Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 570

Chapter 570

Everyone was dumbstruck; they had never seen Matthew this angry before. With a slight tremble in her voice, Helen mumbled, “D-Don’t you dare go overboard, Matthew. This is my family’s matters, you…”

“I support Matthew this time, Mom!” Sasha cried. “Don’t give me that nonsense about how it’s our family’s matters; the company is under my name and the house is under Matthew’s. I can financially provide for you and Dad, but I don’t have the duty to provide for Demi and Liam!”

Matthew shot a glance toward Sasha. She chose to stand by my side at the most critical moment, he thought to himself.

The look on Helen’s face changed immediately as she shouted angrily, “How could you choose an outsider over your own family, Sasha? Fine. I’ll… I’ll die in front of you right now. I’ll kill myself right here…” She snatched the knife over from James and placed it at her own neck, threatening to harm herself. Sasha had tears in her eyes, but she bit onto the inside of her cheek and forced herself not to stop her own mother. I refuse to make any compromises when it comes to things related to Matthew!

Matthew simply pulled his phone out and made a call. “Tiger, I want you to collect all proof of transactions related to the 300 million that had been transferred out of Cunningham Pharmaceuticals previously. Also, I need you to hire the best lawyer in town; I want Liam and Demi to go to prison!”

In the end, Helen didn’t actually dare to cut herself. She was just scaring Sasha, and the former completely froze once she saw Matthew making the call. “Matthew, y-you really made the call. Are you crazy? Look at him, S-Sasha; that’s your biological sister we’re talking about…”

Sasha kept quiet with an icy, emotionless look on her face. As James watched all of this happening, he knew that Matthew had really lost it this time. He swiftly gave Helen a look before he then bellowed, “You’re too much, Demi! How could you insult his mother? You… Hurry up and apologize to Matthew!”

Demi’s face was as pale as a sheet. She could tell that both her parents were no longer able to save her this time. With an uncertain, fearful gaze, she looked up at Matthew as she whispered, “I-I’m sorry, M-Matthew…”

“Is that how you give a sincere apology?” Matthew spoke without even looking at her.

“I-I’ve already apologized; what more do you want me to do?” Demi was starting to get anxious.

“You can choose not to apologize!” Matthew said with a frown.

James then interrupted and shouted, “You should speak a little more properly, Demi!”

Eventually, Demi gritted her teeth and lowered her head before she said, in a much clearer tone this time, “I’m sorry, Matthew—I’ve made a mistake! I’ll never do such a thing again in the future, so please forgive me!”

Matthew side-eyed her before he shifted his gaze to Matthew and Helen. “We can give you 300 million. But I still stick to my words—it’s impossible for things to be done in one week!”

The husband and wife simply nodded in agreement; they didn’t dare to go against Matthew when he was so furious!

Once Matthew and Sasha went up to their room, James and Helen quickly pulled Demi and Liam into theirs. Shortly after they went in, both Matthew and Sasha came back down and quietly stopped right outside James and Helen’s room. They wanted to figure out why the older couple needed the 300 million so badly and what they were going to do with it.

In the room, Demi was still sobbing as she said, “Is Matthew crazy? How dare he hit me?! Mom, Dad—you guys… didn’t even stop him…”

James gave her a long sigh. “Demi, I’m not trying to lecture you, but you really went overboard with your words this time! You know what sort of person Matthew is; he doesn’t get angry often, but he really loses it once he does. His mother passed away at a young age and she took care of her kids all by herself, so it must’ve been tough for her; that’s why she’s the single person he respects the most. Anyway, why did you have to insult his mother? Aren’t you just creating problems for yourself here?”

Demi was fuming when she replied, “Well… I wasn’t doing it intentionally. How could he hit me?”

“Alright, that’s enough. I don’t want to hear this nonsense anymore! Just watch it when you speak in the future!” James raised his hands and gestured for her to stop.

With a sigh, Helen added, “Sasha has really gotten fooled by this man, huh? How could she help him go against her own family? Do we even have any say when we’re in this house?”

James squeezed his brows together. He had an uneasy feeling about this whole situation. The three of them spoke for a while longer before Demi finally calmed down and asked, “Dad, we’re getting the 300 million soon. What should I do with that thing I told you previously?”

Sasha’s heart nearly leaped out of her chest. Demi is the one who wants this 300 million? What are they trying to do with it?


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