Lord Of Mysteries Chapter 786 Accounting Fraud

Chapter 786 – Accounting Fraud

Hat Trick Inn on Cherwood Borough’s 22 Hope Street.

Just as the attendant at the front desk was about to drink some water, she saw a lady walk in.

The lady was about 1.65 meters tall, and she wore a light-colored dress with frilly sides. Her brown curly hair cascaded down as she wore colored glasses. She looked casual, just like someone who had just returned from Desi Bay.

She held a dark brown leather suitcase as she unhurriedly walked to the front desk.

A lady with extraordinary disposition… Her attire is nice… How I wish I could see what she looks like without her glasses… As a female, the attendant habitually sized up her clothes and accessories.

She then heard the lady say in a languid tone, “One night. A single room.”

“2 soli and 8 pence.” The attendant gave her the room rate for the day and directly asked, “Do you have any identification documents?”

She wasn’t too adamant about registering her identity, because the inn had no means of confirming the authenticity of the documents.

“Yes.” The lady put down her dark brown suitcase and took out an identification document from her handbag before passing it to her.

“Margaret Taylor…” the attendant muttered as she registered her before finding a bunch of keys. “Room 2012.”

“Thank you.” The lady in fashionable attire received the keys, carried the dark brown suitcase, and walked towards the staircase.

At this moment, an attendant in a red vest came over. He bowed and asked, “How may I help you?”

He immediately cast his gaze on the dark brown suitcase.

The lady curled her lips into a smile as she shook her head.

“There’s no need. It’s very light.”

With that said, she didn’t stop as she walked up the stairs and entered Room 2012.

Only after she closed the door and put down the suitcase did she raise her right hand to her chest, letting out a long sigh of relief.

Why do I feel like a psychotic murderer…

She was none other than the disguised Fors. There was nothing in her suitcase except for Mr. X’s head which was wrapped in newspapers!

The two attendants from before probably wouldn’t have guessed that a fashionable lady didn’t have any clothes, facial products, or makeup in her suitcase, but a cracked, bloody head… If they were to discover that, everyone in the inn would be given a fright… This is source material for a detective novel! Fors calmed her feelings of anxiousness and picked up her suitcase again and opened the door.

She observed the corridor and saw no one walking through it. She hurriedly walked out and headed for Room 2016 and rapped on the wooden door.

Her teacher, Dorian Gray Abraham, was living in the same room he previously used.

After sensing someone sizing her up through the peephole, Fors heard the doorknob twist as the gears unlocked.

Dorian Gray was dressed in a black suit with very broad shoulders. He looked to the left and right warily before making way, allowing his student to enter.

“No one noticed you, right?” Following that, he closed the door and asked cautiously.

Fors put down the suitcase and removed the colored glasses that hid half her face.

“No, I used a fake identity.”

As a Beyonder in Backlund with rather rich experience as a Low-Sequence Beyonder, having a few fake identification documents was necessary.

Furthermore, she had Xio’s expert help in such matters.

The only problem was that it was ultimately a fake identity that couldn’t stand up to police scrutiny.

However, Fors had heard that there were places where real identity documentation could be obtained. Furthermore, they were documents which the police department had a record of, with the pictures swapped. Of course, the price was much more expensive.

Dorian nodded gently and silently exhaled. As he got Fors to sit, he brought a chair over and said, “You mentioned that someone is paying to find the direct descendants of the Abraham family at a Beyonder gathering in Backlund? And the goal is to find information on Mr. Door?”

“Yes, Teacher,” Fors said nothing but the truth. “I don’t know much about the family, so I thought of asking you to see if you knew anything.”

She hid two points, namely the Beyonder gathering being called the Tarot Gathering, and that she long knew that her teacher was a member of the Abraham family.

Dorian sat down and drank a sip from a white porcelain teacup. He asked with a calm expression, “Who was the one asking?”

“I’m not sure. I can only confirm that it was a woman. She had concealed her appearance. Uh, she seemed very powerful and must have quite a strong backing.” Fors described her impression of Ma’am Hermit.

What she didn’t say was that this woman had close ties with Queen Mystic Bernadette.

Dorian Gray pondered for a few seconds before saying, “I don’t know much either. All I know is that Mr. Door is the ancestor of the Abraham family. He vanished during the War of the Four Emperors. You can try using this piece of information to get some of the bounty.”

Mr. Door is the Abraham family’s ancestor? Mr. Door, who made the Abraham family suffer the curse of the full moon, causing many members to lose control, is actually the Abraham family’s ancestor? Fors was alarmed.

