Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 568

Chapter 568

James had a hideous, seething look on his face as he glared at Sasha. On the other hand, the latter staggered backward in fear. Her father used to have a really bad temper when they were younger, and he would sometimes lay his hands on both Sasha and Demi.

Therefore, Sasha had fear instilled deep within her even after all these years—she was traumatized by her experiences with a father who had once lashed out at her. Despite this, she refused to settle with his terms and said through gritted teeth, “I’m really thankful for all the care that you’ve provided throughout the years, Dad.

Naturally, I will fulfill my duties as a daughter to you, but work and family are two separate things to me. You can be the head of our family at home, but you can’t meddle with my work. I’m sorry, I-I can’t transfer the shares to you!”

Her words made James infuriated as he stuck a finger out in front of her face while he shouted, “Say that again! Who are you going to transfer your shares to, if not me? Are you going to transfer it to this b*stard?!” As he spoke, James grabbed a cup of tea on the table and hurled it directly toward Matthew with all his might.

Matthew frowned a little, but he managed to avoid the cup with ease. Sasha was shocked to see this happen, and she quickly stood herself in front of Matthew. “What are you trying to do, Dad? W-What are you doing?! I’m the one handling the company—what has this got to do with Matthew?”

With his finger pointed toward the man, James bellowed, “You wouldn’t have become the person you are today if it hadn’t been for him! Look at what he’s doing now—he’s a live-in son-in-law who’s swallowing all of our family’s inheritance for himself. What do you think I’m trying to do?

Today, I’m going to bring him down with me even if I have to sacrifice my own life! I will never allow the Cunningham Family’s belongings to be stolen by an outsider!” James reached his arms outward and began to throw himself onto Matthew.

Sasha tried her best to stop her father, but Helen quickly ran over to stop Sasha from doing so. That way, James could beat Matthew up. Matthew frowned as he felt anger building up within his chest. Nonetheless, they are Sasha’s parents; I can’t beat them up, can I? He decided to quietly avoid every punch thrown toward him without attacking James in return.

James launched a few consecutive attacks, but none of them connected with Matthew successfully. This only provoked James even more as he yelled, “How dare you avoid me? Demi, go to the kitchen and get me the knife! I’m going to risk my life with this man today!”

Demi immediately rushed toward the kitchen with an evil smirk on her face. Sasha couldn’t help but shriek as she saw what was going on. “Dad, a-are y-you crazy?”

“Shut up!” he howled. “I’m going to kill him today—even if it means that I’ll have to sacrifice my life in order to do so! At the very least, the Cunningham Family’s inheritance would not be stolen by an ungrateful, heartless b*stard like him if we both die together!”

Helen still had her arms around Sasha as she began to wail, “What have we done in our past lives to deserve such an ungrateful man in our lives? Don’t stop your father, Sasha; he’s doing it for your own good. Don’t you worry, James. I’ll follow you into the afterlife if anything happens to you.”

Sasha was panicking at this point. “Dad, can’t we just sit down and talk things out? Matthew didn’t do anything at all—why are you doing this to him?!”

James roared, “He’s practically stealing all of our family’s business for himself; what do you mean ‘he didn’t do anything’?! You’re such a silly girl, Sasha! Forget it—I’ll sacrifice my own life to protect our family’s inheritance now!”

As if on cue, Demi then appeared with a large chopping knife. Sasha’s face turned as pale as a sheet the moment she saw this. She grinded her teeth in fear before she finally screamed, “Stop this, Dad! I’ll give you the money you need! That’s all that you want, right?!”

James, who already had the chopping knife in his hands, stopped in his tracks immediately after he heard his daughter’s words.

He turned around and stared at her. Excitement quickly filled his gaze as he asked, “Are you for real? How long will it take you to transfer the 300 million to me?”


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