Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 571

Chapter 571

James pondered for a moment before he said, “Demi, can you really trust the person who’s doing this? We’re talking about 300 million here; it’ll be a huge problem if anything goes wrong with it! It could’ve been the end of us if we hadn’t managed to get our 300 million back the last time.”

With a smile, Demi replied, “Don’t worry, Dad—it’s different this time. The previous person was a scammer, but we’re partnering up with the Young Master of the Lach Family this time; they’re one of the Ten Greatest Families here!

He’s a really well-known individual in the whole of Eastcliff; loads of people want to partner up with him, but they’ve never gotten the opportunity to do so. If he hadn’t been lacking in liquidated assets recently, our 300 million probably means nothing to him. We simply cannot let go of such a great opportunity.”

Still worried, Helen then uttered, “How do you know that he’s actually Young Master Lach? We aren’t even close to the Lach Family ourselves.”

Liam spoke up. “Don’t worry, Mom—I’ve looked into this. The Jackson Family, yet another of the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, own some shares in the construction company as well; Young Master Lach was supposed to work with them on this. Even if a regular individual can’t recognize Young Master Lach, surely the Jackson Family would be able to do so. I’m certain of his identity!”

Helen nodded. “As long as you’re certain of it. Since we’re doing business with the Ten Greatest Families of Eastcliff, then I’m sure we won’t have to suffer any losses. I think we should do it, James.”

James was still deep in thought when Demi quietly said, “Stop hesitating, Dad! Once Young Master Lach succeeds in building this piece of real estate, our investments might double or triple in amount. More importantly, we’d be building a relationship with the Lach Family.

With their support, our construction company can definitely become a huge success and a leading business in the whole of Eastcliff. When that happens, even Cunningham Pharmaceuticals will be no match for our real estate agency. Furthermore, this will allow us to show Sasha our true capabilities; we can show her the sort of person Matthew actually is!”

Her speech had successfully convinced James as he slowly nodded his head while saying, “Alright—it’s set. I will transfer the 300 million to you and Liam once I get it. Do well, Liam! Don’t let me down!”

Joy spread across Liam’s face as he quickly replied, “Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t let you down.”

Demi was just as pleased as she added, “Dad, you don’t have to be worried when Liam’s the one in charge. My husband is much, much better than Matthew; he simply hadn’t had the chance to show himself.

Now that he has this opportunity, he’s really going to gain success overnight! When that happens, we can compare him to Matthew—Sasha will then realize how useless Matthew actually is.”

With a nod, Helen uttered, “That’s right; you’ll have to be better than Matthew, Liam. I feel disgusted whenever I look at that useless man who relies on his wife. Once he lets Sasha down, we can properly kick him out of the house. Honestly, I wish I could kick him out right now!”

“There’s no rush, Mom. We’re not done with all the procedures needed for the ownership transfer of this house; it wouldn’t be worth it if we kick him out now. He’s been staying at our house and eating our food for so many years; it’s his duty to give us a house at the very least.” Liam grinned slightly.

Helen burst into laughter. “That’s right. A drop of water should be reciprocated with a gushing spring, right? We helped him out when he was at his lowest, so I guess you could say that we saved his life. It’s only right for him to repay us with a house.”

The four of them chuckled happily, victory written all over their faces. None of them seemed to be even a little guilty or ashamed. Meanwhile, Sasha—who had heard the whole conversation from outside the room—clenched her fists tightly


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