Medical Genius’s Unspeakable Marriage Novel Chapter 563

Chapter 563

Ed didn’t seem too bothered after he heard what Max had to say, and he simply turned over to look at Wendy. She gave him a nod immediately and said, “That’s fine. We’ll both start work tomorrow.”

Max awkwardly uttered, “I’m so sorry, Wendy. You newly-wedded lovebirds should be on honeymoon, but I think President Davis is being too impatient with this whole issue, so…”

She beamed in return. “We’ve known each other for so long; we don’t really need to go on a honeymoon! I’m happy as long as the two of us are together. We can’t delay our work—especially not when Matthew and Julian have been so kind to us. We can’t hinder them from completing their tasks!”

“That’s right, Ed. You have to do your job well!” Both of his parents nodded in agreement.

Ed then nodded along as he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t let them down!”

Seeing this, Max flashed a grin as he offered, “If that’s the case, I will wait for the two of you at the entrance of your housing area at 8.00AM tomorrow morning.”

Ed wasn’t used to such treatment. “I-I don’t think you need to do that. We can just head over there ourselves.”

With a sigh, Max quickly replied, “Ed, both you and Wendy don’t have a driver’s license—it’ll be far for you to travel to work. From now on, I will be following you guys around for the most part; Master Tiger said that I’ll be your assistant-cum-driver now. In the future, you can just let me know when you’d like to go somewhere, regardless of whether it’s during or outside of office hours.”

“But this… I feel like I’d be troubling you all the time…” Ed felt a little embarrassed to do so. Max simply said, “Well, this is my job. Alright then; I won’t disturb you guys any longer. See you at 8.00AM tomorrow!” The man then left with a smile on his face.

Ed and Wendy exchanged gazes and heaved a sigh at the same time. What a drastic change to our lives.

Meanwhile, Matthew left for home after he had finished handling Ed’s wedding ceremony. The minute he got home, he saw James and Helen seated on the couch, their faces pale and grim. Conversely, Demi and Liam seemed to be gloating at the other two’s misery as they sat beside them. Matthew felt his heart thumping against his chest as he thought, what sort of tricks are these people trying to pull this time?

“Come here, Matthew!” Helen was the first to call out to him. He walked over to her confusedly as he asked, “What’s the matter, Mom?”

She scanned him from head to toe before she suddenly said, “It seems like you’re pretty capable nowadays, huh, Matthew? It’s fine if you order us around at home, but how dare you make your own decisions for such a huge issue at the company? F*ck! Are we all dead to you?”

Matthew frowned upon hearing this. “What are you talking about, Mom? When have I ordered you around; when have I made decisions on my own?”

At this point, Helen was fuming. “Do you think that we don’t know anything, Matthew? Let me ask you this—what is this whole thing with the new CEO at Wellness Herbary?”

His face fell just then as he wondered, I just announced it at the wedding earlier today; how have they found out about this already? He threw a glance toward Liam before he frowned. Haven’t I gotten rid of all the people that Liam had set up in Wellness Herbary? “Mom, it’s only normal for positions and roles to be shifted around in the company,” he explained.

“Are you saying that you’ve shifted your own friend into the company? Previously, you got your friend to become the CEO of the company. Now, you got another friend to be the general manager. I also heard that this friend, Ed, will soon be taking over the position of the CEO. Matthew, do you understand that Wellness Herbary belongs to the Cunningham Family?

Who are you to just insert a few of your own people into the company as you wish? Furthermore, you’re giving them so much power over the company; do you really think Wellness Herbary is yours?!” Helen cried in anger, her speech gradually turning into a shout.

Matthew said exasperatedly, “You’ve gotten it all wrong, Mom. I didn’t insert my own men into the company. All these shifts have been approved by the head office…”

This time, James was the one to shout in anger. “Are you saying that Sasha was the one who agreed to this? Is that kid crazy?”


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