Lord Of Mysteries Chapter 774 Clues

Chapter 774 – Clues

She isn’t dead? She managed to escape? She’s actually trying to seek revenge for Prince Edessak? At that moment that he saw Trissy, Klein nearly lost control of his expression.

Although he had guessed it based on the conversation, he still felt it exceeded his expectations when the truth was placed before him.

Without even the need for a dream divination, he could still recall the Great Smog of Backlund. Trissy had conversed with him, and back then, she was eager to escape Prince Edessak’s control and escape the manipulation of her fate by the hidden person behind the scenes. She felt her daily life was filled with pain.

This Demoness who was once a man had sold her soul to an evil god to help avenge Prince Edessak? What kind of crappy trite romance plot point is this!? The corners of Klein’s lips twitched as he “saw” Walter throw a bag of food to Trissy. After “hearing” him give a few words of advice, he turned and left the secluded path.

At this moment, a figure appeared from Member of Parliament Macht’s house. It was within Klein’s line of sight from where he was standing. It followed the shadows in the street as it quickly approached the entrance to the sewer. She was none other than Hazel who held a mystical item from the Marauder pathway.

She’ll encounter Walter… This isn’t some entrance to the sewers! It’s clearly the entrance to a bustling city! Klein looked down and nearly facepalmed.

Upon arriving at the manhole, Hazel warily observed her surroundings for a few seconds before moving the cover away and climbing down. The entire process was done in one fell swoop without any signs of delay.

Stepping onto the slightly moist ground, she followed the rusted metal pipes and the sewage that slowly flowed with a clear destination in mind.

Suddenly, she felt her back turn cold as a chill ran down her spine. Her hair began to stand on end.

Right on the heels of that, Hazel seemed to plunge into a freezing river, and she felt a coldness that was overcoming her body.

She was horrified to see herself walking in a different direction, heading straight for the wall with metal pipes. And this was completely against her will!

Horror filled Hazel’s mind before she received a reprieve from her numb thoughts. She infused all her spirituality into the necklace on her neck.

The seven green gems on the necklace were equidistant from each other. Embedded around them were tiny diamonds. In the absolute darkness, they still swirled with a faint lustrous glow.

Suddenly, a gem lit up as the green glow illuminated Hazel’s ghastly face.

She leaned against the wall and paused for a moment. She moved her feet forward in an awkward manner before retracting them.

At that instant, the coldness Hazel felt had paused for a moment.

She didn’t hesitate to use her spirituality to light up another green gem. She raised her right hand, aimed it at herself, and twisted her wrist.

At the same time, many mysterious symbols and patterns appeared in her mind as her spirituality and voice changed momentarily.

She had stolen the Beyonder power, Wraith Shriek!

Hazel was just about to open her mouth to shout when she found her hands losing control again. She forcefully and quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

Her Shriek turned into a muffle as she took a few brisk steps to the wall. She turned into another fork before crouching down in the pure darkness.

She tried hard to struggle, but it was useless. She wasn’t even capable of activating the necklace on her neck.

Hazel’s dark brown eyes widened as they filled with horror and indignation. Tears began to well in her eyes before slowly streaming down her cheeks.

And at this moment, Walter had come out from another path, returning back to the sewer entrance before climbing up agilely.

After he sneaked back into 160 Böklund Street, Hazel suddenly regained control of her body. She felt that the coldness had completely disappeared.

She first raised her hands in surprise, using her night vision to take a glance. Following that, she looked around in a fluster, as though there were countless unknown monsters hidden in the darkness of the sewers.

Hazel immediately touched the necklace with her right hand, carefully stood up, and headed for the entrance.

She didn’t flee in panic, but she instead warily prepared for any attack that would appear from the darkness.

Finally, she returned to Böklund Street where she saw the black street lamp emitting its light, illuminating the streets that still had the remnant signs of rain.

Only then did Hazel speed up her pace and run home. Midway, she suddenly turned back, nervously and frantically closing the manhole’s cover.

