Lord Of Mysteries Chapter 791 New Model

Chapter 791 – New Model

As a youth that came from the Internet age on Earth, Klein quickly understood Miss Magician’s idea, how she prepared to do it, and what she was relying on.

Isn’t this sharing economy? With the Tarot Club and The Fool, there’s no technological limitation… Miss Magician is usually lazy and doesn’t have a strong presence, but I never expected her to have sharp acumen on such matters Hmm, it also stems from me requesting to borrow the spellbook… Regardless, to be able to quickly be inspired and set up a business model is pretty good… Klein deliberately made The World Gehrman Sparrow hesitate for a few seconds before saying, “I might need it this weekend and next week.”

He was estimating this based on the time it took Mr. Hanged Man to return from the Abyss Maelstrom to the Rorsted Sea, while also allocating time for him to stabilize his spirituality and replenish his supplies.

When the time came, they would join forces to explore the primitive island with many Beyonder creatures.

Fors hurriedly nodded.

“Alright, I will make the arrangements to prevent others from using it.”

As she heaved a sigh of relief, she requested Mr. Fool that he bear witness for the subsequent rental agreements. After obtaining a confirmation from “Him,” she indicated that she was done with the private communication.

Following that, she conjured Leymano’s Travels and surveyed the table.

“Everyone, I have here a mystical item.

“It has a total of 38 pages. Each page can help the user record Beyonder powers they encounter. They will then be able to release it when needed, but it will be slightly weaker than the original power…

“Each page can be repeatedly recorded. Each record can only be used once… Amongst them, three pages can be used to record demigod level Beyonder powers, but the chances of success are very low. It might not succeed one in ten times…”

Fors simply explained the traits of Leymano’s Travels and its negative effects. It lit up the eyes of Audrey and company.

With them no longer being novices in the domain of mysticism or the Beyonder world, it wasn’t difficult for them to tell the value of Miss Magician’s notebook without her making it explicit to them. At the same time, they viewed it as a demigod-level artifact.

It resembles a Shepherd and the Creeping Hunger. They allow the use of the Beyonder powers from other pathways, but there aren’t as many negative effects. There’s also a chance to record a demigod power… Draw my own blood… Audrey suddenly shrank her hand back in fear as she thought over the matter.

As a powerful noble’s daughter, she had almost never been injured from a young age. Therefore, she had an extreme fear of pain that remained an unknown to her.

Taking the opportunity when Fors paused, she raised her hand slightly and asked, “Miss Magician, how much do you wish to sell it for?”

Audrey believed that her father, Earl Hall, would also be able to recognize the value of Leymano’s Travels, so it was certain that she could be reimbursed by him. Therefore, she planned on fully satisfying Fors’s requirements.

She must be lacking money recently, or else she wouldn’t be selling such an important and useful mystical item… While Audrey thought in pity, she considered whether she should offer to buy it at a premium.

Damn it… Why can’t it be put on sale after I return from the primitive island… Alger had a strong interest in Leymano’s Travels, but he wasn’t able to produce the money or materials needed to purchase this mystical item.

1,300 pounds was money that an ordinary person might not be able to save up even in ten to twenty years, but compared to an item at the level of Leymano’s Travels, it was nothing!

It’s worth at least 10,000 pounds. If I encounter Beyonders that are backed by powerful factions, it wouldn’t be a problem selling it for more than 30,000 pounds… Alger swept his glance at Justice, who was inquiring about the price, as well as Cattleya, who had nudged her glasses, looking as though she was planning to join the bid. He couldn’t help but sigh. He didn’t believe that the transaction would fail according to his wishes, having it left unsold before he returned from the primitive island.

Miss Justice has money, and The Hermit has Queen Mystic and the Moses Ascetic Order. They don’t lack money or resources. Sigh… Alger adjusted his seating posture as he looked across the table with a heavy look.

Emlyn and Derrick were similarly interested in Leymano’s Travels, but it was simply interest. They knew that they lacked the ability to provide anything in a fair exchange.

When she heard Miss Justice’s question, Fors realized that she had forgotten to mention the most crucial point. She hurriedly added, “No, it’s not for purchase. I’m only renting it.”

“When you need it, you can rent it for a short period which will be witnessed by Mr. Fool.”

Rent? You can do that? At that moment, everyone except Klein and Derrick were surprised.

Without a doubt, they knew what a rental transaction was, but they never expected it to be applied to a mystical item, much less have it appear in the Tarot Club!