Having already learned some of the problems of the Abraham family from Mr. Fool, she couldn’t believe that the cause of all of this was the source of the bloodline!

Does Mr. Door not know the consequences of his actions? Fors muttered silently as she couldn’t help but frown.

Dorian Gray noticed his student’s abnormal reaction as he asked, somewhat puzzled, “Is there a problem?”

Oh no, I didn’t manage to hide my expression… Fors deliberated and said, “I just don’t understand. It’s been more than a thousand years, so apart from the Abraham family’s direct descendants, who would wish to gather information on Mr. Door and why?”

Perhaps they’re trying to find Mr. Door? Ah right, Queen Mystic is Emperor Roselle’s daughter, and Mr. Door has appeared in Emperor Roselle’s diary. Therefore, the queen is trying to find Mr. Door to figure out the truth of the past. That’s normal… However, Mr. Door vanished in the War of the Four Emperors, more than a thousand years before Emperor Roselle’s era. How did they manage to contact each other… Could it be that Emperor Roselle could also hear the full moon ravings… Hmm, I remember Mr. Door making a remark that Mr. Door might be calling for help… If that’s the case, it’s really… it’s really… As an author, Fors was momentarily at a loss for words to describe her feelings.

Dorian revealed a wry smile and said, “Certainly, I’m also puzzled about this problem. Remember to tell me if you find the answer.”

Fors didn’t harp on this matter, afraid that Dorian Gray would notice anything amiss. She then said, “Teacher, why did you suddenly come to Backlund?”

Dorian smiled and picked up a cigarette as he raised it to his nose to give it a whiff. Without lighting it, he said, “I happen to have some matters that need me to be in Backlund. I also decided to check on your digestion progress.”

In fact, he had been alarmed by Fors’s letter. He couldn’t believe that anyone in the world would still be asking about Mr. Door. One had to know that even the Abraham family had given up such attempts. He was the only one who kept at it, teaching students on his own accord.

This also made him recall a prophecy that was passed around within the family—the Abrahams were increasingly approaching their destruction.

When he connected the two matters together, he rushed over to Backlund to confirm his student’s situation. He wished that she could advance as soon as possible, leaving some hope for the Abraham family.

“I just grasped the various astrological knowledge,” Fors replied, feeling a little guilty.

Due to her lack of money, she hadn’t bought the high-quality crystal ball needed by an Astrologer.

To not continue on this topic, Fors began asking Dorian Gray about the acting principles needed for Astrologer, obtaining advice such as “astrology isn’t all-powerful.”

Towards the end, Fors glanced at the dark brown suitcase beside her and said, “Teacher, there’s one more matter.”

“What is it?” Dorian leaned back into his chair as he leisurely drank a mouthful of black tea.

Fors followed the script she had prepared and said, “After knowing that Lewis Wien betrayed the organization, inflicting a great deal of harm upon all of you, I’ve always had the thought of finding him and exacting revenge for all of you.”

“Give up that thought!” Dorian sat up straight. “Even if you have Leymano’s Travels, you are no match for him, much less able to kill him! I’m very glad that you have such thoughts, but there’s no need to take unnecessary risks.”

I’m definitely not able to do it alone… Fors mumbled silently before saying, “I got to know a very powerful bounty hunter. I spent about 10,000 pounds to seek his help.”

She wasn’t able to estimate the cost of the job, so she had used the price that Miss Audrey paid when previously entrusting them to kill the Intis ambassador.

That might be a cheat… Lewis Wien is likely a Traveler, and he has the support of the Aurora Order… Dorian didn’t hold any hopes of any bounty hunter being Lewis Wien’s match when he heard his student say, “He has already succeeded.”

Cough! Cough! Cough! Dorian choked on his saliva as he broke out into a fit of coughs.

He dropped the teacup to the ground, but it bounced up like magic, firmly landing on the coffee table.

“He has given me Lewis Wien’s head.” Fors held up the dark brown suitcase and opened it, taking out the spherical object which was wrapped in newspapers.

With the newspapers unfolded bit by bit, Dorian saw that face he would never forget. The smug smile on Lewis Wien’s face back when he attacked the Abraham family’s headquarters was gone. His head was covered in cracks, as though it had been glued together piece by piece. It was gruesome, filled with pain and despair.

As an Astrologer, Dorian Gray’s spiritual intuition told him that it was undoubtedly Lewis Wien’s head.

“Good, very good…” Dorian muttered in excitement before looking up at his student. “Who was the bounty hunter? I can’t imagine Backlund having such a powerful bounty hunter.”

Fors hesitated for a moment before saying, “Gehrman Sparrow.”


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