane landed, it was already surrounded by police.

Mu Qianji had killed more than a dozen people in the first class cabin, and the airport had already called the police.

“Hmph, a bunch of pikemen.”Mu Qianji snorted with disdain.

Mu Qianji had no intention of confronting this group of cops, after all, it was too low.

Mu Qianji held one hand under Omi’s armpit, leaped and flew out of the airport outside in a flash, and by the time the group of cops ran outside the airport, they were already nowhere to be found, and those cops knew that the murderer was a martial arts expert, so they left it at that.

Mu Qianji took Omi with him and stayed in a hotel.


Because the city where the plane landed was not the capital of the Moonless Empire, it was just one of the cities, so there was still a need to make another transfer, or take a car, to go to the Moonless Empire, which was similar to the existence of the Yanhuang Empire’s Wangjing City, which was the entire empire, where almost all martial powerhouses gathered.

Moreover, after getting off the plane, it was late, so first find a hotel to stay in.

In the luxury hotel room.

“Little courtier, sister is going to take a shower first, you play by yourself.”Mu Qianji said.

Omi shook his head and said, “No, Little Cincinnati wants to take a bath with Sister.”

“Omi, you’re so big, you need to be shameless.”Mu Qianji glared.

“Woah, woah, woah.”Omi cried again.

“Ahhhh.”Mu Qianji was near collapse.

“Alright, alright, sister just promised you, so don’t hurry up and take off your clothes.”Mu Qianji had no choice but to comfort herself, Omi had no concept of men and women right now, even if they showered together, it was nothing.

Omi immediately entered the bathroom, Mu Qianji finished bathing Omi first, then said, “Alright, you’ve finished bathing, you can go out now.”

“Oh.”Omi didn’t make a scene now, he went out after washing, and only then was Mu Qianji relieved, closing the bathroom door, he could have a good bath.

Half an hour later, Mu Qianji walked out of the bathroom and saw that Omi was holding a small knife in his hand, Omi’s eyes looked at the grapes on the hotel room table, his hand threw, and the next second, one of the grapes on the table, was split in two by the knife in Omi’s hand.It was exactly the same as that king’s mercenary regiment leader’s Heaven Breaking Knife when he was in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

“Wow.”Mu Qianji was surprised and busy asking, “How did you do that, little minister?”

“Hey, sister, you’ve finished washing, hurry up and dress Little Minister.”

Mu Qianji rolled his eyes, “You can’t wear it yourself.”

“Sister’s hands are gentle, Little Minister likes Sister to help me get dressed.”

“You, huh.”Mu Qianji huffed, helplessly dressing Omi, anyway, Omi’s body, she had seen it all, and she didn’t care about anything anymore.

After finishing dressing, Mu Qianji said, “Little minister, you just threw that grape, can you give sister another teacher’s example?”

“Fine.”Omi took the knife back and stood a few meters away.

Mu Qianji deliberately took a walnut out and placed it on the table.

The knife in Omi’s hand was thrown.

Mu Qianji suddenly felt that Omi’s tiny knife actually had a powerful and incomparable momentum, and in the blink of an eye, it split that walnut in half.

“Wow, how is that possible, that’s too fast, and, most importantly, there’s a sure-kill momentum in it, aren’t you intellectually degraded?How can you still be able to achieve such profound sword skills?Uh, it’s still a small knife.”Mu Qianji said in shock, although Mu Qianji could also use a small knife to split a walnut a few meters away in half, however, Mu Qianji splitting it in half was borrowed from her sword or knife technique, there was no must-kill kind of momentum within, but what Omi threw, there was a must-kill kind of momentum within, the so-called must-kill is a strike, before the knife went out, it had already been hit in the idea.

Mu Qianji was quite envious inside, because, to be able to do this kind of technique, it meant that Omi had gone one level higher in his martial thought comprehension.This ‘must-kill’ momentum that Mu Qianji had felt on several of her Demon Sect’s Ancestor realm elders showed that only Ancestor realm powerhouses were able to comprehend this level of martial thoughts.


Mu Qian by no means knew that the head of the King’s Mercenary Corps, his astonishing blade, the Heaven Breaking Blade, was the one who had this idea of certain death, so he ended up defeating the Old Villa Master of the Famous Sword Villa.At that time, the head of the king’s mercenary group fought with the old villa master for several hours, the reason why he fought for several hours, this was because, in the beginning, he did not have full confidence in a sure kill against the old villa master, so, once he applied the Heaven Breaking Blade, and the result was not a sure kill, then, instead, he caused great damage to himself, therefore, that battle, the head of the king’s mercenary group, he first fought with the old villa master for thousands of rounds, until he felt himselfIt was only when he was able to kill in a single strike that he cast the Heaven Breaking Blade and, in a single slash, split the Old Villa Master in half.And regarding the idea of ‘must kill’, I’m afraid that the head of the King’s Mercenaries himself didn’t know, after all, this world didn’t have a clan master realm, and I’m afraid that Omi wasn’t clear at the moment.

And why Omi suddenly knew how to break the Heavenly Blade, this, no one knew for the time being.

Mu Qianji also didn’t think so much, thinking that Omi was so genius, anything could happen, maybe Omi would have been before, and now, although the IQ degraded, but also subconsciously will be.Omi has a little bit of ‘must-kill’ momentum right now, which is really incredible, Mu Qianji quite admiringly looked at Omi and said, “Little Minister, you’re quite powerful.”