This was apparently very doable. It was relatively useful for every member of the Tarot Club, and it wouldn’t cost them much while remaining affordable. Furthermore, Miss Magician could slowly build up quite a sizable fortune by doing so, but in fact, the best result was to record Beyonder powers. She could gather different kinds of Beyonder powers from various pathways in this way, making it far more efficient than seeking the chance to record it on her own! Alger quickly realized the key to the rental transaction as he was delighted. He asked, “How much is the rental fee?”

Leymano’s Travels corresponds to a Sequence 6. It’s usually about 5,000 pounds, but due to its uniqueness, it costs at least 10,000 pounds… Fors had built up quite a bit of experience during her time in the Tarot Club, so after some consideration, she said, “Each rental basically starts at 300 pounds. Every additional day is an additional 50 pounds. And when returning it, the notebook needs to have two additional pages of Beyonder powers than when it was rented out. If there’s only one blank page or no blank pages when it’s rented, one just needs to fill up the full book.”

Having two additional pages didn’t mean two additional powers. That also meant that they could use any of the Beyonder powers in Leymano’s Travels. One just needed to make up for it later. There was no need for it to be of the same type, as pages were all that mattered.

50 pounds a day, 1,500 pounds a month… if it’s possible, I can keep renting it… Audrey did a simple count of the costs.

Alger was thrilled when he heard that as he said with an unperturbed look, “I plan on renting it for two days, but the exact price needs negotiation. It will be adjusted based on what Beyonder powers are recorded in the notebook.”

He felt more confident towards his exploration of the primitive island!

“When do you plan to rent it?” Fors asked, delighted that she had business right away.

“I’ll be renting it for two days sometime between this weekend to next weekend. The exact time hasn’t been determined,” Alger replied without any hesitation.

Fors immediately frowned as she said apprehensively, “This period of time has already been reserved for Mr. World.”

Reserved for The World? When did this happen? Alger was surprised as he looked at the other end of the long bronze tale.

He soon came to a realization that it had been agreed upon during their private communication.

Why would they come to such an agreement? Miss Magician doesn’t need to have informed him ahead of time… They had other transactions during the private communication? What kind of communications and transactions would they have… Hmm, Miss Magician had commissioned the assassination of an Aurora Order Oracle. The World had accepted the mission, and one of the traits of the Oracle is the ability to record and use the Beyonder powers of others once. Heh heh, this is identical to Leymano’s Travels… Does this mean that The World has already succeeded? As such, Miss Magician is indebted to him, and she hadn’t fully resolved it. Now, she came up with this method to pay off the rest? Alger eliminated the possibilities and finally felt that he had found the truth.

Without anyone catching wind of it, The World Gehrman Sparrow had already hunted an Aurora Order Oracle, an Oracle suspected to be a Sequence 5!

This secretly made Alger feel alarmed because he was about to cooperate with The World soon.

Thankfully, there’s Mr. Fool bearing witness… As a Blessed, Gehrman Sparrow wouldn’t violate the agreement he makes in front of a god… Alger consoled himself and retracted his gaze from The World.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Cattleya had recalled the matter of the Aurora Order Oracle from the transactions involving both Miss Magician and Mr. World, as well as how the Oracle’s powers were similar to Leymano’s Travels; hence, they believed that The World might’ve already completed the mission. Renting the spellbook was one of the parts to completing the transaction.

Emlyn didn’t think about such matters, putting his focus on the unavailability of Leymano’s Travels this weekend and the following week.

In other words, I can borrow it for the next few days? If I have help from this notebook, those two primitive believers wouldn’t be able to pose a threat… Emlyn looked around and turned anxious as he leisurely said, “Can I rent it for today and tomorrow?”

“400 pounds plus two pages of Beyonder powers,” Fors directly announced the price.

Emlyn nodded gently.

“Introduce what Beyonder powers are recorded first. If they aren’t very useful to me, I wish that the price can be lowered because I’ll need to waste time recording powers.”

Fors flipped through Leymano’s Travels and began to give a vague introduction.

Door Opening… Black Screen… Tumble… Teleport… Lightning Strike… Float… Flight… Windblades… Eh, why are there so many Beyonder powers in the Storm domain? The World has used it before? He recorded the Beyonder powers corresponding to Sea God from Mr. Fool? When I return to the cathedral, I should find out what recently happened in Backlund. That Oracle couldn’t have died without a trace… As Alger listened, he began thinking of investigating the matter.


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