Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 569

Chapter 569

Sasha felt extremely tired and helpless when she saw the excitement in James’s eyes. She could tell that he had made such a huge fuss just to force her to hand the money over. He hadn’t actually planned to start a fight with Matthew; his intention was just to get her to provide him with the funds.

However, she had no other choice but to give him the money at this point. If she refused to do it, he might actually use the knife to threaten Matthew.

“Put the knife down for now. Since I’ve already promised to give you the money, I’ll definitely stick to my words,” she said quietly.

Demi sneered. “Sasha, you haven’t even provided us with a proper deadline; how can we just believe your words? What if you end up delaying the fund transfer? What will happen to Mom and Dad’s pharmacy then?”

“She’s right.” Helen nodded in agreement and added, “Sasha, if you really want to invest your funds, you have to give us a proper deadline.”

Sasha was trembling with anger at this point. She hissed through gritted teeth, “How can I give you a proper deadline? I have to request 300 million from the Board of Directors first. Then, I’ll need to host a meeting at Wellness Herbary to discuss our investment into your pharmacy—this process will take a month at the very least.”

James immediately shook his head and said, “One month is too long. I’ve already had discussions about renting a location with several landlords; we’re planning to sign the agreement by next week. I can only give you a week at most!”

Sasha got a little anxious upon hearing this. “Dad, how can we possibly have this settled within a week? It’s 300 million we’re talking about; that’s not a small sum. Even if the Board of Directors fully agree to this, we’d still have to go through a bunch of procedures.”

“I don’t care about all of that. I just want you to tell me right now—can you transfer the money over in a week’s time?” James growled.

Tears were forming in Sasha’s eyes as she thought, They’re just forcing me to agree with their request!

Matthew finally spoke up and said, “It’s impossible for this to be carried out in one week, Dad. Even the company’s bank transfer will…”

“F*ck off! This is none of your business. Who are you to speak up right now?” James shouted at him.

Meanwhile, Demi pouted as she said, “Who do you think you are, Matthew? This is the Cunningham Family’s own company and it’s our own money; we can do whatever we want with it. You’re speaking out of turn, aren’t you? Pfft! Your mother really didn’t teach you anything, you uneducated piece of trash…”

Her last sentence triggered Matthew to lose his temper; he reached a hand out and slapped Demi right across the face, and everyone was utterly shocked when this happened.

After a moment, Demi finally came back to her senses as she mumbled, “H-How dare y-you hit me…”

James screamed as he lifted the chopping knife once again. “How dare you slap my daughter! I’m going to end you right now!” However, Matthew’s gaze was cold and fearless as he glared directly at Demi. “I’ve said this before; you can scold me all you want, but you’re not allowed to speak of my mother that way!

Demi, I’ve been tolerating you for a long time. Now that you’ve insulted my mother, you can either apologize to me or we can fight until one of us dies today!”

There was a drastic change in Demi’s expression as fear crept into her chest once she saw the cold, hideous expression on Matthew’s face. Helen also seemed rather stunned as she quickly said, “What Demi said was just a slip of the tongue, Matthew. You’re in the wrong because you hit her first…”

Smack! Matthew struck his hand against the table as he howled, “You can call the police to arrest me, then!”

Helen froze for a moment before she furiously cried, “You’re getting out of hand, Matthew. I’m still your senior after all…”

“Sure, you’re my senior; but my mother’s from the same generation as you. I’ve shown you respect, yet you don’t show my mother any? What sort of logic is that? It makes no sense!” Matthew interrupted her words.

Helen’s face was blushing red by then as she scowled. “Well, what’s said has been said! What do you want us to do? I’m telling you—this is my house…”

In a cold voice, Matthew uttered, “I’ll make sure she’s the first to leave if she doesn’t apologize right now! I’m sure all of you know who owns the rights to this property. Also, you guys can forget about starting a pharmacy; I’m taking all the money back.

All the cars, watches, clothes and everything in the house—I want it all back! Furthermore, I’ll also make a police report regarding all the things that she has done in the company. I’m going to make sure that she goes to jail!”


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