After doing all of this, she followed the shadows and entered her garden. With the help of the gas and water pipes, she entered the balcony to her bedroom.

Only at that point did she really have any room to think. She widened her eyes and subconsciously looked around. Slowly, her body began to tremble.

She raised her left arm, hoping to use her clothes to wipe her face, but she paused midway, switching to using a handkerchief from her pocket.

Hazel still has the basic abilities needed to react. She’s not a complete newbie… In the sewers, Senor appeared with his dark red coat and triangular hat as he spoke silently.

Following that, under Klein’s control, he went invisible again as he entered the hidden fork where Trissy was.

Just as the Wraith approached, the black-dressed Trissy looked up and revealed a weak but stubborn smile.

“From the looks of it, you have no ill intentions.

“That lady was quite lucky.”

She had sensed Hazel and discovered the Wraith!

Senor’s figure appeared as he chuckled.

“Perhaps killing her will only bring you greater trouble.”

To be honest, he wished to report Trissy to the authorities because he knew of the evil deeds she had done. He knew how she had incited the passengers and crew on the Alfalfa, causing them to kill each other out at sea. He also knew how she had many innocent lives die ahead of time. However, after realizing that Trissy was investigating the mystery behind Prince Edessak’s death, Klein had a new plan in mind. He would incite the Demoness and cooperate with her on certain matters.

The mystery of Prince Edessak’s death was equivalent to the truth of the Great Smog of Backlund!

Investigating this matter is bound to be very dangerous. Roping others in will make me feel guilty, afraid that harm or even death will happen to them as a result. By getting Trissy to do it, I wouldn’t have such a psychological burden. The crimes she had committed had long doomed her to hell! The only problem is that she might be using the investigations of the mystery to Prince Edessak’s death for her own ploys. I have to be wary about this to prevent myself from being used, thus causing a disaster… As Klein thought, he made Senor take two steps forward.

Trissy looked at the middle-aged before her and chuckled.

“Since you have ill intentions, go ahead, Mr. Senor.”

At this instant, the marionette’s senses revealed countless threads floating and flailing around Trissy. And seated in the middle was her black-dressed self with a pale face. It resembled a spider in the middle of her web, but it was filled with temptation and pity that made one approach her.

“You know me?” The marionette halted in his footsteps.

Trissy’s expression was somewhat adrift as she answered in reverie, “I once spent an unforgettable period of time at sea.”

Back then, you were still a man… Klein lampooned and chuckled.

“Why are you investigating Prince Edessak’s death? Didn’t he commit suicide?”

Trissy immediately looked up as anger colored her face.

“Suicides can be different. Some people do it willingly; others are forced.”

No way, she really seems to mind Prince Edessak’s death… Lady, have you forgotten that you were once a man? Have you forgotten the pain you were previously talking about? Don’t tell me that this is the so-called Stockholm syndrome where you end up bonding with your captor due to the minute amount of kindness they’ve provided? Well, I’m not a Spectator, and I can’t determine if she’s being truthful or not… Klein made Senor chuckle.

“So, you believe that Prince Edessak was forced to commit suicide?

“You sought William Sikes to investigate this matter?”

The angry look on Trissy’s face vanished as a miserable but beautiful smile appeared.

“That’s right.

“It was he who forced Edessak to commit suicide with a spirituality obliteration bullet. However, he was also under orders by others. Heh, to obtain the final bit of pleasure, he revealed everything. Heh heh, he was still unable to really touch me. I even showed him my former photo. He died filled with even more misery and despair…”

I can’t imagine what William suffered… Trissy is as twisted as she was before… Demonesses at the stage of Pleasure are really filled with charms. Every expression and every action are filled with enticement… But I can tell that Trissy has already reined it in very well, only using it when needed. She has already advanced? Or is it because of love? As Klein lampooned, he made Senor ask, “Who is it?”

When asking that question, Klein hadn’t expected to receive an answer, but Trissy chuckled and replied, “Viscount Stratford.

“The royal guard captain of the royal family.”


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