“Hehehehe.”Omi got praised and smiled happily.

“Alright, let’s go eat.”

“Sister, I want you to feed it to me.”

“No, you’re so big, you have to eat by yourself.”

“My little servant wants his sister to feed him, or he won’t eat, huh.”

“You, well, it seems I’ve spoiled you along the way.It’s only a few days, but when you recover in a few days, see how I’ll clear up.”

In the hotel restaurant, there was another sickening scene, a beautiful woman, feeding a young man, fortunately no one was pointing at her this time, otherwise, I’m afraid that it would cause Mu Qianji’s demon heart again.

After the meal, Mu Qianji accompanied Omi to play games in the hotel room, Mu Qianji also felt as if he had returned to his childhood. Remember the website

It wasn’t until the night was late that Mu Qianji hummed a song, and Omi fell asleep on her body, slowly falling asleep.

The next day, Mu Qianji got a car and drove Omi straight to the imperial capital of the Moon Never Falling Empire, Moon City.

Moon City was similar to the Yanhuang Empire’s Wangjing City, except, it was as strong as clouds, and was one of the ten strongest empires in the entire world, because, the emperor of the Moon Never Falling Empire was a strong man at the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and, this emperor was far stronger than the old lord of the Famous Sword Villa.

In this entire world, the 30 peak Unity Realm Grand Perfectionists were not of the same strength, and they each had their own ranking, and the degree of their strength height was also very obvious.

This Supreme Emperor of Moon City was ranked ninth among the 30 peak Unity Realm Great Perfection in the world.

Therefore, the Moon Immortal Empire was one of the ten strongest empires in the world, and his martial skill of fame, the Nine Revolutions Returning Gun, had a very deep understanding of the martial dao.But whether or not he had comprehended a little bit of the idea of ‘must kill’, that was unknown.This, Mu Qianji was very surprised to see Omi playing with the knife last night, but that was, the idea of certain death, although, just a little bit.

The leader of the king’s mercenary group, his Heaven Breaking Knife, also only possessed a little bit of ‘must-kill’ intent, otherwise, how could he have fought with the old vassal for several hours before he was confident of a must-kill.

Mu Qianji was incomparably confident that when Omi recovered, he would definitely be considerably stronger

Raising, the idea of certain death was not something that an ordinary person could comprehend, and besides, he hadn’t even stepped into the realm of a master.

“Hello, does Master Eugens live here?”Mu Qianji arrived outside a luxurious mansion.

“Who are you?”

“I’m here to beg Master Eugens to treat my brother, please help me inform.”

That janitor, seeing that Mu Qianji was very beautiful, so he couldn’t bear to refuse, so he said, “Then wait for a while, I’ll go in and report for you.”

After a while, that janitor came out, he had a fingerprint on his face, he covered his fingerprint and said, “Sorry, Master Eugens is not available, there are so many healers, if everyone came to him, wouldn’t he be busy to death, besides, with his status, only the royal family of the Moonless Empire is qualified to let him heal, not to mention you, a foreigner.”

“Is that what he said?”

“Yes, I haven’t fought yet, girl, so go away.”

“But, I’m afraid he’s the only one who can cure my brother’s illness.”

“How is that possible, there are so many healers in the world.”

“You don’t understand, my brother’s IQ is degraded, involving the brain, and my brother’s own strength is not weak, so it must have the skills of a fifteen-grade healer, plus a healer who specializes in the direction of difficult diseases, throughout the world, although there are many fifteen-grade healers, but, most of them will only treat battle wounds, and many of them won’t be able to treat difficult diseases on the side.I’ve had a hard time coming to the Moonless Empire, so help me talk to Eugens again.”

“Go away, don’t waste your energy, Master Eugens can’t possibly treat your brother, what’s the degradation of intelligence, isn’t it just retarded and underdeveloped, are you trying to make Master Eugens hold his head up and make people laugh at him for treating people with retarded diseases.”The janitor said impatiently, causing him to take a slap.

“Swoosh.”A cold light flashed and a human head landed on the ground.

Mu Qianji’s eyes were dark, standing there like a demon god.

“I said, I’ll kill anyone who dares to call him a retard again.”

“Sister, little minister is so scared, sister, what’s wrong with you.”

Omi’s words suddenly pulled Mu Qianji back from his uncontrolled state and sobered up his mind.

Mu Qianji looked at the head under his feet and said, “Little Minister, he’s the one who’s looking for death, don’t be afraid, now come in with me to find Eogens, if he doesn’t cure you, or can’t cure you, then I’ll kill him.”

“Sister, I don’t want to be cured, I’m afraid that if I’m cured, my sister won’t want me.”

“No, cured, as long as you kill those useless women and promise to only love me for the rest of your life, Sister will always be with you.”

“Who is Sister going to let Little Minister kill?”

“You’ll understand when you’re cured.”

“Why did you kill them?”

“Because they don’t deserve you.”

“Oh, and what about sisters?”

“Nonsense, of course sister is worthy of you, in this world, only sister is worthy of you, you can only be sister’s alone.”

“Then after Little Minister’s illness is cured, I’ll go kill them and be with my sister forever.”Omi said happily, bouncing and being led by Mu Qianji into Master Eugens’ mansion.


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