Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 560

Chapter 560

Laura scooted over to where Wendy stood as she whispered, “I’m sorry, Wendy. I-I shouldn’t have stopped you from getting married to Ed. I’m here to apologize. Ed, you… you aren’t angry at me, are you?”

Ed lowered his head without saying anything. Wendy, on the other hand, wore a crossed expression on her face as she said, “You don’t have to apologize to me. I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done!”

This got Laura anxious as she quickly replied, “H-How could you be so heartless, Wendy? I’m your elder sister!”

“Oh, so you know that you’re my elder sister? Yet you forced me to marry some dumba*s just for the sake of your own benefits! Have you ever treated me as your own younger sister?” Wendy cried angrily. She then turned to look at Brandon as she continued shouting, “Didn’t you wish for me to die?

I already died once when I fell from the building. We’ve already given you the betrothal gift of one million that you’ve asked for. I hope you’ll never disrupt our lives from now onward!” With that, Wendy held onto Ed’s arm and pulled him along as she stormed off.

Brandon and the rest were about to go after her, but they were stopped by the men around them. Max stood beside them as he pointed at Brandon and said, “I want you gone now, you old b*stard. I’ll be working with Ed from today onward, and I’ll make sure to break all your legs if you ever appear in front of him again! Throw them out of the place!” With a wave of his hand, Max’s men immediately dragged Brandon and the rest out of the hotel. Max himself then hurried after Ed.

This time around, Max had benefited quite a bit from the whole situation with Ed. Being one of the first batches of people to have arrived at Ed’s house, Max was extremely helpful and good at whatever he did.

He somehow managed to form tight relationships with Ed’s family, resulting in their tight-knit bond, where he would talk to even Ed’s distant relatives as if they were his own. Furthermore, Matthew also took note of how Max seemed like a hardworking man that could get the job done, so he ordered him to help Ed out.

Max nearly cried because he was so touched to hear this. At this point, being with Ed was equivalent to being with bigshots like Matthew and Julian. Although Max was a local bully, his family background was average; they probably only had about 20 million worth of assets.

If he could stick around people like Matthew and Julian, he might be able to find a chance to achieve greater success like Tiger did! He therefore treated Ed like his own boss now, and was extremely respectful toward him!

Both Matthew and Julian left after all the guests went back home, while Max and his men stayed back to help out. Ed and Wendy were exhausted from the long day, and they finally got a chance to sit down in their room and pour themselves some tea.

Being the thoughtful man he was, Max had already arranged for the kitchen to prepare a few dishes for the newly-wedded couple—they had been busy greeting and drinking with everyone throughout the evening and hadn’t gotten a chance to eat dinner at all. Both of them were tired and hungry right then, so Max’s arrangements were perfect.

The two of them sat in the penthouse suite of Times Hotel, where they enjoyed the most delicious meal they had ever eaten in their lives. Max stood beside them as he reported the incidents of the day. “Ed, I calculated the sum of all the wedding offerings we received today; it’s a total of 18.73 million…”

Water burst out of both Wendy and Ed’s mouths once they heard the number. This surprised Max for he quickly asked, “What is it, Ed? Wendy? Is there something wrong with the food?”

“N-No… W-What did you say earlier? H-How much is the sum of all the wedding offerings?” Ed asked.

“Did you get it wrong?” Wendy added anxiously. “How could there be more than 10 million in there? The difference shouldn’t be so huge even if you made a mistake with the calculation!”

This was when Max finally understood what was going on. The two of them are shocked by the large amounts of wedding offerings.


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