Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 541

Chapter 541

After they had walked out of the Atkinsons’ house and were just getting into the car, Eddie burst into tears.

“Julian, Matthew, thank you!” Eddie said with a trembling voice, his face full of gratitude.

Julian and Matthew gave each other a look and laughed at the same time.

“Hey Ed, there’s no need for thanks between us,” Matthew told him. “Back when we were in school, if you didn’t always help me, I probably wouldn’t have lasted long. Now buck up because you’re getting married tomorrow. Stop crying.”

Eddie nodded vigorously. He wiped away the tears on his face but said in a worried voice, “Matt, how do you think Wendy will get along with her family after this debacle?”

“Do you still expect them to treat Wendy well when they’re this kind of person?” Matthew sternly said. “Didn’t you see what happened?

Brandon and her elder siblings treated her as a commodity. For the sake of their own interests, they were even willing to marry her to an idiot. Would there be warmth in a family like this?”

Matthew continued, “If they really do manage to get along, then it will be troublesome in the future. Do you think you can handle it if they were to trouble you each and every day, wanting to borrow money or take things from you?

I deliberately blew this up so that they wouldn’t look for you in the future, and also to let you and Wendy live your days in peace!”

Eddie nodded slowly. After today’s events, he really was disappointed with the Atkinson family.

In this family, except for Wendy’s mother, everyone else was really hateful.

When Julian and Matthew reached Eddie’s home, the yard was full of activity.

Dominic was sitting in the yard directing everyone, seeming to be even busier than Eddie’s parents.

He was working hard because after Matthew left, he found that the health of Eddie’s mother was getting better and better, which made him even more in awe of Matthew’s medical skills.

So, in order to become friends with Matthew, Dominic did his best to help him.

Just now when Matthew asked him to help stop Laura’s husband, he immediately asked his son to do it without a word.

Normally, he would not do such things that would offend people.

However, since Matthew had ordered him to do so, he did his best to accomplish it no matter what.

It had to be said that Dominic Garrison was indeed a very shrewd character.

At least he did his job beautifully this time, which made Matthew very satisfied.

Dennis was still in the yard helping with the arrangements.

He was much more docile now, and he did his work more seriously.

Moreover, he could also see that no one wanted him around.

However, he did not want to leave here just like that.

He could see that Matthew was not as simple as he seemed, so he planned to stay here to help until the end to see if he could get some benefits.

Just when he was busy, Dennis suddenly saw a Panamera pull up. He was instantly shocked.

Dennis hurriedly ran into the yard. “Aunt, come and take a look outside. Who is it? He’s driving an expensive luxury car!”

“Could it be one of Eddie’s classmates?”

“Eddie’s classmates sure are impressive!” Dennis said with a look of envy on his face.

Dominic and the others were also shocked when they saw the car outside.

Although Dominic was quite famous in this area, his family’s assets only amounted to tens of millions. They couldn’t afford to drive a luxury car like this as well.

Everyone was shocked. This family usually seemed very hopeless, but they actually knew such a rich person?

Eddie’s parents also came out to greet the arrivals. When they saw Julian, who was the first to get out of the car, they were taken aback.

They didn’t recognize this person.

“Um, Sir, did you maybe come to the wrong place?” Eddie’s father asked cautiously.

Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that they didn’t know each other.

Julian gave a laugh. “Mr. Martinez, did you forget who I am?”

“It’s me, Julian Davis! I’m the Julian who always followed Eddie home and stayed for supper!”

Everyone was shocked when he said this.

Sure enough, this was another friend of Eddie’s!

How many big shots did Eddie know?

Before it was Matthew, and now it was Julian. Both of them were not simple men.

To think that Eddie, who he always thought was useless, actually had so many impressive friends!


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